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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 7, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: giants will be big winners win or lose, but what about the bay area? busy traffic in parts of the bay area. clouds and sun yesterday. showers and thundershowers. will that continue today? we'll get drier air in here. simple step people are forgetting to do at the atm that's making them a target for thieves. more on that just ahead. well, good morning to you. welcome to thursday october 7th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook.
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what kind of weather are we going to have today? >> i don't know. >> let's check with steve. good morning everyone. if you're in the north bay we have mostly cloudy skies in the form of low clouds that seem to be backing up around a low in the sierra nevada and nevada itself. 60s and 70s. could be a slow day for cloudiness to burn off. but it will be kind of a cool day even though it will be a mixed bag of sun and clouds. now update on traffic with sal. good morning. westbound 80 traffic is okay so far if you're driving out from richmond. it's getting more crowded though this morning. and if you're driving to the toll plaza there's still a small delay. that should change in a few minutes. for now you can still get ahead of the crowd. now back to the desk. well, the excitement is building at at&t park. this evening the giants will play in their first playoff game in seven years as they host the atlanta braves. super star tim will be on the mound for the giants. derek pitch for the braves. this morning giants manager will formally announce his 25
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man playoff roster will not include pitcher barry zito. the giants' highest paid player says he won't be on that roster. >> last game was the thing that sticks out where money was on the table i went out there and i didn't attack the zone the way i should have. i feel like i can help this team in the playoffs, but you know i stand behind the skipper. you know stand behind his decision. >> the official announcement of the playoff roster is expected before 10:00 a.m. this evening's game time 6:30. even we're caught up in it. and the businesses in san francisco are hoping orange fever will bring in lots of green. kraig debro is live outside at&t park now with details of that. >> reporter: that was pretty good. i like that. the good thing you talk about barry zito a second ago but the good thing after that series
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the giants span their roster. we talk about building a stadium and the economic impact it will have around the area. not mentioned at&t park because it was built with private funds. surrounding businesses will do a little better. they always have especially during a playoff game especially when the stadium is sold out. at least for the neighborhood any way. last week the giants played the padres, businesses say they did well. businesses who don't call their neighbors at home tried to get in on the action by promoting predicts here. at least one businessman we spoke to yesterday says he doesn't do so well. >> too many tennis shoes. 37,000 on tennis. 50 got on flip-flops and sandals. >> reporter: in the first two playoff games in san francisco since 2003 are sold out. according to the giants website
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the highest priced nonsuite tickets went for $175. if you want tickets you can buy them from an outfit of any ticket broker out here. but some of those tickets are going for a lot of money. we looked on monday we were out here i think i saw $1,000. but as you get close tore game time those things tend to increase as you go. you can also buy them off the street. it's not always a good idea. hopefully we'll have more on that later. co-workers of ours had some friend bought tickets on the street and they were counterfeit. they were out a lot of money and couldn't do anything about it because you're not supposed to do that. coming up check on ticket prices as well as what to do to protect yourself. we have got a special giants section on our ktvu website. we want to see your fan photos. they are part of our orange october slide show. just e-mail them to this morning berkeley police are warning people about
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a series of thefts at atms. police say 23 have been reported this year at the bank of america at telegraph and durant and the north shad rock b of a. thieves are staking out the atms waiting for customers to forget their cards. two suspects who allegedly have committed thefts have been arrested and remain in jail but the police say thefts are on an going problem. >> they're only responsible for about a handful, about six cases, we know there are other suspects out there that are committing this crime. >> now police say bank of america has increased the volume of the beeping sound that reminds customers to take their cards. security has also been increased. time now 6:05. cal train riders you could be in for sticker shock. the transit agency's board plans to vote this morning on a plan to raise fares and cut back on service. claudine wong is in san bruno right now with all the details.
