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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 12, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday october 12. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. here's steve. thank you very much. skies are clear for some. wind is calm for others. wind out of the north. it's already picking up. some of the wind napa sitting at 75 degrees at the airport. vacaville north at 12. santa rosa north at 8. sfo and oakland calm. temperatures today in the 90s and possible records again. here's tara. thanks, steve. look at the east shore freeway shows traffic moving along nicely if you're headed to berkeley or toward the macarthur maze. 880 toward the coliseum doing well at this hour also. topping our news this morning, in oakland nurses from children's hospital are about to walk off the job for a three day strike. ktvu channel 2 reporter
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claudine wong joins us now at the hospital with how this could effect some patients. claudine. >> reporter: certainly it will not be a normal day for the patients here at oakland's children hospital. the nurses they're used to seeing will not be in their rooms, they will not be delivering care. that's because they will be outside on the picket line. the hospital is going to stay open during this three day strike. but there will be temporary nurses inside. this is something that has been apparently building. both sides have been negotiating for months but not able to find any agreement on the new contract. so a couple of weeks ago the california nurse's association told children's hospital that for these three days these 700 members of the hospital's nurse's union would not be working. it comes down to tough times and how many sacrifices can be made. the hospital staff says regional pediatric medical center lost $26 million last year. just part of $69 million lost over the last fur years.
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the nurses say they've already agreed to a wage freeze this year and now unfair to ask them to pay up to 15% for health care premiums. patient care is their number one concern but the chief nursing officer calls this a misguided strike. >> i think the california nurse's association really has lost track of the economic issues. this is not an economy where you keep asking for more and more and more. >> they started out negotiations early on talking about health care take aways which we let them know were unacceptable. they have stuck to that throughout. >> reporter: the hospital is bringing in replacement workers to care for the young patients in this 190 bed hospital. again, this morning will be the start of this three day strike. the hospital is going to remain open. but it is something that will effect the patients and their families here. we're going to hear from them. we are also seek nurses just beginning to arrive here at the
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hospital. we're going to talk to them as well. we'll keep you updated here on the morning news. claudine wong channel 2 news. just a short time ago, in fact just 90 minutes ago, the san francisco giants arrived back here in the bay area. they beat the braves in a thrilling playoff series now it's on to philly for the national league championship series. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live in san francisco with details. >> reporter: the giants almost played the phillies in the national league championship series back in 1993 but fell short by one game. that was a year they went 103 games and still did not make the playoffs. the team is back in san francisco and arrived here at at&t park about 90 minuting a fresh off their nlds victory. >> chopper to third. the throw across in time. and the giants have won the series. >> reporter: juan throws across
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the diamond to assist in the last out. the giants beat the braves 3-2 last night at turner field in atlanta. the victory sends the team on to the national league championship series against the phillies of philadelphia. last two wins came in dramatic fashion. the giants had to overcome one run deficits and the loud crowd in atlanta. for some on the team victory was a little sweeter. outfielder rice picked up by the giants in august after being cut by the florida marlins. >> this is a dream come true just to be able to be here and to experience. i never thought i would be in this situation two months ago. here we are. we all came together and jelled together and it's been a fun ride and we got more business to take care of. >> reporter: giants charter arrived at sfo touching down around 3:00 a.m. this morning. the team is a little tired. it was a five hour flight from atlanta. none of the players stopped to talk. see some getting off there. tim i saw, cody i saw and then
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bryan wilson there too. but the president of the team did stop to talk. >> it's exciting. everybody now getting ready for another trip. working out getting ready for a tough team. it's a good thing to have. >> reporter: the giants arrived here back at at&t park about 90 minutes ago. as you heard the giants team president said they're getting ready for the other series. that will be against the philadelphia phillies starting on saturday. they swept their opponent in three games the cincinnati reds. we're waiting to see the outcome of the braves and giants to see who they would play in the national league championship series. the phillies have been there before and recently. they won the world series a few years ago and lost to the yankees last year. giants facing a talented team but one with a lot of experience. coming up a lot more reaction. it's going to be a lot of fun. stick around. live in san francisco, kraig
