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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 8, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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after 100 days lawmakers pass a budget. their overnight struggles straight ahead. >> a popular restaurant along the alameda-like land border is destroyed by fire, why federal agents are on the scene. >> something accidentally caught on a phone recording sparked a new controversy and an apology in the california governor's race, those stories and more next on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at
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noon. >> good afternoon. we begin with a long overdue budget agreement out of sacramento. after 100 days of negotiation the deal reached this morning ends the longest running budget embases in california history. jade hernandez explains why it took all night in this report. [ inaudible ] >> the session is adjourned. >> i think it is prore exhaustion. i really didn't think this would go until early in the morning but it did. >> reporter: 14 hours after the bill passed it was approved in senate champ beers before 7:30 this morning. in order to get the necessary 2/3 majority they worked through the night and overcame difficult obstacles. this bill has left a few senate seats absent and there was the
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lone descenting one that refused to budge. >> those that negotiated this budget should have looked at how do we raise taxes, how do we increase revenues. every time the republicans say there is no new taxes we end up cutting. why can't we say no we are not going to cut anymore. >> reporter: the senate president looked at the budget plan in another way. after 100 days of embase he said another was enough. >> we were down numbers, and the margins are tight to begin with, and the votes are difficult because the issues are difficult. >> we wanted to make cuts. they were talking of raising taxes we all gave up something up in oord in order to get
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that compromise. >> reporter: in sacramento, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> some people say the new budget relies on optimistic economic forecasts and creative accounting to help close the deficit. as jade mentioned, it relies on 5 billion dollars in funding from the federal government and another billion and a half in state tax revenue and includes 7.5 billion in cuts but there are no new taxes. it also includes pings reforms for state workers and a larger state rainy day fund for future economic down turns. 3 of the four people accused of holding a teen captive in tracy for more than a year have reached a plea deal with prosecutors. defendants low, karen ramirez and michael schumacher pleaded guilty this morning in exchange for prison sentences of 30 years or more. a 4th defendant, anthony waiters, was not at the hearing. authorities say the victim escaped in 2008 and made his
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way to a nearby relate club wearing a shackle on his ankle. investigators are searching for the cause of a already fire in oakland. the flames destroyed a rest want in a historic building on 29th avenue and also a boat docked nearby. kraig debro joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this afternoon there are many investigators here. one from the d.a.'s office, one from the atf and the oakland fire investigator is on scene as well. down by the water next to the restaurant they are still putting boom in the water and taking hoses so they can get to burning spots still hot. the restaurant is called ticki tom's but locals have known it as peer 29 for years. now both are just memories. firefighters say when they arrived at 11:15 last night the building looked a lot like this. flames eating away at the building from the inside.
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it located on the oakland side. stephen lives on the alameda side. >> it was a big fire, going. >> reporter: fire reached three alarms. they fought it from the outside rather than the inside because the roof collapsed. out back a boat broke free and started to float down. >> it was across from my boat and i was going oh no, i hope it doesn't come towards my boat. >> reporter: the boat said on the oakland side and the fire went out only to reignite hours later. it was a boat that prevented it from spreading. it is still maintained for major emergencies. >> the commander called for the fire boat. trained personnel were assigned to that boat, moved down the is tu wear and were able to extinguish a large body of fire. >> reporter: local know it as peer 29. seeing it gone moved a couple to reminisce.
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>> there were openings in the floor so you could look down in the water we are sad to see it go. >> reporter: they held a party there. neighbors say it was one of the more tame events since the new owner bought the place a couple of years ago. >> i am surprised. they usually open until 2:00 but i guess they were closed last night. >> this afternoon i have learned that this fire is definitely suspicious. he said there was nobody in the building at the time and we have heard that the pg&e, the electric or gas had been shut off yesterday so that fits in with the wear. that is why you have the atf and district attorney's office as well. peer 29 moved and it is not peer 29 anymore. definitely a suspicious fire. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> jerry brown's campaign is
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apologizing to his republican rival in the governor's race. an audio recording captured a conversation between brown and one of his aids where one of them calls meg whitman a whore, it is unclear who made the excellent but the person was implying she sold out to special interests. it happened when brown left a phone message for the police union asking for its endorsement. he thought he had disconnected the phone call but a private conversation between brown and some of his staff was still being recorded. >> -- whore -- [ inaudible ] >> -- could have used that -- >> -- secret deal to protect -- [ inaudible ] >> a spokesman for meg whitman said while it is hard to make out the words on the tape and who said what, this is an insult to both whitman and to the women of california. senator barbara boxer made a campaign stop today at a small business in oakland. boxer touted the visit to the
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corporation as part of her efforts to boost small business and encourage american manufacturing. commerce secretary gary lockee acode her. she is running for re-election against carly fiorina. her only appearance today is at a la tin 0 awards dinner tonight. president obama is acknowledging tough times continue for millions of unemployed americans following a disappointing labor report. the report shows the unemployment rate remains the same as last month at 9.6% and private employers created just 64 thousand jobs in sent tear, the weakest showing since june and the loss of 75 thousand jobs, which is much higher than the eight thousand economist predictedded. the president offered his comments on the situation during a visit to a small
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family owned business in maryland today. he says the situation could have been much worse. >> i should point out that these continuing layoffs by state and local governments, of teachers and police officers and firefighters and the like, would have been even worse without the federal help we provided over the last 20 months. >> about 15 million americans are out of work, most of those who recently lost their jobs were seasonal workers hired by the government to help with the census. ahead why one country is so angry about today's choice of the nobel peace prize winner. [ cheers ] >> giants fans sile celebrating last night's game 1 win. meteorologist mark tamayo will talk about what baseball fans and other people outside tonight and this weekend can expect from the weather. also -- >> amtrak riders we talked to say they are surprised to see how much security was at the
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rail station. we will tell you why this is a common theme throughout the bay area and the country today.
