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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 20, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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fail in an earthquake. >> so there's a lot of different things thatmaker up these segments. they could be as sort as two- mile segments or mile long. >> reporter: you would be hard- pressed to locate one of these from the information. but, says, pg&e, their relative risk is based on four major factors. first and foremost, danger that a third party my dig in to or puncture a pipe. also, is the design of the pipe such that it might fail, especially in the earthquake scenario. third, the actual physical condition of the pipe. and finally, its location. meaning the pipe is in heavily populated areas, along fault zones or environmentally sensitive areas are higher in priority. >> any potential threat to public safety, we needly go and address the situation. >> reporter: since these maps are so vague, pg&e is setting up a toll-free number for
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customers. as time -- [ no audio ] >> this list is influx. some items will move up the list, some items will move down the list. >> reporter: now, that toll- free number is 888-743-7431. again, 888-743-7431. now, coming up at 6:00, two areas that are not on the list that maybe should have been. back to you. that just-released list is raising some concerns in the south bay because it concerns a section of the largest city. coming up at 5:30, robert handa will have more on that list and tell us what the utility told mayor reed what it intends to
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do about the pipeline. these weekend crews may begin removing the ruins of the homes destroyed. there's concerns of asbestos, metal left behind. the san mateo health department says a special contractor will come in and handle the removal. they say health risks will stay low as long as the removal doesn't create a lot of dust. almost two weeks after the explosion, six victims are still in the hospital. four are recovering at st. francis hospital in san francisco. doctors today say they are making slow but steady progress. two other patients are being treated at san francisco general hospital. one suffered burns. the other is treated for smoke inhalation and is in fair condition. for the latest on the san bruno disaster, including the list that pg&e released today on where the gas pipelines are located, go to when you're there just go to the "right now" section. alameda county prosecutors
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announced a third person is facing charges in connection with the shooting of a police officer. investigators say andrew barrientos, the man charged with the injury to todd young, stopped and told sierra he was involved in the shooting which makes sierra an accessory after the fact. we have good news tonight. the recession is over. in fact, an agency says the recession has been over for more than a year. while economists may think that, the reaction we got from people on the street is a whole lot different. jim vargas has more. >> frank, the recession may have ended 15 months ago, but for those we spoke to who are out of work is laughable.
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contrary to today's report, people, such as elliott wise, who has been looking for a job since april, say the recession is far from over for them. >> where is it? where's the jobs? [ laughter ] >> to people looking for work, unemployment is no laughing matter. 6-year-old keith falk said he was -- 63-year-old keith faulk said he was laid off from kraft 15 months ago. his unemployment is gonna run out. >> we're not far from the streets. >> reporter: some job seekers say they've spent hundreds of job applications and still come up dry. now, elliott weiss has been looking for work since april. it's been maybe ten interviews,
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maybe eight interviews, it's been a very frustrating situation. >> reporter: a single mother sums it up like this -- >> it's an employers market. if you don't have all of the experience they want, there's a million other people that can go get that. >> reporter: economists say the job growth always lags behind economic growth in a recovery. >> what we're seeing this time around is far more than a lagging indicator but sustained, long-term unemployment where half of those who are unemploymented, virtually half, have been unemployed lodger than six months. >> and unfortunately economists look like we'll have continue to have high unemployment for at least another year. >> that report on the recession says it lasted 18 months.
