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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  September 19, 2010 9:00am-10:00am PST

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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company >> joe: we are set to go. the bears won the toss. they will receive. down to the field we check in with pam oliver. >> pam: after mistakes last week, cowboys head coach wade phillips decided to crack down. any player who had lack of concentration and made mistakes this week were sent to the locker room and i'm told there was more than one incident of that. back to you. >> joe: we will see how that translates into this ball game. it is 0-1 against 1-0. there is wade phillips who is in his fourth year as head coach of
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the dallas cowboys. and the offense is definitely under the microscope. you look at mike martz and what that offense is doing. the bottom point. that is really with the alex barron situation was last week. everybody kept saying alex barlon, he made three holding penalties. that covered up the fact that offensively, other than alex barron, the cowboys really didn't do anything with the washington redskins. >> troy: you're right. a big part of that was because of the penalties that pam oliver eluded to. going back to the start of the '08 season, the cowboys the most penalized team in the national football league. >> joe: to kick it off is feeley. he drives this into the end zone and knox will take it out. johnny knox gets the edge! buehler knocks him out after he crosses the 35. a 42-yard return and a great start for
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chicago. >> troy: a couple of good blocks on the outside. you see they started up inside, inside wedge and knox is able to break it to the outside. any time you're one-on-one then with the kicker, buehler, in this case, having to make the tackle. >> joe: buehler is a guy who proved last year and he did last week, he will stick his nose in there and make a play. bad news is for dallas, he has had to. starting at their own 37. and handing it off to forte. spears on the tackle. a gain of five. and matt forte who has that burst back that we saw in his rookie season two years ago, is on that list. he is backed up by chester taylor and here is the offensive line and number 74, chris williams at left tackle, troy, will have his hands full with demarcus ware.
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>> troy: watching the game last week with mike martz, first two plays of the game were running plays. i thought maybe they hired the wrong guy. he opens this game up with a running play as well to forte. >> joe: on second down, cutler is ripped to the ground! spencer was in there. demarcus ware was in there. and i think cutler is saying maybe he got a hand up into the face. here is spencer off the edge. >> troy: yeah, we will anthony spencer, he comes unblocked. he comes in. you see definitely a face mask to jay cutler. >> joe: they missed it. it's not called. >> troy: chris williams has got the face mask on demarcus ware on the opposite side. >> joe: bears have to use a time-out and i think jay cutler is stunned that scott green and this officiating crew
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third and long for the most part last week against detroit. they are in it here. four-man rush from dallas. ware gets there too late. pass complete, but way short of a first down and cutler has to get up off the turf. pass complete to earl bennett for just five yards. it's fourth down. >> troy: well, this is what was a concern coming into this game for offensive coordinator mike martz was how are they going to be able to control both demarcus ware and anthony spencer? we saw on the second down play, anthony spencer came unblocked, but, you know, they are trying to give help. they are on the outside. brandon manumaleuna at the tight end spot to try to make it a wider edge for demarcus ware but he is still able to get a hit on cutler. >> joe: maynard hits a line drive and it will stay away from dallas players and as it goes backward, it's tapped at the 25. take a look at the offense for the dallas cowboys. last week, they racked up 380 yards of offense. but, you know, the
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rest of the story, they scored only seven points. they targeted the rookie dez bryant, had eight catches against the redskins and there are two important faces back as starters on the offensive line, kosier at left guard and colombo at right tackle. >> troy: i think if you talk to every offensive player, the reason they have struggled throughout the preseason, as well as last week, was because of the lack of continuity due to those two guys being out of the lineup. >> joe: well, the excuses are gone now, as marion barber takes it up to the 28. the cowboys have been able to say, well, we didn't have two piece of our offensive line in camp, well, we didn't have dez bryant. they are all there now so it's time for dallas to show what they do. we look at the three-four defense of the chicago bears and urlacher is missing all of last year is back in the middle. >> troy: he started the last week in detroit in fine fashion. ten tackles. him and lance briggs both were all over the
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field. >> joe: on second down, romo has to move. he hits the rookie and gronkowski is flipped by bowman. gronkowski is playing in the place of deon anderson. a fullback who has attorney meniscus in his knee and out for two weeks. it's third and one. >> troy: in that situation, whether gronkowski at the tight end position, they are a little thin. they have two tight ends. john phillips contributed to the cowboys last year and went down in preseason. he is out for the season so they have two tight ends in jason witten and martellus bennett and you mentioned, joe, just the one fullback with gronkowski. >> joe: marcus spears just came in along the offensive line. it's barber for the first down.
