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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 14, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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plaza, there is a highway sign it reads road work ahead, lane closed. repairs are still taking place in the westbound lane. this road work may be once again in play for the morning commute. from news chopper 2 you can see crews still making repairs. a routine inspection found a 10- inch crack in a 30-foot support. caltrain said it was not dangerous but ordered emergency repairs. >> i noticed one lane was closed. >> reporter: caltrain reported a 3-mile back up due to the closure. >> the one silver lining in this is that the inspection was
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a success. the inspection procedure worked exactly as designed. >> reporter: bob haus says all bay area bridges undergo inspection every two years this is the first to ever find damage in the san mateo bridge. >> the next step is installing the fix which is two steel plates which we are going to bolt at the top and bottom. >> reporter: later caltrain said it would use four steel plates to match a support beam. now opening the lane by morning is at this point a goal. >> yeah, i might have to take the don barton bridge to get over here. >> reporter: caltrain is suggesting travelers take the don barton bridge or leave earlier for their commute. right now it's too early to know if the morning commute will be affected. three people were injured this afternoon in the collapse of part of a stage on treasure
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island. the scaffolding that was being put up partially collapsed. a website suggested wind speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour at treasure island. 10 people were taken to the hospital, they are expected to recover. the treasure island music festival is expected to begin sunday morning. two teenage boys are being held accused of setting a fire. the boys were not students at trace. >> it was a dare, we don't know if it was just random, we don't know if it was some malicious act of retribution. >> reporter: portable classrooms were brought in until completion of the new
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building is completed. sarah palin has started a three day swing through the bay area. within the last hour she spoke to a crowd in san jose and talked to a number of different issues. robert handa is live with more. >> reporter: now people have just left the san jose center for performing arts where sarah palin spoke. it wasn't a sell out crowd but the ones who came gave her a welcome that was anything but conservative. >> reporter: sarah palin brought her speaking tour to the bay area where democrats outnumber republicans three to two. the organizing group delivering freedom foundation estimated 1,800 people would show up. it didn't seem to matter to palin who treated the appearance like a campaign speech which is fine with her
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supporters and democrats. >> god i have to ask you, are you ready to take back and put government back on the side of the little guy? and have government work for you instead of you having to work for government? and that's why we're here today. >> the fact that she representing so much right wing philosophy, i think that is positive because the contrast between democrats and republicans could not be great. >> reporte why do you think that she could be a presidential candidate? >> i don't know that she could be. i think god has better things for sarah palin. >> reporter: after a brief q & a with the audience, palin left
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to attend a vip event down the street. you can go to our website at to hear the first 15 minutes of the speech by sarah palin. we have just received word into the channel 2 newsroom that police have detained the homeless woman that we were telling you about during the 5:00 newscast. the woman is named sheila and she's been accused of violent acts. police say they have arrested her numerous times but she keeps returning. >> we have seen her physically and verbally attack people out on the sidewalk in times. >> intimidation, verbal assault, physical assaults, she's been known to throw items at passer by. >> reporter: and the mayor's homeless outreach team to try to find a solution --
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authorities and the mayor's homeless outreach team are trying to find a solution. chief gascon says that while the violence is beginning to drop -- >> reporter: in some neighborhoods such as the tenderloin district your car and your safety may be at greater risk than before. >> there is less people that are being victimized in our city. >> reporter: san francisco officials today painted a positive picture of the the city's over all crime statistic while identifies some neighborhood are seeing an up tick in trouble. >> the stats have always meant nothing to the people of the city, behind the stats are real human beings, real narratives and real lives. >> reporter: crime rates dropped compared to 2009
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figures. but in the city's gritty tenderloin district car thefts jumped 9%. >> since the methodone clinic opened, a lot of times the people show up early in the morning and they do break into cars. i've actually seen it a couple of times. >> reporter: violent crime is down 4%, and police say they've seized 700 guns this year. shootings in the city's mission district have nearly doubled with five homicides here so far this year compared to three in 2009. >> unquestionably, crime moves around and sometimes you put resources in one place and you put it in another area. >> reporter: in san francisco's mission district some say it feels like the streets are getting safer. >> in the tenderloin, i think it's an up and coming neighborhood. yeah it is a little bit sketchy sometimes. but i think they are doing a lot of good things to clean up both of the neighborhoods.
