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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> a big rig overturned in vallejo early this morning. why it may slow down someone's landscaping project today. >> it is the first weekend of fall and it will feel like summer. >> also an unexpected hazard, a driver says he wasn't sure what he hit on a busy highway when he flagged down the highway patrol. the morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us, it is friday, september 24th. i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much, pam and dave. happy friday, everybody. clear skies, fog is trying to go down the coast. 60s, 70s,s by the bay. few low 90s, will the weekend continue this warming trend? your answer in five minutes, now sal with an update our your
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friday traffic. >> steve you are looking at a live picture -- [ inaudible ] >> -- couldn't to berkeley and emeryville and oakland, no major problems there. when you get to the tail plaza that commute looks pretty good. it is -- a big rig accident in vallejo overnight has shut down two major avroom pes at 3:00 this morning. the highway patrol says it happened when a big rig tried to take the avrail p too fast flipped on its side and dumped its load offed so. no drugs or alcohol has been involved and the big rig has been cleared. the avramp is set to re-open as soon as crews can get all thatted sod off the road.
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>> police are warning women after two attacks in parking garages, kraig debro joins us with more. >> reporter: i just spoke with an employee, he said that students typically start -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- 7:00 in the morning, that as police try to catch two different men in connection with two horrible sex crimes a rape and an attempted sexual assault. about 10 days ago on a tuesday auto female student arriving for class around 5:30 in the morning was raped inside her own car, the woman was parking her car in a garage near the science building when a heavy set african american man wearing a ski mask pushed her back into the car. a campus police says police should reconsider their hours. >> i see a lot of bums early in the morning here, and a guy comes from the customer opens the class at 6:00 and people waiting to get inside the classrooms and i think he kind of dangerous should be campus police -- should be here early because classes start 6:00 in
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the morning. >> reporter: another problem could be staffing. there are only three full time officers here at s jc c. a second assault happened on tuesday at 4:00 p.m. this one a couple of days ago. a female student was walking up the stairs to the second floor of the lee avenue parking garage, that is where we are right now. the suspect pulled on her sweatshirt from by hind and pushed her against a wall. he attempted to push his body against her. she fought back. the women actually broke free and ran to mere car. the suspect, who is described as a la tin 0 a latino man did not follow. >> a bicycle iftd was hit and killed on a bay area freeway near midway road after 1:00
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this morning. police are not sure why but say the unidentified bicyclist believed to be in his 20s somehow road into the lanes of traffic and was killed. the driver who hit him flagged down a chp officer about a mile down the road, saying he thought he maybe hit a deer. the highway patrol is still investigating. >> time now 5:03. today is day 2 of a very emotional job. in just about two hours from now crews are going to go back to the site of that san bruno gas pipeline explosion to take away what is left of the homes destroyed by the blast. claudine wong is live on the scene right now with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. yes, we have moved to clairmont and vermont and this is one area of this naibtd that is not being demolished right now. you can actually tell the progress they are making by these signs they have put in front of these homesites. they have a basic check list toted tell them where things stand as far as clearing and cleaning this site. as you can see this one has
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quite a bit of debris on it and they have jet to go town the six step process. they are going by piece by piece through this neighborhood. only three at a time but they are hoping to clear out all of this in just a few weeks. now there are a couple of things that are happening today that we are watching. first things are really expecting to start picking up pace wise. yesterday the county said it was really going to go slowly, take its time because it was the first day of demolition, but they do want to get this cleared by the first of october, the start of the rainy season. crews are well aware of the emotion tied to this type of project and also well aware of the health concerns so they are being careful. >> our biggest chlg challenge is the wind and make sure it doesn't impact the residents. >> they picked up my rv and threw it in the garbage can and there wasn't too much left of it to throw in actually. >> reporter: they are moving quickly but monitoring carefully the air. health concerns obviously an issue because these are older