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debro, channel 2 news. >> here's the entire schedule for the national league championship series. game one and two will be in philadelphia saturday and sunday. games three and four are next tuesday and wednesday at at&t park in san francisco. the final three scheduled games you can see right there on your screen. we've been posting your fan photos at our channel 2 website at just look for the giants tab right there on the front page. it's now just three weeks before election day, and the two candidates for governor meet in their third and final debate tonight. both are hoping to win over uncommitted voters who might be tuning in. the most recent polls show meg whitman and jerry brown in a virtual tie. that debate is at 6:30 tonight at anyone can university in san a fell. one topic likely to come up is money. ktvu has learned that meg whitman recently put another $2.5 million into her campaign for governor. she already shattered the record for personal spending on
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a campaign. $121million of her funding has now come out of her own pocket. campaign has spent a total of more than $140 million. now a protest is also planned outside the debate hall tonight. demonstrators representing the green party will be there upset that their gubernatorial candidate is being excluded from tonight's debate. she and other green party representatives will be there to say that limiting the debates to whitman and brown is anti-green and anti-democratic. time now 5:07. oakland police arrested three suspects and they're out there searching for several more after a frightening street robbery. this happened about 9:30 last night at 35th avenue and school street. police say the gunman fired several shots into the air after robbing their victims. luckily no one was hurt. these hold ups triggered a massive policeman hunt that included dozens of police officers and a helicopter.
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oakland police are also investigating a drive by shooting where one man was shot several times and is now in critical condition. it happened about 8:00 last night on 27th avenue in the fruit vale district. so far no description of the suspect but his get away car may be filled with bullet holes. a red flag fire warning is in effect for the bay area this morning because of concerns about the warm dry air and gusty winds. firefighters are on alert in higher elevations where the fire danger is most extreme. in livermore for example there's a 12 member helicopter team on standby just in case a brush fire breaks out in the hills. >> any time that we get offshore winds if we do get multiple fire starts we're going to want extra resources here right now. so we're just beefing up our resources in the bay area. >> firefighters also took precautions in the oakland hills where a similar weather conditions helped fuel a fire that destroyed 3,000 homes 19
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years ago. they checked for excessive brush, branches and weeds growing too close to home. the red flag warning remains in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning. all right. time now 5:08. our commute's just starting. it's a new regular workweek. you got problems already, tara, right? we do. we have word of a possible fatal and looking more and more like it is an actual fatal in the south bay. if we look at our maps we can show you exactly where northbound 87. we have a vehicle versus a motorcycle. the coroner has just arrived on scene. so, again, it's looking like someone has died here. in order to get back on 87 north because it has been closed at capital expressway for an unknown amount of time, basically what you want to do is use west capital expressway to am ma ton expressway north to curt they are avenue east. that's in order to get back on 87. a possible fatality in the south bay. back up to the bay bridge toll
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plaza. you can see it's a virtual ghost town at this hour. not much action there. that's the good news. and back down in the south bay 280 same story traffic is flowing well in all directions. 5:09. here's steve. thank you. yesterday temperatures warmed up a few records set and repeat today. reason being we still get that north wind or east-northeast wind. temperatures even in the city are in the 60s and 70s. north-northwest santa rosa that's really not a hot wind for them. if it's north-northeast then it is. where it is in napa north- northeast 7 that's at the airport they're 75 although santa rosa is 56. that's a huge difference. little east-northeast at the airport. everything's in place. start off really warm. won't take long to get things going. high pressure's built in on the surface and aloft. everything going to the north. very dry air over us as well. not only inland but especially on the coast. large and in charge the big old highs there. sunny and warm to hot today.
