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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 14, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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missing, a motive. flames had barely died down that july morning when tips began flowing into the fire department. those tips, some surveillance and a few search warrants later, now two teenage boys are locked up at juvenile hall as the district attorney weighs the charges. >> this is a sad day for the family members of those two individuals. >> reporter: police say those two teenagers never went to the school and don't know why they wanted to burn the school. >> we don't know if it was a dare, a malicious act of repro retribution. >> it was a day after fourth of july, so that's why we think had to do with it. >> reporter: for kids a lesson of consequences. >> our teacher was talking
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about who they actually found who did it. >> reporter: the fire left some insecurities and a sense of loss. >> we set everything up quite nicely here for the kid but you know they still have to look at the charred remains of their school. >> reporter: a permanent rebuild of trace elementary will include something it didn't have before. sprinklers. and if there's another legacy, it's the way the community pulled together raising money, moving forward. >> they were in the early morning hours of the fire, they saw the devastation as it was occurring. now this brings us back to closure for them that the people who were responsible are in custody. >> reporter: the two arson suspects are still in custody and will remain so until they are arraigned tomorrow afternoon. both boys were 16 when the fire happened, one has since turned
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17. reporting live in san jose, debra villalon, ktvu news. emergency repairs on the san mateo bridge likely will not be finished now until late tomorrow. these are live pictures of the bridge. you can see the westbound lanes there, that is the direction where one lane is closed. here's the issue. a 120-inch crack was found yesterday in a support beam on that westbound side. crews closed one of the three lanes for emergency repairs. the lane closure didn't cause much of a traffic back up this morning as you can see now, it's not causing much of a traffic back up right now as well. although the westbound lanes right now are not the commute direction. a caltrans spokesperson says he's not sure if the lane will be opened tomorrow morning for the morning commute and he's asking people to take a different commute. contributions to help out
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the victims of last month's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno have now topped $1.2 million. the red cross has brought in $750,000. the silican valley community foundation has raised 420,000, and the an bruno lions club has donated 50,000. fundraisers say they expect more money to come in in the future. as people all around the world are still celebrating the rescue of 33 trapped miners in chile, we are hearing for the first time from a rescuers who were the first outsider to see the trapped men in 69 days. >> reporter: hugs all around from chilean president sebastian pinero for the 33 miners still wearing protective sunglasses and confc bathrobes. the miners were taken to the hospital after their rescue where they were greeted by huge
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cheering crowds. inside more well wishers. the miners waving, even reaching out to their fans. meanwhile today we're hearing from the first rescuers to open the collapsed mine shaft. he described the moment he reached the men who were trapped almost a half mile underground for more than two months. >> they hugged me, they ran, jumped one of them was waiting for me. they hugged me, they congratulated me for being the first one, but more than anything i was very happy to see them. >> reporter: the knowledge of the miners was the key evidence of getting all the miners alive. >> i think this is an achievement of the heart. i think the main issue here is not only technology. technology is a true. but the main object was accomplished because we have very talented people and very brave people down there. >> reporter: tonight the miners are really just beginning to adjust to life outside the
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mine. some have health issues, and while they're physical ailments are being treated their mental and emotional health is being closely monitored. >> i saw him feeling down, the young one jimmy sanchez, he would not communicate much and he looked as if he was not responsive as if he could not believe he was outside of the mine and what was happening was not real. >> reporter: the miners are receiving physical and psychological exams. several are suffering from respiratory infections along with skin lesions. you can go to for more on the miners and their recovery. mortgage rates have fallen to an all time low. that is down from 4.27% last week. according to freddie mac it is the lowest rate since 1971. the lower rates haven't helped the struggling housing market
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but have led to a surge in refinancing. analysts predict rates could fall further next week. your upcoming quarterly statement for your 401k. new rules will require companies to explain where all the fees are going in easy to understand language. the rules also require the statements have a glossary of terms to help explain the investment details. the secretary of labor says the information is key because many people don't know that more than a half dozen fees may be charged against their 401k account for things like recordkeeping, administration and other services. apple stocks continue to stay over $300. some analysts have speculated that apple shares may have