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holes and they are worried abouts a best to go or anything in this ash. this morning a war hoping to get beyond we are hoping to get up closer. now they have private security out here that are really watching each and every entry point they have because of the health concerns an the as ards, not really wanting anyone to come through here so we are expecting to get a walking to you through here and also we are hoping to talk to the county health department, environmental health services director this morning, so we will keep you updated on all those developments all morning long. live here in san bruin 0, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a new demillion dollar federal grant will help the city of oakland pay for violence prevention programs. 2 million dollars will be set aside for a program to keep atrisk outout of trouble. 750,000 dollars will help putstein airnlgs released from juvenile detention back to
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school, an additional 7 guy thousand will help young adults find jobs after gettinout of jail. two people were shot and wounded overnight in oakland. police were called when the two shooting victims, one of them in critical condition, south treatment at highland hospital. a police search of the crime scene showed bullet casings scattered throughout the street and unundecision closed at of cash. that investigation continues. >> 6:06. there is now a police sketch of a man suspected of trying to assault a jogger. he is discre described as latino. warning signs are up where the jogger says she was attacked. he jumped out of the bushes and tried to assault her but she fought him off and ran away. >> let's go back over to sal to
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check on traffic this morning. any problem spots? >> nothing right now, pam and dave. we are off to a very nice friday start. did i say friday? yes, i did. all right let's go take a look at northbound 280 up to highway 17. very nice, no problems on 17 or 101 either so far getting into the valley. also this morning's commute westbound into san francisco a small delay for cash payers here at the toll plaza. they usually turn the metering lights on in this hour so we will let you know when that happens. no problems this morning in san francisco along northbound or southbound 101 near the 80 split. 6:08 here is steve. >> thank you, sir. and a very happy friday morning to you all. i show you the live storm tracker 2 and the wind directions and speeds have been up and look at this. everybody says calm. sfo calm, oakland calm, fairfield calm. if it is calm from sfo to fairfield that tells you everything you need to know. once we get going here warm to
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hot. so today we warm up. with won't go through the roof or anything but we will gradually go from warm to warmer to hot. the weekend does look warmer on sunday. monday looks to be kind of like the main window for the warmest day, 80s,? s to 100s, inland areas the biggest jump. the coast still 70s and 80s. everybody is going in on this. maybe finally it has been six months running, maybe there is a pattern change. our seven and 10 day outlooks drop deep systems into the east and tire the ridge up on the west so maybe things are changing. it took a long time but showing signs of that. you can see some of that leading edge of that building in right there as the jet stream goes to the north. yesterday came up 5-10 degrees for some. 70s 80s and 90s today. sunny, nice to warm, maybe hot for some. you get into the 90s, yeah, 80 for the city. 58 right now, 74 at noon. 80 by 3:00. antioch our target forecast today, 56, 80 to 92. at 3:00 today.
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92 on the high said. 58 san francisco, a good spread there. low 50s palo alto redwood city 51. you are eke eureka. 53 sacramento. [ inaudible ] >> -- component of an offshore wind, just really a big guy high. the fire danger will go up a little bit. more of the same saturday, sunday-monday temperatures will top out, maybe even into tuesday then things will cool down a little bit. fog going down the cost. 60s, 70s and 80s, 80s and 90s inland and very rare to put in five suns but that is at least in the last six months but that is when we have so temperatures going up sunday into monday,
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pam and dave. >> 6:10 right now. a big decision is expected today. it could mean life or death for honkeds of people in california. >> reporter: i will have the latest on the fall out from the iranian breeze's claims at the united nations that the u.s. was behind the 9/11 attacks, that is coming up as the morning news continues.
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sick:13. a federal judge will rule today
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whether to lift an almost five fear mortar yule on executions here. the ban was imposed following a legal challenge that death by lethal injection was cruel and unusual punishment. however state officials say the system has been upgraded by building a new death chamber and retraining the staff. officials say lethal injections should resume. if the ban is lifted a man who murdered a 15-year-old girl in riverside will be the first to be put to death on wednesday. >> president obama is wrapping up a 3 day visit to the united nations general assembly today. the president along with many other world leaders is condemning controversial statements by iran's president before the general assembly. alison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. news reasonable with more on that story. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. and i have president obama's schedule here for the day.
