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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 11, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on "ktvu channel 2 news." >> the giants defeat the braves 3-2, earning the right to play for the national league pennant. good evening, everyone. >> i'm julie hayneer, the san francisco giants are moving on. the giants are now heading to the second round of the playoffs. they'll take on the philadelphia phillies for the national league championship. ktvu's ken wayne joined fans in the city to watch tonight's game. we're going to start with fred in atlanta. fred? >> reporter: julie, four games
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all decided by one run. the atlanta braves had the best home record in the major leagues, but the giants, they come in here and win back-to- back games at turner field. of course, tonight wasn't going to be easy, they had their second back-to-back comeback history. that's it. giants win, 3-2. they win the best of 5 series 3-1 and head to philadelphia for their first championship series since 2002. first, let's go to the locker room. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: managed to have a veterans presence, not bad for a 21 year old rookie. >> yeah, i knew it was the biggest thing to keep, you know -- >> reporter: this is not going
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well. >> keep the adrenaline down and try to stay calm out there and not let it get to me. i felt i did a good job of that. buster kept me in line too. if he started to see me get excited, he'd calm me down. >> reporter: this doesn't seem weird to you at all? >> it's awesome. it's awesome. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: can you imagine, august 23, come off waivers, here you are. how can you even put this into words? >> i can't. this is a dream come true to be able to be here and be able to experience this. i would have never thought i'd be in this situation two months ago, we all came together and jelled together. it's been a fun ride and we have more business to take care of. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: that last gentlemen you heard from, cody ross hit a home run and game-
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winning rbi single. this was a guy picked off waivers august 23, he comes off big. the giants have a few days off to reset their lineup and pitching lineup. lincecum will take the start, but it will take a couple of days to get over this celebration. the last time they won the division series was 2002 right here at turner field. deja vu all over gwen. >> thanks, fans are still celebrating tonight's big win there, ken. >> reporter: i'd say there's a mood of satisfied contentment. we were in the columbus cafe earlier tonight, for awhile, there was a sense of panic, then euphoria, but the celebration couldn't begin until that final out. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> a nail biter >> all year like this. every game, last out, last inning. i don't expect anything less from this team. i think they can take philadelphia. things are looking good. they seem to be a team of destiny. >> reporter: in the early moments, tension filled as both teams struggled to get runs and the giants fell behind, 1-0. some fans say they've been using their own good luck charms. >> i've been wearing the same socks for three days. >> reporter: how's that going? >> they can probably stand up on their own. >> i've been getting a lot of fear the beard. >> reporter: the season has been good business for local taverns, but even bartenders have their limits. want them to play one more game for extra business or clinch? >> i'm too much of a giants fan. i want them to clinch.
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>> reporter: the giants tied the game, 1-1, then fell mind with fans wondering how it would turn out. >> i don't have any nails left because of that reason. it's been a very much a dramatic series. >> reporter: with the giants ahead 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th, the braves were threatening with two runners on, but finally the giants pulled it out and fans had reason to cheer. [ cheers and applause ] if you couldn't be in atlanta, the second best place to be had to be at at&t where the big screen broadcast the game for giant's employees who watched from lawn chairs there will be 42,000 more fans there on tuesday the 19th when the giants host the phillies. live in san francisco, ken wayne, "ktvu channel 2 news." >> so here is the schedule for the national league championship series, which is best of 7 series.
