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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. debate over crime in oakland is escalating after a boy is gunned down just days before starting high school and his 14th birthday. >> the traffic is getting busier around the bay. we will tell you where. >> right now tracking patchy dense fog across parts of the bay area. the cooling will continue into the weekend. >> the city of san jose says i is willing to reinstate 49 firefighters laid off but at what costs to firefighters? that story and more. the second hour of the morning news continues. >> complete bay area news
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coverage continues. >> well, good morning to you. welcome to friday. august 27th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. let's start with weather, mark tamayo is in for steve. >> temperatures will continue to cool off, especially inland, no more 90s, warmest locations lower 80s, southwesterly wind to 25 miles an hour an hour and we will continue to cool up. i will have that in a few minutes. sal has an update on traffic. >> traffic looks good in san francisco. that is a live picture of 101 approaching the 80 split. the traffic is at the speed limit. this morning if you are looking at driving on 24 or 680 in conray cost that county that commute is off to a nice start. back to the desk. >> family and friends gathered
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on the streets of oakland last night for an emotional candlelight vigil. they came to honor a homicide victim just 13 years old. aman clark was a middle school track star getting ready to begin high school next week. wednesday night someone shot him in the head while he was walking down bancroft avenue with his twin brother, there is now a $15,000 reward in the search for his killer. >> right now we have the motive for this shooting. that is why we have to ask for the public's help. anytime we need to get information, especially a homicide case we will need the public's help. >> family members say they believe the teenager may have been set up. kraig deb brew will have more details in the next half-hour. >> 6:02. firefighters are casting their votes in san jose this morning on the city's latest contract propose a jade hernandez here now with an update on the labor dispute. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. mayor chuck reed here in san
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jose defended the city's decision to layoff 49 firefighters. the city says it is willing to reinstate those firefighters at a cost. we are live in san jose this morning. the city says the firefighters can be reinstated if the union agrees to take an almost 9% cut in wages and benefits. firefighters met in this hall yesterday to vote on whether or not to make those concessions. voting ends today. ironically on thursday three fires broke out within a two hour period, pushing response times up. from eight minutes to 10 minutes, which is two minutes longer than the department's target goal for response time. two of those fires were within two miles of each other. firefighters point to this very situation as one which could have turned deadly had anyone been trapped inside hen the fires broke out. city councilman pete constant says the department doesn't have concrete evidence that the loss of firefighters plus four engines and a truck is costing the city more than monte sterile but he certainly was effected yesterday.
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>> hopefully going to get close to a resolution with the firefighters and but i think in this particular instance this morning, i think that is really -- i don't think that had an immediate impact. but we won't know until we fully look at. >> the embers from this fire were landing in my backyard. my wife asked me what is falling in our backyard so it really effects all of our residents throughout the city. >> reporter: now you heard from pete constant. the city councilman for san jose yesterday morning in front of that fire. the mayor told us by phone residents safety is not being compromised. the city council woman nora campos is speaking out today against the mayor's statement and what she calls the dangerous impact these cuts have had in the city of san jose. we will have more on that coming up. live from san jose city hall, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we are learning a body discovered near fremont is likely connected to an unsolved
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mystery. authorities found the body yesterday hidden off niles canyon road about a mile from mission boulevard. investigators are still waiting for dna oix but we are told based on evidence found at the scene including a ring the victim is believed to be franky lopez of east palo alto, the 27- year-old father of two disappeared six months ago after an altercation at a marijuana grow house near hayward. investigators say a tip from a person who was recently arrested led them to the body. >> 6:05. residents in the wedwood shores community are being warned stay away from a nearby lagoon because of a huge sewage spill. maintenance crews spent yesterday cleaning up 5000 gallons of raw sewage there that leaked into several garages and the redwood shores lagoon. that spill was caused by a pipeline break on wednesday. still not clear when the rupture will be fixed. meantime hundreds of
