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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 5, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning.
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i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, october 5th. police just wrapped up a news conference about the search for an 8-year-old girl and the disturbing incidents that led up to her kidnapping. right now, investigators are working to enhance this surveillance video of the suspect's truck. let's go back out to jade hernandez with the latest on the state-wide amber alert. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, tori. that press conference just wrapped up about ten minutes ago. we understand that the fbi has been pulled into this investigation. it appears that a few people noticed this man trying to lure an 8-year-old little girl into his truck. they tried to stop the man. that's when the man grabbed the little girl and drove off. we also understand this man was seen exposing himself to other children during the day. before last night's abduction, that's what took place. and fresno police were updating us.
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it's unusual to be able to show you this. this is the abductor's pup pickup truck. this truck is being described as a 1980s truck with a pinstripe on the side. this little girl was last seen at 8:30 last night outside her home in fresno. she's about 4 feet tall, 60 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. she was last seen wearing a purple sweater with winnie the pooh on the front. the last time members of her fall saw her, she was playing with other little girls. >> the suspect was able to entice her. i don't want to get into that detail. he was able to lure her to that enticement at least walk with
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her. a couple of people noticed and before she could get away the suspect pulled her in the truck and drove away. >> reporter: this is a state- wide amber alert. we've learned that people won't see this on the message board. the chp does not have the license plate. we know that 40 tips have poured in since this happened last night. a man questioned has been released by police. he was found not to be involved in the kidnapping. a lot of information still coming in about this case. but the most important is that the 8-year-old little girl elisa is still missing. if you see the truck that matches the description, call police immediately. back to you. >> thank you,. efforts are really underway right now to reopen the webster
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tube. this after a major crash that investigators say was caused by a drive trying to speed away from the police. claudine wong has more. when do they think they will have that tunnel back open? >> reporter: they are working really hard. this is the vehicle that started all of this. police say this is the vehicle that came out of the webster tube speeding just before midnight when police officers tried to pull it over, it took of and this is what happened pass a result. it hit this vehicle head-on. this toyota corolla. one person was inside that vehicle. he's suffering very serious life-threatening injuries. the corolla behind it came up out of the tunnel as well and then also got involved in this accident. there were two people inside that car. they are being treated but we believe they've already been released from the hospital. again, all of this according to
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alameda police, started because of a traffic stop. >> a police officer pulled out -- other the vehicle. the vehicle pulled over. officers made contact with the driver and then shortly after they made contact, the driver took off. this collision was the result of a deliberate criminal act by the driver of this car who made the decision to flee officers once he had will already been stopped. >> reporter: now, why he decided to run is still a question. we can tell you he's being charged with felony dui right now or suspicion of dui. at this point, investigators believe he may have been drunk. they also believe he may have had had an issue of warrants but they are looking in to that. once the driver fled and the male, they were caught. you have three vehicles involved in this accident.
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eight people total. five people in the chevy traverse, one person in that block corolla and then two more in the following car. very, very serious injuries coming out of this accident. this has been shut down out here for the past seven hours. the tow truck is starting to do their work. if you are coming into alameda from oakland, this will affect your ride to work today. sal castanedo has a report on the traffic and has been monitoring the reports. sal? thank you. most people are going the other way. if you need to go to alameda, you can go down 880 and use a couple of the other bridge, the fruitvale bridge or the high - -- or the high street bridge. if you are driving past the
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scene you may be slowed down as people take a look at the crashes. we'll have another traffic update coming up in a few minutes. let's go back to the desk. 7:06. this morning, a manhunt continues for the driver who intentionally ran over a fremont police officer in a stole be van. this happened yesterday morning on warm springs boulevard at mission court. police say the driver rammed the officer's motorcycle with a delivery trucked a then drabbed him across -- dragged him across two lanes of traffic. kraig debro will have an update on the search for the driver and on the officer's condition. that's coming up. authorities in southern france say they've arrested 12 people in sweeps against suspected islamic networks. and a u.s. missile strike in pakistan may have targeted the militants behind the latest terror alert in europe.
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a drone attack has killed in the pakistan area. some, it's reported, were germans. >> this could be the germans would were involved in trying to plot attacks against americans. >> the travel alert remains in effect. in the meantime, the u.s. is reportedly preparing to increase law enforcement presence on mass transit systems. new york city is stepping up its security. there are also reports that amtrack is taking extra precautions this week but it may be part of an already planned security exercise. >> very good timing.
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7:08. sal's been telling us about commute problems and problems with b.a.r.t. how are we looking right now? >> that's right. that b.a.r.t. delay caused by a power outage on the richmond/fremont line apparently the delays are not getting any better. for a while the richmond to millbrae train was a problem. there is a crash at 880, highway 92. also, the morning commute is okay on northbound 880, southbound 880 near the coliseum. this morning's commute is going to be okay if you are driving to the toll plaza. it's backed under for about a 15-minute wait before you make it on the bridge. here's steve. good morning. we do have some high clouds in
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here. 55 walnut creek. ten after 7:00. you're late. get going! i think it's gonna be sunny and warm to the north. this low is dropping in. east bay, south bay, more likely south bay. can you see the low forming towards central california, santa maria, santa barbara, anyone heading down the 5 and even into the basin. there was even some snow across the 7,000-foot level. above 7,000. that system. we're on the northern edge of it. i think the coast will be really nice today so temperatures which were on the cool side yesterday. i went 80 for santa rosa. 66 san francisco. walnut creek, 70. it was the santa clara valley, parts of the peninsula yesterday that -- the low clouds never cleared. for some, it was a sunny day.