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games one and two are scheduled for saturday and sunday in philadelphia. games three and four set for next tuesday and wednesday at at&t park. games five, six, and seven will be played if necessary. we'll be posting your fan photos at look for the giants tab for our coverage on the front page. a red flag fire warning is posted tonight due to the warm october weather and concerns about gusty winds. the national weather service issued the alert for elevations above 1,000 feet. it went into effect 6:00 tonight and is set to run through 6:00 wednesday morning. bill martin is tracking the weather conditions. before we hear from bill, let's check in with lloyd with a live report, lloyd? >> reporter: julie, i'm at the airport, and the cal fire helicopter you see behind me is an example of the preparations taken to prepare for a red flag
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fire alert. a 12 member helicopter attack team flew in this morning to back up resources here should a brush fire break out in the hills, this team will be the first one to respond from the air. >> any time we get offshore winds, if we do get multiple fire starts, we're going to want extra resources here right now. we're beefing up our resources in the bay area. >> reporter: today in oakland, the fire danger was raised from moderate to extreme. the expectation of 20 miles an hour winds and gusts up to 40 miles coupled with very dry conditions has created the heightened alert. >> we're going to continue to monitor the broncos, we will put up some patrols. we're still discussing whether or not to add additional staffing. >> reporter: similar weather conditions 19 years ago this month resulted in the disastrous oakland hills fire that took 25 lives. >> any time we get winds from
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the north/northeast direction, they are predominant winds. >> reporter: firefighters were out in the hills today looking for excessive brush, branches, and overgrown weeds too close to homes and other structures. one home owner says he understands. >> 1991 was a big fire storm all over. big fires. >> reporter: was your house impacted in that fire? >> my house did not burn. five of them burned, one of them not. >> reporter: today's helicopters, they don't fly at night, the fire crew that flew in tonight is sleeping right now, but ready to respond at a moment's notice. live in livermore, "ktvu channel 2 news." now we go to chief meteorologist bill martin who's tracking the windy conditions, bill? >> the big story here is the red flag warning through tomorrow, wednesday morning. what's amazing is we haven't
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had more warnings this year: this is a northerly wind right here beginning to come offshore. by the morning hours, it will start to clock around out of the east. right now the strongest winds are in the 15 miles an hour range. here's the red flag warning for elevations above 1,000 feet, the channels, the valleys and ridges in the east bay hills funnel the winds, there could be acceleration with wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. humidity in the teens. tomorrow is a red flag warning, i'll have more on what you can expect. see you back here. >> you can monitor weather conditions any time on our website, and sign up for alerts to dangerous fire or severe weather conditions. a member of the oakland police department who was demoted is under investigation. last year, deputy chief jeff lowman was demoted to lieutenant following allegations of sexual
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harassment. now he is reportedly on paid administrative leave. . the state of california has struck a deal to sell 11 buildings and lease them back. it's a $2.3 billion deal is that includes four buildings in the l.a. area. plus a building in a civic center area and the judge joseph ratkin building in santa rosa. the rest of the money will go to the general fund. in the short-term, the deal brings in desperately needed cash and eliminates ongoing operating costs, but the state will end up paying an extra $1.5 billion in rent over the next 35 years. the board of regents reviewed a report today, and the main issue facing the university of california is money. the state budget that lawmakers
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passed last week gives the uc system a quarter of a million more than last year. expenses keep rising which means layoff and student fee increases maybe necessary for the next school year. >> clearly, we have financial challenges going forward. how we address those and how we're going to be able to solve our financial challenges, there's more work to be done. >> uc officials did discuss how to make school more affordable for students. one idea is to help students graduate in less than four years. warm today, even warmer tomorrow. how hot it will get in your neighborhood and who will feel it the most. tomorrow's forecast in about 10 minutes. the bay area falls victim to what some are calling a national epidemic. will bring you to an event designed to raise awareness. a substitute teacher arrested at school. the serious charges he's facing and what police are asking for tonight.
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one man is in critical condition tonight following what police expect is a drive- by shooting. it happened at about 8:00 this evening in the fruitvail district. the man was shot several times. they are looking for a car that may have bullet holes. no other details available at this time. two teenage suicides in the past week.
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one was a sophomore in high school, the other a 13 year old at a nearby middle school whose body was found this morning. the question tonight is why. amber lee in marin county tonight with our report. >> reporter: the principal sent this letter home to parents and students letting them know that a 13 year old student killed himself sometime last night or early this morning. tonight school officials and community activists and members gathered here on the steps of city hall to raise awareness about teen suicide. >> i'm just heart broken. it's tragic. yeah, i'm still reeling with it. incredibly sad. >> reporter: the county sheriff's department told us a passer by found the boy hanging from a tree around 7:15 this morning. investigators say the teen's parents were notified by neighbor and were at the scene before deputies arrived. news spread quickly and raised concerns. this was the second teen suicide in a week.
