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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  August 27, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, welcome to friday, august 27th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. let's get a quick look at weather. mark tamayo is in for steve. >> that's right. a noticeable cool down this morning with the fog regrouping across the coast side and hovering around the bay and north bay for santa rosa. cooling will continue especially inland for today. temperatures eventual range no more 90s warmest locations lower 80s, southwesterly winds at 25 miles an hour. the changes will continue into the weekend. more on that in a few minutes. sal is standing by with an update on traffic. >> good morning. traffic is moving along well on
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80 to the macarthur maze and eventually to the bay bridge toll plaza. this morning looking at san francisco north bound 101 looking good approaching the 80 split. back to the deck. >> we are learning more this morning about a 13-year-old gunned down. we have more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. as is the case with a lot of homicides in oakland you are going to see memorials spring up following the homicide. you can see there there is a t- shirt on the fence here it has got a lot of personalized messages written to the young man and on the ground the memorial, usually canned les are the main center of this thing, so they will brighten the spot that well carry dark memories for years to come. he was shot and killeds a he walked along bancroft avenue wednesday night. the reason there are so many people grieving for him is the disbelieve that someone who meant so much to others die in
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this fashion. >> i just want to say i am going to miss him so much and he always used to make me laugh. >> police say they do not have a motive for the shooting or any suspects it the family suspects he was set up to die. family members say he got a call from someone asking him to walk to a gas stays and fill an gas can presumably because that person had run out of gas and was stranded. if that is true there may be a number on the caller id or his twin brother right next to him when he was shot and killed may also know the person who called about the gas. there are no indications right now that that person who made the call has come forward. because of the retaliation factor in east oakland that may be one of the few ways police can catch his killer. >> even if we know who did it we wouldn't tell y'all though because it is not in the gang though, but if the police catch him, they catch him. if not you live by the gang, you die by the gang.
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>> it is not just friends and family members who have a lot of positive things to say about him. it is the family members at his school where he just graduated. from his track coach to his teachers nobody has anything bad to say about this kid. he was into atlet ticks and attended church. it is mystery why anybody would shoot him. police think they might have an idea who might have done it as well. >> 5:03. we have new details this mortgage about a decomposed body found near fremontful police think it may be connected to a cold case. the hidden body was found yesterday off niles canyon road a mile from mission boulevard. as investigators wait for dna identification preliminary evidence found there at the scene, including a ring, indicates the victim may be franky lopez of east palo alto.
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police say the 27-year-old father of two vanished six months ago following a fight at a marijuana grow house. investigators say a tip they got from someone recently arrested led them to that discovery. >> people living in the redwood shores community are being warned to stay away from a nearby lagoon following that massive sewage spill. maintenance cruise spent yesterday cleaning up 5000 gallons of sewage. it leaked into several garages and the redwood shores lagoon. the spill was caused by a pile line break on wednesday and it is still unclear when it will be fixed. hundreds of gar branle collectors are set to go back to work. yesterday they wrapped up a two day strike effecting 36,000 customers. they will be busy all week long picking u the trash. the walkout was to show solidarity with garbage workers in half moon bay who are in a
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contract dispute with management. >> seven childhood development centers in oakland will close their doors today. they provide after school programs for children. the school district says state funding keeps them run in and without a new state budget it can't afford to keep them open. the children are being transferred to other locations but many parents are fearing those centers won't have enough space. also this morning san jose firefighters are voting on the vi's latest contract proposal in what has become a bitter dispute. jade hernandez has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. mayor chuck reed here at city hall defended the city's decision to layoff 49 firefighters. three fires within a two hour period yesterday showed what strain firefighters are under, but the mayor say the resident's safety is not being compromised. >> the citizens of the city are going to pe well protected,
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notwithstanding the budget difficulties we have to face. >> reporter: firefighters began voingt on thursday to consider the city's proposal, asking them to take an almost 9% cut in wages and benefits, voting ends today. if the firefighters approve the city's concessions proposal the 49 firefighters can return. iron igly three fires which broke out within a two hour period yesterday highlighted the problem of cutting first responders from the budget. firefighters told us et took 10 minutes to get to one of the fires, two minutes longer than their goal. yesterday firefighters were still at the scene of two of the fires when a third fire broke out. the last fire firefighters responded to was a three alarm fire and they were forced to
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call for mutual aid. coming up you are going to hear in favor of a city councilman who voted in favor of the layoff and you will hear why his colleague disagrees and what she is doing about et today. >> bart riders are getting a break, fares won't go up until july 2012. yesterday bart directors voted to push back a scheduled fair increase that was scheduled to take place six months earlier. that decision came after they learned that bart has ununexpected multimillion dollar budget surplus. >> 5:07. let's see what is happening as the friday commute begins. >> good morning. happy friday. >> yes. >> we are off to a decent start although we do have things i want to means. let's go out to the live pictures. 80 traffic is moving along well out to the macarthur maze. we still have an accident on the peninsula northbound 101. as a matter of fact, no, i take that back. that accident has been cleared. did i say something?