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i went 64 yesterday. 72 today. napa/santa rosa. 51 livermore concord. 40s up in the mountains, 46 ukiah. also chilly there and a really cool air mass is settling in all associated with the big, old upper low. as it heads south it keeps most of the clouds south. it's a breezy pattern, more out of the north. more sun to the north. possible showers and cooler the farther south you go. a little breezy at times. but that's that northerly wind, 60s, 70s to near 80. thursday, thursday, 6:30. giants and atlanta braves, looks good. showers possible on wednesday. clears out thursday. sunny and warmer fry friday and
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saturday. another former em employee -- employee of meg whitman is speaking out.
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last week, the story broke about whitman employing an illegal worker for nine years. here's the results -- this morning's scheduled radio debate has been cancelled. the debate was to be during the ron owens's radio show. a final debate is scheduled for the 12th. a woman who says she works for whitman 12 years ago as a how us keeper says she believes the story of nikki sanchez.
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the woman says she only worked for a few months because of the demands. a spokesman for whitman's complaints called armstrong's complaints unsubstance eighted -- unsubstantiated complainted. a state supreme court has ruled that the governor does have a right to issue furloughs. but the court ruling says the governor must have the consent of the unions or the legislature before ordering the furloughs. the state controller is preparing now to start issuing ious if the legislature does not pass a budget by the end of this week. the governor and legislative leaders have agreed on a budget. lawmakers are expected to get all of the details tomorrow and a vote is expected on thursday.
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7:16. well, today, president obama is announcing a new job training partnership between industry and community colleges. and two of the companies joining in the launch of the program are based right here in the bay area. ktvu's alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with all of the details. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. that's right. pg&e and the gap are partnering with community colleges to try to encourage the schools to tailor classes to better meet their needs. at the same time, bill and melinda gates are playing a big role in the summit. they've donated $35 million to a grant program to try to boost this program. these are tough times for colleges. many are facing big budget problems and having to cut back on classes. president obama has been
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pushing for more funding and is using the sum him today as a spotlight. >> these colleges don't just serve as a gateway for good jobs for millions of middle- class americans. community colleges serve as a pool of talent from which businesses can draw skilled, trained workers. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 7:18. the man who tried to set off a bomb in new york's times square faces a mandatory life in prison when sentenced. faisal shahzad has admitted to planting the bomb. he was arrested on a plane two days after the failed attempt in may. shahzad said he received training and over $15,000 from
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the pakistan taliban. former b.a.r.t. police officer, johannes mehserle, is now pushing for a new trial. his attorney says critical new evidence has emerged and mehserle's conviction for shooting an unarmed civilian should be -- should be overturned. >> the district attorney says this has never, ever happened before, ever. in a million times. it's never happened before. guess what. it has. under the law it would have convinced one of the jurors to convince his or her vote. that's enough, then, to grant a new trial. >> if the judge rejects mehserle's motion for a new trial, the form earl b.a.r.t. police officer will be sentenced. he faces probation to 14 years in prison for the shooting of oscar grant.
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7:19. texas authorities are still searching for the body of an american man who was shot on the lake that stratle the -- straddles the border. hartley was shot. and they were on the mexican side of that lake. authorities believe the gunman were pirates connected to a drug cartel. police released the 911 call from hartley's wife. >> were you shot on the mexican side or the u.s. side? >> the u.s. >> did you see anybody? >> there were three boats. >> three boats. >> three boats and they came back looking at me. >> now, texas authorities are warning all tourists and visitors at that lake to stay on the american side. last thursday's incident marks the fifth time the voters have
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been approached or attacked or robbed by armed men just since april. it is 7:20. up next, how an allegation of gun planting will cost the city of oakland thousands of dollars.
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7:23. a parolee who says an oakland officer planted a gun on him has been awarded
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it is 7:36 -- actually, 7:26. our clock is still not working on the screen. the fbi has now joined the state-wide search for a young kidnapped victim from fresno. we'll show you the video that could help authorities find the missing girl and her kidnapper. a manhunt continues for the driver who intentionally ran over a police officer in the stolen van. kraig debro just talked to the police. a new report on the source
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of pollution in the san francisco bay. the old culprit has been replaced by one that hits much closer to home.
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the webster tube should be open any minute now.
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it's been shut down for seven hours after a horrific crash. claudine wong is on the scene. the last time we checked in with you, we saw the wreckage running away. what's happening now? >> reporter: yes. the vehicles have been taken away. i want to show you a look at the webster tube. caltrans is busy cleaning up right now. we're just minutes away after what's been getting this -- getting this accident investigate and cleaned up. it all started after midnight. it was really a horrific scene. this is the tube that goes from oakland to alameda. three people involved in the crash. eight people total. it was an accident that sent really almost everyone to the hospital. one person with very, very serious injuries. this all started with the traffic stop. >> a two-officer police car pulled over a speeding vehicle that came out of the webster tub. the officers made initial contact with the driver and the other four passengers of the
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car. shortly after they made contact, the driver elected to flee. he drove away in his car at a  high rate of speed into the dirt lot. this was a deliberate, criminal act by driver who made a decision to plea once he had already been stopped. >> reporter: the driver who took off is facing felony dui charges. at this point, he's suspected of being drunk. they are also looking into any other reasons why he might have fled the scene. you are taking a live look at the webster tube. this is coming from oakland to alameda. this is where the vehicle had -- had come from and was speeding through. this is the way it went back towards when this collision happened. we're still waiting to hear about any strategist updates. the two cars that were hit as a result of this fleeing vehicle. but at this point, all we're told is at least least one person is suffering very serious life-threatening injuries. we expect this tube to be back
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open in a couple of minutes. we'll certainly let you know as soon as traffic is going again. live in alameda, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. 7:31. the motorcycle officer who was run down by a stolen van is still in the hospital this morning. ktvu's kraig debro is in from montwhere the police have just confirmed there's been an arrest. what's the latest, kraig? >> reporter: i just spoke with the sergeant from the police department. he said there was an arrest -- he said there was an arrest yesterday afternoon. but the person they arrested is not the person they believe injured the officer. this all started on lipert avenue in the city of fremont. that's where a commercial delivery truck driver was making a -- was making a delivery on lipert. he got out to make the delivery. he left the keys inside. so when when he comes back, the -- so when he comes back the van is gone.