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that's longer than the recession in the '70s. the other in the '80s. and today, president obama announced many americans are hurting and that the recession is far from over. but in a televised town hall- style meeting, he defended his policy. >> for those who are out of work, people are struggling to pay the bills day to day it's still very real for them. >> the president said the current economic situation was ten years in the making. in today's televiseed town hall style forum, he says bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, have to end when they expire at the end of the year. his plan would preserve the cuts for families making less than $250,000 annually. >> i can't give tax cuts to the top two% of americans -- 2% of
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americans. 86% of that money going to people making a million dollars or more and lower the deficit at the same time. don't have the math. >> but republicans want the cuts extended for everyone, saying without them, the wealthy would be less likely to invest and the economy will suffer. >> the economic policies of this administration have failed. we're pushing the third year in a row of more than a trillion- dollar deficit and the american people are focused where they ought to be focused. >> reporter: critics argue the president and his administration are out of touch with americans and small business owners. democrats say it will take time to fix the slumping economy they inherited. >> i'm thinking about the next generation and there are a lot of folks out there thinking about the next election. if i were making decisions based on november, i wouldn't have done some of the things i did because i knew they weren't popular but they were the right thing to do. >> today's event the audience consisted of heart attack and small business owners, teachers
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and those unemploymented. one man praiseed president obama. there are more problems for the nation's housing market. according to the national association of home builders, sentiment was unchanged in september at 13. it's been at that level for two straight months. it's also the lowest level since march 2009. reading below 50 indicate negative sentiment. the last time the index was above 50 was in april of 2006. on wall street, investors seemed unphased, they rallied higher in more nan four months. analysts say the markets were
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encouraged and the dow was up nearly 147 points to 10,754. that's the highest close since may 13th. the nasdaq was also up for a ninth straight session. it closed up 40 points at 2,356. for more financial news, go to and click on the news. for the second time in a week, a dead whale has been found in waters. a report went out that there was one that washed you in ocean beach. speculation was it was the same whale from last week stuck on a cargo. expert looked at the whales and said they were two different whales. ed the fda is holding hearings
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today about whether to hold modified fish. john fouler is live with more. john? >> reporter: well, fishermen are opposed to it because any farmed fish is in competition with them. but this fish genetic science is remarkable. a company says it can make atlantic salmon twice as large, twice as fast. >> they have the best of both worlds genetically and the fish will get very large, very fast. >> reporter: food safety advocates say there's not been enough testing on humans. >> especially since they are using growth hormones, what's the impact for us and our children? >> reporter: the question
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really now is should there be an extra label? >> i think it would be a good thing to have, just to know what you are getting. >> reporter: the company's also working on genetically modified till lawn pia and -- tilapia and trout. >> we need to be able to feed the growing population with seafood. the only way to do it -- >> reporter: would people buy it? >> no. >> if it was deemed safe by certain people, i probably could. >> it would be a tragedy in atlantic salmon went extinct as a genetic accident associated with the creation of this fish for human done sum shun -- consumption. >> reporter: price may be the
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key. the fda hearings continue tomorrow, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. in martinez police are trying to unravel a mysterious shooting yesterday morning that left a 40-year-old wounded outside his home. a woman walking her dog near center avenue and glare sherr drive found the wounded -- glacier dre found the wounded man and called police. the man was wounded in his home but was able to walk out before he collapsed. he's in intensive care at a local hospital. anyone with information is urged to call police. richardsome mccroskey was arrested last september for killing his 16-year-old girlfriend, her parents and another girl in virginia. he entered a plea agreement in a virginia courtroom in
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exchange for a 20-year sentence. students in novato return to class since an -- since another student was killed by a drunk driver. the victim was a junior at novato high school. he was one of five teenagers in a bmw that crashed just before balloon on friday into a truck loaded with live cattle. police say they found empty beer cans and empty liquor bottles inside the car. >> i was stunned. i was disappointed about the choice made. >> i find it really remarkable that -- that they would leave during school hours even if it was only at lunch to do that. >> the 16-year-old driver is now under arrest. he's facing several charges, including vehicular manslaughter and dui. coming up at 6:00, allie rasmus will tell us why state investigators are now involved in how the crash has school
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officials rethinking their campus policy. at least one in six accidents were caused by those using cell phones. the ntsb reports that more than 5400 people were killed and 448,000 injured in distracted driving accidents in 2009. the greatest proportion of the drivers were under the age of 20. the highest number of cell phone related accidents involves people between the age of 30 and 19. firefighters putting out a house fire in san jose today discovered an illegal marijuana- growing operation. they were responding to a fire to a house. the fire was burning inside the home's walls and was started by electrical equipment. no word yet on who the owner of the house is or what charges they may end up facing.
