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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 14, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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sarah palin is in silicon valley tonight as part of a campaign style visit to california. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. she is the voice of conservative causes, a right wing. today sarah palin is visiting in the south bay. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta live in san jose with more. >> reporter: the event was
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closed to the media but sarah palin assisted an event at the third floor of the marriott. we spoke to three women who attended and were getty following the event. >> we were really nervous to see her. so excited, we had such a great time. we admire her. >> please welcome to uncomparable, sarah palin. >> reporter: earlier 1,500 people paid to listen to sarah palin. she started off by talking
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about the giants, but continued with politics. >> reporter: palin's bay area appearance was sponsored by the liberty and freedom foundation. >> we are ready to take or government back and put it back aopb our side and become that exceptional america. >> reporter: palin called for smaller government, lower taxes and the end of what she called the out of control and short sided spending of washington. she said it starts with the november second election. >> throw the bums out, amen brother, you betcha. yeah. >> reporter: palin's three day campaign through california will not include appearances with carly fiorina or meg whitman. 53% of voters would be less
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likely to vote for a candidate because of palin. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. and we've posted exerts on today's event. you will find them under the election 2010 tab. sarah palin is expected to speak tomorrow at the perspectives event. and she is expected to attend saturday's 2012 event in anaheim. biden told the new york times this week the president asked him to stay on the ticket for the upcoming presidential race. biden said that the two have real trust and that's why he's running again. there's mixed messages from
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the obama administration about gays in the military. president obama was vowing the measure will end while he's in office. >> ts is not a question about whether this policy will end, this policy will end and it will end in my watch. but i have to make sure that we follow the rules and that they are changed. >> he later then said, no one should have to lie about who they are to serve in the u.s. military. and caltrains tells us repairs should be completed tomorrow but not in time for the morning commute. mike mibach is live on the
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bridge with our report. >> reporter: caltrans doesn't know why a crack and two they are not waiting to find out. the emergency repair is priority, it's a 24 hour job and that's why they're under way tonight. it's where caltrans has set up their camp, work being done to repair the crack is happening beneath the bridge. a bridge that originally opened in 1929 but was built in 1957. this is the most scenic part of the bridge. >> reporter: this is a small 10- inch crack in one of the segments of the beam that is getting the attention. >> it was a wish bone crack. if it happened on that side logic says that the other side of the wish bone is ever bit as
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susceptible. >> reporter: the crack was discovered yesterday during a biyearly inspection. that gurder was insauled as part of a retrofit. >> i do think it's a big deal. i don't want it to fall. >> reporter: it's been reinversed. a slight headache for commuters. >> it will probably back up. everybody is going to take alternate routs. >> i think people would appreciate it being closed getting taken care of. >> reporter: right now it is smooth sailing in both directions in the bridge. but starting tomorrow morning, commuters should expect about a 30 minute delay.
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reporting live now here on the san mateo bridge, mike mibach. part of a staged canopy collapsed on treasure island this week, and three workers were injured when the structure collapsed. the workers had to jump 7 feet from a platform, two of them might have suffered broken bones. santa clara police announced tonight they have arrested one of their own. police say officer clay ro i -- rojas was taken into custody. officer rojas and the hells angels are facing conspiracy charges. steve lodge said the incident is isolated but nevertheless tarnished the reputation of the department. we are learning more tonight about two teenagers accused of starting a fire that damaged san jose trace elementary school this summer.
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investigators are competent they have the suspects responsible but the motive remains unclear. >> flames had barely died down that july morning when tips began flowing into the fire department. those tips, some surveillance and a few search warrants later, now two teenage boys are locked up at juvenile hall as the district attorney weighs the charges. >> this is a sad day for the family members of those two individuals. >> reporter: san jose's fire marshall says neither boy neither attended tray and he's not sure why they would want the school to burn. >> whether it was a dare, we don't know if it was random, whether it was a malicious act in retribution. >> it was a day after 4th of july, so that may be something to do with it. >> reporter: for kids, a
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lesson in consequences. >> our teachers and students were talking about. our teacher was talking about kids did it. >> reporter: the fire left some insecurities and a sense of loss. >> they set everything up quite nicely here for the kids but they still have to look at the charred remains of their school. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says the two arson suspects are in custody and will remain there at least until tomorrow afternoon when they are arraigned. both boys were 16 when the fire happened, one has since turned 17. debra villalon. this is day one of whole new lives for miners who were rescued after 69 days. today miners were still wearing bathrobes and sunglasses to
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protect their eyes. most of them remained under medical supervision. three were released from the hospital and more could be released tomorrow. the miners can now expect offers of vacations, tv deals and more that's on top of all their family celebrations. a picture perfect day at ocean beach, but how long will this balmy weather stick around. tomorrow's forecast in about 10 minutes. it says road closed but not for long, how a 10 month repair project at ocean beach could be coming to an end and one change that might surprise drivers. human cases of the west nile virus sends crews into action. we'll tell you how and where they are responding. the news continues in 90 seconds. a key vote is schedule to come up tomorrow.