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80s, 90s and 90s. it will be really close. 73 in san francisco. 61 oakland-berkeley. just depends on the wind direction. temperatures very warm. napa there's the airport reading at 75 degrees. i got 32 cool down head up to eureka or tahoe. 77 sacramento. so it's all wind driven. no wind, you're cool. wind, it's warm to hot. the big system but look where it's going. way up and over. ridge for another two days and then will move out and fog will creep back. today 70s, 80s and 90s. 88 san francisco. 88 oakland. close maybe 90 if the wind continues. everyone cools down friday and saturday. sounds good. thank you. ground breaking research has just begun. how a bay area company hopes to make a difference for people who fear they may never walk again. also a naked man in a boat. what's blind the craziness as
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president obama spoke over the weekend. and good morning. i'm allison burns in washington d.c. coming up i'll show you why banks are facing unprecedented pressure to halt foreclosures. look at 237. traffic flowing well. much more on your tuesday morning commute coming up in traffic.
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good morning to you.
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welcome back. time now 5:14. word california will be joining dozens of other states in giant investigation into whether banks violated foreclosure laws. allison burns is live with that story. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. first let me tell tell you why this is such a big deal. banks seized foreclosed homes last month than at any other time in american history. now those banks are facing new scrutiny for faulty paperwork. employees signing affidavits without reading them. 40 states are expected to announce a nationwide investigation as early as today. the ceo of bank of america tells us his company is halting all foreclosure proceedings in the meantime to "clear the air." >> it's difficult for the homeowner. it's difficult for we as a servicer and colleagues in the industry to handle this and handle it well.
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it's unprecedented in our country's history. >> reporter: now of course the question is should more of the nation's banks halt foreclosure proceedings? i'll show you what the obama administration has to say about that during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama and british prime minister david cam cameron agree they must figure out what happened to an aid worker killed. she died when u.s. special forces were trying to rescue her last friday. british prime minister david cameron says a preliminary investigation indicates it was a grenade thrown by an american soldier that likely killed her, not the taliban as first thought. time now 5:16. the alleged gunman in the deadly rampage of the fort hood army base is due in a texas court today for a hearing on whether there was enough evidence for him to stand trial.
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this will be the first time hasan will be facing his accusers. they're expected to testify about the rampage that left 13 people dead and 32 others wounded almost one year ago. back here at home a former oakland deputy police chief who was demoted last year is now being investigated a second time. the officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after allegedly allowing his girlfriend to drive a police car. officials say his girlfriend crashed the unmarked car last week in napa county. now before that he was demoted last may to lieutenant because of allegations of sexual harassment. pamela harris getting a major endorsement in the race for california's next attorney general. president obama announced his support for the san francisco district attorney calling her a strong voice for californians. harris is in the race against los angeles district attorney. recent polls show she's
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trailing the republican candidate by about 4%. the secret service says a man who threw a book at the president recently was an over zealous author who wants the president to read his book. president obama was speaking at a campaign rally in pennsylvania on sunday when it happened. look. you can see the object flying behind the president's head. now earlier a naked man ran through the crowd. he was reportedly trying to collect $1 million prize offered by an individual to the first person to streak an obama rally. time now 5:18. we've got breaking news this morning. it's coming from the east bay. two apartment buildings in antioch have been evacuated because of a fire. that fire was reported just before 4:00 this morning on gentry drive and buchanan road. all of the units in the apartment building we've been told have been evacuated. there's no word of any injuries. now ktvu's jade hernandez is out there now. we'll get a live report from her coming up later in this newscast. all right. we understand there's still an