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the first express toll lane in the bay area opened at 5:00 a.m. it's a system that may take some getting used to for drivers. here's more. >> reporter: ktvu rode with them and showed them how this works. expect the learning curve drivers may take some getting used to. >> right now the most important thing for drivers to understand is the double white line that they can't cross. that's different from a regular carpool where there is a lot of cutting in and out. >> reporter: the lane stretches 14 miles, with only three entrances beginning at highway 84 at sunol. it only has three exits. drivers will now see an electric sign telling them current toll, anywhere between
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30 cents and $6 depending upon the flow of weekday traffic. sensors will track the device. free carpoolers have to put their transponders away or they will be charged. the green light shows that drivers are using fastrack to pay the poll. a yellow light signals drivers illegally using the lane. >> please, do not take chances if you find yourself in a situation in which you may miss your exit, continue on, proceed to the next exit, exit the freeway and come back. >> this is the first ever toll lane in northern california but it won't be the last. >> drivers can express to see these express lanes pop up all over first on 580 eastbound and then 580 westbound, the following year. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. hewlett-packard settled its lawsuit against mark hurd which
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sought to prevent him from taking a job at rival oracle. hp claimed that would reveal secrets to oracle. hp didn't reveal details of the settlement but said it's committed to continue its ongoing partnership with or cau kell -- oracle. there is a six-day conference at the moscone center that's closed streets. >> we love hosting this in san francisco. they are so supportive of having oracle open. every time we grow, we are able too expand our footprint within the city. >> there's also a venue on treasure island for a musical event for wednesday headlined by the black-eyed peas, steve
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miller. boy, those people were getting some great weather. the views were phenomenal? >> it really feels like fall out there. therethere is a lot of moisture leftover for the weekend. the sprinkles did occur, drizzle along the coast, actually some rain up in santa rosa. now we're changing around. let's go out in the pacific. i want to show you, the wide shot. look at the weather systems lined up out here. this is a very active pacific for what is essentially going to be -- be -- the fall ecoknocks starts in a few -- equinox starts in a few days. it's 77 san jose. 78 in livermore. it feels lotter than that,vy to admit. the forecast is for more fog tonight. coastal fog. maybe a little drizzle. more fog again tomorrow morning and then cool he. today we had 80s, low 80s.
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mid-70s. tomorrow we're mid-70s, low 70s and we continue to trend down but then we warm up as we head toward the end of the week. a significant warmup, it will be one of those kind of classic -- maybe not indian sum irtype events but the winds will go offshore. fire danger will come up. air quality will get not that good and temperatures will get near 90. you know what's coming? what we have for tomorrow morning are temperatures on the mild side, 49 in napa. 47 in santa rosa. we're looking at a lot of cloud cover because the coastal follow is regrouping. it's gonna come back as the next system comes back and cooling impact will be from the fog that will had push in. 54 in concord. 53 in livermore. so when i come back, i will show you where this low pressure is gonna go and when it's gonna heat up which will be the warmest day. week. see you back here in a little bit uc berkeley recently freed from an iranian prison is back in the united states and
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calling for the return of her two friends, one of whom is her fiancee. sarah shourd returned over the weekend and said the entire incident was a mistake and that she, shane bauer and josh fattal had no idea they were near the border whether any were captured. >> shane and josh didn't deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crime and we're not spice. >> shourd was released with her ongoing medical condition but after ongoing tests, the doctors said she's fine. police issue a warning after two women are attacked when they come home. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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world leaders gathered today for a summit. u.s. secretary-general moon said a poor global economy cannot be an use for not moving forward. as many as 150 heads of state are expected to attend. in afghanistan today, election officials estimate that one out of -- rather than, out of 12 million eligible
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voters across the country 4 million cast ballots. hamid karzai is praising the elections as a positive step but the afghan group overseeing the group is calling it self. >> we've seen proxy votes underaged voting and also muteddable -- multiple voting. >> preliminary results could come with the final count expected at the end of october. former defense secretary donald rumsfeld announced that his memoirs will be released next year. the book will chronicle his time in the bush administration including information about the 9/11 attacks, the overthrow of theton and the invasion of iraq. cnn has obtained an exclusive interview with the first -- rather the french first lady, carl a bruney.
