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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 8, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's being called a grass roots effort. why you will see extra security at a track stations across the area today. we are watching public transit. so far so good. well temperatures yesterday rebounded a little bit. it's cooler this morning. will we will cooler or warmer? we could have a new state budget this morning. lawmakers are taking a vote right now. morning news continues.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday october 8th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> we have low 40s. give way to mostly sannyasis. 60s and 70s. and no problem for the giants game. if you loved yesterday's weather tomorrow will be just as good. now here is sal. >> good morning. westbound 80 as we head out toward the mccarr they are maize. things are getting busier. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >> 6:01 and state lawmakers are voting right now after working through the night to try to pass a new budget. california has been without a budget for 100 days. ktvu is in sacramento. >> reporter: good morning.
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the voting has begun. we have been monitoring what has been going on through state chambers through a live feed. we are live outside to give you those reports. right now we can tell you that voting began around 5:00 this morning. we're giving you a look inside the chambers just as voting got under way. we've been waiting on the state senate to take up the budget bill. the voting dismorning would end a budget impasse. both chambers remain in session at this hour. more than two dozen bills make up the $87.5 billion budget plan. it has no taxes and fees. and this plan would also defer and delay more than $2 billion in payments from 5-12 schools
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and community college. there are state senators that refuse to support this plan despite the pressing vote. >> i indicated i'm not going to be supporting this budget. it's a tough position for me to be in, but unfortunately that's what i got to do to stand up for kids. >> you're taking a live look inside chambers this morning. lawmakers have said this is not the budget either side wanted. state senate president said he expected this budget to pass before the sun came up. he may be right. as i mentioned our crew will head inside the state capitol a little later this morning. reporting live jade hernandez. >> time now 6:03. it's still a very active scene after a fire destroyed a waterfront restaurant and boat. it started at tiki tops.
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it happened shortly after 11:00 p.m.. just a short time ago flames reignited on that boat. firefighters said they had a tough time getting to the restaurant. oakland decommission fire boat was brought in to help fight these flames. >> played a significant role in putting it out in terms of the water it has the ability to pump. it knocked down the majority of the fire. >> now no one was hurt but the building itself is a total loss. ktvu kraig debro is out there. also some pretty scary moments overnight in san francisco. this senior citizens center caught fire. it happened at 19th and cap just before midnight. luckily no injuries have been reported and only the first floor was damaged. there is an investigation under
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way. jerry brown's campaign is apologizing to his republican rival in the governors race after an offensive remark was made. an audio recording captured brown or one of his aids calling meg whitman a other. they were implying she sold out to special interests. it happened after jerry brown left a one message asking for its endorsement. brown thought he disconnected that phone call but a private conversation between brown and his staff was being recorded. tonight the giants and braves meet for game two of the playoff series. that's after a magical night by lincecum. >> they love the strikeout king. >> the two-time cy young winner struck out 14 batters in san francisco 1-0 victory. lincecum gave up two hits in his shutout game and made franchise history.
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no giant pitcher has had more strikeouts in a post season game. >> i was hoping to give my team a chance to win. everything else has been a cherry on top. >> giants lead the best of five series 1-0. matt cane will be on the mound for san francisco tonight. tommy hanson will pitch for the braves. time now 6:05 if you ride the train you will see extra security. details of what is being called rail action day. good morning. >> reporter: we're at the oakland transition. things are quiet right now. you will expect to see extra security out here part of this nationwide today is operation rail safe. a track calls this a high
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security -- both a track and the expect of homeland security say this is nothing to do with the current terrorism threat in europe. saying it was well planned before that issue. instead officials called a grass roots effort. passengers we talk to say they believe these types of things make a difference. >> you know the people watching you. but then when you don't have anybody watching that's when more people want to do whatever they want. they're like nobody is watching me. i don't care. >> reporter: last time amtrak did this passengers did see more bomb sniffing dogs and random check. at busy stations. we do expect to see more security for our bay area. the next train has arrived in
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the station. again it is pretty quiet out here. we expect things start to change. live here in oakland. 6:07 is the time. let's go back to sal. >> i give it the stamp of approval. i think we are doing pretty well. if you are driving on the incline section of the bay bring there. could be slowing for you. we are looking at it here. traffic is okay coming into san francisco. westbound on the incline there was a -- there was something there one of the blocking of the fast lane. bridge crews got out there. that's why the traffic is a little slow there. also the morning commute northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. san francisco that traffic looks very nice. and if you are driving on the south bay freeways things have not started to slow down. here is steve.
