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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 4, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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frightening moments at this hour. >> reporter: the same apartment complex in unincorporated walnut creek, but five similar attacks. the latest that happened over the weekend. we have the details for you ahead. emergency crews have capped a fueling station. starting today, things will go much faster for many riders. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, october 4th. a desperate search is underway this morning for a young woman abducted from her san jose home nearly 2 hours ago. ktvu's claudine wong is outside the victim's home with the latest on the investigation. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning.
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i just talked to a neighbor a few minutes ago. he said he saw all of the commotion yesterday but didn't know what was happening. i also showed him a picture of the victim. he says he does recognize her. we want to show you a picture of 18-year-old julie la. police say she and a 28-year- old man were confronted by a suspect yesterday. police say the suspect stabbed the man several times and kidnapped julie. the man is in the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds this is the suspect, 28-year- old brian bui adrong. he's described as 6 feet tall, 160 pounds. we don't know his connection to
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the victims. he has a black lexus. this is his license plate. many neighbors out here say they don't know the residents very well. they don't know julie very well but they do recognize her pictures. what they do know is the male victim may have gone to houses for help. we'll keep you updated, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 7:02. well, some residents of an east bay apartment complex are telling ktvu they are moving out after it the fifth violent attack her -- after the fifth violent attack there this month. jade hernandez is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, dave. i just spoke to a man who lived here with his girlfriend at park regency. he said he's a little concerned
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because he moved in a little over a month ago and signed a lease and didn't know anything about the attack that happened on september 16th and he just found out about the attack that happened recently. more security has been added since the attack in september. i've been told by the security guard on duty this morning that he's been told to stop anybody without a parking permit and they are to patrol as well. this is the fifth attack since june. the attacker has not been got or identified. so this nooning authorities are comparing cases and looking for similarities. the contra costa county sheriff deputies say a man grabbed a 43- year-old woman before 7:00 in
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the evening with the intent to rape her. but the woman fought to free herself. as she tried to escape, she found donnism stairs and hurt herself but -- found -- she fell down some stairs and hurt herself but managed to get away. >> i'm leaving. i'm leaving friday. they can take us to court for my money if they want. i'm not staying here. >> this is obviously a targeted place, targeting specific people and the management won't let those people leave without penalizing them. it's absurd. they are saying either pay or -- >> or be the next victim. >> reporter: police arrested this man, 22-year-old antonio,
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on august 10th, pointing to dna evidence which authorities say tied him to the first three attacks at park regency. he's pleaded not guilty. no arrests have been made in the latest two attacks. but the victim describes her attacker at white, about 59, facial hair. the manager at park regency declined to comment on residency. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, crews will begin cleaning up the remnants of a diesel fuel spill in san jose. fire officials say a tank on top of at&t's corporate building on south almaden boulevard leaked 1300 gallons of fuel on saturday. part of that fuel spilled on
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city streets but was cleaned up before the rock and roll marathon. this week, a big vote is set for thursday by california lawmakers on the state's long, overdue budget. the details for closing the $19 billion deficit reportedly include, $7.5 billion in spending cutsle that's down from the 12 billion the governor wanted. the deal anticipated getting $5 billion from the federal government. 1.4billion from state revenues and 1.2 billion from selling off 11 state properties and then leasing them back. a ruling is expected from the california supreme court and furlough fridays and whether the governor can continue to give those days off. several lawsuits have challenged the furloughs.
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the supreme court has combined all of those lawsuits in to one. 7:07. in about ten minutes things are going to speed up for light rail commuters in san jose. the valley transportation authority is launching -- is launching the express light rail service. trains will make fewer stops which is expected to shave five minutes off riding time between downtown and south san jose. and sal, maybe you can confirm this. but the first one leaving at 7:15 -- leaves at 7:15? >> yes. and one thing we should mention about them is there's wi-fi. let's take a look at the commute. westbound bay bridge. this morning's commute is going
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to be lighter. you can see traffic continues to move along pretty well on 880 northbound and southbound. and the commute is slow on heading to the 101. let's go to steve. a little bit of sun breaking through here. it will be a partly sunny day. but very windy. sfo has now gusts to 36 miles an hour. i mean, that's a hold onto your hat kind of day. livermore says 15 but it has gusts to 22. these are just sustained winds. there are stronger winds out, up to fairfield. there's west 29, gusting to 36 miles per hour. under mostly cloudy skies. we'll get some sunbreaks but up in the sierra they've had some pretty good thunderstorms. it looks like things are calming down a little bit but they've had a pretty good show overnight here. we'll see the low form right
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over central california. where it ends up is conjecture but it look like southern sacramento valley, san joaquin valley will hit there and be an active pattern. it will be cool to windy. 50s, 60s, and 70s. 55 san francisco. we disrupt the marine layer. not a very warm day. temperatures will be well below average. 52 san rafael/napa. it's 47 up at the sonoma county airport. livermore/concord, 55. 45 in tahoe. 53 sacramento. ukiah, 54. everyone is really close. you can see the clouds kind of rotating counterclockwise. as the low forms it will form over us. i think that will give me the possibility of showers.
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that will be tomorrow. today it's a cool pattern. it will take us into wednesdays. showers are possible today. more inland, i think the coast gets more sunshine. windy, cool, cooler, sun and clouds. showers possible. highs, 50s, 60s, and 70s. now, tomorrow should be a little bit warmer as the low sets up to the south of us. that will had also give us -- that will also give us the possibility of showers. time now 7:10. steve, as you were talking, we've gotten in breaking news news, a huge earthquake in in the seas off okinawa, japan. we'll have more details as they
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are available. the giants are heading to the playoffs for the first time in seven years. >> the giants! >> the best in the west after a thrilling victory before a sell- out crowd at at&t park yesterday. the victory came on the final game of the regular season. it came after two straight losses to the padres. >> we did have a hel of a job -- hell of a job keeping in this thing and fighting. >> i'm just stunned for words. i'm so excited. being in here with all of these guys and being able to celebrate and push forward. >> at one point, lincecum got caught up with all of the excitement and profanity. he will be on the mound on thursday at at&t park.