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alert in effect for san jose. >> i just got off the phone with chp and they tell us the accident with the motorcycle and a car is indeed a fatal accident. there's an alert issued. this is 87 northbound. it is closed at capital expressway. we don't know how long that will be in effect. so we'll keep you posted. in the meantime in order to get back onto 87 northbound use west capital expressway to am maton expressway north and back onto curt ner avenue east. again, a fatality. this is just confirmed here in the south bay. back up a little bit north we go to the san mateo bridge. you can see that traffic is flowing well in both directions to hayward into foster city. and back up northbound into lafayette we can see highway 24 traffic getting a little heavy on the right hand side westbound as you make your way
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toward the cotati tunnel. and red flag warning out north bay, east bay hills. also seen offshore wind in santa cruz mountains. so it's not just the north and east bay but that seems to be taking the bulk out of the. so far gusts haven't been that bad. they were over 40 yesterday. most i can find right now is 30. red flag warning until tomorrow morning. gusts 35 and very low humidity. so the fire danger up. and temperatures going up as well pretty fast. some of the higher elevations could easily have gusts over 40. high pressure's built in very dry air over us. especially on the coast. it is one of those rare occasions but october is usually that time of year when we can get that. september/october. sunny, warm to hot, breezy and windy at times. everyone will be really close city was 73 last hour. they're 68 now. napa airport due to a north wind is 75. yet oakland berkeley 60. livermore 68. concord is 60. usually i combine livermore and
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concord if they're close. today they're not even close. redwood city says 59. san jose 61. november fete 66. so again all wind driven. 30s in the mountains. sacramento with winds 77. same as palm springs. 60s up and down the coast. monterey very warm. 67 yet eureka a cool 42. that's a big ridge of high pressure. records are likely again today. so 70s, 80s by the coast. 80s, 90s inland. and with that north wind temperatures can be very toasty especially north bay. warm to hot again on wednesday. little cooler more of a west wind on thursday and a big cool down friday and saturday. european markets are starting the day with losses. that follows disappointing news overnight in china that took stocks down across asia. the chinese government is taking steps again to slow lending by raising reverve requirements for banks. shanghai finished up slightly,
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japan lost more than 2%. south korea and taiwan down. dow jones up just a little. crude oil dipped below $82 a barrel this morning. until last month oil hovered in the $70 range. but surged past the $80 level as stocks gained and the u.s. dollar lost ground against other currencies. time now 5:22. a bay area bio tech company is conducting the first embryonic stem cell study on a human. working with the doctors in atlanta who will inject a stem cell drug into a patient who has a spinal cord injury. doctors are hoping the treatment will grow some new nerves and also help restore feeling and movement in that patient. the company says the first test is to see how well the patient can tolerate the treatment and also keep an eye on safety
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concerns. well, disabled children could soon be out on the streets. we have the story of surprising foreclosure nightmare. things moving along nicely on the east shore freeway. more on your tuesday morning commute coming up in traffic.
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good morning. napa airport already warm. possible records again today. all right. thank you, steve. a hot air balloon made an unplanned landing right on the grounds of an elementary school. a pilot and two passengers were in the balloon yesterday morning. it cleared power lines as it lost altitude. the balloon then knocked down a fence at the elementary school before touching down in the yard. now the pilot says he intended to land in a field west of highway 101 but was blown off course. two highway patrol officers saw the balloon coming down and helped secure it once it reeched the ground and no one was hurt. two dead birds have tested positive for west nile virus in contra costa county. one found in walnut creek. the bird found near south main street and newel avenue making it the first west nile virus
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infected bird from central county this year. so far this year four people in contra costa county have contracted the virus. they're all now recovering. time now 5:26. an oakland home for developmentally disabled children is struggling this morning to stay open because of a foreclosure nightmare. teri opened the home in may but quickly fell behind on her monthly mortgage payments. she says her lender promised to give her a loan modification. but three months later she found out the company sold the home without telling her. she and the three teenage boys she's caring for now face eviction. >> i don't know what to tell the kids if we're going to be here or not. i don't know what day they're going to knock on my door and say we have to go. >> she is fighting the eviction in court. as for the company they didn't have any comment when they were reached by ktvu. well, the search for a
