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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 31, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm live at sfo where hundreds of passengers are now stranded after a flight is forced to make an emergency landing. we'll tell you what went wrong and how the pilot reacted coming i. things busier now on the morning commute. we'll tell you where coming up. starting off much warmer today. does that mean it's going to be warmer away from the coast or along the coast? the answer coming up. and a warning at a local beach. a great white was spotted near shore. wait until you hear what happened. that story just ahead. good morning to you.
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welcome to tuesday. [ audio problems ] pam cook. let's get a look at the weather. is it going to be warmer today, steve? >> yes, pamela, it is. inland temperatures will come up. we'll go about five maybe seven degrees warmer today. reason being lows are much warmer today. a lot of 50s to near 60 degrees. wouldn't take much to warm up once the fog burns off. then see 60s, 70s coast and bay side. but inland mid-80s to upper 80s. now here's sal. on the east shore freeway traffic does move well on 80 westbound as you drive out to the maze with no problems on the lanes there. also if you're driving on the grade 680 to pleasanton it's off to a good start. back to the desk. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning a packed flight was over open ocean when one of its i engines exploded overnight. we are live with more information on what exploded. >> reporter: good morning. you can imagine you're on a
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very long flight bound for australia when something goes horribly wrong. the passengers at the time didn't know exactly what but they felt a shake, heard a loud noise, some looked out the window and saw flames shooting out of one of the engines. this is what happened to 231 passengers aboard flight 74 headed for sydney last night. we just received new photographs of the damage done to engine number one. you can see the huge gash there. apparently the engine blew out, the plane took off about 11:00 and then 20 minutes later passengers felt that shake and new something was not right. now the captain announced that one of the engines was out so he turned the plane around and made his way back to san francisco. we spoke to one passenger who says it is a flight he will never forget. >> the captain thankfully made a very good landing. all cheered and everybody was a lot happier at the end, very relieved to be on the ground.
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>> reporter: the emergency landing happened around 12:45 this morning. passengers say the crew did not panic. they remained calm. the plane landed safely and now those displaced passengers are staying at nearby hotels until the airline can arrange for their return to sydney. faa investigators will probably not arrive for another two hours or so. they will obviously try to figure out exactly what happened to that engine. now we did speak to a mechanic here at sfo. he told me that it was most likely the propeller that snapped. when you get metal on metal it can create spark which is therefore can lead to a fire. he says that a flight as large as this one, a 747, can actually fly on two to three engines. however since the plane had just left he says since the safety precaution the pilot obviously turned around and headed back home. ktvu channel 2 news. the f.a.a. is investigatorring another overnight air emergency. this one in los angeles.
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an alaska airlines flight returned to l.a.x. after the pilot reported that a bird hit the jet. that flight had just taken off for vancouver. no one was hurt and no major damage to the plane. time now 6:03. police are investigating a mysterious killing. on saturday investigators found a man's body inside of a home on crepe myrtle drive. and that man's son is now missing. ktvu has the very latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. he is missing but police say not a person of interest. i want to show you the house again. last half hour i was trying to show you how there are lights on in one side of the home. a lot of lights on this side of the home. happens to be a bedroom up there as well. walk in front of the home you can see the police line stretching across the front of the home. there's tape on the front door. take a look over here. no lights on this side of the house. could be an indication of whatever happened inside the home happened in front of the house three days after the