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good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we're at the san bruno cal train station and we've been talking to riders this morning who aren't happy about the news. the story is not an unfamiliar one. it's a deficit and higher fares and service cuts are the apparent answer. this morning we're not finding anyone really happy to hear that this vote today could be just the beginning of some big and painful changes for cal train riders. they say they know it's coming. cal train right now trying to close a $2.3 million shortfall. today the is staff will present a proposal expected to pass. it will increase full fare, by 25 cents. increase go pass of $140 to $155. the agency has been getting a lot of comments. more than 1500 from the public in fact in a month long outreach program. most people were actually in favor of increasing fares rather than reducing service. certainly one rider we talk today this morning felt that same way. >> i don't care if they will
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raise it. but if they cut the services and customer service not good. that's not good. >> reporter: cal train riders may not like these changes but more could be coming. at a public hearing back in september the executive director warned the shortfall is just the tip of the iceberg. sake what's going on now will soon be referred to as the good old days citing an expected $30 million deficit in the 2012 fiscal year. one solution to this problem could be eventually no special service, no weekend service, no late night service, no midday service, no service to gill roy. some of that was discussed recently and taken off the table temporarily. but the executive director then said "we are only putting off for a matter of months the day of reckoning." certainly it's an important vote today. it will bring important changes in january. the service cuts and fare increases, the story will just
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contue here for the riders. ktvu channel 2 news. very interesting. 6:07 is the time. sal, i understand you're checking the san mateo bridge. how does it look? >> pam, it looks good. dave looks good for you too. looks good for all of our viewers. if you're driving out there soon we can tell you that the traffic is moving along pretty oblems on the o foster city and peninsula southbound or northbound this morning as you drive through. move along to 880 where a lot of people are driving. that's northbound 880 on the right and those headlights southbound 880 near the haggen berger road exit just to give perspective. toll plaza at the bay bridge looks good westbound into the city. 6:08. here's steve. morning, sal. >> morning, steve. >> we have low clouds around mainly in sonoma county unless i'm missing something. solid overcast. parts of marin county and then also into some of napa county. not all. everywhere else though it's kind of mostly clear.
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but the low clouds hang and you happen coming around the low moving into nevada. more showers and thundershowers moving in. southern california had rain and thunderstorms moving into central c. rain north of that it wasn't that bad. sunshine, mild to warm temperatures for some. sun and clouds cool to mild but we're on the western edge of this low as it moves out. temperatures even though a little more sunshine maybe and not as much as unstable air mass it's not that warm though. 51 napa. 52 livermore, concord. city stuck at 55. sake for oakland, berkeley and san jose cooled off to 56 under mostly clear skies. 41 tahoe. 59 sacramento. 50s and 60s all the way down to the desert. this is a pretty strong low impacted southern california a lot more than us. pretty good rain down there. the low is finally heading out. as it does we'll see high
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pressure build in. sun and clouds, low clouds could be slow to burn off especially towards sonoma county. cool to mild. low clouds in the north bay. 60s and 70s. 64 san francisco to 64 antioch. mountain view at 70s. fremont's in there. danville 73. concord 72. not much of difference here. no problem for the giants game tonight. 60 game time. take a jacket. get cooler than that. we're good to go. night morning fog other than that temperatures begin to warm up. cool down sunday and a rebound on monday. all right. 6:10 is the time right now. it's now been four weeks since the pipeline explosion in san bruno that killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. the neighborhood looks much different now than it did in the days immediately following last month's disaster. demolition crews have cleared away tons of debris from the ruptured pipeline is sealed.
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the huge crater left behind is now fenced off. time now 610:67:89 6:10. legislators legislators saw it for the first time yesterday in a budget conference committee meeting. as of today the budget is a record 99 days late. now for it to pass the budget needs to be approved by two- thirds of the assembly and state senate. some lawmakers criticized what they call the budget's creative accounting calls for delaying almost $2 billion in payments to public schools until next year. and for suspending a corporate tax break over two years. budget depends on the federal government giving california $5.3 billion which critics say is overly optimistic. it also contains pension rollbacks for new state employees. and was something governor schwarzenegger insisted on. you can find a detailed summary
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of the proposal on our channel 2 website. just go to look under right now. be ware of the shoreline. the reason the russian river is about to rise even though there's no rain in the forecast. and security is increasing at train stations across the country. i'll show you why coming up as the morning news continues.