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the first one was last monday, a 14 year old girl from nearby teralinda high. >> as parents, we need to keep talking to our kids and understanding them. >> reporter: investigators told us they do not know what led the teens to commit suicide, but community members and teens we spoke with say often bullying and the pressure to achieve play key roles in suicide. >> a lot of the times i would contemplate suicide because no one accepted me. >> in general kids feel stressed out because there's so much pressure to do well, especially in communities like marin and wealthier communities. it's just tough. >> reporter: school district officials say they walk a fine line when responding to suicides, often the students want the school to hold a memorial in memory of the teen, but the extra attention may send young people the wrong message. >> we don't want to
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ceremonialize a suicide. we don't want kids to this this is what they do for attention. >> reporter: teens told us they have considered suicide say support from parents, counselors, and teachers were key to helping them cope. a substitute teacher is under arrest in san jose tonight on sexual assault charges. police identified that teacher as 16 year old jay kafasi of san jose. he worked in the franklin- mcken lee school district and also in the san jose school district. he was arrested last wednesday where he had been a substitute twice. police say they received complaints from multiple students. >> they were students that attended that school. mainly from the 4th grade, but some from the 6th grade, and the allegations were there was some inappropriate touching.
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>> police say there maybe other potential victims. if you have any information about this case, police say please contact them right away. more than 700 nurses at children's hospital oakland are set to hit the picket line tomorrow. childrens is the only pediatric hospital in the east bay and cares for young patients from all across northern california. heather? >> reporter: some patients with elective surgeries scheduled at the hospital are being told to stay home as nurses take their labor dispute outside. these signs say it all. nurses are unhappy with the latest contract offer from children's hospital, one that calls on the nurses to start contributing to their health care coverage. >> they put basically a catastrophic plan on the table. >> reporter: starting tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., the months of behind-the-scenes negotiating
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will take a very public turn as nurses hit the picket line for a 3-day strike. >> we have several qualified nurses coming in from all over the country to provide services. >> reporter: hospital officials are reassuring the public the hospital will operate safely with 75 replacement nurses on each shift. >> i have a lot of anxiety about it. >> reporter: she's sympathetic towards the striking nurses but is concerned. her 17 year old son is on life support in the intensive care unit. >> so i'm going to have to explain a lot of things over again to all the nurses and so on one hand, i think they deserve, you know, good pay, but on the other hand, i really think it is almost -- i don't want to say unfair. >> reporter: nurses say what's unfair is they agree to forego a wage increase this year and are being asked to pay up to 15% of their health care
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premiums. hospital staff says the economy is behind the concessions pointing out the medical center lost $26 million last year. >> i think the california nurse's association has really lost track of the economic issues. this is not an economy where you keep asking for more and more and more. >> reporter: the two sides had been negotiated with the help of a federal mediator until about a week ago. as of tonight, no new talks are scheduled. heather holmes, "ktvu channel 2 news." . on wall street stocks ended where they started. a couple of small gains and new figures on inflation. the dow is up less than 4 points today while the nasdaq gained about a half. microsoft says it will join the fight for the smart phone software. the focus will be the first smart phone to get it and will be out november 8. the price,
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$200 with a two-year contract. microsoft wants to compete with the iphone, droid, and black berry. >> a series of fires in south san francisco are arson. between 1-4:00 a.m. yesterday morning police say a report of a dumpster on fire came in about the same time near a business a couple of blocks away. firefighters put out three small grass fires this morning. the fire department says the first fire burned about 10 acres and embers ignited to smaller fires. those fires each burned less than an acre. the cause of the initial fire is not known. and as we talked about earlier, it's heating up around here, 89 degrees in napa, a record in santa rosa, highs tomorrow are coming up a few
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degrees, hot tomorrow, fire danger, always this time of year until we get the first rain, fire danger a big deal. 61 in concord, 61 in san jose, downtown san francisco, you have an excessive heat watch tomorrow for the urban center down the concrete. that will last through tomorrow evening. highs downtown into the mid- 80s, downtown san francisco, it's going to be hotter in your neighborhood. how hot will it be, i'll see you back here. the cost of mosquito say two birds have tested positive for the west nile virus. officials say four human cases have been reported so far this year. if you're concerned about the virus, contact the health services. a battle pinning environmentalists against
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safety advocates. what's behind an order to clear- cut miles of northern california land. meg whitman maybe the latest extremely rich candidate to run for governor, but not the first. coming up, the man who some say started the trend.