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a race is on to reopen a stretch of san francisco's great highway before a foot race this weekend. if road was closed at the start of the year. but now changes have been made and ktvu's jana katsuyama learns the much awaited reopening will come tomorrow. >> reporter: the weather brought droves of people to stinson beach. tenths were also setting up for sunday's nike women's marathon.
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and construction crews are racing to finish emergency repairs. the great highways have been closed since last december. that's when unusually large storm surges ate away the bluff, creeping inland as much as 70 feet in some places. crews have hauled in large rocks to reenforce a 90-foot stretch of road. today crews put the final paint stripes on the pavement, but the emergency repair process involves a major change. reducing the southbound side to a single lane. >> we work with our traffic engineers to make a traffic flew. >> it's a pain to go around, it's always nice to drive this direction, so yeah, i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: city officials say the parking lots will reopen at
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the same time providing better access for beach lovers. >> as long as they provide a people for people to park, i think they'll be all right. >> they should reopen the great highway by tomorrow afternoon. the state public utilities commission to deal with increased gas demand this winter. after this pg & e pipe explosion, pressure was lowered. some 3,000 gas stations in california have until tomorrow to replace defective nozzles on
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gas pumps. the problem is with the notches allowing customers to pump without holding the nozzle. concerns over banks handling of foreclosures weighed heavily on trading. the nasdaq dropped almost 16 points. after the closing bell, google reported a big jump in it's third quarter earnings blowing away expectations. the mountain view company is also hiring. google says it's hired 1,500 people in the last quarter that raises the total in the year to 3,300. and apple said it's i pads will be sold at verizon stores starting next week. this could be an indication that apple will soon launch an
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iphone that now works on the verizon network. the i pads will also be available at wal-mart starting tomorrow. a new road crop opened today. city officials say the city's redevelopment agency doesn't have enough money to buy the last parcels of land needed for the stadium. but team owner lou wolf says he will find a way to get it done. major league baseball hasn't given it's final stamp of approval and san jose still has to vote on the its approval. a truck snaked it's way through part of antioch south of highway four unleashing an insecticide. but some tell us the spraying came as a surprise. amber lee has the report. >> reporter: we're in the backyard of family home in the spray zone. experts are asking people not to let water stagnate in pools
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such as this one because they can attract mosquitoes. less than an hour ago, a crew with the vector district drove through the neighborhood spraying. officials say they need to spray pesticide to stop mosquitoes from transmitting the west nile virus. this homeowner questions whether spraying is necessary with only three human cases county wide. >> we have a large population, i don't think that's a large enough percentage to spray. but it's up to the health department isn't it. >> reporter: neighbors said the
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district needs to do a better job of when and where they are spraying. >> we have not been notified. >> that's the first i've heard of it. >> reporter: what's your reaction? >> i think we should have been notified so we could bring our pets inside. >> any effects you might have as an adult, human would be very temporary. as where west nile virus can cause damage. >> reporter: vector control says it does notify residents through the media and through their website where they can sign up for note notification. hundreds of students will be screened for thank you tb. the person with active tb is being treated and is no longer
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on the school campus. the testing is expected to happen sometime next week. vallejo police hope someone recognizes the man who stole a purse from a 98-year-old woman. surveillance picture shows a man running from the store. the woman put her purse in a shopping cart and the man grabbed it. if you recognize him, call police. temperatures cooler in most places but a little warmer in others. today temperatures on the high side above the average 93 in fairfield, 91 in antioch. the fog right now showing up in pacifica and half-moon bay. it has been on the south coast all day the last two day, it's slowly heading back our way, and very slowly. temperatures will be cooler
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even as we move into the weekend. 48 in napa, it's a cool to your friday morning, so as the kids head off to school or you head off the work, the jackets will be necessary. coastal fog but it stays right at the beaches tomorrow morning. so if you're up on the other side of the 19th avenue you're most likely not going to see the fog. right down the beach you will. temperatures tomorrow, you can see forecast highs cooler than they have been. the cooling trend continue, i'll have specifics in the five day forecast. san francisco police have arrested a man suspected of impersonating motown celebrities in order to get free food and lodging. alan young was arrested monday at the hide out bar in san francisco. young pretended to be famous musicians to get free services from impressed business owners. he most recently impersonated lemont losenger. a dip in violent crimes in