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thank you. on friday morning a little cool out there. 40s. low 40s. near 49-40. a very chilly morning. mostly sunny though. farther south not a problem. looks like a nice to warm weekend. a very quiet pattern in the next seven to ten. both of our long range outlooks all the way out to the 18th of october show a little bit warmer. a little cooler and warmer. no rain or extreme one way or another. something will have to break eventually. it looks like another low is dropping in here. produced a lot of rain in southern california. pretty good thunderstorm. but for us we just had a little bit. we were in the drier slot. that has moved out. the cooler air is many place. only patchy low clouds at best. it is rather brisk out there. it will be a nice afternoon. 60s and 70s. a lot of 70s inland.
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54 in san francisco. go for highs of 68. 51 in mount tan. that is running three degrees warmer. it is warmer than yesterday. mill valley at 46. and stanford at 48. a little cooler out there for some. 30s in the mountain. even in reno. 39 there. 45 yew chi yeah. and 50s down to southern california. l.a. and san diego had record rainfall. san diego and l.a. a lot of rain. there goes our low up into idaho and montana. high pressure is in. lit be a slight warming trend. patchy clouds at best. mostly sunny. farther south. a few high clouds. we'll get low 80s tomorrow. chilly out there tomorrow. 60s and 70s on the high side. again not a problem for
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tonight. game time first pitch 62 and very similar weather. lit be warm nice into the weekend. a little cooler monday. there is a promise of more protest. hundreds of students took over a college campus and why they say expects more of the same. and the labor department released its latest unemployment report. i will take a look at how it will impact the november election.
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good morning to you. the unemployment report just came out. the jobless rate held at 9.6% last month. aliceson burn -- alison burns is live. >> this is going to give senator boxer opponent more to run on in these final weeks before the election. let's take a look at the numbers been proposal you can see the unemployment rate is holding steady at 9.6%. this is still a very discouraging number. 95,000 jobs were lost last month. due to wide spread government layoffs. he is going to make a statement
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about this report and will likely tell the fact the private sector ated more than 50,000 jobs -- added more than 50,000 jobs. for now we're live in washington, d.c.. this morning senator barbara boxer will take a tour of an a factory in oakland. the tour is part of her focus on small business. they will visit lukazi manufacturing. mexican president felipe al roan says that the ballot measure represents hypocrisy in u.s. drug policy for encouraging con suggestion at the same time demanding that mexico and other companies
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crack down. time now 6:15 landmark clean air standards are being scaled back. they had agreed on revisions to the 2007 law that cut diesel emissions. starting next year cal train riders will have to pay more. yesterday the board of directors voted unanimously to increase zone fares by 25 cents and weekday trains will be eliminated. ticket booths in san francisco and san ho saw -- and san jose will be closed down. many people are angry about proposed changes to the golden gate fairy schedule.
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bus riders that link up with the fairy get a discount. the plan calls for all discount fairs to increase to 5.80. time now 6:16. sal, is the commute awake now? >> i would say so. we do have things i want to tell you about. take a look at what we have. westbound 24 it's getting busier. no major problems. on friday's we have a lite l bit of a lighter start. today is no different. westbound bay bridge there is is a back up. this is about when they turn the metering lights on. this morning commute will be okay on 237. we are doing okay for friday. we are hoping that things don't get much busier. we'll watch it. here is steve. thank you. on this friday morning we have
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mostically clear skies. a lot of 40z. will give away to 60s and 70s. you can see the clouds filtering north. high pressure is billing in slowly. it's on its way. overnight lows are 10 degrees cooler. with that you see temperatures dropping. after everything is said and done chilly morning gives way to a nice afternoon. 60s and 70s. 49 minute low park. it's cool for some. or cold. i understand. that big system is heading north. as that deepens it allows the highs to build in. gives way to a mostly sunny day. farther south and east not so much of a problem. 60s and 70s. a really quiet pattern not only today but most of the night. no real difference compared to last night. so plan accordingly. for the weekend the mornings will be sunny.
