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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 27, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the newsroom. the man's name is andrew varrientos. we are told he's 20 years old, we are covering the story at the scene there in east oakland. we have another reporter mike mibach who is at the hospital where that police officer has been taken and is now being treated. now david stevenson is live. >> reporter: the violence this afternoon began just a few blocks away, let's go again to a live picture from chopper 2. you can see the scene over head where police say the shoot out began at about 2:30 this afternoon. it is the intersection of osien and olive. let's go to some video shot earlier. you can see some of the activity on the ground. on the grounds there there are dozens of bullets. shell casings on the ground. they are marking what an intense shoot out this was at
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oscien and olive. oakland police tell us that undercover police officers were attempting to serve a warrant to that hispanic male. the man started shooting and one of those bullets hit an offer. investigators say the suspect took off on foot and attempted to carjack a vehicle which we're told is the acura sedan you should be seeing now. a relative of the driver told channel 2 that the driver sped off but was fired upon by the suspect. the driver of that car raced away to the intersection of bancroft and 90th. he suffered face cuts from the glass. police described to us what happened next. >> a second attempt was made that was attempted of carjacking a vehicle. the suspect then fled the scene in the vehicle that was stolen. and right now we're continuing
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to investigate this and look for the suspect. >> reporter: and right now you can take a look at the description of a vehicle as a 1999 four door mazda. here is a look at the picture of the suspect that has just been released by the oakland police department. and we are told his name again is andrew barrientos. we are hoping to get more information about the suspect as it becomes available from the oakland police department. for now police are asking the public to keep an eye out for that 1999 green mazda 626. this is a look at the suspect, they are hoping anyone who spots him or the car will call them so they will be able to capture him. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, san francisco, ktvu news. the officer who has been
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shot was taken to the hospital, more on the officers condition. >> reporter: right now i want to give you a live look on what's going on. around the corner are some freemont police officers. they've been here since that incident took place. as soon as the police officer arrived he was wheeled into surgery to remove to treat those gunshot wounds. within minutes of his arrival, a few dozen freemont police officers and detectives showed up. mayor dellums, oakland police chief anthony bats here at the hospital. the mayor and chief had a couple of brief comments as they walked out of the emergency room toward their cars. >> his family is up there. he's in surgery at this point and that's all we know. we have an outstanding suspect and our mission right now is to
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see if we can locate that suspect. >> i'm extremely happy that the freemont police officer is alive and is going to make it. and that's a good thing. clearly this is a very sad time. >> reporter: freemont police chief craig stekler inside the hospital right now. no word yet on how long this officer with freemont has been on the force. at the point it does appear that the officer is going to survive. mike mibach. ktvu channel 2 news. this is a developing story we will continue to update it on our newscast. you can also follow the story online, by logging on to our website also in oakland, a lot of people are asking a simple question tonight. what could have happened that would make someone shot and kill a 13-year-old boy.
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tonight we're hearing from his family including his identical13-year-old brother mike mibach has the story. >> reporter: this is the memorial for javon adams. of course the family spoke out. >> report: javon how are you doing? >> bad. >> reporter: wearing a picture of his brother, javon clark said little but he did reminisce about the sports festival where they won a relay race where they won against the staff. >> he was on lane three. he would start running and he would have a smile on his face like this. >> reporter: he is obviously still very shaken over his brother's death. jamon was walking to a the áf gas station when someone opened fire hitting him in the head. >> it wasn't like he was gang related or something like that.