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and so marcus spears will now check out. we've done a lot of cowboy games and i don't remember marcus spears coming in to help on short yardage. >> troy: anything that they can do, you know? they want to get some big bodies in there to try to help out. but not quite chris-like, is it? >> joe: no. really wasn't that exciting. felix jones now in the lineup for dallas on first down. he gets hit. and he goes nowhere and briggs is there immediately. here is curt menefee for a game break. >> curt: immediately pittsburgh scores. mewelde moore to the 3 yard line and end around to the rookie antonio brown. he takes it 89 yards for the score. steelers up 7-0 on the titans just like that. joe, troy and pam?
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>> joe: they are already 1-0 without ben roethlisberger and a good start on special teams for the steelers today. out of the shotgun. pass is caught and now tipped into the arms of d.j. moore. what a hit on miles austin and an early turnover! austin had it, got smacked, and d.j. moore comes away with a pick. >> troy: well, they have miles austin working the inside. this is versus a roll corner so because of that, charles tillman is able to come off of his outside receiver and be there to put the hit, then on miles austin. as you said, d.j. moore in a perfect position then to make the interception. >> joe: somehow able to corral it before it hit the turf. the second-year player our vanderbilt comes away with an early turnover. now the bears take over at the dallas 23.
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they started in a wildcat formation and now shift cutler back under center. and hand it to forte. forte on first down gets six. there are a lot of bear fans in attendance here today, and they are making noise here early and that is not good news for the starting left tackle chris williams, as he exits the field. >> troy: that is not good at all. that was an offensive line last year that was going to stay aflux through last season and they have gone through some adjustments this off-season, but a nice job there defensively with the take-away. particularly the interception. that's an owner of -- area of this defense for chicago where they have not been very good of keeping their hands on balls when they have had opportunities for interceptions. >> joe: handoff to forte. he is bottled up. kevin shaffer is playing left tackle and will yals williams
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getting his ankle retaped. everybody knows about taking over at the 1 and not scoring a touchdown last week but they were four times in the red zone, no touchdown and came away with a total of six points. >> troy: a couple of fumbles as well. one by greg olsen and one by matt forte. >> joe: third and five. that's forte at the top. >> troy: they left him uncovered and trying to get out him now. >> joe: brooking is the one in front of him. and that will be a false start against shaffer as cutler, again, gets smacked. 78 shaffer who is in at left tackle, he moved too soon. >> referee: prior to the snap, false start, number 78 offense. five-yard penalty. third down. >> troy: joe that right side of the offensive line is having some problems. we saw them turn anthony spencer loose
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earlier. they have a block out here but instead saying staying on the inside. they call that fan fraecketion as lance, the left tackle have to fan that out and pick it up and they have now missed it twice. >> joe: third down and ten. cutler steps up! can't get away! penalty flag comes in. and cutler is going to have a long day. demarcus ware got in there, as cutler needs help to get up. two flags are down on the play. those offensive linemen are yelling at each other. they are confused. >> referee: there are two fouls on the play that will offset.
