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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 13, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. i'm jade hernandez. we watched police pull evidence out of an apartment where police say a mother killed her twin girls. we have more on that story and the investigation coming up. [ cheers and applause ] these pictures tell the incredible story now unfolding in chile. we're following the dramatic rescue of those miners wrapped for nearly ten weeks. meg whit man and jerry brown squared off for a final debate. there was one heated moment.
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>> reporter: what uc berkeley police say a man is doing in order to get inside the woman's locker room. details next. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, october 1th. we're getting new information on a tragic story we have been following all morning. police are investigating the deaths of twin girls. they were just 3 years old. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: police are still out here this morning. we can tell you what investigators were doing in the last hour. we're live in fairfield. fairfield police told us they will be holding a news conference later this morning to update us later. at this point, they say the a a mother is -- they say a mother
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is responsible for the deaths of these girls. firefighters were called to a fire initially. when they arrived, they had no idea what that he would discover. the bodies of 3-year-old twin girls. police say they had been cut or stabbed to death. they say the mother had been stabbed, too. but they think those are self- inflicted. she was airlifted to the hospital. she's expected to survive. the department is investigating thissed a a murder - -- this as a murder-attempted suicide. police believe the twins died because of the stab wounds, not the fire. >> witnesses on scene then made a subsequent call to the dispatch center saying they had
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a fire in the apartment. >> reporter: when asked if the mother had had shown any history of mental illness or exhibited any signs of trouble, police say it was too early to tell. we're told police didn't have a chance to speak to her before she went to surgery. they don't know where the father might be. the police news conference is scheduled for later this morning. back to you. >> thank you, jade. we've been following incredible developing news coming from chile. minutes ago, a 13th coal miner was pulled to safety. take a look at the live pictures. we see a vehicle leaving. we're not sure who is in there. it could be one of the rescued miners being checked out by doctors. the crews have worked through the night to rescue these men
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one by one. there's been concerned about the health of these men, a drop in blood pressure as the men are pulled out. i want to show you video of one of the most recent rescues. look right here. he looks good. the men are being hoisted up -- hoisted up. once they get to the top, they are greeted with cheers and tears as they reunite with their loved ones. back here at home, police in oakland, are warning us about the fire danger. fire crews were called to the scene, a grass fire near redwood and pinehurst roads before dawn this morning.
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you are looking at pictures from newschopper2. it appears the fire did not get very big. it's under control now. firefighters say with the high temperatures, though, and windy conditions, the risk of hire will be very high today. 7:04. the third and final debate turned personal for the candidates who are each fighting off recent controversies. the most heated exchanged came about when tom brokaw asked jerry brown when someone in his camp used a certain term. >> this is a five-week-old private conversation picked up on a cell phone. >> i think everyone in california knows was going on
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here. >> have you chastised pete wilson who called the congress whores -- >> you know better than that, jerry. that's a complete different thing. the fact that you are defending -- >> then there was allegations that whitman was abusive to her former housekeeper, an illegal immigrant. >> broke my heart. i had to let her go. >> these are real people, moms, dads. these are fears. after working for nine years, she didn't even get her a lawyer. >> the debate could prove crucial with the elections now less than three weeks away. recent polls show the two are still in a statistical dead heat. there is a warning for uc berkeley students about a peeping tom who has been
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sneaking into a women's locker room. kraig debro joining us now with the details of this investigation and also you are picking up reaction from the campus, good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning. now this could or could not be a problem. you see nobody is checking their i.d. they just go right on in. just to be fair, we haven't heard of many single seats dents happening at this -- heard of many incidents happening at this facility. the suspect is either a member or someone with a stolen i.d. on two separate occasions last week, staff members at the recreational sports facility reported a man in drag inside the woman's locker room. first last monday on the 4th, custodians spotted the suspect taking pictures of women while in the women's locker room. a staff member who is also a patron spotted a man while she
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was changing. the student she spoke with said i.d.s are checked but only when you are past the front door. >> once you leave the locker room there's people on staff. and when you go into the workout room there's people on staff there. >> reporter: police were called in both instances, when they arrived, the suspect was gone. the search of the area did not lead to the arrest of him. the suspect is described to be wearing a white gym towel and it is said to be covering up
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his face. we're gonna find out more about this report and we'll have more in my next report. back to you. >> thank you. we want to check in with tara who is filling in for sal. >> there appears to be a car just broken down west of pittsburg -- i'm sorry. you can see the slowdown there on the bottom portion of your screen. you can see how sluggish it is and this is because the car apparently is broken down and has its flashers on. the chp is just trying to clear it. this is just west of willow past road. now we're gonna head to our maps. we have a two-car crash actually in the clearing stages. 280 southbound, ave salon drive in san bruno. like we said it's been -- avi lon drive in san bruno. you can see the yellow there.
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san jose, a little bit dark here but traffic on the right- hand side, as you make your way to the airport, it's slow going. steve, what's up? >> i've been busy putting this picture together for you. we have a calm morning. thank you. fog is along the immediate coast. look at this at the surface. santa rosa, calm. napa airport, calm. fairfield, calm. that's vacaville, calm. oakland airport, sfo calm, the only puff, even san jose and move fit calm is buchanan. that's it. things are very quiet. very still. they are all over the map. ocean beach is 52. yesterday, at this time they were 72. china basin, 55. that's in san francisco alone.
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i will show you upper 40s in a second. depending upon where you are, if you are out of richmond, sunset district, it's going to be cooler. could be warmer. yesterday's high was 89. the ridge is building northward. the system to the left of the screen will start out maybe tomorrow but more on friday. why are you cooling it off? because they are 48 and no wind. it had had still be hot. i just don't think it will be hot as yesterday. palo alto 58. so is redwood city. 30s up in the mountains. 44 ukiah. cold there. i mean, relatively speaking.