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oh, my goodness. let's just move along. traffic on 80 westbound, moving along pretty well into san francisco at the bay bridge. this morning's commute on northbound 280, that traffic is moving along very well and just to tell you that northbound 101 on the peninsula, that traffic has been cleared from the lanes. there was an accident right near the oregon expressway but it is open now. here is mark. >> sal, i might have a few retractions as well. cooling will continue across the entire bay area, especially for the inland spots, still tracking areas of fog. the inland neighborhoods only lower 80s this afternoon and temperatures continue to drop as we do head into the weekend. current numbers chilly in the north bay, santa rosa 46. they are reporting dense fog. visibility down to a quarter of a mile. san francisco 56. oakland 61. san jose upper 50s at 59 degrees.
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high pressure has been the -- talking about this for the past few days. this produced a record heat on tuesday and wednesday talking about triple digits out there. into the weekend temperatures cooling off. the warmest locations inland mid-70s as this weather system moves from the north and will bring a few extra clouds and the slight chance of a few light showers. we have adjusts the timing a little bit. the initial thinking was for sunday but right now, this model showing you action just outside of the pay area but approaching the north bay, northern sonoma county so approaching the bay area for tomorrow afternoon. only a slight chance. highest chance up in the hills. watching this for tomorrow afternoon but definitely cooler, breezy and also a few extra clouds out there and by sunday looks like partly cloudy skies. this morning fog out there. temperatures 48 to 55. fog kind of getting together right now and cleared out quite a bit overnight but over the past few hours it has been
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gather ipse. into the afternoon hours partly to mostly sunny. still patchy coastal fog and no 90s in the forecast. warmest locations inland lower 80s toward concord and antioch. hayward tops out 69, san jose mid-60s at 75. here is a look ahead. count on drizzle first thing tomorrow morning, especially coastside. a few extra clouds, clearing skies on sunday. testifies recover as we do head into next week for monday and tuesday. another weather update just minutes away. >> okay, mark. time now 5:09. you have got to see some amazing new video of those coal miners trapped in chile. look at this. we will show you the brave and very emotional dislays of courage. >> fresh economic news this morning could affect stocks around the world. we have the details up next. >> good morning. if you are driving on bay area roadways right now traffic is moving along very well. we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. 5:13. we have got incredible new video of those 33 coal miners trapped a half-mile underground in chile. take a look at this. what you are looking at was filmed with a camera lowered down through a bore hole. the guys have their shirts off. they appear to be slim but healthy. they are saying hello there to their families and showing off their surroundings down there beneath the earth. at the end they come together, e don't know you can hear them, put they are singing the
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national anthem of chile. the miners have been told it is going to take weeks or even months for an escape tunnel to be drilled to get them out. meantime in pack pack the taliban threatens to attack foreign aid workers helping the victims of the floods. they say the united states and others that have sent in aid workers are not there to provide aid to the victims but have other motives. they have attacked foreign aid groups in the past. >> complying with a court order cal state has released sarah palin's contract from a controversial speaking engagement. the university's non-profit foundation contracted palin to appear at an event which raised more than $200,000 for the school but when the university initially refused to disclose how much spa lynne was being paid a lawsuit was feeled to force that. the contract confirms that
