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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 5, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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police found somebody in custody this morning. they hope to catch the suspect. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning to you. welcome to tuesday, october the 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paulson. >> today, if you're in the north bay, i think it the be okay. to the south bay, though, you're more in line for showers. especially from the santa clara valley. over toward eastern monterey county. for some, yes, that's an 80. here's sal. right now, traffic on 80 westbound is doing pretty well. heading to the macarthur mays. -- maze.
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no major problems here in oakland if you're heading to do you want. we have a serious closure. one of the major ways to get to alameda because of some police activity. let's go live to ktvu reporter claudine wong who is on this breaking news. >> reporter: good morning, sal. we are on the side. you can see behind me, this crash that is making a mess. what you're looking at is a traverse behind that vehicle, however, are two more vehicles. this is a three-car accident that one vehicle you see was going the wrong way down the tube when this very, very serious accident happened. we had a couple of minutes to talk to alameda police before we got on. and they told me this started as a traffic stop. we're still trying to get more details and trying to get the conditions of the victims. this is a very serious crash. i can tell you when i was down there and looking at the other vehicle, it was not in shape.
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we are just getting into this. we are told this happened a little after midnight. so we are hours into this. but still a lot of questions. again, we're going to go down and talk more with police. if you are heading from oakland to alameda, the tube is closed. you will not be able to get through. you will have to go around to 23rd and get over that way. obviously it is not affecting traffic this early in the game. but this should be out here for a couple of hours. we'll continue to try to get more information for you. and we'll keep you update here on the morning news. live in alameda, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we are getting word of a major development in the search for a little girl. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us with this story. >> reporter: we have learned this is a statewide alr -- amber alert. the california highway patrol, they don't have a license plate
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number to put up on that board. i do want you to take a look at this little girl that has been missing since last night. you're looking at 8-year-old elis -- elisa cardenas. she is about 4 feet tall, 60 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. and joining us this morning is california highway patrol's trent pross. thank you. we understand you have an update from fresno police for us. >> yeah. right now, they are questioning someone regarding this incident. however, we haven't located the vehicle or the little girl. so this is truly an incident which is every person's nightmare because this little girl was abducted from her home by a stranger. so we know time is of the essence. and we rely heavily on the public. >> reporter: we have video of the family gathering together, trying to make sure they were trying to get the word out last night. california highway patrol obviously looking for this little girl.
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the man who was thought to have abducted this girl is described as a 25-year-old white man or light-skinned latino man, 6'tall, 200 pounds. i do understand that you may have a vehicle picture that you were able to give to us a little earlier. and we should have that for viewers later on. but how you were you able to get a picture, a description of this car. what did the family tell the california highway patrol when this little girl was abducted? . >> the fresno police department was investigating this. so after interviewing the family at length, they were able to gather a very detailed description of the suspect vehicle. so we just received that a minute ago. we're going to try to get it out to everyone as soon as possible. but we want to remind everyone that please, if you observe a vehicle what fits at description, don't take the law into your own hands and contact law enforcement. but we rely heavily on the
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public for assisting us. >> reporter: thank you very much, trent cross. we understand that man was last seen driving a 1980s, 1990s, ford red pickup truck, possibly red or brown. and there is a white or horizontal stripe on that pickup truck. again, we should have a picture for viewers this morning. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning, a manhunt continues with a driver of a stolen van who intentionally ran over a fremont police officer. this happened yesterday morning on warm springs boulevard. police say they took the delivery truck right into officer brower's motorcycle. this horrifying incident led to a very intense door-to-door search of that neighborhood. >> they asked me questions like, you know, who has been here in the last 24 hours, which nobody but the people who
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live here. >> last night, police detained a man believed to be a friend of the fuge tive at the -- fugitive at the south hayward bar station. meantime, officer brower underwent surgery last night. he is listed in serious condition this morning. we'll continue to follow this story for you all morning long. you can also get updates at any time at our website, investigators have now released a sketch of they man -- of a man who tried to rape a woman near walnut creek. he's described as white, about 5'9" tall. he has brown lair, -- hair, a medium build and facial hair. this was the fifth attack since june. these crimes have many tenants asking apartment management to let them out of their lease. but they may not be able to avoid expensive penalty fees
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all morning. >> if you sign on for awe year, -- for a year, you're stuck, unless you can show that they reached the implied limited warrantability. and the laws don't mention security guards. >> today, they can take me to small claims court if they want to. i'm moving for my own safety. >> he said the dna evidence ties him to the first three attacks. investigators say a copycat may be responsible for the two attacks since then. your time now, 5:07. sal is here. and there is plenty to talk about in our commute already. >> reporter: that's right. we have the webster closed from oakland to alameda. if you are driving that way -- to alameda, i should say, you need to go to 23rd street -- actually, fruitvale or park street until further notice.