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get a good look at the ridge, but right at the coast, even though it's shallow. the high-pressure system is absolutely squashing it. santa cruz cooled off yesterday. 68 today. os, 70s -- 60s, 70s and we'll have warm to hot conditions. it will be cooler by the way but then here comes the cooler weather for everybody. what caused the wrong automated phone message to be made to some peninsula residents telling them to evacuate?
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7:14. it will had still be in the upper 80s to the 90s. san mateo county has apologized to hundreds of people in east palo alto who were mistakenly told to evacuate yesterday. the office of emergency services was trying to send out a message about an upcoming city council meeting. instead, the same automated message used during last month's san bruno pipeline explosion was sent. officials shut down the system when they learned they were sending the wrong message. construction on homes in houston could be underway in a
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few months. the city county has voted to fast-track the process for this and are waiving the fees. some say they are not sure if they want to rebuild. >> i don't know if we can rebuild until we know that's gone. would you come back and live next a bomb? that's what it is. >> donations at last night's council meeting, representatives from the san francisco giants presented checks, totaling almost $120,000 for the san bruno victim's funds. san bruno officials say money keeps coming in. an independent administrator will eventually distribute the funds to the victims of the disaster. new questions after a ban on
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deepwater drilling. it's not sure when the jobs put on hold will come back. the drilling will probably not resume for a few weeks. according to the federal government, 8,000 to 12,000 jobs were lost when the moratorium was put in right after the bp disaster. well, it's not still not clear how a federal judge ally decision on the military's don't ask/don't tell policy will be effected. this ends the military's controversial 17-year old ban on openly gay troops. justice department attorneys have 60 days to file an appeal. and the justice department has taken steps in support of the defensive marriage act. that's a federal law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.
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the justice department is appealing to judges in massachusetts who called the law unconstitutional. president obama wants to see the defensive marriage act repealed. 7:17. there is a surprising new analysis this morning about who is donating big money to candidates running in the upcoming elections. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on who the most generous contributors are and how much they are giving local politicians. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning. we hear so much about special interest groups trying to influence elections like big oil and big banks but we have been studying the numbers and this time around it looks like retirees could be the big deciders. let's take a look here at the
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nationwide totals. according to the non-partisan website, retirees are giving $98 million in political contributions. locally, barbara boxer get the most money from retirees, $632,000. her challenger, carly fiorina brought in significantly less. >> we expect this will be the biggest mid-term election for retirees in terms of what they are taking out and putting the money in the pockets of politicians. >> reporter: while barbara boxer seem to be benefiting the most from this retiree sunk, nationwide it's the republican candidates that seem to be benefiting more. back to you. >> thank you. at least two southern
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california adult film companies have suspended projection because of -- [ no audio ] the most dramatic h.i.v. scare in the porn industry was in 2004 when companies were shut down for about a month. a berkeley teacher will soon be back on the job after being fired and what she was accused of doing to a principal.
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one way fares are expected to cost $18 between san francisco and oakland. we want to check in with tara. a lot of deer on the road. >> we've seen quite a few accidents along 101. please take it slowly on the roadways. right now we're going to head
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to the south bay, traffic on the right had-hand side northbound extremely packed right now. give yourself some extra time if you're in this area. or if you can, take mass transit. it's a spare the air day. okay. metering lights are on. finally, we have an accident to report, a three-car crash in san francisco 101 northbound at caesar chavez exit. give yourself some extra time. this is a look at your driving.
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cooler weekend. ocean beach, 52 to 66 in the financial district. a good 20-degree drop for some. especially over by the marina district and outer richmond and oath beach. temperatures there are noticably cool earl. the ridge is building northward. as it does, it's also moving. 60s 80s, 90s. clearlake oaks is 37 degrees. 37. mount tam is 71. 41 in the pope valley. there are cooler readings. san carlos, 60 degrees. hot today for some. cooler for others. the cooler is right by the immediate coast. 80s to 90s and low 90s. we're losing the offshore wind. that means temperatures really start to drop tomorrow. a much cooler weekend. dave and tori?
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>> thank you, steve. what has been working in rescuers' favor trying to free those trapped chilen miners. this is san francisco, a live picture. hotel workers have walked off the job early this morning. >> reporter: hundreds of "sew you think you can -- of" so you think you can dance "hopefuls are lined up here.
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33 men in chile have been trapped underground for two months. these are live pictures. a 14th man is being pulled out a half-mile from the earth's surface. the rescue capsule is not rotating as much as predicted on its ascent. the current pace, all 33 miners should be out before sunrise tomorrow. [ applause ] >> you are looking at one of the more emotional rescues of 63-year-old mario gomez.
