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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 19, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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. good music brings together good friends and neighbors after a huge fire. >> one of the three berkeley grads detained in iran for more than a year arrives. what she told a crowd of reporters. >> a danville neighborhood evacuated after three pipe bombs found inside a home there. >> and a police unit targeting gang is being eliminated. >> complete bay area news
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coverage this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. there was an outpouring of support today for those affected by that devastating explosion and fire in san bruno. a fundraiser is underway to help those in the fire zone recover and rebuild. john is live now in san bruno with more on the person behind the event. >> reporter: this is a party where neighbors helping neighbors and the organizer was a 14-year-old high school student. hundreds of people came to the high school today for a day of live music, games and food in the name of disaster relief. a fundraiser for the victims of the explosion and fire on september 9th. >> we just have to be strong and pull together and support the ones that were impacted by this. >> reporter: the organizer, a
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14-year-old k. >> my mom made should calls to a friend who plans events and friend whose are musicians and bands wanted to play, people were donating and all it came together faster than we thought it could. >> reporter: some victims were escorted back in to the fire zone to shift through what is left of their homes. that family who went into their house where jessica morales died did recover some belongings. official was them said they found in jewelry and other items. this family wasn't allowed back in. >> memory now. we have nothing to prove it. just pictures of the house. everything is gone. >> reporter: all they got was the mailbox and they don't plan to rebuild. >> even if they do we don't want to live here. scared. you know, don't want to relieve the moment. better off somewhere else. >> reporter: up the street
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while a cleaning crew worked on a house a neighbor with relatively minor damage was still shaken ten days later. >> little things like trying to relax in the house l is no relaxing in the house. i find myself going through the motions of the day trying to be as normal as possible as you can under the circumstances. what i see down the street haunts me. >> reporter: maybe those victims can find some solace at the high cool. this event continues for another hour. they hope to race about 5,000 dollars for the fire victims. live in san bruno. ktvu channel 2news. >> more than a week after the disaster four victims are still in the hospital with severe injuries and doctors now say they are making progress. joseph gomez, allen braun, his wife and her sister are recovering at the burn center at saint francis in san
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francisco. doctors say they are progressing and doing well. three of them are still hooked up toma sheens to help them breathe but are expected to be taken off in a few days. for all the latest you can log onto the website, uc berkeley graduate is back in the united states. she held a news conference today in new york describing a bitter sweet experience of being released from prison in iran. >> my disappointment in not sharing with shane and josh was crushing. i stand before you today only one third free. >> reporter: josh and shane remain in custody thirteen months after they were captured near the border. sarah said they were visiting a waterfall and had no idea they were near the border of iran this she said wasn't marked. >> they don't deserve to be in prison one day longer than i
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was. we committed no crime and we are not spies. >> reporter: she thanked iran leaders for her release after there was concern about her medical condition. doctors say she is fine. one of those she thanked the president of iran, also spoke out today saying the gesture his government made should be repeated by the united states. >> i believe that it would not be misplaced to ask that the united states government should make a gesture to release the iranians who were illegally arrested and detained here in the united states. >> reporter: for now it appears the united states government has no intention of making a deal with iran. >> i'm concerned about what i see going on and i am of course grateful and appreciative that sarah was released and want to see not only her two friends
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but others who are held without cause released as well. >> though any friends and i never intended or chose to go to iran the tragedy of our imprisonment has ever marked us. >> reporter: her mother lives in oakland. it's not clear when the two women will return to the bay area. >> police in the east bay say pipe bombs were found today inside a home right in the middle a residential area. they arrived to the house and found three pipe bombs. two of them -- we will have more on this including information on an arrest coming up later at 5:30. oakland city councilwoman and mayor candidate became a crime victim this weekend. she was in the safeway parking lot on fruitvale avenue about 9:30 when her purse was snatched. she wasn't hurt. her purse without the valuables was found a short time later. this is the second time in just