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let's go out and look at some of the commutes here. westbound 280, that traffic is moving pretty well, heading out through the macarthur maze. also, bay bridge. westbound traffic is doing well, getting into san francisco. and this northbound commute is moving well. now, at 5:08, let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. a little low has dropped in. right there. you can see it forming. it's producing snow in the 7,000-foot level. and there is a winter weather advisory out. highway 88. if you have ever driven that sometimes in the summer, you're like, that's pretty far down there. couple of inches of snow there. the low will settle in. the wraparound could give the south bay, maybe the eastbound bay some showers. because i think on the northern edge of this, the north bay should warm up a little bit. these are always tricky systems. but there it is. it rotates south. you will have to take the wraparound. it's a cold, unstable system.
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sun and clouds. a lot more sun on the coast and towards the north. but clouds kind of hit and miss. and we'll mention showers. i have to cover myself. napa airport, 47. 10 warmer, though, oakland, berkeley. 40s in the mountains. intermittent rain. snow. 46, ukiah. a little chilly up there. 40s and 50s and 60s in southern california. and much cooler because of that low, which will be here until about thursday morning. sun and clouds. a little breezy at times. higher pressure to the north. lower pressure to the south. especially out to the valleys. 60s and 70s. that's an 80 in santa rosa. i think on the north side of that, a little north wind should help. partly cloudy. mostly sunny, depending on your location. farther south, more clouds. best opportunity for showers will be wednesday. and starting to clear thursday, steve. and friday and saturday look better. former bart police officer
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yohanes messerly now wants ray new trial. they say messerly's conviction for manslaughter for shooting an unarmed bart passenger should be overturned. a similar shooting by a police officer in kentucky undercuts the prosecution's entire case. >> the district attorney said this has never, ever happened before, ever. in a million times police officers have fired their tasers before it has never happened before. guess what? it has. under the law, if it would have convinced one of the jurors to change his or her vote, that is enough to merit a new trial. >> he is facing a sentence of probation to 14 years in prison. we'll continue to follow our top stories this morning. one of them breaking news out of fresno. there are new developments we're hearing in the desperate search for a missing little
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girl. there she is, and her kidnapper. also, state lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the state budget. on thursday. we'll tell you what the state controllers say may happen if they don't approve it. and president obama is highlighting bay area companies and their partnerships with community colleges. i'll have details coming up from washington, d.c. good morning. this morning's commute, already starting off with busy spots. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:13. ask president obama is kicking off a summit today. allison burns joins us now from washington with our details. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. right now, community colleges are jammed with laid-off workers who are going back to school. now, president obama wants to match those students with big- named u.s. warriors. he's hosting the first-ever white house summit. and on the table is a proposal with some local companies like the gap and pg&e. so the colleges will teach the students the skills they need to get hired there. >> these colleges don't just serve as a gateway to good jobs for millions of middle class
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americans. community colleges also serves as a pool of talent where communities can draw trained, skilled workers. >> reporter: community colleges are gaining in plrts. -- popularity. 71% of americans agree it's better for some students to go to a community college than a four-year school. but these are tough times for community colleges. and i'll have more on that during my next update in about an hour. for now, we're live, alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the man who sets off a bomb in times square faces a life sentence. sisal sha -- faisal shahzad admits to setting off the bomb. shahzad has said he received explosives training and more than $15,000 from the pakistani taliban. time now, 5:15. governor schwarzenegger does
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have the right to furlough state employees. that's what the state's supreme court has ruled. however, the justices have said that power is not unilateral. the court ruling says the governor must have the consent of the unions or the legislature before ordering unpaid days off. they implicitly approved the governor's furloughs over less salaries in the budget. state comptroller is prepared to start issuing i.o.u.s if the governor does not pass a new budget by next week. lawmakers are expected to get all of the details tomorrow. then a vote is expected on thursday. this morning's scheduled radio debate in the governor's race has now been canceled. that's because the campaigns for both meg whitman and jerry brown say details for the debate were never finalized. a final televised debate between brown and whitman is
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scheduled for october 12th. that will be at dominican university in san rafael. two new polls show democrat jerry brown leading republican meg whitman in the race but not by much. the polls by survey usa and rasmussen were the first taken since the story broke that whitman housed an illegal immigrant. and the survey usa poll shows brown with 47%, coverage paird with 43% for whitman. san francisco chronicle is reporting that a woman who used to be a nanny for meg whitman 12 years ago, says she believes whitman's former housekeeper, nikki diaz, is telling the truth. jill armstrong said she quit after two months because of the demands and difficulties of working in whitman's household.