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>> reporter: i met with oakland police homicide who declined to go on camera. but they told me they are working this case hard though they've been working through a collection of rumors. >> we want y'all to feel bad whoever did this. because this was a baby. >> for real, an innocent child. >> an innocent baby. who didn't get to make it to his birthday and that's not right. >> reporter: jivon's family is asking anyone with information to call police. >> he was walking down the street singing a song and somebody just started shooting. >> what was the song? >> i don't know? >> miss me, miss me. yeah. >> so we are going to miss him. >> reporter: the family tells me they are planning a funeral, as of yet the date is not set. coming up, you will see who came to the the site and added
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to it because of his relationship with jivon. and man accused of a rape pleaded not guilty in court. antonio mouton pleaded guilty police say dna links him to the rape. mouton's family says that he has been falsely accused. his next court appearance scheduled for september 9th. san jose firefighters today overwhelmingly rejected the latest contract offer from the city. at this point the city will not rehire firefighters that were laid off last month. robert handa is live in san jose were more on this. >> reporter: frank, if today's vote is any indication, san jose and it's firefighters are far apart on this con trial court dispute, that leaves the firefighters including the man
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who lived here with very mixed feelings. lou looked at everything he lost. the firefighters union said city lay offs made it difficult to respond to all of the i said incidents. >> to me i am just glad that they got here at all. >> reporter: did it take them a long time? >> it's long when your fire is burning down and you're standing in your underwear with a hose in your hand. it's hard to say. >> reporter: firefighters would allow san jose to rehire the 49 firefighters laid off last month. the more than 650 union members rejected the offer this afternoon by almost a 90% margin saying the union did its best. >> we offered to give them enough money to not lay off those firefighters and they rejected it. >> reporter: firefighters acknowledged the three firefighters set the mood for today's vote. >> it all happened to come down at once, it was a spectacular because we had a lot of fire in
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a small area and at the same time, it wasn't surprising to any of us. we all looked at each other and said, this is what we've been talking about. >> reporter: chuck reed said he was disappointed with the vote today. but that the fire department's response to yesterdays fires were not affected by the lay offs. >> any time you have multiple fires you have stretched resources. that would have happened last year just like it did yesterday. >> more trucks, more men, that would be great. >> reporter: do you understand the city and the situation they are in. >> sure, they have to make cuts. i have don't think safety should be one of them. >> reporter: san jose is pushing a november ballot measure to give the city authority to change the arbitration process. live in san jose, robert handa,
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ktvu channel 2 news. mexicana airline is grounded tonight. it has suspended many of its flights, but as of midnight tonight it is stopping operations completely as it looks on how to restructure. there was no one at mexicana today at sfo so we asked a travel agent to see what people can do if they've already got tickets. >> there's a website, it's called there's a form there that you can fill out. >> reporter: she also told us it would be easy to get your money back if you paid with a credit card. also at sfo the airport tonight is showing off it's just completed runway upgrades paid for by $14.5 million in federal stimulus money. there was a mixture of both pride and politics at the airport today. consumer editor tom vacar live at sfo now with more on this,
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tom. >> reporter: truly an important place because sfo directly supports 25,000 jobs and lately a few hundred more. runway 101 which backs up along the 101 freeway has been completely repaved, resurfaced and restriped. years of use was wearing it out. >> it was big cracks, areas of failing where the planes could have issues on take off or landings. >> reporter: the stimulus money also paid for the runway and taxi lightning as well as better drainage to keep water off the runway for better landing. bottom line, won't be long until this airport is paid all that money back. >> the $14.5 million relates to 300 jobs. so this is more than just repaving a runway, this is about repairing families in america. >> to keep key sections of our
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economy working smoothly, stay competitive and keeping americans back at work. out of the first six months of last year, i worked about two months. and then this job came up. >> this job gave you know 80 people in our company peace of mind that they were going to be working with good hours. >> we actually have 10 of these new hires working for us. it kept a lot of my guys working and half of them are minorities. the recession has hit california's construction industry hardest of all. >> it's nice to have an income again, we were scraping for a while. dipping into savings. just how a lot of people are having to do. >> reporter: employers want to keep these people working. >> we don't want people moving to some other state. >> reporter: sfo generates a billion dollars a year in total
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taxes for the bay area. it's san mateo county east largest employer. good investment. there are renewed worries about a possible double dip rescission ted after ben bernanke -- recession today after ben bernanke said the economic recovery has weakened. he says the on look is inherently uncertain and the economy remains vulnerable. he also said the government is prepared to take further measures if necessary. such as the large scale purchase. >> turns out we bought more than we thought we had. >> the bad economic news is intensifying the news over whether obama should allow the bush tax cuts to expire in december.