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trouble holding their price as investors sell midst enthusiasm for the rise. over all stocks dipped lower today after a choppy day of trading. >> reporter: the financial sector took the biggest hit, analysts say investors remain concerned over bank's foreclosure practices. bank of america and wells fargo both reported losses today. the nasdaq was off a little more than 5.5 points, for more financial and consumer news you can go to and click on the business tab. the san francisco giants have arrived in philadelphia for the start this weekend of the national league championship series. the giants take on the philadelphia phillies next
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wednesday. mayor chuck reed appeared with the architect of proposition b. -- to avoid a pension tsunami. adachi and reed says without meaningful reform cities will drown in debt paying for 100% of some pensions and for lifetime health care. >> we are draining the services from the people of san francisco and the people of san jose as we pour money into retirement benefits. lifetime pension, lifetime medical care. >> reporter: >> both say reforms are needed to avoid crippling cuts to city services. proposition b and proposition w are on the ballot. she is per happen it is
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most polarizing figure in politics right now and she's in the bay area now. >> reporter: as you can probably see behind me, the event is just wrapping up here at the san jose center for performing arts where sarah palin got a rousing welcome from her supporters. >> thanks for coming down. >> reporter: bay area is not exactly the place for a large turn out. the liberty foundation estimated 18,000 people showed up to see sarah palin. >> when we see a congress that shoves big government cake over health care in the form of obama care, the mother of all unfunded mandates and then the congress skips town without
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passing a budget or stopping the largest tax increase in u.s. history that's going to just slam us to the mad. >> i love to see a strong, clear honest woman in politics and that's what sarah is. >> there's a presidential election coming up in 2012, i don't think it's a big secret that she has her eye on that. she's probably also trying to develop some support across the state of california because any candidate for president needs to campaign in california and raise money here. >> at this hour, palin is gather more financial campaign funds at a vip reception and dinner. and a gathering on saturday to see sarah palin's first 15 minutes, go to robert handa,. vice president joe biden says it's time to put an end to the political rumors of 2012.
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president obama has asked him again to run on the democratic ticket. there were reports that president obama was going to make biden secretary of state and ask for secretary of state hillary clinton to run as vice president in the next election. take a look in the window of this barber shop. you can see how they feel about gang injunctions. this picture could hold answers for police. they are looking for the man here in the white t-shirt. they tell us his alleged victim is 98 years old. what
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man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. hoabout... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store. the controversy continues tonight over the use of
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injunction to fight gangs in oakland. others say not only are the injunctions useless they also violate people's rights. ktvu's christien kafton is live with our report. >> reporter: take a look here in the window, you see the sign that says stop the gang injunction. it's just one of those signs of opposition. the message is clear from a will the of people living in north oakland. they want to see a stop to the injunctions. opponents to the oakland gang injunction protested across the street from the courthouse today saying injunctions violate the civil rights of oakland residents. >> it's been proven across the state in l.a., sacramento, long beach, that these are ineffective strategies to fight crimes. >> reporter: despite the injunctions, an alameda judge took no steps to stop the injunction. the lawyer for the open oakland man fighting the injunction says he will
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continue to fight. >> our goal is to have the city and the court follow mandates. keep the city safe by good polices and not by taking away rights. >> to the most violent offenders it is having the effect we wanted. >> reporter: a trial date has been set for october 2011 for the man fighting the oakland gang injunction. we're live in oakland, christien kafton. >> vallejo police have released photos of a man suspected of stealing an elderly woman's purse while she was shopping in a grocery store. this photo was taken from surveillance video that shows a man pushing a shopping cart past the 98-year-old victim then grabbing her purse. we have another picture to show you. police tell us the theft
