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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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beginning a separate investigation. ktvu maureen naylor is in san bruno with a look at what they're up against. >> reporter: julie, there are weeks of work still ahead. this property on fairmont driver was one of the first to be cleaned up. remarkably some of their most important documents survivorred because of one safety -- survived because of one safety precaution. >> reporter: carolyn gray showed us their bank statements along with their insurance documents. at their properties this afternoon, crews used an excavator to pick up the charred rem remnants of what was once the gray's home. >> almost a sense of closure. it's really over. i thought it would be more emotional to see it all disappear and it wasn't. >> reporter: the degree is being wrapped in plastic and
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taken to the hayward landfill. another priority is removing this melted jungle gym. >> i'm hoping that what we do for them taking them off of their mind so they can come back in a few weeks and see a property that has been cleaned up will help them in their recovery process. >> we're happy to be in a rental house and to start moving forward. >> reporter: we talked with the county in just the last hour. they say crews were able to wrap up their work today because they completed with they wanted to. they plan to work for the next six weeks. reporting live in san bruno, maureen naylor. state utility regulators say they conduct their own investigation into the deadly san bruno pipeline investigation. they decided to create an independent panel that will
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look into wh could have been done to prevent the disaster. the panel will also focus on safety improvements needed for the natural gas lines in the united states. a chp spokesman says the team will also investigate whether there are any systemic problems at pg & e. the utility pg & e released the 100 riskiest pipelines were located earlier this week. since then pg & e has been holding informational meetings with residents and fire departments. they will continue to meet with first responders to review safety procedures around natural gas transmission lines. you'll find continuing coverage of the san bruno disaster on our website. just go to there is late word from southern california that top state lawmakers and governor arnold schwarzenegger have reached a tentative budget agreement.
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if big five met with governor arnold schwarzenegger at his private officer in santa monica. they are not releasing any more information about the budget deal saying they have a frame work in place and that they will be working on the details over the weekend. they could have a final deal to present on monday. california is facing a $19 million shortfall and the state budget is now 85 days overdue. in the east bay, police are asking parents and kids to be on alert as officers investigate reports of a man trying to lure children. the attempts have taken place during the past week and a half in the communities of brentwood, pleasanthill and walnut creek. brentwood police say a man tried to lure children by telling them their parents told them to walk their children to the soccer game. similar incidents have taken place near pleasant hill middle school and most recently in walnut creek. >> the juvenile didn't know who he was but that he was supposed to pick him up. that was a clue to the young man because he didn't know who
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he was to wander off. so the young man just walked off. >> the cases in different cities appear to be unrelated. all three suspects reportedly have different descriptions. the california highway patrol is now reviewing it's statewide policy on pursuits at the request of policy procedures. robert handa has more on this. >> reporter: the california highway patrol has an extensive safety manual and the chp commissioner is reconsidering how officers should conduct a pursuit especially when it turns into a high speed chase. family and friends of two men who died in a vehicle crash gathered earlier today at the accident scene for their own memorial before a rosary service that is just getting under way. barrela and bensa were backseat passengers in the crash in downtown san jose where police
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say the teenage driver jose hernandez sped away from a chp unit that tried to stop him for a missing front license plate. they say the highway patrol should stick to the highway. >> they have no business in the residential or even in the city. chp i don't know what it stands for anymore. >> reporter: sam lecardo says the crash followed a deadly accident in july when a driver fleeing from the chp killed another woman. lecardo met with the chp, more like the san jose police policy that allows a chase only when a violent crime or known vie violent criminal is involved. >> a high speed chase at 80- miles-an-hour on sixth street is different than one on the
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highway. >> reporter: for the family of the two families mourning today, that is little consolation. >> if they would have stayed on the highway, my brother would have been at work right now. >> reporter: state officials will meet again with the chp on november seven. robert handa. friends and family are mourning the passing of broth. broth was killed last friday when the car he was riding in collided with a big rig. the car's 16-year-old driver is facing manslaughter and dui charges. a judge ruled today that the trial of two oakland men accused of chilling journalist chauncey bailey will begin
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november 8th. the judge says he wants to see how jury selection proceeds in the case. bay and mackey are accused of planning the murder of bailey when he wrote articles articles critical of the bakery. ktvu's david stevenson is in the city now with the details. david-- >> reporter: julie the hospital planned on the site of this old hotel would be one of the biggest land use projects in the city in decades. but some neighborhood residents say it's too big to be built in their backyard. >> where are you going to put the ambulance? where are you going to put the people. >> reporter: the san francisco planning commission this afternoon heard from thousands of cathedral hill and tenderloin residents.