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after reaching the surface and clutching his wife, he bowed to his knees and clutched the chilen flag. go nez has been working in this job for 52 years. he's the oldest miner. people calling this rescue are calling this nothing short of a miracle. >> the whole world has been waiting for this moment. it's just a happy ending. it's just incredible. incredible. >> pedro ordenez, a native of chile, watched it on tv from a san francisco restaurant. we've got an update on a story we've been following for you all morning. police in fairfield have new information about the tragic
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deaths of two young twin girls. jade hernandez has the update and the new information. jade? >> reporter: good morning. we're live in front of the apartment complex where firefighters were first called out to put out a fire and then they discovered the two twin girls. firefighters quickly realized that the fire hadn't killed the girls. the 3-year-old twins had cuts and stabbed you wounds. also inside the apartment, the twin's brother, she, too, suffered stab wounds but police say they appear to have self- inflicted. the mother is expected to survive. a sergeant with the fairfield police department confirmed this morning the department is investigating this as a murder/attempted suicide. firefighters responded to the fire across the street from their fire station around 10:30. >> the fire department made entry and discovered two miner
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children deceased. and an adult female suffering from injuries not sustained from the fire. they appear to be self- inflicted. >> reporter: we watched investigators pull evidence bags out of the apartment within the last few hours. still, a lot of questions this morning. police are not releasing the mother's name. we don't know if she lived with anyone else or where the father of the twins might be. police did not have a chance to speak to the mother before she went to surgery. now, the news conference is scheduled for 11:00. that's with the fairfield police department. that update should allow us more information in this ongoing investigation. reporting live in fairfield, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:33. a three-alarm fire ripped through two apartments in the six unit building in vacaville. this happened just before 1:30
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in the area of grandville and hillview drive. we're told everyone got out safely. the red cross is helping out displaced residents with a place to stay. we're following a developing story in front. 850 workers at union square hilton hotel walked off the job just a few hours ago. these are live pictures from the start of a six-day strike. police are on hand trying to keep people on the sidewalk. the union square location, by the way, is hilton's second largest hotel in the nation. [ chanting ] >> meanwhile, it's day two of the three day strike by nurses across the bay at oakland's children's hadn't. about 800 nurses walked off the
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job. children's hospital has fired replacement nurses to care for patients during the work stoppage. 7:34. authorities in pleasant hill are warning residents about a mountain lion on the loose. it was first reported about 9:00 last night and ellerwood drive. people were calling the police about this mountain lion. they responded with their weapons and they saw it. police say the mountain lion was not aggressive. it was last seen moving out in the open fields. residents you are told to stay inside along with your pets and automated calls were made by the sheriff's department. you are being asked to stay away. if you do see it immediately, call police. belmont police are looking for a man who wore a batman mask and false vampire teeth to rob a fast-food restaurant. police say the man walked into
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the mcdonald's at el camino real last night and demanded money. he made out with an undisclosed amount. he was last seen in a honda with a black top. police are investigating two hate crimes that took place on the uc berkeley campus last week. on tuesday, police discovered anti-muslim stickers on the students for justice in palestinian display board. the next day police found anti- historic graffiti on the first floor of the campus building. if you have any information on these hate crimes you are asked to contact the uc police department. san jose city officials want a new fee and possibly a new tax to pay for badly needed road maintenance. the city was recently listed as the biggest city with one of the worst road conditions.
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the city council supports measure b upon the november ballot for an additional $10 vehicle registration fee. city officials may also consider a new parcel tax in the near future. we want to check in with say -- with tara now. >> i can't keep up with them. they keep popping up. right here, 101 north at lawrence expressway, we have an injury accident there. this one just popped up. it may be some time before they can move that over to the shoulder and get that taken care of. if we take a live look at 280 san jose, this is south of where both of those accidents occurred. you can see on the right-hand side that's northbound traffic, extremely heavy right now. it's been this way for the past
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little while. there is a very pretty shot of the sun coming in. definitely give yourself some extra time there. this backs up to the macarthur maze. steve? >> yes. >> what's going on? it's sunny. even in san francisco we could have a pretty big drop in temperatures. the sea breeze has not kicked in. highs 60s to 90s. a red flag warning ended at 6:00 a.m., still a little breezy. but at the surface hardly any wind at all. it will be cooler for all as we head into the weekend. kind of a quiet pattern, we had had had a warmup. in san francisco, 52 to 66 in the financial district. temperatures are climb coming down a little bit.
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potrero hill, china basin, around 59. 60. 80 for the high today. today could be really tough depending upon where you are and this then i think the sea breeze kicks in. the ridge is really building northward underneath that, the fog is there, but it's being smashed because of that high coming in. there is some very warm air aloft. now, we only had three records. san francisco, 80. the record is 93 in 2004. same for santa rosa, 2004, when they were 99. 1961 for oakland, 89. 1978 for mountain view, 95. again, 1901 for san jose, 93. we'll go 90 today. 71 mount tam. request there's some really cool readings for a few.
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polk county. vallejo, san carlos 60. mild for some. tahoe, truckee, below freezing. ukiah 44. sacramento, 54. 50s and 60s up and down the coast. yesterday the fog made it up to monterey. as it builds north, it will build east. fog on the coast, that's about the only place it will be. not as much wind. but still, 80s, 90s away from the coast. i think the fog starts to cool down and then we'll carry that into a cooler weekend. the line has been getting longer all morning outside oakland's paramount theater. people are there to audition because they think they can dance. claudine wong is there with some of the would-be contestants. these guys are a lot more flam boyant than the "american idol" tryouts. >> reporter: now they have the
7:41 am
cameras out to show, take a look at their moves, and they are very excited to show off what they can do. green is the co-executive producer. tell us what they have to do to catch your eye? >> they just have to catch our eye, their personality. anything that makes them stand out from the crowd. >> this is yu first time toot bay area. are you looking -- [ inaudible ] >> we've never been to the bay area because normally we're in l.a. there's new faces have i -- i have never seen before. >> tell me about what it takes
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to get everyone through? >> today shouldn't be too bad, show us what you can do. [ inaudible ] >> perform for us and show us you have personality, you have talent. something good about you. this is for season 8. we're excited to be in the bay area. >> well, thank you for joining us this morning. again, they are getting ready. this is something that you are gonna see, this won't air this summer. you're getting a preview of what you might see. but we have a lot of different
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fun personalities out here. they did tell us if you are watching this and didn't know the auditions were going on, they say come on down and they will take a look at how much skill you have. >> a lot of energy down there. that's for sure. thank you. some heated exchanges. we'll discuss the highlights of the last gub na another yul debate -- gubernatorial debate.
