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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 27, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2. a freemont police officer is wounded in a shootout 8th a drug suspect. good evening. i'm julie haener -- with a drug suspect. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> we have word on the condition of that freemont police officer. doctors say he's in critical condition but has stablized after being shot twice by a drug suspect. more on the officer in a moment. right now, though, a manhunt is underway for this man, 20-year- old andrew barrientos of union city. police say he is the one who pulled the trigger.
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officers describe barrientos as 5' 7 tall, 240 pounds with the word dakota tattooed on his neck and arms. investigators say after shooting the officer barrientos carjacked a green mazda 626 with a california license plate no. 4mje548. police are still looking for the car at this hour. now all of this happened near 86th and bran croft in east oakland as two officer -- bancroft in east oakland as two officers were serving a warrant on barrientos about 2:30 this afternoon. we have ktvu mike mibach at the hospital but we begin, though, with amber lee. >> reporter: we're at the oakland police department eastmont substation. inside investigators are trying to develop new information in their manhunt for the suspect. around 2:30 this afternoon a gunfight erupted here at the intersection of auseon avenue and olive in east oakland. two plainclothes officers with
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the freemont police department were in the area to serve a search warrant for 20-year-old andrew barrientos as part of a multi-agency drug task force. the officers spotted barrientos walking on the street and tried to approach him. freemont police say he pulled out a gun and started firing at the two officers as he ran from them. neighbors told us they were frightened. >> we heard at least 13 or better shots. it's like pop, pop, pop, pop, you know. you're losing people. you're putting officers' lives on the line. >> reporter: police say the gunman shot and struck one officer twice. police returned fire, but it does not appear the gunman was struck. one neighbor who speaks only spanish told us through his friend that he heard the gunfire and saw the wounded officer. >> there was somebody hurt because he was on the sidewalk bleeding and on the ground. >> reporter: police say the gunman ran a few blocks up to bancroft where he tried to carjack the driver of a black
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acura. as the driver sped away barrientos fired at the vehicle shattering the window. a relative of the driver says he suffered facial cuts from the broken glass. then police say barrientos carjacked a green mazda from a man coming out of this market. >> he went back to his car. somebody just came and ran. took his car and run away. >> reporter: store workers told us both carjacking incidents were captured by surveillance cameras. police told us they'd removed the tapes as evidence. >> he does have gang ties. he is a known gang member and so right now he is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: police say andrew barrientos may still be driving the 1999 green mazda 626 he is accused of carjacking. investigators urge anyone with information to call the police. reporting live here in east oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> for the latest on the officer's condition we turn to ktvu's mike mibach. he's been briefed by doctors at
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hirand hospital. >> reporter: right now the officer is inside the intensive care unit in critical condition awake but heavily sedated. the oakland and freemont police department officers are still outside here in the parking lot outside emergency room doors as the surgeon told us tonight, the officer's condition could change at any moment. this was the scene outside highland hospital all afternoon and into the evening. freemont and oakland detectives and officers waiting and waiting for any news and that includes oakland police chief anthony batts who was quick to greet freemont police chief craig steckler. >> he's in surgery and that's all we know. we have a suspect to locate right now. >> we are concerned and an officer has life threatening injuries. >> reporter: the freemont police chief said his officer was shot twice in the pelvic area and his partner rushed him
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to highland hospital. >> officer young sustained a gunshot wound this afternoon basically through the groin and through the pelvis. >> reporter: the surgeon said he was unable to remove the bullets and it was unclear if the officer would be paralyzed as a result of his injuries. >> the surgery was rather effective. he is in critical condition right now, but it's a touch and go situation. i would actually urge the public to donate blood, if possible. had to transfuse him extensively. >> reporter: the freemont police chief said the offer who is married with children had worked at newark pd before transferring to freemont six years ago. the chief added the officer has executed warrants before as part of a multi-agency drug task force. >> we haven't had an officer shot since i've been the chief and that's almost 20 years in freemont. in the end there's a lot of trauma on the department.