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a few weeks that a councilmember has been a victim of a crime. another's home in the fruitvale district was robbed. a computer and other items were taken. police looking for suspects in the stabbing of two men and the beating of another. investigators say one victim has a serious stab wound to the chest, the second was stabbed in back. it all happened just before 2:30 this morning during a fight outside a party. investigators have not yet said if the violence was gang related. >> there is a war of wores in san jose tonight over efforts to contain gang violence. at the center of the controversy is money and how to best use officers to contain the city's gangs. we are in san jose with details. >> reporter: here in san jose the violent crime enforcement team makes one thousand gang related arrests every year but they are being eliminated the officers will go back on
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patrol. leaders of the police officers association gathered this afternoon at a san jose strip mall. a 12-year-old boy was shot in the head there by suspected bang members last year. though the boy lived the association is warning of deadly consequences from eliminating the violent crime enforcement team. >> the majority of homicides in san jose are gang related. we simply will not have the resources to address gangs today like we did yesterday. >> reporter: it'll be a year ago this halloween that an attack left a 12-year-old shot and a 13-year-old stabbed. they weren't members of a gang but just trick or treating here. with the team eliminated one man who owns a restaurant in the same shopping center is worried. >> very insecure. we need it. >> reporter: the police officers association today took out this add in the mercury
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news saying the city has misplaced its priorities and needs to keep the unit. two councilmembers turned out saying the same thing. >> it's a critical part. it's the national motto. >> the mayor has said it's my budget, these are 9 ways the cuts will be made and you support it or you don't. >> reporter: this is the 9th year in a row police have trimmed the force. the chief said there is no more room. >> with very had to cut around everywhere else. we are at a stage now where we have done the surgery and are at bone. this is cutting out bone pieces of the skeleton and it's hard. >> reporter: the mayor said by absorbing the officers in to patrol the city should be able to wage its war against gangs. >> i think we will be. gangs is a high priority. violent crimes a high priority. >> reporter: the mayor said opposition to the cuts
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political. they are against measures that limit outside arbitration and let the city change pension plans. police and fire pensions playing a large part in the budget crunch. >> it was a cloudy cool day with a little rain in parts of the bay area. mark is here with a look at the weather. >> reporter: yeah. we had quite a bit, drizzle and light rain showers earlier this morning, especially up in the north bay. right now not a lot of coverage to show you here on the live storm tracker. you can see the yellows and reds just to the west of chico. heavy rain. this is moving out to the east and northeast that. will continue to be a factor at least in the short term. here we just have the lingering clouds and areas of drizzle, especially coast side and also around the bay. as far as rainfall over the past 24 hours, we will put the radar loop in motion. you won't find a lot of activity and as far as rainfall we had to look hard to find
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them. santa rosa -- vacaville just barely and mill valley 800th ease's of an inch of rain. we could pick up just a little bit of drizzle. partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures coast side in the upper 50s around the bay on eight side of 60. here we go with the satellite and radar. you can see that system with the most of the rainfall up to the north along the north coast. for tomorrow morning we are expecting at least some patchy fog. temperatures upper 40s to the low to mid50s. minor changes. come up in the five-day i will highlight the warmest day. >> police in the east bay city of pittsburgh investigating a multiple shooting outside a party that left a young man dead. the shots rang out around 11:30 on the 800 block of santa
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susanna way. hand ran gonzalez was shot and killed outside his home. two others were released. it broke out during a party. dozens of shell cassises were found. no arrests have been made and police have not yet named any suspects. >> four people were wounded in a shooting early this morning in oakland. it happened just after 2:30 a.m. in the 400 block embark zero east. they were all taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening ones. police haven't released information about a suspect or motive in the 14509 shooting. >> the bay area's first toll express lane will open. starting at five drivers can pay their way to use the express lane on southbound interstate 680. it runs highway 84 to highway 237. all driver dear sir use the lane for a fee.