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time now 6:14. california has now received a fresh supply of the deadly drug needed to carry out the death penalty. the associated press says the new shipment arrived late last week. it came just one day after condemned killer albert greenwood brown was scheduled to die by lethal injection at san quentin. would have been california's first execution in almost five years. now the state has to set a new execution date for brown. am track is increasing security on its trains across the country. ktvu's allison burns joins us from our washington d.c. newsroom with details on what's behind the heightened security. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. of course with so much focus this week on the news about the heightened terror threat in europe you might get concerned when you see this increased security presence at the train station. more bomb sniffing dogs and s.w.a.t. teams are out in full force at
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train stations across the country through next week. and also air marshals on the rails. it's part of an annual security called operation rail safe. the chief tells me it has nothing to do with the increased alert. >> we've been told the threat in the united states is at the same as europe. this was a preplanned exercise and we're going forward nonetheless. >> reporter: these dogs are sniffing for traces of explosives, helping police try to catch potential suicide bombers. o'connor says while there's no information about an immediate threat in the u.s., his biggest concern is a coordinated attack on the train system like we've seen in the past in london and madrid. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:16. republican running for lieutenant governor against democrat gavin has picked up a couple endorsements from some
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bay area democrats. >> some of my friends may be surprised to see me here today supporting him for governor. >> i can speak on behalf of many san franciscoens. we are so tired of those who use politics to advance their own political careers. >> chose to deliver his endorsements right on the front steps of san francisco's city hall. the mayor's home base. >> this is the people of california's house. everyone has the right to come here and tell them what they want to do in the future. >> it's curious considering everything that san francisco's been about he's fought against. >> according to the latest field poll his lead has dwindled from nine points in july to four points late last month. 27 trees cut down in lark spur ending a long running battle between neighbors. last saturday crews started what will reportedly be a three
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week process to remove the trees. a marin county judge ruled last year that the trees are a safety hazard and in june the california supreme court refused to hear the property owners' appeal. people being urged to move boats and other equipment away from the russian river shoreline today. starting tomorrow the army corp of engineer wills begin releasing water into the russian river that's because the dam that holds back waters has reached unprecedented levels increasing flow into the russian river is expected to improve migrating conditions for salmon and help control flooding. time now 6:18. san francisco's transit agency is developing a smart phone application that they say could make the commute a little easier. the app is expected to provide realtime information on cost, distances and time estimates for all kinds of transportation. that includes muni trains and buses, taxi cabs, bikes and cars. that program is scheduled to
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launch some time next year. 6:18 is the time. back over to sal. hopefully no big problems for the commute, sal. >> nothing major. the metering lights at the bay bridge are going to be turned on soon. so we'll start seeing more of a back up. if you have any public transit delays you can always hit me on twitter. let's go take a look highway 4 westbound that traffic is okay. toll plaza as i've mentioned they've turned the neitherring lights on and traffic is going to begin to back up. and the morning commute is okay on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split san francisco. 6:19 now. let's go to steve. all right. sal, thank you. sp weather by the way if you have weather information you can always hit me up there for a tweet. we have most of you pretty cool. we have some low clouds they seem to be stacking up in sonoma county. i can't find any breaks in the clouds there. it's just kind of partly
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cloudy, mostly clear for some. sun and clouds cool to mild though. temperatures today will be in the 60s and 70s. that's coast, bay and inland. sun and clouds. cooler air mass in place. mt. tamalpais is 47. that's actually one degree cooler than 24 hours ago. what's that mean? it means we won't warm up too much. by tomorrow i think that will come up a good five or ten degrees but nod to the. stanford 51. castro valley 51. vallejo say we're 55 as well. the big low finally moving out. it's heading into nevada. that will give them and the sierra nevada thundershower activity. for us sun and clouds. low clouds will persist. rather stubborn up towards the north bay as well. temps breezy for some. no problems tonight. take a jacket. 60. temperature dropping to about 55. fog, sun will be with us but warmer inland temps through saturday. a little cool down sunday. then a little warm up again on monday. pam and dave. all right. it's official. apple will start making iphone
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that is will work on the verizon and sprint networks. it will be similar to the current iphone 4 sold by at&t but will use verizon's newly announced high speed wireless network. the new phone is supposed to be ready by early next year. recent survey shows nearly half of all iphone users would switch to verizon from at&t if they could. universal pictures has signed a new deal with block buster video. now some of universal's movies will be available at kiosks on the same day dvds are released for sale. they will have to pay a higher price than the usual $1 a night. already allowing rental on the same day as sales start. time now 6:21. cal fire will conduct several prescribed burns today in santa clara county. firefighters will be torching
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about 45 acres over the next several weeks. they'll burn ten acres at a time. cal fire says these burns are designed to get rid of invasive weeds. parking your car can break the bank. where making a simple mistake at the meter can end up costing you more than anywhere else in the country. the port of san francisco has gone green. they're now offering cruise ships something nobody else in california has.