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worried about building a hospital at the cathedral hill. cpnc says the position is ideal because of it's location. the area is already clogged with traffic and overburdened munni buses. other say they are worried low income members won't get equal access to care. >> cp & c has proclaimed this is going to be a world class hospital. but they haven't been welcoming to the tenderloin residents. >> reporter: cp & c also plans to replace their hospital with a smaller facility. >> every single day there are 1,000 patients that will are hospitalized at st. lukes.
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>> community members and hospital nurses are fighting that proposal. they say a many smaller hospital can't keep up with the area's growing low income community. >> st. luke is very important to the community. they see many patients who struggle. >> reporter: the common period on the proposed hospitals continues until on the 19th. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. now to the governor's race, democratic candidate jerry brown toured a solar company today. brown spent the morning at peterson d roofing and solar systems. >> we used to be the world leader in renewable energy. i think we can do that again. but it takes investment, it
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takes corroboration and it takes stopping the oil addicting 23. >> meg whitman also opposes prop 23. her plan would suspend the law for one years. barbara boxer has increased her lead against fiorina. 47 to 41%. in march the race was much tighter with boxer at 45%, fiorina4%. the boxer campaign has received support from major democrats. what else the new results say about the new senator race and the voters. if you plan on visiting a state park, why you might be out of luck when nature calls. plus -- >> reporter: cautious opt many mitch, why retailers are
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celebrating what they say should be a much improved holiday shopping season -- plus -- and it's going to continue to warm, i'll show you how hot it'll get in your neighborhood. plus racks of clothes, not what you usually see when you step off bart. but today that was the case. why this event was meant to help some people's dream become reality. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou t'noepitsls es u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott?
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a!'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte
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late selling today caused markets to close down for the third straight day. investors worried about a failing economy. the unemployment picture may seem dim today but tis the season to start hiring. macy's has planned to hire during the holiday season. retailers are already getting prepared, sal castaneda has the story. >> reporter: this event you see here is kind of a celebration of sorts. this is the union square business improvement district. they are hoping that they have a much better shopping this
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season and they are looking for more spending. macy's announced they will hire 6,500 workers for the holiday season. >> they have to do well during the retail season. this is maker or break, especially for a store like macy's. that they are hiring means that they feel optimistic. >> reporter: they expect same store sales to be up three to 3.5%. macy's may also need to improve customer sales. >> they got bad marks for consumers last hello day season. - - last holiday season. >> reporter: clients are spending more on clothing this year. >> my clients are feeling better on everything in general, the economy in general. >> reporter: but not everybody
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says they're going to spend more. >> i'm a penny pincher any way. so everyone in good times i watch my money. >> probably less. unless we go wild and spend. >> reporter: many retailers are beginning to hire people right now for the upcoming holiday season. live in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. ac transit says it is cutting weekend service to 36 feeder bus routes beginning in december. the decision to reduce service will affect many company who rely on bus service. one of those route is the number 31 which is the only route available for people living on alameda island. >> my son has asthma and sometimes i have to bring him
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to oakland to the hospital and i bring him on the bus. i'll have to bring him on an ambulance and that's going to cost a lot of money. >> the cuts are expected to save the agency $11 million and lead to the elimination of 90 thriving positions. bart today hosted a clothing drive to help low income job seekers. donations were collected at bart headquarters in oakland. people dropped off about 2,000 items of gently worn professional clothing and accessories. the first annual clothing drive benefits the wardrobe for opportunity. the organization provides job placement and career workshops. >> it's important for people who are going to seek for a new job to look well. whether we want to admit it or not, people judge us for how we