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the cost will depend on the traffic conditions and will vary from about three to six dollars. drivers will need to have a fast track. the lane will be free for all drivers after 8:00 p.m. and opponent weekends. political heavy weights talking about tea party victories. also ahead a religious group thought to be suicidal has been found. where they were and why they had family and police worried. >> and it is dead. officials say the broken well that caused pollution in the gulf is finally permanently plugged. >> the treatment that could help those with asthma.
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snob the missing members of a small religious sect were found safe today praying at a park. a large search was launched amid fears of a suicide pact. they went missing yesterday and left behind evidence they were
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waiting for the r apture. the group's leader has been in the hospital. they were found today in the park in palmdale. >> a sacramento county judge has dismissed charges against 79 defendants after prosecutors decided the arresting officer behaved improperly. most were for drunk driving most of at accused had admitted their guilt. the former police officer allegedly conducted improper dui stops and made fake reports. some of those who had charges dismissed say they will file lawsuits seeking damages. there is no word if the officer will face charges. >> the blown out well in the gulf has been officially declared capped. that almost five months to the day of the deadly rig explosion that killed 11 people. while the news was met with relief by many the work isn't
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over. april williams reports. >> reporter: a sunday to lift the spirits of the gulf coast. after months of frustration in the area united states officials say a well blow out that polluted marches, and stained beaches has been plugged. works spent the weekend pulling out the pipe used to pump the cement that sealed the well shut. 4.9million-barrels escaped during the disaster. john wright is a contractor who worked on the project. >> when we drilled in to it there was no sign of oil in the -- that means unlikely there was oil flowing up the back side of the casing. >> reporter: 40 miles off the louisiana coast an explosion in late april on the oil rig killed 11 people and released the worst spill in american history. intense national and international attention sprang up with a microscope on bp the well's owner to clean up the
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disaster. >> the amount of press focus absolutely is probably the most different from the previous projects we have done. >> reporter: the president said the government will continue to work in the area to repair damage from the disaster. i'm april williams. >> the president is calling on african americans to boost turn out in november and vote. speaking to the black caucus he said the election is about economic progress more than individuals. >> we all knee knew that during any campaign. this wasn't just about electing a black president. this was about a plan to rescue our economy and rebuild it on a new foundation. >> reporter: he said the recession has been devastating for avenue an american neighborhoods that were already struggling before the down turn
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hit. >> delaware's surprise candidate for senator is explaning today about comments she once made about dabbling in witchcraft. she said it was a nonissue. >> that comment, i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang out with questionable folks in high school? no, there is been no witch craft since. if there was carl rove would be supporting me now. >> reporter: she canceled who appearances when the story came out but said it had nothing to do with already canceling. the seat formerly held by joe biden is considered important for republicans to win the majority in november. >> tea party activists helped sway support last back in delaware and alaska. today the former secretary of state weighed in on the buzz around the tea party.
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>> i think the the tea party movement and still i think it's a movement and not a party, has tapped in to an anger that exists throughout the country and they aren't just mad at the president and his administration, they are mad at democrats and they are mad incumbent republicans. >> reporter: he uncled his party to support immigration. he said generally people who come from foreign countries are what is keeping the country's lifeblood moving forward. >> researchers say they have found a possible new treatment for adult was hard to control asthma. according to a study the drug worked as well as the asthma drug. the find came at a price though. sciencists this spend almost a million dollars of taxpayer money on the study. that after a drug maker refused to donate its asthma drugs for the study. >> a series of car bombings in
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iraq kill dozens. just what they were targeting. >> the president of iran in new york city and he makes i strong statement. >> also police in the east bay find three pipe bombs. where they were found.