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right now traffic on bay area bridges looks pretty good. they have switched on the metering lights at the bay bridge. that means a back up is building. san mateo, golden gate traffic looking good. don barton looks good. 6:25. back to the desk. thank you, sal. today is the official start of san francisco's fleet week. this year's event is expected to attract a record number of ships from the third u.s. naval fleet. today the blue angels precision jet team will start practicing for saturday and sunday's air show performances and the san francisco zoo is offering free admission to members of the military and their families. remember that recall of mcdonald's drinking glasses featuring the "shrek"
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characters? now the consumer product safety commission says just touching them could cause concern. the agency says tests showed children younger than 6 who touched the puss and boots glass eight times a day were exposed to hazardous levels of the metal cad people. it rubbed off on to the hands of those children. mcdonald's recalled 12 million of those glasses last june. san francisco is now one of the priciest places in entire country to park. a new city hall reports shows meter rates and fines have more than doubled in the past 15 years. the city charges between $2 and $3.50 an hour to park at a meter. downtown parking costs the most. and the fine for parking at an expired meter in the downtown area is $65. time now 6:26. the port of san francisco now a cleaner and greener place for cruise ships to dock. the island princess, right there, the first ship to hook up to the newly unveiled shoreline power supply for cruise ships. ships can now shut down their
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diesel engines which means a lot less toxic diesel emissions are going into the air and water around pier 27. that's going to help the environment and the city of san francisco will be paid $1600 an hour when ships hook up to the city's electric grid. >> all that power's now coming from renewable energy. as the water comes to tap goes to a hydroelectric dam and that dam creates the power. there's no emissions. >> san francisco is the fourth city in the world to offer clean pow tore cruise ships. the others are also here on the west coast. seattle, vancouver, british columbia, and juneau, alaska. specific homes being targeted and the items thieves are going after. a simple warning for you this morning. don't leave your atm card in the machine. thieves are tricky.
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we'll explain what they're doing to get hold of money in your account. and we go live to new york for the opening bell which is about ready to ring on wall street. how a trip to the mall will effect stocks today.