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a spokesman calls armstrong's complaints, unsubstantiated claims. ethics charges have been filed now against a former city councilmember in pinol. they did not disclose business ties with a developer what received millions of dollars in city contracts. that developer was redeveloping two shopping centers with the city as kohl's landscaping was doing business with them. this case has been suspended while cole is in the army overseas. sal is covering traffic. one of which is the webster one and two. still closed? >> still closed. that's right, pam. coming from oakland to alame. the webster is closed to webster street. let's keep you posted on that. they have been out there since midnight. and they may have opened within the hour. but we're keeping an eye on that. westbound 24 traffic on the way
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to oakland looks okay. if you're driving in on 880 this morning, traffic there is also looking good in both directions. the best way to get to alameda, by the way, would be to use the park or fruitvale in oakland. let's take a look at 101 in san francisco. that looks good heading to the split. and an area of low pressure is significant -- settling in to the san joaquin valley. it's producing some snow above 7,000 feet. it's getti a little north wind on the back side. this looks like farther south you go, the better opportunity for rain. some of these could be brief, heavy showers or thundershowers. most areas say clear. so the lows that develop will have higher pressure to the north. and higher pressure doesn't like lower pressure. again, most of this is out of our area. but the wraparound could give parts of the south bay, santa
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clara valley, monterey, salinas valley in line for showers north bay. dare i say -- dare, dare. actually, could be warm up there today. now, 70s for some. mid-70s, upper 70s. around the bay, 70s. coast, 60s. 49 in santa rosa. 57, oakland, berkeley. 52, palo alto. 59, fresno. with lows settling in there. also down toward southern california. rain and snow up toward the sierra nevada. the low again, the farther south, the better it is to the north bay. greater opportunity for the south bay to see shower activity. sun and clouds. northerly breeze. and that is beneficial for some like santa rosa. sonoma county airport. farther south you go, the greater opportunity you go for showers. wednesday, i think, is the key for us as thal low injects out. then we have the opportunity to see some showers here. but today, i think it's mostly south of us. after thursday, clearing out.