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. car bombs in iraq killed at least 36 people. it would have them exploded in
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baghdad. one one was aimed at a commercial center, another at a security building. ed third was aimed at iraqi patrols. more than 125 people were hurt in the blasts. the bombings broke a calm period following ramadan. it's the worst streak of violence since the withdrawal dropped troop levels below 50,000. >> in other news n afghanistan vote counting continues after yesterday's election. there have been many complaints of fraud including poll workers letting people cast ballot was fake voter cards. the election commission said polling sites started counting wal-marts as soon as polls closed. 95% have completed counting but tallies still have to to be sent to the capitol. india, at least 63 are dead from flooding landslides since yesterday. authorities have evacuated about 55,000 people from one of
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the worst hit areas. they have called in the army and federal emergency crews to help. the main weather office is forecasted heavy rains in parts of the country during the next 24 hours. more than eight hundred rain related deaths have been reported since june. flooding monsoon rains kills hundreds each year. the pope wrapped up his four day trip to the united kingdom with a mass. thousands gathered in the city's park to listen. the day before thousands marched through london to protest the pope. it was the biggest demonstration in his five-year papacy. >> iran's president is in new york city preparing for a united nations general assembly. he has had hard words about sanctions on his country and has said there is no intention
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to obtain an atomic bomb. >> reporter: the iran president who arrived in new york today has said leaded up to the meeting that the multily rounds of sanctions by the security council over the nuclear program have been pathetic. he said these sanctions will definitely mark a new level of progress in our economy. we have turned sanctions around and created opportunities out of this. the secretary of state said the sanctions have and will continue to affect them. >> the information we are getting that the iran government is worried about the impact on their banks system, on their economic growth because they have encountered tough times and this is making more costly. >> reporter: the secretary who said iran has not agreed to attend any meetings on its nuclear program during the un session this week said they need to permit full nuclear
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inspections. by the watch dog group the iaea. the president said his government isn't block them but the iae se said they haven't been allowed to do their job. >> three lesbian ministers were recognized this weekend by the largest lutheran church branch in the united states. ceremonies were held by the lutheran church in america. last year the church voted to let gays in committed relationships to seven as clergy. two of the women, were once pastors in san francisco. their church was kicked out of the elca because they were gay. >> it's a day that we are received fully as partners in the church. it's a day that stands for hundreds and hundreds of people who were never sure they were
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welcome in the pews. >> the three have a combined total of 60 years in the ministry. >> still ahead on the news, one arrest and three pipe bombs found inside this danville home. one of the residents of that home has to say. >> also we will show you the amazing fossil found appropriately at the san diego zoo. our state is in a real mess. d i'm not going to give you y phony plans or snappy slogans that don'to anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions.
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we have live within o means. we have got to take the powere it down to theocal level, closer to the peopl and new taxes, without voteapproval. we have got to pull together n as republicans or as democrats but asalifornianfirst. at this stage in my life, i'm preparedo do exactly that.
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. there were tense moments in
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danville after police officers say they found some pipe bombs. chris tan is there with a live report. >> reporter: police this morning arrested a 36-year-old eric eric dennis. we spoke to one of the women in the home and she said she knew nothing about bombs and is happy they are gone. >> i have no idea where it came from. i found it -- someone said -- it in the back and i found it -- that's -- now they came and took care of it. >> reporter: she said she had no idea the bombs were inside the home. police say the calls started a domestic disturbance. a search turned up the three bombs and a small amount of bomb making material. police evacuated the homes in the area and called in the bomb squad who detonated the devices. neighbors say it's a quiet area and they never suspects there might be bombs in a home just a few yard away. >> not the kind of thing we want. we want the neighborhood to by
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safe and want families to feel safe and it was -- it's unfortunate situation. >> reporter: neighbors say they are appreciative of the danville police department. they say they have complained about the house in the pastp. eric dennis is in the martinez jail. he is facing charges of bomb possessions and of possession of bomb making materials. we are live in danville. >> a laid off worker for the valley school district is now suing and a former assistant superintendent for sexual harassment. he said margaret brown made demeaning remarks against men. she resigned works for the los angeles school district. back in april the district paid nearly one million dollars in settlements to other worker who said they were harassed by
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brown. >> the film maker behind the inconvenient truth is releasing a new documentary called waiting for super man. it takes a look at the public school system. shannon has more. >> even the kids getting stupider every year or something is wrong in the education system. >> reporter: the man behind the new education documentary waiting for super man said it's the latter. on september 24th his movie about the public school system will hit theaters. it follows students and their families on their uphill battle to secure good education in a system he labels broken. >> among 30 developed countries we rank 26th in math, and 21st in science. >> reporter: dc public school chancellor laided by some for her ideas and criticized by the teacher's union features in the documentary and said its time the country fought a good look at what's happening. >> if you look at what has
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happened in american public education over the last 20 year aceves gone from number one in a lot of different respects to absolutely at the bottom among developed nations. >> reporter: while charter schools are positive in the new film teachers unions are not. this is no attack from the right. he is the academy award winning director behind the global warming document documentary inconvenient truth. officials praise his attempt to get the country talking but aren't happy about what they call inaccurate portrayal of teachers unions. >> there are three million teachers and we need to give the good teachers we have the tools and the conditions to support them. we need to support them rather than cape goat them. >> reporter: he said he never expected any film making experience to pass the support he got for inconvenient truth.