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body's discovered. plenty of police tape up across in front of the house here. police are both concerned for the safety of 35-year-old frederick sales and hope he has information that could help in the information. frederick along with his father were reported missing saturday around 3:00 p.m. a couple hours later police found his father's body inside the home the two shared on crepe myrtle drive. when police entered the home they found the 73-year-old in the house dead. there were signs of physical confrontation inside the home. according to published report the woman who occasionally lived here reported both men missing on saturday. >> we know they had not gone to work on saturday. we're not actually sure when he was last seen although we have not been able to contact frederick since his father's discovery as well as contact him by phone. >> reporter: the woman who reported them missing said neither man worked at the same business. police did not say if the woman who reported them missing is
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one of the people of interest or did they identify that woman. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. shark warning signs are now posted at pacifica beaches. that's after a great white was spotted in the ocean about 200 yards from linda mar beach yesterday afternoon. we want to show you home video of the aftermath of the great white attack on a sea lion. you can just make out a fin there popping in and out of the water. now we spoke to a surfer who watched the shark attack the sea lion while his wife took this video. >> it came back up and thrashed the water again and it was a very big shark. >> other witnesses agree. they say the great white is 18 to 25 feet long. >> yikes. all right. time now 6:06. sal, you're watching the sears right? >> that's right. we're checking the east shore because it does get heavy. and on 80 coming in from richmond to berkeley you will see traffic continues to move
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along pretty well. no major problems if you're going to the toll plaza it's still light coming in to the pay gates. no problems there. and metering lights are not on. of course in the south bay off to a nice start there. little foggy but not here on 280 getting up to highway 17. 6:06. here's steve. thank you, sal. everything continues to flow right out of the north. one more system there it will stay to the north. but you can see the direction sending fog and low clouds right there hugging the coast. and some of that has moved inland. but it's a little more in the way of fog than low clouds because high pressure is nosing in. it's nosing in and starting to squash it a little bit. this isn't right. this isn't right. it should say 55. i made this graphic. i don't know what happened here. that's from last week. i don't know. i think it's a conspiracy. i do. i really do. any way, it will be 67 in the city today. let's see if this graphic behaves. yes. 67. there it is. santa rosa 85 today.
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we'll go 84 walnut creek. 74 oakland and san jose from 74 yesterday to 80 today. 50s and 60s. san jose at 60 degrees. some low clouds, fog. livermore, concord 57. there's the 55 in san francisco. now the napa airport is 57. rather mild there. these are good ten degrees warmer than yesterday. some higher elevations and by that i mean you get mt. tamalpais and out to diablo five degrees warmer. 33 tahoe. 28 in truck key. that's cold. 50s and 60s all the way down southern california. san diego a mild 60. one more system right there but the high is right over here. even though it's building in it will take tomorrow and then really kick in. today we get more of a northerly breeze. so warmer weather starts today. tuesday, wednesday, thursday in fact warm to hot. and then another system dives in. what's new? it's been this way since april
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this pattern. cooler and windy weather arrives by the weekend. low clouds and then sunny. fog too. warmer inland and bay side. the coast probably take another day before you warm up. 60s there to low 70s. mid to upper 80s inland. and then tomorrow warmer. sunny side up. take that into thursday. mainly inland not so much the coast. friday here comes the fog and takes us right into a cooler weekend. >> oh, boy. labor day weekend too. 6:08 is the time. running for political office doesn't get you out of jury duty. find out which high profile candidate is in a bay area jury pool this week. and as president obama prepares to give a major address about iraq, should he declare victory in the war? i'll show you what the white house press secretary has to say about it coming up as the morning news continues.
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two men arrested in the netherlands when their flight from chicago landed. now there are concerns those two may have been trying a dry run for a terrorist attack. suspicious items were found in the man's checked luggage including a cell phone taped to a medicine bottle, a knife and a box cutter along with $7,000 cash. one of the men started in birmingham, alabama. the other man started in detroit and met up in chicago.
