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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 9, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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half ago. john sasaki joins us now. he has late details. john what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just spoke to resources that told us important information about today's developments. investigators showed up to go through the home where ricardo sales was found a week and a half ago. and shortly after they arrived, investigators found a second body. there's no word on how it was not discovered on previous searchings of the home conducted. this is the -- we're going to now hear from the spokesman from the hercules police department. >> at this point the body has not been identified, a cause of death has not been identified. other than that, that's pretty much all the details i have at
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this time. >> reporter: now fredrick sales has been missing for a week and a half. valdemoro was killed by the chp after a chase into the strip mall in the el cerrito border. it's still going to be a while before police come out and release any more information. we did hear on one hand from hercules pd that they're not going to have any more information tonight, but we did talk to other sources who said they might want to get out some of this information later on this evening. john sasaki, ktvu news. now to another developing story, this one in san francisco. this one, police moving in on protesters. they are upset with a lack of
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working conditions. sal castaneda has more. >> reporter: we're on market street, where police just moved in and arrested some protesters. they had completely closed market street at castro they moved in with about three dozen officers to do so. this was blocked for about 20 minutes. right now the traffic is kind of resuming to normal. there's a big back up i can see all the way down market street. i want to bring steve solomon, who is out here, and i saw you on the street. why were you out here blocking traffic? >> i am out here representing youth, and any violation against our youth, especially our gay and lesbian youth is something that they should feel
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bad about. and it causes irreprible harm to them. this is to send a message to nancy pelosi that not signing this bill is irreprehencibel. iranian officials have
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announced today that they will release sarah shorde. rita williams has the story. >> reporter: it's been a long 13 months, but this afternoon, nora shorde is getting the news she's been waiting for. that her daughter sarah is coming home. she had said she wouldn't comment afraid to say anything that would scuffle the release of her daughter. >> i'm happy. >> reporter: with that she left to the airport to meet her daughter some where. iranian authorities told reporters in teheran they could witness the release. >> i will be holding my breath until she is actual on on a plane out of iran. >> reporter: iranian troops arrested shord and two other uc
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graduates her now fionce and petal as they were hiking in iraq near its unmarked border near iran. >> they were the last people that would work for the cia in the middle east. >> reporter: nora says her daughter is depressed >> i am grateful it is happening. apparently this is related to the end of ramadan. it's a time of clemency in iran. i'm happy they are letting her go, and i hope they will let
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all of them go. -- reverend terry jones says he agreed to cancel saturday's koran burning after he was told that the site of a mosque near ground zero would be moved. the controversy could potentially do more damage to u.s. relations to the islamic war than what happened in abu prison in iraq. >> even though this burning does not happen, the damage is done. >> reporter: president obama went on television to urge pastor jones not to burn the
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islam's most holy book. its sounds like yet another massive cost overrun. the extra money was already part of the plan. tom vacar is live on treasure island to explain. tom-- >> reporter: five years ago, the legislature concerned about constant cost overruns put away some money for a rainy day. in three years and three months, the long awaited span of the bay bridge is awaited to open. the cost, $6.3 billion. >> a strong bridge that is seismic retrofitted, is going to pay itself over and over and over.
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>> reporter: this is the most custom job. the sections that will join the signature tower and its suspended road bridge are so complicated and will bear so much stress, changes are being made even as their chinese producer puts them together. >> these are going to be heavier than we expected. the detail behind that has cost us additional money. >> reporter: caltrans thinks it has now accounted for all that extra money. >> we still have a bit of that extra money left. >> reporter: on a cost pefoot basis, the relatively short suspension tower section now under construction will now fully consume 1/3 of the projects full cost. again, it's still three years and three months away. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. sex offenders now face life in prison if they attack a child in california.
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governor arnold schwarzenegger today signed chelsea's law. it sentences sex offendsers to life in prison without parol for crimes against children under the age of 14. the law is named for 17-year- old chelsea king. king was raped and murdered in san diego by a man who also admitted to killing 14-year-old amber dubua. police say 35-year-old todd tackwell was involved in sexual acts with a local 14-year-old girl for 12 months. tackwell is also facing federal child pornography charges. he is set to enter a plea on september 30th. the number of auto thefts in california dropped dramatically in 2005. the chp said today thefts were down 16% with 169,000 vehicles stolen. that is the biggest decline in
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decades. 88% of those vehicles were found and the honda accord still remains the top target for thieves. the chp says enforcement, education and technology like license plate recognition system contributed to the decline. there is some good news tonight about the state's cash crunch. controller chung says ious will not be needed now until at least october. chun had planned to start issues ious this month. but now says state revenues were higher in august than expected. california is still redeeming ious issued during the 2009 budget crisis. and there's a debate going on tonight at -- debate going on tuesday september 28th
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between whitman and brown. ktvu will carry the event. and there's a new drink giving people a boost and it's not coffee. and a popular coupon plan is being pulled back by the store. and it was chilly last night in some locations. even chillier tonight. we'll tell you where the coldest spots will be. the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. a payload that beats the other guys flat out. a frame sturdy enough
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to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons. and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready.
