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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 1, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. it is three months overdue but the big five finally shake hands on a bunting agreement. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. developing news tonight at the state capitol where it appears that the state's budget stalemate may soon be over. governor schwarzenegger used his iphone to tweet: the big five spent five hours at the governor's office trying to finalize a deal to plug the
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state's $19 billion budget gap. details on the agreement ending the 93-day impasse are still not available. the governor spokesman said the information would be made public on wednesday. he also said the governor did not give in. >> he has maintained all along they he will not sign a budget that increases taxes. he will not sign a budget that will not reform budget and pensions. so we don't have to go through this again. >> again both houses of the legislature could vote on the budget agreement as soon as next thursday. we will have more on this developing story coming up in a live report from the capitol in about ten minutes. >> now tonight's other big news involves the san francisco giants. thousands of fans on the edge of their seats hoping the giants will get the one win the team needs to clinch first place in the western division. if the giants pull it off tonight, though, it will be a come from behind victory. the san diego padres took a 6-0 lead but the giants have battled back. it is now 6-4 in the 8th
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inning. ktvu's deborah villalon has been watching with fans. but we begin with mike mibach who is across the street at at&t park. mike? >> reporter: the game plan is simple win and you are in, frank. win and you are in. if that happens, there is going to be a very big party here tonight at china beach. i got out of the ballpark 10-15 minutes ago. a lot are feeling stressed in what is a very tight ball game. but holding hope that there will be champagne popping on this friday night. [ applause ] >> reporter: the bush for the playoffs at at&t park. >> are you feeling the magic? >> yes, i'm feeling the magic. >> reporter: the atmosphere absolutely electrifying before the first pitch and beyond. >> feeling good. we've got a lot of energy. a guy out at the plate. >> excited, yeah. >> the players arrived early in the day. the fans are not far behind. >> a 42,000 plus sellout crowd
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filed through the gates. the orange ration were awaiting. >> let's go giants, let's go, baby. >> reporter: this crowd wants playoffs baseball. and they are confident the 2010 giants will get them there. >> we were hot at the right time. you know what they say about being hot at the right time? we are hot at the right time. >> they have rallied the crowd behind him. and they are the little team that could. they kept going and going and now we are here. >> reporter: they have ral fridayed giants fans which helps them forget about the stress of their daily lives and instead let loose for a team now on the hunt with hopes of a fall classic. >> they are amazing. versatile. they got the clutch. they got the power. the fear the beer and the belly. >> it is going to happen tonight. [ applause ] >> again, fans are still holding on to that hope for a victory tonight. but if it does not happen, that champagne can still pop any
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time this weekend. live tonight outside at&t park mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> from at&t park we turn to deborah villalon. with many of the fans watching at neighborhood bars tonight and pulling for their local teams. deborah? >> well, julie we are at momos the bar and restaurant right across from at&t park. always a busy place during a home game. this is no normal home game. it is pack. many bars and restaurants across the city are full of people tonight watching the excitement, bearing the stress as they try for this late-game surge to come from behind. but fans say even if they don't clinch tonight, they are confident. they are not crying in their better. they say there is always tomorrow. remember, fan comes from the word fanatic. [ applause ] >> reporter: and crowds are wearing that giant fan at simple as comfortably as their orange and black. >> fan self-esteem is attached
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to the team's success. >> reporter: psychologists analyze this phenomenon and write about it as basicking in the reflective glory. >> when the team wins there is this incredible elation and they feel so wonderful. but when the team fails it is like an attack on them personally. >> reporter: shrinks say rooting for a team helps people identify with others and something larger than themselves. fans just say they feel it. >> it's everywhere. everybody i have talked to positively, everyone i talked to is a baseball fan. >> reporter: if you couldn't be in the ballpark tonight, a bar stool was a noisy substitute. this bar a century old witnessing so much baseball bliss and heartbreak over the years. >> i am kind of shocked myself that they are really there or have a chance to be there. because you know they were six games out a month ago. >> reporter: the giant season has captivated people, not just because they have been winning but how they have won. with an ensemble not a handful of stars.