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>> reporter: today's press conference had a political take as -- opponents say the injunctions are violating civil rights. >> it's been proven across the state that these are ineffective strategies to fight crime. >> reporter: the city attorney's office says the injunctions are taking place in the city's most violent
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offenders. there morning a 15-year-old was wounded, police have arrested two people in connection with the case. law enforcement met with lawmakers today to discuss ways to crack down on illegal animal fighting rings. the humane society says that draws illegal active activity into the golden state. >> especially with respect to cock fighting, we're a state that is a misdemeanor state and we're seeing an influx. >> reporter: hundreds of hilton hotel workers hit the picket line again. workers say they will remain on strike until next tuesday to
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protest what they say is an unfair contract proposal from the hotel. management says health care costs have skyrocketed and they need help from the employees. replacement workers have been brought in to serve the hotels guests. >> drop the charges now, drop the charges now. medical marijuana supporters protested outside the terrain courthouse in san jose today. they want prosecutors to drop all criminal charges against 22 people arrested on drug charges earlier this month. santa clara police say the arrest announced on october 1st involved illegal delivery and growing operations of marijuana. police say those arrested were dealing drugs but protesters say all 22 people were medical marijuana suppliers who were following the law. a san francisco giants left today bound for philadelphia for the national league championship series. the team got in a last minute work out yesterday at at&t
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park. tim lincicum is said to be the first pitcher on saturday. you can watch every one of the national league championship games right here on ktvu channel 2. you might say san francisco is for the birds. literally, what the city is considering to try and keep birds from crashing into buildings. i'm standing atop santa clara county's biggest dam. a new study shows it could collapse in a major earthquake sending some of this water within minutes into downtown morgan hill and san jose. what's being done to keep that from happening. and i'm tracking fog, the cool down has begun. how much cooler will it be for your friday? i'll show you which cities will be the coolest.
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it is at risk of collapsing in the event of a major earthquake. anderson dam is situated around the calavera s fault. rita williams is in morgan hill now. >> reporter: i'm sitting atop anderson dam. anderson could collapse sending millions of the gallons worth of water into morgan hill. >> definitely a concern. a pretty big hazard. >> reporter: folks who live in the potential flood area are concerned about what could happen. >> it is a concern. it didn't keep us from buying here though.
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>> reporter: santa clara county water district officials say they are taking steps to keep the worse from ever happening here. that worse would be a 7.25 7.25 earthquake. if the reservoir were full as it was here in 1997 a complete failure of the dam, though very remote could send a wall of water 35 feet high into downtown morgan hill in 14 minutes. within three hours, it could reach 8 feet deep along coyote creek in san jose. to keep that from ever happening, the district will keep the reservoir no more than 56% full. today it was 54% full. >> we think we can keep the reservoir at a safe level to protect the residents. >> reporter: to retrofit the
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dam it would take six years and $50 million. >> that would come out of our water rate. water customers would pay for that. >> reporter: the district is looking at eight more of their reservoirs to see if they need fixing too. crews broke ground today on a new pipeline in alameda county that will boost the state's water supply. the $28 million interty project. the new pipeline is expected to be online by 2012. state officials say it'll bring more water to farmers and southern california but will also create jobs. the san francisco planning commission today looked at new rules aimed at cutting down on the number of birds that are
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injured. the city already has a program called lights out for birds in which building lights are turned off at night during the bird migration seasons of february through may and august through november. we are waiting for word on when the first of the 33 chilean miners rescued yesterday will be released from the hospital. doctors say the miners are in surprisingly good health. they expect three to be sent home tonight with the others being discharged tomorrow or over the weekend. today the group posed for a photo with chile's president. the 33 miners spent 69 days trapped more than 2,000 feet below the surface after a mine they were working in collapsed. back here in the bay area now. time to check the weather. a little cooler with the sea breeze along the coast. still warm inland though. let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> not a major cool down, just a couple of degrees. there's a little bit of fog