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and the weekend, friday into saturday, does look warmer. . european markets are on the upswing this morning, despite a credit agency's warning that ireland's debt rating may be downgraded. analysts say it is in reaction to a rate cut in japan. the central bank is dropping a key rate to nearly zero and is taking other steps to deflate the yen. the nikkei climbed 1 1/2% on that report. others are moving mostly higher overnight. checking in on our numbers this morning. we start the day, there were losses yesterday, with dow jones off almost 78 and a half points. and starts today at 10,751. we'll get a better indication of where our markets will open up as we get closer to that opening bell. toyota says it has now fixed most of the 5.6 million cars and trucks it recalled in the u.s. for acceleration
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problems. disposh exposh r exterior l -- exek tives say they are working to improve quality control for all of its cars, trucks, and suvs. a little girl kidnapped from her front yard in fresno. and there is now a new development in the search for this missing girl. and the kidnapper. san francisco is seeing a big increase in tourist spending, with two major events overlapping in the next few days. good morning. westbound san mateo bridge, traffic looking pretty good, as you head out to the peninsula. we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning. well, we're under mostly clear skies now. a few clouds around. it will be sunny to warm north bay. clouds possible with showers. eastbound bay -- east bay and south bay. time now, 5:25. contra costa county health officials confirming the first cases of west nile virus there this year. three adults are recovering. but they didn't give specific details, other than that two of the people are from the eastern part of the county. one is from the western part. now, most people infected with west nile don't get sick. but in some instances, the virus can cause illness or even death. thanks to a story we told you about here on ktvu, police
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say they have arrested a man accused of running a scam involving an autistic boy. police say jorge miranda admitted to setting up donation boxes. he falsely claimed the little boy had died and his family needed money for his fume. police say miranda's girlfriend watched this on ktvu, recognized her boyfriend and contacted police. investigators say he knew him because he helped at the boy's school and got his picture from a bulletin board. san francisco will have a lot of out-of-town guests this week. 1 million guests are expected to jam into san francisco for fleet week. and thousands of people are expected to come to the city as the national league west champion giants host the atlanta braves in the first ground of -- round of the
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baseball play-offs thursday and friday. fans are spending more money at hotels and restaurants in the city. i would say right now, we are pretty much at our capacity for this upcoming weekend. we've almost like doubled. it's been really good. several conventions are also in town this week. they include 15,000 visitors for the wireless industry and 12,000 more attending the american academy of pediatrics conference. we have a developing situation in alameda. police have shut down a major roadway. look at these pictures, following an early morning crash involving three cars. we'll tell you how it all began with a single traffic stop. also, we will update this hour's breaking news. chp just gave us new information. it's about the search for this girl and the hunt for her
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kidnapper. good morning. that traffic looks good, heading into the bay.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news, tuesday, october 5th. i'm dave clark. and i'm pam cook. simple and chilly out there. >> we have mostly clear skies right now. areas of low pressure dropping south. as it does, that will give more
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sunshine to the north bay. and actually 180 at the sonoma county airport. farther south and farther east, possibility of more clouds. 60s and 70s. mostly sunny. here's sal. >> good morning. traffic westbound on 80 is doing well, heading out to the macarthur maze. we're looking at the commute, we're getting slow traffic in some areas, believe it or not in antioch. but we have a major problem, getting from oakland to alameda. the webster tube is shut down because of developing news. ktv u's claudine wong is there with more. >> reporter: it's a truly tragic situation out here. you can look at the damage left behind from this horrific accident. there are three cars involved in this crash. and you can see just from the pictures you're looking at, just how dramatic this scene is out here. three cars involved.
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eight people, after police say the driver of one of the vehicles, a chevy traverse, ran from a simple traffic stop, went the wrong way down the webster tube and caused a multiple-vehicle collision. this is a tube that goes from oakland to alameda. and this started about a couple blocks from here. it was about midnight when the police tried to stop the chevy traverse for speeding. police tell me the officer stopped, got out of his car, when&when he started going toward the vehicle, the vehicle with people inside took off. he had just started looking for the traverse when he heard the crash down the tube. they say he went the wrong way down the tube. he hit a black corolla with a man inside. and another car also hit that corole a. the driver in the traverse and his passenger took off. but they were caught. the accidents were -- injuries were serious.