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killer is underway in one bay area city after a fatal shooting in a high school parking lot. also they've beaten the braves. now the giants are ready to take on philly in the national league championship series. we'll show you what the players are doing this morning. traffic on 101 through san francisco looking good at this hour. we'll have more on traffic straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:30. let's check in on weather. guilty good morning. we have clear skies. windy in the north bay and few other locations towards the east bay. warm to hot with records possible. the record high in san francisco is 91 back in 1976. so it will be close. 70s, 80s, but a lot of upper 80s and low to mid-9 0z. here's tara. thanks, steve. chp has issued an alert in san jose due to a fatal motorcycle accident. northbound 87 is closed near curt ner avenue. traffic being diverted onto capital expressway instead. so do expect delays. 280 in san jose traffic is flowing well at this hour. dave, pam. well, this morning police in fairfield are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened last night in the parking lot of a high school
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following a soccer game. witnesses say the victim is a man in his late 20s and police say the gunfire was not tied to the soccer game. officers say several young were spotted running from the scene. in san jose a substitute teacher is under arrest accused of sexually assaulting some of his students. the 64-year-old worked in the franklin mckinly school district. he was arrested last week after police say they received multiple complaints from students. >> they were students that attended that school mainly from the fourth grade but some from the sixth grade. and the allegations were obviously that there were some inappropriate touching. >> police say he may have substituted at other schools in the san jose school district and that there may be other potential victims. time now 5:32. the so will no county sheriff office looking for a man who attacked a woman at a
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campground. the man sexually and physically assaulted the woman in a trailer at the campground on sunday afternoon. investigators say he also stole $200 from the woman before escaping. now the suspect described as a short, obese man in his 30s. he's got short black hair, brown eyes, clean shaven face. he was seen wearing a white t- shirt, corduroy pants and a pair of work gloves. the victim told sheriff deputies the suspect spoke spanish and had poor english and that he smelled strongly of alcohol. arson investigators searching and looking into a series of car fires in south san francisco. three of the fires involved cars in the 100 block of mccell plan drive between 1:00 and 4:00 a.m. on sunday morning. the report of a dumpster on fire came in about the same time right near a business a couple blocks away. if you have any information about this, contact south san
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francisco police. well, nurses are already beginning to gather outside oakland children's hospital this morning to begin a three day strike which is set to begin in about 90 minutes. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is now in front of the hospital to tell us how this will effect patients. >> reporter: certainly it won't be a normal day for patients or the nurses that are usually charged with caring for them. take a look outside children's hospital right now and you can actually see there are two groups. these two groups represent the nurses, few of them have already gathered. and then the hospital is also out here kind of setting up parameters for how this will all take place today. this strike officially starts at 7:00 but people tell us out here, the nurses that most of the people arriving here about 6:30. and they tell me there's a lot online for them. they call this strike a last resort. there are almost 800 nurses here at children's hospital in oakland. those nurses will be off the job today and on the picket
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line. the nurse's union has been negotiating with the hospital for a new three year contract since may. and after about 30 sit downs have found no agreement. nurses say the hospital wants them to pay thousands of dollars a year in health care premiums. and say that's not fair. the hospital says times are tough with the hospital losing $26 million just last year. the hospital officials call this strike misguided. certainly it is a strike the patients in this 190 bed facility will notice. but nurses say it could not be helped. >> we are very sorry for the patients and families. and we do not do this lightly. this is a last resort. but if we don't take a stand on our contract issues, nurses will no longer come to work at this hospital and it will make patient care suffer in the long run. >> we have several qualified nurses that are coming in from all over the country to provide pediatric services. >> reporter: so this hospital will stay open during this