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one plan's flight plan called for him to meet in dulles and head to washington d.c. and then connect to yemen. but both men boarded a flight to amsterdam. the luggage with the suspicious items went onto dulles which is not supposed to happen. today marks the official end of u.s. combat operations in iraq. vice president joe biden is in baghdad to oversee the transition there and president obama will address the nation this evening. ktvu is live from the washington d.c. newsroom with more on the story. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. let's get right to a look at andrews air force base. president obama left us about half an hour ago for texas to thank iraq war veterans for their service. the president will follow his visit with an oval office address tonight formally marking the end of combat operations in iraq. some veteran groups say he should declare victory in the war. but this morning the white house press secretary made clear that's not going to
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happen. >> i don't think winning the war is going to look like it has in previous decades. no vendser ceremony on a battleship out at sea. but there's no question that today marks a significant transition in our relationship with iraq. >> reporter: now meanwhile vice president joe biden is meeting with iraqi leaders in baghdad and presiding over a formal change of command ceremony. in just the last few hours he indicated that some of the reports of increased violence there have been exaggerated and that iraq is much safer now. now president obama is going to call the man who started the war, former president george w. bush before his speech tonight. this morning press secretary bob gibs has been brushing off questions about whether president obama is going to give former president bush any credit for the surge in 2007. reporting live from washington d.c., ktvu channel 2 news. well, some critics say 50,000 american troops remaining in iraq are still
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combat troops. they've just been renamed. the washington post says the units still in iraq will no longer be called brigade combat team and said they will called advisory and assistance brigades. but the washington post also says they will still accompany arook coy units on combat missions even if they are only advisors. now, again, president obama will be talking about this tonight. you can watch the speech this evening right here on ktvu channel 2. it is set to begin at 5:00 this evening and will also be streamed live on our website at time now 6:15. governor schwarzenegger flies to the bay area today. he'll talk about the overdue state budget with the san francisco chamber of commerce. this is part of a tour of california the governor is making to give his perspective on the budget impasse. meantime back in sacramento today is the official end of the state legislative year. lawmakers have scheduled votes on two competing budget plans,
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but neither one's expected to pass. the governor has threatened to call legislators back to sacramento for a special session to continue their work on the budget. republican candidate for governor meg whitman had to add one more thing to her busy scdule this week. jury duty. meg whitman has been out campaigning but on monday she was called for jury duty in san mateo county. she was asked along with other potential jurors whether there was anything that would prevent her from serving on a jury. she told the judge that she's been pretty busy running for governor. however, the judge kept her in the jury pool. she may have to report again on thursday. berkeley police want your help to find out who mailed a wallet stolen from a crime victim four years ago. in july someone mailed the black wallet to his mother's home along with a note saying that the person had found the
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wallet in berkeley. the wallet was stolen when he was attacked and stabbed more than 25 times back in 2006. now he survived but suffered severe injuries. two suspects were arrested but prosecutors say if they can find out who sent the wallet it could help them with their case. all right. our time now 6:16. let's go back to sal. what's happening in the highway 24 area, sal? >> highway 24 is actually doing pretty well so far. but yesterday we kind of had a tough commute. and we have been looking at a little bit of fog through there. nothing major. i'm kind of steve's deputy. i point out the fog and steve will tell us why it's there. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic looks okay coming in to san francisco. and this morning in the south bay on 237 off to a nice start as you cross 880. 6:17. here's steve. yes, sir. i deputize you a long time ago. >> yes, sir. >> you're very good with the
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weather. very good. we have a lot of fog. sal just touched on right there. some of the fog is right on the deck today getting squashed by high pressure. out over the bay and also along the coast. but it's also warmer. not only on the overnight lows by about 10 degrees also higher elevations are running warmer. once this fog burns off i think by 9:00 for some and by noon for everybody it's going to be sunny and warmer. we still have another system rotating into the north. but it's going to stay to the north. there we go. 55 right now in san francisco. 59, 64, 67 for a high. tomorrow might hit the 70s. fog then sunny and warmer inalcohol and drugs. 60s, 70s to upper 80s. and there's one of the keys. mt. tamalpais is 60 which is ten degrees warmer than yesterday. and all these lows about 10 degrees warmer as well. sonoma 53 to gill row 59. burn the fog off and doesn't take long to burn off. it's a very active jet stream staying to the north today. there are hints it will dig a little this way by the weekend. low clouds, fog then sunny.