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>> because it makes it feel like they could step up to the plate. somebody could step out of the stands and come up to the plate. there aren't a lot of big stars on the giant. the players represent every mans. barry bonds was this idol up on a pedestal -- stall. >> we are back live at momos outside at&t park. it is interesting because a lot of people left when the game was 6-0 and the giants were losing. they said it's over, we are gone. it's out of here. we heard that and now a lot of people might be regretting that. even though it is not even they are sure trying. tons of excitement and enthusiasm here. and if it doesn't happen tonight it will happen tomorrow. a really emotional rollercoaster. reporting live deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> okay. and for the giant's late comeback if they do make a comeback tonight what happens from here fred will have all of
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that and post game reaction coming up later in sports. >> the couple accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and holding her captive were arraigned today. the charges include 19 counts of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment. plus special allegations that could lead to longer sentences if they are convicted. after hearing the charges, nancy garrido pleaded not guilty. but her husband won't enter a plea until a mental evaluation is completed. >> i think he is crazy like a fox. i think he is extremely aware of what's going on. >> i just see a man that's very, very cunning. >> the grand jury indictment eliminates the need for a preliminary hearing. which means that jaycee dugard and her two daughters will be spared from having to testify in open court at least for now. an alameda county judge refused to make an immediate ruling in the bailie trial.
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attorneys for the two want the trial moved out of the bay area. but the judge says he wants to make until jury selection takes place before making a decision. the attorneys say they will appeal today's ruling. they and macky are accused of killing bailey and two other man. the trial will start next month. >> a 2-year-old girl is hospitalized and her mother is under arrest for child abuse. they responded to the house at 2:20 this afternoon after receiving a 911 call from neighbors. ktvu's amber lee is there with a live report. >> julie, neighbors told us they first saw the woman screaming from the top floor window and that she ran out of the home partially nude. tonight sheep behind bars. family and neighbors are in shock. it was an emotional scene this afternoon as family members returned home to fend 45 -- find 45-year-old woman under arrest accused of beating her 2-
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year-old daughter. neighbors describe a chaotic scene as they heard screams coming from the home and then out on the street. >> i heard she was un balanced but i thought that she was drunk. >> reporter: you thought she was drunk. did you smell alcohol? >> yes, i did. yeah. >> reporter: the neighbor told us he called 911 after she told him what she had done to her toddler. >> because she said to me, i just stepped on my daughter's head. i said what? >> reporter: police said they found her out on the street in front of her home and her toddler in an upstairs bedroom. >> it did appear that the child had either been beat, struck in the face. there were scratches on her face and some other injuries to her body. >> reporter: neighbors told us she has lived here for several years with her toddler, two teenaged children and a 25-year- old son. one neighbor says there had been no signs of trouble until a month ago when she says she heard a disturbance.