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>> reporter: the chief declined to release any additional information about the officer who was shot. he said he wanted to wait until that officer's condition improved out of respect for his family. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. now here's another look at the shooting suspect. 20-year-old andrew barrientos of union city. police consider him armed and dangerous and here's the plate number on that green mazda four do that investigators say barrientos -- door that investigators say barrientos carjacked. 4mje548 is the number and you'll find that information and much more on look for the tab that says bay area news. across the bay tonight san francisco police are looking for a man who they say kidnapped his daughter and threatened to harm her. 26-year-old javier martinez took the 1-year-old girl from her daycare. he then telephoned her mother and threatened to kill himself and their daughter. police say martinez is driving
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a burgundy nissan with tinted windows and fancy wheels. he is 5' 5 tall, weighs 160 pounds and has a tattoo on the left side of his neck and his left arm. the little girl was last seen wearing a pink shirt and black pants. also tonight developing news, there has been a riot at folsom prison. guards opened fire with rubber bills and live ammunition after piz -- bullets and live ammunition after prisoners started rioting in the main exercise yard about 8:00 tonight. five inmates were taken to the hospital for treatment. so far public information officer has not said what started the riot or released details about the conditions of the inmates. folsom prison is now locked down. a presbyterian church commission has convicted a retired san francisco minister of misconduct for performing same sex weddings back when gay marriage was legal in california. the commission convened in napa and ruled reverend jane spahr
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violated presbyterian church doctrine by marrying 16 same sex couples in 2008. the commission says it plans to rebuke spahr but not suspend her from duties. she and her lawyers are considering an appeal. the presbyterian church defines marriage as between a man and a woman. the commerce department reported today that the nation's economy grew at a snail's pace in the second quarter, but it wasn't as bad as many economists had predicted. the nation's gross domestic product for april through june was 1.6%. that is a big drop from the first quarter when the gdp was at three .7%. during the past year the quarterly gdp has averaged 2.9%, not quite enough growth to prevent more job losses. fed chairman ben bernanke today reassured investors that the government is prepared to take further stimulus action to prevent a double dip recession. bernanke's reassurances lifted the spirits of invests on wall
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street turning an early loss into a triple digit rally. the dow was up 164 points, the nasdaq up 34. even so both marks finished lower for the -- markets finished lower for the week. san jose firefighters today rejected the latest contract offer with the city. it asks for concessions but would have led to the rehiring of dozens of laid off firefighters. as ktvu's robert handa reports. >> reporter: joel luhan took a loss today. the firefighters union said the layoffs made it hard to respond to all of the incidents, something that the city disputes. >> to my i was just glad that them got -- to me i was just glad that they got here, period. >> reporter: did it seem like they t took a long time snoop hard to same? >> reporter: more than 250 -- the city's latest profile
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called for about a 9% cut in total compensation but would enable san jose to retire the 49 the firefighters it laid off last month. more than 650 union members voted and rejected the offer this afternoon by about 88% saying they had made a comparable counteroffer. >> we offed to give them enough money to not lay off those firefighters and they rejected it. >> reporter: firefighters acknowledge the three fires in san jose yesterday set the mood for today's vote. >> but it wasn't surprising to any of us. we all looked at each other and said this is what we've been talking about. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed said he is disappointed with the vote but said the reduction the firefighters offered is not enough compared to what other city employee groups have given up and said the fire department's response to yesterday's fires was not affected by the layoffs. >> any time you have multiple fires in a struggle area, you got to stretch resources. that would have happened a year ago just as it happened yesterday. >> more trucks, more men, quicker time, that would be great. >> reporter: you understand the
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situation the city is in in terms of their budget? >> sure. they got to make cuts. i don't think safety should be one of them. >> reporter: mayor reed said the city would like to have more firefighters but can't afford them. after today's vote the city and union are heading to binding arbitration which will also mean a campaign fight because san jose is pushing a november ballot measure to give the city more authority to change the arbitration process. in san jose robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. blockbuster video may be going the way of the vcr. coming up a look at the movie rental business. a beautiful sunset tonight, but will we see drizzle tomorrow? our chief meteorologist bill martin will have the forecast for tomorrow in less than 10 minutes. good news for caltrain commuters, what the rail line is saying about proposed service cuts.