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look. if you visit a state park and you need to use the restroom, you might want to bring your own toilet paper. blame it on a lack of a state budget. urban parks are okay for now. the credit card used by the state to purchase toilet paper has been cancelled by the banks and will not be reinstated until a budget is approved. that budget is currently 85 days overdue. >> all right, that's a good thing to know before you go. >> it is. literally and figuratively. >> yes, it is. let's go over to bill now for the latest on the forecast. >> it's warming up out there. the wind direction right now you see these little arrows, they are blowing in a north western direction. that's a northwest wind coming
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from the north and from the west. what's going to happen tonight and tomorrow. winds are going to start to do this. so as those winds come out of the north. the fog gets further scattered, it's an indication that the wind is beginning to come in. it's 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures up in the mid-90s. tomorrow will be warmer still. sunday and monday, significant warming. so a real heat up in the bay area as we go into the weekend and early next week. of course, we have an easy go of the fire season thus far. this is going to change out a little bit because fire danger is coming up. i would not be surprised to see some kind of weather, fire weather advisory this weekend. this week has been cool. this is very typical for this time of year. this mechanism of high winds, temperatures up into the 90s,
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easily into the low 100s. the air quality takes a hit. we like the weather, it's nice, it's nice at the beh. but there are issues that come with that weather. tomorrow we'll be warmer by a few degrees. we add three or 4 degrees to today's temperatures. tomorrow gradually comes up and then it just keeps climbing a new degrees each day into sunday and monday which could be the warmest days of the week. 90 walnut creek, 90 in pleasantton. 85 in the santa clara valley. air quality is going to get a little dicey. i hope you see the spare the air days. if you have asthma, if you have issues with you air quality, you might see those tomorrow. >> thank you, bill.
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well santa clara county sheriff's office today released a sketch of a man who is accused of trying to sexually assault a jogger. he is described as a latino man with brown hair and brown eyes. the incident happened sunday on a trail on the area of snell road and collin drive. the assailant pushed the woman and tried to assault her. she managed to push him off and run away. we're facing a show down this weekend, jorge vargas will show us who's out and who's in.
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mark is here now with
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sports. big news involving the golden state warriors. >> basketball season a little ways off. but he is the winningest coach in history. so when there's news about don nelson it gets to everyone. the team will make the announcement official on their media day monday. assistant keith smart is expected to take over. nelson had one more year left on his contract with golden state and will reportedly receive the full $6 million he was due to make as the team marks off the final details of the arrangement with now their former coach don nelson. meantime the giants are just weird, their offense they've been shut out three times in the last eight games. but tonight exploding when they score anything they usually score a lot. a big second inning led by that guy, juan uribe nine runs for
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the giants in the second inning. juan uribe clears the bleachers. and the beat goes on. freddy sanchez, his third four hit game of the year for the giants. a roller to right that will fetch a run. it was 4-0 and the beat goes on as that man ur, ribe bats again. this time grand slam. and the giants now lead 12-0. when i walked in here they were two outs in the bottom of the 7th inning. so they have things well in control. padres and rockies play later tonight. >> in the meantime, it is time to announce the winner in our high school game of the week voting. it'll be heritage height, they are from jamesville. and james logan from union city. we'll feature that game
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tomorrow. and it's golf time. phil mickelson check him out here on the 12th floor. shot of the day. three back of the leaders despite this beautiful eagle. a 169 jeff ogelby and luke donald are in a three way tie for the lead. we'll get you completely up to date tonight at 10 10:00 on how the padres and rockies did. that's the sporting life. >> they are on a roll definitely tonight. >> no doubt. >> mark, thank you. that is our report for now. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. good night. ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.


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