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i've been checking online. there are some tickets that you can buy through some of those online sites. they are looking at about $100 or so. >> wow. >> we'd love to see your photos. you can upload them at ktvu .com. >> now you just have to make buster posey rookie of the year.
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it the
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we do have a lot of clouds over us. windy, cool, possibility of showers today. more likely tuesday/wednesday. but today highs only in the 60s and 70s. already gusts to 60 miles an hour at sfo. the u.s. state department issuing a very special alert for all americans traveling to europe. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the precautions travelers are being advised to adhere to. >> reporter: good morning. this is new, japan is joining the u.s. in issuing this rare travel alert for people going to europe. you can see some of the increased security at the eiffel tower in paris. the alert urges those traveling overseas to avoid obvious targets. keep an eye out for abandoned packages and other suspicious
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items. the alert also refinds terrors that terrorists have targeted airports, public transportation and other sites. beyond that, there's little information. >> we're not hearing specific information about targets, timings and any rely valuable advice for americans about what to do. >> reporter: this comes after a terror suspect in u.s. custody is warning about a mumbai-style attack like the one two years ago when an organized band of extremists struck an area frequented by westerners. back to you. >> thank you. we did talk to travelers at sfo and they say they are not changing their plans because of this terror threat. >> if your number is up, your number is up. otherwise we're looking for --
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looking forward to a nice vacation. it is 7:17. iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, is, once again, making controversial comments about the u.s. this time he's calling for american leaders to be buried. president mahmoud ahmadinejad made the remark yesterday. he was responding to statements from u.s. officials in recent months, saying that there remains an option on the the table to launch an attack. he accused the u.s. government of being behind the 9/11 attacks, once again. just a short while ago, the u.s. supreme court started its new session and the new justice, elena kagan, is taking the bench for her first time.
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kagan has taken up some of the cases that the high court has agreed to hear. some of the most controversial cases coming up have to do with free speech challenges. the justices will examine whether free speech protects the sale of violent video games to children. election officials are schedule to start sending out vote by mail ballots. those bal plots should start showing up in mailboxes by next week. you will have until the 18th of this month to register to vote in the the next. there were heated exchanges between meg whitman and jerry brown. the face-off at fresno state
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was the first ever challenged language debate. the issue of immigration reform came up repeatedly and whitman was asked about the housekeeper she employed for years. she blamed her rival for this controversy. >> jerry, you should be ashamed, you put her deportation at risk. you put her out there for sacrificingnyky diaz -- sacrificing nikki diaz. >> don't run for governor if you can't own up to a mistake. i made a mistake, let's go on. you blame everyone. >> the next scheduled debate for whitman and brown is set for dominican university in san rafael. for more information go to ktvu
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.com and click on the election 2010 tag. last year you may recall cloud cover forced the blue angels to limit some of their acrobatic stunts. >> i checked in with steve, our weather guru, and ensaid the weather should be fine this weekend. >> there you go. several major banks are putting a foreclosure on -- hold on foreclosure proceedings. but wells fargo in san francisco says they don't have any reason to follow -- to follow the lead.
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in the last few hours we've found out a wells fargo executive has admitted verifying foreclosure documents he signed. but the san francisco-based bank says it's confidence that foreclosure documents are accurate. the coworker said he relied on other coworkers to ensure the information is correct. bank of america is investigating loans from 23 states where workers may have rushed the foreclosure process. bank of america plans to
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resubmit documents. 7:23. the l.a. times has more than $69 -- says more than $69 million has been spent including millions spent in las vegas casinos and thousands spent on cruise ships sailing from miami. the l.a. times says the info comes from the department of social services. 387,000 were withdrawn from hawaii. 16,000, withdrawn from cruiseships. and muni may have found a cure for reducing the number of employees' sick calls. the examiner requires a note from the doctor every time a driver calls in sick. as a result, they say the sick
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calls have plunged -- have plunged. 7:25. in case you haven't noticed, we don't have our clock right now. some computer problems. >> it should be fixed by tomorrow. >> yes. let's check in with sal for an update on the commute. >> it's crowded on highway 4, westbound as you come up to the willow pass grade. no major problems, although it will bed, as it usually is this morning. this we're driving on westbound bay bridge, it's crowded. at least a 15-minute delay. no major problems. so grab that cup of coffee or whatever to go to give yourself extra time. livermore traffic, also slow traffic here coming on to thal that month -- altamont pass and
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getting into livermore. here's steve. temperatures today will be in the 60s and 70s under partly sunny skies, windy and cool for many. in fact, sfo has already gusts to 36 miles an hour and pretty good thunderstorms just blew up right there in the sierra. it looks like things are calming down. they are wrapping into northeast california. maybe we can get some of these later on. temperatures will be cool. a lot of clouds, cool, 60s, 70s. gusts to 40 miles an hour. showers are possible but again more likely tomorrow. look at mount tam, down 19 degrees from sunday at 45. santa rosa is at 48. everyone else in the 50s. the low will settle right over central california. it will hang out for most of the week. some sun, a lot of clouds. 60s and 70s on the highs today, much, much cooler than we've had the last week. clouds, possible showers,
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thundershowers, mainly off the east. it looks like things calm down thursday, warm he on friday. well, there is a very desperate search for a ying lady we've been talking about her. the suspect police are looking for and why they are really concerned for the woman's safety.