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warmer away from the coast. but right by the water's edge still 60s or very low 70s. inland today they take it. mid-80s, upper 80s, tomorrow 90s to near 100 on thursday inland and then it starts to cool down friday and here comes the cooler weekend weather. pam and dave. all right. car buyers could soon have a new way to judge the vehicles they're considering. the environment protection agency wants cars and trucks to have stickers with letter grades a through f that indicate fuel consumption and emissions. the idea is to give buyers more information about fuel costs and effects on the environment. the new labels would soon be on car windows by late 2011. expect a lot of company on the roads during the upcoming long weekend. triple a of california says more than four million californians plan to travel 50 miles or more from home over labor day weekend. that's an 11% increase from last year's numbers. triple a says gas prices are slipping and more americans say they're willing to spend some
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money as summer wraps up. time 6:19. state lawmakers approved a bill that would limit just how much noise motorcycles in california can make. now this bill would make it illegal to operate motorcycles that exceed federal noise standards. the law would apply only to motorcycles built in 2013 and beyond. violators would be fined. bill now goes to the governor who by the way owns several motorcycles. we have new information on last week's sewage spill in redwood city. turns out it's much bigger than originally thought. officials now say 48,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into redwood shores lagoon when an underground pipe ruptured last wednesday. that's nearly ten times the amount of the original estimate. new tests show the lagoon still has high levels of e. coli. people are being advised to stay away from the water. negotiations between allied
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waste and garbage collectors in san mateo county are set to resume today. meantime we have learned that last week's strike has definitely cost allied waste. trash collection for 36,000 residential customers was pushed back two days after 250 employees walked off the job. now to catch up workers made rounds this past weekend and were paid overtime. allied waste spokeswoman says workers received time and a half for saturday and double pay for sunday. all right. time now 6:21. there's now a new way that social networking can get you into trouble. up next tell you why one facebook user is now facing contempt of court charges. also a disturbing update to a tragic weekend incident in san francisco's tenderloin. good morning. 280 traffic still looking pretty good getting up right out of downtown into the valley. we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning. bay area bridges looking pretty good. bay bridge, san mateo and golden gate looking good. traffic moves well but you can't see it. 6:24 back to the desk. thank you, sal. concord police are asking for your help to identify some items that may be stolen. we want to take a look at these
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brass fixtures recovered last thursday at a local recycling center. police say they're likely used for water or irrigation fittings. some of them are stamped with the ford brand. and police say that they appear to be new. if you recognize the parts call concord police. santa rosa police are looking for a man who robbed a tanning salon at gunpoint. police just released this image of the suspect captured from surveillance video. the robbery happened last wednesday at the royal tan and spa. police say the man walked in with a gun, demanded cash and ran. the man is believed to be about 25 years old. he's 5'7" and weighs 120 pounds. time now 6:25. trial lawyers have a new place to look for juror opinions. social media. earlier this month a michigan judge removed a juror who wrote on her facebook page and i'm quoting now "going to be fun to tell the defendant they're guilty" but the trial wasn't over yet. and that woman now faces contempt of court charges.
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just one example of why instructions to the jury have had to change as social networking media grows. >> courts frequently will admonish jurors at the beginning of a trial that there is to be no texting, no facebooking and no tweeting about a trial while it's going on. it's become one of the standard admonitions. >> reporter: in admonitions. >> in the past it's been tough to prove a juror talked about a case outside the jury deliberation room. but if they mentioned it online that juror obviously leaves a trail of evidence. authorities in california central valley are investigating a horrific case of domestic violence tied to facebook. they say a an ford man tortured and imprisoned his girlfriend for four days. the reported attack took place inside the home while their children were there inside. investigators say 36-year-old anthony flew into a violent rage after reading a message his girlfriend had sent on
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facebook. san francisco police have released new information on a tragic weekend incident in the tenderloin. investigators now calling a woman's death an attempted murder-suicide. early sunday the woman plunged to her death from the eighth story of her high-rise apartment. police believe the woman may have tried to kill a man by setting the fire before killing herself. that man is being treated for burns at a san francisco hospital. the chp now says a man found severely injured along an oakland freeway was a victim of a beating. earlier it was suspected that he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. officers found the man late sunday night near the 27th street offramp of westbound 980. the unidentified victim remains in critical condition. well, some bay area surfers are telling a real live jaws story. we're going to go live to pacifica where authorities have posted shark warning signs at city beaches. >> reporter: i'm live at sfo where a possible mechanical
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failure forces the emergency landing of a flight bound for australia. we'll have details coming up. and the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. we're looking live at new york this morning. guess is there? guess what's going to happened to? we'll find out next. how would i make school a better place?
