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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. the parents' worst nightmare. a search is under way for a little girl who was kidnapped. what witnesses say they saw as she was snatched in front of her home. good morning. webster tube is shut down because of a serious crash. why one of the drivers caught the attention of police even before the crash happened. if you're in the north bay today, i think mostly sunny and
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warm. south bay, though, will have to keep an eye out for showers we'll talk about that. and what fremont police had to do to catch a suspect involved in an injury crash yesterday. that's next on the morning news. and good morning to you. welcome to tuesday, october 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paulson in the weather center. >> i think mostly sunny and warm and mild to the north. possible showers to the south. but warmer. in fact, some of the higher elevation are running 10 degrees warmer today. dryer side, as this low develops toward the san joaquin valley side. looks sunny. partly cloudy towards the santa clara valley. here's sal. >> right now on the east shore freeway, the traffic is moving along okay. you can tell it's getting more crowd, -- crowded, though. as you head toward the
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macarthur maze. the webster tube in alameda is shut down following a three-car crash. police say it all started after an officer pulled over a chevy traverse, for speeding around midnight. when the police officer approached the car on foot, police say the driver took off in the wrong direction, down the tube and crashed into a toyota corolla. it's not clear if the driver of that corolla will survive. a second car, following behind, also hit that corolla, injuring the two people inside. the driver of the traverse and the passenger ran away, but were caught by police. we'll find out more about this. ktvu's claudine wong is there. but now, let's go back to the desk. we are following late- breaking development negligence -- developments in the case of a kidnapped little girl. police say a man kidnapped 8- year-old elisa cardenas. she was with a group of other girls and was wearing a purpelt sweater, winnie winnie the pooh t-shirt.
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her kidnapper is believe to be a white or light-skinned latino man. he was believed to be driving a brown ford pickup truck. very distinctive. there is a wide stripe on the truck's side. authorities released this video, surveillance video of the suspect's truck. take a look. we are now learning that they may may have questioned a man who may have information about the case. ktv u's jade hernandez will have an update. . a driver of a stolen van who police say intentionally ran over a man. kraig debro has the latest on the search for that suspect. >> i just spoke to fremont police this morning. they told me we should get an update here possibly within the next hour or so, on the condition of the fremont officer. now, following the assault on
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the officer, his fellow officers wento a desperate search to find the suspect. the feeling is, whoever hurt the officer would not think twice about hurting a nonofficer. when they got to a house on liperdrive, officers knocked on the door but didn't get an answer. >> i should have answered the door. but yeah, kind of made things worse for me. >> why didn't you? >> because it's not my house. >> after 15 minutes, the officers broke down the door. the housekeeper had one more job, cleaning up the mess. it all are the stad about 10:although -- all started about 10:30 in the morning. an officer returned and found his van gone. about a mile away, warm springs boulevard, motorcycle officer patrick broward, sitting on a bike on the median. heard the radio call and spotted the potential suspect. police say the suspect sotted -- spotted the officer and intentionally rammed his bike
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and pushed his bike up against the tree, trapping the officer. witnesses say other people came out to help the officer but the suspect got, a wavment. >> all -- got away. >> all i saw really, the one guy had a black jacket and got away. he was the one i saw go off into the back businesses here. >> police say the suspect in this case is described as a latino man, just under 30 years old, 6 feed tall -- 6' tall, with a medium build. police say the man got away but they are looking for him. the officer was wounded on warm springs boulevard and mission court in the city of fremont. right now, we've got a call to police again to seek an update on the officer. and as well, we're going to try to check the hospital to see if we can get an updated condition there. >> you can read more about officer patrick brower on our
