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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 5, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a little girl makes a daring escape after being kidnapped. why authorities are thanking a good samaritan this afternoon. police in fremont are confident make an arrest of a man who they said is responsible for hit-and-run injury on a police officer. violence near nightclub could be part of the debate in an east bay survey. those stories are ahead at noon.
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>> good afternoon. we begin with a big sigh of relief in the city of fresno and all around california after a little girl abducted last evening was found safe this morning. and the suspect in this case is now in custody after a statewide amber alert. we have more on what happened and the key role of a good samaritan. good afternoon, jane. >> reporter: good afternoon. less than 12 hours after an 8- year-old little girl was kidnap from her front yard, she was found alive. her daring escape was made possible by a good samaritan. the fresno girl's family hugged as they gathered to search after a man snatched their 8- year-old little girl from a yard. she was playing with a group of girls and the man lurid alisa to his truck and when neighbors realized things were suspicious, he got nervous, grabbed the girl, and drove off. police release this video and
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amber alert. this picture was taken at the nearby intersection. it showed the white stripe on the 1970s chevy truck alisa was taken away in. after the driver exposed himself to two little girls earlier in the day. the media attention caused eye of a good samaritan and nearly 12 hours after the 8-year-old disappeared, the good samaritan realized the truck and driver. >> he began to follow the vehicle and only saw one driver in the vehicle and didn't see a passenger. however, in a short time later, he saw alisa stick her head up -- she had been in the floorboard or laying down in the seat. >> reporter: the good samaritan had no idea of knowing he would give the 8- year-old a chance at her freedom. >> he realized then and there he had the suspect vehicle and he did the right thing. he cut in front of the suspect vehicle, cut him off. alisa took the moment of opportunity, opened up the passenger door, and jumped out,
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and ran. >> reporter: she was only a quarter of a mile from her home. paramedics rushed the girl to the hospital. we're told fresno police are holding a news conference in an hour. they will release the suspect's name and picture and details about the girl's condition. we know, though, this afternoon she is at least safe and with family. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. fremont police may be getting closer to finding the person who deliberately drove a stolen van into a motorcycle officer. that officer is recovering now after yesterday's collision and police have now identified the suspect. craig joan joining us with the latest. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we expect to have the identity in a couple of hours but we have just learned from police that the suspect they're looking at is from l.a., not from this area, but from l.a. police said they're showing a photo line up to the wound officers and at least one witness.
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police made one arrest yesterday but today expect to make the arrest of the person they believe is responsible for trying to kill a police officer. this happened yesterday early morning here in fremont. a man driving a stolen van ran directly into a motorcycle officer and then dragged the officer over two lanes of traffic and into a street light. police are calling it attempted murder. the officer is a ten-year veteran. this afternoon, he's recovering. >> he has some extensive injuries to his legs, a compound fracture, some foot injuries. >> reporter: officer broward spotted the suspect in the van. he didn't have time to draw his web before he was run over and pushed against the street light. >> our officer observed a vehicle. he was struck by that vehicle, which obviously was the stolen car. and it was an intentional act. >> reporter: minutes earlier a man driving a delivery van stopped to deliver a package.
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someone walked up and stole the van with the help of the driver who left the key in the ignition. >> yesterday evening around 6:00 there was an arrest made at the b.a.r.t. station that is related to the case but it's not our suspect and that's all the info. >> reporter: the arrest was made at the south hayward station and not the hayward station. one thing we don't know is how police knew this man was on the train. police have not identified him but a witness says the man was armed. >> he had a gun. he got on the b.a.r.t. and then everybody -- everybody -- got on the train. >> reporter: the man they arrested at the south heyward station is involved somehow. he may know the suspect. the other suspect involve in this case, the one police hope to charge with attempted murder on a police officer. this is the second time in six weeks a fremont officer was targeted. officer young was shot and wound on august 27.
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police promised not only the i.d. of the suspect in this case but his picture as well, which we hope to bring at 5:00. live from fremont, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, craig. today, the man who tried to set up a bomb in new york's times square was sentenced to life in prison. shahzad admitted to planning the bomb in may. he was defiant in court, saying he had no remorse about the bombing attempt. the pakistani-american was arrested on a plane two days after the failed attempt. authority in southern france said they have arrested 12 people suspected in islamic networks. a missile strike in pakistan may have killed several german militants at the heart of the europe terror plot. the missile attack was in the rugged mountain border area. the german militants were there for terror training missions and eight were killed. at least some were of turn i
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descent. people around the u.s. will see beefed-up security at train stations this friday. officials at amtrak and department of homeland security say it has nothing with current concerns about terrorism in europe. they said it's part of an yale exercise called operation rail safe and this event was planned well before the latest trough a- - terror alert. >> it's a joint effort with state and local authorities and tsa to have a presence at railway stations and platform in the northeast corridor. >> a travel alert issued by the u.s. government remains in effect for americans traveling to europe. it was made after a terror suspect in u.s. custody warned of a mumbai-style attack similar to the one in india two years ago. a coalition of cities and non-profit groups is suing to
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stop california's $43 billion bullet train project. menlo park, ratherton, and citizen groups have filed suit, seeking to halt the line between san francisco and los angeles. it claims environmental studies inflated ridership figures. a similar suit was dismissed two years ago. a rowdy night in downtown walnut creek could be an issue in a city council race where candidates are debating police staffing. six people were arrested in three separate incidents friday night. this is video of a fight. the first was around 11:30 inside the 1515 lounge on north main street. another fight happened at the vice ultra lounge. the arrest numbers were typical and resources are strained. still ahead, new efforts announced on both coasts to help children get college education.
