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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 8, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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unload these pot plants. >> it was ready for harvesting. we actually found some marijuana being harvested and being dried. from there it goes straight to the street for sales. >> reporter: had it made it to the streets? it would have been worth $250,000. today's bust took place west of ramon road by two men who set up an encampment that had an extensive system and generator. >> two suspects why located in the encam -- were located in the encampment. there was a brief pursuit. one got away. >> reporter: police say this time of year, it's common to find marijuana grows. that's why they do helicopter surveillance every summer, to be proactive with the hope of confiscating marijuana growth today. >> the growth season is the
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summer. towards the end of the summer is when we're seeing the mature plants. >> reporter: police describe the man in his early 30s or 40s. he got away. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a grim search continues at this hour at an east bay landfall. volunteers will spend another two hours looking for the body of frederick salas. if they turn up nothing, they will be back at it at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's been almost a week since they started to look for him. he's been missing since august 26th. investigators fear he may be the fifth victim of a deadly rampage. efrain valdemoro is suspected
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of killing his father and three other people. he was shot by police during a car chase. solano county prosecutors agreed to a request by ritenhouse's attorney to cut his bail in this case. police bound bomb-making materials at his home along with the body of his wife and her friend. ritenhouse is not charged with the deaths. it's now up to the california supreme court to hand down its decision on governor schwarzenegger's order furloughs. >> the governor has already admitted that he lacks the authority to do this. >> how? >> they made their cases for and against the furloughs. at issue here is whether the governor has the authority to
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force workers to take days off. they claim the state constitution does not give the governor the power to furlough state workers. the governor says it does during a fiscal emergency. >> i would submit that the governor has boat the implied and inherent authority to furlough in the lease disruptive fashion possible both for employees and for the state. this rises out of had his constitutional rule to oversee the state's finances and to manage the state's work. >> the plaintiffs also argue that the governor's order violates california's directive bargaining rule -- collective bargaining rule. rob roth has more on this story. >> reporter: we're here in front of the dnv office in east oakland, where state workers are hoping their day in court will mean more days on the job.
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by midday the line stretched to the back door with the office closed three fridays a month, the dmv becomes more crowded on the days it's opened. >> i don't like it. >> reporter: the workers don't seem to like it much either. the furloughs ordered by governor schwarzenegger resumed last month after workers endured a year and a half of forced days off. the furloughs amount to approximately 15% pay cut. >> we can't travel. we can't go places on the weekend. we have to budget. >> reporter: rachel works facility air pollution division for the california environmental protection agency. for her the furloughs have her worried about whether she can keep her home. >> it's really impacting us. we're having trouble figuring out if we can stay in the house. >> reporter: she says because of furloughs closing the offices and state buildings, all californians suffer. >> it's not just us.
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when we want things from hospital records, it takes longer to get these things. it's -- it compounds itself. >> reporter: the furlough's expect, 150,000 workers and saves the state about $137 million a month. >> without a budget in place, california is in a precarious position. >> reporter: well, folks we spoke to are not steep in constitutional law, they are hoping the legal argument that the governor overstepped his authority by ordering these furloughs wins over the california supreme court. >> people come and demand service for us and they complain we cannot provide service as much as we should have. >> reporter: furlough days are scheduled for the last three fridays in september. the next one is in two days. the governor says as soon as lawmakers pass the state budget, the furloughs will stop. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. governor schwarzenegger is