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he has five meetings with world leaders but it is the comments from iran's president still dominating the headlines. you can see here the empty seats during his address yesterday. the delegation from the united states and 27 other countries walked out of his speech as he claimed the american government staged the september 11th attacks and he called for an investigation. >> it is proposed that the united nations set up an independent fact-finding group for the events of september 11th. president obama was not there for the address but called the comments outrageous and offensive. the british deputy prim minister is expected to use his speech today to condemn the claims. all of this is a distraction from the real concerns about iran's nuclear program. live from washington, d.c. alison burns, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> the fbi is helping new york city police investigate the apparent murder of a anything rag want diplomat. a driver found his body at his new york city apartment yesterday morning. >> a pole shows dan pa rad a and jean kwan are the front- runners. they wednesday head-to-head last night when asked what would they do to fix the budget problems. >> fire and police are 74% of the budget. part of it will be doing the renegotiating the pensions but also a lot of it will be reorganizing the police department, sotively ansize
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some potionses. >> to say that 80% or 75% of the costs belong to this, who gave the raises over the years to the people that pushed those numbers up to 80? we have been living beyond our means. >> city council woman rebecca kaplan came in third in the chamber of commerce pole. the other lesser known candidates include real estate agents educators and business owners ments we have posted raw video of the debate from last night on our channel 2 website, just look for the election tab. >> a long delayed bill to help small businesses is now headed for president obama's desk to be signed. house speaker nancy pelosi signed the bill before sending it to the white house. it is designed to help struggling small businesses get credit easier and also provides incentives for them to expand and hire new workers. senate democrats have decided to delay action on extending tax cuts until after the november elections. the tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. president obama and most
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democrats want to extend the tax cuts for everyone but the wealthiest americans but some democrats have now sided with republicans firmly against raising any taxes. >> 6:17. there is a new poll that shows voter are very unhappy with both democrats and republicans. 60% of those sur i vade disapprove of the job congressional democrats are doing, but 68% say they don't approve of republicans it. 59% say they don't like how democrats are handling the economy. 64% are unhappy with republicans working on the nation's top issues. >> time now is 18 minutes after 6:00. commute might be getting a list by busier in some areas let's check with sal. >> it is getting busier but no major issues, the columbus parkway avramp remains closed but that is the only major problem. the san mateo bridge a live picture there and traffic is moving along well as you drive over to foster city.
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no major issues again if you are driving on interstate 880 northbound, sorry about that. north and southbound near the coliseum. this morning's commute looks okay on the peninsula as you drive on 6 -- i am sorry on 101 south through redwood city or 280 that looks pretty good. here is steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. happy friday, everybody. we do have clear skies and everybody taking a look here has calm conditions on the wind. that tells you almost everything you need to know. look at that. a pretty picture for those of you getting ready for the day. mulley tasking. already mid-50s for some. still 40s for others. you know, i was telling a colleague of mine it has been this way to six months maybe now there is a pattern change. everything on the 7-10 day outlook shows high pressure coming back to the west coast and we have not seen that in a long time. 70s, 80s, 90s today. the 7080 degrees and san
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francisco, 47 santa rosa napa, 58 san francisco. when san francisco is the warmest usually they are out of the gate fast they don't have a problem getting into the upper 70s and 80s. so sunshine, warmer, 80s and 90s inland, 84 free protect, 92 antioch, 88 santa rosa, 92 morgan hill, ys towards santa cruz, cap a toll, a rare also in the last six months to have five suns in a row but that is what we have. sunday-monday look to be the hottest with upper 80s to 90s well yind land. >> git blow has unveiled plans for inflight wi-fi, they are teaming to install satellite, broadband, enternetted and tv service over all of its aircraft starting in 2012. jet blue already offers live tv on its flights. the airline has not said if passengers will have to pay a fee po the service. the san francisco business times reports 4 new stem cell research facilities in california could go unused because of a lawsuit winding