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>> the oldest son was saying, no, mom, don't do that. and, you know, that to me is like that she needs help. >> neighbors told us the toddler was unconscious when taken away in an ambulance to childrens' hospital. >> how can she do that? how can she beat that little baby 2-year-old? it's not right. >> police say the child is in stable but guarded condition. she is accused of child abuse. police applaud neighbors for calling 911. reporting live here in east oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco police say they arrested a rape suspect today who was a prevent parolee. 25-year-old woman was taken into custody this afternoon at ralph park in the city's mission district. he was suspected in the rape and beating of a 35-year-old woman tuesday. police say he had been released
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on parole only days before the aim attack. people hoping to fly to hawaiian on a flight from san jose never made it off the ground. the flight was cancelled but only after passengers say they were kept waiting at the airport for nine hours. hawaiian airlines from honolulu had mechanical problems in the fire detection unit. the plane was supposed to leave at 9:30 this morning. >> they had kept telling us every half hour they would have an update. we would know. they are going to send in another plane. that plane isn't coming. then we will catch the 9:30 plane. oh, no they can't fly because they do need a rest. >> at 6:30 this evening flight 43 was finally cancelled. it is now scheduled to depart tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning. >> united and continental sealed the deal to create the largest airline. the two companies farmly announced the merger into a combined carrier but using continental's colors and logo. it will be called united
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continental holding incorporated. they will operate an estimated 5800 flights a day to 371 airport around the world. more fog this weekend. just how cool will it get? which bay area cities will be the warmest? we will have tomorrow's forecast in about ten minutes. >> pine pot. decriminal eyed now in small amounts. how the move is designed to save money. >> plus go to the state capitol for a live update on tonight's long overdue budget deal and how it happened. the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. we have uncovered new information. >> dependable information. >> the bay area's major news of the day. >> residents of one neighborhood are on alert. >> and complete in depth coverage. >> showdown time today at the california supreme court. >> plus the forecast for the area where you live. >> a good opportunity for drizzle along the coast. >> frank somerville, julie
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haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news, complete bay area news coverage.
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. a quick update from at&t. it is in the top of the 19th with the san diego padres holding on to a 6-4 lead. >> after 93 days a deal was finally announced today at the state house about a new state budget. it is already being called a compromise on all side. tom duhane is live in sacramento with our report. good evening, tom. >> reporter: yes, a very long time coming. 93 days. it is a full agreement between the government and the leaders of both parties on a definitely compromised effort. lawmakers emerged tonight after another five-hour session with a budget agreement. >> everyone has worked very, very hard. these are very difficult circumstances and difficult times. not a lot of celebrating. >> the leaders of both parties left quickly not giving details
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how two issues were resolved the tax breaks for business and the pensions for unions. >> in the end it is all how you package it together and it is give and take. >> reporter: the republicans got what they wanted no new taxes. this was the end of the stalemate. >> they all shook hands and congratulated each other for making some very difficult decision. we always knew solving a $20 million deficit would take some time. the legislature will be in session on wednesday for budget briefings and then a vote is scheduled for thursday. and legislative leaders also say there is enough republican support to get the much needed two-thirds vote to finally get this thing passed. reporting live in sacramento, tom duhane. ktvu, channel 2 news. the california supreme court announced it will issue a ruling on monday on whether the governor can keep furloughing state employees. the ruling will affect more than 200,000 state workers.
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since the so-called furlough fridays began in february of 2009 workers have been ordered to take 46 unpaid days off to help the state safe money during its budget crisis. multiple lawsuits were filed challenging the furloughs. the supreme court decided to come bony the suits into one case. even though governor schwarzenegger opposes legalization of marijuana for recreational use he signed a bill that de criminal eyes possession of small amounts of the drug. it is a cost safer designed to save millions during a budget crisis. ktvu's janet katsuyama reports. >> reporter: the legalization of marijuana is already a cloudy political issue. now a new law is cutting through the haze. governor schwarzenegger signed senate bill 1449 late yesterday. it reduces the crime for anyone caught with an ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction. >> i think it's good because it will free up the jail spaces for people who really need to be there. >> i mean i guess it's a good