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live pictures once again from hercules, this is breaking news. a body, a second body has been found inside this home in hercules. it was found late this afternoon. this is just another bizarre detail in a murder rampage involving efren valdemoro. he is suspected of killing four
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people, possibly five people. the body initially found in this home was ricardo sales. the son, fredrick sales has been missing since. you may remember volunteers have been combing through a landfill for evidence. now a second body has been found. this case is raising all kinds of questions because this house, presumably has been searched from top to bottom. so the question tonight is how could authorities have missed a second body in there or perhaps was the second body placed into that home after the first body was found? lots of questions, we are searching for answers and we'll have more coverage on later newscasts. but again, a second body found
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in this home in hercules today. a popular discount program is coming to an end in san francisco. even though it was popular, the rainbow market says it's doing away with it. >> reporter: san francisco rainbow market is stopping its promotion. and that may come because of unused telephone books. rainbow has offered these coupons good for 20% off on any item. prompting some residents to search for unused telephone books. >> it's switched to the middle of week, because we had the coupon going. suddenly we had lines here. >> more people come in, the
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profit is reduced but it's compensated for the increase in sales. >> reporter: the promotion brings a line of customers waiting to come inside. but now it's coming to a close. the 250 workers here voted to phase the program out at the end of september. >> rainbow, is trying to figure out the way to reach as many people and also reduce waste. and i think seeing a lot of phone books for a lot of us seeing phone books scattered on the sidewalk seem to defeat the purpose of reducing waste. >> we would like to get the 20% off if we can get it. anything helps these days. >> reporter: the co-op is looking for better ways for th
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promotion. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. capital avenue in freemont is now the scene of a parking experiment. new parking spots are slanted against the flow of traffic. so that means drivers have to back into those spots. some of the drivers we saw trying to park today didn't have much luck. city planners say the new slants provide more parking spots and make it safer for bicyclists. >> it allows you to have bicycling with more safety. >> reporter: the same sort of parking spaces are used in parts of seattle and portland. there's no word yet ou long this test in free hospital will last. a 70-foot tall geyser of
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water greeted police today. it happened this morning at san leandro street. the car hit the hydrant and ended up on the train tracks. beautiful weekend, it was hot then gradually started cooling off. what are we looking at for the rest of the week. >> it was, it was hot over the weekend, temperatured plummeted. temperatures coming back up. before that happens, we are looking at some cold temperatures. in the 40s when we wake up tomorrow morning. live storm tracker two, i'll show you what we have, the concord area at the airport they are 73 degrees. 67 in oakland. that's right now, highs tomorrow will be warmer still. so here's how the forecast goes. there'll be some patchy fog but
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minimal patchy fog. i think just like today, you're going to see sunshine at pacifica, half-moon bay, stinson beach. 45 in santa rosa, 49 in san rafael. low 50s, 50 in livermore, 51 in redwood city. we've been getting used to waking up at 58, 57 degrees. you will notice this five or 6- degree cooler temperatures. the kids are getting up early, as they move about, they're going to need a jacket as you get up for school. it pops back in here for a few day, temperatures are going to increase as we move through the bay area weekend. we're going to see low and mid- 80s this weekend. not hot but certainly warmer than it has been for the last few days. warmer in piedmont, montclaire
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then it's going. instead of mid-70s, low 70s, mid-80s. so the warm up is starting. the warmest day on the weekend essentially is going to be on sunday. on sunday we could look forward to numbers in the mid-80s in some locations. as you notice this graphic cycle, 77 in san rafael. they are warmer than they were today. highs tomorrow a good five, 6 degrees warmer. friday is going to be a nice day. good air quality. lessened fire danger and just a nice run of warm temperatures. these will feel hot for you because it's been in the 60s. but the numbers are right where they should be. good air quality, sunday is the warmest day on the weekend. >> all right, thank you bill.
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300 richmond students were given a surprise. students were given a bag of supplies. all of the children qualified for free lunch. so parents say this was much needed help. coffee prices have hit a 13 year high extending a rally that has raised prices 43% in 3 months. that's starting to be reflected in retail prices for major coffee brands. previous increases were blamed or weather and supplies. but this year's high are thought to be purely
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speculation of --
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fred is in for mark tonight. the nfl officially kicks off tonight. the bay area is still thinking baseball. >> absolutely. especially the giants after all they are two games behind the padres. but the giants can take over first place if they win three out of four in san diego
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starting tonight in southern california. don't forget about colorado. in denver today, rockies were tied 5-5 in cincinnati when chris nelson catches nick massen. chris nelson steals home. the vickings and saints officially kicked off the nfl regular season. but new england quarterback tom brady delivered the biggest hit of the day. brady slammed his audi into a mini van. tom was unhurt but a passenger in the mini van was taken to the hospital. brady seemed fine when he practiced with the patriots today and no charges were failed. and the vote is in, arch
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bishop and san ramon is the high school game of the week. we'll be in san ramon tomorrow. and only 30 eligible golfers advanced today. cutcher leadthe bmw over mora. team usa found themselves down 30-35 against russia today in turkey. that's when kevin duran takes over. durant works the dipsy dooley. today is also the anniversary of the russian win against the u.s. we were robbed. that's sports tonight.
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we'll see you tonight at :00. we want to show you a live picture before we leave you tonight. there's been some sort of explosion. this is looking from san bruno. no word yet on exactly what happened. we've learned an explosion and fire in the san bruno area. we're going to get more information. have it for you in 30 minutes on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the latest on the 10:00 news. that is our report for now. thanks for joining us. good night. >> good night.
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