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three day strike. the temporary nurses are being brought in from both in the area and out of the area. but certainly you will not miss the sight of these hundreds of nurses outside on the picket line outside children's hospital if you're in and around this area or if you are someone using the hospital or the emergency room. we have seen a couple of people walk in today. they said they had no idea the nurses would be going on strike today and wanted to make sure they could still get care here which of course you still can. so the nurses have already come out here. you'll hear more from them this morning. as well as we are told the hospital spokesperson will be speaking in just about 15 minutes. so we'll continue to bring you updates as the crowd begins to gather and as the three day strike gets underway. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. time now 5:36. let's go to tara. sal has the day off. you have your eye on the north bay. that's right. we've been talking a lot about
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the south bay this morning. we don't want to leave the north bay out. marin county 101 at the 580 split traffic looking good in all directions here. up next we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot busier today than yesterday due to the holiday. things seem to be back on track and normal. down to the south bay mention really quickly this chp has issued a cig alert due to a fatal motorcycle accident northbound 87 is closed near curt ner avenue. traffic being diverted onto capital expressway. do expect delays. 5:37. here's steve. all right. thank you. we have a red flag warning out for good reason. wind still picks up some of the higher elevations north and east bay hills although there are breezy conditions even along higher elevations. the peninsula and santa cruz mountains, red flag warning until tomorrow morning. offshore wind about 35. very, very low humidity. even on the coast bone dry for many locations. also excessive heat advisory out for san francisco. mainly for people with
5:38 am
respiratory problems and senior citizens. temperatures near 90 that's toasty for the city. that goes through tomorrow as well. you can see high pressure built in in a big way. flow is offshore. so temperatures start out warm and end up warm to hot. so sunny and warm to hot. breezy at times. 80s, 90s and low to mid-90s. san francisco go 90 today officially. warm to hot. 91 is the record in 1976. so you'll be flirting, it will be close to record highs. and i'm putting together a list of other record highs as well. many will be close. 75 at the napa airport because of a north wind. the city sitting at 68 yet 59 redwood city. 60 oakland berkeley. just depends on wind direction or if you have wind at all. sacramento with winds out of the north 77. 67 monterey. that's pretty warm for them this time of the morning. big old highs hanging around. it will start to move out by the time we get to thursday. but today it's right over us. so that means temperatures
5:39 am
going up along the north wind. combination of the two all spells sunny and warm. possible record highs today. we'll carry that into today, tomorrow, still warm to hot inland. then cooler thursday definitely by the coast and for everyone as we head towards friday and also saturday. 70s, 80s and 90s today. warm to hot, sunny side up. winds cooler thursday and much cooler friday and saturday. time now 5:38. just hours ago the victorious san francisco giants came home to the bay area after their biggest victory in years. they arrived at at&t park about 4:00 this morning after flying in on the chartered flight from atlanta. they're now getting ready for this weekend's big series against the phillies in philadelphia. it will be san francisco's first appearance in the national league championship series since 2002. last night san francisco won another thriller wrapping up their playoff series against the braves. giants beat atlanta 3-2 taking
5:40 am
the series in four games. 21-year-old rookie madison with six strong innings. he was just one of the giants taking part in that wild locker room celebration after the game. [ cheering and applause ] >> you should have a veterans presence. not bad for a 21-year-old rookie. >> no. just kind of go up and relax. i knew that was the biggest thing to keep. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this is not going well. >> just a little wet. by the way the giants open their series saturday night in philadelphia. tim will be on the mound pitching for the giants. roy holliday will be on the mound for the phillies. holliday pitched a no-hitter in his last start for the phillys. >> they're a little excited there. >> just a tad. well, childhood vaccines go before the high court. how the case could
5:41 am
significantly change how families can deal with any problems. a san francisco clothing company making a u turn on a very new style. 680 at the grade looking good. more on your morning commute coming up in traffic.
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welcome back. we have breaking news this morning in the east bay. several apartment buildings in antioch have been evacuated because of a fast moving fire. ktvu's jade hernandez is there on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. this is a three alarm fire, pam, this morning. we are live in antioch. police are keeping us about three blocks away from where this fire broke out inside an apartment complex. i want to take you and show you the video we have.