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happened last month at a safeway store. police are asking anyone with information to please contact them. police in san pablo are also asking for help to find a man who stole an atm from a hospital. it's unclear at this point just how much money was stolen. well, we still don't have all the fog back but things did cool down a little today. not that oppressive heat we've been having for the last couple of days. >> it did cool off today just a few degrees. the fog is kind of slow to show up, but cooling did occur. no spare the air day and no heat advisory today and no records today. temperatures outside right now are on the mild side, it's warm if you get inland, that's toward concord and martinez. there's the fog and it's moving up the coast here. right now you can see where it
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is. this is half-moon bay, this is pigeon point, actually pigeon point is right here. you can see the fog trying to work its way up. that fog should pull into your neighborhood late tonight early tomorrow morning if you live in half-moon bay, pacifica or any of those areas. the fog is the beginning of cooling. that is the continued forecast. cooling as we move into the bay area weekend. some clouds show up on saturday night into sunday. i'm not going to make this the weather headline but on sunday there's a chance of some drizzle, maybe a sprinkle. not enough to be a deal breaker for your weekend. but we're watching it right now. at best it would be a drizzle event then partly cloudy and cooler. forecast highs for tomorrow those are the 90s. they're retreating as the cool air starts to go offshore. the winds now on shore, cool. and that's cool because the
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water is cooler and the air coming off the water infiltrates the bay. 48 in napa, that's cold this time of year. so as the kids head off to school in san rafael, 51. be prepared for a light jacket at best. temperatures to warm up in the afternoon in san mateo to 72 degrees at lunchtime. 78degrees late in the afternoon. so san mateo a nice day, good air quality and just sort of a typical weather pattern for this time of year. when we come back, we're going to show you specifically bay area cities and temperatures you can expect in the five day forecast, we'll see you back here. >> bill, thank you. new estimates show one in 22 black americans will be diagnosed with the aids virus in their lifetime. it's more than twice the risk for latinos and eight times that of whites. asian americans had the lowest lifetime risk. the figures come from the centers from disease control and prevention. a new report ranks san francisco among the safest u.s.
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cities for families with young children. san francisco came in seventh in the top ten list. boston, columbus ohio and louisville, kentucky were rated at the top. what governor arnold schwarzenegger says about the comment from jerry brown's camp. and what cvs drugstore didn't do that has them paying a $78 million fine. new at 6:00, a major earthquake would be bad enough. now imagine combining that for a big flood. a crack discovered in another bay area bridge.
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we're monitoring the emergency repairs and when crews think all lanes will be reopened. plus, with the good news comes the bad. violent crime may be down, but there are other crimes that are way up in the city. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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nurses striking at children's hospital oakland are scheduled to return to work tomorrow morning. the three day strike was called after the hospital proposed cutting employee health care benefits. the nurses have agreed to a wage freeze if the hospital agrees not to touch their health benefits the hospital has not formally responded to that offer. a hospital spokes with says the union has refused to look at the hospital's counter offer because it did not include
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changes to the health care. there you can see there's a substantial crowd of protesters out front. it does not appear to be having too much of an effect on traffic. this is a very busy area because it is near union square and it is commute time right now. over 800 housekeepers, bellmen, and cooks walked off the job. some of the sticking points have been health care, wages and pensions. >> i've been here 30 years working my toosh off to make this company profitable. i do an excellent job for them and i don't feel valued or appreciated. >> we have a contract offer on the table that provides full health care with zero copay for employees, full pension funding and we would like to get back to the table to settle this
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contract. >> the hilton is using managers, employees and replacement workers to run the hotel. the picket line will stay up around the clock until next tuesday morning. an accident out on treasure island sends three workers to the hospital. workers were building a stage for the treasure island music festival when some scaffolding collapsed. three workers were hurt, at this point it's unclear if they were on the beam and they fell to the ground or if the beam fell on them. the three were sent to the hospital but are expected to be okay. one of the nation's largest drug company has agreed to pay $100 million in fine. cvs pharmacy allowed customers to buy pseudomethenphedomines
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multiple times, which is used to make meth. last year the president and first lady hung a large pink ribbon on the pennsylvania site of the white house. back in 2008, then president george w. bush was the first that ordered the white house be flooded in pink for the very first time. this place has been the site of numerous assaults and most people here say they know the perpetrator. a strange site at oakland city hall today, a candidate for mayor showing off newspapers.