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through the federal court system. uc san francisco, stanford, us y and ucla will open near 400,000 square feet of new work face funded by state taxpayers by the end of november but scientists say the delay and court case is costing money and slowing the pace of discovery that could help millions of patients. >> we have got breaking news right now, 6:20. we are going to florida. look at this. live pictures. you have got a swat team outside of a bank of america in coral gables florida, there is a hostage situation right now. this is happening near there coral gables university. you can see a swat team in place. we are told this started as a bank robbery and again, now it -- look at -- look at there police are in position, swat teams are everywhere and as the camera pulls back you get a wider picture of what is happening at this bank of america in coral gables florida. again this is breaking news. started as a bang rockery. it has evolved into something else but the swat team is in
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place. they are ready to jump in there. we don't know binge about the hostages or are we getting new information. >> we understand the man is claiming to have a broom inside there and there is the university nearby. students have been alert there of what is going on. i am -- we are assuming that people around that area are being told to be kept -- stay inside at this point but again an apparent hostage situation in coral gables, florida, where the man inside is claiming to have a bomb. we do not know how many people are inside that -- [overlapping speakers] [ inaudible ] >> -- near the university so we have got the very latest. we will bring you more details as they come in. >> well, after seeming to pull out all of the stops it looks like san francisco is floppedderring a bit in its bid to host america's cup. >> also could an end to the state budget impasse finally be near? we will tell you when the big 5 negotiators say they think they
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will have a deal. >> westbound 237 traffic looking pretty good as you head out to the 880 interchangeful we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. westbound bay bridge backed up to the middle of the parking lot. it is not th bad. san mateo, golden gait a and richmond bridge traffic doing well. back to the desk. >> the city of san francisco has not yet put in an application to host the america's cup sailing race. san francisco is one of three locations considered for the 20 13 race but according to the examiner it will miss a self imposed send of the month deadline to come up with an official bid because of unresolved issues. officials reportedly say the racing officials have been flexible about that deadline. >> for the first time we are hearing the budget stalemate may soon be over. after meeting yesterday the so- called big 5 announced th have the framework for a deal. they did not disclose details of how they plan to close the state's $19 billion budget
6:27 am
shortfall but the talks are set to continue through the weekend. a spokesperson for the governor says they hope to have it finalized by late monday afternoon. he says the big 5 plan to meet on monday at the governor's office. if they finalize an agreement the legislature would have to draft the language for a budget. once that happens the budget heads to the floor for debate and a possible vote. it is a process that could take several more days. but when a budget is finally passed it will be the latest -- the latest in the seat's history. >> 6:27. the budget stalemate has frozen billions in funding for public in from structure that has popped projects on 101 in san mateo county. highway 17 in santa clara county and on interstate 680 in contra costa county. well, sarah shourd is now talking about her 410 days in an iranian prison, the way she
6:28 am
had to respond to questions for iranian interrogators. >> and why police at san jose city college think a homeless man may be responsible for a rape. >> also we will take you live to new york, the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. pam will have all of the numbers.
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[ bell rings ] >> welcome ck. right on time -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- could be a pretty busy day. there is economic news coming out. housing data, investors seem to be hopeful about positive home sales numbers there on the new york stock exchange is the prime mince stir of mongolly a. of course, we have seen world leaders all week -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- u.n. meeting, the general assembly meeting going on we
6:31 am
have been talking about there in new york and oftentimes many of the leaders stop by ball street. >> thank you, welcome -- [ inaudible ] [overlapping speakers] >> -- september 24th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. time now is 6:30. at least one employee says campus police should start their day earlier following two attacks on women in campus parking garages. kraig debro joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we are standing in front of the lee avenue parking garage at san jose city college campus, this is where one of the attacks happened. i just spoke to a woman and said do you know what happened here? she said yes, i am always scared because i come by myself. i talked to an employee and he says that police don't arrive here until 7:00. all that is happening while police are looking for probably
6:32 am
two different men in connection with two separate sex crimes a rape and yawn atented sexual assault. 10 days ago a female student arriving at class at 5:30 in the morning was raped inside her own car. a heavy set african american man or a latino man wearing a ski mask pushed her into a car. a campus employee says police should reconsider their hours. >> i see a lot of bums early in the morning here and -- [ inaudible ] >> -- inside the classrooms and i think it kind of dangerous -- [ inaudible ] >> -- classes start at 6:00 in the morning. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now hours could be one problem. another problem could be staffing. there are only three full time officers at sjcc.