5:44 am
extreme intense heat coming from the fire. some residents reported hearing small explosions. dispatch received numerous calls this morning about the fire around 3:45. we can tell you no one was hurt. this is a pretty extensive fire destroying four apartments, heavily damaging two others. three buildings effected as well. the video shows the intensity. you can see a lot of black smoke as well. we spoke to several neighbors this morning. one man told us crews have been working on the roof. he blames the tars andflammables for the fire. the battalion chief says the fire has been contained. it's not out but contained. police are keeping the media about three blocks away. we're live near buchanan. we spoke to several people who ran for help this morning. you're going to hear from the battalion chief and the residents coming up. live from antioch, jade hernandez channel 2 news.
5:45 am
here's a quick look at other top stories we're following for you right now at 5:44. state gubernatorial candidates meg whitman and jerry brown will meet for their third and final debate tonight with the elections now just three weeks away. most recent polls show them in a virtual tie. that debate is scheduled for 6:30 tonight. police in oakland have arrested three suspects and still searching for several more after a frightening street robbery. police say the armed robbers fired several shots into the air after robbing their victims. no one was hurt. an army major hasan is due in a texas court today for a hearing on whether there's enough evidence for him to stand trial. he's charged with fatally shooting 13 people and wounding 32 others almost one year ago. grief counselors will be at tore linda high school
5:46 am
following the apparent suicide of two teens in the area within the last ten days. the most recent happened yesterday involving a 13-year- old boy who investigators say was found hanging from a tree. another apparent suicide last week involving a sophomore girl. community members and teenagers we spoke with say bullying or pressure to achieve are often factors. >> a lot of the time i would contemplate just no one accepted me really. >> in general kids feel very stressed out because there's so much pressure to do well especially in communities like marin. and wealthier communities. it's just tough. >> teenagers gathered at a community meeting last night and say they have considered suicide say support from parents, counselors and teachers is key in helping them cope. time now 5:46. authorities in hon curse and mexico warning residents about
5:47 am
hurricane paula. it's a couple hundred miles southeast of mexico's yucatan peninsula right now. it has sustained winds of almost 75 miles an hour. now officials are telling people to evacuate any low lying areas. in mexico officials issued a hurricane warning. that storm is expected to drop up to half a foot of rain. some of the coal miners trapped in that mine in chile for more than two months could be set free by late tonight. a rescue capsule designed to bring the 3 3 trapped miners to safely was successfully tested yesterday. officials are hoping to start the rescues today but there's a chance they're going to have to wait until tomorrow. after the miners reach the surface one by one, they'll be reunited with family members and then be flown to a hospital for extensive medical check ups. well, the u.s. supreme court is about to hear the first arguments today in a case that could drastically change how patients sue the makers of
5:48 am
vaccines. right now families who want to sue for a vaccine injuries have to first go through a special vaccine court. that was set up 24 years ago to ensure a stable vaccine supply by shielding companies from most of the lawsuits. the supreme court must now decide whether a family can sue without going through that special court. all right. tara in for sal today. she's been watching a cig alert. it's still in effect in the south bay. it is. a couple people have asked how long will it be in effect. we don't know. chp says undetermined amount of time due to a fatal motorcycle accident. it happened on northbound 87. so be aware that that is shut down and traffic is being diverted instead to capital expressway. also we want to mention a fender bender at the beginning of the bay bridge toll plaza. be aware of that. that just popped up for us. this is a look at highway 4 bay point. headlights you see are
5:49 am
westbound traffic making your way toward concord looking good up. next 880 toward coliseum everything looking great right now. no problems to report. finally down south near fremont 680 at the grade traffic flowing well in both directions. 5:48. he's steve. thank you very much. you can see the high building in. and not only do we have high pressure in the upper atmosphere but also at the surface. that's the key. we already have a north- northeast wind. so red flag warnings are out north and east bay. mainly higher elevations. even breezy at the surface for some. napa, vacaville and fairfield up to the airport. another possible day of record highs. 90 san francisco. average high 71. record 91. oakland also 90. record is 93 in 1976. santa rosa is 94. mountain view set a record yesterday. record is 93 today. san jose 90. record is 93.