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idea. everybody got weed any way. so many people getting caught with it i guess it cuts down on the work they got to do. >> in california officers made more than 61,000 arrests last year for marijuana related misdemeanors. state senator mark leno of san francisco authored the bill and says the new law will prevent low level drug cases from clogging up the court. and allows drug agents and law enforcement to focus on more serious crimes, therefore saving money. >> there will be many millions and millions of dollars saved specifically at the county level. >> reporter: previously as a misdemeanor, offenders face arrest, a possible criminal record and a am maximum fine of $100. now with an infraction the fine will remain the same. but it will be equivalent to some traffic or parking tickets. the law was opposed by most republicans lawmakers. some law enforcement groups and others concerned that marijuana users might stop receiving state had been funded drug treatment. the california district
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attorney's association and even the police chief association support the new law. >> the process is very much the same, except the officers won't be writing a police report anymore. >> reporter: the new law will take place jan 1 reporting from san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. inspect santa clara a drug task force has raided some marijuana medical services that agents say were taking advantage of california laugher. officers confiscated a lot of marijuana along with weapons and ammunition. undercover agents called medical marijuana delivery services and arrested 22 people who provided pot without asking for medical marijuana cards as required by law. these delivery service would bring the marijuana, in this case a total of 25 pounds, to this person that they had never met before. and sold the drugs. that's a drug deal. >> authorities say the delivery
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services were hiding behind the state's medical marijuana policy simply to make money for themselves. the practice is called a green rush. con considered police are asking for help to track down two men wanted for robbing a 71- year-old man at a costco parking lot on monday. police released a photo of one of the man. he spoke spanish possibly with a pan maniaa accent. he was described as a black man and stocky. both are considered armed and dangerous. police say a teenager was shot several times in a high school athletic field this morning. the incident may be gang related. investigators are looking for a single gunman wearing a red bandanna seen running near the field. the victim was walking to classes with a friend at the time. police say he has undergone surgery for very serious injuries. [ applause ] and it cooled off a bit more today. a gradual cooling since the
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record heat that we saw just a few days ago. highs today about 48 degrees cooler. highs tomorrow, well, instead of 86 in antioch, tomorrow antioch go about 82 or 83 degrees. overnight lows 54 in fairfield. 56 in concord. 57 in fremont. mild to cool overnight. fog gets into the bay not much further. stops around berkeley and doesn't quite get over the hill. the forecast fog in the morning, then, get it over into the delta area. up towards vacaville and fairfield. it clears off quickly. your saturday afternoon high temperature is cooler but still in the low 80s in the hot spots. come back in the five day forecast and show you which day on the weekend will be the warmest and coolest. we will be back here with the tale of a warmup coming next week. a mountain lion warning has been issued for berkeley hills after two cubs were spotted there. the cubs and deer carcasses were sighted near the lawrence berkeley national labs and the lawrence hall of science. it comes a month after berkeley
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police shot and killed a 100- pound mountain lion on walnut street a block away in downtown berkeley. a memorial for that slain mountain lion was set up near the site of the shooting. it is normal for mountain lions to hunt deer this time of year. people are advised to wave their arms and make loud noises if they encounter a big cat. [ music ] >> today was the day cal trans broke on through to the other side. punching through is still ahead. but up first, a police apology after officers opened fire on a family pet. what police say happened in the moments before the shooting. [ music ] ktvu channel 2 morning news weekdays starting at 5 a.m.
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. >> classes will go on as usual monday even though a fire damaged part of a richmond high school early this morning. the fire on valley view road
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destroyed the kitchen and damaged the cafeteria. investigators say the fire appears suspicious. they found fire extinguishers that had been discharged inside. school officials say the fire cost an estimated $1 million in damage. a portable kitchen will be used next week. >> oakland police have received dozens of calls from people who are outraged about an officer who shot and killed a family's dog. police were investigating a possible home burglary. the officer reported that the lab came out the back door growling and advancing as the officer backed up. and that's when the officer shot the dog. today police said time was a factor. >> when you have to make split- second decisions it's unrealistic to have officers switch and put away his handgun to pull out pepper spray or a taser. >> the hallak family showed this recent video of the is 11- year-old lab named gloria. they plan to bury her in their