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georgia branch collectors in san mateo county are due to go exak to work this morning. yesterday they ended a two day strike affecting 36,000 customers. they will now be busy all weekend long picking up the trash that has been piling up since wednesday. the 48 hour walk out was showing solidarity with garbage workers at half moon bay, who are in a contract dispute with their management. >> well, this could be the last day to some important resources for families in oakland. claudine wong joins us with the story and the reaction. >> reporter: good morning. we are at the jefferson child development center, one of seven centers closing today. we could be hours away from the end of that. this is all because the state lawmakers have not been able to pass a budget and that means there is no money to keep these centers open. if they close though the big question is what happens to these kids. it has been a bit of a roller
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coaster ride for them and their families. they provide services to them by providing before and after school care and supplemental education patrols, the schools -- the centers rather were actually supposed to shut down at the beginning of august but then there was so much community outrage the district was able to find $400,000 in stop gap funding to keep it open. it seems unlikely however the district will be able to do that again. even if the budge it is passed funding cuts are already in the budget so the district is already trimming millions and the distribute says it has little choice but to shut things down. >> it is important. this program is important. their lives are important. you know, he wants to put $62 million into building a new death row. i say put the $62 million into this. >> reporter: it appears it will have the biggest impact on these kids f pro school children will be transferred to
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the other centers in the city. locations that may not be convenient but for the after school kids the distribute is struggling with options. that has community groups promising to take over these sears with volunteers. they say if the state won't make these sears a priority then the community have to. there are certainly a lot of emonthses surrounding this issue and a lot of questions about what these families will do. we are going to stay out here, hopefully talk to these peel as this center opens we are going to have lots more reaction to share with you. >> 6:08. guess what? bart riders are getting a break. fares won't be going up until july 2012. yesterday they voted to push back a scheduled fair hike that was scheduled to take -- they were scheduled to take six months earlier. that decision came after they found out barred has an unexpected multimillion dollar budget surplus. >> it is now 6:08. so far the traffic has been
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pretty smooth. >> including on bart, pam and dave. >> right. >> yesterday i got some lively tweets about that sorry we just did. people are happy the rates aren't going to go up. tweet me sal underscore casteneda. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge traffic moves well. since the weather has cooled off speaking of public transportation, we haven't had any heat related issues with the rails soft erches that you have heard about that probably well only we didn't have any of that yesterday. public in transit systems are on time. 101, 580, that traffic looking good across the richmond bridge as well. should be a descent drive for you in and out of marin county. this is a look at highway 4 in bay point of the today east county drivers getting a break driving west over to bay point and concord. 680 southbound from the venetia bridge to walnut creek looks good. here is steve. >> good morning to you.
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steve has one more day off. this morning we do have the fog out there kind of hovering around the bay. inland neighborhoods starting to cool off yesterday. temperatures for today low 80s, the weekend forecast temperatures will continue to drop off. updated numbers. santa rosa 49 degrees. still reporting fog. overcast toward napa. partly cloudy skies for oakland, san jose reporting partly cloudy skies but clouds toward hayward and mountain view. here we go, high pressure heated up parts of the bay area. on tuesday and wednesday, this is our past. our future is this. this area of low pressure. temperatures will continue to drop off. by tomorrow warmest locations inland mid-70s. there could be enough moisture to bringing at least party cloudy skies there is a slight chance of this. we put this into motion for saturday afternoon.