6:33 am
a seconds assault last happened at a parking garage. the suspect is described as latino between 40 and 50. they put out a description of a man in that rape that happened about 10 days ago. they say possibly hispanic or african american male, 6'0," 250 to 300 and he is last seen wearing a black zip up style windbreaker, dark pants and white tennis shoes. they say he is possibly a transient because his clothing was soiled and he had a particular smell on him according to the victim in that case. again, i will continue to talk to students out here to gauge their level of security on the campus, reporting live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 6:33. in the east bay police are telling parents and children be on the alert after several attempts by strangers to lure
6:34 am
children off the streets. these attempts have happened during the past week and a half. in brentwood, please san hill and then we told you about one yesterday in walnut creek. brentwood police say a man has been telling children their parents asked him to walk them to their soccer games. similar incidents have taken place near please san hill middle school and the shopping center in wall next creek. >> the best thing to tell them is -- [ inaudible ] >> -- how convincing they are do not go with somebody you do not know. >> now police say the cases in different cities appear to be unrelated. all three men reportedly have different descriptions. >> a walnut creek optometrist has been convicted on four felony counts of arson. scott wineberg was accused of setting fires and dapping businesses in walnut creek last year. he was convicted of all the charges, including settic fire to the comcast building which
6:35 am
knocked out power to 40,000 customers. wineburg has a well documented history of bipolar disorder and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. we are now hearing more about sarah shourd's 410 days in prison. in an interview she describes life in the cell. she says when she was first taken toe the prison she was interrogated several times a day. a female guard would come give her extra clothing and a blindfold then take her to the interrogation room. she was told to write down the answers to questions and if her questionnaires didn't like what she wrote they would tear it up and tell her to write it again. over the course of months she wrote hundreds of pages. she is desperate to win the release of her fiance and friend who remain in prison. >> 6:35 a memorial service will be held today for three members of the same family who died in
6:36 am
the san bruno explosion. the were three of the seven people killed in the september 9th blast. a memorial service begins at 4:00 today followed by a recreption at mills valley high school. the california public utilities commission is assembling an end pen panel to investigation the san bruno explosion. this panel will look at what caused blast and also make recommendations on what needs to be done. >> a funeral this morning for a teenager killed in a car crash. he was a passenger with classmates when it crashed
6:37 am
three others were hurt. the driver is charged with victim already manslaughter. >> at one time he was one of the nation's greatest singers. eddie fisher has just died at 82. he made headlines with his marriages and dwoorses from actresses. he was later known as the father of carry and jolie fisher, he died after cool my indications from hip surgery. >> 6:37. back over to sal to check on the friday morning commute. >> it has been nice and light and quiet, pam and dave. which is nice. we are not expecting -- we are not hoping for anything major. traffic is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems into the city once why get past the city. the metering lights are on. once you get on to the bridge. that traffic is moving along
6:38 am
nicely. on the peninsula traffic looks good. down to the south bay we go. northbound 280 traffic is moving along well. they are still doing nicely. 6:37. let's go to steve. >> happy friday, everybody. we do have clear skies. fog wants to go parallel to the coast. so far none is on the coast. we don't expect it to be. the headline is summer in fall. our first full weekend of fall will feel like summer, 80s and 90s, the weekend looks warm to hot and maybe after six months we are see aping pattern change. sure looks like it. all our 7 to 10 day outlooks drop big cool systems in the east and fire up the ridge of high pressure in the west. that is not something we mav seen. usually awill give us a couple of days of warm weather and drop it right back down. that is not on the 7 to 10 day outlook to maybe things are finally changing. the jet stream is heading to
6:39 am
the north and with that in mind the fog is very very late to show up open the party so it won't make much of a difference today. santa rosa yesterday 82, 88 today. 74 in san francisco. a stunner. today will even be warmer 80 there. walnut creek from 82 to 90. on wednesday or thursday they were 72. so today warmer. oakland down down 76 to 82. 79 san jose yesterday, 88 today. 47 santa rosa nap a cool for some. palo alto 51, 58 san francisco. across the board wind -- everybody says calm, so there is no wind at all. no sea breeze, 40s, 50s, 60s, palm spring, a low 70 there. the key will be a system digging right there. as that does that allows the high in the 4 corners to come up. it won't show it elf. more likely sunday and monday. not a ul like north or northeast wind but we will get a higher fire danger, so warm today, warmer saturday, sunday- monday look to be the days
6:40 am