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one topic likely to come up when meg whitman and jerry brown have their third bate is money. whitman recently put another $2.5 million into her campaign for governor. she had already shattered the record for personal spending on a campaign, $121 million of her funding has now come out of her own pocket. the campaign has spent a total of more than $140 million. now whitman isn't the first wealthy candidate for governor. al checky spent like there was no tomorrow. he has some thoughts about then and now. political editor randy sandoval has the special report. >> reporter: twelve years ago, 1998. at the time, it seemed so out there. not the italian part, but the man with no political experience who thinks he can be governor part. that man was al checky, a rich businessman who spent a then
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stunning $40 million of his own money to buy non-stop political ads. >> when you look at meg whitman, do you see a bit of yourself in her? >> happily not. >> reporter: we talked with him last week in his beverly hills investment office. he says unlike whitman he always cared about government. >> from what i can see meg didn't vote for 28 years. >> reporter: he says her work, unlike his, has nothing to do with government. >> i was running an airline. i had to deal with the federal government, state government, local government, international treaties we had to negotiate. she's been running an electronic auction house. did i spend my money wisely, no, i don't think so. >> reporter: whitman won her
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primary, checky lost badly in his to grey davis. >> your vote is not for sale. >> reporter: the parallels are markable. currently jerry brown is accusing meg whitman of trying to buy the election. back in 1998, grey davis accused al checky of buying the election. >> yes, he accused me of trying to buy the election. >> reporter: were you trying 20 buy the election? >> well, what was grey davis doing? selling his office. for god's sakes, look at the guy and his career. >> reporter: since brown is raising money from labor unions, she says he'll owe them and do their bidding. checky remembers 12 years ago. >> i had a labor leader say to me, al, everybody knows you'd make a better government, but we own him and we'll never own you. >> reporter: he denies being bitter but sounded it while talking about davis, the man he
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dismisses as a career politician who cared more about winning than governing. >> we have a guy pleased as punch to be there. yeah, i don't like him, and i don't like most of these people. >> reporter: but he says he does like jerry brown, a career politician for sure, but checky says unlike most others, brown has not been bought and sold. "ktvu channel 2 news." san francisco teachers put their children on center stage today in an effort to sway voters on proposition b. they say prop b is too costly for their pocketbooks. >> if i have to start considering how much it will cost to pay for her medical benefits, then i'll have to consider a whole new job. >> the proposition looks to lower health care costs by having workers invest their own
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money. it could save more than $100 million in the first year. a firm in the bay area announced a major medical breakthrough involving the first stem cell trial on a human. they are working with doctors in atlanta on the treatment. it involves injecting a stem cell drug into a patient who has a spinal cord injury. the aim is to grow new nerves to restore feeling and movement. this kind of research is controversial because the stem cells are harvested from human embryos. >> 85,000 mercedes-benz are being recalled. it involves 2010 mercedes c- class cars from 2010 and 2011 model years. it could lose power steering fluid. the recall will begin next month. it appears the old gap logo is like a comfortable pair of
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jeans. the company decided to stick with the navy and and white logo. many people prefer the logo on the right which has been around since 1969. an oakland home for disabled children is fighting to stay open despite foreclosure and an eviction notice. the home opened in may and quickly ran into financial trouble. it couldn't pay the monthly mortgage of $3500, the management says the lender promised to modify the mortgage, but ended up selling the property instead. the woman who runs the home is now suing carington mortgage. >> i can't tell you how frustrating it is when you don't know what you're going to do when you're responsible for children. >> they didn't have any comment, three boys currently live at that home.
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two dead, two wounded. the security measures surrounding a party that turned deadly and who likely used a false name to book the venue. i'm tracking warm temperatures out there. still in the 70s, i'll show you which cities will be the hottest tomorrow. a pumpkin so big it takes a forklift to move it around. today it earned one farmer more than just bragging rights.