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some are argues that the president needs to keep those tax cuts in place to allow the economy to recover. stocks ended the week on a positive note after weeks of disappointing numbers. both the dow and the nasdaq rebounded to posttheir best gains in nearly four weeks despite the bad economic news released today. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow was up almost 164 points. the nasdaq up almost 45 points. for more financial news you can always go to our website and click on the business tab. they are being hailed as heros. a father and son talk about the moment they took action to save a man trapped in that burning car. and your weekend is here, clouds are moving in and
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temperatures are falling off. i'll have your cool weather forecast coming up.
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today a south bay father and son are being hailed heros for saving a person stuck in a burning car. they did something nobody else was doing, they stopped to help. >> reporter: they have never met face to face, but this father and son saved his life. 31-year-old anthony lovell was trapped inside, everyone else was driving by, they stopped. rodriguez got out and despite having a paralyzed right arm he reached in and tried to pull lovell to safety. >> time seemed to have stood still. there was only silence but i could hear the crackling of the
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fire and the car burning. >> reporter: though time stood still, his mind was racing. >> my son, my kids, the safety of this person. the only thing i could think about is i better hurry up. >> reporter: his 14-year-old son grabbed a wrench and helped pull the man out at the amazing of onlookers. >> i looked around and they were still watching. >> mr. rodriguez and his son gave mr. lovell his life back. because if they didn't stop and helped, mr. lovell would have certainly died. >> reporter: today he said the father and son are heros. >> much more grateful for a lot
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of things. and definitely looking at life a lot different now, another 30 seconds and we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> reporter: the senior rodriguez said even though he has no emergency training, he wouldn't hesitate to do it all over again if he needed to. and he wishes more people would get involved when they see someone struggling. clean up is under way as wild weather causes flooding. that area is also dealing with power outages after high winds knocked down power lines. the storms also caused a mud slide closing a section of the highway. there were reports of thunderstorms, large hail and lightning. most of the weather has now passed through that area and is heading east. on to our weather up here. no rain but temperatures are
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coming down. >> they are dropping off, more clouds moving in this weekend, live storm tracker 2. i'll show you what i'm tracking. if you just sat me down and said, what time of year this is, i would look at this weather system and say october 18th. no i wouldn't. i would say october though. this is a very unusual wealther system for this time of year. it's going to make temperatures go from the 90s and low 100s, you are going to see temperatures in redding and red bluff in the 80s. we're going to look at the profile and what's that's going to show you is a cool off. livermore just 70 degrees. what is that down 30 something degrees, 35 degrees from where it was just 48 hours ago. so here's what we've got. this low pressure center moves in, it's a little stronger than the one we've been seeing.
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chance of sprinkles on saturday, there's a slight chance it would be mainly up in the north bay hills, up toward, ending up toward the valley, up toward mount shasta and redding. you can see a few sprinkles here, and fort bragg. we're on the southern end, what you see here is the next system. does that mean we're going to have an early winter in, not sure. but that system has been a player in our summer weather and it could be a player right into our fall. low 60s over in berkeley and alameda. 70s out toward walnut creek and watch this, this is impressive. now weaver going out to the delta, and we stop at about 75 degrees, that is cool for saturday. sunday will be a little warmer, i'll have the specifics back here in just a minute.