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backyard. they will look for this as lessons for interaction with animals. >> redwood city based electronic arts said today it has removed the option that led players choose to call themselves the taliban while pretending to shoot u.s. troops. the game metal of honor drew complaints from troops and their families. in fact, the military pulled the game from stores on its bases. new figures show the auto industry continues to recover but not as strongly as hoped. for september chrysler and ford reported better sales numbers compared to august. but sales were flat or fell at general motors, honda and toyota. industry wide car sales are up 29% year to year. but analysts say comparisons to last september are deceptive because the clash to clunkers rebate program last summer ended in august. the federal government is looking to increase fuel economy requirements to as high
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as 62 miles per gallon by 2025. documents released today revealed the government's intentions. on the low end it could be bumped up to 75 miles per gallon. the economy increases are set to start in 2017. should the government follow through on its goals the average cost of vehicles could increase by more than $3,000. stocks moved higher on this first day of october after a september that saw the dow jones industrial average gain nearly 8%. news of an increase in personal income and spending helped the dow post a 42 point gain today. the nasdaq was up two points. federal regulators reported today that one trading firm triggered the so-called flash crash of may 6th. on that day, the market plunged nearly 1,000 points in less than a half hour. one computer cell order of more than $4 billion triggered the free-fall. the company involved is widely believed to be the kansas firm
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of wadell and reid. a major milestone on a huge project. what's next in the devil's slide project and why the progressive is being celebrated by drivers to outdoor enthusiasts. if meg whitman broke any immigration laws, how would she punish herself? her answers are coming up. . closed captioning is brought to you by mansini's trade-in mattress sale. save up to $3,000.
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. >> it was a breakthrough literally in the devil's slide tunnel project. the milestone came together and supporters of the tunnel couldn't be happier. our could be assumeer editor has our report. >> reporter: like a massive
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monster hole they finished the journey through the heart of san pedestrianro on the san mateo coast. this will be the northbound tunnel of highway 1 bypassing crumbling devil's slide. for local tunnel advocate less than any roberts today culminates a campaign she started in the early 1970s. >> i've been involved in this battle since then. and it's very exciting to see this solution that everybody loves. >> current cal trans first project as an engineer 30 years ago was on devil's slade. >> i am standing here in 2010 and actually seeing that piece of equipment punching through and showing the light at the end of the tunnel it's just an amazing feeling. >> reporter: by the time both tunnels are actually dug out, they will have removed the equivalent of almost 6,000 semi tractor trailer double dump
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trucks or the weight of 400 fully loaded 747s. these new tunnels will free up almost 80-acres of coastside to hikers and bicycleers. >> the old highway 1 will allow bike riders and pedestrians to have a quiet vista from which to view the pacific. what a tremendous gift this is to future generations. >> reporter: the new tunnels will also stop the landslides that have destabilized the coast-side economy along one of the premier tourist routes. >> allowing the tourists to come to the coast safely and get the benefit of the views that our beautiful california has. >> reporter: the tunnel will be dedicated to the memory of locally beloved congressman tom landis who championed this project for decades. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. the report by the san jose city auditor shows the city's pension plan could cause long- term problems. the report which was released this week says the pension plan
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is $2 billion short of pension benefits. the mayor's office says retirement cost versus tripled during the last decade and keeping the city from hiring police officers, firefighters and other employees. there is a measure on the november ballot that could lead to pension reform in san jose. data from the university of california shows the university now has a record number of low income students. uc officials said today about 39% of uc undergraduates received grants. the grant is specifically given to students with family incomes under $50,000. this is the largest percentage in uc history. officials say the increase is due to the economic downturn. >> president obama made what he called the least expense full announcement today. emanual is running for governor. he talked about his immigrant family. >> and i want to thank you for the opportunity to repay in a small portion of the blessings
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this country has given my family. >> taking over as chief of staff will be rouse who has reputations as a problem fixer and quiet strategist who avoids the media. the chief of staff is considered the president's gatekeeper and controls access to the president which makes it a very powerful position. the second debate between the two candidates for california governor will be held in fresno and meg whitman will be involved in the controversy of her former housekeeper and whether she did anything wrong. it is shining a light on two issues when it comes to immigrant homeworker. >> few have homes as luxurious as meg whitman but many have homes they don't have the time or the energy to clone. and many hire immigrants to do their grunt work. >> today in san francisco's mission district, housekeepers and advocates for them held a