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the slight chance of sprinkles targeting the extreme north bay toward the higher terrain of sonoma county and also napa county. once again this is for tomorrow. then for sunday we will have partly cloudy skies and temperatures begin to warm up a few degrees for the second half of the weekend. this morning 48 to five. our forecast model at 8:00 showing you clouds regrouping coast side and moving into the bay and targeting the north bay towards santa rosa and napa. afternoon hours 60 to 84 still patchy overcast near the shoreline. no 90s, antioch yoarks san francisco 64, san jose 75. here we go, the look ahead. your five-day-forecast telephones continue to cool off saturday. wind speeds accelerate throughout the period then a little bit of a bump in the numbers for monday and into tuesday of next week. another forecast check in just a little bit. >> okay. mark. time now 6:11. former president jimmy carter is now flying back here to the
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united states. we will tell you if he reached his goals in north korea. >> and we have some amazing video to show you. it is an underground tour showing the 33 men trapped in that mine in chile
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good morning. former president jimmy carter
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is on his way to boston from north korea. alison burns is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. tensions are so high now between the u.s. and north korea that here in washington, d.c. the state department is welcoming the prisoner's release but really making a point to emphasize that former president jimmy carter was on a personal humanitarian mission to north korea. now carter traveled to north korea and won an amnesty deal from north korea leader kim jung il for the release of gomez, first detained in january for trespassing. it is still unclear why he was in north korea but he was sentenced to eight years hard labor. carter's trip came after the u.s. expressed serious concerns about gomez's health. it comes a year after former president bill clinton traveled
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to north korea to win the release of two american journalists. after gomez's release was 82 announced the state department issued another travel warning, warning americans to avoid travel to north korea and emphasizing the dangers involved. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> well, we have incredible new video to show you of those 33 coal miners trapped a half a mile underground in chile. take a look at this. what you are seeing was filmed with a camera lowered down through a bore hole. the mean appear slim but healthy. they say hello to their families and show their surroundings. at the end the men join together to sing chile's national anthem. the miners have now been told that it will take weeks or plaps months for an escape tunnel to be drilled to reach them. in pakistan the taliban threatens to attack foreign aid workers helping victims of the
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devastating floods there. the taliban speaks man says the u.s. and other countries that have sent in aid workers are not there to provide help to flood victims but have other motives f he did not say what they were put the taliban has attacked foreign aid groups in the past. >> 6:16. woman plying with a court order cal state has released sarah palin's contract from that controversial speaking engagement. the university's none provide foundation contracted sarah palin to appear at the event which reportly raised more than $200,000 for the school. but when the university initially refused to disclose how much sarah palin was being paid, a lou sought was filed to force its desclosure. now that contract confirms sarah palin was paid $75,000. it also shows she had an option for two first class plane tickets from anchorage, alaska, to california or the use of a private jet. er agreement also called for a
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suite and two single rooms at a deluxe hotel. >> we did do research to compare the $75,000 she was fade for her speech with other speaker's fees. according to siness week colin powell gets 100 to 200,000. al gore gets 100,000 and rudolph july july earns 75 to 200,000 we have posted the contract on our channel 2 website. you will find it right on the front page. >> 6:18. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is watching the commute. what is happening in eastern contra costa county. >> we are just watching it for you on highway 4 dave because -- and pam -- because it does get heavy and on this friday it is a little heavy. it is not stop and go though, not yet anyway so you may want to get out there before it does
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get that way. i know that ever time i ever meet anyone that lives in this area the first thing that comes out of their smowt oh that highway four commute. also this morning's commute looks good to the caldecott tunnel. no major problems on the oakland side either. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic is moving along relatively well. this is a little bit of a back up. here is mark. >> good morning to you. just two days ago we had triple digit readings in the bay area forecast. for today barely lower 80s. the fog is regrouping around san francisco coast side. even a few patches move into the interior as well. we started to cool off yesterday and continues today and into the weekend. eureka mostly cloudy skies, the possibility of a few light showers. lake tahoe the kansas of a few