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>> we'll see you then, thank you, bill. foodies will be flocking to jack lundon square. 80 bay area foot carts will be making food from sustainable and local ingredients. along with live music, you will see noodle pulling and a butchery demonstration. saturday from 10:30 a.m. and sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 in the afternoon. it was five years ago this weekend hurricane katrina hit new orleans. up next what's happening to mark the day this weekend. also we have some images to show you of the families of the miners who are trapped under the earth on chile. what the miners who are now trapped shown. california prisons are not guilty making the grade when it comes to the -- california prisons are not making the
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grade when it comes to the care of their inmates. new at 6:00, helping or hurting, the first ever nonbridge toll road is about to open in the south bay. we're getting a first look at how it'll impact your commute. but the birthrate climbing to an all time low. winter fun just around the corner. we're monitoring a new safety bush that could mean big changes for your kids when they hit the slopes. droiiiid.
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chilean authorities are releasing this video of the miners that have been trapped for two weeks. you can see the miners waving, laughing and in parts they are even shown singing. they are in a 500-foot emergency shelter. cnn is reporting the miners have finally been told that it
5:26 pm
might take three to four months before they are rescued. rescue crews are set to start drilling the rescue shaft this weekend. sunday marks five years since hurricane katrina made land fall in new orleans. many people have returned to rebuilding, but for many others it's been an uphill process. >> low income, poor family, they did not have insurance. they did not have a savings account just to rebuild tag home. >> reporter: data tracking experts say the population of crescent city is about 78% of what it was before the storm. but in the lower ninth ward only 32% have returned. >> unfortunately the formula was set up such that people got reimbursed based on the prestorm value of their home, so in low income neighborhoods, those prestorm values were not very high. so folks got 20 or $30,000, when you need 150,000 to
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rebuild. >> reporter: there are several events scheduled in new orleans. and president obama will also visit new orleans on sunday. a federal judge has rejected the state's request. the federal courts ruled that prisoner care was inadequate. since then the annual budget has doubled to $1.5 million. the judge sited the new report that most state prisons still fail to meet minimum health care standards in four out of five areas. including the treatment of mentally disabled prisoners. oakland's child care centers were scheduled to close today until the school district made a surprise announcement. that story coming up. san francisco has met new environmental benchmarks, i'll tell you what that mean, coming up.
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it's really been weighing heavily on me where my son was going to go. oakland parents got some good news when they took their kids to preschool but that good night might not last. several preschools in oakland got a last minute reprieve today when school officials found enough money to keep them open at least for the time being. rob roth is live in oakland tonight with our report, rob -- >> reporter: frank, the jefferson child care center is one of seven centers the district planned to close today. but this afternoon oakland school district officials announced it now has the money to keep six of those seven centers open for the time being
5:31 pm
including this one. when parents brought their children to the development centers this morning many worries this would be the last day. with school set to start monday, low income parents rely on these centers for before and after school care. >> reporter: me and my wife are trying to determine who is going to get our hours cut to take care of our child. >> reporter: school district officials said they had been working around the clock to find any money from the last school year that had not been spent. they have now found $175,000 to keep all seven centers running. >> this is a stand we're taking, kids will maintain the same level of service at the same cost through december. >> reporter: the centers that
5:32 pm
will will close are golden gate and north oakland. the people were relieved that most centers are staying open. >> i really feel like crying because it's really been weighing heavily on me where my son was going to go. i didn't know if i was going to have to bring him to work. >> either me or my wife were going to have to stop working and that's less income for both. we're both pretty excited. >> reporter: the school district is still hopeful that state lawmakers will pass a budget that will find funding for the centers. other wise come next year, participants might have to face the same anxiety once again. >> all i'm saying is nobody is
5:33 pm
second class to god. reverend gass was found guilty of marrying same-sex couples before the passage of proposition eight. presbyterian church allows reverends to honor unions, but does not allow them to be called marriages. christien kafton is live in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: san francisco's mayor announced the city has reached a new benchmark. bins like these are all over the city. and he says it's win-win. some small business are saying not so fast. workers at recology sort through millions oftons of
5:34 pm