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the port of oakland and others across the country are closerly watching a rule involving the port -- closerly watching the port of -- closely watching the port of los angeles. today's federal ruling allows the port to enforce its anti- smog regulations. the american trucking association said it will appeal. caltrain faces a budget shortfall of more than $2 million, but it appears the commuter rail agency will hold off on service changes. staff is expected to recommend that a public hearing next thursday that caltrain keep its
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service to gilroy during the week and make no changes to its weekend service between san jose and san francisco. the caltrain's executive director says while nothing may happen this fiscal year it's likely big cuts will be on the table for the next one. there is word tonight that blockbuster may file for bankruptcy next month and its neighborhood video stores could become an endangered species. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live in freemont tonight with our report. >> reporter: there was a time not too long ago when people on friday nights would crowd into blockbuster video stores to look for movies to rent and bring home. times have changed and why go to blockbuster when you can have movies streamed directly over the internet into your viewing devices? >> online you can get the covers and the whole 9 yards and spread them on your computer. so what would be the point of coming here and spending money when you can stay home and have it all come to your computer? >> reporter: what kevin hart does is one of the reasons why blockbuster video may soon be
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closing even more stores in an effort to restructure its debt. blockbuster has lost $1.1 billion in the last two years as people simply aren't renting dvds the old-fashioned way, by coming to a store. there are other ways to get movies now. >> it's taken the dvd and it's on a dvdr and it's a perfect quality. i mean just like you'd walk in here. they play the same. it looks the same. >> reporter: how did you get that? >> i just got it offline. >> reporter: you didn't pay anything? >> i didn't pay a dime for it. i paid $1 for the cd. >> reporter: other consumers are paying for television that have the capability of streaming movies directly into the set. cable companies and others such as netflix and apple computer offer services that do away with having to drive to a video store. although they are still diehards. >> everybody in the world has streaming -- not everybody in the world has streaming tv online, so there's still going to be a market i think for
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people picking up hard copy movies, video. >> reporter: this freemont couple also feels there's something wrong about blockbuster losing business because people want their entertainment for free. >> what do you mean? i can get it free off the internet. there's people who get movies that have been hacked before they're released to the public. so it's kind of sad. >> reporter: blockbuster may close as many as 800 stores and will put its efforts into streaming and downloading movies. live in freemont lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. a new voter survey on the california governor's race shows a change at the top. the rasmussen telephone survey of likely voters indicates republican meg whitman now leads jerry brown, democrat, 48- 40%. a month ago brown led whitman 43-41%. the new survey also indicates each candidate has a loyal
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following. 75% of whitman's supporters said they are firm in their choice. 82% of brown's said the same thing about their candidate. house speaker nancy pelosi joined a house of bay area democratic women today to celebrate the 90th anniversary of women winning the right to vote and they used the occasion to bash whitman and republican senate candidate carly fiorina for their voting records. ktvu randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: at the federal building in san francisco today cheers for nancy pelosi, the first female speaker of the house, and then pelosi cheered for the suffragettes who fought for decades to win for women what they had been denied, the right to vote. >> while others told them to wait, they had the courage to fight. imagine the courage it took. >> reporter: the 19th amendment, 90 years ago this week. >> i'm forever grateful to those people that paved the way
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for people like me to enter a nontraditional job. >> reporter: the democratic women in today's event talked about needing more women in government, but they said not the republican women running this year. meg whitman for governor and carly fiorina for the senate, women, yes, pelosi said, but -- >> it doesn't mean that we support women who support proposition 8. >> reporter: wrong on the issues democrats said and fiorina and whitman were wrong for skipping or forgetting to vote in many recent elections. >> on this anniversary we should be looking at one simple point. did you vote? did you exercise the right to vote that people fought for and some died for? >> how serious can they be when they didn't even bother to vote? >> reporter: both repuican candidates have acknowledged missing elections and they both say they regret it. does it matter to voters? some say yes. others say no.