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holding, number 78 offense. personal foul, unnecessary roughness, number 51 defense. penalties offset. third down. >> joe: they will replay third and ten. >> troy: well, what they did is they brought orlando scandrick off the edge and demarcus ware ran a twist and a long way to go. you see him come all the way around here before he gets the pressure then on demarcus ware. but because scandrick brings edge pressure he forces cutler to step up and that is where ware was. this is what they called on keith brooking at the end. the whistle had blown there and he power drove him into the turf. >> joe: on third and ten, cutler. he can't get away from spencer. jay cutler is going to need help getting to the bus if it's going to be this kind of a day approximate. >> troy: four sacks in
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last week's game against the lions. and it wasn't because mike martz wasn't concerned for protection. two of those sacks were seven-man protection. so mike martz knows this offensive line needs help. we have seen it here in the first quarter, jay cutler, every time he has dropped back, he has been under the gun. >> joe: and eventually on the turf. 38-yard try by gould. the first points of the day belong to chicago. they get the turnover, delivered by d.j. moore and get inside the red zone and have to settle to for three. today, "how to work the weekend without missing the game." what's up? since we're stuck here working the weekend, i hooked up the projector to show the game. and i brought in some bud light. ♪ [ cheering ] yeah! [ boss ] thompson! excellent job. [ cheering ]
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to any mobile for just $69.99. access sprint. the now network. >> joe: tony romo is coming off just his seventh interception in his last 16 starts.
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it was one that comes with an asterisk as it was in and out of hands of miles austin after a hit by tillman and eventually into the arms of d.j. moore. starting at their own 20, down by three. marion barber gets it. a big hole right up the middle. barber on first down gets seven. pam? >> pam: jay cutler's day may have gotten longer. chris williams has a hamstring injury severe enough out for the game. they thought it was an ankle yur. mike tice is working to get the offensive line calmed down and a little less confused out there. >> troy: mike tice has been working furiously all season. >> joe: first-year offensive line coach for lovie smith. barber gets it again and has a first down carry and he had a lot of room to run. he gets seven again.
10:23 am
>> troy: one of the things, when you talk about the chicago bears defensively, everybody talks about the tampa two scheme that lovie smith likes to run. it's not real accurate, though. on early downs, they generally like to drop an eighth guy down into the box and play single safety which means it's one-on-one on the outside. but they have a decision they have to make here today as to whether they are going to try to stop the running game of the cowboys or they are going to keep from creating big plays and create coverage. >> joe: back to marion barber, he gets to the edge. barber is tackled from behind in the bench area and pops right up. zachary bowman on the tackle. a gain of eight. 7, 7, and 8 on three carries for barber. >> troy: well, this time, chicago tries to show they are two-deep but you see manning come in here to create the extra man in run support but not able to make the tackle. a lot of times you hear them talk about the extra guy in the
10:24 am
box. no guarantee that guy is going to make the play when he is there and danieal manning did not. >> joe: felix jones is trying to get around tillman. tillman, a good job to bring him down after a gain of two. here is curt. >> curt: michael vick is starting at quarterback for philadelphia. opening series of the game. desean jackson, hooking up with him. experiment looking good. already up 7-0, philadelphia on top of the lions in the first quarter. joe, troy and pam? >> troy: some fantasy owners are probably happy with that one. >> joe: i guarantee you. a head coach while he is watching that happen and andy reid is thinking, okay, now i have another set of questions to answer. as vick plays well. we saw him do in the second half of last week. penalty flag comes in, as felix jones loses three. urlacher, the first guy there. >> troy: kyle kosier was pulling to lead on
10:25 am
that play and he got beyond the defender and then just tackled him. >> joe: urlacher doesn't want the bears to accept the penalty. he is screaming over at lovie smith who said take the penalty. >> referee: holding offense. number 63. ten-yard penalty. first down. >> joe: look at urlacher. he is hot! said i just brought down felix jones for a loss of three and now you're going to give them an extra down? you just give them seven yards backwards. >> troy: yeah. you give them an extra down to back them up seven more yards in essence. urlacher has got more confidence in his defense than that. >> joe: first and 20. free rush. the pass incomplete for roy williams as anderson was coming unblocked.