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police are looking for a woman who was abducted from a san jose home yesterday. claudine wong's joins us now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the search is still on at this hour. i did talk to neighbors out here this morning who tell us this all happened at this house yesterday. one neighbor said she heard some kind of commotion at 3:00 a.m. this all happened at 7:45, this stabbing and kidnapping, a less less than 24 hours ago. we want to show you a picture of the victim. this is julie la. police say she and another man whether confronted by the suspect yesterday. police say the man stabbed the -- the suspect stabbed the stan several times and kidnapped
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julie la. she's described as 52, 115 pounds, she has brown hair and eyes. we also have a picture of the suspect. he's described as 6 feet tall and 160 pounds. we don't know his connection to the victim. he owns a black 2002 lexus, with a california license plate of 6 dcj 212. police are asking for your help. they are still trying to piece together what happened. neighbors say they heard some kind of commotion but they say that's happened in the past where they've heard yelling coming from -- coming from the
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home. police continue to search for her at this hour. back to you. >> thank you. a kidnapping suspect is in the hospital and a mother and baby are safely back home. that's after a terrifying incident that ended on 280 in woodside saturday night. police say a 26-year-old man kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and the couple's 11-month-old daughter from a san jose home. they say he raced up the peninsula before intentionally leaving his car. his condition is unknown. the mother and baby are not hurt. some residents of an apartment complex say they are gonna move out this week. that's after the fifth attack at the park regency apartments. the latest happened saturday evening. investigators say a woman was injured falling down some stairs after fighting off a pan who she says tried to rape her.
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that was the last stray for residents who say they can't live -- straw for residents who say they can't live any -- in fear any longer. >> i'm leaving friday. they can take me to court for the money. i'm not staying here. >> the suspect, mouton, claims he's innocent. investigators say a copycat may be responsible for the additional two weeks. investigators today will continue to the saratoga manor. only four units were damaged. everyone else was forced to stay somewhere else. we talked to a woman whose apartment was one of the worse damaged. >> i didn't get out with anything. we had to get out right away. i'm just thankful i'm alive, that i came out alive. >> the cause is under investigation. but firefighters say it appears
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that the fire started in the attic. it does not appear to be arson. 7:33. federal investigators are checking out new theories on what may have caused last month's disastrous pipeline. they are checking every lead including why the workers at the pg&e pipeline monitoring the terminal in milpitas may have been tired or were badly trained. investigators were looking at weather welding or corrosion may have been a factor in this explosion. well, the rainy season is here. condo owners are planning to spend millions of dollars to make sure their buildings don't topple over into the ocean this went he. those apartment houses are still vacant because of safety concerns. 7:34. it is playoff fever in san
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francisco. the excitement and the ticket prices are escalating as the san francisco giants prepare to take on the atlanta braves. kraig debro joins us from at&t park. >> reporter: good morning. us san francisco fans are not that used to it. but if you are a yankee fan, you are probably used to it but for the giants fans, this is special. the word "for-- the word "for chur" has been used a lot to describe this series. they had to wait until the very end to clench tractor-trailer -- to chen of -- to clench the
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division. jonathan sanchez was the winning pitcher and he drove in the giants first one. after a seven-year absence the giants are back in the playoffs. this year's especially poignant for two players and pat burrell was let go by tampa bay. buster posey added an insurance run late in the game with a home run to left field. >> it hasn't sunk in, i guess. gonna enjoy it. get ready to go on thursday. hopefully, it's one of those things that happens year after year. we're gonna keep working to make sure it's gonna happen.
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>> we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the fans. >> reporter: reliever sergio romer started to wear a full- faced bushy beard earlier this year and then brian wilson started to wear one. wilson's hair color isn't so dark so to add more fun to the joke, wilson dies the beard dark. the national league division series starts on thursday in san francisco. if you go to stubhub behind the home plate tickets, you will pay up to $1,000 for that. it's a little early. so maybe the prices will go up depending upon how popular the game is in the city which i'm
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guessing it's going to be popular. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> even if -- a team makes the playoffs all of the time, it is still exciting. >> thank you, kraig. it is 7:38. we want to check in with sal castanedo. i know this is your favorite time of year also. >> what you got, sal? giants? >> it looks good. good morning, everybody. but we have to do traffic now because some people don't care about the giants. they care about getting to work. northbound 280, it's kind of slow there getting out of downtown san jose. it will be slow getting up to highway 17. there are no major problems here. westbound bay bridge that's backed up to about the foot of
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the maze, a 15-minute delay. it's going to be slow. i got a tweet from someone saying even the fastrack lane is backed up. it's backed up from industry to the san mateo bridge. i thank thank you for that message coming to my twitter site. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we do have a lot of changes here today. one week ago we were hot. remember that? it was 102, 103, 90s on the coast. not now. a big, strong low has come in. we had a little low come in on thursday and friday, gave us some showers to the south. this colder system just swept through and the wind has picked up. west 29 at sfo. west at 18 at oakland. 22-mile-per-hour gusts at livermore. it's in place. a lot of clouds. there was some thunderstorm activity, pretty good lightning
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show. the possibility of 2 to 5 inches of rain. it will exist over the next couple of days. it will be a broad brush. a broad brush. can't pinpoint it until the low sets up. it looks like it will be somewhere around the sacramento valley. cooler, windy, 55 san francisco. we'll go for a high of 64 which is actually 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. a little bit of a south wind does that. i think we disrupt tractor- trailer fog bank. it will still be windy. inland we'll have a lot of clouds, especially as we get afternoon heating. there could be pretty good qs over the hills if you like the clouds. 5, 50s for -- 50s for some.
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there are some -- 47 up -- out there. that's getting cold. sacramento, 53. they will be lucky to hit 70 in sacramento. showers have been in the mother lode sierra. showers are possible. it will be a blustery day as temperatures stay below average. windy, cool, sun/clouds. 60s and 70s. that will do it. i don't think we'll warm up too much. tomorrow could be warmer. we'll get on the drier side. possibility of showers tuesday into wednesday. clearing wednesday. looks warmer on friday. thank you, steve. it's 19 minutes before 8:00. the winner of this year's nobel peace prize created something that was considered a miracle. now it's routine. some cell phone owners will
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receive a credit on their bill.