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isolated thunderstorms. monterrey patchy fog, temperatures upper 50th. partly cloudy los angeles, more sunshine palm springs, temperatures hovering around the 1 hundred degree mark. temperatures this morning upper 40s to the 50s. most of the bay area the 50s. as we do take this into the afternoon there is the eventual temperature range from right around 60 coast side. the warmest locations inland around 82 to 84 degrees out toward antioch. so here we go this morning partly cloudy skies, some patchy fog. it has been ebbs and in over the bay since we started the newscast at 5:00 this morning. overcast toward santa rosa, napa, moving at least right around the bay for san francisco and also oakland. san jose reporting partly cloudy skies, afternoon partly mostly s sunny patchy fog near parts of the shoreline, 60 to yoir degrees. the giants playing tonight the diamondbacks with partly cloudy skies temperatures upper 50s, deaf fidgets bring the sweeter
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and the jacks, wind up at the paul bark. here are the temperatures. here is a look ahead. temperatures continue to cool off for saturday. there is a chance for a sprinkle and clearing skies for sunday and temperatures warm back up just slightly for monday and into tuesday. another forecast check just minutes away. >> this morning boeing announced another delay in delivering its first new 787 jetliner. boeing now says the first dreamliner will be delivered in the first quarter of next year. just a month ago boeing pushed back the delivery to sometime in december and says the latest delay is because rolls royce won't be able to deliver engines to it on time. the san francisco business times reports sales of condos in san francisco have all but dried up since spring. developers of upscale condos sold 17 units during late may and june, only two in july. but real estate analysts say in one sense san francisco is
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lucky, because so few new projects have been completed there is not a dplut oop the market. female business owners can get help expanding their business at an event in san francisco later this year. make mine a million dollar business helps women by making connections, learn n how to market what they are offering and gaining confidence in the public's eye. business owners can colorado pete for special coaching in a contest that requires what is known as an elevator pitch. the offall idea is to help women grow their businesses and create jobs. >> we think particularly working on it during the recession to help women stay in business and you know hit their revenue mark and live their dreams. >> judges with input from the audience will decide which predetermined finalist should be granted award recipients. the seminar is december 7th through the 9th. get more information by going to our website.
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>> great story. >> yeah. >> 6:22. if you listen you can hear the roar of engines at the fair grounds. these are live. i want those cars, pam. the gates just opened a short time ago. thanks, sid far hang for the thousands of cars and car lovers expected to be at the good guys west coast nationals hot rod and custom car show. >> oh, boy. and if you are looking forward to a labor day camping trip we have a warring about dangerous encounters at one of california's most popular recreation spots. >> also scientists think they now know how salmonella has been getting into though those bad eggs. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go.
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be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. bridge check right now looking at the bay area bridge, westbound bay bridge track looking pretty good. a small delay at the toll plaza. san mateo, golden gate and richmond bridge traffic looking good on this friday. now let's go back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. well, it may be early to some people still but it is never too early to start your engines. right? we want to take you out live this morning to the good guys west coast nationals hot rod and cuss toll car show. again you are looking at live
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pictures there. you can see the cars lined up there. the gates opened just an hour ago to make room for the 3500 cars and 80,000 people expected to attend the show. we now know at least one of the sources of the salmonella link to the egg recall. the fda confirms the bacteria was found in chicken feed at both wright county egg and hillendale farms. they recalled more than half a billion eggs nationwide. 1500 illnesses have been linked to the outbreak, including dozens here. >> more than 500 bears live in yosemite national park but this summer there has been an increasing close encounters and rangers say humans are to blame. they say camp others who leave food in their vehicles or cooler are asking for trouble. this area they have caused $90,000 in damage to property mostly vehicles because people left food inside.
6:28 am
>> this is a bear locker. it is very simple to use, one reason bears can't open it, they can't figure out how. it has got lots of space. >> drivers, you also pose a problem for the bears, 16 have been hit this year, six died. a big crowd is expected over labor day. the rangers have this reminder, properly store your food, drive slow and keep your distance if you happen to see a bear. >> well, hundreds of san jose firefighters are taking a critical contract vote today. it comes just 24 hours after crews scrambled to the scene of three early morning fires. >> why friends and family of a 13-year-old homicide victim believe he was set up to die. >> investors around the world are looking to the u.s. and one very important american for direction in the stock market.