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the vehicle they hit, the black corolla, it is unclear if the driver will survive. the two people in the vehicle that followed suffered from moderate injuries. we are still trying to figure out more details on the people in this accident. we can tell you the traverse is a rental vehicle. we'll continue to look into all of that for you. we know chp investigators are headed out for you. and we can see this remains blocked off. we'll keep you updated. it should be a while before all of this is cleared up. live here, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. a man is being questioned at this hour in connection with the kidnapping of a little girl. ktvu's jade hernandez is following all of the late- breaking details. she's joining us with the latest on a statewide amber alert. >> reporter: good morning. we're just learned that fresno police had scheduled a press
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conference of 5:00. and they've just now canceled that press conference. they were waiting for the conference to start. and now, we have been told that that has been canceled at this point. there is a man being questioned in a town near fresno. that town is selma. but right now, at this hour, this 8-year-old is still missing. i want you to take a look at her picture. he is 8 years old. this is elisa cardenas. she was last seen outside of her home in fresno. she's about 4 feet tall, 60 pounds with brown hair and eyes. her abductor is being described as a 25-year-old light-skinned latino or white man, 6' tall; driving a ford pickup truck cap, possibly red or brown with a pinstripe on the side. this is a picture sent to us by authorities this morning. we're hearing that a perimeter was set up in selma, that's fresno county. that was in and around the man who is being questioned this
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morning. but again, we don't have any connections linking that man to this missing little girl. but we know this investigation is ongoing. this does appear to be a an abduction by someone the family knows. >> this does seem to be the case of a stranger coming up to this home and taking this little girl? >> yeah. and that's truly a concern to us. because there was no connection to the family. this little girl was playing outside with a friend. and for some reason, she was lured over to the suspect vehicle and abducted. we're truly concerned for her safety at this point. . >> this is a statewide amber alert. and drivers will not see this amber alert on the electronics message board. >> we don't have a license plate of the suspect vehicle. so you're not going to see a change on the message sign. but we are asking people to please be alert. and if you observe a car that
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matches the description, to please call 911 and don't take matters into your own hands. >> thank you so much, trent cross with the california highway patrol this morning. and of course, this is a statewide amber alert. 8-year-old elisa cardenas. we'll continue to update you. time now, 5:35. a motorcycle officer who was run down by a stolen van remains in the hospital this morning. ktvu's kraig debro is in fremont with the very latest with the search for the suspect. good morning, dave. >> good morning. we're hoping to get more information on the officer. but by all accounts, this officer who was injured in the commission of a felony is lucky to be alive. patrick was trying to stop this person when he was injured. he went into surgery last night. this morning, his condition isn't known. this happened yesterday in fremont around 10:30 in the morning. police say a commercial truck driver got out of his van at
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leopard avenue. this truck was gone. he reported it stolen. less than a my away, the motorcycle officer heard the report on the radio and spotted the stolen van. >> our officer observed a vehicle. he was struck by that vehicle, which, obviously, was the stolen car. and it was an intentional act. >> a guy that came out from the business across the street and with the fire extinguisher put out the flames of the van, which probably ended up hopefully saving the guy's life. >> the next few hours were a blur of activity. while emergency crews worked to free the officer who was trapped under a van weighing hundreds of pounds, they also looked for a suspect. bart station. armed fremont police officers stopped cars on the street and kicked in the doors of at least one home. they didn't find a suspect, but they do have a description. police say he's a latino man, 6' tall, and 30 years old.
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coming up, we'll talk to a woman who was inside the home when police kicked in the door. plus, we're trying to get an update on the officer. reporting live from fremont, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll continue to follow the story for you all morning long. can you also -- you can also get updates at our website. a manhunt for a san jose kidnapping suspect has come to an end. brian androng walked into police headquarters with the victim and turned himself in last night. he's accused of abducting 18- year-old judy law from her san jose home sunday morning. she did not appear to be harmed. also accused of stabbing a 28- year-old man who lived at the home with the young woman. san francisco police are asking for their help in a search for a missing young woman who is considered at risk.
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police say 60-year-old doris darrachinsky suffered. she also goes by the name doris bell. she is 60 years old tred -- reddish hair. she was last seen wearing a brack -- black t-shirt and yellow sweat spant pants -- pants. if you have any information, please call police. police are hoping you can provide clues about the death of a man whose body was found near shoreline. it was found near mcilhenny road. police believe it was a transient living near a tent. police want witnesses to come forward after last week's shooting that injured a little girl. leslie was hit by gunfire. a stray bullet went through her arm and into her chest. now, police say the shooting was gang-related. family members believed the girl's brother was the intended
5:40 am
target. there was a reward leading tonna -- to an arrest. it now appears texting may have played a role on a deadly crash. 28-year-old lauren nelson died when her suv turned over in saucelito last week. -- sausalito last week. chp has evidence that she was texting her boyfriend at the time of the crash. investigators also say she was not wearing her seat belt. we have been talking about a lot of things happening on the road. and sal, i know you're watching the toll plaza, too. >> we are watching the toll plaza. we are watching the barometer. it looks pretty good now. as a matter of fact, no major problems getting into san francisco out of oakland. interstate 880 in oakland looks okay. no major problems. remember, the webster street tube, which is the tube underwater tunnel, oakland to
5:41 am
alameda, is shut down for police investigation of a major crash. you have to go down to fruitvale or park street bridges to get to the alameda side. the posey tube, which is coming from alameda to oakland. that is open. if you live in alameda, and you normally take that tube. the other way around is not. they say it's not going to be open this hour. maybe next hour, they'll open it. 5:41. let's take a look at northbound 280. getting up to highway 17. that is okay. steve, 5:41. >> yes. >> i'm doing the math. 20 minutes before 6:00. 21 minutes before 6:00. >> okay. thank you. >> i'm a little rusty at that. >> 19. >> 19 minutes before the big one. >> there you go. >> south lake tahoe. coming out of the sierra nevada. out to the valley, mother load.