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holding firm in his refusal to defend the state's same-sex marriage ban in court. there is an effort to sper wade the state curt -- persuade the state court and jerry brown to declare prop 8 unconstitutional. today lawyers for the governor filed a brief. the controversy leader of a small florida church said he thought about it and still plans to burn copies of the koran on september 11th. despite pressure from the white house, religious leaders and death threats are calling for him to cancel his plans, terry jens is not backing -- jones is not backing down. he says islam is the devil and burning the koran is his right. >> we've received very much pressure -- pressure to cancel
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this event. at this time, we have no intention of canceling. >> u.s. military leaders fear that burning korans could incite violence and put troops in danger. a rally is planned in san jose for friday. robert handa is live there now with their mission. robert? >> reporter: gasia, we are in san jose at the site of the anti-koran burning rally. this is james mcintyre plaza, where this friday a huge rally is scheduled to denounce the florida event. >> what if reverend terry jones gave a koran-burning party and nobody came? >> reporter: religious leaders of many faiths held a news conference announcing a rally on friday promoting unity to
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counter the koran burning in florida. >> as an american, mr. jones may have the right todo this, but it does not make it the right thing to do. >> reporter: the organizers say the rally will showcase positive relationships with the muslim community and encourage people to go beyond tolerance. >> don't just say, let us challenge each other -- [ inaudible ] >> there is a survey that many americans have a negative impression of muslims but many americans have never met them. >> reporter: organizers point out extremists -- >> i feel angry. i feel people have hijacked the name of my faith. they have committed an
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atrocity. >> neither extreme is right. neither extreme is helpful. they damage both relationships and both relidgens -- religions. >> reporter: for bay area groups this comes at a time for building the mosque -- >> if you are protesting the mosque, go ahead and meet the people. i'm sure they would be happy to show them around. they will probably find out they are not that different. they are probably their doctors and coworkers. >> reporter: the rally in san jose joins a growing list of muslim rallies, many said they hope reverend jones and their group change their minds. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the controversy over video games has spread to this country and abroad.
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tonight, the video game called medal of honor allows the player to be a taliban leader and shoot u.s. troops. this game was banned after public complaints. sunnyvale video hope surveillance video will help them solve a serial arson case that's been going on for four months. a sketch has been made. it's based on a description given by firefighters of a man seen running from a fire a week ago today. now, this in this surveillance video you can see a man was bending over and with he stood up the flames broke out. investigators say there have been 15 deliberately-set fires since may, with the fires set in dumpers and a few cases in vehicles. in last week's arson, firefighters described a man running from the scene as a latino, 19 to 20 years old.
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5'8" to 5' 10". this morning's drizzle is being blamed for power outages in san francisco. about 5,000 pg&e customers lost power just before 4:00 a.m. pg&e says those outages were caused by a small power on a power line near 4th and bryant street. it was due to a buildup of dust and pollution on the line. it turns into a muddy mixture during the rain. the loss of the outages were restored around 11:00 a.m. breaking news. we have pictures from newschopper2 of a car accident near macarthur and grand right near the 580 freeway. what's happened here is that some type of truck has run into several cars. you see the result there, the chain reaction accident. this is just coming in to us. we're working to find out exactly what street this is but again, it is in the neighborhood of macarthur and grand, very close -- well,
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actually right next to interstate 580. i believe that is the macarthur exit coming off 580. that's the bottom lanes there -- okay. it's the grand avenue offramp i've just been told. that is the direction of the cars in the lower part of the screen are heading east in the commute direction coming home. again, this is right off 580. this is very close to the grand lake theater, just to give you some kind of perspective of where this is. week's working to -- we're working to find out some information. it looks like something careying things in the back smashed into several cars waiting at the red light there. we don't know if anyone was hurt. there doesn't appear to be any ambulances on the seen, that we can see. we're working to get more information. as we could, we'll -- do, we'll bring it to you. if he gets to work there, we now know how much mark hurd
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will make in his new job as president of oracle. and president obama said the two words americans want to hear when it comes to stimulus.
