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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 13, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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president. let's listen in. [ speaking in native tongue ] >> live pictures from chile as the final miner has just been pulled from safety. he's been placed for his lead heship -- praised for his leadership. we have video just in a few moments ago of the rescue, of him being pulled to the surface. if we can, let's go to the pictures and show you coming to the service, this whole operation started last night, one by one, each miner climbed into a tiny rescue capsule, no wider than their shoulders and was pulled to the surface. >> these pictures just moments ago, the final miner being pulled to safety. they were -- once they went to the top, they were examined by
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doctors and the chilen government has promised the miners at least six months of care until the men readjust. >> chilen television stations say the rescue operation took more than 22 hours. things went faster as the day went on, partly because the capsule didn't spin as much as anticipated. and that allowed rescue crews to hoist the miners up faster. the wheels had had to be oiled once. at this hour, there is an overwhelming sense of relief around chile and the world as that final miner has been pulled to safety. there are new developments involving the fatal stabbings of 3-year-old twin girls in fairfield. just a short time ago, police announced they are charging the girl's mother, the 28-year-old, in connection with those kills. investigators say mccarrick killed the twins before trying to take her own life.
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it all happened at the summit at paradise valley amounts. ken pritchett is live in fairfield with late details. ken? >> reporter: we're at fairfield police headquarters. that update came late in the afternoon then they released a photograph of christine mccarrick. police say she was placed with two counts of murder. investigators say she recently moved to fairfield from out out of state, that move came within the past few months. one neighbor we spoke to said she witnessed odd behavior from mccarrick this week. a sprinkler triggered a call to 911. when firefighters made it inside, they quickly doused a fire and then discovered a woman. >> later on, they discovered
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the bodies of two 3-year-old children. >> reporter: police say christine mccarrick's wounds were not consistent with a fire. >> it's terrible. terrible. >> reporter: this neighbor said she would often see mccarrick and would notice unusual behavior. >> i saw her on monday, her car was parked really weird blocking three parks spaces for three hours. it was blocking the whole parking space here and she was in the car just sitting there. >> reporter: police could not give an insight as to the motive. the fair of the children does not live in the area. investigators say the door and windows were locked when firefighters arrived. >> at this point, all evidence and everything we have done to this point points to the attempted suicide by a mother and homicide of two children. >> reporter: police say
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emergency carrick was awake when she -- mccarrick was awaken before surgery. she's charged with could 2002s of murder, two counts of child abuse, one count of arson and one count of destruction of evidence. the ntsb confirms that a power failure occurred right before the san bruno explosion. the ntsb says pg&e lost power to a regulating valve. pressure in the pipeline which runs from milpitas to san bruno increases but did not exceed the allowable limit on the night it ruptured. eight people were killed and 35 homes were destroyed. the ntsb board does not
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pinpoint thousand these fluctuations -- how these fluctuations may have ruptured the pipeline. a transtransgender golfer filed a discrimination lawsuit. the woman says that you have to be born a female to play violates her right. rita williams has more. receipt tau? >> reporter: uply, early tomorrow morning, competitors in the lpga will tee off here at the blackhawk country club in danville without a transgender player. that's her showing her the form that helped her win the women's long drive championship in 2008. , two years after her reassignment surgery as was required by the competition. >> this is the actual golf ball that i used. >> after that the group changed
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the rules to coincide with the lpga that competitors must have been born female. how can they say it wasn't directed at me, i'm the only professional woman golfer in the united states that's a post- op transwoman. >> reporter: so now this air force veteran who spent 18 years as a police officer and deputy sheriff in southern california has filed suit against the lpga and the long drive association and their sponsors, saying they at-birth requirement violates california's civil rights law. >> i am emotionally, physically and legally a female. >> reporter: her attorney chris dolan, says the u.s. golf association and the european golf associations all allow transwomen to compete.
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>> golf is a game of skill. it's not a game of power. they call it a fi necessary game -- finesse game. >> reporter: lpga officials here today had no comment. ktvu channel 2 news. oakland law enforcement today asked the judge to issue an injunction of 42 members of the notenos gang. they say the gang injunction is the next step in reducing violence in oakland. they say the gang is responsible for 35 shootings this year.