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the two candidates for governor are back on the trail after their debate last night. "the chronicle's" carla marinucci was at the debate and
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joins me live. it seemed like a noisy crowd last nye. what was the atmosphere like? >> this was a harsh and contentious debate, have i to say. this was the final chance for these two to go toe to to. one-fifth of california voters are still undie undecided. it was not a pretty site. the debate discussed whitman hiring an undocumented aide and jerry brown's sexist slur. it was not a pretty debate. >> ther was also one sharp exchange over capital gains tax. let's listen. >> how much money will you save if these tax breaks were in effect this year or last year? [ applause ] >> you know what? i'm an investor and investors
7:48 am
will benefit from this and so will job creators and i was a job creator. [ applause ] >> that was 0 of justly a big difference that -- the two different candidates were able to highlight that about. >> it's a half answer and, therefore, a -- >> she had a weaker performance in the last two debates. she came out swinging. she had the sound bites. she was on the attack and brown was the more charming, gregarious in the last two debates. that wasn't there last night. he seemed more cranky. and i think missed opportunities on the attack with her. this was a debate in which meg whitman it in a lot of ways dominated the discussion and i didn't think that jerry brown did as well this time. >> if we still have the exchange where jerry brown almost made a slip of the
7:49 am
tongue and whitman pointed it out. >> i wanted to ask one more thing on the cops. i have the police chief in my pocket, backing me because i know they are -- they know i am tough on crime. >> the endorsements were important. brown tried to go on the attack saying she's given to police and firefighters on the issue of pension reform. she went back to him and said he's owned by the union. this has been a point in their entire campaign. the democrats need to fire up their base. they got the big guns coming in. mish shill obama, and then president obama after that. jerry brown is banking on them to help get those young voters out. meg whitman just put $20
7:50 am
million of her own race last night. that mangs $184 million of her own bucks. she has the money to go forward and brown has to get the mojo. >> thank you, carla. you can see more of the debate last night. for more, go to and click on the election tab. third-party candidates were not allowed to take part in last night's debate. that included laura wells who showed up outside the debate to protest. >> the independent parties are not at the table. california's not at the table. the city of oakland is on
7:51 am
the verge of doubling the marijuana medical clubs it allows in the city. the city council voted unanimously to increase the number from four to eight. the ordinance would include a doubling the annual fees from $30,000 to $60,000 for each club. new dispensaries will also be charged a $5,000 application fee. they say increasing fees are needed to oversee these clubs. a full city council vote op this will take place next tuesday. it's nine minutes before 8:00. extra eyes will had had will be on the lookout where community ambassadors will patrol the streets. it was a free concert that really stopped traffic. what musicians face charges for a publicity stunt.
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man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous,
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maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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the coroner has identified the man killed during a fight outside a fairfield high school monday night. 29-year-old jamal terrell thornton was the victim. investigators say the deadly shooting outside the school had no connection to the school. there's a new push to reduce crime in oakland. there is now an ambassador
7:55 am
program between telegraph. the ambassadors will patrol the streets and report criminal activity. you can learn more about the program between 5:30 and 7:00 at their offices at 26th and telegraph. a little-known orange county rock band faces several charges for a publicity stunt that angered a lot of freeway drivers. they park their trucks across three lanes across highway 101 in los angeles and tried to give a free concert. it wasn't long before they were swarmed by the chp and police officers and were arrested. the driver fled with the keys. so the car had had to be towed. that caused more information. just what you need in leaks. we have something wild happening in our freeway. a major back up in the south bay and something more in the north bay. what's what happened -- what's
7:56 am
happened? >> we have the 101 completely backed up, as you can see. 280 as well in both directions. 101 northbound at da la cruz. we have some pipes blocking two of the lanes. this is all the way from 680 we're seeing this congestion. as we move northward, this accident was involving yet another motorcycle. you remember we saw at least five injury accidents involving motorcycles. one was fatal yesterday morning. perhaps this warm weather -- this looks like a four-vehicle accident. it has been cleared. but it's taking a toll on that southbound morning commute. at the bay bridge toll plaza, same story all morning since after 6:00 we've been seeing quite a bit of backup from the maze. give yourself extra time. the metering lights are in. the san mateo bridge, it's one of the only place we're not
7:57 am
seeing congestion. 7:5. 6. here's steve. fog made it to about the marin headlands. it stopped the northern push. some of the higher elevations still breezy. the red flag warning ended at 6:00. along ocean beach, 55. mill valley, 26. delores park, 64 right there at the ferry build, 65. and twin peeks, a very warm 70. you will get a wide variety of temperatures. ridge is building so it smashes that fog. 60s 70s by the beaches. 80s to near 90. low 90s inland. even napa/santa rosa at 48 going for 90. we're almost getting that 40- degree add-on to some of these lows. the system to the left of your
7:58 am
screen will had kind of move in. today, for a few, by the coast it will be fewer. i think the sea breeze is itching to get ready. it will probably be ready tomorrow and by the weekend we'll cool it down. a late-night fire call leads to a horrible discovery. we're getting new information on the death of twin girls in fairfield. a warning about a suspicious man at a local local college campus.
7:59 am
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>> reporter: i'm jade hernandez. police are investigating a murder-attempted suicide. we just spoke to a man who tried to save that mother and her daughters. we'll have that story coming up. the whole world is watching and so far, it's been a troubledle -- trouble-free rescue at that mine in chile.