10:26 am
>> troy: we have seen this before. you see romo talking to him now. the ball apparently was not snapped or was snapped early, i should say, because mark colombo not out of his stance and romo having a conversation with gurode. over the years, gurode has been snapping when he is ready and not necessarily when romo is ready. >> joe: i like seeing romo, or any quarterback, get after the offensive line. he was yelling at andre gurode. coming off his fourth straight pro bowl year. how about him slapping that out of the air? it's third and 20. >> troy: matt toeaina i was impressed what i saw with him last week in that game again the detroit lions. he comes in and spell tommie harris from time-to-time and gets into that rotation and does a good job there because the cowboys are trying to set up a screen. both of these defense
10:27 am
came out playing hot today. they are doing a good job of getting some pressure here on the quarterback. >> joe: third down and 20. underneath, it's choice. he has got a long way to go. he can only take it out to the 41. a gain of six for the dallas cowboy offense. except for three early runs by marion barber, who hasn't sewn anything, especially through the air. >> troy: well, you're not going to get much when you're looking at third and long against this defense. really, any defense. but because they will play coverage, they will play that two safety deep shell, it's very hard then to get the ball down the field against those looks and you've got to come underneath. the bears understand that and they come up and make the tackle, well short of a first down. >> joe: mcbriar punts it. devin hester who was once one of the most
10:28 am
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>> joe: jay cutler, i'm sure, is standing there wondering what kind of protection he will get the next time he drops back and whatever meeting he had early when mike martz came aboard, i'm sure mike left the cutups out of the film of quarterbacks getting pasted and mike martz's offensive system. >> troy: that has kind of been one of the staples, hasn't it? and also the staple of scoring a lot of points. >> joe: no doubt about that. here is forte. he is brought down by ratliff. a gain of just two. jay cutler has already felt a lot of heat. >> troy: you know, i think, joe, though, you're seeing the cowboys do some things with some of the blitzes and stuff and i know this week, mike tice and some of the other coaches talked about the offensive line and felt that they had played pretty well last week against detroit. i thought they were average, at best. and they haven't been
10:31 am
real good here in the early going. >> joe: second and eight. ware coming off the edge, misses the sack, and cutler throws it away. and, right now, the offensive line for chicago has absolutely no answer for the outside linebackers of the cowboys. >> troy: yeah, mike martz keeps brandon manumaleuna in to help with that, along with kevin shaffer and demarcus ware just goes right by him. by them both. you know, i mean, mike martz is trying to do what he can to put two guys on demarcus ware and slow down this pass rush. i mean, this guy is good, but he is not superman. >> joe: shaffer is at right tackle. and it's ware going around omiyale who got a hand on him and dragged him.
10:32 am
when jay cutler goes to bed tonight he will see number 94 when he closes his eyes and you will see cutler saying, "will you block somebody?" >> troy: he is able to get low and goes by omiyale. in his defense, he came in at right tackle and played last year at left guard. in the middle of the game he is being asked to switch over to the left side so that shaffer, apparently he is more comfortable playing right tackle and neither one of them are doing a good job. >> joe: maynard, low, line drive punt and it's the rookie dez bryant. there goes the rooky rookie! right around maynard! touchdown, dallas. no flags!