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he said the ground swell around this project has been even greater. he also confesses that though is he a huge supporter of public schools he is so troubled by them he chose private for his own children. in washington, fox news. >> the san diego zoo has found a rare but appropriate find, the fossil of a whale. last thursday digging on a construction site revealed a large bone. they have since found a 24-foot whale skeleton that's three million years old. researchers were happy to find it intact as skulls normally separate. the fossil will go to san diego's natural history museum for more study. >> the oakland raiders played their home opener today and for the first time since 2004 the home opener was not a sell out. low ticket sales meant it was not on the television in the ba
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area 11nfl teams reportedly could face blackouts in their home market this is season. the seasons vary including the performance of the team and the down economy. they are also affects local businesses and restaurants who usually profit from the season. >> its been an ongoing problem because of the sales and that's the problem. nfl is having a situation and not only with the raiders but a lot of teams will be blacked out this year and unable to see the games. economics i would assume that's the reason for it. >> raiders blacked out seven times last season. their last sell out was the home opener last year. >> hurricane igor now barreling toward land. what residents and tourists are being told to do to stay out of harm's way. >> no hurricanes around here but its been cloudy. will the sun return for the workweek? mark will have the forecast.
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. people in bermuda are bracing for iraq gor many the storm has been down graded to a category one but it's still expected to pack a powerful punch. >> reporter: we are in south hampton. it's expected to get the worst of igor. it's weakened but is already bringing a storm surge and violent surf. you can see where several feet of beach have been chew away. it used to reach up to the level of that platform but its been carved out by the waves. this hotel only has about a dozen guests left and they have all been moved to condos high
5:40 pm
on the cliffs to stay out of harm's way. they have encouraged residents to stay inside and avoid the worst of the hurricane. it could still cause a significant flooding other damages. they have extra police, fire and soldiers on stand by as well as the power company ready to move in once igor moves out. in bermuda. >> all right. i was talking to mark and ken earlier about the fact it was drizzling in san francisco today. didn't like it much. >> yeah. the drizzle heavy enough to wet the roadways, want the umbrella. right now the main system responsible for the wet weather is moving out to the north and east. not everybody had the wet roadways but it was a factor, especially for the north bay. right now the maps i can show you this on live storm tracker to two. look at what's developing up to the north. right arounded chico area a. round interstate 5. you can see
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the yellows and reds. those correlate to heavy downpours. back here we just have lingering clouds in place. a look outside. we can show you this. look from the north bay from san rafael. the clouds starting to break up. has mild out there across the bay area. talking about the humidity over the past couple days. that is the result of a weather system approaching our shoreline. clouds and drizzle for today and rainfall. especially up in the north bay. partly cloudy for tonight. temperatures inland warming up for tomorrow. warmest day, that's scheduled to move in the area on friday. in the five-day forecast. beyond that point we could have warmer temperatures. as far as the satellite and radar, here is that cold front. we have been tracking about a week now and the main action was up to the north. you can see the front falling apart across the bay area.