6:29 am
there is a live look at the stock market, the opening bell about to ring. we will have the details up next. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back. they just rang the opening bell on wall street. taking a live look at the big board, dow jones up 45 points to 10,031. the gdp. we are waiting for the gross domestic product, thely vision from the second quarter, it was lower as expected but the u.s. economy still grew at 1.6%, that was a little better than analysts expected so right now the markets are up. 53 points -- 61 points now back above 10,000. of course, we have ben bernanke federal reserve key speaking later today, so that could have an impact as well. we will keep watching. >> absolutely. we will say good morning to you, thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news, friday, august 27th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook.
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time now is 6:30. >> in the news we are learn in more about a 13-year-old shot and killed while walking in oakland. kraig debro here now with more on this story. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dave, it han on bancroft avenue between 61th and 62nd avenues, this is the spot where 13-year-old jaman clark was shot and killed and for a lot of people this spot is going to carry a lot of dark mommiers for a long time. >> i want to see the person who did it get caught. you got to get what you deserve. >> reporter: the 13-year-old would be sigh line high school student was shot and killeds a he walked along bancroft avenue wednesday night around 9:30. the reason so many are disbelieving is because he was so good to others. >> he was going to be good. he i would say two laps to the
6:33 am
student body. he would do three laps. >> reporter: police say they do not have a motive for the shooting put the family suspects he was set up. they say he got a call from someone asking him to walk to a gas stays and fill up a gas can, presumably because that person had run out of gas and was stranded. if there is through there may be a number on the caller id or his brother may know the person. there are no indications that person has come forward. >> the people out here they don't know, they don't care about what is it, what age they are, what culture they is or nothing, they just killing people for no reason. >> reporter: and there is a fear factor out here as well, we interviewed a person at this memorial yesterday. the young man describes himself as a friend of amop clark even gave us his name but he said he would not talk to police even if he knew the killer out of
6:34 am
fear for his own safety. he was set to start at skyline high school on monday, the 30th. reporting live, kraig debro, ktvu channel two news. >> san jose says it could hire 50 firefighters recently laid off if the union grease to a wage cut. jade hernandez joins us now with an update. >> reporter: good morning, mayor chuck reid defended the city's decision to lay off 49 firefighters but three fires erupted within a two hour period yesterday highlighted the strain that firefighters are facing lately, but the mayor says that public safety is not being compromised. >> the citizens of the city are going to be well protected by our firefighters and police officers notwithstanding the budget difficulties we have to face. >> reporter: firefighters began voting on thursday to consider the city's proposal, asking them to take an almost 9% cut in wages and benefits. voting ends today. if the fiefs approve the city's concessions proposal the 49 firefighters laid off in july
6:35 am
could return. ironically three fires which broke out within a two hour period yesterday highlighted the severity of cutting first responders such as firefighters from the budget. fire officials we spoke to yesterday told us it took ten minutes to get to at least one of those fire, that is two minutes longer than the department's target goal for response time. eight minutes within 80% of the time. nationally the aim is to get firefighters to a scene within five or six minutes, due to the time a person would suffer brain damage without objection jen. yesterday firefighters were still at the scene of two fires when the third broax out. the last fire, firefighters responded to, was a three alarm fire and the department was forced to call for mutual aid just to house their fire stations during the firefight. coming up you will hear from city council woman nora campos, she disagree with mayor chuck reid. find out what she is doing about it today. >> 6:35. we want to check in with sal.