10:33 am
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>> joe: montrae holland, number 64, was injured on the extra point and major wright was injured and limping off the field back to the locker room. we will show you that punt return of 62 yards from dez bryant,
10:36 am
first nfl touchdown and it was electrifying here in arlington. >> troy: you have major wright who was in the rotation at safety with danieal manning and expected to continue th that here today. then montrae holland because of the uncertainty of kyle kosier, a guy who started last week and actually played pretty well, they felt that he would still get some playing time at that spot this afternoon. >> joe: buehler pops it up. onside kick tried for and hauled in and well done by tim jennings. >> troy: go back and take a look at this. you're going to see leon williams, number 52, not a great block but just enough to spring dez bryant and brad maynard misplayed that. he had the sideline to his advantage that he could have worked bryant that way and then push him out, but he's a punters, and not a safety. i agree with you, joe. that call there by tim jennings on the fair
10:37 am
catch, you know, very well done. ball never hit the ground. so he was able to make the fair catch. >> joe: it was an odd -- i guess you put that in category of onside kick but it was a little pop-up kick and great starting field position at the 42 for chicago, down by four. >> troy: mike martz has two tight ends right now trying to shore up that protection. >> joe: here is chester taylor out of the backfield. makes a nice move, but bradie james, after going around brooking, makes the stop. a gain of one. fox saturday baseball, game of the week. red sox and yankees. the reds and padres, that could be a playoff preview. this week at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific. we go down the stretch in major league baseball. >> troy: my padres had a big win last night. >> joe: yeah, well, we
10:38 am
keep referencing this. the world should know you're a minority owner in the san diego padres ownership group. here is a quick throw and pass complete to hester and devin hester is inside the 40 to the 39. and the bears may have to go to more of that quick stuff to protect cutler. >> troy: what they do is they uncover devin hester, the cowboys did. they had a safety on him. he is deep in coverage and alan ball and cutler sees it. that was not the designed play and cutler picks it up and hester gets the ball in his hands quickly. as we know, devin hester is awfully dangerous when he has got the ball in his hands with a lot of space. >> joe: 19 yards for devin hester. >> troy: he is uncovered again here. >> joe: interesting the defensive back coach, faces of these receivers. it's olsen now and he will coast into the end zone for the touchdown!
10:39 am
got a good block from earl bennett on his way in for the score and now chicago back on top. >> troy: yeah, well, they go to basically the same look opposite because greg olsen comes off the ball and he is untouched as well. you're going to see olsen here. he just takes the middle and then cutler is going to put it on him. earl bennett, number 80, does a great job on orlando scandrick at the end of this play to keep olsen free. now, they were in man coverage and that is why once olsen got the ball in his hands, everyone else was running with their backs to him and didn't know to come off their man to try to make the tackle. >> joe: right now, it's 10-7 chicago. so greg olsen, who, last year, led the bears with 60 receptions, eight receiving touchdowns, had 612 yards, all career highs, cruises in and in the words of mike martz, "i've never had a tight end that can run like greg
10:40 am
olsen." >> troy: the man coverage is the safety there but they put two receivers to that side. alan ball was out there with chester taylor and nobody was accounting for greg olsen. that was either alan ball's man or a linebacker that should have come out on greg olsen. clearly man coverage. and that is why scandrick wasn't able to peel off of his receiver earl bennett in time to make a play. >> joe: yea cutler with a good job of recognizing what was in front of him. hitting hester and then hitting olsen and dave campo, who is like a little kid waiting for dez bryant to get back to the sideline after his touchdown, has a different look on his face. >> troy: well, this is a defense for the cowboys. they like to play man coverage. you know? that's what they do and they are good at it and they challenge receivers and that is one of the receivers they have been so effective against the run in recent years. but when you play man coverage and then you fail to cover a man, well, then there is nobody there to help.
10:41 am
whereas, in zone, if you turn somebody lose, people can then converge on the receiver. >> joe: so the bears are up by three. the kick is taken by akwasi and is absolutely drilled by henry melton after a return of 21 yards. it looks a little different right now on your screen. it's because we present the nfl to you in wide screen. same way you have potentially been watching movies at home and it gives you more of the picture to enjoy, more players on the field on your screen. in the category of why wasn't it done sooner? the answer is because there are more wide screens and high-def tvs out there now than ever, more than the standard version. so we're giving you as much as we can.