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rally. >> we are here to confront the abuse, the abuse that we face at the hands of so many wealthy and famous people. >> they said they have no idea if meg whitman is guilty of the abuses her former housekeeper accuses her of. but they say other rich people are, verbal, physical and even sexual abuse. >> abuse of domestic workers is very common. we see it all the time. >> they want a domestic workers bill of rights for documented workers and illegal immigrants alike. if you are a homeowner into need of domestic help, following the law can be difficult. if you question the potential worker too much about their immigration status, you might be guilty of discrimination. -on the other hand, if you hire an illegal immigrant you expose yourself to other legal troubles. >> okay. thanks, guys. >> meg whitman denies knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant to
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be her housekeeper but wednesday she told us how she would punish homeowners who do know. >> every employer in the state of california needs to hire documented workers and only documented workers. >> reporter: so what should the punishment be to a homeowner who hires someone to take care of their kid or clean their house who is illegal? >> the same as everyone else. you know, you get three strikes. the first one there is a fine. >> and stiffer fines for repeated violations. if your yard needs cleaning and the fence needs fixing, the law is the law, whitman says and she would enforce it. >> reporter: political editor randy shandobil, ktvu, channel 2 news. early voting in the november election is set to begin this coming monday when bay area election officials plan to send out the ballots. voters will receive them in a week to ten days. the last day they can put in a request for a vote by mail ballots is october 26th. >> a campus community in
10:36 pm
mourning. the growing memorial for a gay teenager who committed suicide. and why some say prosecutors aren't being tough enough. >> and right now i am tracking the fog that is moving into your area around the bay. i will tell you how far it will get tomorrow morning. >> and it has become part of our culture. now space is chronicled in a new movie. how it can have an impact on the palo alto company. >> another small earthquake this morning. >> frank somerville, julie haener, week nights on ktvu, channel 2 news at 6.
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. >> it is all over at at&t park. the padres beat the giants 6-4. fred will have the highlights coming up in a few minutes. san francisco now needs to win one of the final two games against san diego on saturday or sunday to clinch first place in the west. students at rutgers university tonight remembered a classmate who killed himself after a sexual encounter he had with another man was streamed live on the internet. students are leaving flowers and notes at a memorial for 18- year-old tyler clementy. his roommate d the roommate's friends already face invasion of privacy charges for using a web calm to transmit the encounter. but some students say it isn't enough. >> this is a very serious matter. and someone lost a life because of something that started off as a joke. and i think that they deserve a lot more than they are getting.
10:40 pm
>> prosecutors say more charges are possible under the state's hate law crime. in santa cruz county sheriff's deputies rushed to a man they say killed his roommate at their home and dumped the body in a wooded area of so call. he is suspected of killing his roommate 50-year-old robert burr sometime last weekend. so far investigators say they do not know the motive. >> in news of the world tonight in pakistan militants fired on nato trucks filled with fuel for troops in neighbouring afghanistan. 27 trucks went up in flames earlier today. it could be in response to a cross-border nato helicopter strike earlier this week that mistakenly killed three pakistani boarder guards. the third such. in he can the record he
10:41 pm
told cheering crowds he will not forgive or forget yesterday's violence. a riot by the police was in fact a could you please attempt. today the country was calm. last night 500 soldiers rescued the president from a hospital amid a hail of gunfire. one soldier was killed. the obama administration expressed support for president. and in china with the push of a button today a rocket blasted off carrying an unmanned probe to the moon. the mission aims to orbit the moon as close as nine peoples above the surface. they hope for a moon land not guilty two years followed by a manned lunar mission in 2017. while the u.s. state program is struggling with a tight budget china is pouring money into its program. americans born in puerto rico have until the end of this month to get new birth certificates. an estimated five million puerto ricoans will have to reapply. stolen birth certificates have been used to try to get american passports. the new ones should be more
10:42 pm
secure. but puerto rico has not publicized the new orders so many are unaware of it. >> facebook says the film "the social network" is pure fiction. others think it could hurt the company's reputation. how hundreds of employees had a chance to decide for themselves. >> and falling temperatures this weekend. which day will be the nicest? our chief meteorologist bill martin retns in just a few minutes.