8:01 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." >> we're getting new information right now on a tragic story we've been telling but all morning. we're getting information on the case and jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: authorities didn't find the bodies of those twin girls until after firefighters were called out here initially to put out a fire. about ten minutes ago, we spoke to a man who tried to save the woman and those two little girls who were inside the burning apartment. but he says the flames were too intense. >> we entered the room. there was so much smoke and heat. there was no sense in going in there and risking our own
8:02 am
lives. >> reporter: that man is a resident in the apartment complex. he says the mother involved in this has not lived in this complex very long. just a month or so. he says as a father it's rough knowing what happened here. the twins who died had had had cuts and stab wounds. also found inside of the apartment, the twin's brother, she too suffered stab wounds but police say they appear to be
8:03 am
self-inflicted. >> reporter: this is being investigated as a murder- attempted suicide. investigators are pulling bags of evidence out of the apartment. the police are not rerelease -- releasing the mother's name. norths plan to hold a news conference at 11:00 late ther morning. we get to get updated information about this investigation then. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you for the update. in other news, we've also been following the incredible developing news following chile. miner number 15 is now rescued and safe above ground after being trapped for two months in a coal mine. we're back there live. you can see some of the rescue workers there taking a
8:04 am
breather. we've also been watching the pictures of the crews and the family members well coming the miners. these crews have been working through the night, rescuing the coal miners one by one. there have been a lot of concerns about their heath and their possible problem. but the miners we've seen they've been wearing devices that monitor the vital signs and so far there are no reports of problems. the men are being examined quickly. [ applause ] >> this is one of the rescued miners right there. that hug speaks for itself. you can see them. the men were hoisted up inside of a very narrow cage coming up a half-mile from beneath the earth. once they come to the top. they are greeted with cheers and tears and hugs.
8:05 am
as they get back reunited with their loved ones. the third and final gubernatorial candidate turned personal for the candidates who are each fighting off recent controversies. the most heated happened when tom brokaw asked brown if he was someone in his campaign used a sexist slur referring to whitman which brokaw said is as offensive to women, just as much as the n-word is to men. >> this is a private conversation picked up by a cell phone. >> i think every woman knows what's going on here. >> have you chas sized your chairman, pete will so, who called the congress whores -- >> you know better than that. the fact that you are defending
8:06 am
your campaign -- the fact that you are defending your campaign -- >> then there was more debate about allegations that whitman was abusive to her house cleaner, an illegal immigrant. >> reporter: these are real people. these are mothers and dads and kids. and they have this fear, the fear that her -- that -- that her housekeeper had. by the way -- i don't want to get in to that story. i think it's a sorry tail. she didn't even get her a lawyer. >> polls show the two are in a dead heat. theretherethere is a warning about a peeping tom around berkeley. kraig debro is live at the campus out there with more. >> reporter: we've just been
8:07 am
given a look at the entrances. you will see that in a second. this is the ebb transto both the men's and women's locker room. now, the facilities director and a member of the security staff told me they believe the suspect is a member or stole i.d. to get in. police say a man wearing a black wig with a white towel covering his face got into the locker room. a student we spoke to is skeptical of the security here. >> well, i know there's other entrances going through the backor even going through the pool so maybe tighter restrictions on that. >> i did see someone on the aquatic staff unlock the door
8:08 am
and leave it open. we certainly haven't heard of anything happen like this at this particular facility on cam but. past the lobby there there is a station that would be very difficult to get bean. i want to show you about this aquatic center. we were here shortly after 5:00 and one of the staff members kame here, opened the gate. you probably can't see it because of the dimensions the tv. but it's propped open right now. and that's the way the person left it, propped open. 8:08. well, firefighters in oakland are warning this morning about fire danger even as they continue to mop up after a grass fire this morning in the oakland hills. newschopper2 was over it this morning. the fire started before dawn
8:09 am
near the intersection near redwood and pinehurst road. now, firefighters had it under control before they had a chance for it to spread. they say with the high temperatures we're expecting and the windy conditions, that risk of fire will be very high through the day. we want to check in with tara filling in for sal. it's a spare the air day. >> that's right. if you have the opportunity to take the trains or b.a.r.t., jump on board. there are a lot of cars out on the roadways and we're seeing a lot of accidents this morning. so it would be nice if you could just grab a train and go to work. right now we're going to head to the maps. this is a fender-bender involving a motorcycle involving a car. 580 westbound at the toll plaza. this is as you are getting on the richmond san rafael bridge. it's causing some delays.
8:10 am
at the bay bridge toll plaza, also very condition jested, metering lights have been on since after 6:00. 280. this has been a disaster for about an hour and a half. if you can avoid 280 san jose, definitely do so because you are gonna be stuck in it for a while. >> warm to hot, twin peaks, 70 degrees. temperatures anywhere from the upper 50s to 7 o the fog is making the -- it's starting to back off. it's still on the san mateo/santa cruz coastline but that's it. there's hardly any warning. the red flag warning ended at 6:00 a.m. cooler weekend for all. no, really. it will be but still, warm to
8:11 am
hot today. 59 ocean beach. they were down to 52. that fog pulled off. the temperature comes out. mill valley, south of market, 6. delores park is also 64. there's twin peaks at 70 degrees. the ridge of high pressure, there it goes. up it goes. so the fog running into resistance. north of marin county. tried to make a push but it's not going to make it today. we'll go 80 in san francisco but there could be anywhere from about 68 to 85 in the city. just depends upon where you are. oakland, 86. the record, 89. santa rosa, 91. 99 is the error, not that long ago, 2004, mountain view, 88. have to hit 95 to get a record. 2, napa/santa rosa to 64 in san
8:12 am
jose. everyone's very close. napa and santa rosa did dip. some locations very cool. others very, very warm already. that's a pretty good ridge of high pressure. underneath that the fog is trying. it's trying. but the ket line everywhere else it will be sunny and warm to hot. it looks like the fog will start to creep back in on thursday. cool down the bay and then friday, here it comes for all and then during the weekend we'll be in the 70s. back to you. >> thank you, steve. some people got quite frightened after a recorded phone message. and surprising big donors in the upcoming election. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning 6789. 8:15. temperatures, 80s to 90s. the openly tricky call is by the coast. a little cooler there but in the city, anywhere from 70 to about 85. >> okay, steve. 8:15. san mateo county apologizing to hundreds of east palo alto residents who were mistakenly told to investigate yesterday. the office of emergency services was trying to send out a message about an upcoming city council meeting. instead, the same automated
8:16 am
message used during the san bruno pipeline explosion, that was accidentally set out. officials shut down that message system when they found out it was sending the wrong message. construction on new homes in the fire zone in san bruno could begin in a couple of months. the city council voted to fast track the permit process. they are also waiving permit fees. some say they are not sure they want to rebuild. >> i don't know if we can build until we know that that pipeline is gone. would you come back and live next to a bomb? i mean, that's literally what it is. it's another ticking time bomb. last night at the meeting representatives from the san francisco giants presented checks totaling almost $120,000 for the san bruno's victims' fund. san bruno officials say the money keeps coming in.