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right on time. right when we come back they ring the opening bell. they're waiting for us. looks like a pretty good day on wall street. and a brand new company is trading on the new york stock exchange this morning. >> really? >> yep. on the ringing the bell energy. priced below the expected range but it is a green company. they sell pollly silicone material to solar engineer companies out of china. first day of trading there. look at the bottom part of your screen. up 20 points. steve and i are talking about
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11,000. >> oh, really? >> pretty darn close. we'll keep watching. all right. we'll go ahead and say good morning now. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news thursday october 7th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in the news for you there's a warning for you this morning. it's about thefts at atms. police say 23 thefts have been reported at two bank of america locations in berkeley. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us now with a look at what's being done to protect customers. guilty or good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at one of the bank of america atms which thieves have struck multiple times. berkeley police have a simple warning, don't leave your atm card in the machine. berkeley police say thieves have preyed on every day forgetfulness. when customers leave their card in the machine the thieves waste no time withdrawing money from their account. berkeley police reported this problem at two bank of america atms. it's happened 23 times so far
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this year. and despite the arrests of two men who are still being held without bail, 48-year-old and 41-year-old, police say the community should stay vigilant because everyone is still susceptible to thieves. >> there have been 23 incidents total. we have two suspects that we've share that had are still in custody but they're only responsible for a handful about six cases. so we know that there are other suspects out there that are committing this crime. >> reporter: local b or a managers would not talk to us on camera but police say the bank has increased the chime to remind customers to take their card after their transaction is done. and police say b of a has always added more security. they're still warning customers to pay attention to who's around you when you walk up to an atm. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the parolee accused of intentionally running down a fremont motorcycle officer is scheduled to be arraigned in an east bay courtroom next week. police in los angeles arrested
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the 36-year-old just before dawn yesterday as he left the home that was under surveillance. he faces charges of attempted murder for the terrifying incident in fremont on monday. police say he intentionally crashed a stolen delivery van right into officer patrick brower as he sat on his motorcycle. we're now learning that police did receive a tip from a man who encountered diaz shortly after that crash. the man says diaz looked beat up and disheveled and asked him to call a taxi. the man complied but later called police after recognizing a photo of diaz on the news. meantime officer brower could be released from the hospital as early as tomorrow. the motorcycle officer underwent reconstructive surgery for a broken foot and leg. officer brower is a 10 year veteran, a married father of three sons. time now 6:33. the alameda county coroner says it's going to take time to identify the body of a man found in fremont inside of a
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burning truck. firefighters found the man's body in that pickup truck yesterday afternoon on stephenson boulevard near sill vester harvey park. authorities don't know yet if the fire caused the man's death. well, the coast guard says this could have been a disaster. a run away boat went on a joyride in the san francisco bay. there was no captain on board. yesterday the boater fell overboard near the richmond bridge. now his 32-foot pleasure boat still running wound up at pier 70 in san francisco. slammed right into a dry dock. caused little damage. fisherman on board was wearing a life jacket and luckily was not hurt. two men and a woman have been arraigned on felony charges accused of lewding at least one marin county home for sale. they're suspected of break intoog a house on mt. tamalpais earlier this week and taking about $10,000 worth of kitchen applianced. investigators say the three may
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have also be responsible for burglarizing another home on the market in the same area. time now 6:34. the valley transportation authority is hoping and counting on a jump in ridership to help avoid a budget crisis. vta reportedly expected ridership to go up by 88% over the next ten years. some say if that projection doesn't happen it could lead to bigger problems down the road. in the meantime a committee is expected to recommend a plan to reduce their spending by $40 million a year beginning in 2012. all right. we don't see 11,000 quite yet, sal. but we are watching. how's the toll plaza? i know you're watching that. >> it's pretty crowded. as a matter of fact we're getting more people as they switched on the metering lights now you'll see a big crowd backed up to about 880. it's not as bad as it will probably get coming into san francisco. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic looks good on 880 north and southbound. looks pretty good northbound 880 as you drive up to oakland. that's northbound 880 on the