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a warmup on tuesday. adobe systems is down playing that microsoft plans to take it over. microsoft executives think buying adobe is one way of gaining -- it has been seen as a possible takeover target by apple. the san francisco business times reports is pending a big chunk of its future on an iphone application. it will release the app that can use type or voice. there was some sharp exchanges between gavin newsom
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and abel maldonado. a state court rules endurer frame logs. good morning. northbound 880 traffic is moving along very well. oakland coliseum. steve and i will be back with more.
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bay area bridges right now looks like the bay bridge getting crowded. we did have a stalled vehicle. they got it out of the way quickly traffic much different. everything is light. it is 6:22. let's go back to the desk. >> okay. odura flame logs will not be exempt from the spare the air. the company that makes the pressed logs claims they should be excluded. but the court disagrees. oakland based company is moving ahead with companies to build a solo complex. the u.s. burro gave the final approval to bright source energy. the complex will be able to generate solo energy to power more than 140,000 homes. the first phase of construction
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is expected to be finished in 2012. plans for a controversial asphalt has been given a nod of approval. this plan will be built between highway 101 and the pataloma river. a county recommended the plan plant would be less than significants. a lot of people are against it and siting pollution concerns. county supervisors will take a straw vote on tuesday. gavin and abel had sharp exchanges in their first tv debate. the two candidates faced off yesterday in sunny vail. they traded their harshist words when discussing illegal immigration. maldonado criticized the sanctuary policy. >> and then after that if that didn't work, he would send them
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to san bernardino. >> we have different reviews. he opposed not once but four times domestic partnerships. >> the two have another debate scheduled in los angeles one week from today. time now 6:24 the 2010 nobel peace prize was awarded to lee. he was sentenced to 11 years behind bars for writing a 2008 manifesto with other activist that calls for free speech, multiparty elections in china. since the election china had anticipated but criticized. one name had been mentioned is gao. he's a human rights attorney. gao's wife lives in sunny vail after being granted asylum.
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our time 16:-- our time now is 6:25. lawmakers have been trying to pass a budget. they are still at it this morning. we have a ktvu reporter at the vote. one resource has been sitting unused for years to help bring the flames under control. and the opening bell is about to ring on wall street in new york. pam will be here. we'll bring you all of the early numbers.
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good morning. bay bridge toll plaza. we have a little bit of a backup here. i will tell you why. earlier we had a stalled vehicle. cal tran got up there.
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took a little bit to get out of the way. so what happens there we have traffic that is going to be a little bit slow and turn the metering lights on to extra slow to get that stall out of there and then they cleared it. we're looking at a 10-15 minute delay. i also want to update to you public transportation systems are doing very well. there is a game tonight in san francisco. make sure if you are coming to the city tonight be ware we will have this traffic at the teleplay -- toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. they are getting ready to ring that open bell. we had disappointing news coming in this morning on the job's market. the economy lost 95,000 jobs in september. that is worst than expected. but the upside the unemployment rate remains steady at 9.6%.
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on the news the futures the numbers that indicate how we will open up an wall street looks slightly lower than they rebounded as we got closer. it doesn't look like it's going to be received as poorly as we thought earlier. i'm checking on the european markets. they are all down. but not by a huge amount as well. so there is the opening bell live. we have the numbers there on the lower part of your screen and we'll see how wall street responds. >> we sure will. we'll say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here. it is friday. you made it. october the 8th. i'm dave clark. >> time now 6:30. >> in the news right now firefighters have managed to put out a boat fire that reignited an hour ago. it was docked next to an oakland restaurant that burned down overnight. kraig debro is out there. he has the latest of what's happening in this situation. good morning. >> yeah goo morning dave. i'm on the park street bridge.