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welcome back to the morning news. there's the opening bell live in new york this morning. los angeles based guess is there ringing the bell. that is maurice is that ringing a bell? pretty familiar face in fashion. he's the founder of guess. they're launching a new fragrance. they are there. they are a public company trading on the new york stock exchange. looks like a pretty good day
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today in general. but [ audio problems ] indicate lower opening this morning as you can see there goes the numbers back below 10,000. there really isn't any big news taking it down, but in japan overnight that market was hit pretty hard after news over there. we'll keep watching numbers. so we'll smile and say good morning now. thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news. the end of the month august 31st. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time is 6:30. passengers speaking out this morning about the terrifying emergency landing at sfo overnight. ktvu here now with more on the investigation and what caused the engine of that plane to explode. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning, dave. f.a.a. investigators will most likely arrive around 8:00 this morning. they are going to try to determine exactly what went wrong aboard the flight bound for australia. now for the 231 passengers on board there were some extremely
6:32 am
scary moments about half an hour after take off. the plane had departed for sydney around 11:00 and then just as everyone was getting settled the captain announced that one of the engines had blown out. you can see a large gash in the engine there. passengers on one-half of the plane had full view of it when the pilot decided to turn the plane around and head back to san francisco. >> the people on the right hand side of the plane seemed very shocked and apparently there were some flames coming out of that part of the plane. >> started to shake a little bit. just an uncomfortable vibration and a bit of a sudden and push and feel something was wrong. >> reporter: the emergency landing happened around 12:45 this morning. passengers say the crew did not panic. they remained calm and no one was injured. now those displaced passengers are staying at nearby hotels until the airline can arrange
6:33 am
for their return to sydney. investigators as we mentioned will most likely arrive in about an hour and a half. they will try to determine exactly what went wrong. we did have the chance to speak to a mechanic here at sfo sort of off the record. he told us that most likely it was the propeller inside that engine that simply snapped. there's a lot of wear and tear obviously on airplanes. he says this was an older model at least ten years old. so when that metal snapped and metal against metal created sparks and therefore can lead to a fire. now this plane had four engines. he tells me that 747 can actually fly on two to three engines, but as a safety precaution this pilot because he was so close to take off he said i'm going to turn around and head back. live at sfo. ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. and another overnight emergency in the air. this one in los angeles.
6:34 am
alaska airlines flight forced to return to l.a.x. because of a bird strike into the windshield. the flight had just taken off for vancouver. no one was hurt and there was no major damage to the jet. the fremont police officer wounded in the line of duty is expected to undergo more surgery. doctors at oakland high land hospital say there are signs the officer is improving after his latest operation. yesterday he was upgraded from critical to serious. on friday the 39-year-old veteran police officer was shot and critically wounded while attempting to arrest a man on domestic violence charges. now the union city man who police say has confessed to shooting officer young remains behind bars in san diego this morning. expected to be transferred to the bay area later this week. he was arrested just a couple feet away from the mexican border. the 23-year-old man arrested with him at the border also
6:35 am
faces charges. a third suspect in this case is scheduled to be arraigned later today. from union city also arrested saturday. prosecutors say she also tried to help him flee the country. she's being held in jail in dublin. warning signs are now posted at pacifica's linda mar beach after a great white shark was spotted. ktvu's claudine wong is at the beach now where some people are really not paying attention to the warnings. >> reporter: that's right. been wondering all morning if these signs that tell about the shark sighting would be enough to get people out of the water. we now know the answer. they are apparently not enough to keep people out of the water. take a look behind me linda mar beach. we can see at least three surfers out there. tend to be a pretty tough group. you don't talk to people who don't surf understand sharks in the water with them. the danger of this shark
6:36 am
sighting apparently not enough to catch a wave this morning. surfers we talk today say they know sharks are out there, believe they're out there all the time. although they admit it's rare to see one attacking the sea lion or caught on tape there is video of the shark in the aftermath of a sea lion attack. the video shows a fin coming out of the churning water. witnesses say it rose out of the water during that attack. some surfer went in the water to warn others to get out of the water right after this happened. but within a couple hours surfers were back in this morning. the people i talked to said they hadn't heard about the sighting but that wasn't stopping them from getting early morning surfing in. >> sharks don't always attack because they're hungry for their natural meals. they're not 200 yards out all the time. >> reporter: you're going out any way. >> going out any way.