where we see the warmest temperatures sunshine warmer today, 90s inland, low 90s, tomorrow the same, today's 60s, 70s,s by the coast, 80s and 90s inland, maybe slightly warmer saturday but not much. sunday-monday though do look to be sunny-side up and warmer, dave and pam. >> steve, thank you. 6:39. the naacp is trying to build up support to pass legislation that calls for a review of the nation's criminal justice system. the legislators say the united states is home to 5% of the world's population but houses 25% of the world's prisoners. the naacp says in the past 20 years california's spending on prisons has increased 20 times pastor than the spending on education. >> it would be great if we could take this money and pay for higher -- for k-12 quality education, higher education, and everything else that we need to make this a positive strong country. >> well if passed the national criminal justice commission act
6:41 am
of 2010 would authorize 14 million dollars over two years. that money would fund a research committee that would make recommendations on how to improve the nation's criminal justice system. >> well, he has more wins in his nba career than then other coach but now don nelson is apparently out of a job and we know who is set to take his place. >> westbound highway 4 getting more crowded now. we will give you the update on the complete east bay commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. we have breaking news this morning. we are taking you live to coral gables, florida. this is the scene not far from the university of miami. there is apparently a hostage situation going on at that bank of america. it is in choral gable, florida. we understand that there is a man possibly more than one suspect inside that bank claiming to have a bomb. we are also getting reports that this -- one suspect or possibly more were inside the bank before it even opened so no word on how that happened but this did start as as a bank robbery, the herald reports there are several people held inside that bank. again it is on dixie highway near the university of miami. students at the university of
6:45 am
miami and at coral gables university have been notified by police about the situation. police have shut down both directions on nearby freeways there but again this is a live breaking situation, a hostage situation inside a bank of america there at choral gable, florida. we will bring yomore information as soon as it becomes available. >> here is a quick look at some of the other store stories at 6:44. a federal judge is expected to rule whether to lift an almost five year ban on excuses here. if executions are allowed to resume a man convict of murdering a 15-year-old girl will be the first to be put to death on wednesday. the big 5 negotiators say they are near a deal on a new budgeth. they will keep talking through the weekend and hope to have new budge etd details finalized by monday afternoon. this is the latest budget ever
6:46 am
in california history. president obama says remarks made by iran's president were offensive. he suggested the u.s. government orchestrated the seember 11th attacks in order to help the u.s. economy. well, phillip garrido is due back in court today for what could be an important hearing in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. lawyers could announce he may be mentally incompetent to go to trial. if that happens and if the judge agrees to a mental evaluation, this could put an immediate hold on that case. a woman in virginia was the first woman executed in the united states in five years. 41-year-old teresa louis was put to death by lethal injection at the greensville correctional center last night. she was convicted of airpging the deaths of her husband and stepson to get $250,000 in life insurance mon. >> italy will no longer useful
6:47 am
body scanners at airports. after a six month investigation their government is scrapping the program deeming the use of the machines slow and ineffective. a u.s. astronaut and two russian cosmonauts will be at least one day late returning to earth. they were already aboard the capsule supposed to bring them home when there was a problem opening hooks and latches. that is the second problem in three months with docking or undocking russian spacecraft at the station. >> thai 6:47. palo alto based facebook apologizes for the worst teg enology outage in four years. a lot of facebook users could not get to their account for up to two and a half hours yesterday. 25% were getting a message that said failure. facebook said there was a problem with an error checking routine. that system was turned off to get it back up and running. facebook is looking at ways to
6:48 am
keep that from happening again when they turn that system back on. actress lindsey lohan could be send back to jail when she goes before a judge today. lindsey lohan admitted to failing her court ordered drug test less than a month after she was released from rehab. tm c reports she tested positive for cocaine and am feet mines the judge previously said he would sentence her for a month in jail for each drug test she skipped or failed but it is also possible he could send her back to rehab. her court appearance could also be the sceneoff a showdown between her parents. her mother threatens to have hear ex-husband arrested if he shows up. she has a crl national protective order against him. >> the coach would has won more games than anyone else will be
6:49 am
without a job. don nelson will not coach them, but it is not clear if he resigned or was fired. he will receive the 6 million dollars he was supposed to. keith smart is the new head coach. >> sal are you saying oh nellie about our commute. >> i guess i could but not yet dave. >> okay. >> i will save that thank you very much. i will put that in the sal exclamation box. not much to say oh nellie about, that is and old sports thing by the way in case you don't know what we are talking about. no problems on to the upper deck of the bay bridge, this morning's commute is looking good on 680 south bound. if you are in the south bay the freeway system looks good. our maps are color coded. right now a lot of green.