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she claims flade, michelle obama, told her that life at the white house is hel. the french first lady is denying she ever said that. >> i'm happy to tell you very frankly that this is not a notarized book -- authorized book. not one book is authorized. >> both the french embassy and the white house denied the reporting in that book as well. pg&e releases the risk of highest -- the list of highest risk gas lines. >> reporter: today a lot of people in the bay area found out they live or work above a gasline that needs repaired. it's bay area land that was off limits to the public until now. e ret ma oilwi totr wco l wcote
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pg&e has just reliesed a list of its -- released a list of it's 100 highest risk gas lines. robert handa is live with more. >> reporter: we're here on 1st and tazman, one of the gas pipe locations on the list. as you can see, it's a pretty
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busy area. people we talked to here had mixed feeling about what lies underneath. the north san jose area near the milpitas border has a lot of activity with silicon valley businesses, the light rail line and new housing. today, pg&e released a list showing this neighborhood is above one of the utilities, 100 high risk natural gas lines. ones in need of maintenance or repair. there's one in the neighborhood and two in milpitas. >> it's kind of scary, of course. you want to make sure they are taking care of it. we don't want to see any more accidents happen. that's for sure. >> since we're aware of it now and they are able to fix it, i think it will be a huge benefit. does it -- it doesn't make me nervous now because we're aware of it. >> reporter: the valley transportation agency which operates the south bay's light rail system also wants more information about the repairs.
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>> they were aware of the utilities but the condition of those utilities weren't something that was on our radar. >> reporter: san jose mayor chuck reed says he hasn't gotten many details either. >> if you look at what pg&e does with the electrical system and their ability to shut things down to avoid problems, they should have the same capacity with the pipeline to know what's happening in their pipeline at all times in all places and be able to take action before we have an explosion. >> reporter: what would make you feel safer? >> well, to know they do their revisions right and on time and make sure they have their pipes replaced an everything -- and everything. >> reporter: pg&e says there's a timetable for repairs. the one here is scheduled for work in 2012. one thing that will change san jose, others plan to be involved in the process.
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back to you. a san bruno teenager organized a benefit yesterday to help the victims of the disaster. friends and neighbors gathered at cappuccino high school. the mood was upbeat but the idea was to raise money for the families involved in the explosion. money raised was donated to a fund set up by the local lions' club. and we have all of the latest on where the gas pipelines are located, the most dangerous ones are located around the bay area. you can go to channel 2's website, and go to the "right now" section for that information. quell, the governor had to -- well, the governor had to cancel his meetings with leaders today to try to hammer out a spending plan to close the budgeting gap. the capitol was empty with lawmakers on recess and the
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governor remaining at home in los angeles. there's no word when the gauche aircraft -- negotiations will resume. police believe one man is responsible for two attacks on women. he's described as an african- american male in his 20s, they say he's about 5'10" 6 feet tall with medium build and dark clothing and say he's armed with weapon. meanwhile, jean kwon had her purse snatched while in the safeway parking lot. kwon was not hurt. her purse was found in the same parking lot just a short time late sneer it's another crucial missing link at the planned 500- mile bay trail. it's an area that hasn't been opened to the public until years. in a story when 24 first became involved and the relocation of
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an ammunition bunker. maureen naylor is live in sunnyvale with our report. >> reporter: frank, nasa had to approve the new part of the san francisco bay trail. it's a crucial part you mentioned -- mentioned. >> ready? >> ready, set, go! [ cheers ] >> with a pair of bolt leaders leaders cut the gate to a trail extension and runs through moffett field. the joy was apparent among the first bicyclists on the route, including this father who says he's waited years for this day. >> i live in morgan hill. i drove up here to sunnyvale. i rode my bike to get here. so i'm pretty excited. >> the new stretch is part of an effort to create a 500-mile long trail. the section means cyclists will no longer have to cross highway 101 to bike from sunnyvale to
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mountain vail. today we just closed what may seem like a small segment, 2.5 miles. but it closes a 26-mile continuous stretch of trail, so people can ride from san jose to palo alto. it was most frankly a bureaucratic nightmare because there's so many agencies that had to cooperate but they did. >> reporter: hargo donated the land a key connector between google. >> there's actually some sheep or something that -- that i never have seen. i would never have thought animals would live on the base but there's -- it's interesting i have never seen this angle before of the base.