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. >> the controversial new movie about facebook called the social network opened in theaters to good reviews and a lot of buzz. facebook rented out several screens at a multiplex theater just for themselves. ktvu's allie rasmussen is live with more on this. >> reporter: this movie has
10:45 pm
been playing all day and early this evening. some of the shows were sold out. but there was a special screening of the preliminary for facebook employees. >> all of these big black buses that pulled up. and, like, hundreds of people were getting out. >> reporter: luke happened to be at the century 16 cinema when facebook employees came in. he snapped a photo of the company outing. the manager said facebook reserved 300 seats so they could watch it about the company the social network. >> you stoled our idea. >> reporter: the film chronicles the rise of mark zucchinierburg and the social network that made him rich and famous. >> he comes off as genius and dark but really smart and really driven. i think people can respect that. >> your best friend is suing up. >> reporter: the film explores some of the conflicts surrounding facebook's beginnings. that could have a lasting impact on the company's represent pages. >> i think the movely have
10:46 pm
introduce the means that zucchinierburg borrowed and paid off people as a result of that. i think most people don't know that. people will start to think dimple about facebook. >> reporter: movie goer says she checks her facebook page multiple times a day and the movie won't change her impressions. >>efinitely not the company and we are all sufficiently addicted at this point it doesn't matter. >> reporter: these movie goers don't have a facebook page but wanted to see the film anyway. >> so i can find out what social networking is. >> reporter: like it or not social network is gone now a part of the culture and the ceo is a silicone valley icon. >> he is very hard driven. may have screwed his partner out of something. so i am interested to see about him, actually what he is like. >> reporter: and in response to the film, palo alto based facebook issued a statement
10:47 pm
saying. live in mountain view, ktvu, channel 2 news. facebook said today it is splitting its shares 5-1. facebook is a privately-held company. a spokesman said it was simply a procedural move and down played any speculation that they may go soon public with an initial public offering. they would not say how much they think its shares are worth. they have split shares twice previously. [ music ] >> i have got live storm tracker two lit up. it is raining in part of california. take a look. you saw some of the high clouds today. the activities south of here right down towards fresno there were thunderstorms down in southern california and up towards hanford and porterville. that activity is going south and east of our area. but a few clouds will come our way. tomorrow the fog come back in. almost to your house now if you are around the bay. tomorrow morning it is there.
10:48 pm
not as far in as livermoor or antioch but into the richmond area. the cooler weather continues this weekend. that is really the weather headline. it is this cooling trend. because just a up could of days ago we had center heat. here is the low pressure system off santa barbara. as you go north though it starts to clear out. this week a low pressure. there are a couple of them comes into the picture. and that system will come in and continue to allow temperatures to trend down. the mechanism for that will be the fog along the coast. temperature low 60s at best and cloudy. amachine -- around the bay low 60s. and 80s tomorrow in land and in the hot spots. maybe on sunday come down a few degrees in land and find upper 70s. not a bad day or a bad weekend. just not swelters like we saw a few days ago. the heat in the valley some 90s at marysville and out towards roseville. see the cool moisture right there. that's what happens when the
10:49 pm
heat gets in the valley. the cool air off the bay pushes the heat back. forecast highs for your saturday. 80 in fairfield. 79 in clear lake. a couple of places a little above average. but a nice weekend. really it is going to be nice. if you are going out to the park warren is having a big party out there saturday and sunday. a big deal the blue grass festival. a lot of people. i can't remember how many thousands. the weather is good. at that inning a jacket. a lot of fog and clouds out at golden gate park. the giants will play again tomorrow, right? they have got the game still regular season. going to the ball game or the ballpark at&t. at&t or pack bell? >> at&t. hasn't been pack bell for a long time. >> i know. take a jacket if you go out there because it will be cold and chilly. >> low heat go over the hill to berkeley and over to concord and it warms right back up. >> how long has it been since it was pack bell?
