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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 30, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> reporter: good afternoon. within the last several minutes, a press conference has ended here with the oakland police department. and we have new information about the man police say gunned down a fremont police officer. the sentencing was handed down this morning for the man convicted of killing a bay area city councilman. an east bay police department is investigating a string of vandalisms. those stories and more -- next on ktvu channel 2 news. [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ]
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good afternoon. topping our news this noontime, we're getting new details about the man charged with shooting a fremont officer on friday. the suspect has reportedly confessed after he was captured just feet from the mexico border. ktvu's claudine wong joins us now with the latest. good afternoon, claudine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yes. that press conference just ended here at the oakland police department just a few minutes ago. we do have information about where this investigation is going. the police are confirming with ktvu that andrew barrientos was made admissions about the shooting. we've also been digging ourselves into bauft's past and have new information -- barrientos's pass and have new information about that. he's in a san diego jail faced with attempted murder and two carjacking charges. two other people have been charged with allegedly helping
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him try to escape to mexico. oakland police are working on the details now to get him back to the bay area. >> he did give admissions to the time -- crime. we're still in the process of having him back up here. >> reporter: we've been digging into his past. these are court documents dealing with two days. one from january and one from april. these are misdemeanor cases but what makes them so si is they are both for -- them so significant is they deal with resisting arrest. and that's what happened in this case. the warrant in this case dealt with an domestic violence case. barrientos, it appears from the documents, knew what it was like to be tracked down by police. and for whatever reason police say he used a gun to get away
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and fired ten shots at officer todd young. he did get away from the scene and was caught at the border. >> officers decided to shoot it out instead of come peacefully. we're just lucky that no one is dead. >> reporter: officer young continues to fight to recover at highland hospital. the husband and father of two required an estimated 60-pints of blood and underwent two different surgeries this weekend. oakland police say he's in serious condition which is an upgrade from the critical to stable condition he was in earlier. he is expected to need several more surgeries and says the long road of recovery is still ahead. at this hour, we still await for the return to face charges of attempted murder. back to you. >> thank you, claudine. you can get more information by
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going to click on the bay area news tab near the tab of the page. a judge in so solano county sentenced one man and delayed sentencing for another in the murder of councilman, matt garcia, two years ago. the judge gave henry don williams seen on the left 50 years to life in prison. but the judge delayed sentencing for gene combs until september 27th. williams was convicted of first- degree murder in the shooting of garcia. combs was sentenced by a separate jury of second-degree murder. prosecutors say the two mistook garcia for a drug dealer who owed combs $50. late this moving, police in visalia identified a man they say shot and killed a mormon church leader yesterday who later died in an exchange of gunfire with officers. but they say they still don't know why 47-year-old kenneth james ward of modesto shot the
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bishop of jesus christ of latter-day saints church. witnesses say he walked into the church, asked for the leader and then fired. police say ward is not a church member. the chp are saying that a severely injured man found on the road in oakland is pronltbly not a hit-and--- probably not a hit and run victim. police responded to a call of a body at the 27th street offramp. several drivers spotted him lying on the road. at first, they thought he was struck by a vehicle but say he suffered injuries to his upper body. they say now it sound tedses more like he was -- sounds more like he was beaten. >> right now it's unknown how long he was at there. there's no indication of a hit
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and run, there's no injuries to his lower extremity to indicate a person was struck by a vehicle. >> the victim was brought to a ni sh hospital in critical -- to a hospital in critical condition but is expected to survive. anybody with information is urged to call police. he's described as african- american, in his early 20s. today, vice president, joe biden, is in baghdad to preside over a ceremony that marks the formal to combat operations in iraq. the vice president arrived earlier to participate in the change of command and change of mission ceremony. mr. biden also plans to encourage iraqi leaders and political stalemate and norm a new government. president obama will deliver an address on the iraq war tonight. he set an august 30th deadline to lowering the number of troops in iraq to 50,000. also this morning, president obama spoke about the economy and called for a so-