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cal train riders will have to pay more starting january 1st. the board voted to increase zone fares by cents.
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four weekday trains will be eliminated. which means midday service will be hourly instead of every 30 minutes. ticket booths in san francisco and san jose will also be closed. cal train faces a $2.3 million budget deficit. amtrak customers here in the bay area might notice a lot more police presence in the station and on the train today. it is part of an international effort by authorities to rail p up security even they don't have any specific threat. claudine wong explains in this report. >> reporter: as she waited for her amtrak train today she could not help but notice tsa, homeland security, amtrak police, all patrolling the station. >> it concerned me. i wanted to know what was going on. >> reporter: it is called operation rail safe. the idea is simple, get uniformed officers to patrol stations and keep awareness high. it is not in response to a specific threat but it is being
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donation wide in conjunction with rail action day. there is also a similar effort underway in europe today. >> this is the first one for the west coast. we will be doing other ones. you never know when law enforcement is going to show up at the station. >> it is effective for me because i never know when they are here. i am surprised to see you here and searching the train. i can see it is a nice show of force that they are trying to keep the train safe. >> reporter: police say that was a coordinateddest with local agency not hesitating to help out. >> here is where i am impressed. er am very impressed at the number of local police agencies that joined us in this effort. we had very little notice to put this together but with phone calls and e-mails all our local parties jumped on board, readily jumped on board to assist us today. >> reporter: many people we talked to this morning were certainly caught offguard by the operation but she says she was happy they were there.
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>> i feel safe. but i feel safer. >> reporter: so today's increased security was well publicized and talked about but amtrak says there will be more operations like this in the future unannounced. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> president obama is weighing in on the controversy over a chinese discy dent awarded the nobel peace prize. that reported infuriated the chinese government, which has sentenced him to 11 years in prison for his human rights efforts. the chinese called in the yen vai to express their unhappiness. mr.obama called on the chinese to release him. tonight at ata t park the giants and braves pleat for game two after last night's nail biting giants win and a record breaking flight for tim
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lincecum. >> they love the strikeout king here in san francisco. >> the two time cy young winner had 14 strikeouts in the 1-0 victory. that shatters the strikeout record for the giant in post- season play. fans clearly love the superstar pitcher known as the freak. >> how do you feel about lincecum's performance? >> unbelievable. >> a freak. >> total domination. >> that is what it is all about. come out there and take that first game. timmy set a post game record, 14 ks baby yes. >> matt cane will be on the mound tonight. tommy hanson pitches for the braves. here is the schedule, game 2 is tonight in san francisco. game 3 is in atlanta on sunday. if needed game 4 will be in atlanta on monday. game five will be back here in san francisco on wednesday. again if needed. we have a special giants
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section on our ktvu website. we would like to see your fan photos, a part of our orange october slide show. e-mail them to photos at you will hear a lot more of that sound this afternoon. the blue angels had their first practice yesterday in san francisco for fleet week. more practice runs are scheduled today at 1:00 p.m. full shows take place tomorrow and sunday. find out more about the schedule on our channel 2 website and just go to and click on the right now section. of course, the weather plays a big factor in these weekend events. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo for a look at the forecast. >> good news, plenty over sunshine and warmer temperatures. a trend starting for today with a few high clouds drifting through the bay area. right now on live storm tracker 2 we have patchy fog offshore and also still at least partly cloudy skies for parts of the
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north bay, especially in sonoma county. the clouds will continue to be on the decrease, setting the stage for a fairly nice friday afternoon. a look outside right now we can show you this looking across the bay. looks like there is mt. tam in the distance. you can see some of those high clouds up above 20,000 feet and underneath that warming temperatures. san francisco 69 degrees. already reporting a few 70s toward concord, liver and san jose and mountain view. hayward currently upper 60s as well. there is a storm system out here in the pacific but all the energy will be heading up to our north. as a result we have a dry weather pattern. the chance of a few showers north of cape mendocino. we will have mostly sunny skies. temperatures this weekend will continue to warm up. the warmest locations inland approaching lower 80s. this offshore flow is in place. and whenever we have that fire danger is on the increase,
