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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 13, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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children's clothing. >> we're here today to discuss the horrific and tragic incident that occurred in our city last night. >> reporter: moody said at 10:40 last night, a sprinkler call triggered a call to 911 and summoned the fairfield fire department. >> fairfield fire department gained entry into the apartment and discovered a female with lacerations and injuries not consistent with a fire. >> reporter: moments later, firefighters found the 3-year- old twins deceased, also with lacerations. neighbors such as this woman tried to help last night len they saw smoke. the door was locked. >> i tried to shoulder the door and kick it in. it just wasn't happening. police say the 28-year-old mother had moved to fairfield from out of state within the past few months. the father of the children lives elsewhere. investigators say they are confident the mother is responsible. >> the doors were locked. the windows were locked.
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there was no way that could have been done from the outside. >> reporter: what's missing a -- what's missing is a motive. both police and neighbors want answers to. >> to see them bring the kids outside, it was -- there's nothing you can say. >> that was ken ken pritchett reporting. he also brings us a picture of the mother in this case. investigators say because of the woman's injuries she was unable to unable to speak before surgery last night. the ntsb today released its preliminary report about what happened the night a natural gas pipeline exprouded -- exploded killing eight people. they say pg&e was working on the power supply system at the milpitas droll system when it lost power to a regulating valve. pressure which runs all the way to san bruno started rising and falling but it apparently never
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exceeded its limit at 6:11:00 p.m., it ruptured, the report does not say how the pressure changes may have compromised the pipeline. you can read the full report on the ntsb's final report on the cause of the explosion isn't expected until sometime next year. people from all over the world watched as one by one chile's trapped miners rode in a narrow capsule to be rescued. [ laughter ] >> over the past 24 hours, the careful extraction effort has brought 30 of the 33 miners a half-mile up to the surface ending their 69-day ordeal. >> they gave us back our lives. it's incredible, there we interest, down 700 meters and they -- and they recovered us. >> the effort has had fewer problems than experts expected.
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at times the experts were being rescued at the rate of one every 25 minutes. chile's president greeted one miner as he reached above, welcome to life. >> here's live pictures from chile as the rescue operation continues. joining us live on the phone is alonso cook. the pictures and scenes of the families being reunited are -- i saw one boy burst into tears when his father was brought up. what have been the -- what have the moments like for you? >> reporter: well, it was equivalent to the man on the
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moon moment. it was an emotional avalanche, avalos, as he came up to the surface. i was greeted by his wife and young son but to me the family that really stuck out was -- it was the joker of the pack, sepulveda. he was the number two guy to the surface. he put down the bag and said, hey, i got some presents for you and handed out several
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rocks he high-fived everyone and led them into a big chant of viva, chile! to see these men come out in such good spirits and in such good shape was truly astonishing. frank? >> it really is remarkable. live on the phone for us, alonso cook. thank you. and by the way, has a live webcast of the miners' rescue. you can catch it by going to the video on demand section on the front page. now, that the debates are over, the gubernatorial candidates are going full steam ahead with meg whitman pouring another $20 million into her own campaign and jerry brown releasing a new attack ad. randy shandobil talked with whitman today and joins us live with more. >> jerry brown's new ad hits
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whitman close to home. >> meg whitman's ads have endorsed jerry brown for governor. >> the hometown newspaper said it best. sheet utterly lacks the qualitycation to to be governor -- qualitycations to be governor. >> that's your hometown ad. >> i think career politicians hide behind their record and rig the game so that, you know, they say no one else has the experience to do the job. >> again, he's just quoting a newspaper. >> you know, newspapers make decisions every day about what they are gonna do. who really matters is the voters of california and what they think and who they think is the best person they think to lead the state out of the fiscal state. >> the most contentious moment came when brown was asked to explain the tape recording of someone in his campaign referring to whitman as a