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channel 2 website,, look under the bay area news tab. investigators have now released a sketch of a man who tried to rape a woman at a complex. he is described as white, about 5'9." take a look there. he has brown hair, medium build and facial hair. the rape attempt saturday night was the fifth attack since june. these crimes have many people asking apartment management to let them out of their lease. but they may not be able to avoid expensive penalty fees for moving out early. if you sign on for a year, you're stuck, unless you can show that the landlord breached the implied warrant of implied habitability. and the laws in california don't mention security guards. >> today, i have decided they can take me to small claims court if they want to. i'm moving for my own safety. >> in august, police arrested
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22-year-old antonio muton, saying dna evidence ties him to the first three attacks. investigators say a copycat may be responsible for the two attacks since then. all right. your time now, 6:06. sal is watching your commute. and the toll plaza, too, sal? >> that's right. we're checking that, dave and pam, because that's where it usually gets busiest first. it is getting busier. usually, about 6:15 or so, they turn those metering lights on. and the traffic is okay on the bridge after the metering lights. it doesn't get too crowded on that span. moving on to san francisco, northbound 101 looks okay. and no problems on the skyway coming in from the bridge to san francisco. it you're driving on the peninsula any time soon, 101 and 280 looking good. there's a little slowing on 280 at 380 heading south. but for the most part, if you're doing pretty well. northbound 101, doing some slowing, approaching the 880
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interchange in san jose. 8 minutes after 6:00. we have this low dropping in there. it's heading down toward central and southern california. if you're flying down or driving down highway 101 or 5, you could get some thunderstorm activity. same for the central sierra. most of this, though, is diving south. and on the north side of that, san francisco, oakland, vallejo north. looks mostly sunny and a little warmer. this system always very tricky. but i think the wraparound will be in line tomorrow. today, it's mainly to the santa clara valley, salinas valley, san joaquin valley. for some, it's going to be mostly sunny and warmer. mid-70s, inland. 70s around the bay, and 60 to 70s on the coast. 66, our forecast high in san francisco, mostly sunny. i put nice down there. 49 in napa, santa rosa. to 57 in berkeley. everyone is pretty close. we have temperatures that are starting to warm up. i know mount tam is warmer than yesterday.
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we have 47 in ukiah. cool up there. and 49, monterey. clear the coast and temperatures drop right off. that's why i use this satellite. if you'll really pick out the features. watch the low there, heading towards santa barbara, santa maria right now. that's the focus. it will be sunny to the north. clouds to the north. clouds are possible, south to east. in fact, sun and cloud. more sun on the coast. and also on the north bay. temperatures, 60s, 70s. and yes, that's an 80. santa rosa. a little cooler there, more clouds to the south bay, which is the case yesterday. sun and clouds, mild to warm, showers are a better probability, i think on wednesday. and we'll see more calmer weather conditions. former bart police officer, yohanes messerly wants a new trial.
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his attorney says mesehle's conviction should be overturned. a similar shooting by an officer in kent -- kentucky. >> the district attorney said this has never happened before in a million times police officers have fired their tasers, it's never happened before. guess what. it has. under the law fit would have convinced one of the jurors to change his or her vote that, is enough to grant a new trial. >> if the judge rejects the request for a new trial, the former bart officer would be sentenced on the 5th. he is facing sentence of life in prison. we're learning new information on the search for a missing little girl in fresno. what police are now saying
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about the suspect and how it's connected to the kidnapping. press conference is scheduled. we'll have details next. and president obama is highlighting bay area companies that are partnering with community colleges to help students get jobs. i'll have details coming up as the morning news continues.