6:37 am
>> reporter: we do expect as the weekend progresses a lot of people will be back in the water. temperatures going up, labor day weekend approaching. linda mar beach is very popular here in pacifica. i told the surfers we talked to this morning they certainly paused for just a moment before they headed into the water again back out here live they can see the three surfers actually in the water right now. again, they said certainly they'll be more cautious. they'll keep an eye out. live in pacifica, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. those surfers are brave. >> yes, they are. 6:37 is the time. back to sal to check in on traffic. >> things are getting busier. i want to show you some things first of all we're going to start in the east bay with highway 4 westbound as you drive over to concord. the commute also looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza as
6:38 am
you drive up towards no major problems there as well. back up especially in the middle lanes. and if you're on 237 still not stop and go crossing 880. 6:37. here's steve. thank you, sal. good morning. we have some fog out there. 55 pacifica. and a lot of low clouds and fog are hugging the coast and moving locally inland. they won't last long. very shallow. yesterday was more low clouds. today more in the fog category. on the mild side we had lows yesterday couple upper 30s yesterday morning. couple upper 30s. a lot of 40s. today a lot of 50s to near 60 because of low clouds and warmer air aloft. some temperatures in higher elevations very warm. go 59 at 9:00. 64 at noon and a high of 67 which is four warmer than yesterday. and it should be sunny he says by around noon. is that little north wind kicks in. we are seeing temperatures bumping up. santa rosa yesterday was 80.
6:39 am
go 85 today. 67 san francisco as we said. 84 walnut creek after a cool day yesterday. 74 oakland and san jose from only 74 yesterday to 80 today. as they start off at 60 degrees. gill roy 59. there's one of the keys. mt. tamalpais 10 degrees warmer. 60 compared to 24 hours ago that's a big jump. and the lows instead of the 40s in the 50s. sonoma 53. north napa 54. both around 43 and 44 yesterday. 43 tahoe. and heard from a family member up in reno and she said it's cold after 48. yeah, it's cold there. 40s give way to 50s in the valley. 50s and 60s down to southern california. see how everything's diving straight down out of the north. high pressure's out here. it's getting there. but it's out here. and it will be over us wednesday and thursday. but it will keep on trucking along. and low pressure will come back in for the weekend. but today we start a gradual warm up. more noticeable inland than on the coast. tomorrow everyone should get in
6:40 am
on it. pattern looks like another low drops in for the weekend as we head towards the holiday weekend. low clouds, fog then sunny. warmer bay and inland. temperatures 60s by the coast to near 70s. but then mid-70s, upper 70s around the bay to 80s to near 90 inland. tomorrow will be a good jump as we see 90s. take to upper 90s on thursday. fog starts to creep back. saturday another cool down. time now 6:49. police patrols have been increased after a string of car burglaries have been 28 car breakins in the past two weeks. most have happened in the downtown area and at the stanford shopping center. thieves have been stealing laptop computers, gps units, cell phones and other kinds of electronics. police are warning drivers not to leave any valuables visible in your car. a magician in san lo remember so valley will spend six years in prison for child molestation.
6:41 am
27-year-old shane wright met a 12-year-old girl while performing at a birthday party last year. police say the two exchanged text messages and eventually started having a sexual relationship. wright was arrested last september after the girl's mother discofferred inappropriate text messages on her daughter's phone. our time now 6:40. still ahead weather forecasters warning people living along the coast what may be headed their way. >> reporter: what the county coroner's going to do today to help police find out who killed a man.