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how does it look? >> pam, it looks okay and dave, good morning to you as well. 2:37. traffic is moving along relatively well. in fact i would say, not relatively well. let's just go ahead and give it a well. thank you. traffic is moving okay here on 880 northbound. we have a little bit more crowding as you drive up to the downtown oakland area. and this morning the commute looks pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza. about the only problem we have are people in northern san bo knit to county. a big rig on its side. here is mark. >> we have haze out there and patchy fog, the clouds regrouping right around the bay and also near the coast. the fog ill expand over a good portion of the bay area over
6:37 am
the next few days. this morning though we do have dense fog in the north bay. inland neighborhoods this afternoon on track to reach the lower 80s. no more triple digits. the weekend forecast temperatures continue to drop and a breeze out there. some of the current numbers santa rosa fog. half-mile visibility. napa mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy toward hayward and mountain view cloud cover. san jose partly cloudy skies at least at the airport. this was the weather story, high fresh producing all the heat over the past few days. temperatures cooled off yesterday. this our future as we do head into the weekend. this area of low pressure moves from the north. stronger onshore breeze, wind speedstonning 25 miles an hour. temperatures this weekend barely making it up into the mid-70s. look at the moisture. now we have a few clouds that will be approaching the north bay counties as we do head into saturday. here is our rainfall forecast model. into saturday there is a slight
6:38 am
chance of a few sprinkles approaching the north bay, primarily for the north bay hills. the main impact a few extra clouds for tomorrow afternoon and sunday partly cloudy skies and temperatures do warm up a few degrees. this morning bundle up, 48 to 55. the clouds concentrated coast side, also into the bay, santa rosa and napa showing you offcast as well. afternoon partly to mostly sunny, 60 to 84 and fog parts of the shoreline, antioch yoarks san rafael 64, 60s near the immediate coastline, 70s san jose. your five-day-forecast temperatures continue to cool off on saturday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers by sunday and then warming back up into monday and then into tuesday of next week. another weather check coming up in just a few minutes. >> hard to belief it has been five years since hurricane katrina devastated new orleans in the gulf coast. we are going to bring you a live report from new orleans
6:39 am
show p you what has been done to rebuild that city. >> and today the budget crisis in sacramento will directly affect dozens of school children in oakland. we will have that story. >> good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well today. tell you more about the morning commute and give you a look at the bay area weather when the morning news continues.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. here is a quick look at some of the top stories. former president jimmy carter was successful in his mission to win the release of an american man imprisoned in north korea for trespassing. mr.carter and 31-year-old gomes are on their way back to the united states right now as we speak. meantime hundreds of georgia branch collectors in san mateo county are to go exak to work this morning. yesterday they wrapped up a two day strike that affected 36,000 customers. we are finings in out body found near miles niles canyon may be that of franky lopez. police say he vanished six months ago after a fight at a marijuana grow house. >> hurricane danielle in the
6:43 am
atlantic is now a category 4 with winds of 135 milesser hour. it is expected to pass well east of bermuda on saturday night but large waives and dangerous surf conditions are expected in bermuda over the next few days. it has been five years since katrina hit the gulf coast. samantha hays joins us from new orleans with a look at the city then and now. >> reporter: hi, pam. yeah, definitely two different stories going on, one of great success and one of struggle. many homes have been rebuilt. i am reporting from the lower 9th ward this morning. still others like the church behind me and some homes, there is a lot of repair to still be done. many homes are still boarded up. but the residents who have returned say it has been well worth and they are grateful to be back in the community that
6:44 am
is rebuilding. on the conner of this street the only way in was by boat, floodwaters nearly reached the street sign. that was almost five years ago and neighbors who live in this 8th ward neighborhood saying the upcoming anniversary of hurricane katrina doesn't change anything. the hurricane is still a part of every day life. >> it is back but it ain't -- it ain't back like it is supposed to be yet. you know we coming along. >> reporter: it took aaron clark two and a half years and $100,000 from fema to rebuild his home but down the street other homes still bare the scars of katrina. >> a bunch of houses is just boarded up or some of them not boarded up. they are just, you know, open. >> reporter: down the street these volunteers are trying to fix that. >> i feel for most of these people that they -- they have gone through a lot. >> reporter: the christian charity samaritan's purse has