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a motorcycle officer heard the call and saw the van. police say before the officer could react, the driver drug him. he was arrested at 6:00 at the b.a.r.t. train station. >> yesterday there was an arrest near the b.a.r.t. station. >> reporter: police say sergeant brown was taken to regional medical center in san jose. there's a report he had undergone surgery. he had a compound fracture in his legs. his toes were crushed as well. police don't know when he will get out of the hospital. but they do have a suspect description. now, the suspect is described as a latino man between 20 and -- 25 and 350, that is, it was last -- he was last seen in the area of mission court and warm
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springs boulevard. this is where this all took place. he was last seen wearing a blue or black baseball hat. reddish colored sweatshirt and blue jeans. anyone with information is didded to call the police. 510-590-6900. i talked to sergeant bill veteran in a few minute -- i will talk to sergeant bill veteran in a few minutes. i will have an update in the next hour. investigators say a man kidnapped this-year-old from her home in fresno about 8:30 last night. the little girl was with six other girls and was wearing a purple sweater, a winnie the pooh t-shirt and light blue jeans. her kidnapper is believed to be a young white or love man with a shaved head. he was driving a 1980s or 1990s brown or red pickup truck.
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there is a big white stripe on the right side of the truck. right now investigators are trying to enhance this surveillance video. this is of the suspect's truck. take a look at this. they are hoping they will be able to read the license plate and find this missing child and her kidnapper. jade hernandez is getting new information now on this state- wide amber alert. jade will have a live update for us coming up at 8:00. 7:34. investigators have now released a sketch of the man would tried to rape a woman at an continue dom plex -- at an apartment complex. the rape attempt saturday night was the fifth attack at the park regency apartments since june. these dreams have many tenants asking apartment management to let them out of their leases but they may not be able to avoid an extensive penalty for moving out early. >> if you sign on for a year
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you are stuck unless you can show that the landlord breached the implied warranty of lab billty. the laws in the -- habit billty. and the laws don't mention the security guards. >> they can take me to small claims if they want to. i'm moving for my own safety. >> police arrested antonio mouton saying dna evidence ties him to the first three attacks. the police say a copycat may be responsible for the other two since then. a body was found near the intersection of fulton shipyard roads and it was a male. police say it appears that man was a transient living inside the tent. a two-day manhunt for a kidnapping suspect has ended. police say 28-year-old brian atrong walked into police headquarters with the victim and turned himself in last
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night. he's accused of abducting ju -- judy la from her home. she did not appear to be harmed. he's also accused of stabbing a person at the home who lived with the woman. police say this woman is missing and suffers from schizophrenia. she's 60 years old with shoulder-length reddish/gray hair. she's 5 f 3 and was last seen -- she's 5'3" and. police arrested a man accused of running a scam that involved an autistic boy. >> police say this man set up phony fliers to get money and falsely claimed the boy was dead and the family needed mine
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for his funeral. police say the girlfriend was watching and saw this. 7:37. a coalition of cities and non- profit groups on the peninsula are suing to derail the $43 billion bullet train. palo alto, menlo park and atherton, along with five groups have now filed suit in sacramento county superior court. the suit against the high-speed rail authority seeks to halt the proposed line between san francisco and los angeles. the suit claims environmental studies inflated ridership figures. a similar suit was dismissed two years ago. we have b.a.r.t. delays this morning. sal, what's the latest? >> well, we had b.a.r.t. delays. we're gonna bring in jim
7:39 am
allison who is joining us on the phone. >> yes. the good news is we're back on time. >> what was the problem? >> at 6:12 this morning we had had a pg&e power outage in berkeley that casscated a number of problems and the biggest was that we couldn't get trains out of our richmond maintenance yard. from about 6:30 -- actually, 6:12 to 7:00 we had had major delays on richmond lines. >> right now cure saying all of the trains are back on line? >> are they residual delays? >> we were able to get the trains out and we're back to full speed. >> viewers are very happy to hear that. jim said that b.a.r.t. delays are over and things are getting back to being on time. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up.
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it's backed up from the macarthur maze to the metering light. it's 7:40. here's steve. thank you, sir. a beautiful picture for those of you getting ready for the day, there's your morning picture. we'll have more sunshine today. there could be some interesting cloud developments especially toward the east and south bay but the north bay looks to be mostly sunny. now, coming out of the -- out of the sierra, the low wraps back into the sacramento valley. down the 5, 99. 101, if you are heading down to central southern california you might encounter shower activity. we're on the northern edge of this. the headline is more sun for the bay area. more clouds to the south. a little breezy at times. but today it's more northerly. we'll mention some showers on wednesday. i think we have a better opportunity as the low begins to eject out towards the sierra. you can see it.
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there is a distinctive dividing line. slicing through part the of the east bay and also towards the south bayby to the north and to the coast looks pretty good. really close. i mean, you just -- sunny -- not sunny. that's what we have to deal with sometimes. so into the san joaquin valley, santa rosa, i'm going 80 today. san francisco, 66. walnut creek from 70 to 74. oakland, 68, 72. san jose, santa clara peninsula was just a tough day to warm up. go for some low 70s. 46, napa/santa rosa. menlo park even at 51 degrees. 46 ukiah, it it will had looks cool there as well. the low will stay down there for a day and then start to move out tomorrow. that might put put us in line especially later in the day for
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the showers. sun and clouds, more sun to the north, more clouds to the south. possible showers maybe still later on. i think more likely santa clara valley towards salinas valley. everything looks good for thursday. giants and the braves, mostly cloudy. if anything changes we'll update that. i think the coast should be just fine thursday, friday, saturday. improving weather. bar fights spill into a local political race. find out why all of the drunken brawls in walnut creek are becoming a major issue at the ballot next next month.