5:50 am
and in 1901 i love that. so it will be close for many. all depends on the wind. this is something you do not see very often. mt. tamalpais sitting at 70. that's one degree warmer than this time yesterday. ocean beach also at 70 degrees. and pleasanton also at 70. high elevation, coastal elevation and inland all at the same temperature. very rare. gill roy cool at 57. 30s in the mountains. 42 eureka. yet 65 redding. 77 sacramento and monterey 67 degrees. again, this high is collapsing and it's moving over us. but today it's all systems go for warm to hot weather as the high moves over us not only in the upper atmosphere as we said but also the key north- northeast wind turned more north westerly. warm to hot but maybe not as hot as yesterday. warm to hot on wednesday. then cooler on thursday. so records likely today. little breezy at times with high fire danger. red flag warnings north bay
5:51 am
hill. 7 0z, 80s and 90s. everyone rather close on these temperatures today. warm to hot tuesday into wednesday. cooler by coast and bay side. thursday everybody cools down friday and saturday. thank you, steve. another recall of luxury cars. diamler recalling 85,000 sold here in the u.s. the recall involves the 2010 c class and 2010 and 2011 e class. a loss of power steerg fluid could make the cars difficult to steer. effected owners can contact the company. san francisco based clothing center has agreed to be bought for $1.8 billion. the buyer asset management firm. the deal is the sixth largest private equity deal of the year. gym broadway has done better than many others with rising profits each of the last five closing quarters. another company giving in,
5:52 am
the new logo unveiled last week the new one with the little blue box was criticized by gap customers more than 2,000 negative comments were posted on facebook. gap executives promise to ask for public input first if they ever decide to change the logo again. people don't like change. >> they don't. in oakland though it's the sweet smell of a chance for a new lease on life. kicking off a new start for a bakery that's been in the neighborhood close to 100 years. instead of going up the big news today is what's coming down at yosemite national park.
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welcome back to the morning news. another bay area city could soon join berkeley, san francisco and oakland in banning plastic foam food containers. hayward will hold a meeting tonight on the proposed ban. the pollly sty lean containers are said to be environmentally unfriendly. force retailers selling prepared food to switch to recyclable containers. time now 5:55. a family owned institution that served the east bay for generations is getting a second chance. the bakery used to be known as
5:56 am
nelda's celebrated yesterday. the bakery had been on telegraph avenue for 81 years before being forced to close three months ago because of the slowing economy. >> the last two years with the economy we kind of everyone saw what was happening. and one day we were just simply told that saturday will be the last day which was the 17th of july. >> but several weeks later the building's owner called a dozen of the employees together with a deal they could not refuse. a worker-owned co-op. the bakery is now called taste of denmark. the pumpkin growing world has a new king. the giant pumpkin. this one weighing 1,535 pounds took the top prize in yesterday's world championship pumpkin weigh off at half-moon bay. citrus heights farmer received $6 a pound for this. that's more than $9,000. the competition was the prelude
5:57 am
for the half-moon bay arts and pumpkin festival this coming weekend. well, today park rangers will prepare yosemite for the winter season. they will be taking down climbing cables that are used by hikers to get to the top of the granite dome. park rangers advise against any climbing during the winter because the dome can be extremely slippery when it's icy or wet. the cables will go back up next spring. all right. it's 5:56. let's get you to where you need to go. tara's watching the commute. there's an accident in antioch right? this is the case. it's just a fender bender but happens to be in an area that's notoriously horrendous during the morning commute. give yourself extra time here. this is highway 4 westbound at hill crest avenue. again, a two car crash in antioch. all right. to the bay bridge toll plaza where we expect the metering lights to be going on probably in the next 20 minutes or so. getting a little bit backed up but not too bad right now. and 280 down in san jose a traffic is flowing well in all directions.
5:58 am
head back to the desk. all right. thank you, tara. it was a giant victory in atlanta. [ cheering and applause ] coming home the giants savoring last night's victory over the braves and getting ready to take on philadelphia. also instead of walking.
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