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qwhore." >> this is a private 5-week-old private conversation picked up an -- picked up on a cell phone with a gather belled transscripp shun. but i will say the campaign apologized promptly and i confirm that apology tonight. >> did you feel he was contrite? >> i was stunned to see how insensitive he was to that word and how many women feel about it. i was surprised by his reaction. >> shortly after the debate, brown tried to turn the heat back on whitman for her housekeeper problem. >> that's enough. i would like to use the same zeal to get whitman to apologize to her housekeeper. who was treely -- who was really treated shabbily. that was not a word. that's action. >> those are not the issues facing california. the real issues are pensions and taxation and spending and things like that. >> those are the issues but
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negative ads having little to do with the issues often work. two weeks, six days until election day. randy shandobil, ktvu channel 2 news. an east bay attorney is calling for an investigation of an oakland group that received money to educate voters in the city. michael cardoza said $25 heart attack was received to educate voters in east and west oakland on the city's new ranked choice voting program. >> they were supposed to spend six weeks doing that. they, in fact, spent four days. shortly there after, that same group went back into the community and began campaigning on behalf of jean for mayor. >> we don't have a relationship with her. we never paid anything to go out and advocate. we went out and explained the trotters in oakland that they would have three choices for
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voter this year. >> monty says he believes cardoza and his clients have ties to don perata and that's what's behind the complaint. cardoza wants to make sure there's no use of public fund for political purposes. californians have until midnight on monday to register to vote in the moisture 2nd election. with three weeks to go before the election, nearly 17 million californians are already registered. democrats represent the majority with 44% of registered voters while republicans make up 31%. about one in five voters declined to stay the party presence. for all of the information go to clique the election 2010 tab. workers of the biggest hotel in san francisco are walking the picture ket line. these are live pictures outside the hilton hotel. they say management's latest contract offer is unfair and that they will stay off the job
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for six days. the hilton workers are among 9,000 san francisco hotel workers who have been without labor contracts now for 14 months. wall street rallied again today on expectations that the fed will resume large-scale buying of treasury bonds next month. [ closing bell ] >> the hopes that the reserve will take a more active role in the recovery were with also boosted by higher than expected earnings for intel and j.p. morgan chase. the dow was up to close at 11,096. the nasdaq climbed 23 points. for more financial and consumer news any time, visit a man who acted as if he had a gun robbed a supermarket in oakland. police say the man got away from 2,000 store from the lucky store on mack care ther. that was around 10:30 this northerning. the robbery -- this morning. the robbery stunned regulars
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there. >> i've never heard of anybody robbing the store. >> i just never -- just never thought of it like that. >> witnesses describe the robber as a black man, 6 feet to 6 if the 2" wearing a hooded -- 6'2" wearing a hooded sweatshirt. the police asking is asking the court for an injunction against the gang along international boulevard. it will give residents safety zones in certain areas where gang members are can -- gang members cannot gather. some said to us today it won't work. [ laughter ] >> the gang injunction, it don't matter to me and i don't think this matter to anybody else. they not gonna stop what i'm doing. >> the request would request 42 named gang members from associationating and recruiting
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the giants loose bed up at at&t park before heading east, it was a little reflection on what's been accomplished soy far in addition to thinking
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about the beginning of the series in philadelphia on saturday. veteran baseball observers might be surprised at the impact rookie catcher buster posey has had on this team but it's no surprise to posey. >> when i got here, this is what you expect. you expect to play well. you expect to win. you expect to be in this situation. having said that we're not done yet. we still have work to do. >> one consistent theme on the 2010 giants has been unselfishness. from pat burrell to cody ross to nate sherr holts. >> he was on the couch three months ago. >> you can get the 25 guys to all believe in one thing and then -- and that's winning but that before anything else, it's real easy for guys to come together and play.