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called attack on the lingering recession. he delivered his comments from the rose garden saying congress needs to pass a bill that's been under debate for four months. it's an aid package that would provide tax cuts and tax incentives. the president says it would give business owners the hiring power they need. >> i ask senate republicans to stop the blockade. the people who sent us here expect us to get things done and improve this economy. >> he addressed the issue after meeting with his economic advisers. he wants congress to approve this quickly. the federal government wants to change the stickers you get on those new cars you buy. the new requirement would include not only the gasoline
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mile age but also a rating for gasoline usage and they would have a letter rating, from a- plus to d. gasoline prices have dropped more than 7 cents across the country in the last two weeks. the national average price for a gallon of regular is $2.68 according to triple-a. here in the bay area, san francisco drivers are paying 3.21. that's down 3 cents from last month in oakland and san jose, the average is 3.11. down a nickel. >> measure k, a 1-cent sales tax to expected to generate nearly $1.5 million each year for the next seven years. if it is not approved, the city
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may have to disincorporate, turning over services like police patrol and maintenance. an accident in san francisco this morning is a reminder about a common action that drivers should always do. muni drivers are being told they will have to pay to park their personal vehicle. is this payback payback? hot, -- hot weather, cold weather? mark tamayo has the forecast. and in this economy, people are not bearing any expense when it comes to the health of their pet.
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san francisco police are investigating a case they say is a good reminder to set the brake and curve your wheels when you park in the city. they say a driver double parked to let someone out at montgomery and sacramento streets. the driver got out. as the jer got out, the -- passenger got out, the car began to roll. it hit a passenger. no word on their condition. muni did not renew their -- those who did not renew their
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contract for parking, it will cost them about did the 960. that's about a third of the pay rise drivers would not negotiate. one said he did not think it was payback because it applies to everyone. >> their managers, their supervisors, they also park inside the parking lot. i don't think it's a retaliation. >> drivers will also have to give up standby pay and nine union representatives will be put back behind the wheel of a bus. a spokesman for mayor gavin newsom said the drivers had had a chance to help out voluntarily and have you lun farrell -- voluntarily. san francisco police are warning about car break-ins in a normally quiet neighborhood and they say the break-ins are unusual because the suspect or suspects broke into the same cars parked on the same block at the same time.
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cat lit tick converters were reported -- cat lit tick con vrters were reported missing as well. in hayward, the ncaa office was hit twice in eight days. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. hayward police are being cautious abs they investigate this indent -- as they investigate this incident. the reason for the ncaa's concern, the building has been vandalized twice within a week. these are pictures for the most recent attack which left a hole in the window and quite a bit of damage behind. hayward police sent out a sergeant and a detective this morning to gather information because this office was struck by pellets a couple of weeks ago leaving behind a shattered window. in that incident. a nearby business and a bank next door were shot by similar
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bbs. >> i'm just concerned that this is happening to the ncaa office. my concern is why is it happening to this office. >> that is a great concern. >> reporter: police don't want to label sunday's incident anything other than vandal right now. but they are very concerned about both incidents and don't want to go on camera until they have more information. police did provide as much nfg as information about the incident as they could and they taking more precaution around the buildings. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. studies show more and more people regard their pents as -- pets as family members. even in these difficult times, many are willing to go to
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extreme measures for them. tom vacar has the story. >> this is a beautiful -- >> reporter: tom says he feels confident when he bring his dog, taz, to the new adobe animal hospital in los altos. it has impress isive abilities, a pharmacy, state of the art lab, dental facility, intensive care unit and even a blood bank. >> they take great care of your pets. i love the place. >> reporter: this facility rivals many human hospitals. >> yeah. >> everything was thought of to make sure that both the client and patient were comfortable. >> reporter: given the wide diversity of patients these days, if it can fit through the door, they will treat it. >> goats, chicken, all the way
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to chinchillas, rats, guinea pig, hamsters and bunnies. >> reporter: blood tran fukess have become a part of standard injuries. >> they may have been hit by a car or they have a diseased process that's caused them to become anemic. >> he has a universal type for dogs. we can use this for any type of ground transfusions. this facility is operational 24/ 24/7. >> it looks like he got out of the scuffle pretty well. i'm not seeing any horrible injuries here. >> reporter: with all of this available and growing, you might want to consider, if you need pet insurance and what kind of pet insurance you want to pay for. i'm consume ireditor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news.