10:42 am
on first down, it's felix jones. out of backfield and now we will see if the dallas offense can do anything moving the football. >> troy: i think felix jones is one of those guys that they really want to get the ball in his hands more often. last week, he had eight carries and two receptions. you know, ten touches for him is just not enough. this is a guy that, over two years, has averaged 6 1/2 yards per rushing attempt. and so he is explosive when he has the ball. the problem with him is they worry about his durability running between the tackles and he has not been a big threat as a receiver, only 23 receptions in 21 career games. that has to change if he is going to get more touches. >> joe: jabs to his right. now does run straight ahead. picked up a first down and that is the end of the first quarter. by the way, major wright, the rookie, who is supposed to be involved at safety for the chicago bears, he is out for the rest of the game with a hamstring injury. we've had a couple of
10:43 am
electrifying touchdowns, one by dez bryant, the last from jay cutler to greg olsen. after one, bears are up three.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> joe: look at those eyes! and, i mean, if you're a little kid looking up at that scoreboard here and that screen, it will put a smile on your face. it is ridiculously big and bright. it dominates the sight lines here in this gigantic stadium in arlington. first down for the cowboys, down by
10:46 am
three. a delayed handoff. that didn't work. felix jones goes backwards. a loss of one on the play. so second down and 11. as i said when they came on the field, as we welcome you inside our booth, it's time now to see the dallas cowboys offense do something. so far, it hasn't looked very good. >> troy: no. they are out of sync and i can tell you from experience, offensive football is all about rhythm and timing and that is something this offense has never been able to establish this year. even though a lot of the same players. and every play becomes challenging when you're not just letting it go. and the cowboys haven't let it go yet this year. >> joe: here is witten with only three catches last year. the cowboys offense looked awful in the preseason. last week, we talked about being able to move the ball. but like last year when they were number two in the nfl in total yards, but just 14th in points scored, they didn't score any more than seven points
10:47 am
against the redskins and lost the game. >> troy: yeah. and trying to call plays, that is offensive coordinator jason garrett, is difficult when you've got -- i hate to keep going back to the offensive line but when you're not protecting the quarterback all that well, when you have penalties, then everything becomes a struggle and it becomes a struggle for the quarterback, because all you're then worried about is getting first downs instead of really reading things out the way you'd like to. >> joe: romo throws and roy williams hit in stride and then roy williams is hit by chris harris. a gain of 19. williams pops up and says "first down!" >> troy: they clear out with the inside guy miles austin and bring roy williams in behind that. he is able to get in behind d.j. moore and chris harris is just waiting on him. >> joe: ah! roy williams, who was a pro bowler in '06, under the direction of
10:48 am
mike martz, his offensive coordinator when he was with the lions. play action. romo over the middle. there is witten, his favorite target, to the 25. now the offense looks a little better for dallas. game break are, here is curt. >> curt: carolina hosting tampa and down 7-0 and going for it on fourth down. matt moore with a concussion last week. hooks up with steve smith. they even things early in the second quarter. joe, troy, and pam? >> joe: all right, curt. a battle in the south. this one between the east and the north. and witten is good for 16 yards. he led the cowboys last year with 94 catches. went to his sixth straight pro bowl. a lot of movement. kosier was bopping up and down when the ball was eventually
10:49 am
snapped. >> referee: false start, offense, number 75. five-yard penalty. first down. >> joe: they get colombo but could have flagged kosier. >> troy: tony romo talked to us the other day how excited he was to play at home and use snap count. we saw romo at the line of scrimmage. he was killing a play and means he is killing a play called in the huddle and going to another play. for a guy like colombo who has julius peppers lined on his outside edge, you start getting a lynn antsy an trying to get out of there and not come unfortunate your stance slowly and, that time, it was too quick. >> joe: now colombo has witten to his right. quick throw by romo. there is miles austin, who was thrown out of bounds by bowman. miles austin, who was handed a six-year contract extension, 18 million guaranteed. last year, a pro bowler.
10:50 am
81 catches. led the nfc with over 1,300 yards receiving. literally out of nowhere. >> troy: this guy is the whole package. nothing he can't do. he has great speed, great quickness, exceptional hands and runs good routes and a willing blocker. you say why did he not get on the field then until last year? he is from a college where he was a raw talent coming into the league. >> joe: there he is again for the first down! and won't go down. a first down. a catch of seven yards. and here is the completion. now, all of a sudden, with a little protection, romo is able to spread it around and now the dallas cowboys' offense looks like the dallas cowboys offense. >> troy: i think any time romo gets to struggling a little bit and wants to get something going, miles austin, as far as the receivers go, is the guy who is going to get the attention. and then jason witten. and we saw that connection a few plays earlier.