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>> saturday agame in philadelphia be one of the post postseason matchups for pitching in history. the giants go with tim lincecum. the phils will counter with roy halladay who threw just the second no-hitter in postseason history last week against the cincinnati reds. >> the giants did provide a bit of pitching news. bruce bochy said he will go with lincecum, and then jonathan sanchez for the two games in philadelphia, it will be matt cain starting game three back in san francisco tuesday. that way the giants will go right, left, right, for the first three games of the series with the pitchers. some female uc berkeley students are on edge after a man was spotted in a locker room taking pictures. a man snuck into a women's locker room and was seen taking cell phone pictures. police say he entered the
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locker room at least twice now week. i.d.s are checked but some students say they could have gotten in other twice. >> i know there are other entrances going through the back or the pool. >> if the suspect is described as a male, in his 20s, 5'5", dark build and thin hair. the largest area is the golden gate area which covers 80,000 acres over three counties. park officials say they know some people are surprised to hear that the ban includes san francisco. >> san francisco is a surprisingly dry area for how much fog we've had. we haven't had rain in many months. we don't expect rain for months. that's the way the weather works in san francisco. the park service issued the ban after the national weather
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service posted another red flag warning signifying extreme fire danger. >> people near the coast had a bit of a break today. bill martin? >> the big cooldown was coast and bay side today. maybe 5 degrees cooler. about the same inland. the big change is the fog. the red flag warning is gone. the heat warning is gone. the spare the air day is still up. things are changing around. we go outside. you can see, i got the current conditions in napa and in concord. you see 91 degrees there and you see 90 in oakland at the airport. take a look right down there. there you see the coastal fog working its way up the coast. it's been sitting there all day. it was in ocean beach early this morning but it burned back. the pressure gradient is still slightly offshore but i would say by sunset the fog will be back at the coast at the golden gate bridge. maybe 8:30, 9:00. the fog's coming back. of course, that's why we will
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not see a red flag warning tomorrow. the humidity comes up. the temperatures go down. fire danger takes a break. air quality gets better and there's no heat warning. it will still be hot inland. you will still find upper 80s. maybe low 90s. but along the coast instead of 70s you are looking at 60s, mid- 60s. along the bay, 70s. the extended forecast, a cooling train so this trend coming coming near, concord maybe 90. san jose, downtown, mid-80s something like that. coastal fog at the beach tomorrow morning it will be very dense. i don't think it will get up much past the south of market area. golden gate park out in the richmond and sunset district you will be seeing plenty of fog and maybe even a little bit of drizzle.
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high pressure is the story. it has weakened. as it weakens, we begin to cool down. when i come back i will show you what cities will be the coolest in the coming days. >> see you then. thank you, bill. the blue buffalo company is recalling dog food containing high levels of vitamin d. a few dogs have experienced lethargic, increased drinking. the company says the dog food was contaminated when it was manufactured right after vitamin d supplements were made in the same mixing machines. >> people are being washed that a -- washed that a mountain lion may be roaming in the northwest part of the city on bramlewood lane. animal control officers followed the mountain lion and tried to move it back to nearby open space. residents are urged to avoid walking the dogs and jogging at
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dawn, dusk and night. anyone who sees. mountain lion should contact the police and take interest pets indoors. >> we'll go back live in a moment to chile. defense secretary robert gates is sounding alarm when it comes to the abrupt overturning of the don't ask/don't tell policy. what he says could happen in the military. and who you socialize with could soon influence your results?
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lobert gates warned that abruptly overturning the don't ask/don't tell policy could have huge consequences. he says the ban should be lifted if it will be after congress reviews it. >> i measured in my celebration largely because i think the obama administration has frankly confused a lot of us who are advocates for lgbt rights in this country. >> some legal experts believe
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the government is obligated to defend the policy. others point out past administrations -- >> i would actually see it as a bit of a betrayal. the president made it very clear that he wants to see don't ask/don't tell repealed and i would like his actions to match his words. facebook users may find their friends' favorite restaurants, movies, showing up in some of their own search engine results. starting today, facebook users will be able to decide if they want to incorporate data from their facebook friends. when a facebook friend clicks on the "like" button, it appears in the results. microsoft and facebook started
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to work together on in 2006. apple is about to unveil a new product and has sent media invitations. on the invitation there is an image of a lion. apple is known for 0 naming -- for naming its operating systems after big cats. this is the san mateo county sheriff's office with an emergency message. >> the problem with that emergency message. it was a month old and for a different city. what went wrong and what officials are doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> it's a $450,000 wheelchair ramp for this san francisco building and wait until you hear how supervisors plan to pay for it.