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san francisco but it's not the latest news. the stress of unemployment, here it means health, healing and. - -
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opponents of oakland's gang injunction protested today. police say the injunction helps them fight crime but protesters say it violates civil rights. inside the courtroom, a judge took no action to end the gang injunction covering north oakland which means it will stay in place at least for three months. san francisco police released a report that shows how san francisco is doing in
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fighting crime. areas such as the tenderloin district continue to be plagued by crime, for example vehicle thefts there jump by 40% compared to the year before. >> mostly since the methodone clinic in the 400 block opened, a lot of them, the people show up early in the morning, very early 4:30 and they do break into cars. i've actually seen it a couple of times. property crime in san francisco dropped by 9% between july and september compared to 2009 figures. violent crime is down by 4% but the homicide rate stayed about the same. oakland police say two people are under arrest tonight in connection with a drive by shooting that left a teenager wounded. the shooting happened at about 8:30 this morning in the 1100 block of 73rd avenue. an officer saw the shooting and after a brief car chase arrested the suspects at the
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66th avenue off ramp of interstate 880. the 16-year-old victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injures. the officer said the shooting was likely gang related. we are learning more tonight about the 3-year-old twins who were found dead tuesday day night inside a burning fairfield apartment. the solano coroner verified that the two died of multiple stab wounds. police say the mother used a samurai style sword in the killing before trying to take her own life. she faces numerous charges including murder and arson. construction drugs may have played a role -- her daughter says her mom has bipolar disorder and was off of her medication. police said they found prescription drugs at the scene. cox ended up suffering minor
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injuries. she may face charges stemming from the crash. i don't know what the tribunes problem is with me. in oakland a candidate fires back after being pummeled in print. michael moore came to san france ciscoe, san francisco. we'll tell you why he was here, what he said about the silican valley, next.
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a strike by union workers at san francisco union square hilton hotel is now on its second day of protests. the union says the sticking points are health care, wages
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and pensions. management says it needs its employees to pay for their health care. striking nurses at oakland hospital are planning to return back to their jobs tomorrow morning following a three day action action there. nursing say they can't afford that. the hospital spokeswoman said the 125 replacement nurses brought in during the strike kept the hospital up and running. losing your job can deeply disturb you psychologically. recording to new studies dramatically inaffect your the health risk. there are times where you may actually be better off unemployed. john fowler has the report. >> i just moved out to oakland and there's no jobs here.
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>> i have lots of skills. >> reporter: built as one of the east bay's biggest job fairs in 20 years. >> what hours do you have open? >> reporter: some 40 employers looking to hire. >> we're looking for first impressions, something that's fast, fun and friendly. >> reporter: many of the applicants are in their 40s. >> will it be eight week, will it be a month from now. i have to pay the mortgage, i have to keep the lights on so that is stressful for me. >> reporter: andre keys unemployed for several years. >> basically i was one of the greatest players that ever went to that university. now i don't even have a job. it's a low point for me.
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>> reporter: your risk of poor health increases by 50% when you lose a job. the greatest threat is to mental health. counselors say they are overwhelmed. >> because of the state of the economy, it's hard for them, it's good for them to have someone to reach out to. >> we're here to help them, that's what we do. >> i lost my job as an engineers. i've been looking for a job for more than a year now. >> it's very hard when you have to come up with ways to pay things and not having any money. >> reporter: being fired with warning is worse than sudden lay offs. and taking a job you hate is worse than unemployment.
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>> drop the charges now. the group demanded that the 22 people arrested leave. the protests argued that the marijuana business workers were doing nothing wrong. >> this is opposite of what the public wanted. >> on october 1st, a drug task force showed off the marijuana, cash and weapons it said it confiscated. authorities say those arrested were dealing drugs not involving medical marijuana. >> and don perata was on the defensive today. randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: how much do newspaper endorsements really matter? nobody knows for sure, but they certainly don't hurt.
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>> i'm holder here the oakland tribune and i am so pleased and moved to be the endorsed candidate for mayor of oakland. >> reporter: it'll the choice, the tribune endorsed caplan first, joe tuman second and veteran councilwoman jean quan third. >> people are basically saying anyone but perata. >> reporter: the front runner in the polls calledded his grasp of the issue, appalling. >> i don't know what the tribune's problem is with me. >> reporter: he laid out plans today to rehire laid off police officers without raising taxes.