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good morning to you. welcome back. a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:43. the f.a.a. investigating a very scary flight out of sfo. flight from san francisco to sydney, australia, had to turn around over the pacific after losing an engine. the plane had 231 passengers on board. it did land safely back in san francisco a short time later. investigators want to know if two men arrested in the netherlands were conducting a dry run for a possible terrorist attack. those two were arrested after they arrived in amsterdam on a flight from chicago. one of the men's checked baggage contained very
6:45 am
suspicious items. and president obama is marking the end of u.s. combat operations in iraq. this morning the president will thank the troops personally during a visit to an army base. tonight he will address the nation. police are searching for a man this morning after his father was found dead in his home. ktvu is live with the very latest on this investigation. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. right now police are saying the man they're looking for isn't a person of interest but more on that in a second. this is the home behind me where the man was found dead on saturday. it's not clear if he was killed here or if he was killed somewhere else and brought here. i just spoke to a neighbor about half an hour ago. he told me he was unaware there was a man that old living here. now police found the body of the 73-year-old inside a home here on crepe myrtle drive. police say there were signs of a physical confrontation but didn't say if there were signs of forced entry. he lived here with his 35-year-
6:46 am
old son frederick sales. frederick is now missing but police say he is not a person of interest. both men reported missing on saturday. this morning a neighbor told me a woman lived here with the younger sales. it's not clear if that woman is the same woman who reported the two men missing. >> we do have persons of interest that we are trying to locate. however, you know want to make sure we are able to let police do their job without releasing too much information. >> reporter: and police did not say who the people of interests are. they said they're looking for more than one but didn't identify any of them. now today the county coroner started an autopsy yesterday supposed to have the results possibly by today that could establish a could you say of his death and could provide more clues to whom the killer is. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:46. this morning residents in the northern caribbean are
6:47 am
reporting relatively minor damage after hurricane earl brushed by them. a category four storm about 170 miles north-northwest of puerto rico right now. look at these pictures. you can see what it's doing. forecasters at the national hurricane center say it's just too early to say how hurricane earl will effect the east coast. but residents who live along the atlantic coast between north carolina and maine are being advised to watch it closely. scientists in romania have discovered remnants of a dragon. it's being called the stalk coy dragon. actually a new species of dinosaur. researchers believed it lived some 70 million years ago in europe. the creature believed to have been about seven feet long and researchers say it was probably very strong and may have been able to take down animals larger than itself. >> wow. okay. time now 6:47. sal knows all about our commute right now. how are we looking, sal? >> we are doing okay. a couple things here and there.
6:48 am
for the most part off to a nice start. i want to show you westbound bay bridge getting more crowded. there's a broken down car on the upper deck of the bay bridge. trying to get to it now. but the metering lights are usually switched on a little extra slow when that happens. that means you're going to have a bigger back up at the toll plaza and slowing on the bridge. westbound 92 san mateo bridge traffic moderately heavy on the way to 101. little fog there. and this morning on the peninsula traffic is moving well. 380 near 280 there's a crash with some guardrail damage. 6:48. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have as sal touched on little more in the way of patchy low clouds and then a ban came right down the coast and started to hug the coastline in santa cruz. warmed up a little same for the east bay. everybody gets in on it. system coming down from the north pat earn as we've been talking has been stuck. it's amazing. it's gone on since april with
6:49 am
only just subtle changes. strong low up into pacific northwest. that's exactly what's happened the last couple days. high pressure comes in last couple days. all signs point towards another low reinforcing that system for the weekend. san francisco 55. go 59, 64, 67 on the high side today. mid up toker 80s inland already because look at some of these lows. sitting at 60 degrees. all i need is 20 for san jose to hit the forecasted high of 80. that shouldn't be too tough. days are still relatively longer although if you've probably noticed it's getting darker sooner. a lot of 40s yesterday now all mid-50s. tahoe at 33 right now. 48 in marie no. cold in the mountains. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. you can see how once again everything just drives straight down. but the high is nosing in. as it does it will give us a little warm up today then on wednesday and thursday a more bigger warm up. but then by the weekend we cool right back down. so the warmer air on the way.