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a frightening scene at a circus when a lion goes after a trainer and it was caught on tape. winter has come early to part of the sierra. our meteorologist has the story and the latest on the bay area forecast. also -- >> reporter: police said a driver tried to escape a traffic stop, drives down the wrong way, causing a crash that shuts down the road for hours. why police never had a chance to give chase.
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b.a.r.t. service is back on time this noontime after power outages caused major delays on two lines. power went out just after 6:00 a.m. in berkeley, which affected trains heading from richmond to daly city. a second outage caused a switching problem at the richmond maintenance yard and caused delays up to 30 minutes on the same two lines. b.a.r.t. said trains were mostly back on schedule before 7:30. there was a big problem at the webster tube earlier today. it was shut down for hours due to a head-on collision. one person was seriously injured in the tunnel, which connects oakland to alameda. the crash happened after police stopped a suspected drunk driver. >> reporter: the wreckage of
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the accident blocked the opening of the webster tube for hours. three cars, eight people, at least one life-threatening injury. a frightening chain of events that police said all started just before midnight when the driver of this chevy traverse sped out of the webster tube coming from oakland to alameda. two alameda officers spotted him and pulled him over. >> shortly after making contact, the driver elected to flee and drove at high speed across a dirt lot. >> reporter: the driver tried to get to oakland. you can see the tire tracks of the dirt field as he crossed over and then went back towards the webster tube. but this time, he was driving the wrong way. police said the drivers of these two toyota corollas were likely going the posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour when they came out of the tube, never suspecting a car was coming at them. the driver of the black corolla hit the travel version and was hit from behind as the other
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corolla with two people inside came out of the tube and crashed as well. in the aftermath of the crash, the driver of the black car suffered life-threatening injuries and police said the suspect continued to run. >> so the officers drove down here to render aid and at that point, the driver and another male passenger of the suspect vehicle elect to flee on foot so they fled the scene. the officers chased them down and caught them and then began the investigation and rendering aid to the people involve in the collision. >> reporter: the other victims in this crash suffered non life- threatening injuries. police said the driver of the traverse has been arrested on suspicion of felony dui and police are looking at his history to see if he had a reason to run. ktvu, channel 2 news. president obama is highlighting the importance of community colleges today at a special white house summit. the wife of vice president joe biden is in charge of the summit and introduced the
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president at the event. it's a day-long discussion about how community colleges can meet the need for increased job training at a time when enrollment is climbing and budgets are being cut. helen benjamin is among the leaders at the summit. the president talked about his goals to restore the u.s. to its first position in the number of people with college degrees. >> by 2020, america will once again lead the world in producing college graduates. and i believe community colleges will play a huge part in meeting this goal, by producing an additional 5 million-degrees and certificates in the next ten years. >> the president is introducing a partnership initiative between community colleges and big u.s. employers. two companies are pg&e and the gap, both in the bay area. within the last hour, san francisco mayor newsom announced the launch of the nation's first citibank-rolled college savings plan designed
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to help the city's youngest students. 1200 newly-enrolled kindergartners at san francisco public schools will get a one- time payment of at least $50. children from low-income families will get $100. the money will be placed in a special trust account that can only be used to fund post high school education at four-year university, junior college, or vocational school. the plan is to have corporations and non-profit groups match funds to encourage children and families to save. >> now you have kids that have something parents don't have. they have a trust fund of sorts, a college savings account, and they have friends in the private sector that will match the contribution of the city and then group that will say, this is about fiscal discipline and we want to help create a financial literacy curriculum around us. >> city officials plan to have the savings accounts open and funded for families by december
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1. san francisco is expected to be more crowded. 1million people are expect to jam in to see the blue angels and fleet week events. thousands more will head to at&t park to watch the national league west champion giants host the first round of the baseball playoffs beginning thursday. that means hotels and restaurants are seeing more business than usual. >> really is a jolt of our economy and right now we are counting on tourism as one of the leading indicators to get us out of the doldrums and important things like this make a difference. >> several conventions are also in town this week including 15,000 visitors for the wireless industry and 12,000 more are attending the american academy of pediatrics conference. the giants run through the playoffs hit a home run with area bars and restaurants. waterrering holes pulled in clouds and money over the -- crowds and money over the weekend. it was the second biggest day ever only behind the season