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>> i'd have to see what kind of a record they have on the issues that affected me. voting or not voting would not turn me off or on a candidate. >> reporter: with the sour economy preoccupying most californians this year the election most likely won't turn on whitman's or fiorina's voting record, but democrats would like people to at least think about it. political editor randy shandobil, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera made it official today. he is a candidate for mayor and herrera says he is ready for the job. >> the one thing that i learned through nine years of being city attorney is how important it is to do the hard work that's going to make san francisco work through this tremendous city that we all share. >> herrera pointed to his work against corruption, gang violence and polluters and on behalf of same sex marriage. he said that his priorities would be making the streets and muni safe and providing good schools to keep families in the
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city. the only other declared mayoral candidate is supervisor bevan duffy. the election is next year. >> if you've been listening to the reports today, you may have heard some reports of potential showers on your weekend. there's a slight chance for tomorrow, but it is not a big deal. do not cancel plans. the main impact this weekend from a weak low pressure center will be much cooler weather. there's shower models just offshore that will enhance the marine layer and create drizzle in some locations, maybe even a sprinkle. that would be tomorrow morning, but not a big deal. do not cancel your plans. the big impact will be much cooler weather with some gusty wind. in response to the massive egg recall, the food and drug administration plans to inspect all of the nation's largest egg farms by the end of next year. a white house official says the inspectors will visit 600 large egg farms which account for about 80% of the nation's egg
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production. while the plan has not been formally announced, the official said the inspections are set to begin next month. hundreds of millions of eggs have been recalled because of salmonella found at two iowa farms. oakland school district has made an 11th hour reversal in its plan to close seven child development centers. we'll tell you why the change of heart. also 11 million passengers last year, but now grounded. what happened to put mexico's oldest airline into bankruptcy?
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the oakland school district late today announced it has found the money now to keep open six of the seven child development centers it planned to close. the centers were set to shut down the end of today, but school district officials say they managed to come up with about 2 1/2 million dollars which will keep most of those
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centers running through december. the only center that is still set to close is golden gate in north oakland. the potential closures have parents scrambling. >> i really feel like crying because it's really been weighing heavily on me where my son was going to go. didn't know if i was going to have to bring him to work. >> the school district relies heavily on the state to fund the centers. so officials are anxiously awaiting the passage of a state budget which could determine whether the centers stay open for the entire school year. the family of a 13-year-old boy fatally shot in east oakland on wednesday night is now asking for the public's help to find the teen's killer. detectives say they are following up leads in the shooting death of jaman clark. the teenager was scheduled to start his freshman year at skyline high school next week. his twin javon visited the memorial for his brother today. it marks the site on the
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shooting of o bancroft avenue. javon wore a shirt with his brother's photo on the front. >> he would always have a little smile on his face like. this. >> crime stoppers is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the killer's arrest. two teenagers in los angeles are suing facebook. their lawsuit claims that the social network sold their names and images to advertisers without their parents' permission. it also claims minors are unaware they are endorsing facebook when people type their names in a search engine and are taken to the facebook sign- up page, but a spokesperson for the palo alto-based company said facebook does not allow users' profiles less than 18 years old to appear on public search engines. crews in the gulf of mexico are set to begin on monday the delicate task of removing the temporary cap from that broken bp oil well. the federal government says engineers must take off the cap so they can reach the failed blow-out preventer. preventer is considered a key piece of evidence in
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determining what caused the deadly oil rig explosion back in april. the cap was installed last month and stopped the oil from gushing from bp's blown-out well until the well could be sealed with concrete. president obama is scheduled to be in new orleans this sunday to help mark the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina. that huge storm made landfall on august 29th, 2005, killing almost 1,800 people and leaving more than a million residents homeless. the city says there will be a subdued ceremony sunday night. this as the rebuilding in new orleans and other communities along the gulf coast is still far from over. >> they're having a problem with red tape getting paperwork filed. they need politicians actually coming down walking through the neighborhood before. they just kind of walked away. >> data tracking experts say the population of new orleans is about 78% of what it was before hurricane katrina.