8:17 am
an independent administrator will distribb beua those funds -- distribute those funds. alison burns is live in our washingtond.c. with the most generous contributors and how much they are giving politicians this election season. >> reporter: good morning. retirees are on track to donate more to candidates this time around than any other mid-term election cycle. most of that money is going to republican candidates. also take take a look. retirees are giving a whopping $98 million in political contributions to national races this election cycle. we targeted the races and found that barbara boxer gets the most money, $632,000.
8:18 am
her challenge, carly fiorina, brought in about $448,000 from retirees. >> to say they are a big force in this election cycle would be an understatement. they are one of the biggest forces. they have the motivation, money and oftentimes they have the time. >> now, senator barbara boxer ranks number 7 nationwide among senate candidates getting big money from retirees. she's the only democratic senate candidate in the top ten. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. it is 8:18. a media report about potential fraud within the california army national guard is prompting a probe. an internal investigation has been launched that a guard gave
8:19 am
some recruits money. 8:18. new this morning, defense secretary robert gates says abruptly ending the military's don't ask/don't tell policy would have enormous consequences for the troops. >> this comes a day after federal judge virginia phillips declared the law unconstitutional. following a two-week trial in riverside. the landmark ruling end the controversial 17-year-old ban on openly gay troops. the justice department have 60 days to file an appeal. >> and the u.s. justice department has taken steps in support in the defense of marriage act. that's the federal law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. the jut tis department is
8:20 am
appealing rulings who called that law unconstitutional. president obama has said he wants to see the defensive marriage act repealed. however, the justice department is defending its constitutionality. a transgender woman is suing the lpga. "the new york times" reports that the 56-year-old woman filed the suit over a requirement saying all competitors must be female at birth. the woman underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2005 and followed the lawsuit in san francisco saying the policy violates california's civil rights laws. she wants the event to be held somewhere else other than california until it's changed. but the blackhawks runs form
8:21 am
and -- and -- but the blackhawks run is this weekend.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:23. at least two southern california adult movie companies suspended their productions because of an h.i.v. scare. at least one performer has
8:24 am
tested positive for h.i.v. this is the first known case in the porn industry in more than a year. now a.i.d.s. activists are calling for regulation on using protection while they film. the most dramatic h.i.v. scare in the porn industry was back in 2004, when an outbreak forced the shutdown of about 30 companies for a about a month. a planned outage of a computer server over the holiday weekend is causing headaches for the irs. that's because they couldn't brick the system back up to operation. the glitch came four days before the 2009 returns for those who got extensions in april. the royce says the outage -- the royce says the outage doesn't appear to have caused huge problems and have notified of the glitch. dmv offices, including ones
8:25 am
in walnut creek, and concord have experienced a strength of computer meltdowns in the past few months, due in part to the rollout of california's new $62 million computer photo i.d. system. the dmv says the glitches are to be expected. but say the problems appear to be diminishing. let's go to tara. see what's happening out there. there is a pedestrian accident 0 now, right? >> that's correct. it happened earlier this morning. chp did not list it on their website but we've just crossed it on the wires. a portion of el camino real down in sunnyvale has been shut down. now, this happened -- near mathilda avenue. all we know, it was an accident involving a car and a pedestrian. and they expect the roadway to be open in a couple of minutes. probably about five to ten minutes. we just spoke to someone down there a representative and they say it should be clear. >> we're going to head to the
8:26 am
bay area bridges, a look at the been toll plaza shows it's been backed up. give yourself extra time or take b.a.r.t. the traffic is moving well on all three bridges. so a good commute. back to the desk. sorry, sorry. steve. good morning. we have sunshine already for nearly everybody. a little bit of fog, san mateo, santa cruz coastline. but it looks like it's peeling off of the san mateo coast and kind of hanging out around the coastline. nice place to hang out. 71, mount tam. two degrees warmer than yesterday. so still some very warm air aloft. clearlake oaks up in lake county,ing dipped to 37. pope valley, east napa county, 41. vallejo, benicia, crockett, all at 57. san carlos, a very mild 60 degrees and temperatures will continue to stay on that cool side for some with temperatures starting to warm up pretty fast
8:27 am
here. ocean beach is at 59. they were down to 52. mill valley, south of market, 62. delores park. a very mild day. another warm to hot day as temperatures recover but still the overnight lows are cooler. it will still be hot. we'll go 90 today. temperatures will continue to be all over the map due to either wind or no wind. but today, 60s to 90s. upper 80s and lower 90s inland. it will be cooler for the weekend, dave. >> all right. thank you. a late-night fire call leads to a horrifying discovery in fairfield. >> i tried to kick the door and it wasn't happening. >> we're finding out more about a tragedy that involves a mom and her twin girls. also, updates on the amazing rescue of the 33
8:28 am
trapped coal miners in chile. here is a live picture of what's happening. and the gifts that one of the men gave out.