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august factory orders declined slightly, though pending home sales were up and
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the big report coming out on friday concerns the monthly unemployment report. 15 million verizon customers will see small refunds show up on their bills that's after verizon admitted incorrectly charges customers who don't have data plans but mistakenly press a button for the day -- for the internet. the refunds range between $2 and $6. a bay area woman was sworn in this morning. she's been the president of the
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federal agency. another sign the election season is here. election officials are sending out those vote by male ballots. they should be arriving next week. you can take them directly to the county -- to the polling office. voters in three bay area cities will see a ballot different from the ones they are used to. oakland, berkeley and san leandro, you will used rank- choice voting for your mayor and city council elections. that's when voters select their first, second and third choices for each selection. if no candidate wins, second and third choices could be considered as well. two oakland may oral
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candidates lent their support to a new marijuana superstore. the "i grow" store has changed their name to "we grow." among the dignitaries on-hand were jean kwan and don perata. >> we haven't had any problem convincing people that this is about pain management, about prosperity. if it benefits our economy, terrific. >> "we grow" owner say they've franchised the store in 75 locations across the country. it was announced this morning the cofounder of in vitro fertilization has won the prize this year. his breakthrough helped millio of couples have children. edwards and the other man, who
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passed away, let to the testing of test tubes. researchers from indiana research surveyed almost 6,000 people on their sexual behavior. among the findings that sexually active 1-year-olds have the highest rate of condom use of 9%. that compares to 25% of all men. researchers are puzzled over new findings over the effect of obesity. a study finds obese people can improve their health by losing a few pounds. they say it may depend upon
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where a person stores the fat and the bellry organ that surround -- that surrounds the area is still unhealthy. former president carter is feeling better, he's resumed his hectic schedule after spending two days in the hospital. mr. carter, who turn the 86 years old -- who turned 8 years old says he recovered from a stomach virus. he says he feels fine. mr. carter says he will be in washington, d.c. today for a habitat for humanity event. later this morning morning, a public funeral is planned for tony curtis in las vegas. he died of a heart attack last wednesday at age of 85. this morning's hour-long funeral will be held at the palm mortuary at 1 1 -- at
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11:00 a.m. some of those expected at the service, his daughter, michael douglas. the movie about the creation of facebook did not pull in as muff as expected but still -- as much as expected but was still ranked number one. we talked about it for the longest time. it was one of those murder mysteries that really -- mysteries that really baffled a lot of people but now the investigation into jonbenet ramsey's death has taken a new turn.
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richard and carol of denver, they were competing in a balloon race when they plunged into the sea. for search, the coast guard will use a reboughtic vehicle to find any remains on the floor of the sea. detectives in colorado have begun a brand-newfound of interviews in the jonbenet case. they've contacted several potential witnesses including her brother, burk, who was only 9 years old at the time when his sister was found strangled in the basement. police are hoping this will had trigger some memories.
7:54 am
the detective believes the family is somehow still responsible for her death. an oakland woman is facing child abuse charges after police say her 2-year-old daughter was found beaten inside their hole. police say the toddler suffered injuries to her face and body and was taken to the hospital. police arrested her mother. neighbors say the woman also has two teenaged children and a 25-year-old son. >> how can we do that? that baby's 2 years old. it's not right. it's not right. >> no word on tractor-trailer on the toddler's condition. tomorrow, san francisco supervisors will consider a contract that will sent the city's garbage to yuba city. right now the trash is taken outside of livermore. but there is a new proposal to haul that trash to a landfall
7:55 am
130 miles away. trains will be used to carry that trash bridge. if this is approved, the this would begin in 20 15. we want to check in with sal who will be upgrading agate main break in berkeley. >> that's right. it's at berkeley. they may have lanes closed at berkeley. just be aware of that and there could be reroutes to ac transit in that area. let's go outside. i realize we don't have the clock on the screen. it's 7:56. westbound been coming up to the willow pass grade. toll plaza traffic backed up for about a 20-minute delay. and let's go to san jose, northbound 280, steady and slow out of downtown. let's go to steve. we have some sun out there. rather windy in spots.
7:56 am
gusts over 30. they had a little bit of blue sky up there. cool and breezy, highs of 60s and 70s. a lot of clouds and temperatures will continue to be on the cool side today and also tomorrow. and with that in mind you can see the system right there. thunderstorms have -- it looks like they are about over in the sierra the our observer in the keys say things have calmed down considerably. for us, it will be a day for some sun, more on the coast and then clouds will pop up as this low forms over us. highs today will be in the 60s and 70s. very close. 45 at mount tam. 48 santa rosa. there's some cool air in place. near kenwood it's 36. that's cold. as long as the low is here, showers are possible. mainly partly sunny/partly cloudy, breezy, windy and cool today. 60s and 70s on these temperatures and the five day
7:57 am
keeps things unsettled all the way through wednesday. it looks warmer as we head to friday. there has been another attack at an apartment complex near walnut creek. jade hernandez has just talked with very angry residents. and four weeks to go until election day. and the reason an annual south bay event that draws thousands of people almost didn't happen.