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opener and momo said the three- day padres series brought in more money than they took in for a month. what's happen in the weather? >> a lot in the sierra and southern california. reno has a lot of rain. they have had numerous reports of flooding on the highways, over an inch and a half in a short period of time, rain in some of the morning hours and even some pea-sized hail. tahoe and truckee have had hail and 40-degree temperature and snow levels around 8,000. southern california, though -- one week ago, l.a. was 113 degrees. today, they're 68 and overcast in one week. we have a lot of sun. low pressure is diving to the south and a few more clouds but a lot of sun to the north and
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temperatures are heading up. everyone the coast is nice. breezy at times out of the north. there's a wind advisory in northern sacramento valley for wind. higher pressure to the north, lower pressure to the south. i believe we will see showers coming in here tomorrow. today, though, it's mostly sunny and you can see the low down in southern california, central california, wrapping up, producing the rain in the high country and also in the sacramento and san joaquin valley all the way down to l.a. but for us, we're on the drier side. you can watch it skirt right there -- oh, it's so close. the wraparound could get interesting, i think, late tonight into tomorrow. today, temperatures on their way up. santa rosa 72 now. 66 in the city, 64 walnut creek. oakland, 72 and san jose 72 after a cool 64 yesterday. the city was 65 last hour but they have dropped a bit. napa, santa rosa, low 70sso nice and sunny. oakland, berkeley, 70s. menlo park, 67. 40s up in tahoe, reno, and it's
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cool because of the clouds and the rain and the snow in the sierra as well. 75 sacramento but a lot of 60s due to cloud cover and the lieu spinning but the low, as it dives south, get gives us a nice pattern. a little patchy fog showed up as well. more clouds east and south, the possibility of showers but i think more likely tomorrow. mostly sunny, a little breezy at times. more clouds further south and east you go but highs warming up compared to yesterday where we will see 60s and 70s today and i did go top the sonoma county airport. why not? plenty of sunshine out there. there's a baseball game on thursday. at 6:30, looks good. clouds inland but along the coasts and in the city, everything will be fine. showers will greet us on wednesday and then moving thursday and warmer for the weekend. >> all right, thank you, steve. >> you bet. if bay area-based electric car maker tessla is recalling
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400 roadsters because a problem with wiring could risk a fire but only one car has caught fire so far. tessla wants to fix all the car that could be affected including the 2.0 and 2.5 models. it will fix the cars at owners' homes or offices. toyota said it fixed most of the 5.6 million sparse trucks it recall in the u.s. for unwanted acceleration problems. it recalled nearly 10 million vehicles around the world. toyota is working to rebuild its reputation for safety while it improves quality control for all its cars, trucks, and suvs. a circus act that went horribly wrong in the ukraine. a lion lungeing and strikes one of the trainer before another lion jumps in. it happened on saturday. the trainer was knock to the ground. you can hear screaming from the audience. the trainer was taken to the hospital for surgery and is
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reportedly in good condition. still ahead, one of the biggest yacht in the world is making a pit stop in the bay area. and google's plan to surf web surfing and tv watching is getting a boost today.
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stocks surge to the highest level in five months after activity in u.s. services and a hopeful sign for the largest
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area of the economy and main source of employment. also a surprise move by the bank of japan to slash interest rates lifted stocks. the dow is up 209 and nasdaq up 57 and the s&p up 25. there's a change in leadership at twitter. the cofounder is stepping down as chief executive officer. the current chief operating officer will move into the top spot where he will focus on day-to-day projects. williams announced the change in his blog where he can now look at long-term strategy that he prefers. google's plan to combine web surfing and tv viewing is getting support from major media companies. channels owned by time warner are among the late toast sign on to google tv. the national basketball association and netflix are also participating. twitter and several music sites are also designing features for the service. none of the major broadcast networks including fox have
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signed on. richmond police said thanks to a story we told you on ktvu, they arrested a man accused of running a scam that involved an autist boy. police said he admitted he set up phony donation boxes to get money. the boxes displayed picture of a 10-year-old and falsely claimed boy was dead and his family needed money for his funeral. police said-mile-an-hour ran na's girlfriend was watching ktvu, recognized her boyfriend in surveillance video, and called police. investigators said he knew the boy because he volunteered at his school and got his picture off a bulletin board. one of the biggest privately-owned yacht in the world stop in the bay area. the 414-foot long super yacht is owned by paul allen, cofounder of microsoft, worth around $200 million. the octopus has two helicopters, seven boats, and a
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ten-man submarine. it's not clear why the yacht is docked here. it was the ninth-large nest world but recently got bump to the tenth or 11th position. coming up tonight at 5:00, a call for action tonight but it's a call police in one bay area neighborhood may not be happy to hear. neighbors asking neighbors to take up arms against criminals. that story and more coming up in our next newscast. ktvu channel news at 5:00. thank you for watching. have a good day.
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