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palin was paid $75,000 and shows she had an option for two first class plane tickets from anchor age to california or the use of a private jet. her agreement also called for a sweet and two single rooms at a deluxe hotel. >> we did a little research to compare the $75,000 sarah palin was paid for her speech at csu with other speaker's fees. according to business week magazine former secretary of state colin powell gets $100 thousand to 200,000 for his speeches al gore gets 100,000 and rudy giuliani gets 75 to 200,000. we have posted the entire contract between sarah palin and the college on our channel 2 website ktvu. see it right there on the front page. >> right now former president jimmy carter is on his way to
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boston from north car rea. he successfully won the release of a jailed american who had been sentenced to eight years of hard labor for entering north korea illegally. alison burns joins us from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. former president jimmy carter and the freed american citizen are expected to arrive at boston logan airport in just about six hours. former president carter traveled to north korea and won an amnesty deal to the release of the prisoner, first detained in january for trespassing into north korea. it is still unclear why he was there but he was sentenced to eight years hard labor. carter's trip came after the u.s. expressed serious concerns about gomez's health. it comes a year after former president clinton traveled there to win the rest of two
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american journalists. i will have more on the state department's new travel warning in my next report. >> 5:16. let's check in with sal. feeling like friday light yet? >> so far there are a couple of glitches here and there but for the most part doing well. highway 24 westbound on the way over to the tunnel it looks pretty good and still light on the way to oakland. this morning's commute in oakland at the toll plaza westbound looks nice. no problems on to the bridge itself. i got word of some road work here on 92 at 101 eastbound 92 at 101 on the way to foster city. a couple of lanes closed for paving. it looks like we are not actually sure when they are going to pick it up but right now those lanes are still closed on the way to the san mateo bridge. let's go to mark. >> good morning to you. a crisp cool in the air this morning. temperatures upper 40s north
5:18 am
bay, santa rosa reporting visibility a quarter of a mile with dense fog there. san francisco 55. oakland 60. livermore 55 degrees. high pressure of course dominating our forecast. earlier this week producing temperatures quite a few triple digits on tuesday and also wednesday. look what happens. the process has already started. an upper level trough. we have started to cool off and that trend will continue for your weekend. warmest locations mid-70s and could be enough moisture that could spark a few sprinkles in the north bay counties, especially the higher terrain for tomorrow. kind of nudged up the timing at least for the first half of the weekend. we can tell you cooler and extra clouds around. this morning starting out in the 40s and 50s. you will see temperatures warming up but not too much. the eventual temperature range from around 60 coast side, 70s around the bay, temperatures
5:19 am
inland on track to reach the lower 80s free around 82 to 84. if you are heading out of town eureka mostly cloudy, the possibility of showers. possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms around lake tahoe and the monterrey area, patchy fog. sunshine in palm springses, 100 for both saturday and also into sunday. back here in the bay area mostly cloudy skies coast side. the fog is regrouping right now. the afternoon hours patchy fog, 61. by 3:00 partly sunny, lower 70s, inland spots warmest locations on either side of 82 degrees under mostly sunny skies. quite a few 70s san rafael, santa rosa, napa, san jose mid- 70s, morgan hill 82, santa cruz upper 60s. your 5 day forecast temperatures continue to cool off into the weekend, a little bit of a bump in the numbers for monday and tuesday of
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negotiation week. another weather check in just a few minutes. >> european stocks opened lower but seemed to be waiting for the latest economic reports. the viesed gdp for the second quarter, that comes out later this morning and overnight japan's nikei closed the week with a slight again after the prime minister there announced a meeting with reporters to discuss how the government will handle the surging yen, hurting exporters. buyers are also encouraged by japan's latest jobless report which shows a decries in the unemployment rate for the first time in six months. now that gross domestic product for the second quarter is expected to confirm a slow recovery and that could take stocks down again. some losses yesterday as you can see the dow jones starts the day be how the 10,000 mark. a better indication as we get closer to that opening bell. also later today federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will give a speech on the pace of the u.s. economic recovery. many investors are waiting to