6:45 am
built 27 homes in this one small neighborhood and still building. >> people share stories with us of trying to get back in their houses av five years, so that is a long time. >> reporter: stories of patience and persistence for both volunteers and residents as they try to turn back the tide. >> reporter: many of the residents will be participating in events scheduled by their local parish to acknowledge the anniversary, one major event, president barack obama is scheduled to speak in new orleans sunday. reporting live in north, samantha hays, dave, back to you. >> it could be the last day for seven childhood development centers in oakland. claudine wong joining us now with a look at why these centers are being told to shut down. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, this morning there are hundreds of children and their families trying to figure out what happens today. what happens after centers like
6:46 am
the jefferson child development center close. where will the kids go? there are seven development centers in oakland slated to close today. 500 kids go to those centers for preschool and before and after school care and at this point it is unclear what happens after today. the district says preschool aged kids will go to the city's other centers. that could make things tough for families because the locations may not be close or convenient. the before and after school kids ages six to eight. that apparently is a lot more complicated. the district says it is hoping non-profit and private car facilities can help fell the gap but community groups say they won't let it come to that. they are promising to be here on monday and say the community will run these centers themselves if they have to with volunteers. >> they should know that and plan on coming back on monday. we are calling on parents and community supporters to come out and to show at these centers that we will -- that we
6:47 am
care about our students. we care about our children and we are going to keep the centers open. >> reporter: all of this could be temporary. money to fund these centers could come back when a state budge it is passed. we have seen passing a state budget takes a lot of time. these centers don't apparently have any time left. they are already on borrowed time. they were supposed to close in july. the district did find money but it is unlikely to happen again. so a lot of uncertainty. we will stay out here, hopefully talk to the folks and have more on that on mornings on 2. >> canadian authorities say a major terror cell has been broking up following the arrest of three people suspected of building improvised explosive devices. >> amongst other things investigators seized more than 50 electronic circuit boards
6:48 am
designed specifically to remotely detonate ieds. >> the suspects, all canadian citizens are also accused of sending money to extremists in afghanistan to buy weapons. investigators began monitor in them back in september. in a bizarre twist in the story one of the suspects was a contestant on the canadian version of american idol. >> so you hale from pakistan, hey? >> yough, i do. >> now he moonwalked for the show's judges. now facing terrorism charges along with two others. the state department official says the u.s. has not been asked to assist with the case so far. >> 6:48. some civil rights leaders are criticizing the timing of a big rally tomorrow in washington, d.c. by conservative talk show host glen beck, he is headlining a rally he calls restoring honor, scheduled on the anniversary of dr. martin luther king, junior's i have a
6:49 am
dream speech from the very spot where he delivered it. civil rights leaders like al sharpton say glen beck's style is against everything dr. king stood for. >> it is 6:48. want to check back in with sal on the friday morning commute. sal. >> friday light so far. i don't want to jinx it. so far we are doing okay. let's take a look at noter bound and southbound 880. that traffic is moving along well and looks good here in oakland. also look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you don't have to have any concern right now coming into san francisco. this morning's commute in san francisco itself foggy but northbound 101 traffic is looking okay. filling in for steve, mr. mark tamayo. >> hi there, sam. good morning to you. we are starting out with look at this, the overcast making a big come back over the past few hours. currently 58 degrees. the cooling trend that is the
6:50 am
main weather headline right on into the weekend. just amazing just a couple of days ago we are talking about triple digits today just talking about lower 80s and that could be seen toward walnut creek 7:00 56 digs by lunchtime 70, an afternoon high of 82 degrees that is just about it. san francisco 55 degrees currently. the clouds in place. to the north bay for santa rosa reporting half-mile visibility. napa mostly cloudy skies. mountain view mostly cloudy and san jose at last check partly cloudy. high resh will continue to move out of town and as a result the heat will went to move out of town. temperatures by the weekend warmest locations inland mid- 70s, a fairly good bet of drizzle for tomorrow morning and could have it as well this morning. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle favor in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. not a big deal but still a few extra clouds cooler temperatures and gusty winds. better chance of a few -- of a few showers right around eureka