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there are going to be fewer of us. the birth rate hits a stumble. why? still ahead. and the government clears a major merger in the skies on one condition that benefits another airline. we'll explain. >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini sleep world mattress sale. droiiiid. what this droid does will change how you do web connections.
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well, we had record temperatures a few days ago. that is a thing of the past. we go to san jose for your saturday forecast. it's cloudy in the morning. it's breezy and look at that daytime high, just 71 degrees in san jose, below average temperatures as we move into your bay area weekend. the merger of united and continental airlines cleared a major hurdle today. the justice department of said it has no more anti-trust
10:30 pm
concerns about the deal. shareholders of both airlines are scheduled to vote on the merger september 17th. the combined airlines will create the world's largest air carrier, but they will have to give up landing slots at newark airport in new jersey because that's where they overlap the most. that means southwest airlines will benefit from the merger. it will pick up the space at newark from united and continental. right now southwest serves the new york area only through laguardia airport, but beginning next year southwest will be able to operate 18 daily round trip flights in and out ofnewark. southwest has not yet decided what cities it will serve from there. as of tonight, mexico's largest airline mexicana is out of business. the bankrupt airline has suspended all operations indefinitely. ktvu's debra villa live at the airport to explain what drove the airline into financial trouble. >> reporter: we've seen it at all three bay area airports.
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mexicana has been cutting flights all month, so it's been a slow death, not a sudden one. the big question, will it fly again? empty desks and no one to explain at mexicana ticket counters as tonight's single flight from oakland to guadalajara was canceled. on their website a statement expresses regret for passenger inconvenience but says financial deterrage and lack of agreements has forced it -- deterioration and lack of agreements has forced it to quit flying. >> it was a premier carrier to mexico for a long time. >> reporter: travel agents have already been steering clients to more stable airlines ever since the bankruptcy filing a few weeks ago brought abrupt flight cancellations and confusion for passengers. >> i think that mexico is still a good destination and i think people still want to go there and i think it's definitely worth the other airlines filling the gap. >> would you feel safe going to the border? >> reporter: some passengers say drug cartel violence would
10:32 pm
keep them from considering mexico travel. mexicana puts more of the blame on last year's spine flu outbreak for scaring away tourists -- swine flu outbreak for scaring away tour are tourists and the -- tourists and the operating expenses are high. san jose's airport once had 11 flights a week dwindling to seven, then halting completely two days ago. valares will be picking up the slack. >> they've been in service now about four years. they describe themselves as the southwest airlines of mexico. they are a low cost carrier focused on low fares and good service and new aircraft and very tough competitor. >> reporter: perhaps a sign of the times, everyone we found who had flown mexicana had done so 10, 20 years ago is that went to acapulco many years in a row, mexico city for vacation. >> reporter: and flew mexicana. >> it was cheap. it was nice.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: other big airlines have survived bankruptcy. notably united and delta, but they kept flying as they reorganized and kept the revenue flowing. mexicana is grounded indefinitely. reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you have an upcoming reservation on mexicana, we've posted information on how you can get a refund. look for the web link section of an open jury deliberating the hit and run killing of a pedestrian reached partial verdicts today. the defendant it was found guilty of two count of battery for attacking a detective during interrogation but the jury has not decided if molina is guilty of murder. he's accused of running down killing an elderly pedestrian two years ago in alameda. a jury was seated today in the high profile killing of a popular los gatos restaurant
10:34 pm
owner. mark acille was shot seven times in his driveway. he and one of the defendants were allegedly involved in a love triangle. opening statements are to begin next wednesday. the nation's struggling economy may be partially to blame for a drop in the birth rate. federal health officials said today fewer babies were born during the past two years than in the years before and our health and science editor john fowler explains why experts say the economy may be a factor. >> reporter: federal statisticians say babies are becoming rarer. 2009 had the lowest overall birthday nationally in 20 years. many people say they are not surprised and know why. >> the economy is terrible, so no, it doesn't surprise me. children are expensive. >> reporter: some said it's career women waiting longer. >> i don't think about having kids yet. i'm 26. >> it's a lot less riskier now because the healthcare is much better for older women having
10:35 pm
babies. >> maybe people are just waiting longer and then once they wait longer, they decide not to have children. >> reporter: or choose to have fewer children. >> i have one child, so i'm happy with this. >> reporter: some said it's increasing selfishness. experts scientists called demographers say the biggest reason is simple aging. boomer's children, echo boomers, are now passing their prime child bearing years. >> not a good thing because i think we need to grow our population and economy at the same time. >> i think it's a good thing. i think population control is a major issue. >> we're going to have a problem. old people like us and maybe you with your retirement. >> reporter: demographers say birth rate now is too low to maintain the u.s. population. while the number of child bearing age women is declining, so is the birth rate among them suggesting the economy is a factor. california's drop in birth rate was third largest in the nation, the state's loss in home value was the largest. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news.