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they are finally division champs but there's still plenty of challenges ahead for the san francisco giants. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on
8:00 am
2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's monday, october the 4th. we have brand huhny information in on an -- brand- new information in on an attempted murder and kidnapping case. let's go right to claudine wong and get the latest on what you know. >> reporter: good morning. i just talked to the victim's mother and we're getting our first real details about exactly what happened out here yesterday morning. this is julie la, 18 years old, who police say is a kidnapping victim. her mother, how far, says she doesn't consider this akying at all. she says the suspect is actually judy's on again/off again boyfriend. the other man is a man she met at work. she said that's when the problems began. and he looked in the window and saw tell. >> yes. >> reporter: and he came in the house and what happened? >> and then he get the knife in
8:01 am
the kitchen and he tell him to get out. i didn't hear the voice, it guy i heard only him. after that, i heard the noise from inside the room. i thought i heard the boyfriend fighting. i got out and i -- i get out and i see the blood all over. >> reporter: he was bleeding. so he had already been stabbed. >> yes. >> reporter: and what did your daughter do? >> after that, she's still sleeping. and i go inside and i wake her up. i said, you come out right now. you look at this terror right now. and then she ran out and she panic and try to clean it because blood's all over. after that, the guy say you want to go with me? after that they leave. >> reporter: so the victim's mother says her daughter actually left the scene will
8:02 am
willingly with her on again/off again boyfriend with the other man who is still unnamed at this time. at this time we're still sorting through the details. police want to talk to judy la and brian. these details may explain the delay in our notification. the information we got came eight hours after it happened. maybe that's because they were sorting -- because they were sorting through the relationship of the people. the room in the front that you are looking at right now, that's apparently where this suspect peered in and saw his on again/off again give girlfriend with this other victim. it sounds like it was some type of jealous rage. we're gonna continue to chase this story down and we'll keep
8:03 am
you up to date. there's growing concern at one apartment complex near walnut creek after the fifth attack there in recent months. jade hernandez joins us with reaction from absolutely frightened residents. >> reporter: good morning. five attacks since june. they've all happened here. in the first three sexual attacks that happened at this apartment complex, an arrest was made. but there have been two other attacks since september, including the one that happened saturday night around 7:00 and we spoke to some residents who say they are worried. >> i'm just careful with my girlfriend. we walked down to the car. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether saturday's attack is tied to other attacks here at the apartment complex. this saturday, contra costa county sheriff deputies say a man grabbed a 43-year-old woman and tried to force her into her
8:04 am
apartment with the intent to rape her. the woman fought to free her falling down stairs in the process as she scrambled away from her attacker. although hurt, she managed to get away. the manager would not comment on their lease policy but some were told they would have to pay a $3800 fee just to break their lease and get away from what's going on at the complex. >> i'm leaving. i'm leaving friday. they can take us to court on friday if they want. >> this is obviously a targeted place, targeting specific people. the management company won't let those peel leave without trying to pen penalize them. it's absurd. it's trapping someone in an unsafe position saying either you have to pay or -- >> wait around and be the next
8:05 am
victim. >> reporter: authorities arrested this 22-year-old, antonio mouton, on august 10th, pointing to dna evidence. he's pleaded not guilty. again, no arrests have been made in the latest two attacks including the one that happened on saturday night. but the victim describes her attacker as height 5 -- as 5'9". coming back out here live, you can see there is a security guard manning the front gate here. we have been told guards patrol each area of the complex and the guards are supposed to stop anyone without a parking permit. we're live in unincorporated walnut creek. reporting live, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jade. 8:05. well, this morning crews will be out there cleaning up the rest of a diesel fuel spill in san jose.
8:06 am
a tank on top of at&t's corporate building leaked 1300 gallons of fuel on saturday. part that fuel that spilled on the city streets was cleaned up before the rock and roll marathon. today the crews will had focus on collecting that fuel out of the sewer system. this week a big vote is set for thursday by california lawmakers on the state's long overdue budget. the details for closing the state's $19 billion reportedly include $7.5 billion in spending cuts. that's down from the 12 billion the governor asked for. the deal anticipates getting $5 million from the federal government and 1.4 billion from revenues and the rest from selling state properties and then leasing them back.
8:07 am
a ruling is expected today from the california security court on whether governor schwarzenegger can keep ordering state employees to take unpaid days off to help balance the budget. several lawsuits have challenged the furloughs. things are speeding up for light rail commuters in san jose. just a short time ago, the valley transportation authority launched its commuter express service. six new trips will be added to the bay point stations. trains will make fewer spots which is expected to shave five mits off riding time between downtown and south san jose. 8:07. sal would you say we've reached the peak of the commute. >> i would say, yes. but one of the good things we don't have a lot of major crashes.
8:08 am
a couple of minor fender bendiest be sure. but at that document and alston, good area to avoid. they are cleaning up or they are trying to cap a gas line break in the area. you should avoid the area because there's likely to be delayed. let's take a look at -- speaking of berkeley, we're looking at 80 westbound, it will be slow. it is slow from richmond. pretty steady stream of slow traffic coming a -- all the way down, we have a thick delay. it's 20 minutes. although traffic is moving earlier, we had a fender- bender. this morning's commute northbound 101 at 13th street in san jose. we have a crash and traffic is backed up all the way to sunnyvale. on the peninsula, southbound 280, there is a crash. it's slowing traffic down from the redwood city area.
8:09 am
101 is also slow heading south. here's steve. a little bit of sunshine mixed in. the low clouds have been wiped out. the wind has really picked you. had had gusts to 36 miles an hour. thunderstorms overnight like you wouldn't believe. actually had flood advisories out by the national weather service for el dorado county, blasser county, the thunderstorms have ended. but they are not done yet. they will probably pick up later on. they are wrapping back in towards name, northeast california as a very strong low forms -- where is forms is the key. probably, it will stay south of us for a day. but 60s, 60s, 70s and a windy monday. isn't that a song?"