5:21 am
make decisions based on what he says. >> toyota, the world's largest automaker has another recall. this time for more than a million toyota corollas, and matrix hatchbacks all sold in the u.s. and canada in the 2005 through 2008 model years. the engines may stall because of a defective control module. three accidents have been reported but no serious injuries in connection with the problem. at the same time gm is also recalling 200,000 pontiac vibes. they were built on the same platform as the matrix. you can get more information about this latest recall by going to our channel 2 website,, click on the toyota recall tab. >> time now is 5:21. they are definitely not your typical ogi bear lovable cartoon characters. coming up a warning for visitors to a popular national park plus how to keep bears from raiding your picnic basket. >> plus we have got the details
5:22 am
of a rough land in and scary exit for passengers on board a jet blue flight to sacramento. >> good morning, westbound 92 traffic moving along well on the san mateo bridge. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good friday mortgage. tile now 5:24. a cooling trend will continue. patchy fog for the interior this morning in walnut creek,
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plenty of sun sthien this afternoon. a forecast high of 82 degrees. >> well, we now know at least one of the sources of the salmonella linked to that massive egg recall. the fda confirms the bacteria was found in chicken feed at both wright county egg and hill indale farms. the two farms recalled more than half a billion eggs nationwide. 1500 illnesses have now been linked to the outbreak including dozens here in the bay area. well, it was a frightening incident at the sacramento airport where a jet blue plane made a rough landing and caught on fire. the airline says all four of the tires of the aircraft blew out as it was trying to land then the brakes caught on fire. once it stopped flight attendants shouted for everyone to evacuate down the emergency slide. >> i dropped all my stuff and was the second person off the
5:26 am
chute, got out to the tarmac and ran to the grass and turned and and you could see the tires in flames. >> 15 suffered minor injuries, five taken to hospitals. the jet blew plane was coming in from long beach and the national transportation safety board is trying to figure out how this could happen. >> more than 500 bears live in yosemite national bear but this area there have been an increase in bear and tourist encounters and tourists are to blame. they have caused damage to property, mostly vehicles because people left food inside. to track the bears some are tagged, others have radio collars so scientists can monitor their movements. >> this is a helpful tool for us because we know where the bears are. we know when they are entering campgrounds or parking lots. we can track them and then go
5:27 am
to that area and chase the bear away before it gets any human food. >> now having bears so close to humans presents another problem. drivers, 16 bears have been hit by vehicles so far this year, section of them have died. so with big crowds expected over labor day the rainers have a reminder, properly restore your food, drive slowly and keep your distance if you happen to see a bear. >> in addition to bears it tours out yosemite apparently has marijuana and now two men are under arrest for running a large growing operation in the popular national park. park rangers seized thousands of pot plants tuesday in a garden near that park. rangers say both men are members can citizens in the u.s. illegally. more than 3600 plants and several pounds of processed pot were seized. the marijuana had a street value of more than $14 million. now there are concerns that the indication caused major
5:28 am
environmental damage. family and friends gathered on the streets of oakland for an emonths al candlelight vigil. they came to mourn the loss of a young track star getting ready to start high school next week. >> reporter: with state lawmakers struggling to pass a budget hundreds of oakland school children could find themselves with nowhere to go after school. we will have that story and reactions when the morning news continues. i have fallen in love with making bird houses.