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president obama is kicking off a day-long white house
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summit on community colleges today. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. and you might be wondering how a white house summit impacts your life. they looking at community colleges that are often easier to get into and less expensive. the president is looking at community colleges and the goal of boosting enrollment. >> community colleges have been forced to cap enrollments and scrap courses. and even in the best of times, they receive far less funding than four-year colleges and universities. not only is that not right, i think it's not smart. >> reporter: now, the president is also introducing an initiative that partners big u.s. employers with community
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colleges, making it easier for students to get jobs, local companies pg&e and the gap are playing a big role in program. reporting live, alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now, 6:14. the man who tried to set off a bomb in new new york's times square, faces a mandatory life sentence today. faisal shahzad admits to planting that bomb. he was trying to set off a bomb inside a parked suv, when times square was packed with tourists. shahzad said he received explosives training. he was paid more than $15,000 by the pakistan taliban. governor schwarzenegger does have the right to furlough state employees. the state supreme court made the ruling, but the justices say the governor must have the consent of the unions or the legislature before ordering employees to take unpaid days
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off. the court also says they implicitly improved the governor's furloughs by providing less salary in the 2009 budget. the state controller is prepared to start issuing i.o.u.s if the governor does not pass a budget by the end of the week. lawmakers are expected to get all of the details out tomorrow. and a vote is expected on thursday. time now, 6:16. this morning's scheduled radio debate has now been cancel. -- canceled. that's because they say is details were never finalized. that debate was to take place on the ron owens radio show this morning. a final televised debate is scheduled for october 12th, at dominican university in san rafael. and there are new polls out that showed democrat jerry brown leading meg whitman in the governor's race, but not by
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much. the polls were the first taken since the story broke last week about whitman employing an iferl legal immigrant housekeeper for nine years. a razz muzzen poll showed 49% for brown, 44% for whitman. and a survey usa poll showed brown with 47%, compared with 43% for whitman. the san francisco chronicle reports that a woman who used to be a nanny for meg whitman 12 years ago, says she believes whit r whitman's housekeeper -- whitman's housekeeper. she said she quit because of difficulties in the household. a spokesman for whitman called armstrong's complaints, unsubstantiated charges. california fair political practices commission claims that david cole violated conflict of interest law by not
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disclosing business ties he had with the developer that received millions of dollars in city contracts. the developer was working on two shopping centers with the city, as cole's landscaping company was doing business with them. the case has been suspended while cole is in the u.s. army reserves overseas. time now, 6:17. let's go to sal. traffic is doing okay. we're going to go right to highway 24. one of the work horses of contra costa county. it's 6:19. and yes, our clock is coming back. we've hit control-alt-delete. we're ordering a new one. moving along and taking a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is going to be moderately heavy. right now, it's about 6:19.
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r880 is moving well in both directions. it is 8 -- 6:18. let's move to weather. we have mostly clear skies. partly cloudy to the south. low drops into southern california. you can see it right there, near the central california coast. somewhere around san luis obispo. pretty good thunderstorm activity in the sierra yesterday. snow at the higher elevations overnight, prompted a snow advisory until 11:00. that's mainly about 7,000 feet. yes, i'm going 80. a little nervous by putting sun in there. but even the city looks good in there today. walnut creek rebounding. oakland, 68 to 72. san jose, only 64 yesterday. there will be a little more sun. but clouds as well.
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low 50s, stanford. and pleasanton and pleasant hill, 53. you can see the low forming. as it stays to the south, most of the thunderstorm activity will also stay south and east. but a combination of sun and clouds. farther north you go, more sun, warmer. more clouds, cooler and a possibility of showers. tomorrow, we're more in line. as that low starts to eject toward the sierra. thursday, clearing. friday, saturday, sunny and warmer. today, ford executives are meeting with more than 1,000 lincoln dealers to map out plans for the luxury plans. ford plans to discuss ways to improve lincoln, where annual sales peaked in 1990. but they have dropped and lost ground to lexus, ford, and bmw. ford is expecting to upgrade as it promises to ramp out some new lincolns.
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google's plan to combine web surfing with tv viewing is getting more support from several major media companies. many of the companies owned by time warner are among the latest to sign on to what's being called google tv. the national basketball association, net flix and financial news channels are also participating. twitter and several music sites are also designing features for the service. but none of the broadcast net works, including fox, have signed up. san francisco should be more crowded than usual this week. and we'll tell you why that is making a lot of people around the city very happy. good morning. southbound 680 traffic looking good. heading over to the south bay. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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good morning. bay area bridges not looking too bad. you can see, a little more crowded at that toll plaza time is 6:25. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. contra costa county health officials have confirmed the first human cases of west nile
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virus this year. the health department says three adults are recovering but did not give out any other specifics. most people infected with west nile do not get sick. but in some instances, the virus can be fatal. richmond police say thanks to a story we told you here on ktvu, they arrested a man accused of running a scam that involved an autistic boy. police say jorge miranda admitted he set up donation boxes to get money. it displayed pictures of 10- year-old sid viador. and falsely claimed that the boy was dead and that his family needed money for a funeral. police say a woman recognized her boyfriend until surveillance video and called police. investigators say miranda knew viador because he worked at his school and had gotten his
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picture off a billboard. going into fleet week to see the blue angels and other performers. thousands are expected to come to the city as the national league west championship giants host the atlanta braves in the baseball play-offs thursday and friday. those fans are buying merchandise. they're spending more money at hotels and restaurants all over the city. >> i would say right now, we are pretty much at our capacity for this upcoming weekend. >> we've almost like doubled. it's been really good. >> also, several conventions are in town this week. they include 15,000 tourists from the wireless industry. and 12,000 more attending the american academy of pediatrics conference. and it now appears texting played a role in a deadly crash on a marin county freeway. 28-year-old lauren nelson died when her suv overturned in sausalito last week. the chp now has evidence that she was texting her boyfriend at the time of the crash.