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it made a hard landing in sacramento. coming up an update tonight on that jetblue flight and some of the passengers on board. also a huge fire overseas. hear how frightened people were able to escape the flames. plus new evidence that san francisco is greener than ever. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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one day after a jetblue plane made a hard landing crews moved it from a runway at the airport in sacramento. the crews used giant air bags to prop up the airbus a320 and change the tires that blew out on landing. jetblue said there were apparently problems with the plane's brakes. four of the five passengers taken to the hospital have now been released, but officials are not revealing the condition of the fifth injured passenger. a broken sewer line in redwood city is back in service tonight. the city's public works department said the line which cracked wednesday near davitt lane and anchor circle has been reconnected and tested. the broken line spilled thousands of gallons of sewage into the neighborhood. specialized crews say they will spend the next several days cleaning up garages affected by the spill. the city is advising people to avoid a nearby lagoon because water tests indicate high levels of harmful bacteria. in san francisco mayor
10:40 pm
gavin newsom boasted today the city is greener than ever. he said san francisco set a record by diverting 77% of its waste away from landfills. that amounts to 1.6 tons. some small businesses say their green intentions are costing them. one example they give is the requirement that they use paper bags which cost more than plastic. santa clara county announced today it settled birth a bicyclist hit by a sheriff's department -- a lawsuit about a bicyclist hit by a sheriff's deputy. two other bicyclists matthew peterson and kristy gough were killed in that accident. the county already has reached settlements with their families. knapp's settlement is for $500,000. we have new information tonight about two homicides in vallejo. police today identified a suspect in the shooting death of 38-year-old saint nick stanley. his body was found august 8th in a truck in the parking lot
10:41 pm
of the deluxe inn on solano avenue. police say 37-year-old alfonso mestis jr. of vallejo supported for the killing and are looking for his girl friend jessica gonzales as an accessory. police say mestos is considered armed and dangerous. vallejo police are asking for help tonight to solve another homicide that happened tuesday. they say a man resembling this sketch was seen running from the scene of a fatal shooting in the 200 block of woodrow avenue. he was seen driving off in a black van similar to the one pictured here. if you spot a similar van, vallejo police ask that you note the license plate and give them a call. in news of the world tonight in chile tv stations are broadcasting new video of those 33 trapped miners. the men have lost an average of 20 pounds each, but they appeared to be in good spirits. they used a camera to show their living conditions. the miners will get more food early next week along with a permanent phone line so they
10:42 pm
can talk to their families, buttress cueing them may take -- but rescuing them may take months. in the philippines a massive fire burned for hours the other night destroys two villages in ma any law. many people jumped into the water to escape the flames. some 300shanive es burned leaving -- shanties burned leaving hundreds homeless. on mont blanc engineers want to keep the lake from flooding, so they're draining the lake. residents below would only have between 10 and 30 minutes to evacuate if it did flood. it's estimated there is enough water to fill 26 olympic size swimming pools. 100 years ago a flood there killed 175 people. speed fast traffic, that's the promise of a new bay area toll lane coming to a bay area
10:43 pm
freeway. and our chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with the five-day forecast.