8:10 am
windy monday"? we'll go 56. sausalito our targeted forecast. no change. 64, the same as san francisco. too much cool air in place. there's one sign of it right there. oak montand kenwood are at -- oakmont and kenwood are at 36. there's some very cold air in place. 5. >> much warmer there. pleasanton, san carlo, 5, 57. snee showers are likely -- showers are likely out to
8:11 am
the east. windy, cooler -- or cool. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. rather blustery day with temperatures not going very warm. that's for sure. we keep a lot of clouds in the mix. it's out of here on thursday. it will be warmer on friday. it's not your imagine nation, the giants are heading to the playoffs for the first time in seven years. [ cheers ] >> sounds good, doesn't it? the giants are the best in the west after a sellout crowd, the giants beat the san diego padres and that win came after two straight losses and a lot of giants fans were worried the giants might choke. >> we did a hel of a job keeping in this thing and fighting and getting to where
8:12 am
we are. i'm just stunned for words right now. i'm so excited. being in here with all of these guys and being able to push forward. speaking of lincecum's words, he got so excited, he actually said a bad word on live tv. lincecum will be on the mound thursday at at&t park. some single seat tickets are available. we want to see your photos of the big game and celebration. you can upload and share your photos, just go to 8:12. a travel alert for americans headed to europe. the precaution the state department is urging travelers to take. and iran's president is causing controversy, once again. we'll let you know what he had said he would like to see
8:13 am
happen to american leaders.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:15. the u.s. state department has issued a special alert for americans traveling in europe. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the precautions american travelers are being advised to take. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it's highly unusual for the united states to issue a travel alert for europe but there's so much concern about a possible
8:16 am
terror threat. the feds want people to know about it. now, this alert basically cautions travelers to be cautious, avoid obvious targets. remove luggage tags that identify themself as meshes. it -- that identify them as americans. critics say americans traveling abroad need more information. >> it has the ring of -- look, the government knows there is a threat. it's an increasing problem. what they really want to do is protect themselves that they warranted -- warned you. >> reporter: this is video that cnn is airing of an kidd an al qaeda group training. one of the suspects says the group is plotting an assault on public places like the one in mumbai two years ago that killed more than 160 people. recording live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. we talked to travelers at
8:17 am
san francisco international airport by the way who say they are not changing their plans because of the terrorist attacks. if your number is up, your number is up. other than that, we're looking forward to a nice vacation. 8:16. iranian president, maude maude, mahmoud ahmadinejad is making comments about the us. he's calling for american leaders to be buried. he was responding to statements from u.s. officials in recent months that their remains an option on the table to launch a military attack on iran's nuclear program. mahmoud ahmadinejad said, once again, that the united states government is behind the september 11th attacks. just over an hour ago, the u.s. supreme court began its
8:18 am
new session. tractor-trailerelena kagan is taking the bench for the first time. kagan has recused herself from 24 of the 51 cases the court has so far agreed to hear because she argued those cases in her former job as solicitor general. some of the most controversial cases have to do with free speech challenges. the justices will examine whether free speech protects and anti-gay protests at military funerals and if it protects the sale of violent video games to children. 8:18. today, election officials start spending out those vote-by mail ballots. those ballots should start arriving in the mail boxxs by the end of next week. you also have until october 18th to register to vote in the november election. if you are already registered, you can ask for a vote-by-mail ballot up until october 26th. there were heated exchange
8:19 am
during the second debate between meg whitman and jerry brown. the face-off at fresno state university on saturday was the first ever spanish televised debate. the issue of immigration reform kept coming up and meg whitman was asked, once again, about the undocumented housekeeper she employed for nine years. she blames jerry brown. >> jerry, you should be ashamed. you put her deet portation at risk. you put her out there. you should be ashamed for sacrificing nikki diaz. >> don't run for governor if you can't stand on your own two feet and say i'm sorry. i made a mistake. you are blaming everyone. but you don't take accountability. >> the next scheduled debate is
8:20 am
scheduled for october 12th at the dominican university in san rafael. youyou can find coverage of this weekend's debate along with the other developments by going to our channel 2 website, click on the election 2010 tab. the democratic party headquarters in modesto was the target of vandals. party leaders found several broken windows. this is the second time an office in modesto has been vandalized. the university of california is debating what to do with the mansion, blakehouse. it's unfit it to live in, according to officials and it could cost $10 million to restore it.
8:21 am
renovations are being criticized by those affected by budget cuts. the blakehouse has not been occupied since 2008. there is a new report out on welfare fraud. we'll tell you the surprising places.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
some of san francisco's most popular annual visitors arrived today. the blue angels are scheduled to arrive at 1:30 this afternoon. the team will practice over the bay on thursday and friday and then they will perform in the fleet week airshow. last year, cloud cover forced the blue angels to limit their acrobatic stunts. tractor-trailer l.a. times says -- the l.a. times says california welfare money has been spent and where
8:25 am
it is going. the examiner reports management requires a note from the doctor every time a driver calls in sick. as a result, sick calls have actually plunged 42% in recent weeks. tractor-trailer large number of sick calls may have been -- the large number of sick calls may have been contributed to the labor dispute. we want to check in with sal. >> it's pretty busy out there. we do have the a problem at -- we do have a problem at the scales. this problem is blocking at least one lane. we're gonna go all the way down
8:26 am
to the pill. there is -- to the peninsula. traffic is going to be slow. now for the bay area bridges. bay bridge westbound is backed up for 15 minutes. richmond looks okay. golden gate. >> traffic is light and look at the fog. we're gonna ask steve about that because if that fog stays that he, it could delay flights at sfo. >> sfo has gusts at 37 miles an hour. very windy there. you can see a lot of the clouds associated with a low that's produced some overnight thunderstorms also up towards the mother low. -- lawyer load.
8:27 am
also up towards the mother lode. 70s and 60s, very close to yesterday. this system is very strong. 50s here but there are some 40s being reported up in the north bay. 53 san rafael and napa. 59 san jose under partly sunny skies. you can actually see the low beginning to form in northern california. that's produced some pretty good thunderstorms in northern california and also the sierra. any travel plans to the mountains you will probably encounter travel conditions. i think our best opportunity for new showers are tuesday and wednesday, especially out towards the north and east. clearing thursday. >> thank you, steve. 8:27. this morning a desperate search is underway in san jose for a suspected kidnapper and the young woman she's accused of abducting. tractor-trailer claudine wong just got some very surprising comments from
8:28 am
the missing girl's mother.
8:29 am
8:30 am
a desperate search is underway in san jose. police are out there looking for 28-year-old brian adrong. he's accused of kidnapping julie la at a san jose home early yesterday morning. police say a man was wounded in a stabbing during that abduction. now, investigators believe the kidnapping suspect and his alleged victim drove off in a
8:31 am
black 2002 lexus sedan. here's the license plate -- 6 dsj 212. however, the missing woman's mother told us in the past hour, she says her daughter left willingly after a violent incident. >> i heard the noise from inside the room. i thought i heard her and her boyfriend fighting. and then i see the blood all over. >> san jose police still have reason to believe the woman was taken against her will. meantime, some residents in an east bay apartment complex are moving out. ktvu's jade hernandez is outside that complex. with the latest details of what's happening out there. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. a spokesman for the sheriff's office says there's nothing new to report in this attempted sexual attack that happened
8:32 am
here in at this apartment complex. the complex has told security guards to patrol the complex. there is a guard behind the gate, and he's told to stop anyone without a parking permit. investigators are looking into whether saturday's attack was tied into the attacks on the 15th. this saturday, contra costa county sheriffs say a man forced a woman in an apartment and tried to rape her. the woman fell down the stairs and got hurt in the process to get away and she did. now some residents want out. one woman told us the property management company would not return her phone calls but she said she would fight the $3800 fee to break the lease. >> they haven't falled back.