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investigators also say she was not wearing a seat belt. oakland police are urging more witnesses to come forward, following last week's shooting that injured a 6-year-old girl. leslie ramirez was hit by gunfire as she slept inside her east oakland home. a stray bullet went through her arm and into her chest. police say the shooting was gang-related and that family members believe the girl's brother was the intended target. a reward leading to an arrest has grown to $10,000. the webster tube in alameda has closed, following an overnight crash. wreckage from the scene has yet to be cleared. how police say a simple traffic stop started a terrible chain of events. and an 8-year-old little girl is missing. this is a statewide amber alert. we have details for you straight ahead. and we want to take you live to new york this morning to the trading floor, where the opening bell is about to ring
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on wall street. we'll have a look at day ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. getting ready to ring that opening bell this morning. and there it is. toshould be a pretty good day stocks are moving higher across new york now it is following a move by a japanese bank to cut an important key interest rate. and that is, of course, fighting the very strong yen, which has caused some problems in asia. and that has spread around the world as well. but again, opening bell rings. you can see we're off to a pretty good start so far. we'll keep following those numbers for you. >> we'll say good morning to you.
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6:30, tuesday, october 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. >> we're just getting more information about the diss appearance of a young fresno girl. and several things that led up to her disappearance. jade, what's the latest? >> reporter: dave, we can tell you right now, fresno police has scheduled a press conference. that is scheduled to take place any moment. but before that press conference starts, we have to tell you that before last night's abduction, we have learned that this man was approaching other children and exposing himself. then fresno police say this man lured this little girl into his pickup truck. it's very unusual to be able to show this to you. but this morning, we have video of the abductor's pickup truck at an intersection near the abduction in fresno. the reddish-brown truck is being described as a 1980s, 1990s, ford single cab, with a
6:32 am
pinstripe on the side. now, take a look at the little girl who has been missing for almost 12 hours. she was last seen at 8:30 last night, outside her home in fresno. this is elisa cardenas. she is about 4 feet tall, 60 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. cardenas' family gathered last night. the last time members of her family saw her, she was playing in her front yard with six are the little girls. >> time is of the -- six other little girls. >> time is of the essence in this case. we asking everyone to please be on the lookout for this suspect vehicle. on a positive note so far in 2010, we've distributed 13 amber alerts and we have been able to safely return 13 children to their families. so from that angle, we're optimistic. this little girl is out there. we need to find her as quickly as possible. >> reporter: you're taking a live look at the podium set up for a press conference in fresno. fresno police are the lead
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investigators in this. we understand that this press conference is going to be starting right now. we're going to take you live. let's listen to what fresno police have to say about this investigation. >> kidnapping of elisa cardenas, approximately 8:28 p.m. last night. we received a call in central fresno. 2751, east hammond, regarding an 8-year-old female who had been abducted by a stranger. the information we had was that a male suspect had pulled up in front of this apartment complex. there were a group of children who were outside of the complex, playing. and a suspect, male suspect in his 20s, early 20s, got out of that vehicle, his pickup truck. and approached two females, a 6- year-old girl and 8-year-old girl, and attempted to lure him into his pickup. at one point, the 8-year-old girl started to walk with him. the 6-year-old girl walked away. and it was at that time that
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there was both a male and a female witness who saw what was happening and yelled at the children to get away from the vehicle and to get away from the man. and it was at that time that the male suspect grabbed hold of the 8-year-old female, pushed her into the driver's side of the pickup truck and sped off with the lights out of that vehicle. it was the mother of the victim, a few seconds later, got into her car with another party and drove through the area, but they were not able to locate the suspect at that time. shortly before that, we had received another callul and in fact, it was at 8:27 p.m., a few blocks away in the area of fisher and clay. and at that location, we had report of an indecent exposure. also, a white male in his 20s, driving a very similar vehicle, a pickup truck, that i'll describe shortly. and he had gotten out of his