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we have seen her physically and verbally attack people out on the sidewalk many times. so why is she still around able to hurt more people who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. police in san francisco have tried but so far there are few results. now city leaders are trying to figure out what to do about a woman many consider a neighborhood nuisance. her behavior is so erratic some people are afraid for their own safety. john sasaki has more. >> reporter: we are standing on the corner of seventh avenue and irving street an intersection where a mentally disturbed woman is a regular. neighbors tell us she can often be seen here alternating from
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being nice and gentle to attacking. >> someone has to give her some attention. someone has to tweak her, someone has to give her medication, there's something wrong. >> reporter: jesse fink would know, he says he was hit in the stomach with a full soda can thrown by that homeless woman named sheila who has tattoos on her face. >> it's as if someone kicked me, i turned up to attack and i saw it was her. she was just ranting and raving. she doesn't even know what she did. >> we have seen her physically and verbally attack people out on the sidewalk many times. >> reporter: dave woberck showed us this photo of sheila passed out on the sidewalk. >> i've heard she's taken neighbors pets and they've disappeared or that she sold them, you know grabs dogs and you know, kittens and sells them to other people in the park. >> reporter: police know
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sheila's alleged activities well having repeatedly arrested and sited her. >> intimidate. verbal assaults, physical assaults and she's been known to throw items at passer bys. >> reporter: that's why they are trying to try to avoid cases like this one. >> it's not new, it's more the process of identifying the problem and looking for solutions. >> reporter: live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki. the city of oakland, kaiser
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permanente marked domestic violence awareness. a kaiser nurse and former victim told her story. >> it's been almost 40 years, if someone comes up behind me i jump because i'm afraid i'm going to get hit. my nose will be broken again. it's important that we increase awareness. >> reporter: today's press conference highlighted efforts to end domestic violence through a partnership the city has formed with kaiser. oakland police respond to more than 7,000 reports of domestic violence every year. state senate don p era ta is the front runner was on the defensive today. the reason, two east bay newspapers not only endorsed an opponent but they viciously slammed him. randy shandobil here with more. >> do newspaper endorsements
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really make a difference? sometimes yes, often no. but rebecca capland knows they certainly can't hurt. >> i'm holding here the oakland tribune and i'm so pleased and moved to be the endorsed candidate for mayor of oakland. >> reporter: it'll be a ranked choice, instant run off election for oakland mayor this year. the tribune oakland's biggest paper endorsed caplan first, joe tuman second and veteran councilwoman quan third. >> i believe the voters of oakland are not just looking for who's been here the longest, they are looking for who has the best ideas. >> reporter: the big surprise, the paper trashed former state senate president don perata. called his grasps of the issues appalling. >> i don't know what the
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tribune's problem is with me. >> reporter: perata announced he would hire more police officers in oakland without tax increases. but it wasn't just the tribune, other papers wrote pieces on him. the corruption charges, well the fbi did once investigate perata. but that investigation was dropped. and governor arnold schwarzenegger dished out on twitter. responding to a question by someone who follows him on
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twitter, arnold schwarzenegger wrote, that word is unacceptable. arnold schwarzenegger said selling out is never acceptable. someone then asked, in that case how does the governor explain his role in the movie junior, and arnold schwarzenegger replied, now that's funny. election officials say poll workers are needed in the cities of berkeley and oakland. they'll earn between $95 to $180 a day. for more information on the upcoming election, go to and click the election 2010 tab. governor arnold schwarzenegger has used his line item veto to cut an item on what would have required accountability. backers sited criticism of the financial management. that came from the legislative management, the state auditor.
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the provision could have delayed the project and cost the state billions of the dollars in federal grants. where the defense department says it's going to do in response to the federal judges rulings that threw out the military's policy on banning gays. also it's a move that will keep people remembering pat tullen for years to come. we'll show you what it is. they're going ahead with it. what uc berkeley says will start in the fall even though many people were against it. man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us?