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the bridge that leads into alameda behind me. you can see water is being sprayed on the rooftop. over to the left you can see a little flame picking over the top of the roof. firefighters are spraying water now. there are crevices in the roof. this was video shot an hour ago. it shows firefighters dousing a boat that caught fire overnight. the boat was tied up to the back of the restaurant. what happened was it broke loose while it was burning. the fire that burned the boat started at a restaurant called tiki toms. they noted it as pier 29. the call came at 11115. this is what they saw. the building was fully engulfed in flames. very difficult fire to fight.
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soon they moved outside because the building was too unstable. in addition to the three alarms on hand the deputy chief called in a fire boat. >> played a significant role in putting this fire out. so it knocked down a majority of the fire. >> firefighters say the boat was start of station two. the station and the boat were shut down years ago because of safety. the captain happened to be on duty last night otherwise the boat would have stayed put. when the building is safe enough it will still be under investigation. now coming up we'll try to locate the owner of this restaurant trying to determine when this restaurant was
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opened. we've not been able to get a answer. was it open last night or two nights ago. that will play a major role in determining the cause of the fire. reporting live in oakland kraig debro. tonight the giants and braves meet for game two of the playoff series. that's after a record breaking night for san francisco tim lincecum. >> they love to strike out pension. struck out 14 batters at at & t park last night. that shatters the strikeout record for the giants in post season play and fans clearly love the super star pitcher known as the freak. >> how do you feel about lincecum's performance tonight? >> unbelievable. total domination. >> that's what it's all about. come out there and take that first game. he did it. 14k's. >> matt cane will be on the mound for san francisco
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tonight. tommy hanson will pitch for the braves. here is the rest of the schedule. game two as we mention tonight in san francisco. game three is in atlanta. if needed game four will be in atlanta. game five will will be san francisco. >> sorry. i want to mention the giants section on our website at we want to see your fan toe toes. they are part of orange slide slow shows. our time now 6:34 california may soon have a budget. lawmakers are voting right now after working all night. ktvu jade hernandez is live. >> reporter: lawmakers are trying to close a $19 billion deficit. the voting has begun. it stat senate needs to reach a two-thirds majority in order to pass the budget. we can tell you at this hour the state assembly has
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adjourned. they finished what they came here to do. >> i move the assembly now adjourn for the final recess of the 2009-2010 regular session. adjournment on november 30th, 2010. >> at this session is now adjourned. >> reporter: we are giving you a look from inside senate chambers as voting continued earlier. the senators are not finished with their work though. the state assembly passed the main budget bill at 9:00. we are still waiting for a budget bill. the delay has left california on the verge of issuing iou and ending funding for road projects. more than two dozen bills make up the $87.5 billion budgets plan. among other plans it counts on state of receiving $5.3 billion
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and assumes the state revenue will bring in $1.4 billion in tax revenue. >> the challenge i have with the overall budget bill it creates -- it still leaves a lot of deficit out next year. doesn't get us back into a spending pattern to make sure we are spending within the revenues we are taking in. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say this is not the budget either side wanted. he spoke to the governor spokesman they are waiting for a final vote. we have been promised comment from the governors office as soon as the senate makes a decision. we live. we will continue to follow the story for you. three of the four suspects in the tracy teenage torture
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case are in court today. the san jose mercury news may be ready to accept a plea deal. however, a gag order prevents lawyers from discussing the case with us. the four suspects are accused of imprisoning anterioring a home for more than a year. police say a robbery suspect has admitted to committing a bold crime at the redwood city cal train station. 51-year-old jeffrey thompson ripped a necklace off a woman's neck. redwood city police arrested thompson yesterday. so far they have not been able to track down the stolen necklace. san francisco crime lab scandal made headlines earlier this year. now there is a similar case across the bay. oakland police chief says his department is investigating allegations of misconduct by a crime lab technician there.