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mineta san jose airport has closed one of the runway thes today. this is for a taxiway project. this should not impact operations and schedules. the project is not expected to be fully completed until february. you can see from the camera, the skies look pretty sunny in the south bay. let's check in with mark tamayo. >> quite a bit of sunshine across most of the bay area for this afternoon. the temperatures coast side, we have patchy fog nearby. as a result the beach is not warming up too much primarily in the lower 60s. in fact, the fog has been increasing the last two or four hours. right now a factor out towards atascadero and we're expecting an increase in the fog in the afternoon, primarily right near the shoreline. in san francisco, overall, clouds.
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you can see a few patches of clouds. downtown is enjoying sunshine. 62 degrees. fairfield, 71. livermore, 69 and san jose at last check, right around 70 degrees. weather tori for today, a little bit -- story for today, a little bit of changes, warmer. by wednesday and thursday, temperatures inland on track to reach the mid 90s. the extended forecast, another cooling trend as far as highs for today, they range from the lower 60s to the 70s. and right around the bay in the warmest locations on track to reach the 80-degree mark. the warmest locations could be approaching 82 degrees. i have been watching it. some unsettled weather, some story weather up to the north, this cooler weather system, this area of lower pressure will be on the move. it will be be ott move for today. but by wednesday and thursday, high pressure returns.
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we'll see more of an offshore flow. look what happens to the fog. it goes away, temperatures warming up. the transition day that will take us into wednesday and also into thursday. those two days will be the hottest day of the period. for this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. there's eventual rain this afternoon. 60 to 82 degrees. for the evening hours, partly cloudy, projected highs this afternoon. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday on the average around maybe two to four degrees warmer than sunday's highs. san jose, 78. morgan hill, 82. a look at your five-day forecast, temperatures inland back up into the mid- to upper 80s. look what happens by wednesday and thursday. we increase the sunshine. we bump up the temperatures. already talking about another cooling trend by friday and also into the weekend. at least over the next few days. warming up but not like last week. >> that was 100 something. baseball great roger
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clemens pleaded noflth to charges -- not guilty to charges he lied to congress and took performance-enhancing steroids. if convicted, clemens could face 30 years in prison and $1.5 million fine. the judge set next april 5th to -- to pick a trial. still ahead, some of the emmy awards. and the race is on to pick a chim manzy. blame our real national pastime?
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, another tough day so far, tough falling afr further signs of slowing growth, adding to caution ahead. the government tea crucial jobs report is out next week. personal income rose better than expected in july, leaning toward a slower result. government officials in india say they will not ban blackberry services for another 60 days. that will give research and motion time to address government concerns about gaining access to encrypted
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data. indian officials are demanding greater access to some personal information to control military activity. they say they will review the information after the 60-day period. the ratings are just in and 3.5 million people watched the emmys last night, about the sale number last year. and the emmy goes to jane lynch. >> actress jane lynch, one of the stars of "glee" took home the award for outstanding supporting actress. you had find more emmy coverage on our channel 2 website including this year's red carpet fashions, just go to and click on the emmy 2010 tab on the front page. a palo alto attorney is
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offering free legal advice for anyone attending the burning man festival in nevada which begins today. the attorney says federal officers are too heavy- hachedded and are making arrests to "justify their existence." some 50,000 people are expected to attend the festival this year. federal agents say a new study on things like illegal drug use showed the need for an even larger police presence this year. zookeepers are trying to round up a runaway chimpanzee. the chimp got out of its enclosure and made its way into a 12-foot wide mote. the mote is designed to can them enclosed. the mote is called appropriately the great escape. a judge pulled a juror from a trial because of what she wrote on facebook. tonight, judges and attorneys
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are saying facebook is playing an unwelcomed role in trial less. we'll learn what the problems are and what they are doing about it. that's coming up at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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