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10:45 pm
those with a need for speed soon will have to pay for it on a crowded east bay freeway. caltrans is putting finishing touches on a special toll lane along a congested stretch of interstate 680. as ktvu's ken pritchett reports how much it will cost will depend on when you're driving. >> reporter: what is it worth to cruise by rush hour traffic and will drives pay for their own lane to -- drivers pay for their own lane to do it? >> if i was a regular commuter, i would pay, especially in the afternoons coming home. >> me personally, i wouldn't pay. >> reporter: really? >> i'm not that impatient. i can wait. >> reporter: by september 20th the hov lane on this stretch of interstate 680 will be converted into a hot lane which stands for high occupancy toll
10:46 pm
lane. carpool drivers can still use the h.o.t. lane for free, but solo drivers will be charged through a fastrak toll tag. >> depending on the time of day it will be usually around 5 or $6 extra. >> reporter: caltrans spokesman bob haas says the toll will increase during heavy commute hours and drivers will pay more or less depending on how long they stay in the h.o.t. lane. the new 14-mile toll lane will be only in the southbound lanes of 680 starting at highway 84 near sunol and stretch south near freemont ending at highway 237. right now we're driving in the old hov lane. the new h.o.t. lane will have two solid double lines separating this lane from all the others. >> the regular diamond lane you can merge between lanes at will. the h.o.t. lane you can only get in and out at certain places. >> reporter: as drivers enter and exit the lane, their toll tag will be charged.
10:47 pm
haas says the money raised will be used for highway maintenance. the goal is to raise revenue and help curb rush hour congestion. >> every person who pays the extra to be in the far left hand lane, that's one fewer car the rest of us have to deal. with. >> reporter: caltrans wants to get the word out now about the hot lane because the new striping will be done in phases and may look unfamiliar to drivers. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the faa marks completion today of a runway improvement project at san francisco international airport. the improvements included repaving two runways and installing new energy efficient l.e.d. runway and taxiway lights. 14 1/2 million dollars in federal stimulus funds paid for the project. the money also helped get the job done two years ahead of schedule. the legislature is sent governor schwarzenegger a bill today that would change how out of state sex offenders are treated stemming from the case
10:48 pm
of phillippe garrido. the bill would require the state to conduct psychological risks from offenders outside california just as it currently assesses california offenders. meantime state lawmakers are attempting to tame the paparazzi. those freelance hollywood photographers may face jail time if they're caught driving recklessly while chasing celebrities. the state senate today passed a bill that would enhance the penalty from an infraction to a misdemeanor. that means paparazzi may face up to six months in jail and a $2,500 fine. the bill now goes to the state assembly. >> well, all summer i've been showing you fog on live stormtracker 2 and some clouds and even wind conditions and temperatures. now i'm going to show you some sprinkles. talking about all week howl it's looking like fog. -- how it's looking like fog, this slight shower activity trying to come onshore near awe
10:49 pm
reek. come down to san francisco and i've been -- eureka. come down to san francisco we've been talking a bit of sprinkles. that's just ground clutter over here, but here is a little bit of shower activity, so a few sprinkles in the forecast tomorrow morning. this is a nonevent by pretty much all intents, but be prepared for drizzle and cooler temperatures. really that's what i'm here to tell you. the main impact from all this, much cooler weather for your saturday, a little bit warmer for sunday. wins come up as well on saturday and -- winds come up as well on saturday and this low pressure system, we've seen it all spring and summer. this is stronger than we've seen in a while. that's why we're seeing light shower activity picking up on the radar. it's a slight chance. at this point i would not change my plans. i think saturday will be a day you'll need a jacket pretty much all take even in the central valley where temperatures, i've been showing you 100s up there, 80s, 90s. up by redding staying in the
10:50 pm
70s as that system clips to the north and i guess i suspect if you're up on mount shasta, it's a good time of year to climb, you'd be getting some snow from this weather system 14,000 feet, way up there, but here's the forecast as you move through the bay area microclimates tomorrow, look at that, low 70s out of walnut creek. it's going to be an all right day. it's just going to be cooler, breezy and feel like october 15th or thereabouts. temperatures as we go into sunday will be slightly warmer. so your forecast, 75 in clear lake, 72 in napa. i might have gotten high on this clear lake number now. maybe take that down to 71 or something. 68 in kentfield. the fog at the cost, version is getting blown out. bodega bay and santa cruz you will see moments and more than that of sunshine for your saturday and for your sunday. so best day of the weekend sunday. not a bad deal, but if you've got a barbecue or something planned tomorrow night, jackets
10:51 pm
and maybe a little fire in the pit because it's going to be cool, nice in the morning. sunday is the warmest day, maybe low 80s sunday afternoon. hillsborough police are looking for an elderly woman who wandered away from home. 84-year-old joyce albera has alzheimer's disease and was last seen this morning walking around pullman road and ralston avenue wearing a blue top and black skirt with colored pleats and is 5' 5 tall and weighs about 110 pounds. anyone with information is asked to call the hillsborough police department. there is still more to come. we'll be right back.