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the filing with the securities and exchange commission receives how much mark hurd will get as president of oracle. hewlett-packard announced yesterday, it is suing to block oracle from hiring hurd. hp says hurd signed a confidentiality agreement that keeps had him from using trade secrets at or -- oracle. this could be a case that could be difficult to win. tax cuts for the middle
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class and businesses. that's what president obama promised today. it's his hope that the move will stimulate the economy. but as craig boswell reports, republicans are skeptical. >> reporter: president obama says 200 billion in tax breaks for businesses will jump start hiring and represent revive the economy. >> i'm proposing a generous, permanent exenshun of the -- extension of the tax cuts that goes to companys that they do right here in ohio, right here in the united states of america! >> reporter: the president pitched the plan in cleveland against those spelled out by john boehner in the same location last month. >> there were no new policies from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. >> reporter: the president laid into the gop several times while once again calling on congress to dismiss what republicans say is a stimulus
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package. >> he can't -- >> reporter: on the bush era cuts, he said those should 0 only be extended for those making $250,000 or more a year. >> i was really very surprised by the harsh tone of this and not taking responsibility for the failure of his own policies. >> reporter: president obama will likely highlight the proposals again this friday. it remains unclear if congress will consider this two montes out from elections -- months out from elections. how is this playing out on wall street? alison burns was in virginia to a company. she says she's had to cut her staff and pay. >> the hardest part for me is not knowing what the effects of
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the legislation that they are looking at now and that has been passed will have down the road. >> warner said she hopes unemployment will soon ease so people will begin spending money more freely again. on wall street, concerns eased over the health of banks in europe. [ closing bell ] >> stocks lost some of their gains earlier in the day. the federal reserved the u.s. economy is slowing. the dow closed up at 10,387. the mac ended the day -- nasdaq ended the day at 20 points higher. for more financial and consumer news go to and click on the business tab. well, the weather a few days ago gave way to wet weather in parts of the bay area. drivers in fremont had to turn on their windshield wipers for a time today. it wasn't enough to register a rain total.
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bill, i know we were calling for some drizzle. did some spots get it? >> yes, frank. we saw some in the coastal areas of the bay, even ben lomond up to .10. most of us clouds and cooler. now, live stormtracker2, i mentioned i was going to show you what we have. you can see to the north of us, that's rain. that's rain. that's not fall. that rain moving towards yuba city and that system will begin to move out of the area but as it does, there will be a chance for a stray shower in our location. right now, we've got no reports of shower activity but drizzle certainly is a possibility in the next few hours and then as the sun sets, that activity should go away. so here's how it breaks down. we did see the clouds and drizzle this morning, we will see it again possibly tonight once the sun sets, things die down. clearing and mild for thursday. it will warm up just a little
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bit. the extended forecast -- we're into fall. it's not fall yet but when i look at that rain up in the central valley, i look at the drizzle, the sprinkles in ben lomond, the temperatures, the overnight lows we're going to see tonight, this is a very fall pattern. it feels like we're here early. next week we go into another pattern like this. it's going to warm over the next few days but it won't warm that much. here's the system, a weak frontal band, i will put it into motion. this area will begin to weaken. you can see the shower activity north of the bay area. leave a shower in the forecast for late tonight -- late this afternoon early this evening but none of this is a big deal. unless you are in ben lomond, .10, .15. that's noticeable. that low pressure is out of here. i will have details on your forecast. i will see you back here.
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it can be a matter of life and death, the push for a change many say is desperately needed and it affects every kitchen in america. and governor schwarzenegger is going on a trade mission to asia as the state sails into record-setting territory without a budget. and more live pictures as we continue to follow breaking news in oakland. it's a multi-vehicle chain reaction crash. we will let you know how it may be affecting your evening commute. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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breaking news this is the grand avenue exit from 580 heading eastbound. you can see what appears to be a big dump truck crashed into several cars causing a chain reaction accident right at the offramp there. this is a block away from the grand lake theater to give you some perspective. we're getting new information despite the severity of the crash. oakland police tell us no one was killed and only one person was taken to the hospital. a second driver refused care. so no major injuries as a result of this. we still don't know what caused that dump truck to crash, whether it lost its brake or some other problem. we're working to gather more information. as soon as we get it, we will bring it to you. the grand avenue exit at 508
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east -- 580 east. spurred on by the sal sal none nell yacht -- salmon nell outbreak -- salmonella outbreak, families descended on the white house to recall questionable food immediately in a bill. the problem now, the bill appears to be stalled. >> it's not clear whether this bill is going to move. there are a lot of other priorities facing the senate. we believe this is a fairly easy win. somesome of the effort to get some bills passed has been an effort. one woman has made several trips there since her son died from salmonella. >> what will i do if this bill doesn't pass? i will pick myself up and dust myself up and say, okay.