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>> the entire 500-mile trail is expected to take another decade to complete. the next step is securing land in east palo alto and alviso. nasa ames research center is being recognized for bringing some of its high- techno how from moffett field. the 50,000-square yard building, when complete, it will include solar, heating and cooling and a water filtration system. sustainability, even learning how to become more efficient over time. >> what's the best time to open the windows? this will all be computer controlled. >> the building will use zero net electricity and 90% less water than other buildings.
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its size. >> some new figures are just released about kids and waste loss surgery. also ahead from big box to medium. why the nation's largest retailer is downsizing.
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anthem bluecross will hike rates 14%, blueshield, 19% and health net by 16%. all increases take effect october 1st. the number of obese
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californiaed a doe less thes getting -- obese california adolescents are getting the gastric surgery. it rose seven-fold between 2005 and 2007. under the procedure, an adjustable device restricts the size of the stomach which helps patients lose weight. uc san diego researchers have found another hint that weight gain can be influenced by a virus. investigators found that 8 to 18-year-olds that had antibodies to a virus weighed more. a delta airlines jet that took off from oakland airport had to make an unscheduled landing in treatment. delta flight 1620. it left oakland airport around 1:00 this afternoon heading for
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salt lake city. a delta spokesman says the cockpit crew on the aircraft saw a warning light that indicated an engine problem. so as a precaution, they landed in sacramento. 150 passengers and five crew members were on board. no one was injured. delta is working on getting those passengers on to salt lake city. google said it will be harder for commuter hackers to break into e-mail accounts. a code will be required to be put in after the password is entered. g-mail users will be able to make the security codes part of their log-in process. hundreds are evacuated after wildfires break out in utah. the unusual situation that authorities say started the fire. i'm tracking some cloud cover and i will tell you how that will impact your temperatures for tomorrow.
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones.
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a fire below a train bridge over the harlem river in new york city disrupted train service both in and out of grand central station this afternoon. fire boats rushed to put out the fire which began in wooden piling under the bridge between manhattan and the bronx. fortunately, no one was ininjured by the flames which started over three hours ago. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a pop culture icon headed to rhode island, lady ga dah
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address -- lady gaga urged a vote to overturn the don't ask/don't tell policy. coming up next at 6:00, what one bay area school district is considering doing. what's unusual is what that property may be transformed in to. julie haener has more. >> continuing coverage on the 100 high risk pipelines in the bay area. pg&e released that list and two section of pipeline that did not make the list and why some think they should have. and a heartbreaking scene at a bay area high school in the wake of a car crash last week that killed one student. and three key questions the school is trying to answer. we'll show you what washed up onto a bay area beach today. why it has to sit there all
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night long before being bury. see you at 6:00. authorities in utah are blaming artillery practice for a wildfire that's destroyed two homes. the fire started 0 miles south of salt lake city. high winds are equipping the flames. 1400 -- whipping the flames. 1400 have been evacuated. at this point, there are no reports of any injuries. hurricane igor has been downgraded to a tropical storm causing high surf along the eastern seaboard tonight as it heads north to newfoundland, canada. bermuda is cleaning up the storm which was still at hurricane strength when it brushed the island. the storm surge pushed sand into some buildings. the only reported death from the storm recorded yesterday from a man surfing off the carolina coast. bill martin is here to talk
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to us about fall coming up ahead. >> it wasn't that hot but it felt hot, didn't it? a little bit of humidity left in the air. sprinkle activity. temperatures are trending down. they will be the warmest day for a couple of days. as we go outside, i will show you where we are in temperatureland. we have 80 in santa rosa. 77 in san jose. temperatures tomorrow at this time will be about 4 degrees dealer. these are the highs from today, highs tomorrow, cool he. it felt a lot warmer than 81 in antioch. 81 in livermore but it was a function of the humid imported over the weekend as the weather system slid through here and didn't deposit much in the way of rainfall. but it was moist and drizzly. today, temperatures were here. tomorrow temperatures go here. we're back into the mid-70s. as we head into wednesday, further cooling, the reason, we have this weather system offshore. as this moves closer to it.