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nothing too extreme. as far as fleet week, the forecast in general for this weekend, mostly sunny skies, morning temperatures in the upper 50s to right around 63 degrees. then 68 to 73 degrees in to the afternoon hours right around the bay. at least for today here we go with the forecast, mostly sunny and warm. still mostly clear skies at 6:00 then fair skies this evening, maybe a few high clouds sticking around by 9:00 the temperatures mid-50s to 60. san francisco 69. actually right around 70. in fact right now at 69 degrees. santa rosa 74, antioch 73, san jose 76, redwood city 73. the giants could not have picked a better night for another baseball game. mostly clear skies temperatures in fact by first pitch still in the mid-60s, around 64 to 65 degrees. here is a look ahead your five- day-forecast and still looking good for saturday. look what happens into sunday. even the coast back up into the
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upper 60s, warmest locationings inland low to mid 80s, still looks nice into next week for monday with just high clouds approaching the bay area so tori so much happening across the bay area this end and the weather just perfect and temperatures warming up but not too hot. it seems like we have had too extremes. right now just perfect. >> goldi locks weather. what about the sierra. >> fun, high clouds and temperatures in the 70s. >> thank you mark. the reason i asked is because thousands of bay area athletes will be spending part of their weekend in bear valley and tackle 19 obstacles in freezing water and snow while also running up a mountain. it is called the toughest athletic event on the planet. it is held tomorrow and on sunday. the event is the brainchild of two harvard graduates. they say by next year they will have more participates than the
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famed iron man competition. >> this sort of race, even though they are not really keeping time, is just something to try to accomplish and something they can tell their friends about and look back on and say wow, i was fit enough to finish this grueling challenge of a race. >> this weekend's event in bear valley will have 10,000 people, more than half of them will come from the bay area. still ahead a bold move today by a major bank concerning home foreclosures. details ahead on a first of its kind surgery for a sea lion that was a victim of animal abuse.
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. a live look at the big board on wall street, numbers are higher this afternoon after another weak report on unemployment added to expectations the federal reserve will step in to prop up the economy, that has brought the dow above 11,000 for the first time since may. the silver lining is expectations are growing, the fed rely try stimulate the economy by stepping up its purchases of government bonds. right now the dow is up 60 at 11,08. the nasdaq is up 18, s and up six. bank of america announced it is putting a hold on all of its foreclosure procedures while it makes sure all of the documents are accurate and completed properly. this involved tens of thousands of homes nationwide.
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the move comes in a growing concern that workers at many financial institutions signed off on foreclosure documents without properly verifying the information in them. in chile the minister of mining has announced the shaft being drilled into that copper mine could reach the 33 trapped miners as soon as tomorrow. if all goes well the actual rescue could begin two to ten days after that. engineers need to determine if the rescue capsules will work smoothly or if some reinforcement of the shaft needs to be done first. the miners have been trapped since august and at first it was feared they would be stuck there until christmas. a sea lion shot in the face by a fisherman is undergoing an unusual surgical sprod churr right now. the 650 pound adult known as sergeant neb us is having reconstructive surgery at six flags discovery kingdom to repair his muzzle. the surgeon says the sea lion has big holes in his nose that
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make it difficult for him to swim. >> and when he goes underwater now his nose fills with water, and if that has ever happened to you you know how horrible that feels. he doesn't want to go underwater now and that is not normal for a sea lion. they live underwater. >> the surgery is expected to take about two hours. he is now a permanent resident at the amuse. park because of his injuries and named after a sheriff's deputy who helped rescue him. oakland police chief anthony batts took a tour this morning of oakland cps a amid controversy over how his officers deal with animals. his visit comes one week after an officer shot and killed a lab retriever while investigating a burglary call. the family was not home at the time and the officer left a note on their door saying he had shot the dog. they say the dog was arthritic. spca officials hope to help him train officers on how to deal
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with animals and not kill them except in the most extreme cases. it is game two of the playoffs and it is fleet week. tonight at 5:00 the rush on the city and the business boost it is getting. can the city handle the crowds? we will have live team coverage. that story and more in our next news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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