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning. welcome back. 8:30. we're finding out more about the fairfield mother accused of killing her twin girls and then setting the apartment on fire. this happened on north texas street. jade hernandez is joining us
8:31 am
now. she's in fairfield with all of the details. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we spoke it a man who had no idea when he attempted to save whoever was in the burning apartment complex behind me that a mother had killed her children according to police and set the fire. >> it's sad. i wish it never would have happened. >> reporter: that man you just heard from, rushed to see if he could get inside the apartment but he said the flames were too intense. they couldn't even open the front door. firefighters were called across the street from their fire station around 10:30. once inside, they discovered twin girls. they had been stabbed. the mother had wounds, but they say those were self-inflicted. the mother went to the hospital, underwent surgery, and is expected to survive. a sergeant with the police
8:32 am
department says they are investigating this as a murder- attempted suicide. >> she's only been here about a month, month and a half, so i never got to meet her. but the kids would play together outside. >> reporter: everyone is asking why, this morning, including that man you heard from who is a raz at the summit at paradise valley amounts. he heard the woman had a husband but he's not seen him. there are a lot of travis air force individuals who live here. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. the incredible rescue of the chilen miners. 15 of the 33 men who have been
8:33 am
trapped for two months are now safely above ground. [ cheers ] >> that's mario stepelveda, renew iting with -- rue uniting with his loved ones. he was the second man to be pulled from the ground. he brought up rocks and gave them out as presents. >> the professionals are the ones who contributed. >> another emotional moment was the rescue of 63-year-old mario gomez after reaching the surface and embracing his wife, he dropped to his knees and
8:34 am
bowed his head in prayer. he's been working in the mines for 50 years, sings he was about 12 years old -- since he was about 12 years old. he suffers from a lung disease and has been called the spiritual leader. the rescued men have been undergoing medical exams and are said to be doing refly well. >> now, people here in the bay area are closely watching the rescue which they call nothing sort of a miracle. >> the whole world has been waiting for this moment. it's a happy ending. it's just incredible. incredible. [ cheers ] >> pedro ordonez, 0 natoive of chile, watched the rescue from a restaurant in san francisco. we are streaming this live on
8:35 am
our website, we're following a developing story in san francisco. we'll take you live to this. we're right in the middle of a picket line with these live pictures between 500 and 600 workers at the union square hilton hotel walked off the job just a couple of hours. again, these are live pictures from right in the middle of the picket line. this is sort of -- this is the start of the six-day strike. the workers say they want to be locked into a current contract. the hilton's general manager says they want to continue negotiations. >> we need to get back to the table. this doesn't benefit the employees, it doesn't benefit san francisco. >> the hilton says ten-year are full hi -- the hilton says they are fully staffed to handle the strike. [ chanting ]
8:36 am
>> in the meantime, this is day two of a three-day strike by nurses at oakland's children's hospital. about 800 union workers walked off the job to protest a contract dispute. >> officials say costs have gone up 80% in just five years. children's hospital has hired replacement nurses to take care of patients during this work stoppage. authorities in pleasant hill are warning residents about a mountain lion on the loose t was first reported about 9:00 last night near morello avenue. officers who responded, some with weapons drawn later did spot the animal. police say the mountain lion was not aggressive. residents were told to stay inside along with their pets. residents who see it are being asked to stay away and to
8:37 am
immediately call police. time is now 8:36. police in bellmont are looking for a man who wore a batman mask and fake vampire teeth as he robbed the mcdonald's last night and demanded money. he got away with an undisclosed amount of money. that man was last seen leaving irrelevant yaw in a silver two- door honda with a block top. if you have any information, contact belmont police. >> police are investigating two hate crimes that occurred on the uc berkeley campus. police discovered anti- muslim stickers on the students for justice and palestinian display board on the gate bridge. police found anti-hispanic graffiti the next day on the first floor of the campus building. if you have any information about these hate crimes contact the ucsf police department.
8:38 am
tara aback. we have a problem in -- tara's back. we have a problem in millbrae. what happened? >> a big rig is leaking fuel. let's show you exactly where we're talking about right here -- there we go. eastbound millbrae avenue onramp to southbound 101. as we said, crews are mopping it up right now. so hopefully it won't be causing too much of a traffic jam. can you see there is a little bit of a slowdown.
8:39 am
right now we're gonna head to 101 in san francisco. it's very slow going, headed to the bay bridge. those folks are just inching along. so it's definitely tough getting across. this would be a good day to take mass transit if you can. 880 in oakland, also slow going northbound on the right-hand side as you pass the oakland coliseum. >> what's happening? >> bedo have clear skies except for some fog, san mateo/santa cruz coastline. for many of you you were snoozing. it made it all the way to point reyes, put on the brakes and then peeled back. temperatures are cooler for many right by the water's edge. some fog by the coast. it will be hot. highs, 60s to 90s. red flag ended.
8:40 am
oakland, berkeley hills. it will be cooler as we head to the weekend. 50s to 70s. 59, ocean beach. now, the fog runs into too much in the way of the high pressure. the wind is calm little everywhere else. fog right by the coast. just right there. warm to hot inland. 60s, 70s, the days are getting shorter. without the northeast wind you can reach 90 but the sunset is pretty fast. we've had some 30s and 40s. now we're in the 50s and os. 32 even up in tahoe. 45 ukiah. they were down to 44. 50s and 60s. monterey, now, 52. that system trying to work its way in will fall apart. as it gets closer. it will increase the fog. today, the high pressure wins out. 80s and 90s warm to hot. the fog is out there.