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>> the gang injunction, it don't matter to me and i don't think it matter to anybody else. [ laughter ] >> in neighborhoods of central and east oakland, residents and businesses have been caught in the middle of firefight between this gang. >> in june, the city obtained an injunction against 15 members of the gang. bellmont police are searching for a fast food robber. investigators say the man wearing a batman mask and vampire teeth robbed a mcdonald's restaurant on el camino real. he sped off in a silver two- door honda. this is the live picture now outside the hotel. union workers say they will strike for six days to protest the hotel'sest efforts --
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hotel's efforts. the hotel management says they want to get back to the bargaining table. >> in oakland, 800 nurses from children's hospital are also on strike. replacement nurses were hired yesterday when union workers walked off the job. the union says the hospital wants nurses to pay too much for health care benefits. >> fewer driers are carpooling across bay area bridges. new numbers show the 2200 fewer bridge crossings after a $1 toll increase on july 1st. that's because 10,600 fewer vehicles went through the -- 10,700 fewer vehicles went through where they must now fay a toll -- pay a toll. b.a.r.t. ridership is up and some drivers have apparently shifted
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their hours to miss the more expensive congestion pricing. at this hour, one lane of traffic is closed on the san mateo bridge. this is the live picture of the traffic on the bridge. it's a little hard to tell there but it looks like it's a little slow going in both directions. caltrans is warning drivers about possible delays as they work to repair damage to the bridge. the westbound lanes are those lanes on the right-hand side of the screen. the problem was discovered during a routine inspection. the work is expected to take 24 to 48 hours so it could potentially impact the morning commute. the dalai lama is in the bay area delivering a quiet message about compassion that resonates loudly with people of all ages and faiths. the buddhist spiritual leader had had one request -- too meet with young students. robert handa is live in east palo alto today where the dalai
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lama got its wish. >> reporter: well, frank they welcomed the dalai lama who wanted to meet the students as much as they wanted to meet him. about 500 students were the ravenswood school district and numerous youth clubs crowded into the school to see the 75- year-old spiritual leader who manages to be inspiring through a humble -- >> to inner peace achieved. >> reporter: that responsibility of this generation to lead and lead wisely was a common theme in answers to questions. [ inaudible ] >> he really showed that you have to be a better person in
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life. he's a kind person. he really has a good spirit. >> reporter: many students may not know students about the history of him or the management from china, but they know an important man considered him important enough to meet. >> he -- the dalai lama is like the wisest person on the earth. he's the most nice person i met. >> along with the dalai lama visit, students saw cultural performances that added to the lessons in life they learned from a quiet man who somehow makes everyone stop and lesson. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up we'll tell you what's capping at bay area -- what's happening at bay area dmvs. and it could make your wait there longer.
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the cooldown has begun. the fog is coming back in neighborhoods around the bay. how cool your city will be tonight. i will let you know. and if you are just joining us, we want to know you another live picture from chile where all of the miners are above ground and free tonight.
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these are pictures from chile where all 33 miners have now been freed. just a cute story here, the last miner, his wife actually gave birth while he was trapped. they named their little girl "hope." a lot of hope tonight now that all of those miners have finally been freed from 69 days
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trapped in that mine underground. walmart and target are pulling products from store shelves because of their lead content. the tests were done in the bay area and found some items had had more than 45 times the legal limit of lead. rob roth is live in oakland tonight now with more on this. rob? >> reporter: many of the toxic items were purchased online but some of the toys came from this very walmart here in east oakland. officials here at the center for environmental health say they recently bought this bag of beans at random at walmart. >> we found lead 12 times the league limit -- the legal limit. >> the result came back at 60 times the legal limit for children's product.