10:50 pm
>> a while. just say the ballpark. >> the bay area is home to some of the smartest people in the country. c. nn money released a survey from the u.s. census bureau. it ranks san francisco as the second brainiest city in america with 43.5 holding a bachelor's degree or higher. washington, d.c. took top honors with more than 47%. well, they couldn't do it tonight. coming up next fred on why the giants cooperate pull off the win and what that means for this weekend. ask 8
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. >> the hardly strictly blue grass music festival is living up to its name with mc hammer kicking off the party in san francisco's golden gate park today. six stages are set up in speedway meadow for the three- day festival which started this afternoon. dozens of performers are scheduled including start such as emmy lou harris and elvis costello. organizers are expected huge crowds to turn out especially since the admission is free. we have posted that on the weekend extra tab at ktvu, ktvu >> we can't say won and done. tonight is not the night for the giants.
10:54 pm
>> dwayne kuiper said giants baseball torture. you know the situation one more win and they are in. the padres crashed the night again at at&t park. but they are still alive in both the division and wild card race. before the start of tonight's game andre torres was honored with the willy mack award for the player that shows dedication. cane didn't have it. padres led 4-0. padres remember 5-1 now 6-1 at at&t park. matt cane's birthday the brands was blown out with a homerun. sanchez singles and that brings cody ross home for the first giants run of the game. go to the 6th inning. aaron roane. remember him? he had just 20 in his last hits
10:55 pm
at bat. and suddenly 6-3 with plenty more time to get more runs. the tying run comes to the plate. aubrey cuff takes his best shot against closer heath bell. the man on first sanchez doubled off the base. that's a double play. padres win 6-4. still alive. barry zito takes the hill tomorrow to try to end this thing. the only carrot in front of the oakland as is the chance to finish the season an even 500. playing seattle makes that goal seem very reachable. as in the emerald season. barton meets luke french. hello and good-bye. a first homerun for derek barton. this game was over after oakland scores six times. there is derek barton again. a grand slam. barton is a bad, bad man. three hits and six rbi: as win 9-0. the 79th win and seattle's
10:56 pm
99 last loss of the season. >> friday night high school football game of the week featured two teams divided by highway 24. matado rs had to score to settle. they get upset at home. tonight anderson finds jack for the td. they led 24-7. they average over 38 points a game. they score nearly that much for half time. here is your quarterback ross an better son scores a 49 yarder. he ran for 165 yards and threw three td passes. ross anderson was electric. he scored 21 points tonight more than any other opponent this season. but the back christian sacker makes the seal and makes the deal. a practice yard touchdown and he opens with a 44-21 victory. wearing pink to remember breast cancer awareness. so they climb to 5-0. they had
10:57 pm
just six wins all last year. they fall to 3-2. ryder cup started in cold and windy conditions. with you saw some great shots in this first session. topple overton the first hole. a wild birdie putt. bubba watson are one up after just eight holes. tiger woods is playing with steve stricker. and here is tiger's approach. the second hole sets up a tap- in birdie. but the 45,000 plus fans spent 11 hours outside to see a total of four hours of golf. the only people happy about that are the bartenders. stewart sink made three long birdie putts. he was two up over graham and roy mche will roy. this 38th rider came may not be decided until monday. that's sports as we see it for this friday night. giants lose but can clinch the west division again tomorrow at 1 p.m. right here on ktvu or if not then, maybe sunday or maybe
10:58 pm
monday. who knows. >> there is still hope. >> a playoffs on monday. >> thanks, fred. that is our report for this friday night. thanks for joining us. good night. . ktvu, channel 2 news high school sports is brought to you by muscle milk and xfinity.
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