6:36 am
right there. this morning's commute is okay on southbound 101 heading down to redwood city. livermore valley check it out getting a little more busy especially in castro valley on westbound 580 we have a little bit of a problem approaching the castro valley y there. watch for some slow traffic as you come up through castro valley. now back to steve. all right. sal, thank you. very good morning to you. yesterday for some it was a sunny mild day. for others lake county to tracy, back to fremont, some rain, thunder and lightning. others what thunder and lightning? the difference this much in the atmosphere sometimes can be the difference between sunny and some pretty crazy weather. that's what we had yesterday with the low which is now moving up into the sierra nevada and into nevada. blue canyon by the way reporting some rain and temperatures in the 40s. some more thundershower activity northeast california and also along the spine of the sierra and into nevada. the wrap around though is giving the north bay a lot of low clouds especially sonoma county. you can see the low clouds
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right there. marin county sonoma county about half of marin county, parts of napa. solid. cool to mild today. sun and clouds. really no warmer air aloft which means it won't warm up that much at the surface. 60s, 70s and mid-70s at best. 55 san francisco. sunny, breezy, 64 for a high today. 47 mt. tamalpais actually one degree cooler than yesterday at this time. tomorrow i expect that to jump up to about 52, 56. that will be the sign of high pressure building in. today it's just in between the low and high. temperatures on the cool side. 51 stanford and castro valley. south of market and also north mission at 55 degrees. 50 reno, lake tahoe 41. 49 eureka. 56 fresno and 58 palm springs. a lot of rain yesterday and cloudy cool conditions into southern california and central california. the low on its way out. the high build in for a couple
6:38 am
days. still a weak system out here which will keep us held in check from getting too warm. we will have improving conditions over the next two days. sun and clouded to low clouds might persist toward the north bay longer. cool to mild tomorrow. 60s to 70s mid-70s at best. no problems tonight giant and atlanta. 60 at game time dropping into the 50s. i think you know the drill if you go to games. milder on saturday. cool down sunday and another warm up on monday. all right. thank you. steve, one baby could effect couples around the world. we'll look at a painful case in canada. >> reporter: it's been one month since the explosion in san bruno devastated this neighborhood. we'll tell you where the clean up efforts stand and how much this damage is now estimated to cost. good morning. if you're driving in marin county southbound 101 traffic doing well but another county traffic is getting busy.
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today state lawmakers are due to vote on the proposed new state budget plan. it needs two-thirds vote of the legislators in order to pass it. this evening the giants will play their first playoff game in 7 years hosting the
6:42 am
atlanta braves. super star pitcher tim will be on the mound for san francisco. and there will be tighter security on am track trains and stations at stations all over the nation over the next week. am track police say this is part of their annual security exercise. four weeks after the tragic pipeline explosion demolition is still underway. ktvu's claudine wong is in the neighborhood this morning with a look at how much progress has been made. but it sure looks different over there. >> reporter: it sure does. what a month it has been for this san bruno neighborhood. we do see signs that they are making progress and moving this neighborhood forward. this lot behind me the heavy eq marking that they're just trying to clear things out, clear the debris, get the lots back to normal. this street is still blocked off. still several streets blocked off guarded by skirt out here so people don't go through here until the clean up is done. we go to the other side of the street you can see there are
6:43 am
still ruins and devastations of the houses that used to sit here. remnants of what this neighborhood used to look like. but as i said they are trying to move this neighborhood forward. they want construction to be able to begin. so what they're trying to do is make sure that the homesites are cleared. there are almost 40 of them that need to be cleared in this neighborhood and they want to do the next couple weeks before the rainy season begins. certainly hard to believe it's been a month since this explosion. the fire ripped through this neighborhood killing eight people, injuring many many more and destroying these 37 homes. estimates of damage are about $55 million. but that number doesn't account for the cost of full restoration. >> it will be a long time before our residents can destroy lives or any sense of normal for their personal situations. >> reporter: so one step at a time at this point. will be a long road ahead. the investigation that is still
6:44 am