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>> the states with the best
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economic conditions are north dakota, south dakota, nebraska, vermont and wyoming. a new ktvu field poll shows an overwhelming majority of californians remain pessimistic about the state's economic recovery and their own. 93% say the economy is bad right now and two-thirds believe it will remain the sameor get worse in the upcoming year. economists say the recession ended a year ago but with continuing high unemployment most voters don't believe it. there is a change in leadership at twitter. the cofounder of twitter is stepping down as the san francisco-based company's current chief operating officer. dick costello will focus in the top spot.
7:47 am
google's plan to combine web surfing with tv viewing is getting more support from several major media companies. several channels owned by time warner among the latest to sign on to what's being called google tv. the nba babble association and netflix are also participating. 7:47. the bay area-based electric carmaker, tesla, is recalling more than 400 of its roadsters. the company says a problem with the wiring creates a risk of an electrical fire but only one car has caught fire so far. tesla wants to fix all cars that might be affected, the 2.0 and the 2.5 models. tesla says it will fix the cars at owner's homes or offices. toyota says it has now fixed -- fixed most of the 5.6
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million cars and trucks it recalled in the u.s. for unwanted acceleration problems. the largest automaker recalled 10 million vehicles around the world. toyota says it is working to rebuild its reputation for safety while it improves quality control for all of its cars, trucks and suvs. we have breaking news coming out of new york. the man who tried to set off a bomb in new york's times square has just been sentenced to life in prison. fay sal that dad has admitted to -- faisal shahzad has admitted to setting the bomb. now, he was defiant in court this morning. he calls himself a muslim soldier and he told the judge, a defeat of the united states is imminent. back here at home, ethics charges have been filed against a former city council member in
7:49 am
pinole. the california fair political practices commission claims david cole violated conflict of interest laws by not dismosing business ties that he had with a developer that received millions of dollars in city contracts. we have some very important breaking news. we've just learned according to cnn, that the little girl who was kidnapped was abducted in fresno has been found safe. elisa car dean nebraska was found safe. we don't know the -- car dennis is safe. the suspect is still missing. just to recap. she apparently was abducted from outside her front yard. she was playing with about six other girls last night at about 8:30 when a latino man with a shaved head approached them,
7:50 am
tried to get a girl to -- the girls to go with him to get some toys or candy. the good news here after a state-wide amber alert was issued, 8-year-old elisa cardenez has been found safe. but the suspect in this case is still missing. we have a reporter on the story and we will had bring you more information as we get it. 7:50. a rowdy night in downtown walnut creek could become an issue in a city council race where candidates are weighing in over police staffing. six people were arrested in three separate incidents there friday night. this is video of a fight outside the lounge. the first brawl began about 11:30 p.m. with the fight inside the 1515 lounge on north main street and another fight happened at the vice ultralounge. police say the arrest numbers were typical for a weekend and
7:51 am
resources are strained. sal's gonna give us an update on a big story we've been telling you about, a big crash inside the webster tube. it was a circus act that terrified the audience. one member of the audience caught the chaotic scene on tape.
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well, students and staff at woodside high school on the peninsula say a new movie makes them look bad. the documentary called "waiting for superman" follows what is a troubled school system. the filmmakers say only about a third of students at woodside go to community colleges and four-year universities. woodside's principal says those numbers are not accurate and filmmakers never visited the school or talked to the staff. >> you can't just drive by and sum us up. you have to peel the onion. i have to take a closer look. >> now, the principal says filmmakers did not count the students who went on to out-of-
7:55 am
state schools. he also says wood side has a graduation rate above average san francisco will be more crowded than usual the next few days. 1million people are expected to jam in to see the blue angels and other fleet week events. thousands more are headed to at&t ballpark to watch the giants host the first round of the playoffs starting thursday. that means hotels and restaurants are seeing more business than usual. >> it's really a jolt in our economy. right now we really are counting on tourism as one of the leading indicators to get us out of the doldrums. >> there conventions are in town. the giants' run to the playoffs hit a home run with area bars and restaurants.
7:56 am
the "the san francisco business times" is reporting that nearby watering holes pushed in crowds and money over the weekend near the park. sunday was mohita's second biggest day ever other than the season opener. this event brought in more money that day than they do in a month. >> wow. sal, 0 is our -- is our commute doing well. >> the b.a.r.t. delays are over and we have the webster street tube, it's now open again from oakland to alameda. you see cars coming through. the first car came through at about 7:42. the closure was there for a long time. claudine wong is going to have an update on the horrible crash that closed the tube for so long. moving along and taking a look
7:57 am
at the bay bridge that's backed up for about a 15 to 20-minute delay. 7:57. let's go to steve. it looks like a mostly sunny day. let's get right to the satellite picture and show you what is going on. this low responsible for all of this is heading south. mostly sunny conditions over oakland. cool, 40s and 50s. and this low will head towards san joaquin, san rafael and southern california. it will had stay down there. sun and clouds but more sun to the north. more clouds to the south. showers are possible more out to the development valley and salinas valley. mount tam is 55. that's a sign that will be warmer today. the low is not going anywhere until about thursday morning.
7:58 am
mostly sunny, partly cloudy, more sun to the north, 80 in santa rosa. morgan hill, not too bad to the south. possible showers wednesday, then warmer thursday, friday, saturday. good morning. i'm jade hernandez. there was a search for an 8- year-old little girl. cnn is reporting that that little girl has been found safe. a three-car crash in alameda has now been cleared. the webster tube reopened just a short time ago. how a traffic stop started a terrible chain of events.
7:59 am
8:00 am
the big news came just moments ago. there's word that a girl kidnapped outside her home has been found. >> reporter: the webster tube is back open after being shut dunn for almost eight hours. we'll learn how a military strike may be related to a terror alert in europe. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now.