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pickup, approached two girls, young girls that were on the sidewalk, pulled down his pants and prompted them to look at him as he exposed himself. at that time, he got back into his vehicle. he drove away from the area again with the lights out. and the mother of one of the victims chased him on foot but lost him in the area. the vehicle that was described to us in this incident, both incidents, is a late '70s, or early '80s, either a ford or a chevy pickup truck. it's a full-sized. it has two doors. and it is described as either being a dark brown or a reddish- brown-type vehicle. and it'salso described as having somewhat of a distinctive, approximate six- inch white stripe across the sides of that pickup. in fact, we have since spotted
6:36 am
that vehicle on our -- part of our video policing cameras. those cameras that were within that area. and we have put that out to the media. and we are in the process of also enhancing that video so that we may be able to get a license plate on it. the suspect is being described as a white male in his, what appears to be early 20s. he is a -- believed to be a white male or light-skinned hispanic. he's approximately 5'8" to 6' tall, and medium build. we've had conflicting information in terms of his build. he was last seen wearing a white tank top and blue jean shorts. and the witnesses in this did not see any visible tattoos on his body. the -- since the time of this incident, immediately after the incident, we put out an amber alert. initially, it was based on the
6:37 am
immediate geography of the fresno county and adjacent counties. and that later spread throughout the state of california. we've also had over 130 police officers since the time we determined was, in fact, a kidnapping, respond to the scene. we've done a grid search over about a 3-mile area, going door to door within that immediate area. and checking every area that we thought the suspect might be or the victim might be. unfortunately, we have not had any luck. we have also checked hotels, motels, bus depots -- depots, train stations, schools, parks. any area that we thought would be isolated or secluded where the suspect may take this young girl. i think many of you know that earlier this morning, we received information that came in from the sheriff's department that there was a
6:38 am
motorist that was following a vehicle believed to be this suspect vehicle in the area of cam and thompson. the motorist lost site of -- sight of the vehicle in that area. by the time deputies and the police officers and helicopter could get on scene, we could not locate the vehicle, but we did do a thorough search of the field. the helicopter spotted a heat source in that field. and we were able to chase down and detain the individual. that person has an extensive criminal history. but after being detained by the detectives and interviewed by the detectives, at this point in time, we do not believe that he is related to this kidnapping. we are -- we have enlisted the assistance of the federal bureau of investigation. they have been with us throughout the evening. and in fact, there has been a request made of the child abduction, rapid deployment team.
6:39 am
they will be in friz fresno later today. we've also reached out to the national center for missing and exploited children. and they are working with us. in fact, they are sending one of their teams that assist in kidnapping, specializing in child abductions. and that's called team adam. and they will be here later today as well. all right. we have been listening to the fresno police. the consider latest on the missing little girl, elisa cardenas. the continuing investigation. you've heard all of this live information. she is still missing right now. the fbi is helping in the search. trying to find the suspect in this still-developing story. we'll bring you more details as the morning goes along. but this is a breaking news story, a big story of part of a statewide amber alert for a little girl who was snatched off forecast streets. and of course, ktvu news will bring you all of the details as they come in. in other news here in the
6:40 am
bay area, the webster tube in alameda is still shut down after a horrific three-car crash. ktvua claudine wong is on the scene, where we are expecting an update from police any minute now. claudine, have you been able to learn anything new? >> reporter: yes, pam, we can tell you right now, the tube is still closed. you can see the wreckage behind me here. let me explain what you're looking at. this is the chevy traverse. this is the suspect vehicle that took off from police and cause this crash, going the wrong way down the tube. a it went down the tube, it hit this black, toyota corolla, with one man inside. that man suffering very serious injuries. and another car crashed into this vehicle. you have three vehicles involved in this crash in the tube. a little people total. one man in this black toyota corolla, suffering very serious injuries. i'm joined now by lieutenant sean lynch with the alameda police department. this all started with a traffic stop, didn't it, lieutenant?