underway into the pipeline continues with the ntsb. the pipeline out here has actually been sealed off. that section of road is still shut down. again, we're looking at the short-term and long-term out here. when you look at the short-term it is to get the lots cleared out. we know there are several people who say they want to rebuild in here. there are other people who say they don't think they could ever come back. so that will be the short-term can they come back, will they rebuild, how long will it take to rebuild and get back into their homes? in the long-term we're looking at trying to figure out the pg&e investigation what will happen because of this what the ntsb will decide but one month later progress is being made. people trying to move forward. live here in san bruno, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:44. today nato forces in afghanistan reportedly killed eight insurgents including a senior taliban leader
6:45 am
responsible for attacks on afghan security forces. today by the way marks the nine year anniversary of the american invasion of afghanistan. the taliban issued a statement marking the anniversary. they claim 75% of afghanistan is now under its control. they are urging the u.s. and its allies to immediately get out of the country. it is being called the biggest police corruption investigation in the f.b.i.'s 102 year history. federal agents arrested 130 people in puerto rico yesterday and most were police officers. they're accused of providing security to drug smugglers moving cocaine and heroin from south america to the u.s. mainland. the bribes range from $500 to $4500. the u.s. territory has been plagued with police corruption for years. former president bill clinton is trying to reassure the people of haiti that billions of dollars in aid relief will be there soon. mr. clinton visited one of the
6:46 am
many tent cities in haiti yesterday. that's part of his role as the u.n. special envoy. back in march countries pledged $9.9 billion in aid. but only 30% of the pledges have been received so far. the $1 billion promised by the united states has been held up in congress anchts lot of people here in the bay area have traveled to haiti as scroll tuners. one is a young woman from discovery bay. >> right behind me is a truck with fresh water. we have a pull out here and we're working on getting the pump and everything. >> that's sara carlson. it's her third trip to haiti with group of volunteers. they work to bring treated water and supplies to many left homeless by the haiti quake. a heartbreaking story in canada is raising some tough questions. a surrogate mother refused a couple's demand to have an
6:47 am
abortion. the demand came after the couple learned that she was carrying a baby that was likely to be born with down syndrome. the surrogate mom eventually agreed to have the abortion but this case is raising ethical questions around the world as more people turn to a third party to carry their babies. our time is now 6:46. california's driver's licenses and id cards are getting a makeover. from now on take a look they're going to have additional security features including a hidden photo of the driver. it's only visible under you ultraviolate light. the biggest change to the licenses and ids for those under the age of 21. they're now arranged vertically, look at that on the right, to make it immediately clear the person who has that card is under the legal drinking age. a lot of states have been doing things differently for states with pictures and drinking ages. i'm surprised we haven't done that sooner. it makes sense. you don't want to hear what
6:48 am
i tried when i was 21 and failed miserablely. traffic now. let's go ahead and take a look at our commute now. no major problems this morning if you are driving this morning on 237. as a matter of fact, it's getting slow but we haven't had any major problems. just typical slow downs. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge, turned metering lights on about 6:15 or so. traffic backing up now for about a 20 minute delay. this morning if you're driving into san francisco northbound 101 traffic looking good. remember tonight is the big game. if you're not a baseball fan be aware the game starts at 6:30. a lot of people will be in town. that means the drive to san francisco this evening is going to be very slow. make plans, plan ahead for delays. 6:48. here's steve. sal, thank you. and painted you a very pretty picture here. we have some low clouds and a few high clouds. but yesterday either you had the sunshine and warm
6:49 am
temperatures or thunderstorms popped up late in the day from up in lake county over to stockton, tracy also around fremont couple cells hung out there over to santa clara, sunny vale. all associated with the low. blue canyon reporting light rain and it's on its way out of the state of california and into nevada itself. as it moves out it's wrapping back around some low clouds. you can see those on the coast parts of marin county. there's more low cloudiness towards the north bay. could be slower to burn off. temperatures 60s, 70s, and low to mid-70s. sun and clouds. cool to mild. temperatures though won't really rebound that much. this low has left behind some cool air in its place. santa rosa our target forecast. low clouds very persistent right now. 54 at 8:00 a.m. 64 high of 70 though. temperatures coming down compared to yesterday. 51 to 56 here. 56 at san jose.