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woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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a new bridge at the hoover dam nevada bears the name of pat tillman who died in a friendly fire incident in afghanistan in 2004. tillman grew up in san jose. he shares the honor with michael callahan. the bridge is the longest single span bridge in the western western hemisphere . the obama administration has indicated that it will ask the judge in the case to stay her order pending appeal on the
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don't ask don't tell policy. >> his hope is that the senate will take up the legislation pending before them to do just that as the house of representatives has already done. >> reporter: the pentagon has also been polling service members asking if they want don't ask don't tell to be repealed or kept in place. the results are expected before the end of the year. controversial plan to launch an online diploma program is moving forward. university officials now have a time line in place with about 25 lower division courses scheduled to begin next fall. members of the uc faculty are set to begin preliminary proposals later this month. opposers say cyber classes could diminish the education system. the district talked to
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nearly 500 teachers and found that 160 of them were released after their first or second year. 13% of the teachers polled said working conditions drove them away, 3% said it was the low pay. dvd net flix is adding dolby digital plus surround sound to movies and video games on its instant online streaming service. netflix says the improved sound quality will be available first on sony play station 3 and over time it'll be incorporated with other devices. it is a staggering number but not necessarily a surprise. new research shows teenagers between 13 and 17 send on average more than 3,300 text messages per month. that works out to more than 100
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per day. this is according to the nielson research company. teenagers send only about 50 text messages per day, said another report. text messaging among adults is on the rise but not as popular as it is with teenagers. i'm scared that my son is going to get infected with this. major health concerns at a bay area school. what the school leaders want parents to know. and i'm tracking the fog, it's still along the coast but it's slow in getting here. will that mean further cooling tomorrow? i'll let you know. a major earthquake would be bad enough, now imagine combining that with a huge flood. the one thing putting the south bay at risk for a double disaster. and a crack discovered in
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another bay area bridge. we're monitoring the emergency repairs and when crews think all lanes will be reopened. plus with the good news comes the bad. violent crime may be down, but there are other crimes that are way up in the city. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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maine is the latest state to have fights over smart meters. that follows similar protests here in california where some communities have put a hold on the installation of the new technology. pg & e and other technology says that meters are safe, accurate and will save money for both the utilities and the customers. hundreds of students in the east bay will be tested next week for a very serious disease. it's happening at james high school. it comes after a person believed to be a student there
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came down with tuberculosis. >> reporter: next week 500 people associated with the school will be tested for tuberculosis all because of one active case. >> i'm scared, i'm scared that my son is going to get infected with this. >> reporter: last week parents got letters telling them that a student at the high school had active tb. yesterday, 500 letters went out to people associated with the school telling them they need testing. students at the school don't seem as concerned as participants. >> are students worried about it at all. >> not really. >> i think people are pretty complacent about it, they know it's there but they're not really worried about it. >> this is not a scare. this is what we do all the time. >> reporter: dr. bob benjamin sighs that 1/3 of the world is infected with tb which is spread with close contact. >> the patient who was diagnosed with tuberculosis is no longer able to transmit, not
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present at the school. >> reporter: the most serious forms affect the lungs and pulmonary functions. the school would not tell us who at the school has the the disease because of privacy. testing will take place next tuesday at james logan high school. the health department says it's actually a good thing that this is taking place at a high school. because there are class schedules and rosters that makes it easier to track those who might have been exposed. in oakland, kraig debro. federal health officials are concerned that not enough adults are getting vaccinated for whopping cough. a whopping cough outbreak has sickened 52 infants this year. nine of them have died from the illness.