8:33 am
they can't give out any -- called back. they can't give out any other numbers for them. we have no one to talk to. >> it's horrible because she hasn't been able to stay at her place alone or come in and out without feeling safe or calling or checking in every -- every few minutes, you know, because of how it's been. it's been a real burden. >> reporter: there have been five attacks since june. authorities did arrest this man, though, 22-year-old antonio mouton on august 10th in connection with the first three attacks at the campus, dna evidence linked him to the crime. he's pleaded not guilty but no arrests have been made in the latest two attacks including the one that just happened on saturday over the weekend. but the victims describe the attacker as a white male about 5'9" with a medium build and
8:34 am
facial hair. he was last seen wearing black jeans, a black cap. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 8:34. crews are expected to finish enchooing up the recommend -- finish cleaning up the remnants of where there was a leak of 1300 gallons of fuel on saturday. part of the fuel has already been cleaned up. but some fuel rent into storm drains. today, investigator the will return to a santa clara apartment complex that was badly damaged by a fire the only four of the 15 out knits at the saratoga manor were severely damaged yesterday afternoon. but everyone had to stay
8:35 am
somewhere else because there's no electricity. no one was hurt. we talked to one woman whose apartment was the worst damaged. >> i didn't get out with anything. i'm just thankful i'm okay. i'm alive. >> the cause is under investigation but firefighters say it appears the fire started in the at tick and does not -- in the attic and does not appear to be arson. investigators are looking into the possible cause of the possible pipeline explosion in san bruno. they are looking at every lead, including whether the workers monitoring were either tired or badly trained. investigators are also looking into were welding or corrosion could have played a part. the bay area's rainy season officially starts in two weeks. those homes sitting across the crumbling sea cliff in pacifica are still in danger. the condo complex owners on
8:36 am
esplanade avenue say they haven't learned from their mistakes. they are planning to spend millions to make sure those apartments don't crumble. the san francisco giants are heading to the playoffs for the first time is seven years. cy debro is at at&t park where the giants will be facing the braves in just a few days. >> reporter: that will be on thursday here at at&t park. i've been doing a little research on bruce bochy. this is the fifth time he's been to the playoffs as managers. the other times were with the padres. he turned the tables on the padres at home. >> the giants are in!
8:37 am
>> reporter: look back at what the padres didn't do, they didn't hold a six and a half game lead and they didn't sweep the giants in order to force a one-game playoff. but that playoff would have been played in san francisco. jonathan sanchez was not only the winning pitcher but he set up the first one with a 2-1 triple. after a seven-year absence, the giants are back in the playoffs and very happy. many people are crediting recent additions to the team. additions like aubrey huff and pat burrell. huff used to be on the major leaguers. >> i've been doing this it for -- this is the tenth year. not even close. it's made all of the years report it.
8:38 am
let the party begin. >> it's our goal to make the playoffs. >> i know it's been seven years since we've seen something like this. it's been a roller coaster during this entire season but to be able to be in this position and have the fans going nuts. we wouldn't be here if not -- if it weren't for them. >> reporter: did you see the beard that wilson was wearing? serge grow romo had one on. they have a message -- fear beard. now sergey started to bro a beard earlier this season and word is after he grew the beard, he had some success. wilson started to wear the beard. the fans have a good time with that and the panda hat they wear on their head for a pablo sandoval. first game is here on thursday. game time will depend a lot on
8:39 am
tv. this is a west coast game. single game seats are available through the giants right now. highest prized ticket through the giants is $177 a. you want to get it online if you can. tickets are up to $1,000 for that first game on thursday. back to you. >> that will be exciting. >> a lot of good information from kraig. hey, sal, are you gonna do a beard? >> i'm not gonna change anything. i just -- yesterday, i didn't even get up. i stayed in my seat the entire time until they won. good morning, everybody. northbound 101 approaching the 880 interchange. that traffic is moving along
8:40 am
okay. i would say an extra 10, 15 minutes or so into sunnyvale will really help you out. let's take a look at the bay bridge. it's not become any better. traffic is still backed up to the macarthur maze. those metering lights are on. traffic is at least moving. southbound 101, the embarcadero exit. there is 0 crash moving away from the freeway. but the damage is done. pretty slow traffic here. northbound and southbound 280. i want to put that indicator on this. at the scales a truck crashed backing -- barking traffic into fairfield. let's go to steve. well, we have some partly sunny/partly cloudy skies. i think wednesday is the day for rain for us here as rain wraps around. a very dynamic low is moving in. san joaquin valley, then it will go all the way around in the sierra and come back and visit us late tuesday into
8:41 am
wednesday. that's the way i see it. headline windy and cool. under partly sunny skies. showers are possible. i think they are more likely as we get into tuesday night into wednesday. it will be warner by friday as this system begins to move out of here. sierra nevada woke up -- well, they -- they had overnight thunderstorms. there were some pretty heavy- duty thunderstorms going. there's another low forming. and you can actually see it in the frames. it will just kind of sit here and rotate around for the next three days. any time you are in that, you have to include some showers in there. this will be more likely for the inland areas. not the coast. it's mostly sunny by the coast. cooler, cool and windy. with the sun, maybe it doesn't feel too bad. but you get in a wind-protected area. then the wind picks up and it will be cool. some of the morning lows.