6:41 am
>> yes. >> last night, just before midnight, an alameda police car, containing two officers, pulled over a speeding vehicle as it came to the webster street tube. they made initial contact with the driver. and shortly after they began talking with him, he 80 elected to drive away at high speed. >> reporter: we know there are five people in that car. right? two men and three women. >> that appears to be the case, yes. >> was there an actual case ongoing when this happened? >> preliminary investigation indicates that there was not. the suspect fled across the dirt lot, to get back onto webster street t. the officer his to return to their cars. by the time they got to their dirt lot, they had lost sight of their vehicle and did not know where the vehicle went. they went and saw the vehicle collision here at the entrance to webster street 2. they came to render aid. >> and the driver and the suspect also took off running
6:42 am
from the scene. >> they both took off on foot. >> do we know if alcohol is a factor? do we know why they fled or anything like that? >> the driver has been arrested for felony drunk driving. or suspicion of felony drunk driving, in addition to suspicion of felony hit-and- run. we suspect there may have been warrants involved. or perhaps some other crimes yet to be determined through our investigation. but one thing that is important to note, this collision was the result of a deliberate criminal act by the driver of this car who made the decision to flee officers once he stopped. >> lieutenant lynch, thanks for joining us this morn. we can also tell you that the tow trucks are arriving on scene. they are trying to clear this up and get this back open. we'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. in the meantime, sal castaneda, watching the roads. what are you seeing? >> claudine, one of the best ways to get around. the problem is, if you have to
6:43 am
get to alameda. and that's the direction closest to making it absolutely clear. it's the direction from oakland to alameda. the tube that is closed. go down to park street or fruitvale bridge or high street and get across the estuariy coming that way. you might see slow traffic because of that. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge traffic. just got off the phone with bart. and they are saying there are major bart delays between richmond and fremont because of a track-side problem. it started off as a small delay, but now it's being reported as a major delay. more people may be on the bridge, getting into san francisco in their cars, as a matter of fact. let's move along and take a look at 880 oakland. san mateo county. eastbound 82 at delas pull gas,
6:44 am
a traffic accident moving along the shoulder. now it's 16 before the hour. good morning to you all. looks pretty good today for the north bay. and i think even the coast. parts of the east bay and south bay could be in line for clouds. 54 now. san francisco. coming out of the sierra nevada. it's very close. most of this appears to be taking aim. central california coast. for some, it's going to be sunny and warm. north bay. 70s to mid-70s. low 70s. 60s for some as well. i think it will be great in the city today. 66. mostly sunny. nice, maybe a little breezy. one of the keys, mount tam is almost 20 degrees warmer. that's a pretty big jump. noe valley is good at 52 degrees. tomorrow, as it ejects out, it will be a little closer as it wraps back around. all systems go for mostly sunny and warmer weather. sun and clouds.
6:45 am
a little breezy at times. more out of the north. showers are possible. i hear there's a little baseball game thursday night. and looks mostly clear. 60. looks pretty good. we'll fine tune that tomorrow. showers possible wednesday. and sunny and warmer as we head toward the weekend. >> thank you, steve. there is a new ray of hope for the men still trapped inside that mine in chile. the new information about when they might finally be set free. and what fremont police did yesterday in order to find a felony hit-and-run suspect when the morning choose -- news continues.
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welcome back. our time is now 6:47. here's a look at some of the top stories we're following for you now. you've just watched the news correspondence here. -- conference here. authorities just released this surveillance video of the suspect's pickup truck. the suspect kidnapped a little girl, 8-year-old elisa cardenas. ktvu's jade hernandez the -- will have more on this coming up at 7:00. and there is much more about a man who tried to rape a woman at an apartment complex near walnut creek. he's described as white, 5'9" tall. brown hair, medium build and facial hair.
6:49 am
and former bart police officer yohanes messerly wants a new trial. a police officer undercuts the prosecution's entire case in the shooting death of unarmed passenger oscar graham. a motorcycle officer is in the hospital after a man driving a stolen van ran him down. ktvu's craig kraig debro has an update on the search for the suspect. >> reporter: still trying to get information on the condition of the officer. we understand we may get some within the next half hour, perhaps hour. following the accident with the motorcycle officer, the other officers went on a desperate search for whoever did this. the feeling was, if someone is willing to hurt an officer, they are willing to hurt anyone. police knocked on a door but didn't get an answer. >> scared me to death. but i should have answered the door. but yeah, kind of made things worse for me. >> why didn't you? >> it's not my house.