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it's been living out there. this low almost a permanent feature for the past six months, this low will be there the next 48 hours, then it rolls on. when it goes in, high pressure builds in and here is your classic summer weather pattern with an offshore flow, northeast winds and we'll see heightened fire danger. i don't know if we'll see any red flag warning. but this is the pattern that will give you the high fire danger and the poor quality. in the meantime, we are definitely heading for a cooldown. tomorrow morning there will be fog in many bay area communities, low clouds, high clouds, most counties will have some of that. as we head into the afternoon, you'll have more sunshine at the beach. in highs at the coast will be low 60s. highs at your house, low 70s.
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72 in napa. 69 in vallejo. these forecast highs are not too far off as we move into late september now. and we're heading towards the equinox on wednesday. 72 in pleasanton, 74 in livermore. 71 los gatos. 73 in morgan hill. the fog on the coast, i think that's short-lived. tomorrow is gonna be a really, really nice day like today. it will cool down and then temperatures will come up. as they come up we'll be concerned about air quality. wednesday, cooler. fog is back. this time of year, the fog burns off more rapidly. it's not like it was a month ago where the fog was persistent coast lied. it's in and out by noontime. >> when do we generally start getting some real rain? >> we had some early rains last
5:50 pm
year, big storms in october. this year, i wouldn't be surprised if we start to see rain in the last few weeks. >> we've probably seen the last of those real warm temperatures. >> we may see a couple of those before halloween. >> we talked with it earlier -- about it earlier, those views -- >> oh, yeah. >> thank you, bill. coming up -- lawmakers taxle the issue of food safety.
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general motors announced a recall to fix a potential problem with the cadillac cc 6 models. the glove box can cause leg injuries in the event of a
5:54 pm
crash. the risk is there when the passenger is not wearing a seat belt. gm says it will now replace the glove boxes. time is running out for congress to fix flaws in the nation's food safety system. whe interest and food safety groups have joined forces, the bill is still lingering on capitol hill and lawmakers have only two weeks left to pass it. carol han has more. >> reporter: every time you head to the grocery store to pick up produce -- consider this, there are no safety rules for farmers who grow our food and there have been links. it's not often you see the captain of the food industry and consumer grps stand together, let alone work together. >> we don't always agree. >> reporter: but after millions of people got sick eating peanuts, greens, they decided to join forces and basically offer an ultimatum. >> pass this legislation.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: the legislation she's talking about overhauls food safety laws for the first time in decades and beefs up the fda's powers to pull suspect food off store shelves. the house passed its version last summer. and the bill, which has bipartisan support, was supposed to sail through the senate until it hit a brick wall. >> we heard about the hurdles the clock is running. >> reporter: a tight senate calendar leaves only, a small time line. some say the real costs -- >> are astronomical whether it's for the companies involved or the victims. >> reporter: food safety that could be put on the back burner until after the november elections. in washington, carol han, ktvu
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channel 2 news. and there is much more news ahead including more on the maps released by pg&e of the location of the high-risk pipelines. the news at 6:00 is next.
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good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we are learning more tonight about the bay area's most high-risk natural gas pipelines. this afternoon, pg&e finally revealed the location of the 100 riskiest lines and at least 19 of them are in the bay area -- san jose, novato and livermore are identified as hot spots. now, the decision to release this list comes a week after the deadly san bruno explosion and fire that killed seven people. ktvu consumer editor, tom vary, is live along 680 in fremont, site of one of the lines. >> reporter: that's right. paseo padre at the 680 is a highly populated residential area full of wooden houses. right over the


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