waste a year. and diverted millions of that toward composting. meaning less waste in landfills. >> now 77% of our waste being diverted. >> reporter: it's not only good for the earth, it's good for the economy too. >> the workers you see behind me are green color examples. >> i was out of work for a good three years. until i joined the jobs now program, within the first month that i started i got this job. but not everyone agrees the city's environment push has been good for business. steven cornell has run a business, he says it has
5:35 pm
created a hostile business environment. for example, forcing business to buy more expensive bags. >> everybody wants to be green. wants to be part of this bandwagon, it's a good thing for all of us. but it's an expensive proposition to do. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is well on its way toward being the first city in the world none of its waste go to the landfill. a goal it hopes to meet by 2020 or earlier. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. across the bay the port of oakland is in need of some improvements but there's a few kinks in the way. the state pledged $250 million to the plan but in order to get that money, work has to start by 2013. developers are eager to give
5:36 pm
the work out to the lowest bidder. but others are demanding the jobs go to bay area residents. and a riot will begin at 6:00. as you can see video it always causes back up of san francisco when it happens. we now know the national guard will be taking its postalong the border with mexico. we'll tell you where, next. it was the number one paper in the entire country a few years ago, tonight it is laying off a big chunk of its work force. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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the first wave of national troops will head to arizona on monday. authorities would not say how many troops would start next week but they did say there will be deployments every monday, and that all 532 troops will be on the ground by next
5:40 pm
year. authorities are now patrolling the coast of san diego in speedboats. the last year alone they've arrested close to 800 suspected illegal immigrants aboard small wooden boats. >> it's a needle in a hay stack, no question. that's why we have however this coordinator approach. officials say the number of migrants risking their lives on small boats is growing. governor arnold schwarzenegger is planning a six day, three country trade mission to asian. spokesman says the government will be leaving september 9th whether or not a state budget is put in place. the governor says he hopes the
5:41 pm
budget battle will be over soon. carter traveled to south korea to seek a pardon. north korean leader hill granted the release. block buster lost more than $1 million and is paying interest on $120 million in debt. there are reports that the company will close many of its stores and replace them with smaller video kiosks as it increasingly moves its business online. the gannet newspaper
5:42 pm
reports the need to focus on internet devices. surgery to cure diabetes? research shows that may be the best choice for some. why? still ahead. and much cooler temperatures today in the bay area, but the weekend is almost here, so what are we looking at? our chief meteorologist bill martin will have our forecast in just a moment. new at 6: 6:00 the birthrate drops toen a all time low. we're talking to experts about what may be behind this drop. and we're monitoring a new safety push that may impact your children when they hit the
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health and science editor tom fowler has a report you will only see here on ktvu. >> reporter: diabetes soars with weight gain. >> i have it now. i have it pretty much under control. >> i'm taking action now. i'm staying active. >> reporter: at 396 pounds, he was taking seven different medications plus insulin and was a buffet addict. >> my appetite was out of control. i had a good time with food. >> reporter: last year he had gastric bypass surgery and says it immediately cured his diabetes. >> i am no longer on insulin, i no longer take pills for it. i feel great. i feel really good. >> one of the bypass operations that we do has 100% cure rate
5:46 pm
of diabetes. >> reporter: new research shows the surgery itself stops diabetes. even before patients lose weight. doctors say it's a bit of a mystery why aggressive gastric bypass seems to be so effective curing diabetes. it may be reducing the stomach to the size of a thumb. >> diabetes can be cured with weight loss surgery. >> reporter: insurers will not pay for it as a diabetes treatment. some say the operation seems
5:47 pm
radical. >> remove my stomach doesn't sound good. >> reporter: diabetes causes americans $1 million a year, causing blindness, even death. >> taking medicine does not stop the progressive diabetes, weight loss can really stop diabetes and stop all those problems. insurance may start to pay for this surgery. john fowler, ktvu. we continue to follow breaking news in oakland where an undercover police officer was shot this afternoon. we'll have more on his condition and the suspect they are looking for. julie haener is in the newsroom with more stories we are working on for you. why experts say the u.s. birthrate is down for the second year in a row. and it's supposed to offer relief for commuters who want to relieve gridlock, but it'll cost you. there might be movement in
5:48 pm
the state budget tonight, it's all coming up at 6:00. u.s. climatetologists say an el nino is on its way. climatetologists say changing el ninos will make it harder to predict weather around the world. we are definitely on the cooler end. here's our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> as we mentioned two days ago, there's going to be more clouds coming in here. there might be a sprinkle out. just indicating a change of seasons a little bit early. pacifica you had some fog about an hour ago. the fog is beginning to clear at the coast.