8:01 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, october 5th. just a couple of minutes ago we found out that an 8-year-old girl is safe after being kidnapped by a stranger. the fresno police department confirms that little elise cardinez has been found and she's in good condition. jade's been following the latest details. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. cnn has confirmed with fresno police that the 8-year-old has been found. she is safe. we've contacted fresno police. at this point, they are not releasing any detail. this is a state-wide amber alert, the fbi, the center has been called in. authorities put all of their resources into finding 8-year-
8:02 am
old elise cardinez. anyone who sees this pickup truck needs to call police. we're getting word that the suspect may be in custody. you are taking a look at surveillance video of the abductor's reddish brown truck near the abduction in fresno. it's a 1970s, 1980s single cab with a white pinstripe on the side. fresno police expensively scoured a three-mile grid near the apartment complex near where cardinez was abducted and lived. this is a picture of hadder. she has been found. the alert was still being broadcast on the air waves. all of the details just coming in over the last couple of minutes. let's listen. >> something white male or
8:03 am
light skin -- light-skinned had historic -- [ inaudible ] >> this is truly the first stranger abduction/kidnapping that i believe has occurred at least since i've been the chief. i don't recall any of this magnitude or this nature in the past fine years. these are very rare in law enforcement today, fortunately but i do believe this is 0 stranger -- this is a stranger abduction of a child. the little girl was last seen in the yard playing with other children. in the last 15 minutes we've learned that the 8-year-old has been found safe and sound. we do understand that -- we do understand that a suspect may be in custody. we understand that he may be in
8:04 am
custody. we understand from fresno police that the abductor and kidnapper was seen earlier yesterday exposing himself to other children and trying to lure him to his truck. the possible kidnapper may be in custody. we'll have more on that coming up. >> thank you, jade. four minutes after 8:00. the webster tube back open right now after being closed for nearly eight hours. claudine wong is at the scene with more on what caused the accident that shut it down. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes. we want to give you a live look at the webster tube. traffic is moving back through here. the first started -- traffic started coming through about 20 minutes ago. it was shut down for eight hours because of this accident. the three cars involved were
8:05 am
towed around 7:30 this morning after investigators finished processing the scene. chp assisting in trying to fight out how class the -- how fast the vehicles were going. there were three cars involved in this crash, a crash that happened when the chevy traverse tried to go through the tube the wrong way. at that time, there were two cars racing out. 6789 police say the traverse started it all. they believe the driver might have been drunk. >> shortly after the driver made contact with the driver, the driver elected to flew -- to flee. this was a deliberate, criminal act by the driver of this car
8:06 am
who made a decision to flee once he had already been stopped. >> as far as the people involved, the five people in the car, that chevy -- that chevy traverse are suffering from injuries. back live, there was some question here, this is a chase that police say, no, it wasn't a chase. the two officers that tried to conduct the traffic stop were out of the car. it took them some time to get back to the vehicle. in the meantime, that traverse had come across a dirt pant and headed straight in the tube. live in alameda, claudine wong,
8:07 am
ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. it is six minutes after 8:00. right now, police may be closer to catching the driver who intentionally ran over a fremont police officer in a stolen van. it happened yesterday morning on warm springs boulevard on mission court. just moments ago, fremont police have announced they identified the suspect and are now getting an arrest warrant. kraig debro will have more in a live report coming up at 8:30. 8:07. there's now a police sketch of a man who threed to rape a woman at an apartment complex near walnut creek. he's described as you look at this sketch as a white man about 5'9" he has medium build, brown hair and facial hair. the rape attempt happened saturday night. it was the fifth attack since
8:08 am
june. 8:07. we're a little off. our clock is not working. we hit the control, alt, delete and nothing happened. we are working to get the clock back. >> this is quickly becoming one of the most tweeted topics to me, anyway. we're working on it. we'll have it up as soon as possible. we realize how important it is to you.
8:09 am
>> when there are major delays, a few people get in their car and drive. well, that appears to be a little factor in traffic. we're watching it for you. by the way, we found out what they are building at the toll plaza. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. that's slow getting into the valley. 8:09. nine minutes after 8:00. let's go to steve paulson. >> that's the most of my tweets as well. where is the clock? >> when we first put it up, where is the clock? this system is producing some snow, yes, up there. the green turning to white. yes, that would be snow coming out of the now central sierra. >> now, it turns to rain as it
8:10 am
heads into the sacramento valley. we're on the drier side of this system. it's all systems go for a lot of sunshine and warm weather for the north bay. even on the coast, i can barely find any clouds there. those areas look good. clouds to the south and also to the east as these bands kind of wrap around. a little breezyat times. we'll leave showers in the forecast for wednesday as that low which settles in ejects out tomorrow. as it moves north. i imagine these are a little warmer, these temperatures, i don't think the 8:00 observations have come in yet. some locations did dip in the 40s especially the north bay under clear skies. 47 ukiah. they were 46. 41 in tahoe. 50s and 60s in southern california because of that low.