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we made a mistake. >> he's talking about a mistake that went out to people on the peninsula. we'll get to that in a moment. but we go to chile now. this is the believed to be the second to last miner. we've been watching this woman, who is -- who is rubbing her hands. there he is inside the capsule. hasn't quite made it out yet but the reason they are doing so well is because the capsule itself is not rotating at much as expected. this rescue effort has taken less than 24 hours. the man is about to come out of
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the capsule as miner number 32. that leaves one more miner and that's the leader of the group and he chose to stay there the longest. you can see the woman there, probably thinking, let meet at him, let me kiss hill. kiss him. >> they managed to make 48 hours of ration the last -- let's listen in. as number 32 comes out. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> that's -- again, we're gonna stay on top of this developing news now. >> the only problem with the evacuation order, it was a mistake. there was no reason for anyone to leave their names. maureen naylor is live in east palo alto and has the audiotape of the message that went out. >> frank we're in the village area of palo alto. it was about this time yesterday when residents got
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this emergency evacuation. this is the san mateo county sheriff's office. this is the sheriff's office with an emergency message. a voluntary evacuation is in effect for the foothills. >> the call came from a reverse 911 system from the emergency services computers. it went on to describe information for last month's deadly explosion. almost three hours later, the county sent out for call to apologize. >> it was our put fault. it was a mistake. the last message prior to this was to san bruno. so that was in our cue and they
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inadvertently hit the wrong button. >> wee addressed it, inconnected -- incorrected it and we're gonna retrain all of our personnel. >> the county says it's rare to send out messages to that system, adding it's a request to notify residents here about an upcoming meeting regarding the city's water system. violent crime and property crime are both down throughout the country. violent crime dropped 11% last year compared to the year before and instants of property crime dropped more than 5%.
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>> reporter: the cost of -- the estimate of the cost of rebuilding a wheelchair is at about $450,000 for wiring equipment and labor but today the city's budget and finance committee set aside even more money for that project. >> san francisco city supervisors this afternoon said the city should set aside as much as $600,000 to build this. one supervisor uses a wheelchair. but some say it's a high price to pay to modify an area of the chamber few people are likely to use. >> i think it's important that
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we make our board members access accessible. >> it seems reasonable to give access. but i have no idea about the price. >> the city is set to take out for other improvements such as county streets. >> the department of public works is trying to bring the ramp construction costs down. >> at one point, they were looking at a million dollars. it's now well below that. there's about 600,000 in this bill that will be available for that, although the mayor fully expects it will be far less than that. >> the hope is to shave the price down to about $200,000.
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>> the board is set to vote on the loan and funding for the ramp next tuesday. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. it looked a little like the old wild west along some san francisco streets today. coming up the bay area city that's considering doubling the number of medical marijuana dispensaries and what that would mean for the city abottom line. >> coffee lovers should get
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ready for longer, slower lines at starbucks. why the company says its new plan is an improvement. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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i am calling on congress to make this tax credit permanent. so it's worth up to $10,000 for four years of college. >> in california, the average family credit is about 1400 but that amount will go down if the program isn't extended by the end of the year. last year, more than a million california families took advantage of that tax credit. college-aged students support for president obama has fallen dramatically since last year. a new pole of 18-year-old to 24-
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year-old students finds the president's approval rating has fallen from 60 percent to just 44% last month and 27% of college students are now unhappy with the president's performance. in an effort to improve the quality of its drinks, starbucks says they can only make two drinks at a time and they must grind new beans for every batch of coffee. the company says it hopes that by improving quality, it will increase customer loyalty. the fda is morning -- warning that the long-term use of two osteoporosis drugs could lead to fractures of the thighbone. patients taking fosamax or bow nova have experienced a rare form of bone cancer. the fda will add that warning.
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>> the government says more research needs to be done to research bone-strengthening. boston universities found eating anti-oxidant vegetables reverses breast cancer by 43%. this cancer makes up about a third of breast cancer cases among african-american women. come with us on a ride into the future. not just gm's future but perhaps yours. i'm tom vacar. right now, i'm using live stormtracker2 to track the fog. i will till you which cities have cooled the most.