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well, we are wide awake. we are saying welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we made it to tried, august 27th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i an pam cook. time is 5:30. mark is laughing because i was yawning. >> you kind of hid the yawn nicely, pam. i have to try to hid them as well. this morning fog redeveloping coast side and around the bay, temperatures for today no more triple digits, no more 90s, warmest locations only lower 80s with a breeze, southwesterly wind around 20 to 25 miles an hour. more on your weekend forecast later. sal has an update on traffic. >> mark, good morning. right now traffic is moving well on 237 as you drive 880 and continue over to 101. not a big problem there. also this morning we are looking at westbound bay bridge approach still light. now bako the desk. >> 5:31. police are offer in a $15,000 reward for information leading
5:32 am
to the arrest of the gunman who killed a thrien-year-old oakland boy. ktvu's kraig debro joining us now with the latest on the continuing investigation. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the homicide happened here at bancroft avenue between 61th and 62nd avenues on wednesday night. you can see this memorial that has been set up here. candles down here, t-shirt up there with messages written on it to the 13-year-old, the one victimized on wednesday night. they will brighten the spot that for many people will carry some dark memories for a long time. the 13-year-old would be skyline high school student was walking down the street with his twin brother on that night, on friday night -- rather on wednesday night, when he was shot and killed. now he was with his brother and somebody came up to him and appears to have shot him in the head. the reason there are so many
5:33 am
people grieving for him is the disbelief that someone who meant so much to others died in this fashion. >> i just want to say i am going to miss him heck of a much because i remember we was at the ymca and he always used to make me laugh. >> police say they do not have a motive or suspects but the family suspects he was set up to die. family members say he got a call from someone asking him to walk to a gas station and fill up a gas can. if that is true there may be a number on the caller id or his twin brother, right next to him when he was killed, may also know the person who called about the gas. there are no indications that person who made that call has come forward. because of the retaliation factor in east oakland that may be one of the few ways police can catch his killer. >> even if we knew who did it we wouldn't tell y'all, though, because it is not in the gang though, but if the police catch
5:34 am
him, they catch him, if not, you live by the gang, you die by the gang. >> jamon clark attended the middle school and there he was a track star and also had and outgoing personality as we mentioned. it wasn't just his friends and family that knew that. it was also the faculty members at his school. his track coach said he was always go the extra mile. one example he gave we tell him run two laps and he would always run three. ly was on his way to high school. it was scheduled to start on the 30th. police are working on catching a suspect and family members and friends are also working on figuring on you somebody who had so much going for him was victimized. >> this vote comes 24 hours
5:35 am
after crews scrambled in expops to three fires. it is the latest development in a bitter labor dispute. the latest offer would allow the rehiring of 50 recently laidoff firefighters and it also calls for a pay cut. well, seven childhood development centers in oakland are being, forked to shut down today. claudine wong joins us now with the reaction and the story. >> reporter: well, good morning, pam, yes, we are at the jefferson child development center here in oakland. one of 7 child development centers that could close after today. why? well, the simple reason is there could be no money. the state has yet to pass a budget because they don't pav a budget yet, the money is running out. that puts hundreds of families in a very very tough spot this morn. this could be the last day for these programs. according to the group oakland parents together we are taking bite about 500 children ages 6 to 8 who go to after school programs at seven different centers in oakland.
5:36 am
the district says state money keeps them run in and without a state budget they will have no choice put to close. however a couple of community groups say that may by the district's position but they are not going to accept it. >> we are going to take over these childhood development centers the community is going to keep them open. because not one student, not one center, not one teacher should be lost to how these centers are being used as a political football. >> reporter: so there are a lot of unknowns today. will this be actually the last day they stay open. will the children be able to by transferred to other centers that are open. that is the district's position put parents worry there won't be enough room. the why is will volunteers be able to take over these sears on monday? the only thing that is certain is there is a lot of uncertainty but there are a lot of feels, hundreds, waiting in the balance trying to figure out what happens after today. we have more reaction and will continue to bring that to you
5:37 am
throughout the morning. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:36. today san francisco police are expected to announce arrests in the killing of a german tourest earlier this month near union square. a stray bullet killed her while she was walking with her husband. the police chief is expected to announce a brake in the case sometime today. investigators believe the 50- year-old woman was killed by stray gunfire during a gun battle between teenagers outside of a private party. >> it is now 5:37. check back in with sal and hopefully no big problems in the commute. how does it look, sal? >> it is actually okay, so far. right now it has been fried light so far but we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves right now. let's look at the east shore freeway westbound interstate 80 that traffic is moving along well out to the macarthur maze and no major problems this morning if you are driving on to the bay bridge toll plaza or to the bay bridge.