8:11 am
it's mostly sunny, mild to warm. still, some clouds will be clipping area. some clouds are possible later on but more likely tomorrow. sun, clouds. 80 santa rosa. 8 -- 80 to 72 in morgan hill. thursday is looking good for the giants as playoff baseball begins. if something changes we'll update that. it should be out there by thursday. friday and saturday, even more sunshine and warmer. dave and tori? >> it is 8:11. a raid in france and a deadly air strike in pakistan following the terror alert in europe. what steps the u.s. may be preparing to take and how it could affect mass transit here. and the lawyer for johannes mehserle says he has -- says he has new evidence that could lead to a new trial.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
the terror alert remains in effect for europe. while u.s. travelers are expected to be cautious while heading overseas, there's also signs that security is being
8:15 am
increased as well. in new york, extra security will reportedly be on mass transit and amtrak is holding a high security exercise on friday involving local police agencies along the routes. however, both amtrak and the department of homeland security say those events were already planned as part of "operation rail safe" which is an ongoing effort to keep americans safe while traveling. as far as the threats in europe and reaction from the u.s., authorities in southern france say they've arrested 12 people in sweeps against suspected islamic militant networks. and a u.s. missile strike in pakistan may have targeted the militants behind the latest terror alert in europe. a drone attack has reportedly killed a number of german militants in pakistan's rugged mountain border area. the identities of the militants are not known but reports out of germany say some were german
8:16 am
-- were of german descent. now, we do understand that u.s. officials believe that a cell of germans and britains are at the heart of the terror plot against european cities and they are hiding in the region of pakistan. they also believe the plan is linked to al qaeda leader, orlando. now, the travel alerts -- al qaeda leader, osama bin laden. now, the travel alerts are also in connection with the mumbai attack. just within the last half hour, the man who tried to set off that bomb in new york's times square was sentenced to life in prison. he admitted to the crime in
8:17 am
may. he was defiant in court this morning saying he had had no remorse. 8:16. former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle is now pushing for a new trial. his attorney says critical new evidence has emerged. mess's conviction for involuntary manslaughter for shooting an arm -- shooting an unarmed passenger, his attorney says, should be overturned. mike rains says a similar shooting in kentucky undercut the prosecution's entire case. >> the district attorney says this has never, ever happened before, ever, in a million times police officers fired their tasers, it's never happened before. guess what. it has. under the law it would have convinced one of the jurors to change his or her vote. that's enough to grant a new trial. if the judge rejects mess's motion for a new trial, the former b.a.r.t.
8:18 am
police officer will be sentenced november 5th. he faces probation to 14 years in prison for the fatal shooting of oscar grant on new year's day 2009. a second man has been sentenced in the shooting of matt garcia. gene combs of suisun city has been ordered to serve 15 years to life in prison. his codefendant, henry williams, was already sentenced to 50 years in life to -- in life to prison for firing the shots. two new polls show democrat jerry brown leading meg whitman in the governor's race but not -- not -- but not by much. a rasmussen poll showed 49%
8:19 am
supported brown with 44% for whitman. this morning's scheduled radio debate in the governor's race has been cancelled. 8:19. the "the san francisco chronicle" is reporting that another nanny that worked for whitman says she believes nikki diaz. she said she quit working for whitman after only a few months. a spokesman for whitman's campaign called armstrong's
8:20 am
comments, unsubstantiated. speculation is swirling about a facebook invitation to a special event tomorrow. the social networking giant sent out invitations for a press event at its palo alto headquarters with few details. some people are anticipating the release of an often rumored facebook phone. others say facebook will release an ipad ap hication or maybe a toolbar for your browser. the event takes place at 10:00 a.m. 8:20. strange morning. we're just getting word now about an earthquake that hit the bay area a little while ago. we'll bring you all of the details. and stalling the effort to put life-saving equipment if bay area schools, we'll tell you why equipment should be placed on one school district's campuses are not. 8:21. northbound 101 going to be slow as you approach the 880
8:21 am
interchange. we'll tell you more about the morning commute in just a few minutes.
8:22 am
8:23 am
we're getting word of a series of earthquakes that hit the south bay. the usgs is giving it a preliminary magnitude of 3.4 and it shook north of henry coe
8:24 am
state park, about 20 miles east of san jose. scientists say it had a depth of 3.8 miles. it's actually the third and largest quake to hit the region in the past nine hours. 8:23. a parolee who claims an oakland police officer planted the gun on him has been awarded $175,000 by a federal jury. lorenzo hall was arrested back in 2006. he spent almost two years in jail-the case was dropped. police say they found a gun in his waistband. but hall's attorney says the gun belonged to another man who hid it in a car near the location where all was -- where hall was arrested. leslie ramirez was hit by gunfire as she was sleeping inside of her east oakland home. police say the shooting was gang-related. family members believe the girl's brother was the intended target. an award leading to an arrest has now reached $10,000.
8:25 am
8:24. one bay area parents's efforts to get life saving effort -- devices in schools are stalled. larry's son davey, almost died in a school basketball game last february from cardiac haste -- arrest. his dad successfully fought to get aeds, defibrilators, donated to the district. but now six months later, we found those devices stack under in a storage closet still waiting to be installed. >> it seems like -- it seems like it's about opportunity and money. >> we want them installed and we want people trained as quickly as possible and we want it done right. >> the district plans to train staff on how to use these, saying each middle and high school should have them installed in the next few
8:26 am
months. sometimes a little push -- >> just a little push. sal is gonna get you to where you need to know. i know you are watching the bridges for everybody. >> that's right. just to make sure you are getting across on time. if you have a tip, my twitter address is sal underscore castanedo. it's 8:26 know. bay bridge, westbound, backed up for what it should be. richmond bridge looks good. san mateo bridge looking good and so does the golden gate. the time is -- right now as i said, it's 8:27. we're doing pretty well for this time of the morning. >> thank you, sal. clouds to the east bay and more clouds to the south. so a possibility of showers exists, mainly east and south but to the north it's better. we do have mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies. watch how this low, the wraparound coming right out of the sierra, very close, very, very close. eastern parts of solano county,
8:27 am
i would say contra costa, down towards santa clara valley. it will be close. it will be close. but to the north bay, mostly sunny. i had some 40s and a lot of 50s, but only 50 to 57. a lot of cloud cover will fire up thunderstorms. sun, clouds, brie zit at times. showers east and south are possible today. very close, more sun to the west and also to the north. that's why i went 80 in santa rosa. everything still rooks good for thursday. this low should be kicking out of here by then. showers, wednesday, clearing thursday and it looks like it will be mostly sunny friday and saturday. the big news came just within the past 30 minutes. authorities found the young kidnapping victim, a little girl from fresno.
8:28 am
our crew is talking with the chp right now. we'll bring you an update on this still unfolding story -- next. >> reporter: what police in fremont say they have this morning that will help them make an arrest regarding the officer being a hit and run victim.