5:42 am
snow advisory for emmitts pass, our pass, 88, our pass. if you know that area, snow about 7,000 feet. after that, it's shower activity. all associated with what is going to be a very strong low for the san joaquin valley, down to central california and into l.a. the farther north you are, the better off. in fact, maybe even a little north breeze is set off from redding to red bluff. north bay could be sunny and warm. it's a very tough call. forecast models simply don't handle these lows very well. but all signs point to everything being south and east of us. right there you can see it. heading towards fiefs or -- 5 or 101, south. you will encounter pretty good thunderstorm activity. for us, more sun and clouds. more sun to the north. and north bay, more clouds, possible showers, south and east. 52, palo alto. 52, livermore, concord.
5:43 am
oakland berkeley area, 57. 46, ukiah. a little cool there. 50s and 60s in southern california as well. only 60 in palm springs which is associated with that low. you can see how it wraps up over the sierra and right there. farther south, better opportunity for clouds and rain. farther north, better opportunity for sun and rain. sun to the north. showers are possible. again, we'll focus most of that towards, i'd say east bay. but definitely south bay towards salinas valley. a little breezy at times. north. highs, 60s, 70s. but i did pencil in one 80. 60s and 70s by the coast. sun and clouds, mild. possible showers. but a better likelihood. it kicks ought. that being a low on thursday. sunny side up, warmer, friday and saturday. >> sounds nice. there is a new ray of hope for the 33 men trapped inside that mine in chile. new information about when they
5:44 am
might finally be set free. also, how a drunken night of brawls in walnut creek, it is fueling debate over what to do about it.
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good morning. we have mostly clear skies. there will be a possibility of more shower shower partly sunny and warmer with highs in the 70s. >> thank you. welcome whack. -- back. good morning to you. here's a look at stories we are following fight rite now at 5:46. authorities release this surveillance video of a suspect's truck in the kidnapping of an 8-year-old girl. investigators say a man
5:47 am
kidnapped an elisa cardenas last night. police are now questioning a man who may be connected to the case. there's now a police sketch. this one here of a man police say tripe tried to rape a woman near walnut creek. he's described as white, 5'9" tall. andia hanes messerly is pushing for a new trial. his attorney says a case in kentucky undercuts the prosecution's entire case. close to getting the 33 men out of the mine possibly within the next 10 days. the drilling has gone faster than expected. and the miners have been hard at work as well, removeingtons of rock that has fallen into the mine from the drilling. the men have been trapping underground for 60 days. and as of today, that is the longest on record.
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time now, 5:47. the san bruno city council will get a status report. they will discuss the decision to deny federal money to the victims. fema determined that local agencies were not overwhelmed. that's a major factor in determining whether the local community gets money from the federal government. meanwhile, a gas pipeline explosion. a san bruno man is seeking unspecified damages for himself and other fire victims. last month, another resident filed the complaint. it was to force pg&e to turn over control to a victim. candidates are weighing in on police staffing. six people were arrested in
5:49 am
three separate incidents friday night. this is video outside a lounge. but the first fight began at about 11:30, inside the 1515 lounge on north main street. and another one on arroyo way. police say that it is typical. two uc berkeley com colt complained. and they reached an agreement to cut down on noise. the other 33 fraternities named in the lawsuit are still fighting, though, and there's still no word on what the next course of legal action will be. a bad shot by tiger woods at the ryder cup has left a very lasting impression. a photographer for london's daily mail snapped this picture just moments before. look at that. woods' golf ball collided with
5:50 am
his camera the lens was destroyed the. >> that is an incredible picture. >> that is amaze. >> you know the golf ball is coming. >> and you still do. >> you still hold it. >> i think i might be hitting the dirt. >> tiger woods hit it. >> i'm wondering why the photographer would be getting in the way. obviously he got in the way. >> he must have had a very good lens. >> got you. >> farther away than we think. >> good morning, everybody. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. if you are driving anywhere in the east bay, so far, so good, except for a couple of minor spots that we have trouble with. westbound highway 4 is not one of them right now. coming from bay point to concord. looks pretty good. and if you're driving from benicia bridge to walnut creek. it is a nice drive. westbound, driving from lafayette to oakland. all of the lanes are open. according to chp. and this morning's commute on interstate 80f. you are driving on 80 westbound, traffic continues to move along pretty well.