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the unidentified worker analyze drug and dna evidence. he has found no evidence of wrong doing so far. time now 6:37. a bus driver has been placed on leave pending an investigation involving a deadly crash involving a bicyclist. police say when officers arrived that bike was beneath the front end of the bus. the bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of the crash is being investigated. construction will start tonight on a $1 million project to improve the church line. traffic will be diverted over the next three weekends. this weekend a bus will replace parking lot of the route between theball polka park
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station. park-- balboa park station. all right and sal it's likely to be busy in the city. tonight we have that, we have the giants, this weekend we have fleet week. a lot of things going on. >> a lot of things going on. there is a home rangers game. just check in and make sure to know where you are going. >> leave yourself some time so you don't to rush and be crazy. >> exactly. let's go out and take a look at the commutes. northbound # oil 0 -- northbound 880 no delay. we are watching public transportation no major problems. and this morning on the south bay commute northbound 101
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looks okay. southbound 17 near highway 85 there is word of a disabled vehicle. northbound 17 hamilton avenue off ramp there is a crash there in campbell. if you are driving on the peninsula so far so good. 6:39 here is steve. thank you. a little chill out there for some. we'll have low 40s and temperatures today will start to warm up. the overnight lows this morning are 10 degrees cooler. we have a lot of low clouds. just a few high clouds. not a big deal. they will filter through. a chilly morning. gives way to a nice day. mostly sunny. slightly warm earn. not too much. we have to make up more run. the sun is not as high. it's hard to warm up. you get to the middle of act. days are getting shorter and shorter. days will be slightly warmer. the city 68 after yesterday's
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66. sometimes the best weather of the year shows upright now along the coast. walnut creek from 72 to 74. oakland not much of a change there. 77. you need something like plus five plus ten to really make an impact. stanford at 47 cool degrees. 30 up in reno. 40s. sacramento 48. 58 in san diego. that was chilly down there. we do have have a big system. it's moving north. that low is responsible for the rain and southern california. thunderstorms is up into
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wyoming and montana. a little briskness out there. 70s low and mid few upper. a lot of low to mid and 60s by the coast. again if you like last nights weather you'll have no problems with tonights. slightly warmer at game time. warm up on the weekend. mostly sunny. warmer inland. fighting fema. as residents mark one month since the san bruno fire. amtrak police are here at the oakland station. we'll tell you why you will likely see more uniformed officers at rail stations across the country. work for my. at the magazine, i'm all about helping them get the looks for less. that's t.j.maxx. my assistant says, "isn't that all last season's fashions?" no way! t.j.maxx works deals
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welcome back. pretty scary moments over night in san francisco. a senior citizens center caught fire. it happened a the 19th and cap at the mission district just before midnight. no injuries have been reported. s at the state capitol lawmakers are still voting this morning on the state budgets. the assembly passed the main budget bill yesterday evening but in the senate they haven't been able to get the two-thirds majority support they need to pass a new budget.
6:46 am
giants star pitcher lincecum had 14 strikeouts and the giants 1-0 win over the atlanta braves last night. game two of the playoff series is tonight. security on amtrak is much tighter this morning. details of today's rail safe day. >> good morning. if you head out to the amtrak stations you will likely see more of these police cars and officers walking around give you awe available presence. law enforcement will -- anyone looking to cause trouble and operation rail safe that gets under way today. we talked to amtrak employees today. they wished amtrak did this morning. it -- people we talked to they don't realize they are getting
6:47 am
watched. but this rail safe operation is about getting a more available -- more visible presence out there. local law enforcement across the country is expected to help out. and passengers we talk to this morning say they think the operation is a good idea. >> i think it heightens people awareness. sometimes we get laxed. >> reporter: both amtrak and the department of homeland security say this operation has nothing to do with the current terrorism threat in europe. this is not coordinated by the department of homeland security they call it a grass roots effort. something that amtrak does when things get busy around key times of the year. if we come out here live, the riders we talk to today say they think this is a good idea.