8:29 am
8:30 am
after a 12-hour state-wide search, an 8-year-old girl kidnapped outside her home is finally safe. jade hernandez has been following all of the late- breaking details. she's back after checking in with the chp. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. authorities put all of their
8:31 am
resources in finding this 8- year-old little girl. it looks like it paid off. the chp confirmed for us a few minutes ago that the 8-year-old was found safe and sound. also good news, the kidnapper/suspected abductor has been found. a couple of people tried to stop the girl from going with the man last night but the man grabbed her and drove away. this is surveillance video tips poored -- poured in since she went missing. we received some tips for
8:32 am
working very hard. the suspect ended up dropping the young girl off in the neighborhood. he was arrested at a separate location. the fbi assisted in this case, the national center for missing and exploited children, all of these agencies were called in to help this -- were called in to help find this 8-year-old girl. we heard from press know police this was the first time this was a stranger abduction in the nine years that the chief has been police chief. many times these cases involve domestic situations but this is the first time they had a kidnapper/abductor who was exposing him selves to other children during the day and then an abduct -- actual
8:33 am
abduction at night. the little girl is safe, sound and with family. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police have identified a suspect in a horrifying hit-and- run crash involving a fremont motorcycle officer. kraigdy bro joins us now with more on this morning's developments. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning. about a half hour ago police say they are getting closer to making an arrest. a that after they say they know who this person is and are working on getting a warrant. this all started yesterday around 10:30 on lipert drive. the delivery driver stopped to pick up the delivery on lipert drive but left the keys in the van. a man jumped in the listen and took off. miles away, an officer spotted the van. the van's driver spotted the
8:34 am
after. and then they say he pointed the van at the officer and accelerated. >> he has a compound fracture to his legs, some foot injuries. he's currently -- currently at a hospital in san jose. the driver of the van took off on foot. police didn't say what brought them to the b.a.r.t. station but they arrested someone who knows the suspect. >> yesterday, there was an arrest made. >> it's not known if the suspect has a family. police say they have a description of the suspect. pretty soon they will have more than that. but right now the description is latino man just under 30. 6 feet tall with a medium build. he was last seen wearing a
8:35 am
reddish-colored t-shirt and jeans. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. it is 8:34. investigators have now released a sketch of the man who tried to rape a woman. she's described as white, 5'9". the rape attempt saturday night was the fifth attempt at the park regency apartments since june. these crimes have been tenants asking apartment management to let them out. >> if you sign on for a year, you are stuck unless you can she the landlord breached the implied warranty of habit billty. the laws in the state of california don't mention security guards. >> today i've key sided they can take -- he decided they can
8:36 am
take me to small claims court. i'm leaving. >> antonio mouton was arrested saying dna evidence ties him to the first three weeks. investigators say a doppy cat may be responsible for the other attacks. police are opening an autopsy will give them clues about the death of a man whose body was found along the antioch shoreline. the body was found near macelheni and fulton ship road. it appears he was a transient. well, a two-day manhunt for a san jose kidnapping suspect has ended. police say 20-year-old brian atrong walked into the police headquarters with the victim and turned himself in last night. he's accused of abducting 18- year-old judy la from her san jose home. she did not appear to be harmed. adrong is will also accused of stabbing a 28-year-old man who was with the woman at the time of the abduction.
8:37 am
the search is underway for a woman who is considered at risk. police say this woman suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and also uses the name doris bell. she's 60 years old with shoulder-lengthed reddish/gray hair. she was last seen wearing a black t-shirt and yellow sweat pants. if you have information, call police. richmond police say thanks to a story on ktvu. they arrested a man accused of running a scam that involved an you a tickty -- autistic boy. police say this man admitted that he set up phony donation boxes to get money. the boxes display the picture of the 10-year-old boy and fallsly claim the boy was dead and the family needed money for his funeral. investigators say mirror ran dah new him because he volunteered at the boy's school and got his picture off a
8:38 am
bulletin board. there is a new report on the san francisco bay that shows that ruboff from nearby cities is the largest source for contamination. they detected mercury, and other chemicals, high levels of them, pouring out of the creek. ten years ago, scientists said most solution was coupling from central valley. we want to check in with sal castanedo. both directions of 280 very crowded? >> the commute direction is northbound and southbound which would be on the rest -- there it -- there it is, it's very slow getting down to the area
8:39 am
of san jose state this morning's commute is gonna be okay if you are driving at the toll plaza. no major problems. it's not unusual. b.a.r.t. delays have been picked up. in fact, b.a.r.t. is moving on time. less go to steve. >> sal, thank you. mostly sunny, north bay, possible showers south bay, the coast looks pretty good today. we do have more sun than clouds but there are some wrapping around coming down into the sierra. it looks mostly sunny and warm towards the north bay and the coast. clouds will continue to filter in, a little breezy but nothing compared to yesterday. showers look like -- look likely on friday. southern california, so anywhere closer to that low, the greater the likelihood of
8:40 am
greater storms. you can see even some snow has been reported up above 7,000 feet coming out of the sierra. but to the north, that's a much drier component. any time you have a low wrapping around. it will be warmer compared to yesterday. we had some 40s. now we're seeing a lot of 50s. even menlo park in palo alto dipped. there's the low. it will had put on the air brakes and then eject out tomorrow. that will give us a better possibility as that starts to wrap back in clouds. it's a cool, cool low but the cooler air is going south with it. so mild air comes in behind it. so sun, clouds, more sun to the north. more clouds to the east bay, south bay. peninsula is kind of in the twix and the tween there.
8:41 am
60s, 70s to near 80 for santa rosa, sonoma county airport. still looks good for thursday. playoff bail -- baseball giants friday, saturday, mostly sunny and warmer. back to you. 8:0. we'll update our witness about a child kidnapping in fresno. we'll also tell you how a drunken night of brawls in walnut creek is fueling debates about what to do about it just before the elections.