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i will have to try again because it's that important. a new report says that if you are looking for a college, consider the metropolitan area that it's located in as much as the college itself. the american institute for economic research puts the bay area at the top of that list followed by new york city, washington, d.c., boston and seattle. the organization used three categories to judge academic environment, quality of life and professional opportunity. a memorial service was held for long-time bay area news anchor dave makolhaff. >> when i first started working with him, i was so nervous. he was steady, and so kind. >> the service was held at
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calgary presbyterian church. his career spanned more than 50 years starting at kbc radio and then moving to kxix as an anchor -- xpix as an anchor. in lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations to the schedulership in -- scholarship journalism. well, a lot of people say it's bad enough already, but one major bay area city is about to implement an even deeper parking front on the residents and visitors there. >> reporter: there's still no budget deem, yet negotiations are underway.
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we begin at 5:30 with the breaking news story we have anticipate been telling you -- we've been telling you about. it's at grand and mack care never boulevard. there is a multi-vehicle chain accident. on the right of your screen is 580, specifically the eastbound lane. what from we can see there's not enough imtracted. we can assume the -- impacted. we can assume the area is blocked off. if you need to access that area, the lake, lakeshore drive, get off on harrison, one exit to the west of where this is being impacted or state on 580 until you hit park boulevard and then get off and
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loop around there. >> we just spoke to the oakland police department. they say one person has been taken to the hospital and other than, that we understand there are many personnel on scene. this happened about half an hour. that scene at grand and macarthur is closed down. be aware of that as you make your way around town. the city of san francisco is about to add ten parking meters in fishermen's wharf, moscone center and at&t park. it will brick -- bring in more money obviously. patti lee has more. >> reporter: frank, right now we're on rich street where right now it's tree -- it's free to park but 15 new meters could crop up by as early as next. when you start charging for
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things that used to be free there is bound to be a backlash. >> there's nothing free any more. and -- it's so expensive to park. >> reporter: citywide, 1,340 currently free spaces are slated to get meters by january, where the owners are concerned the added expense of going out will hurt business. the city's transit spokesman says the new meters will ease congestion, good for business and will add convenient payment options for drivers which could lower their chances of getting tickets. i've been working down here for four years. the spots down there were tree
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and -- were free and it made parking competitive and if these go away, i don't know what people are gonna do. >> but around town -- >> what i end up doing is not going any place. >> reporter: even though many drive earns say they know the city needs their money. >> if there was some benefit for the city that we could visibly see that we benefit from by paying such rates, then it's worthwhile. >> reporter: whether it's worthwhile is objective but it is certainly profitable. parking meters poured $9 million in the coffers last year. this year this could generate $2 million a year. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we have a new development in a story we brought you 20 minutes ago. california's highest court has refused to order arnold schwarzeneggernd jerry brown to appeal a ruling that overturned the state's gay marriage brown. the state supreme court denied
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a conservative legal group's request to force the state to extend voter approved proposition 8. the court did not explain its decision. governor schwarzenegger is taking off for asia tomorrow but first he made a stop here in the bay area. >> that's why i ran for governor, to promise the people in california that i will be the salesman in chief. >> that's exactly what the governor said he will be doing while he's on his trade mission. he will be at the design center in shanghai. he says the goal of the state is to strengthen the ties with asia, drum up investments and promote collaboration and economic growth. >> trade creates one out of seven jobs here in southern california. we export 1.5 billion goods every -- every year to 200 markets worldwide. >> when asked how he can go on
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a trade mission, given our state's trouble, he said not a single tax dollar would go for the trip. meanwhile, the ordered fewer rows are not the only thing in the budget goes -- bucket going on today. here's more from ken pritchett. >> reporter: we hear at long last there's progress being made which is why some lawmakers are questioning the timing of the governor's trip to asia. >> this morning, democratic women lawmakers led a rally with two messages for the governor. >> stop, tag women and children with the budget. >> reporter: they object to healthcare and child care and say until a fair budget is signed, governor schwarzenegger thud stay put. >> our governor is leaving at a time when we'll be issuing ious, we're about to have the latest state budget in history