5:49 pm
the upshot on this is it's going to be certainly cooler around here. these are the highs from today. it's going to be cooler tomorrow, lots of mid-70s. the inversion is going to get broken up and the fog will be move up. i think we're going to see more sunshine the next couple of days. the bottom line is cool coast, mild inland. temperatures even in the central valley well below the average. so this weekend, this is a player. we've seen this all summer. actually all spring. this one is a little bit stronger. jet stream is getting stronger. transitioning into fall. the rest of us may be some drizzle. best day on the weekend for warmth will be sunday. sunday it'll start to clear out and it'll be a nice day. still below average temperatures.
5:50 pm
it's not a big deal. at least the computer model doesn't think so, i don't think so. just by virtue of having it pass by us, it'll cool everybody down, give us a chance for a sprinkle. chance of sprinkles up in lake tahoe as well. cool, 64 degrees this weekend. that's cool right, so if you're going to the lake, definitely worth taking a jacket. look at bakersfield, 80 degrees tomorrow for a daytime high. on sunday as well. that system has an impact all the way down to southern california. what it feels like to me, this is a transition season as we get into fall. it feels like it's transitioning a little bit early. doesn't it. outside, fog clearing off the coast. temperatures like these, mid- 70s in the inland bay valleys starting to feel like october. i said that a couple of days ago, this is the pattern baring itself out. don't shut your plans down because of a sprinkle north.
5:51 pm
just know that you'll be wearing sweatshirts and jackets in the morning and evening hours, the backyard bar-b-que. sunday is the nicest day of the weekend. but our friends the firefighters will have their doors shut this weekend, they're not on high alert. >> car fans can admire hundreds of classic cars at the hot rod and custom car show at the pleasant fairground this weekend. the event is sponsored by the hot rod custom association. the event calls that models be build no later than 1962. the president and first lady took their girls on a 6- mile bike ride through the
5:52 pm
state park. and you will see that everybody is wearing head gear, last year president obama went on a family bike ride without a helmet and received criticism. it was no easy task, up next the struggle some people take trying to put up some street art in one bay area city. that story coming up next.
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federal administrators say today that the cap on top of that blown out oil well is going to be removed next monday. the cap stopped the uncontrolled release of more than 200 million-gallons of oil into the gulf. since then, the oil has been filled with mud and cement. engineers have to remove the cap to get it the 50-foot high blow out preventers to determine how it failed which of course triggered the april 20th explosion that killed the 20 workers on the deep water horizon rig. it's been likened into a rust bomb. submersible sonars were sent earlier this month to capture
5:56 pm
the images of the american tanker montabelo. the montabelo was torpedoes back in 1971, 16 days after the attack at pearl harbor. crews had a challenge installing a new sculpture. take a look how moving the art work into place was a little awkward. the team slowly and delicately guided it into the sidewalk. the sculpture named street life is several street lights. and more on our breaking news. more information on how an officer is doing. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next.
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an undercover offer is shot on the streets of oakland. we have new information coming in right now involving the officers condition and the search for the gunman. san jose firefighters say no, and reject a deal to save jobs. goods evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have more now on that developing news involving that officer involved shooting in the east bay. police are looking for this man identified as andrew barrientos suspected of shooting an undercover officer a few hours ago. david stevenson is on the


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