5:51 am
driving past cordelia, and getting into vallejo. 5:51. now nine minutes until 6:00. >> we have an area of low pressure settling into southern california. some of that wraparound could clip the east bay and south bay. i think coast looks pretty good. in fact, mostly sunny and mild to warm. the low, though, will travel to southern california and park and hang out there. so by the time it ejects, which could be tomorrow, we might be more in line for showers. i'll mention it today. but i think there's a lot more sun. and 60s, 70s, mid-70s for some. 55 in san francisco. going mostly sunny for some. high of 66 today. 49, napa, santa rosa. 40s in the mountains. snow advisory above the 7,000- foot level. i think 11:00 in the morning for light snow. southern california, though, more in line for possible thundershowers today. to the l.a. basin. even sacramento valley.
5:52 am
san joaquin valley. for us, a little breezy pattern. with a north wind. that's a warm wind. sun to the north, clouds to the south. showers are possible. i won't say likely, but they're possible. sun and clouds, breezy at times. but more sun to the north. and the coast, more clouds off toward the east and south. highs will be in the 60s and 70s. i think a greater likelihood of showers on thursday. clearing thursday. and does look like more sunshine and warmer as we head to friday and saturday. chevron says it will start buying back its stock this quarter. the san ramon-based chevron plans to purchase half a billion worth of shares in the coming month. chevron's ceo says it will help create value and return cash to chevron's shareholders. stocks fell slightly to.
5:53 am
a maximum $23 billion fine for illegally testing bone. it admits to surgeons doing unapproved tests. three patients from california and texas died during spinal surgery where the bone cement was used. and norrian failed to report those boths -- deaths to the fda. twitter cofounder is stepping down as the chief executive officer. williams announced the change in his blog, where he said the move lets him be, quote, completely focused on product strategy. i've never been more optimistic about what we have to build. >> interesting. >> yeah employs. time now, 5:53. stalling the efforts to put life-saving equipment at bay area schools. here to tell you why they are not.
5:54 am
we'll tell you why the size of your waistline may be affected by what you were doing during the night.
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back to the morning news. one bay area parent's effort to
5:57 am
get life-saving devices into schools is stalled. larry's son davey almost died in a school basketball game last friday from cardiac arrest. his dad success lefle fought to get a.e.d.s donated to the district. but now, more than six months later, we found the new aeds are still stacked up in a storage closet, waiting to be installed. the district plans to install them in the next week. time now, 5:57. this may be the first time to tell you that lack. sleep may be hurting your chances of losing weight. a new study compared to dieters when they got more than 8 1/2 hours of sleep compared to 5 1/2 hours. when they slept less, they lost more muscle than body fat. those who slept more lost more
5:58 am
body fat than lean muscle. >> that's my problem. i need more sleep. it's always the solution, sal. more sleep. . >> more sleep or -- yeah. more sleep. i wish i could do that. let's go out and take a look at the commute. quick check the northbound traffic, 280 looking good. getting up to highway 17. looks good getting to the south bay. and if you're getting down to the toll plaza, looks good. police manhunt to tell you about this morning. a motorcycle cop runed down. -- run down.
5:59 am
the file on david harmer isn't pretty. a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders, as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout. david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off. a record we can't afford. we need jerry mcnerney, small businessman, voting against congressional pay increases and refusing to take them, standing up for what's right. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.


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