6:50 am
51 napa. 40s up in the mountains. will be some rain and thundershower activity up there. 40s, 50s all the way to southern california and 60s the rain is ending. pretty good rain thunderstorm activity sacramento, san joaquin valley but the low is moving out. we're on the backside of it. that's going to allow more stable conditions to move in. we will have some sun and clouds little bit more cloudiness towards the north bay and cool to mild conditions 60s and 70s. in fact danville 73. livermore 73. giants no problems tonight. mostly clear. upper 50s right at 60 game time. warmer inland on saturday. sunday cooler, monday a little warmer. all right. thank you, steve. this morning the labor department had better unemployment news than economists expected. the number of people fying for first time jobless benefits fell by 11,000 last week. most predicted a slight increase in the number of people who lost their jobs. still few sign that is employers are hiring. monthly unemployment report
6:51 am
comes out tomorrow. take a look at the dow though. we are watching for that 11,000 mark to see if it would cross it. it's now turned down a little bit though. stocks opened higher after that jobs number. we have retail sales coming in that are definitely helping things out. but some other earnings report pepsi co came in a little disappointing. other things causing a testing of maybe the 11,000 level. the traditional start of the holiday shopping season isn't for six more weeks but retailers are already signaling they will discount prices aggressively if that's what it takes to get shoppers to open their wallets. stores expect to limit the number of stores they visit and they will keep a close eye on price tags. most forecasts call for sales to be about even with what they were last year. holiday shopping season accounts for about 40% of most retailers' sales for the whole year. >> that's right. 6:51. the unthinkable happened to one
6:52 am
family. what happened when a wild animal snatched their baby. plus san francisco ranks number two in the nation on a new government list. but is it good or bad?
6:53 am
6:54 am
all right. time now 6:54. let's go to tori now to see what's coming up on mornings on 2. good morning. good morning, dave and pam. coming up in minutes we have
6:55 am
live pictures from berkeley where a protest is just about to get underway over the huge jumps in fees. what this means for students and for classes today. thefts at atms in berkeley, how a simple mistake is making people an easy target. and losing track of thousands of sex offenders. the basic technical issue that caused this to happen and why the company responsible said it was really no big deal. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. back to you on the morning news. thank you, tori. our time now 6:55. this is a strange story. it's from malaysia. a four day old baby was killed by a monkey. now the story is the baby girl was asleep in the living room of the family home when the monkey snuck into the house and grabbed the baby. authorities say the monkey took the baby to the roof of the house. the baby fell to the ground and died. authorities say the monkey may have dropped the baby when the parents started screaming.
6:56 am
authorities did capture and they shot that monkey shortly thereafter. angry activists are speaking out about their concerns about claims of cell phone radiation is and brain cancer outside an industry convention in san francisco. >> it's not matter if, it's a matter of when. >> the convention is attracting 68,000 participants at the center. just a few blocks away cell phone critic spoke at the commonwealth club about foreign studies that show cases of neck and jaw cancer. the cell phone industry insists there's no proof of a cancer link to cell phones but some scientists say protecting yourself is as simple as using a blue tooth. time now 6:56. sal is watching your commute especially the toll plaza. that's right. it's crowded right now. and traffic is backed up for about a 15 to 20 minute delay. warning that tonight it should be crowded again as a lot of people will come in for that
6:57 am
playoff game in san francisco. also this morning's commute is okay on the grade 680 southbound no may job problems there. if you're driving to the south bay or to the east bay westbound 580 traffic looks okay. now here's steve. all right, sal, thank you. mixed bag of sun and clouds. cooler today. low clouds left behind by the low now moving into nevada. no problem if you're heading to the giants game tonight. about 60 game time under mostly clear skies. 60s and 70s for highs today. okay. time now 6:57. the government says san francisco and berkeley are among the oldest cities west of the mississippi. more than half of the houses in those two cities were built before world war ii. that's more than many large eastern and midwestern cities that were actually developed much earlier. census bureau says of all u.s. cities only boston has more of what is referred to as old stock housing. the city of oakland has honored a tremendous young lady, a teenage girl who may
6:58 am
become the bay area's next olympic star. dozens of people gathered last night for a reception for that young lady on the left. 15-year-old trinity wilson. she was team usa's youngest track and field member to compete for the first youth olympic games in singapore. she won preliminary heat and finished 6th in the 100-meter hurdles. it is playoff fever in san francisco. from bars to city hall everything is orange this morning. little red, white and blue there as well. we are live outside city hall. and at at&t park. with a look at the excitement and the impact on businesses and traffic as well. stay with us.
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