10:52 pm
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okay. you're a food lover, you might want to take note. jack london's square is the place for you this weekend. the eat real festival kicked off featuring a wide variety of street cuisine of the bay area. it's far more than hotdogs or pretzels. there's often baked organic pizza. the eat real founder says this year there is a focus on food crafters. >> if you come to the festival, you can see all the demonstrations of people pickling, making jam, taking apart cuts of meat and taking it to all of us consumers to be able to learn from. >> for shatterup chefs the festival is good for pro -- for
10:55 pm
start-up chefs the festival is good for promoting their craft. the festival runs through this sunday. the giants after this huge hitting blitz they've had all week, they didn't have the same thing happen tonight. >> yeah. and their pitching is still a little is suspect, too. i mean after all, it seemed like a perfect scenario for tim lincecum. he's back home to face a last place team that he's owned in the past, but tonight the arizona d-backs turned into paybacks. lincecum was 5-1 all time versus arizona, but tim walks two batters and then adam laroche has a deep bat, a three- run homer. lincecum allows four runs in six innings. tonight 8th inning pablo, you can't hit what you can't see. giants get shut out for the second time in five days. arizona also beat up the giants
10:56 pm
beatup bullpen. kelly johnson delivers a facial double off jeremy affleck, two runs score, the second worst team in the national league wins on the road 6 -0. it may sound crazy, but most giants fans wanted the padres to beat philadelphia tonight. tied 2-2 in the 12th inning and there's a single and jimmy with a great slide to avoid the tag and yes, the phillies win 3-2 and lead the giants in the wildcard race by 1 half game. the a's long shot at the playoffs just got longer today and before they get home it might be time to bring out that old chant wait till next year. a's in texas this weekend, starting pitcher brett anderson steps into a hole in the mound and hyperextends his right knee. anderson left the game as a precaution but not before he gave up four runs in just two innings pitched. rangers kept on hitting. michael young delivers a soft fly ball that coco crisp can't quite catch. two more rangers score. a's lose 7-3 and fall back
10:57 pm
under .500, now trail the first place texas rangers by 9 1/2 games. it looks like manny will be manny in chicago. the white sox claim manny ramirez from l.a. and now have until tuesday to make a deal with the dodgers to bring manny back to the american league and a pennant race. manny has been on the disabled list three times this season. he's batting .313 and has just eight home runs. it looks like washington's franchise pitcher stephen strasburg is headed for tommy johns surgery to repair his torn right elbow ligament. strasburg finished with 92 strikeouts in 68 innings with those nationals. this tommy johns surgery may sideline vaseburg until the 2012 season. once more -- strasburg until the 2012 season. once more the 49ers raiders game will be shown on kicu at 9 p.m. tomorrow night. that's sports for this friday night. giants and a's both lose and fall a bit further back. >> lincecum started off so strong and they've just bailed.
10:58 pm
>> they've lost that mojo or as barry says, lost the vibe. >> thank you. that is the 10:00 news on this friday night. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. have a good weekend, everyone. >> good night. fiber one chewy bar.
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