10:51 am
>> joe: romo 6 for 6 on this drive. they fake the reverse. now this one to gronkowski. the rookie fullback takes it to the 5. the ball came out but gronkowski was down. the cowboys want to make sure. you can see witten saying, let's get to the line right now and get a play off because they don't want the bears to see this replay. >> troy: it looked to me like the ball was moving. >> joe: and the bears are going to challenge it. >> troy: it's a good challenge by lovie smith because it looked to me like the ball was moving, joe, even though it ultimately came out after his elbow hit the ground, but i don't know that he had the ball secured. >> joe: here is another look. they will look at it under the hood. we get the call when we come back. sure. regular bottle or miller lite vortex bottle? regular. i don't see what's so special about that one.
10:52 am
well, it's got grooves. maybe if you weren't wearing sunglasses in a dimly lit bar, you'd see that. just came from outside. it's midnight. [ male announcer ] man up and choose the vortex bottle. its specially-designed grooves let that great pilsner taste flow right out. got a vortex bottle! and they're playing your song. that's not my song... ♪ i can...
10:53 am
>> joe: chicago challenged it. we all -- right field. >> referee: after reviewing the play the ruling on the field is kmped. the runner hit the ground with possession of the ball. chicago is charged with a time-out.
10:54 am
>> joe: i was going to say, we all agree it would stay with dallas and when i say we all, mike pereira who was in charge of the rules for the nfl in the past who we talked about a lot and is now watching. he is with us. he kind of takes the fun out of it for us. we are usually guessing. now you look at the time-out, as troy highlights it up in the fox box. chicago is left with only one. >> troy: bugman keeps track of those time-outs for us down in the trucks. >> joe: nice of them. second down and four. barber. a yard shy of a first down. third and one. first, got a hit. mayoron barber and danieal manning. >> troy: they had dez bryant lined up on the outside one-on-one with zach bowman. zach bowman was head up. it looked like there
10:55 am
was a lot of field there to maybe come to dez bryant on the slant. had a heck of a first game for his start of his career last week with the eight catches that he had. nothing really deep down the field. >> joe: a punt return for a touchdown in this game. martellus bennett, big target, number 80, is in the lineup for dallas. barber. trying to pick his way. he has got the first down. it's first and goal. from the 1. >> troy: it was a nice play by brian urlacher and it's pretty obvious when you start talking about the struggles that this defense had a year ago and why it happened when you don't have brian urlacher in the middle manning that post. but he has been active again here today. >> joe: the official
10:56 am
on the near sideline ran in on the other side of our unofficial yellow line. they call for a measurement. and by the nose of the football, it's first and goal from the 1. well, lovie smith's team couldn't do it to the detroit defense last week at home. now he is wondering if his defense can hold dallas out with a first and goal from the 1 yard line. >> troy: well, normally in this situation, dallas would love to go play action, but because they have struggled so much to come away with points, only one touchdown last week, i'd be surprised if they don't hand it off to marion barber. >> joe: spears back in. a block for barber. and barber does not get in. >> troy: looked like julius peppers came down and he is the one who was able to get a hand on him.
10:57 am
he was. marion barber, as he started to go over. you see peppers here who comes across and he is the one who is just able to get enough of marion barber, but there was a pretty good push in the middle there by that cowboys offensive line. >> joe: second and goal. play action. gronkowski wide open! touchdown. first touchdown for the rookie chris gronkowski. >> troy: marion barber gets absolutely run over by julius peppers but it worked and it gave romo time to get the ball out to gronkowski then to for the touchdown. make sure that marion
10:58 am
barber is okay. >> joe: and now it's 14-10 dallas. chris gronkowski, brother of rob gronkowski, good rookie tight end for the new england patriots, number 44, he's in for his first score. dallas up by four.
10:59 am
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