6:50 am
>> reporter: so after 15 minutes of knocking, the officers broke down the door. a brief search turned up no suspects at the house. it all started at 10:30 yesterday morning. a commercial van stopped to make a delivery. when he returned, the zan was gone. about a mile away, motorcycle officer patrick brower was sitting on the bike in the center median. he heard a radio call and then spotted the potential suspect. police say the suspect spotted the officer and intentionally rammed into the officer and the motorcycle. then police say the suspect accelerated and dragged the officer across two lanes of traffic before hitting a streetlight, pinning the officer and the streetlight under the van. >> all i saw really, the one guy, had a black jacket or sweater on. and he was the one i saw that took off back into the business buildings here. >> reporter: the officer was transported to regional medical center in san jose. the published report says he had surgery last night.
6:51 am
but this morning, his condition is not known. police do not have the suspect in custody, but they do have a description. police say he is a latino man, just under 30 years old, 6' tall, with a medium build. and last seen with a reddish- colored sweat shirt. we will continue to try to get more information about the condition of the officer injured yesterday. reporting live in fremont, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. we will continue to follow this story as kraig mentioned throughout the morning, you can also get updates at our website, ktvu dawl -- rescuers are close to rescuing the 33 trapped coal miners in the next 10 days. miners have been hard at work as well. they're removeingtons of rock that have fallen into the mine from all of the drilling. the men have been trapped underground for 60 days now. that's the longest on record.
6:52 am
all right. stay with us. we'll be back with an update on what is coming up on mornings on 2. and a look at the stock market.
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all right. welcome back to the morning news. we'll check in on wall street in a moment. but stocks are higher. and toyota says it now has fixed its problem with the 5.6 million cars and trucks that it
6:55 am
recalled in the u.s. for acceleration problems. executives say they are working to rebuild safety and quality control for all of its cars, trucks and suvs. let's go to tory now to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. coming up in minutes, we're live at the webster tube that may reopen. it's been shut down for most of the night. after a serious collision between oakland and alameda. this after a vehicle fleeing police entered the tube in the wrong direction. we're also closely following the abduction of this 8-year- old girl from fresno, right in front of her mother. a chp news conference just wrapped up moments ago, and we'll have the latest information in a live report. there are new developments in the terror threat, including arrests in france. and the deaths of five germans who may be tied to the plot. plus, indications that security is being beefed up here in the u.s. for at least one form of transportation. those stories and more, coming
6:56 am
up on mornings on 2. now, back to you on the morning news. right now, let's go back to sal to complek in on any problems for the morning commute. let's go outside. i want to show you some things. right now, the time is 6:56. this is a look at southbound 101, as you drive down the 580. that traffic is okay. no problems this morning if you're driving to the toll plaza. it's about a 15-minute wait now. and san francisco, northbound and southbound 101, still crowded but moving along. we have more sun to the north bay today. maybe some clouds to the south. but overall, i think a mild day. warmer than yesterday. no doubt about it. let's get right to the temperatures. 60s, 70s, to near 80 degrees in santa rosa. four minutes until 7:00. pam and dave. we'll send it back to you. a new report card on the bay area shows that runoff from city sidewalks and gardens is the biggest source of contamination.
6:57 am
the san francisco estuariy institute oops detect -- detected heavy pollution. they found plastic bags in bay waters. lack of sleep may be hurting your chance of losing weight. there's a new study that compared dieters when they got more than eight hours of sleep, to when they got only 5 1/2 hours of sleep. researcher says when dieters slept less, they lost more muscle than body fat. it was the obvious -- opposite for dieters who lost more. -- slept more. lost more body fat than lean muscle. take a look at the dow jones. stocks here in the u.s. and around the world, across europe, are up following the central bank of japan. lowering its interest rate. it's trying to take the yen down a little bit, which should
6:58 am
help exporters, particularly companies like toyota. that is definitely helping the mood on wall street. time now, 6:57. well, police efforts to stop a speeding driver ended in a horrible crash this morning. this is a live picture of what we're talking about. look at this. live pictures of the webster street tube. what's out there. we're getting new information about the investigation. and also efforts to get that tube reopened. we'll have a live update next.
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