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>> reporter: the lead exceeded amounts allowed in other toys like boxing gloves. target issued a brief statement saying the items tested were sold online only and were removed from walmart says it stopped selling the beanbag chairs but says it's only removed questionable items from store shelves in california not anywhere else. official says they found that troubling. >> we think these products are in violation of federal law. >> reporter: parents and grandparents we spoke with were troubled that lead is still finding its way in toys. >> i'm gonna go home tonight and try to see what i need to get rid . >> i'm just appalled that that kind of stuff is getting through because lead is serious, lead poisoning, it causes brain damage and it impedes the ability for
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children to learn. >> reporter: as the holiday season approaches, they are testing more i tells from toy story alarm clocks to dolls to soccer balls. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the day after the final debate in the race for california governor, the candidates kicked their campaigns in high gear. there is still a lot to talk about. the most done ten shies -- con ten shins -- contentious part of that debate when jerry brown called whitman a whore. >> did you feel his apology to be contrite? >> i apologize. i think that's enough, guys. i would like to get miss bitman to apologize to her housekeeper who was really treated shabby. that was not a word. that was action. >> today, meg whitman poured another $20 million in her
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campaign. on treasure island today, dozens of student chefs from san francisco had a chance to show their stuff. these were kids who might not have had much of a feature but they were taught a real skill and that skill was how to cook. the expo features 65 students competing in the dinner is possible cooking light challenge. the students are tested on their culinary knowledge skill and creativity. >> this is an opportunity for them to compete in a friendly atmosphere. >> the award ceremony takes place tomorrow morning. robert irvine from dinner impossible will be present. it was slightly cooler but it didn't really feel like it. just a couple of degrees. are we heading down, bill? >> that's definitely the word around here, going down. no red flag warning and no heat
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warning for your thursday. temperatures on the cooldown because of this. coastal fog coming up the coast. it's basically been in santa cruz most of the day. but it will fill in and that will trend your temperatures downward. it will also help a bunch with air quality which was a spare the air today. these are the highs from today. it was two to five degrees cooler for many as julie points out. many of us were cooler than the day before. temperatures trending down. we'll continue tomorrow. the cooling trend will last. not a cold weekend. fog comes back into the picture. the onshore flow, cools the inland valleys, moistens the vegetation so the fuel moisture goes up, fire danger goes down. air quality gets better. we'll still see temperatures in the evening. tomorrow, 90s still showing up
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in the inland bay valley. here is the cool, moist air. that changes the fire structure in the bay area and northern california. if you are a firefighter, men or women, you know what i'm talking about, it definitely helps out in the height of our fire season. 90 in livermore. 89 in concord. these will be forecast highs for thursday. 88 in san jose. 86 in sunnyvale, still pretty darned warm, further cooling as we head into your friday after thursday. it's gonna be cooler still. five-day forecast -- did i say that right? [ laughter ] >> friday after thursday. >> the air quality much better. you probably noticed it out there now. the dmv says it has a rough rollout of a camera system used for the state's new driver's
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licenses. there have been sporadic computer problems because of a software issued. the problem impacted new cameras. while most of the problems have been resolved, the dmv says some were more serious including one that lasted overnight.
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mark's here with sports. finally after being on pins and need the, no game tonight. >> yeah. we got a withdrawal a little bit now that the giants have turned us into adrenaline junkies. there's nothing going on but the giants have stopped celebrating their victory over the braves. back to work at at&t park with a nice little workout. tim lincecum doing a little tossing, keep that right arm loose. he will be the game one starter and cody ross, what a hero he's turned in to. they didn't name an mvp in the first round of the playoffs. he could have been. a starter. he wasn't even on the te in july. his reaction to bruce bochy telling him he would get a start in the playoffs. >> i was happy. i mean, obviously i was getting the play against the braves and that kind of helped out my
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situation a little bit. you know, it was -- it was an interesting feeling just knowing that for the most part in september, i didn't do a whole lot of starting and then i -- i was named one of the starters in the playoffs, pretty amazing. >> i tell you what. one of the best things to happen to the 49ers is the giants' success. can you imagine if they were the only game in town right now, at 0-5? they would have the entire bay area at their throat. it is their -- a little look at mike singletary talking to alex smith. today, the coach reiterated that i would like to see smith continue to play with what he called an edge. it doesn't look like smith is completely on the same program. >> obviously you are in the frame of mine as quarterback. there's certainly a focus you are trying to achieve. you have to make quick and smart decisions throughout the course of the game.
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you can't lose your even kiel. you can't lose your levelheadedness because the emotions of the game go up and down. and i think as the quarterback, you have to be the guy that's always steady. >> all right. that's the sporting life at this hour. julie? >> all right, marc. thank you. a struggling bay area nonprofit is putting a new twist on the old practice of fund-raising. coming up on the news at 7:00 on tv36 you might say pot is their patron. that story at 7:00. see you later, everyone. >> good night. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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