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along the coast. let me get a better fog imagine for you. let me back it up so you can get a better look. you can see it along pigeon point. the fog should cool things up right in the immediate coastline. not expecting a big push of fog but it is trying to get back and it is continuing our cooling process. the highs from today were cooler if you can believe it than they were yesterday expect in santa rosa. 95 in santa rosa. most of us a few degrees cooler. most of us a few degrees cooler, the coastal sections maybe 10 degrees. partly cloudy as we head into the weekend, saturday night into sunday. clouds, maybe some drizzle. your friday looks like a pretty darn nice day. like today but a little bit cooler. more fog at the coast. temperatures overnight in the 40s in the north bay. that's chilly for this time of year. santa rosa, napa, you will notice as you head out, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning it'll be
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kind of chilly. tomorrow, breaks out with a bit of sunshine in the afternoon. by the end of the day temperatures are down a few degrees and by the weekend temperatures are down further with mostly 60s and 70s in the warmest bay locations brought to you by this weather center enough to cool us off so that's how it goes. just been a general cooling trend since the heat of the last two days. the fog tomorrow morning, minimal at best and in the afternoon it's not a player, just sitting offshore, your temperatures trend off. that's your forecast highs, or here come your forecast highs for tomorrow. still above the average, no spare the air day, no red flag warning, good air quality and no heat advisories. the five day forecast then is just one of slight cooling and i am surprised that it hasn't cooled more rapidly. today was pretty darn warm even though it was cooler. tomorrow should cool a little
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more significantly. aol is considering the idea of buying yahoo. aol is courting investors. according to bloomberg news, yahoo has been working to fight the take over. and fears about the handling of the foreclosure crisis led to a slight decline in wall street today. investigations have been unched in all 50 states over the robo signings. african americans are significantly more at risk to become infected with hiv than any other ethnicities in the united states. one in 22 black men and women will be diagnosed with the virus that causes aids. the risk for infections in
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hispanics are one in 52. asian americans have the lowest risk at one in 211. coming up, for sale. a shiny object for sale that tarnished the united states' world stage.
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the gold medal wore by tommy smith during a protest of the 60th olympic games in mexico is now being put for auction. smith won the 30-meter race and afterward he and juan carlos vowed their heads and raised their fists to protest war. we are a little bit closer to saturday's big game. >> actually having a ball game to talk about leading up to the hype. a lot of baseball experts across the country have said their thoughts about who's going to win this. and philadelphia is the favorite. but there's a man well known to san francisco giant fans who
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have a little something to say about who he's pulling for in this series, barry bonds. >> i'll always be a giant fan. i will always be, the giants are in my heart. the city i love, like i always try to tell people. i don't really have fans in san francisco i have family. that's my family. so if you think i'm going for philadelphia, forget it. i never go out without my people. i am a giant for life, i love you. much love to san francisco. and i hope you beat they [ bleep ] how's that >> we now who he's pulling for any way. the game over shadowing the big bay bridge series. and it's the raiders-49ers of course. the raiders showing some signs of really coming on as they get to phillip rivers. the chargers quarterback a couple of times in their victory against san diego. which can't be great news for
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alex smith who was asked yesterday, is this the lowest point of his career? >> certainly in points yes. 0-5. unfortunate that we're in this situation. but you know we're in it, we have to deal with it. got to get ourselves out of it. that they do. the voting meanwhile is in for our high school game of the week to be featured tomorrow. it's clayton valley versus concord. and we will feature that game at 10:00 tomorrow night. and do a preview on the 6:00 news. so thanks for all your votes at that's the sporting life for now. kind of interesting to see where barry bonds, you don't see much or hear much from him. >> sure don't. >> and he made his -- >> he seemed relaxed. >> he had a lot to say today. >> pretty definitive who he's rooting for. >> thank you, mark. crews in san francisco are in a race against time now ahead of a big race this weekend. coming up on bay area news at
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7:00 on tv 36, part of a coastal highway has been closed for months due to winter storms. we'll tell you how their reopening also impacts the opening of a bay area race event coming up on tv 36. that is our news for now. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. thank you for joining us. >> good night.
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