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and the governor is leaving the state. he's leaving the state of california in the lurch. >> reporter: governor leaves tomorrow with stops in korea, asia, china. this trip is continue thed to increase california jobs. today, the governor held one more meeting. >> we're doing fine for another hopefully productive lesson. we all want to get this done. the governor has had that plan for several months. we all knew that the budget was due in june. it's the democrat stalling on reducing the spending and getting rid of their demands for tax increases that led up to this -- point. >> we're told that the budget negotiations will go on. top lawmakers will discuss these negotiations. unless a budget agreement is
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done next week, this will be the longest overdue budget in california history. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. three richmond schools set to close a at the end of the year won't be closed afterall. they will keep the schools open one more year. grant, or -- olinda and one other school was saved. a meet something set to begin within the next hour to update people about the demolition of the transbay tube in san francisco. it's one project as a new terminal is getting set to be built there. it's a new sign that americans are holding on to their money. plus -- it's called google
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instant. the new project the company is unveiling and what it will do instantly when you start your search. it even beat out chest pains. the pain people feel when it tends them to the emergency room. and more on the breaking news we're following in oakland. a multi-vehicle chain reaction crash and how it could affect your evening commute. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
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we continue to follow breaking news happening in oakland. this is the scene right off 580. that's what you see on the right-hand side of your screen. the accident that you see here happened at grand avenue and mack care ther boulevard, right around 5:00 today. that dump truck with the -- the red dump struck there -- truck there hit as many as three, possibly four vehicles, it was a chain-reaction crash. at this point, the oakland police department said one person has been taken to the hospital for injuries. we don't know how many more people are involved or may be injured. we can assume the grand avenue exit is shut down. interstate 580 does not -- does not appear to be heavily impact the. google unveiled its new google instant today at the san francisco museum of modern art. it brings up search results as you type without having to hit the return key. >> it's streamed to you based on the predictions that are most likely given what you have
5:42 pm
typed so far. >> googlele is the world's most popular search engine, processing more than 80 billion -- that's 8 with a b. 8-0, with a "about" searchers every month. overall, consumer borrowing fell 3.6 billion. mostly that was because people used reinvolving credit. that was offset by an increase in nonresolving credit. a new ranking about how generous people are puts the united states in a tie for fifth place. there's good news and bad news today at the nation's emergency rooms. more americans are visiting
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the. >> r.s because of abdominal pain while the number of chest pain complaints have gone down. er visits were analyzed from 1999 to 2008. emergency room visits due to abdominal pain increased nearly 32%. at the same time, the number of visits for chest pain decreased by 10%. new research shows elderly men are more likely to suffer memory plans than women. they were interviewed about their memory and medical history and also underwent testing their memory and thinking skills. overall, nearly 14% of the participants had had mild cognitive impairment which is more serious than normal aging. that rate was 1.5 times higher in men than woman. there is a new turn in the ongoing cleanup of oil in petaluma. and spreading the blame and documenting the blunders. the perfect storm that bp says
5:44 pm
led to the gulf coast disaster. i'm using the doppler to track storms in northern california.
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the water in the lagoon in redwood shores is safe. a safety device sent 8,000 gallons of water -- of sewage into that loo goon and then a
5:47 pm
week later, a plane crash in the lagoon caused a concern. but it's reported that the watter is safe for human contact. in a new internal report, bp is taking some, but not all of the blame for the gulf coast disaster. the report details misinterpreting test result -- rut and failing to respond to warning signs that led to the catastrophe the bp spill killed 11 workers and spewed millions of gallons of oil in the gulf of mexico. today's report led it a -- led to a series of failures reading in part -- the report was produced by bp's head of safety and
5:48 pm
operations. it's not the final word on the possible causes of the explosion. for one, governor investigates investigates -- workers who survived the disaster have accused bp's engineers of cutting corners to save time and money. some see the report of a review -- preview of the company's legal strategy, sharing the blame with halliburton and transocean in the face of lawsuits, mounting claims and the looming possibility of criminal charges. coming up next at 6:00, continuing coverage of the breaking news. that chain reaction accident -- chain reaction accident that has shut down areas near the
5:49 pm
accident. julie haener has more for 0 the news at 6:00. tonight, the felony charges a man is facing. it's the only gun store in san francisco. tonight it's being allowed to reopen but only after certain changes are made but the owner has -- what the owner has to do before he can resume selling guns. >> it's the governor workers -- versus workers and the arguments before the state supreme court and what they stand to gain and lose. see you at 6:00. >> thank you, julie. the second of two small asteroids safely passed. they were discovered sunday by nasa scientists. the first one passed the earth at 3:00 th morning, missing the planet by 154,000 miles. the second one came within 149 -- around 4:00 this afternoon. it was a frightening site over dallas, texas as a series of weak tornadoes threatened the area. look at that picture.