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the threat of solar power continues to be a bright spot even in the current company. the u.s. solar market continues to grow very quickly. in fact, the amount of solar installations have grown. general motors is showing off the volt. it comes at a time when gm is about to reopen the stock market and also amid criticism
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that the vault is not much different from hybrids. tom vacar had the car for a day and looks at the issues. he's live in south san francisco with more on what he found out there. tom? >> well, frank, if it didn't have the chevy bow-tie on it, you would think it's japanese or european. but it is all red, white and blue. >> reporter: the range is comparable to both cars. where it shines most commutes. >> 25 to 50 miles after you plug it in at home and charge it is pure battery power. so there's no gasoline involved at all. basically you wouldn't use any gasoline at all. >> reporter: the very small gas motor runs an electric motor to the drive train. gm dismisses criticism that the gasoline motor propels the car when the gasoline runs low. electricity for the first 40 miles would cost you about
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$1.11. gasoline at 20 miles per hour gallon would cost five or six dollars. >> reporter: this auto expert often a critic of the -- is a publisher of -- >> if gm was trying to solve a problem, they wanted to produce a car that was mostly electric, yet erase this perceived drawback of. >> the car qualifies for a tax credit. that reduces the hefty price tag. it also leases for $350 a
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month. >> a large part of the car's software is written in the state of california. >> reporter: california is a key target market, it will be available mid or late november. i'm tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. california may be the golden state but it's also one of the greenest states. according to a new energy efficiency school yard -- school card, california gets high marks for its long-term goals to cut back on electricity and tax cuts to purchase energy efficiency products. this is the fourth year in a row the council has ranked california the top state in the nation. coming up next at 6:00, walmart and target are pulling some products off the shelves because of what a local group discovered during testing.
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more on the 3-year-old twins that were found stab the to death. and police say evidence indicates it was the mother who killed him. back to bill martin. if you like what you saw today, you will probably like tomorrow. >> yeah. the air quality district will be happy with the cool down we're seeing. as temperatures cool in response to fog, here is a picture of it, as it rolls up the coast, you see it moving in towards pacific kay. it will be at the golden gate bridge shortly. that's your bay area air conditioning. that will knock temperatures down from where they were today. these are the highs today.
5:50 pm
overnight lows tonight, last night we had some mid 60s or low 60s -- low 50s. it will be noticably cooler. there will be some fog at the coast. the high pressure breaking down as we move into thursday, friday, saturday. temperatures drop off air quality gets better and fog, it's at the -- it's not a huge bank. i think it will ride out. forecast highs still 90s in the valley. we've been seeing 70s and 80s.
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89 clearlake, these forecast highs take us high in to thursday already. 90 in livermore, 90 in pleasanton, 89 in concord with 80 in oakland and 82 in san leandro. the forecast highs basically are coming down but still very warm tomorrow. better air quality as i mentioned. the forecast, 75 in san francisco downtown. that's dunn a few degrees from today and quite a bit from yesterday when weep saw 90. the five-day forecast is what you would expect for this. red flag warning is gone. you will probably see another one in the next few weeks. fire danger backs off, temperatures trend down, fog comes down to the coast. hundreds of dancers converge on the oakland theater for a chance to achieve stardom. how you can get in on the action.
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and live pictures from chile. they are waiting for the 33rd and final miner. he's on his way up. when he comes you, we'll show it to you either during this newscast or during the news at 6:00.
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live pictures from chile. we told you moments ago, the
5:55 pm
33rd and final minor is on his way up on that pod that's pulling him on up. it's a process that takes about 13 minutes. we've really seen remarkable scenes. the miners all look like they are in remarkable shape. you will notice when they come up, they all have sunglasses on because they've been underground 69 days. >> frame, you min shunned the fact that they -- mentioned the fact that they look good, they've been getting things sent down to them. just a couple of seconds ago, we saw all of the family and friends clapping in unison, kind of the feeling we're almost here.
5:56 pm
we're waiting for the 33rd miner to be pulled up. this is the foreman. the leader of the group. there it is right now. this is really something. let's just watch and listen for a second. [ applause ] >> they actually had had to go on a diet to make sure they could squeeze in there. as they've been taken off, they really look like they are in remarkable shape. one of the questions is will they have perhaps long-term psychological issues as a result of what happened -- after they've come up, they've been reunited with their families and taken to the
5:57 pm
hospital. a story we'll continue to follow. more on this next at 6:00, along with the rest of the day's news ahead. stay with us.
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man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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we've just learned about the details in the murder of the 3-year-old twins. legally, i'm a feel male. >> why the lpga says this professional golfer is not allowed on the tour. we'll tell you what she hopes to accomplish from her lawsuit. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. 33 miners were housekeeperred to the surface in a flawless rescue operation in chile. the last miner and shift foreman was lifted out just moments ago into the arms of loved ones. he's speaking to the


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