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live here in oakland claude yeah won. time now 6:47. residents pause. they wanted to remember the victims of last months fire and explosion with a memorial service. there are about 100 people gather add the spot where the pipeline ruptured four weeks ago. it killed eight people. injured dozens more and 35 homes were destroyed. the crew is expected to finish the cleanup by monday. the san bruno fire caused $55 million in damage. the governor sent a letter to president obama asking that fema reverse that decision. fema agreed to reimburse california for up to 75% of the
6:49 am
cost. 6:48 is the time right now. let's check in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on now? >> we are doing interstate 80. we are looking at 80 westbound. no major problems. certainly not light. although it's better than other days. the way i can tell if you look over the left and see that ramp that comes out it's lighter than usual for now. we'll see what happens. and this morning's drive on the livermore valley commute still looks good. 6:49 here is steve. >> real quick. busy weekend. fleet week this weekend. >> in the city a lot of traffic. so a lot going on folks. it looks like a great fall weekend for weather. we start off rather cold. a chill in the morning here. a lot of 40s.
6:50 am
the low responsible for any of the clouds and the rain is really impressive. just a band of high clouds starting to move in. they will filter away and stay to the north. we're not expecting most. the cool air is in place. 60s and 70s. slightly warmer. hard to compensate. 68 in san francisco after yesterday's 66. so close. 45 napa and santa rosa. there are areas that are colder than that. a lot of 40s today. this system moving to the north will do just that. it will stay to the north. a chilly morning but a nice day. high clouds north bay. mostly sunny anywhere else. two to three degrees warmer. if you like last nights weather you will love tonight. maybe slightly warmer at game time. that's about it. warm on the weekend and then again fleet week. monday a little cooler. >> thank you steve.
6:51 am is taking another step on to google and apples turf by opening up an online store. developers who have been in talks with amazon say they don't know when it will be open or called. they do insist that apps cannot be offered for lower price anywhere else. investigators responding to the latest job report. the very important monthly unemployment report. actually a little disappointing this morning. the numbers are up. the economy lost 95,000 jobs in september. worst than expected. the unemployment rate does remain steady. 9.6%. the dow jones is up 18 points. the san francisco business times reports that google is expanding its operations in san francisco. it will add 63,000 of operation space by taking over an office
6:52 am
that was previously occupied by a bye owe tech company. time now 6:51 he's not our usual plastic surgery patient. the reason this bay area sea lion will head under the knife this morning. and baseball playoff wager. you can bet many giants fans will not like.
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6:54 let's go to tori to see what's coming up with mornings on 2. >> good morning. a lot of things going on this morning. we're live on the scene at an overnight fire that destroyed an oakland restaurant. the reason it's been so tough to fight and the piece of equipment that is crucial in putting it out. we're live in sacramento. it's still going on right now. they are one vote short. we'll be following the progress. even cabbies are getting giant fever. taxi drivers are calling for a change to capitalize on the playoff run. the golden state warriors are fighting an $11 billion rent deal. those stories and more coming
6:56 am
up on mornings at 2. >> we'll see you then. an unusual surgery will take places at six flags discover triking come. a 650-pound sea lion will under go surgery on his face. he's now a permanent resident at six flags because of his injury. he's named sergeant nevis who helped save him. >> time now 6:55. san francisco mayor made a friendly playoff major. and giants fans may not like it. the two mayors agree the losing team will fly the flag of the losing team over its city hall. once more the loser will have to give a tour of their city to the winner. and the loser would also have to send some food treats from their city to the winning mayor. >> maybe you and i should do that. wear a little blue on monday. >> i don't know.
6:57 am
>> by the way i have something interesting on my twitter page about wong. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. traffic westbound bay privilege. the commute looks pretty good. if you're driving on the upper deck. it's backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. this morning we have a look at san francisco. i want to mention steve touched on it last time. we have a lot going on with the giants game. we have a couple of sporting events and football. we have the raiders at home. make sure you pay attention to that. a lot of people will be in their cars. >> fleet week as well. it's mostly clear out there and also on this friday morning it's chilly. a lot of 40s. temperatures will rebound. mostly sunny. more sun to the south. 60s and 70s. thank you steve.
6:58 am
firefighters still working on a stubborn fire in oakland. these are live picture there is. firefighters investigators just arrived on the scene. we're working to learn more information about what started it. stay with us.
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