6:50 am
although today by the coast not that much. warm to hot should kick in by tomorrow but cooler weather returns as we head back into the holiday weekend. today's highs will be in the 60s and 70s by the coast after some fog and then sunny and warmer. 80s to upper 80s inland. tomorrow looks to be sunny and good to go. wall to wall sun wednesday and thursday and cool down by the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. 6:49 is the time. ed says americans shopping for carsshouldn't expect to see shopping deals in the future. deals are getting more scarce because automakers have become leaner and more profitable under current conditions. the last month dealers offered $1,000 less in incentives this year than last and fewer people are buying cars that could lead to the worst august sales in 18 years. check in on wall street. a live look at the big board. new york stock exchange as expected the numbers coming
6:51 am
back a little bit. it may flirt with the 10,000 level for quite a bit though. dipped below that right after the sound of the opening bell. back above. home prices though up those numbers just coming in little bit ago. and that is helping things a little bit. but stocks continue to slide in general because of economic worries. well, many football players ensure their bodies. but the hair of pittsburgh safety troy insured for $1 million. he doesn't have to pay the premium. head and shoulders is picking up the tab for their spokesperson. his hair is nearly three feet long. he wears it that way to promote his heritage. not saying what has to be done to his hair for him to collect. >> amazing. >> don't be tugging on his hair i think. >> that's right. time now 6:51. still ahead a new report that focuses on doctors and religion. we'll tell you why one report says a patient's life expectancy could be effected by
6:52 am
whether the doctor is a believer. plus find out what one group wants revealed as san jose searches for its next police chief.
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6:54 am
time now 6:54. let's go to tori to see what's coming up on mornings on 2. good morning. coming up new information about
6:55 am
plans to slash service on ac transit, the east bay's largest bus agency. find out what cuts are being considered and who the agency blames for the potential changes. after the discovery of really unsanitary conditions at iowa egg farms, find out what health officials plan to do in the coming weeks. a great white shark is spotted off the bay area beach. we'll hear from witnesses. and also we'll find out why some surfers are back in the water this morning. and find out why the young petaluma mother whose toddler was found a mile away from home will not face felony charges. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. thanks. as san jose searches for a new police chief a battle is brewing over the selection process. about a dozen people gave their input last night at the seconds in a series of community hearings held by the city manager. but another group is planning to hold its own hearing. members of the coalition for justice and accountability says
6:56 am
they're upset about the city manager and that's why they will not release the names of candidates and will only present her final choice to the city council. >> what's the secrecy? why is it so secret? i think they owe that to the community being the trouble san jose has had with the last police chief in the police department. >> the problem is what they do with those names. just knowing that names might be out there could dissuade really good candidates even considering san jose. >> the city manager plans to present her recommended candidate for police chief to the city council by the end of the year. all right. our time now 6:56. let's go to sal. what's happening on the toll plaza? >> all right. it's getting busy, dave. coming up on mornings on 2 we'll have an expanded traffic report to show you what's going on on the bay bridge. also watching public transportation. so far things are okay on cal
6:57 am
train, bart and muni. you know how that can change quickly. we're on it. we'll have a complete report in a few minutes. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. areas of fog once that burns off warmer mainly away from the coast today. on the coast still hugging the 60s there. fog and low clouds will give way to sunshine and then temperatures bumping up inland 80s mid and upper by the coast 60s and by the bay 70s. more on that later. now back to pam and dave. thank you, steve. from britain a new survey indicates that the religious beliefs of doctors may effect their decisions. the survey of about 3,000 doctors shows nonreligious doctors were almost twice as likely to prescribe things like continuous deep sedation which could speed up a patient's death. the survey also found that religious doctors were less likely to talk about end of life decisions with their patients. now researchers at the london school of medicine and
6:58 am
dentistry say it's important for doctors to discuss their beliefs to termly ill patients. learning more about the plane expected to make an emergency landing at sfo overnight. >> ktvu has learned that federal investigators will arrive in just about an hour. we will continue to update you on that story. here's a live look at sfo. stay with us. more on that next. south of laredo, there's a place... so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪ but we go, cause ya gotta eat bold. [ male announcer subway fiery footlong subs. the bold-acious new turkey jalapeño melt and buffalo chicken. subway. eat bold!
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