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strong enough to impact the weather with the clouds for today. as the system moves out the cloud wills move out but we will expect fog first thing tomorrow morning. most areas temperatures most areas on average warming up about four to eight degrees from today's highs. this high will weaken a little bit on tuesday and wednesday. temperatures cool off for that time frame. for tomorrow morning partly cloudy. patchy fog. low to mid50s out there. here is the forecast model showing you some of the cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and a few patches in to the bay. then in to the afternoon hours partly to mostly sunny. maybe patchy coastal fog and temperatures from the lower 60's to around 80 for tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at some of the numbers for monday afternoon. santa rosa 78. vallejo 73. winds pick up around 10 to 20
5:43 pm
miles an hour for tomorrow afternoon and for tomorrow afternoon we -- the lower 80's toward concord, antioch and pittsburgh. gilroy around 78. you can see some 60's and 70s. the clouds a factor in the morning. skies partly sunny, san bruno and san mateo. minor changes for tuesday and wednesday. little bit of a dip in the numbers and fall starts wednesday night, 8:09 to be precise. look what happens by thursday and friday. we will woman the numbers and this last weekend of summer, cool and cloudy, next weekend the first weekend of fall could be beautiful with 70s, possibly upper 80's. if you want the warmer temperatures hold on a little bit. >> you are talking about the humidity i heard women complaining about their frizzy hair. >> not me. >> we still have the fog to deal with. >> we can hold off on the hair
5:44 pm
spray. >> little bit. >> some schools in midwest are taking recycling to a new level. it's a it puts teachers in connection with goods headed for the trash. rob olson. >> reporter: its sort of like a gold mine. >> getting free stuff. >> reporter: if the gold were actually pieces of carpet and tile and counter top and other things of interest to frugal artists. >> when i can get free stuff by the hundreds, it's just fabulous. >> reporter: we found her among a number of art teachers. >> this is great. . >> rerepurposeing. >> reporter: its part of a nationwide effort called zero landfill to take out dated product samples and keep them out of the trash. >> i work for a firm and all this behind us is in the sample libraries every day and things
5:45 pm
being discontinued. >> reporter: they collect them, weigh them and separate the pieces from the binders, send out e-mails to schools, telling the art teachers to come get it. >> brand new for us. >> reporter: some take the samples, some want the binders. >> i think it's great. i just heard about it when i asked for money to buy the binders. she said things tight. >> i thought you could design a palate, maybe a --. >> reporter: in kitty's classroom in lakeville not only does this help her budget. >> for a whole year i might have two or three dollars to spend per student. >> reporter: its stuff that helps her kids get creative. >> i went up to a place and they were give away all this great different kinds of paper. >> reporter: turned what would have been trash into works of art and keep the landfills a little less full in the
5:46 pm
process. have you done this? >> not like this very gotten great stuff before but never so much at one time. >> reporter: fox news. >> coming up the raiders were blacked out locally but we have the highlights. . and the giant others fence wakes up but was it enough to beat the brewers?