5:38 am
westbound 92 traffic looks good over to 101. eastbound 92 near 101 picking up road work there. and this morning's commute on northbound 101 into san francisco is off to a nice start. at 5:97 here is mark. >> hi, sal, good morning to you. web we start the workweek talking about a major heat wave. right now talking about a major cool down. areas of fog. the fog bank is regroup in. the inland neighborhoods lower 80s, the weekend forecast temperatures will continue to cool off. we will -- we are also expecting a big increase in the wind speeds, 25 to 30 miles an hour. some of the current numbers 50s to around 60. santa rosa dense fog visibility down around 1 quarter of a mile, currently 48 degrees the last check. so this was the weather story a few days ago, talking about record heat. look what happens. that area of high pressure moves out and this area of low pressure moves in from the
5:39 am
north. this will increase the marine layer and moisture will be moving in and a slight chance of sprinkles or light shower primarily the north bay hills. heres our forecast model. i have not used this in months, since may, you can see for this weekend for saturday the best chance will be up in the northern portions of sonoma and napa county. that is just about it. sunday partly cloudy and temperatures up a few degrees. this morning the clouds regrouping. coast side also the bay. watch out up towards santa rosa, dense fog right now. into the afternoon hours partly to mostly sunny, patchy coastal fog, 60 to 84. no 90s in your forecast maps. warmest locations lower 80s san jose mid-60s, hayward 69, san mateo 70. here is a look ahead. your five-day-forecast temperatures continue to cool off into saturday. a bump in the numbers by sunday. we will warm things up, a minor warming trend for monday and tuesday of next week.
5:40 am
another weather update coming up in just a little bit. >> 5:39. it has been five years since hurricane katrina tore through the gulf coast. we are going to have a live report from new orleans with a look at how much progress has been made to get the city back on its feet. >> also three suspected terrorists are now in custody, but in a bizarre twist, look, one of them made an appearance on a popular tv show before he was arrested. >> good morning. westbound 92 traffic moving along -- westbound 24 traffic looking good to oakland. we will tell you more about the entire morning commute straight ahead.
5:41 am
5:42 am
good friday morning. 5:42. you can't see in san mateo.
5:43 am
partly cloudy this morning. patchy fog nearby. a forecast high of 70 degrees. >> okay, mark. thank you. welcome back, good morning to you. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:42. former president jimmy carter was successful in his mission to within the release of an american man imprisoned in north korea for trespassing. mr.carter and the 31-year-old man are on their way back to the united states as we speak. meantime, hundreds of garbage collectors in san mateo county are due to go exak to work this morning. yesterday they wrapped up a two day strike affecting 36,000 customers. we are waiting and learning that a body found in niles canyon near fremont may be that of franky lopez of east palo alto. police say the 27-year-old father of two vanished six months ago after a fight at a marijuana grow house near hayward. >> hurricane danielle in the atlantic is now a category four storm with winds of 135 miles
5:44 am