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new details came out today about a shooting at a golf course restaurant that left two dead and two others wounded. the shooting happened saturday night when some 100 people with inside attending a party. police say gun fire erupted even though security was on hand and party goers had to go through metal detectors and pat-
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down searches before entering the building. today ktvu news talked to the mother of a 18 year old man who was shot at the party but is expected to survive. >> boom, boom, boom, boom. he fell and hit the ground. >> police also located one of the party promotors who may have used 5 fake name to book the venue. this is done so promoters avoid liability. soon to be the fourth city to ban foam food containers. hayward city council has a ban set for tomorrow night. it will force to switch containers. berkeley, san francisco and oakland have already enacted such bans. the state filled up a bit in september thanks to personal and corporate income taxes. overall receipts were $1.1 billion higher last month than
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projected in the budget revision. personal income taxes accounted for $733 million of that jump. corporate taxes accounted for $378 million. a 46% surge. sales tax revenue also picked up. the state now has $3.5 billion cash on hand. whether that's enough for expenditures 1 unclear. in news of the world, in chile, officials say the task to bring 33 miners to the surface went solid today, if all goes well, the miners will be brought to the surface one by one. then flown to the hospital for extensive medical checks. they have been trapped for 68 days. in hungary, the prime minister today announced the arrest for the president of the owner of the company involved in the toxic sludge spill.
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officials say a second storage reservoir could fail, but a new wall is being built and is expected to contain the sludge. in south africa, nelson mandela reflected on his new book which goes on sale tomorrow in 22 countries. in the book, mandela's more human side is revealed. he talks about problems in school and fighting with his wife and his love of his children. mandela is now 92 years old. san francisco district attorney got a major endorsement in her bid for california's next attorney general. president obama announced his support. she's running against steve cool lee and recent polls show her trailing the republican candidate. she has known the president for years. quarterback bret farve reportedly apologized to his team about a sexting
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allegation. when farve played for the jets, the football league is investigating. they moved in uninvited. how protestors took over a san francisco building but managed to avoid arrest. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking warmer weather tomorrow. which parts will be the hottest and when we'll see some relief.
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demonstrators moved in and stayed the night avoided confrontation this morning. it's at larkin and eddie street. the demonstration was about whether the old hotel could and should be used to house the homeless. >> reporter: police hadn't coaxed the protestors out of the hotel. >> all we got was an unkindly
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gesture. >> reporter: so they went in. police conducted a floor by floor, room by room search, but it was difficult. >> people that occupied the premises, barricaded the stairwells with garbage and tape. >> reporter: police found no one inside. >> they must have left in the night. they could have gone out the roof or out the side. >> i'm sure they did have a way to leave. >> reporter: police did detain two people outside the building but later released them. the incident began last evening when approximately 15-20 people got inside following a rally to support world homeless day. the protestors unfurled banners to spread a message that unused buildings could be converted into housing for the homeless. >> we have situations of people living in garages, hotels, living doubled up with other families, in cars, literally
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thousands of families without a regular place to call home. >> reporter: the city's homeless coordinator told us putting people in sub standard housing is a poor building. the entire incident is under investigation. in san francisco, rob roth, "ktvu channel 2 news." a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of concussions kicked off today. members of the nfl, the oakland raiders and san francisco 49ers presented presented a poster with vital information. >> it is our hope this poster will be hung in every high school in the country, the same way the poster hangs in the nfl locker rooms. >> what could happen to the athlete if not treated and diagnosed problemmerly. most of all, don't try to walk off the injury. the pumpkin-growing world
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has a new king tonight. a giant pumpkin weighing over 1,000 pounds is the top prize today. the pumpkin is so large a forklift is needed to move it around. citrus heights farmer receives $6 a pound for a total of more than $9,000. he credits hard work and a lot of luck. hundreds of people showed up to watch. >> we don't have this down south, so it's a feel-good thing. >> today's competition was the prelude for the arts and pumpkin festival this coming weekend. waiting for those winds to clock around out of the north/northeast, i'm seeing that in some areas. the red flag warning in effect for strong winds late tonight and early tomorrow morning, should day down tomorrow afternoon. you see the warmth in the valley, here's what a northeast