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8:43 am
8:44 am
within the past hour, fresno police announced they found a missing girl and arrested her suspected kidnapper. a man kidnapped 8-year-old elise car den nez from her home -- cardinez from her home last night. the webster tube in alameda
8:45 am
is back open again after being shut down for almost eight hours. look at these pictures. police say the driver after chevy traverse drove the wrong way trying to escape from police overnight. that driver slammed head on into a toyota corolla critically injuring the driver of the car. amtrak is holding a high security exercise on friday. this will involve local police agencies along the routes. california is still not in great economic shape. nevada is the worst, actually, followed by california with michigan, florida and arizona rounding out the bottom five. the states with the best conditions are north dakota, south dakota, nebraska, ver
8:46 am
montand by ohming -- wyoming. economists say the recession ended a year ago but with continuing high unemployment most voters don't believe that. just a short while from now the white house, president obama will announce a new jobs training partnership between industry and community colleges and two of the companies joining in the launch are based here in the bay area. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with more on this. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, tori. and contra costa community college chancellor will be among the 100 college leaders at the white house for this
8:47 am
first ever summit on community colleges today. president obama is trying to put the spotlight on the colleges that are right in your community that are often less expensive, easier to get in to than four-year schools and great places to get job training. >> community colleges have been forced to cap enrollments and scrap courses. even in the best of times, they receive far less funding than four-year colleges and universities. not only is that not right, i think it's not smart. >> the president is also introducing an initiative that partners, big u.s. employers, get with community colleges. local companies, pg&e, and the gap, are taking the lead. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu
8:48 am
channel 2 news. >> thank you. tonight the san bruno city council will get a status report about last month's pipeline disaster. among other things, the city will talk to fema's controversial decision to deny any federal financial help for the fir victims -- the fire victims. pg&e is facing a class- action lawsuit for the san bruno . well, coalition of cities and nonprofit groups on the peninsula, they are seeing to
8:49 am
derail the $43 billion bullet train. palo alto, menlo park and atherton are among five of the groups, will file lawsuits to halt the line between san francisco and los angeles. the lawsuit claims environmental studies inflated the ridership figure. the similar lawsuit was thrown out just two years ago. this is just in, ford says it plans to eliminate more than a third of its lincoln dealers as part of its effort to revive the luxury ban. ford revealed the plan to the 1100 lincoln dealers during a closed-door meeting this morning. ford has identified 130 market areas where lincoln has the best chance. tesla is recalling more
8:50 am
than 300 roadsters. a problem with the wiring creates a risk of an electrical fire but only one car has caught fire so far. tesla says it had fix the cars at owner's ohms or offices. well, it now appears that texting played in -- played a role in a deadly crash on a marin freeway. lauren wilson was killed last week when her suv flipped over on highway 101 in sought heat toe. according to the chp, they've got evidence she was texting her boyfriend at the time of -- at the time of the crash. investigators also say she was not wearing a seat belt. a rowdy night in downtown walnut creek could become an issue in a city council race where candidates are weighing in on police staffing. six people were arrested in three separate incidents there friday night. this is video of a fight out--
8:51 am
outside the lunge. the first brawl began on north main street and another fight happened at the vice roy lounge. an attorney for a neighbor who filed a lawsuit says two of the fraternities will cut down on noise and keep their area clean. the other fraternities are still fighting. well, facebook founder will be getting more air time. he will be on the big screen screen 0 even more. but this time he's portrayed as a nice guy on the simpsons. >> why, look it's mark zukerburg, the founder of facebook. >> yeah, zukerburg -- well, he was happy. he dropped out of harvd and didn't need a college degree to be wildly successful. you can find a link to this
8:52 am
simpson's episode online by going to just look under the web links. nine minutes before 9:00. sal's following the big delays in the south bay. he will have an update on that. and we'll tell you why the size of your waistline, it may be affected by what you were doing during the night.
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welcome back.
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8:5. two russian-born scientists were awarded the nobel peace prize in physics. they used scotch tape to isolate graphene. that's a form of car bon only one adam thick but it's a hundred times stronger than steel. exper importants could lead to the development of new, super strong and light weight materials to make satellites, planes and cars. san francisco's board of supervisors is considering a measure to encourage nail salons to be chemical free. "the chronicle" says those who participate in the program by using toxic-free nail polishes will get a decal to put in their city. the idea's been approved by the city and needs the full board's approval. a lack of sleep may be hampering your ail ability to
8:56 am
lose waste. researchers say the light sleepers lost more muscles than body fat. we just got word from san francisco police just now. they say they've found the missing woman considered at risk. here's her picture. police say this woman went to a hospital last night and she is safe. that word, just in now. also ahead now to tell you about, the white house. yeah. there is a story about the white house. the white house is installing new solar panels. that's what's happening. these will be in the living quarters of thed presidential headquarters. the panels will be install next spring to heat water and also to supply frontal system to the first member. and the obama administration will make the first official announcement later today. we have ticket 2s day.
8:57 am
five lucky viewers will can win a four pack of tickets to see the rockettes christmas spectacular show. the tickets are for thursday, december 16th at the oracle arena. to enter go to before midnight, scroll down to the "right now" tab and put in the word -- sal will like this -- "legs." the secret word is "legs." good luck. already recover. how is the commute going? >> northbound 280, southbound 280, some slow traffic in san jose. but look how bad it is on the northbound direction on the right. 101 in san mateo county. it will be slow because of an earlier spill. if you are going to the top, it's backed up for about a ten- minute wait. down toward the south bay we could see showers.
8:58 am
temperatures are warming up 60s and 70s. tomorrow i think we're more likely to see showers and then it will be out of here. >> and then the giants -- >> it looks okay thursday night. >> and then fleet week cash -- >> that looks even better. >> you have a lot of good news. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everybody. >> bye now.
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