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. good evening. things remain tight at the top of the national league west. business as its been for some time now. first place at stake every time
5:49 pm
the giants take the place. smarting from two straight will losses -- on the first at bat today. how about that play by ryan in left to take a hit from ross. this is robbery of the highest order. one of the best defensive plays we have seen at the park. jose made up for that later in the inning when the giants loaded the base was two outs. he goes deep with a gland slam. the much needed 4-0 first inning lead. they got zito rare additional run support in the 6th. two outaskingl. six rbis for him. 6-0 giants. they were cruising by the time buehrle came to the plate in the 7th. he gets in to the home run act. it's a three run shot. the giants back in first place all by themselves. they win 9-2 and coupled with losses by the padres and
5:50 pm
rockies, are now a half game up on san diego. the a's playing out the string but hoping to build movement to take in the off season. curt jumping on the central division leading twins and in the first inning today, a bloop hit to score barton. they put the twins in the hole before they come to the plate. this hit made this deeper. 30-year-old rookie, staked to a -- before he took the mound. here is more cushion from kramer in the 5th. barton on the front of him. runner for the second straight start as the a's beat the tins 6-2. nine and a half games in front minnesota has the central division in that one. two significant developments for the raiders today. one, they got a win, two they have what you would have to think will be a new starting
5:51 pm
quarterback. playing its home opener against sam bradford and the rams after a scoreless first quarter. bradford put the rams on the board first. he fires this seven yard score to clayton. 7-0 rams. things not looking good in radar land. campbell still struggling to find a rhythm. late in the first half he is picked off. they head to the locker room and a change was made. bruce was put in, that worked. he put oakland in front. it was 16-7 raiders in the 4th. bradford finding joey the middle of the field and mcclain making a move somewhat out of westing. he is called for 15 yards after the play and the ram offense that much closer to the end zone. bradford made it pay off.
5:52 pm
good coverage. the play at first called incomplete. clayton getting both feet down. then a key personal foul against the rams. they need the ball back on the second and nine. throwing away. robins well after the plate decided he needed to give him a push. that was worth 15 yards. raiders able to run out the clock from there. oakland in the win column. cable the patriots taking on their rivals the jets. this is what brady and moss can do. giving them the second quarter leave. he left the game after injuring his hamstring. jets rally for the win. sanchez in the back of the end zone. three scoring passes on the day. england's -- the jets 28-14
5:53 pm
win. packers got the big win or buffalo. wade representing for chicago at the big stadium in dallas. bears trail in the second quarter. then cutler throwing to hester in the end zone. he brings the pass in with one hand. two body parts down. the replay confirmed the call. dallas unexpected 0-2 after this loss. the texans get a field goal against washington to win the first overtime game in their franchise history. favre not able to turn back the clock. the third quarter. wake coming from behind. stripping the ball away. it's recovered in the end zone. that gives the dolphins the 14- 0 lead. this was the best chance they had to win. peter soon, stuffed for no game. minnesota turning over on down.
5:54 pm
favre threw three interceptions. falcons did the rest of the nfc rest a favor with a route of arizona. elsewhere, in a tight one where michael vick got the start for the eagles, they go onto beat detroit 35-32. jacksonville loses to san diego. pittsburgh 2-0 without ben after edging tennessee he edged the ravens with help from a controversial roughing the passer call. it was back to earth with the seahawks. the niners will see a 2-o team next sunday after the chiefs win over cleveland. tampa is 2-0 and the giants and colts call that the manning bowl, tonight's late game and indianapolis 7-0 lead. stanford moving up in the rangings after it's third straight lopsided win. nascar's chase for the cup underway with a surprise winner in race number one. we will be right back.
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123450 ever since the daytona 500 nascar drivers have been fighting to get there to or stay in the top 12. today's first race for the cup, the driver who just made it into the top 12 came away with the win. jimmie johnson said -- on the right -- with the race more than two thirds gone burton and kurt busch made contact. that sends busch spinning. some of the biggest names do a good job to avoid contact. the outcome of the race came down to fuel strategy. tony stewart had the fastest car but elected to roll the dice with two laps to go and no gast. cost him. he ran out of gas, boyer goes past him. he breaks the 88 race drought for a win. the win sends him into second
5:58 pm
place behind hamblen in the chase for the cup. that's it for this early night sport wrap. see you tonight at ten. we should mention stanford goes from 19th to 16th in the poll after that big win last night. >> lot of stuff going on. man. absolutely. >> come up for air. >> thank you. tonight at ten a first for drivers starting tomorrow. express lane while it was designed to speed things up drivers may be more confused. that story tonight. . >> for awful us here thank you for joining us. we hope to see you tonight at ten.
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