6:51 am
for tomorrow afternoon. lake tahoe he chance of showers this weekend. monterrey fog, los angeles partly cloudy plenty of sunshine and temperatures on either side of 100 degrees for palm springs for both saturday and into sunday. back here in the bra area mostly cloudy skies at 3:00 patchy fog temperatures lower 60s. around the bay bay patchy fog this morning partly sunny into the afternoon, temperatures lower 70s. for the interior around 80 to 82. a few neighborhoods toward antioch and brentwood could be 84. santa rosa 79, oakland 68, fairfield 81. we still have that persistent southwesterly wind right around the delta. san jose mid-70s, half moon bay tops out 60. cooler temperatures for your saturday. some gusty winds. then temperatures warming up a little bit, especially by monday and into tuesday of next week. another weather update coming up in just a few minutes. >> the country's second largest newspaper announced it is cutting 130 jobs this fall. usa today is shifting the focus
6:52 am
to readers and advertisers who use mobile devices to get their news. the 9% cut will affect both its newsroom and business operations. newspapers across the country have been making cuts as more people use the enternote. let's check in on wall street. here is a live picture at the new york stock exchange. the dow jones coming back from its opening numbers still up about almost 30 points. there it goes, 30 points. back above 10,000, which will be a very nice place to end the week if i can hold steady, that number after receive in better than expected economic news this morning. starting today toys r us and babies are us are holding another great trade in event. customers can bringing old cribs, car seats, high chairs and other baby gear and receive a 25% discount on similar items from select manufacturers. the company wants to try safety concerns on some of those old equipment and item and help new parents get safe equipment to their children. the trade in will end september
6:53 am
19th. >> 6:52. this weekend some unique horses won't be just horsing around. a bay area charity that helps children and horses in need are holding a big fundraiser tomorrow. we will tell you all about it. >> goo
6:54 am
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6:56 am
all right. 6:55. let's do to tori now see what is coming up on mornings on 2. good morning. >> good morning. in minutes federal reserve chairl been burn burp will by making a crucial speech on the economic outlook and we will have a live report from washington, d.c. to learn what annual efforts are listening for. we will update the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old star athlete and whether he might have been set up. also there is a major development in the killing of a tourist. find out what police announce today. find out where a female business owner can win a million dollars worth of professional advice. those stories and more on the mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. >> very nice. now over to sal. >> a lot of people want to knee what the toll plaza looks like all the time. right now it looks pretty good. it has been a nice morning.
6:57 am
on mornings on 2 we will follow that and everything else. so far in good shape. now to mark. >> good morning to you, sal. the clouds regroup coast side and along the bay. the big headline cooling will continue. that means no more 90s warmest locations inland lower 80s. cloud bank pulls back to near the shoreline, partly to mostly sunny for most of the ridge on, still patchy coastal fog. look what happens saturday, temperatures mid-70s, the slight chance of a few sprinkles in the north bay for tomorrow afternoon. temperatures warm up for monday and into tuesday of next week. another forecast check coming up in just a little bit. >> bay area organization that helps both children and horses is getting ready for its biggest fundraiser of the year. the sunrise foundation pairs kids in crisis with rescued minihorses at its castro valley training center. the horses are certifyed to go into hospitals and brought in to visit terminally ill children. tomorrow's wine and equinn fundraiser will proofed a horse
6:58 am
show, auction, wine, beer and food. it happens tomorrow at the charles wilhelm training center on crow canyon road in castro valley. tickets are $75. again it is their big fundraiser, go to and check web links for more information. >> time now 6:57. we will be right back with an update on the efforts to track down a gunman who killed a 13- year-old boy. we will take you to this as we look at live pictures, a memorial marking the spot where the young man was killed. stay with us. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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