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the cdc recommends all adults who are in contact with infants or working in health care get vaccinated for whopping cough. those who don't are putting unvaccinated babies at risk. a little romance in your life could help control chronic pain. they tested 15 stanfford students who said they were in love. researchers say that if they understood that mechanism better it would be eligible to trigger this response for pain control without medication. the bay area reservoir that is in danger of collapsing and the two cities that would be overrun if that happens. julie haener is in the newsroom with the other stories we're working on for you. a bay area bridge is shut down because of mayor repairs. today what caltrain is saying about when that work will be
5:48 pm
completed and what it's advising commuters to do tomorrow morning. what the school's medal winner from san jose state is putting up for auction with bidding set to begin at 1/4 of a million dollars. and one of the most famous and controversial women in the state. why she's here and what she said coming up at 6:00. >> julie, thank you. a proposal to rename mount diablo has been rejected once again. this time it was a u.s. board of geographic names that turned down that idea. the federal board sited previous rejections by the contra costa city supervisor, the state board of geographic names names. the area to be sprayed is
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boarded with alice road, hill crest avenue and burwoo d way. the trucks will be fogging from 6:30 this evening until 9:30. we're talking about a cooldown, and for many of us it's not cool yet. >> it is still cooling, we did forecast that. but i'm surprised the fog hasn't made it up the coast over the last 36 hours. it's been hanging south down around nuevo. that fog is one of the big indicators that we're going into a cooldown. it's kind of stopping the fog from getting any further north. that pressure gradant remains. it's just another warm day, no
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spare the air day. no red flag warnings, no heat warns just slightly cooler -- no heat warnings, just slightly cooler. today temperatures were up into the 90s easy. the fog has been hanging south as i mentioned it. the high pressure, has just been kind of stuck there. as we go into the weekend this will be the anticipated weather pattern. i say anticipated because i'm surprised fog hasn't moved in more rapidly as this low gets close tomorrow afternoon and into saturday. it will draw the fog right into it in an inland on shore. the timing on this right now, i would suspect this is all going to start by tomorrow afternoon. but we'll watch. it's cooler for your bay area weekend but not cold. there's the fog right there along the coast, not a big push in the morning. and then fog probably along the coast all day tomorrow, instead lots of 90s we should see lots of 80s. that's your forecast high
5:51 pm
friday. 81 in napa, 88 in santa rosa and no warnings, no advisories of any measure. this is your friday get away. and temperatures,these are still above average a really nice weather pattern. i would say many of you would say that october is our best weather of the year. especially since fire danger is not a big deal, it is a big deal but it's not like it was yesterday with the red flag warning. real patchy, real diffused. here you go, no rain in the forecast per se, but saturday night, clouds come back. and maybe a little drizzle in the coastal sections. don't change plans. >> traditionally we don't get a lot of rain. is november -- >> yeah, last year we had big storms early october. four or five inches of rain. a big storm. but october, yeah we can live without rain in october. it's nice to get it but we're
5:52 pm
going to be okay. november is going to be when we see the rain come in. the bay area's google is making a leap ahead. and what these people are waiting for and why it sends a message about our economic times.
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google's financial standing just keeps getting better. beating wall street expectations. the profit increase came as an added 1,500 workers were hired. -- now continuing claims did drop by 112,000 to 4.4 million. more than a thousand people lined up for a huge job fair in oakland today. organized called the event one of the east bay's biggest job fairs in decades with about 40 perspective employers in attendance. >> we're looking for first impressions, something that's fast, fun and friendly. is giving off a strong first
5:56 pm
impression. >> reporter: the event was held in east oakland. many in attendance were people over 40 with lots of experience. >> will it be next week, will it be eight months from now, right. i have to pay the mortgage, i have to keep the lights on so that is stressful for me. >> reporter: new research shows that getting fired increases the risk of poor health by 50% affecting mental health as well. mental health experts say being fired with warning is worse than sudden lay offs and taking a job you hate is worse than unemployment. there is much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. with a story about possibly laxed laws drawing illegal fighting activity to the state. the law that's being drafted to
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change that trend. and if you were in a slow morning commute, well, you may be in store for the same thing tomorrow.
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a live look at the san mateo bridge where emergency repairs are under way. when crews plan to have those lanes reopened. controversialsarah palin uses the orange and black to make california a red state. where she's trying to rally support in the bay area. good evening i'm julie haener. >> ani'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with emergency repairs still under way on the san mateo bridge tonight. crews have been working since late yesterday afternoon. they hope to have all the lanes reopened by the evening commute but obviously that did not happen. for a look at the latest progress, we want too check in now with ken pritchett who's li.


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