her hour. it is expected to pass well east of bermuda on saturday night but large waives and dangerous surf conditions are expected there over the next few days. danielle could also bring rough serve to the atlantaing beaches. it has been five years since hurricane katrina tore through the gulf coast and caused massive flooding in new orleans. reporter samantha hays joins us now from new orleans this morning with a look at the city then and now. good morning, sai than that. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. neighbors we talked to in the eighth ward, i am reporting here from the 9th ward this morning, this general area, have mixed feelings about the improvements and the struggles since the hurricane hit five years ago and shared with us how that hurricane changed everything. on the corner of law the only way in was by boat. floodwaters nearly reached the street signs. that was almost five years ago and neighbors who live in this
5:45 am
8th ward neighborhood say the upcoming anniversary of hurricane katrina doesn't change anything. the hurricane is still a part of every day life. >> it is bad but it ain't -- it ain't back like it supposed to be yet. you know we coming along. >> reporter: it took him two and a half years and $100,000 from fema to rebuild his home but down the street other houses still perry the scars from katrina. >> a bunch of houses are just boarded up or some of them not boarded up. they just you know open. >> reporter: down the street these volunteers are trying to fix that. >> i file for most of these people that they -- they have gone through a lot. >> reporter: their christian comart samaritan's purse has built 27 homes in this one small neighborhood and still building. >> people share stories with trying to get back in their houses av 5 years that is a long time. >> reporter: stories of patience and persistence for both volunteers and neighbors, as they try to turn back the
5:46 am
tide five years after the water receded. many people will be recognize in this 5th year anniversary through events scheduled through their local parrish. one is a sear smoarnl burial and president barack obama is skidded to visit on sunday. samantha hays, pam and dave back to you. >> 5:46. canadian authorities say a major terror cell has been broken up after the arrests of three suspects terrorists accused of building improvised explosive devices. >> moping st. other things investigators have ceased more than 50 electronic circuit boards designed specifically to remotely detonate ieds. >> the suspects all canadian citizens are also accused of
5:47 am
sending money to extremists in afghanistan to buy weapon to attack nato coalition forces. they started monitoring them in september and in a bizarre twist one of them was a contest taint on the canadian version of american idol. now he moonwalked for the judges. he is facing terrorism charges along with the other two men. a state department official says they have not been asked to assist in the case so far. >> s civil rights leaders are criticize the timing of a rally tomorrow in washington, d.c. by conservative talk show host glen beck, he is madeleining a rally called restoring honor, scheduled on the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech from the same spot where he delivered it.
5:48 am
civil rights leaders say al his attack style is against everything king stood for. this morning they will honor a far and son who came to the rescue of a driver in a burning car. they immediately sprang into action when they spotted a car engulfed in flails near 280 in san francisco. the two good samaritans immediately pulled the trapped driver out of that burning car. the chp says their quick thinking and heroic actions likely saved that driver's life. >> wow. they are heroes. time now 5:48. let's check in with sal. see if anything is happening on the roads now, sal. >> you know it is still relatively light. there are some things out there that are beginning to get a little bit busier. for the most part off to a nice saturday. westbound 24 to the tunnel no major problems there as you come up to the tunnel. this morning's commute is okay on 80 westbound as you drive out to the macarthur maze. also if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza some of the road work there overnight has been cleared up so you don't have to worry about that.