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wind looks like. comes from this area to the north and kicks off from the east, basically that's a northeast wind, no fog at the coast, fire danger is up. current temperatures, it's warm out now at 68 degrees in santa rosa, 71 in san francisco right now. that's the air sinking. remember i said the air when it sinks, it warms. what's happening is the high builds in. when i look at temperatures in the uner 60s and low 70s, i go yeah, the high pressure is doing what it's supposed to do. there's a nice day. tomorrow will be breedsier, the high is -- breezier, the high is building, fog is not a player for the next 48 hours, maybe some patchy fog before then, but nothing tomorrow. sunny, tomorrow, high, easily in the 90s, windy in the hills, that's where the red flag warning is, but the winds will get down by the high fire
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danger. this is what we get in october until we get the first rain. we're watching the fire danger. high pressure is the story, the winds will be like this for two days. tomorrow will be the warmest day and then temperatures begin to trend down. wednesday, warm, fire danger up, but cooler thursday and towards the weekend. not a major cooldown, no rain, but definitely cooler. highs tomorrow, the reds, lots of 90s and 80s. at the coast you're looking at 60s. wednesday cooler, cooler still towards the weekend. 97 in santa rosa, 91 in napa. air quality is okay. the temperatures are there. the air is sinking. what's happening, there's enough wind mixing up at the surface. ground level ozone not concerning the air quality management district. 91? san jose, the roast of the
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temperatures, santa crus downtown, almost 90. tomorrow is the hottest day, the heat advisory day or heat concern for san francisco, with temperatures there in the 80s. plenty of fluids, here we are towards the middle of october, it's pretty darn warm. >> it is warm. thank you, bill. if you believe if lucky numbers, a baby born in santa clara is one lucky boy. he was born on 10/10/10 and 10 minutes after 10:00 a.m., believe it or not at room 10. his mother says she was grateful he didn't weigh 10- pounds. he weighs 8-pound, 11-ounces, but has 10 fingers, 10 toes, and is on the 10:00 news: the national recognition for a new bay area restaurant and its chef also coming up.
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the giants are in the national league championship series for the first time since 2002, but, of course, it wasn't easy. that's why the celebration was oh, so sweet. live report from atlanta in sports.
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a prestigious honor for the executive chef? berkeley. esquire announced today shaun baker won chef of the year award. the restaurant was also named as one of the nation's best new restaurants. they are known for using locally grown and organic products. all right, marks with sports, how about the giants, man, it went down to the wire. >> i don't think i can get anymore gray hair, but this series, you hit the pause button on the torture for a few days. maybe a sigh of relief. how many one-run games can you have in one series? how about every single game against the braves, right down to the final pitch. you're not a real giant's fan if you have a fingernail left. the end ofen era for atlanta as they send bobby cox off into retirement, braves score first, giants even it up.
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they didn't have a hit until this one by cody ross, left the yard, 1-1 in the 6th. untied on the first pitch in the bottom of the 6th, lacing a shot to right that leaves the premise, 2-1. 7th inning, giants load the bases, burrell sliding safely and in the second allowing the 2-2 runs to score. same inning, ross, singles to left, in comes the go ahead run, beautiful throw to the plate and burrell is out. and the giants again with just a 1-run lead. the braves put two on and two out. it's cabrera to third. pablo goes the long way to first, in time. 3-2, another one-run victory for the giants. the braves end the series only 9 runs in the four games and
10:56 pm
just 24 hits off giant pitching. they were definitely the difference. tension relief time, every game a gut buster, didn't take long for the giants to let it all hang out. fred was in what you might call an extremely bubbly giant's clubhouse. fred, down in atlanta. >> reporter: yeah, mark, i ended up being collateral damage in the locker room, you talk about the braves scoring just 9 runs, the giants scored just 11 but ended up winning the series, the best of five series, 3 games to 1. two games right here in atlanta's turner field. when that kind of intensity and those close games come down to the wire and you end up winning them, guys like tim lincecum appreciate it even more. >> it was the torture they were talking about earlier, right? we're going to play those close ones, but it makes it more meaningful and special. enjoying it now.
10:57 pm
soaking up this win. it's a lot of up and down stuff, but i don't know, i couldn't think of it a better way to win this one now. [ cheers and applause ] >> trying to be professional trying to go about their business and, you know, you go out there with the intention of winning every game. you are not surprised if you do it. >> reporter: tell me about the beard. they didn't fear the beard. it came down to the beard won. >> i don't know what the beard has been doing, but pretty -- [ cheers and applause ] felt good to be out there >> reporter: by the way, brian wilson's beard lost a bit of the color with that champagne, but it's great time and starts again saturday in philadelphia, mark. >> thanks a lot. changing the subject, nothing to tweet home about for bret farve tonight as the vikings lose to the jets 21-20. that's the sporting life for
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the monday night. >> thank you, mark. our next newscast is the morning news at 5:00 a.m. they'll be following the red flag warning. keeping the eye out for bay area fires. good night.
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