6:50 am
here is steve. >> sal, thank you, happy friday everybody. here we go. we have been waiting how long to get the stretch of warm weather? i like the cool. i won't lie to you. it sure looks like everything is in place for warm weather. look at this. every reporting station saying calm. when sfo and fairfield, their wind is calm, you know we are going to warm up. san jose, santa rosa, up to ukia calm. knee vacaville calm, oakland, napa, all, everybody, concord, livermore, so everything is in place. it is still out there. cool, 40s and 50s, but the storm track jet stream right there you can actually see and i will show you a wider picture the source of why we are going to warm up. around the bay 80s, inland upper 80s, low 90s, so we are not really just you know jumping into this warm up, coming up 5-10 degrees, 60s, 70s, 80 today in san francisco, a lie of 80 at 3:00. antioch starting off at 56, 80
6:51 am
at noon, 92 for a high. you might be flirting with upper 90s to 100 by monday. santa rosa and napa 47 so still cool for some. look at the city 58, already warm. so won't take long to get going. hen the wind is calm and the city is warmest history tells me they are going to be warm today. 32 tahoe, 25 truckie, so if youary a heading to the mountains it still gets cold. watch in the last right there. see how that deepens? allowing the high to come up. in the last few frames you will see this right there, right there, right there. it looks like it will last for a while. today warm conditions, not getting the northeast wind. it is just mainly high pressure kicking in. saturday warm. sunday-monday, maybe even into tuesday warm to hot. 90s inland, sunshine for everybody, 60s, 70s, 80s, some low 80s, upper 80s, 90s inland, very rare, the last six months to see 5 suns in a row but that is we have in our 5 day and
6:52 am
warm to hot sunday-monday. >> wal-mart is apologizing to customers unable to use credit or debit cards at its stores yesterday. it effected all their stores for nearly two hours, the world's largest retailer says it was caused pe the failure of a card reading system. they are not saying how much money they lost because of that. wall street, really nice day. friday dow jones up 148 points as we look live to the big board on the new york stock exchange. well received on some earnings coming in this morning, that is helping things out. also some positive feelings about manufacturing report coming out and i am looking to see if the new home sales report has come out yet. durable goods on the rise but also expected in a little bit good news on home sales so we will keep watching but all the numbers are up this morning in the u.s. a new showroom is open this morning in oakland dedicated to
6:53 am
echo friendly cars, all will be hybrids or other types of green vehicles. the stickers will explain why each one of them is green. the new showroom is located on piedmont avenue. >> 6:52. autumn just started but already one major retailer is planning to hire new employees for he holidays, massey's will hire 65 thousand seasonal workers all over the nation, up slightly from the number of tim prear workers hired last year, experts say macy's expects sales to more than 3%, it will start hiring next month and most will be evening, nighttime and weekend shifts. >> hum. all right. well sesame street has pulled the segment with elmo for being too risky. the reason reason singer katie perry's guest appearance drew protests from parents. >> also how bart is helping those in need have a better chance of getting that new job. >> right now on 80 traffic is
6:54 am
looking pretty good so far out to the macarthur maze. another traffic and weather check are coming up.
6:55 am
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6:56, let's go to tori. >> good morning. in minutes live in san bruno to learn more about the possible cause of the san prune 0 natural gas pipeline explosion.
6:57 am
and the reason for a set deadline to clear the debris from the site. state leaders may be close to reaching a budget agreement put the transportation commission has decided to put the braixes on a number of important projects. comedian stephen could beryl is known for playing a foy conservative. find out why he will be testifying for real before congress today. as early as today there could be an important legal decision concerning the military's don't ask-don't tell policy. that decision will come from someone here in california. now back to you. >> tori, thank you. some folks out looking for a job are getting some help to prepare for job interviews from bart. bart collected gentle used professional clothing from bart commuters yesterday. bart is working with a non- profit group called wardrobe for opportunity. they help people out of a job find jobs. the group says being dressed well cap be crucial when it
6:58 am
comes to making that very positive first impression. >> sesame street has decided to cancel a segment with katie perry because some felt her use fit was too sexy. a video was released and the show got complaints from parents about the pop star's cleave age. >> we have a lot to talk about this morning. we are live at san jose city college after two recent attacks on women. we will tell you what police say the attacks have in common. stay right here with us. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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