8:42 am
oakmont and kenwood dipped to 46. santa rosa was 47. mount tam, 45, almost 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. that's pretty -- that's a pretty significant drop. 50s, 60s for many. sierra nevada will be in line. they will be in line for some possible showers. we're just looking for a cool pattern. the wind has picked up 37 miles an hour, already at sfo. 20, 25, for some. not for everybody. there are a few locations, especially in the north bay. we're just not that bad. we'll see the wind kick up later on if you don't have it yet. showers are possible, but i think more towards midweek 60s and 70s, unless you are in the mountains. we will had see chilly readings. partly sunny, partly cloudy, thunderstorms are possible. wednesday is the day i think that anything can really go as far as rain. we could see some -- we could see somele later on in the
8:43 am
week. it's the most comprehensive survey on sex in years. what teens are saying about using condoms. and you could be getting money back if you ever used verizon wire les. we'll tell you about the problem and how it affects 15 million customers.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
the united states is warning american tourists in europe about possible terror attacks. the california state supreme court is expected to rule today on furlough fridays. the justices will decide whether the governor has the authority to order state employees to take unpaid days off to help solve the state's budget crisis. and starting today, county registrars are mailing out absentee ballots for those who ask for them for next month's elections. the ballots should start arriving in mailboxes by the end of next week. a tsunami alert has been lifted in japan after this morning's 6.3 magnitude
8:47 am
earthquake. the quake struck off the japanese coast. an alert for a mild tsunami was issued shortly after the quake was hit but was lifted 45 minutes late he. there are no reports of damage or injuries. at least three people are dead and several others are missing after heavy need -- heavy flooding in the area. an estimated 14,000 villages have been evacuated. the search for two american balloonists who disappeared over the patriotic sea near italy has been called off. the couple were competing in a gas balloon race when they plunged into the sea last wednesday. search crews used a robotic vehicle to scan the sea. but nothing. the couple had had won several races.
8:48 am
a bay area woman is now the second highest-ranking official on the federal reserve. january the yellen was sworn in -- janet yellen was sworn in this morning. yellen will help decide how much additional aid the feds should provide to energize the company. you could be getting money back if you are a verizon wireless customer. tom vacar joins us with a look at why the company will have to refund a lot of money. tom? >> a whole lot. if you were or are a verry zen customer, you might have money coming your way. over the past several years, approximately 15 million verizon customers who did not have data plans were billed for sexes on their foams they -- for sessions on their phones they didn't initiate. verizon says the majority of the data sessions involve minor
8:49 am
data exchange caused by software built into their phones. others included accessing certain web links which should not have incurred charges. as a result, veery zen will issue -- verizon will issue credits to current passengers, and refunds to past customers. customers will be contacted this month and next. how could this happen? verizon caught it after news from the media. back to you. >> thank you. it's the most comprehensive survey on the sexual behavior of americans. 6,000 people were surveyed on their sexual behavior. among the findings, 14-year-old
8:50 am
have the highest rate of condom use at 79%. that compares for 25% -- 29% for all men in the survey. they also did a poll on having pain, and the women reported, 5%. researchers are puzzled about the findings find those who are heavy can improve their health if they lose some pounds. they say it may depend upon where a person stores their fat. researchers say the message, to eat well and exercise is still good for everyone. former president jimmy carter is out of the hospital now. he says he's feeling better.
8:51 am
carter who just turned 86 years old. there he is, walking out, he says he's recovered from a stomach virus and feels fine. he became ill last week on a flight to cleveland to promote his new book. later this morning, a public funeral is planned for actor tony curtis. it will be held in las vegas. he died of a heart attack last wednesday at the age of 85. the funeral will be hold at the palm mortuary and seminary at 11:00 this morning. an invitation-only reception will follow. among those expected to pay their respects, jamie lee curtis, kirk douglas. the movie about the creation of facebook did not pull in as much money as expected. but it was still number one at the box office. it told $23 million in tickets
8:52 am
and was especially popular over those aged 25. the woman accused of crashing that white house state dinner with her husband last year is making headlines. the red outfit worn that line by michaele has sold for $7,000 at an auction. the co-owner of the salon where she got ready for the state dinner was the highest bidder. part of that money from the outfit will be sent to charity. it's one of the most baffling murder mysteries in american history. now the investigation into jonbenet ramsey's death has taken a new turn.
8:53 am
what sanford researchers have found that can help determine the faith of tiny embryos.
8:54 am
8:55 am
detective the in -- detectives in colorado have launched a new round of interviews in the jonbenet ramsey case. they've contacted several potential witnesses including her brother, burk. he was just 9 years old when his sister was found strangled in the family's basement in
8:56 am
1996. police hope a new investigation may trigger memories of additional details. at least one detective still believes the family was somehow responsible for the little girl's death. the man who helped develop in vitro fertilization today won this year's nobel prize for medicine. robert edwards's breakthrough has helped millions of couples have children. he and another man's efforts led to the birth of a test tube baby. there's research on pregnancy and child birth that shows that less than half of all fertilized embryos survive and the critical time is during the first three steps of cell division over six days. in that time frame, the video images show a single cell splitting in two and two cells
8:57 am
becoming three and three dividing into four. they say this process is predictable in determining the fate of the embryo. tomorrow, san francisco supervisors will consider a contract that will ship trash to a different area but there is a proposal to haul the trash to the farmland near wheatland. trains will be used to haul the garage -- garbage. let's get you to where you need to go. how is the commute? >> northbound 101 in sunnyvale is still slow because of earlier crashes. let's take a look at 880 northbound, getting some slow traffic coming up to downtown oakland. still a big delay at the toll plaza. also this morning we're looking at northbound 101 san
8:58 am
francisco. here's steve. >> thank you, sir. temperatures, 60s and 70s. showers are possible but more likely that's more towards wednesday. it's kind of a cool pattern, fall-like, we'll take that into wednesday and thursday and it will be clear next week. >> and that will be good for the blue angels. >> and giants. >> that's right. the playoffs in san francisco. okay. that will do it for you. have a great day. >> bye now.
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