5:49 am
the lower deck is free of road work between san francisco and oakland. at 5:48 here is mark tamayo. >> hi there sal. good morning to you. we do have quite a few partly cloudy observations around a good portion of the bay except santa rosa dense fog visibility a quarter of a mile. san francisco 55. hayward 59. concord 58. the clouds are regrouping over the past few hours. high pressure has them moving out of town. it was responsible for the record heat, the triple digit heat on tuesday and wednesday. a dramatic change in weather. you felt it yesterday. pretty much the same story for today. into the weekend telephones will continue to cool off. there is a slight chance we could have a few sprinkles for the motor bay, especially for the north bay up close -- for the hills of the north bay toward sonoma county and napa county, that would be for tomorrow. the main impact cooler temps
5:50 am
and also gusty winds. here we are this morning, 40s and 50s, into the afternoon hours the eventual temperature range is from 60 coast side. that green contour behind me. warmest locations inland, no more 90s, 80s, around 82 to 84 degrees. heading out to have town a possibility of thunderstorms around lake tahoe. monterrey patchy fog, 58, l.a., palm springs, temperatures approaching 100 for both days for both saturday and into sunday. here we go for the bay area this morning mostly cloudy, 61, skies partly sunny, temperatures hover around the 73 mark. for the interior more sunshine, but actually fairly nice out there, only 82, possibly 83, approaching 84 out toward antioch, san francisco our forecast high in the 60s, santa rosa upper 70s, san jose mid-
5:51 am
70s and los gatos 80. the look ahead your five-day- forecast. the weekend is almost here and temperatures cooling off as we thicken up the clouds, mostly cloudy skies at times for tomorrow. possibly drizzle as well, wind speeds continue to be a factor and temperatures warm up for monday and also into tuesday of next week. another weather check coming up in just a little bit. >> time now is 5:50. the country's second largest newspaper will cut about 130 jobs this fall. usa today is shifting the focus to readers and advertisers who use mobile devices to get their news. the cut will effect both their newsroom and business operations. newspapers across the countries have been making cuts the last few years as more people use the internet over print. less than 24 hours after they revealed that they wonder when they are get in their's.
5:52 am
the shows can be streamed over with fie and 3 g networks, stocks of the network jumped within hours of that release. hugh bet packard has fired another round in the bidding war. they are offering nearly $1.8 billion for the manufacturer, that is $300 million by the latest bid by del. del and hp are fighting for them pause they believe it would happy them expand. >> 5:52. still ahead the lights went out for hundreds in downtown oakland. we will tell you what officials know about it and how it affected the downtown area. >> plus they are little animals but we will tell you how they make a big difference in the lives of a special group of children. >> so, ah, your seat good?
5:53 am
got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving.
5:54 am
we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
5:55 am
good morning. welcome back. time now 5:55. we have got breaking news coming from mess co-, a major mexican tv network says a car just exploded outside one of its tv stations. right now there are no reports of injuries but there is a lot of damage to the building and the station has been knocked off the air. this happened at a station in the state in the northern part of mexico. that is the same state where
5:56 am
officials are investigating the recent massacre of 72 migrants. we will have more on this story as it is available. >> >> a plan to build a new power manet outside of antioch is moving forward. the commission approved the project built on wilbur avenue. the new $800 million plant would relace the nearby contra costa power plant. construction is expected to begin in 20 13. city leaders say it would create 400 construction jobs. pg&e is trying to determine what caused an equipment failure to lift downtown oakland without power. 1300 customers lost electricity when an underground transformer blew yesterday evening. at least one person was briefly stuck inside an elevator and had to be rise rescued. >> a bay area organization helping both children and horses is getting ready for its biggest fundraiser of the year.
5:57 am
the sunrise foundation connects children in crib sis with rescued minihorses like these here at its castro valley training center. the horsts are even certified to go into hospitals. they are brought into hospice settings to visit material neal ill children. well, tomorrow's wine and equinn fund raise e will provide a horse show, an auction and lots of wine, buyer and food. this happens tomorrow at the charles wilhelm training center on crow canyon road in castro valley. tickets are $75 apiece. you can go to our channel two website,, check out the web links for more information. >> let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> traffic continues to looks good around the bay area. not a lot going on. we are hope in for it to stay quiet but we will see what happens. moving along to another live picture, 680 traffic also looks good into the south bay. we are going to stop with -- we are going to end this report
5:58 am
with a toll plaza. that traffic looks good into san francisco. let's go back to dave and pam. >> okay. sal. at 5:57 a grim farewell on the streets of oakland. we are about to you a vigil remembering a murdered 13-year- old boy and there is now a reward to catch his killer. details coming up. >> plus a big vote today in san jose that could determine the future of the city's firefighters and public safety. we will have a live report. >> and a look outside this friday morning in oakland, currently partly cloudy, patchy fog, kind of regrouping. 58 degrees. cooling trend will linger into the weekend. details coming up. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok. all right. who's next? make a deposit from anywhere, anytime-- with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters.
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