8:41 am
by the time it arrives, it usually kicks in a sea breeze. a little bit more fog thursday and then here comes the fog bank friday into the weekend. tori and dave? >> it's 20 minutes now before 9:00. one east bay city could grow the medical marijuana access. it's a plan that could double the size of operation. [ chanting ] you are looking at the folks here for "so you think you can dance" audition. a
8:42 am
8:43 am
the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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in chile, 15 of the 33 trapped miners have been pulled to safety inside a small metal cage. we're looking at live pictures right now. the rescued men have been having medical exams and all are said toen doing relatively fine. the gubernatorial debate between whitman and brown turned personal. both were fighting off recent controversy. the candidates disagreed on
8:45 am
most of the issues. this fire here is under control. it's near redwood and pinehurst roads. firefighters say the risk is very high because of hot, windy conditions. fire conditions are also in effect for bay area national marks. a three-alarm fire ripped through two apartments in a six- unit building in vacaville. that happened just before 1:30 in the area of grandview and hillview drive. still not clear how the fire started but we understand that everybody got out safely. the red cross is helping displaced residents find a place to live. city leaders in san bruno have invited representatives from pg&e to attend their council meeting tonight. council members still have a long list of tough questions involving last month's
8:46 am
disastrous pipeline explosion. there's still no final word whether anyone from pg&e will astep. in the meantime, pg&e has unveiled the safety plan. it intends to replace pipeline valves with automatic shutoffs. the utility plans to install the first automatic shutoff in highly populate areas. but see far there's no timetable. 8:46. general motors is preparing emergency workers for a possible accident involving electric cars. chevrolet dave san francisco firefighters this three-hour class. they focused on the new volt which goes on sale next year. the training included how to shut off the car's electric power and where to cut the high length steel body -- high
8:47 am
strength steel body if someone had had happened to be trapped inside. a decision in san francisco has now cleared the way for a waterfront taxi service. john runs duck boat service for tourists along the san francisco waterfront. he's now won approval from the san francisco port operation to top rate the new taxi service and in return he will pay the port 7% of his revenues. a one-way fare between san francisco and oakland, that should cost about $18. oakland is on the verge of doubling the number of medical marijuana clubs it allows in
8:48 am
the city. the city council voted unanimously yesterday to increase the number from 4:00 to 8:00. the ordy nabs would -- ordinance would include a doubling of the fees of $1600 and a $5,000 application fee for new jobs. they say increased fees are needed to oversee the clubs. the full city council will vote next tuesday. in east palo alto, leaders are about to vote on a moratorium. the moratorium expires october 28th. the city attorney is recommending a new moratorium that would last almost a year. the line is getting longer. dancers are ready to you a dugs because they think they can -- audition already because ten- year think they can dance. claudine wong is right there. this is all about the show "so
8:49 am
you think you can dance" and you know all about it, claudine. >> reporter: yes. i want you to remember what you are seeing now because this is kind of a behind the scenes -- as they are shooting all of those fun scenes you see when they open the show. i'm not gonna talk to them because they are busy. the front of the -- the people in the front of the line have been out here since 1:30 this morning, hopeing for a chance to go through the so you think you can dance show. >> this line stretches around the corner all the way to the next block. tease are can'ters that have come -- these are dancers that have come from all over the
8:50 am
state, from salsa dance, to hip- hop to a variety of other variety of dancing. for the next couple of days, they are gonna come in here and they just have to be memorable. and then they -- [ inaudible ] >> it's a three-day process if you get through the whole thing. they will go into the auditorium in just a few minutes after they finish doing all of this production work to make sure the show is fun for viewers to watch next summer and then the real work begins. they've been training all of their lives. this is a dream for them. one person told us out here, she owns a dance studio in solano county and she has her kids and are out here pursuing dreams. you will get an inside look of
8:51 am
what it will be when the season hits the air this summer. if you are looking at this, saying i need to be down there. i think i can dance dance, the folks say -- i think i can dance, the folks say come on down. they will be giving everybody a chance -- [ inaudible due to background noise ] >> we're definitely getting a behind-the-scenes look there. >> yeah. >> good job, claudine. we're following big traffic problems during this morning's commute. tara moriarty will have an update when we come back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
taking a live look at the big board upon wall street, the triple-figure gain maybe because of upbeat earnings, jp morning, intel, helping push stocks higher. the dow is up 104. nasdaq is up 25. the s&p is up 10 1/2. apple investors are keeping a close look on their stock. today, they crossed the $3 a share benchmark and is trading
8:55 am
at 3.01.30 and climbing. the popular iphone will be available with verizon could be one reason for the boost. by the end of the week, the tablet computer will be on the shelves on some walmart stores. walmart prices will start at $499 which is the same as customers pay at apple store. well, the chirping that you hear of twitter is often ignored. that's according to a market research group that says 71% of all tweets go nowhere. they say of the 29% the people do pay attention to, just 6% are retweeted. the rest may get maybe a single response. the company says they studied 1.2 million tweets to come up
8:56 am
with that report. president obama is pushing congress to make a $2500 college tax credit permanent. the tuition tax credit which is due to expire at the end of this year, was part of the $800 billion economic stimulus bill the president signed in early 2009. the treasury department analysis says 2.5 million used the credit to help pay for college. the u.s. department of agriculture has just given $2 million to food behavior scientists. they want to help fight child obesity and have found that hiding chocolate milk behind the plain milk can entice children to make healthier choice. it was a stunt in l.a.
8:57 am
that probably backfired. a ban staged a jam session on on highway 101. they parked that truck in the middle of the freeway and got on top of the car and played a song called "traffic jam." it wasn't long until police came and they were arrest. a lot of drivers were delayed, as much as an hour. i'm sure they were disappointed and missed appointsments and probably said a lot of bad things we can't say. okay. tara, two more accidents in the east bay? >> that's correct. it keeps getting worse as the morning goes on. the driver of the van actually -- actually passed out. another accident 880 southbound. 237237237 milpitas.
8:58 am
here's steve. thank you, tara. sunshine across the board. a little bit of fog on the coast. it made it up to about point reyes and said i'm done. and then it started to burn back. it was either near san francisco ocean beach. now it's on the santa cruz, coast. cooler for everyone by the weekend. we're continuing to the rescue in chile with the miners being brought up. they have 16. should have all 33 up. you did see these on the website. thanks for watching.
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