5:50 pm
the remnants of tropical storm hermine touched off the tornadoes, juan of -- one of them slammed a big rig into a brick paint warehouse near lovefield airport. a wall came down ton the cab but the driver was alert and that's the only injury reported. on to our weather. we did get some drizzle. would you call it rain? >> i wouldn't call it rain. up in the ben lomond area and in the santa cruz mountains, i would say we did get some light rain showers. for most of us, it was very light drizzle. look to the north of us, there's real rain. live stormtracker two picking it up. this is why it was in the forecast. we have the dynamics that are strong enough to produce those showers up on 5 in sacramento and reading -- and redding and chico and paradise. why am i showing you this? it's a sure indication that the
5:51 pm
seasons are changing, that things are whipping around and we're heading to an early fall by all accounts. you saw the front slide through. there are the showers in the forecast tonight, still a chance for a light shower and throughout the next hours and then it should be over. high pressure is going to find of build back in rapidly. it's not go be a real rush hourful one but it will be enough that temperatures will warm a little bit each day in the weekend. not in the 90s, though. today we were in the 60s. tomorrow we'll be in the low 70s. i will see we end up on the weekend in the mid-80s. a very fall-like weather pattern really begin to set up because the low pressure wants to come in early next week and that will create another cooldown. tomorrow morning you will notice some of the first 40s we've seen in a while. 49 in fairfield, when the kids
5:52 pm
head off to san rafael at 49, that's cool. you will notice it. daytime highs tomorrow, some collected -- selected cities. upper 60s, lower 70s. the forecast, then, for the computer model, you will just see 70s in our warmest bay area spots. just 70s. low 70s. i would suggest that most of us will be in the upper 60s. 68, 69, 70. cold start? livermore. 65 at lunchtime. 72 for a daytime high in livermore. we saw the overnight lows, they will be cool. >> we are headed for a warming trend. the five-day forecast shows a warmup, but not in the 80s and 90s. just -- well, upper 80s and 90s. just 80s. some may call it rain.
5:53 pm
very few people saw rain. most saw drizzle. >> okay. thanks bill. cops and kids. how one bay area city is keeping them in the loop
5:54 pm
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. the san francisco police department made some changes with how it interacts with the
5:56 pm
youth. now it is making sure everyone knows about the commitment. they released "know your rights for youth" in san francisco. the pro during lays out guidelines for police procedures and interactions with juveniles. the juvenile justice coalition helped the city come up with these solutions. notifying parents immediately when their kids are taken into temporary custody, allowing parents too be present during questioning and audiotaping those sessions. >> it's extremely important. to me as a mother of two adult children to see positive interaction between youth and police as well as having a brochure on know your rights. so you not only as the chief said earlier, know their rights but know their responsibilities. >> the juvenile justice coalition helped write a reference guide and is helping to develop training material in line for the new procedures.
5:57 pm
as for the brochure to educate the public, it's available in five languages. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next.
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what caused a multi- vehicles accident? good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we have more on the developing story in oakland where an out- of control dump truck has crashed into several cars. we want to show you a live picture from newschopper2. the accident happened on the grand avenue exit right next to highway 580. what you can't tell from the pictures is that the offramp is very steep. rob roth just arrived on the scene and joins us with more. >> reporter: we're on the grand avenue offramp. we want to -- we nt


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