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>> people are dying, business are closing. >> reporter: an alternative newsweekly, heat line 25 reasons why you shouldn't vote for don p e rata, among them he's lazy. political editor randy shandobil, ktvu news. the forbes list for best states for business was release today and california moved lower on that list. utah was considered the best state when it comes to business. california came in at number 31 that is down from 38 last year. however the golden state is
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first when it comes to gross state product at $1.5 trillion. but california ranked poorly for business rank. and the no on 23 campaign has raised $19 million. he is being called a hero tonight. one man's heroic actions as flames torture a san francisco apartment building. and i'm tracking the fog as it's moving up the coast. it's in many locations head up
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the coast. and the dam that'sen on shaky ground. what's being done to protect the millions living upstream.
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what's left of an apartment building fire doesn't tell the remarkable story of what happened there today. fire officials say luke martin grabbed his 71-year-old neighbor and pulled her from her burning pardon me. all this as martin was carrying his 14 -month-old daughter. the neighbor georgia files suffered smoke inhalation and is in critical condition. what martin did isn't recommended but this time it really worked out. community members in richmond rallied this evening in hopes of winning a new playground. the solano play lot has made it
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into an international competition. the money would buy new equipment for the play lot. >> the equipment that's here is more than 50 years old. if you take a look at it it's rusting, it's falling apart, it's dangerous. you know no kids should have to play on this equipment. >> reporter: organizers say anyone with an e-mail address can cast a vote online, more than 650 parks throughout the united states and canada are participating in the contest. for more information on how you can help you can go to and click on web links. federal prosecutors said today cvs pharmacy is expected
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to pay for selling medicines with pseudoephedrine. michael voder was arrested at the walnut creek courthouse shortly before he was to appear at a hearing. investigators say vawter had welcome 200 pornographic images of children. none of them appeared to be the cub scout that vawter once led.
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in france, students led the protest today against plans to raise the retirement age. ' riot police held them from reaching officials. and in london, queen elizabeth cancelled this year's palace christmas party saying the royal home should show restraint because of economic restrictions. the estimated $80,000 cost came from the queen's private funds. one palace workers said this will not go down well. he is a lightning rod for controversy. up next, michael moore on his agenda and what he is now doing with his time and why he was in the bay area today. and bill martin is tracking a change in the weather, what too expect and when in the area
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where you live. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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sarah palin wasn't the only celebrity visiting the bay area. a lion of the left was also in town. liberal documentary film maker michael moore visited california state where he was honored with the steinburke award. >> reporter: bruce springsteen is a previous recipient of the
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award, and today michael moore received the award. >> we were living our own gripes of breath. people have suffered by greedy decisions by companies that think they own the nation. >> reporter: the award was given away by steinbeck's son. >> the award is given to people who are not afraid to say the truth regardless of who disstained that knowledge. >> reporter: while moore's most recent film brought attention to the capitalists, it appears
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moore didn't know apple's steve wesniack was in the audience. some say his films present his personal agenda instead of exploring the issues. >> i try to on if film do it with as much humor as possible to convince people there might be a better way. >> reporter: moore said in the past he would not make another documentary. he told us tonight he was working on a new project but he won't give us the details on what it is. the city of oakland, kaiser and the city awarded a display to bring attention to domestic violence. city officials say oakland police respond to more than
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7,000 reports of domestic violence each year. october is domestic violence awareness month. and anderson dam is the largest reservoir and is located very close to the calav era s vault. if a quake hit it would send a 30-foot of water to livermore and san jose. >> it's a pretty big hazard. >> reporter: water officials say i would it could cost $160 million to fix the dam. just in case they're not going to let the anderson reservoir fill to more than 56% of capaci. tillman grew up in san jose and died in a friendly fire
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incident while fighting in afghanistan. mike o' callahan's name is also on the bridge. the bridge took three years to build. it officially opens next week. an east bay man's quest to rename mount diablo has been shot down once again. diablo means devil in spanish and that upsets art majares. he asked the mountain be called jahabri which means god in hebrew. and temperatures cooler than they were this time last night. i have fog showing up in san
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jose but it stops there. it's getting caught up right here just around pacifica. the northerly gradant, that's the northerly winds. when you wake up it's clear, it's mostly sunny. but the cool air is making it into your neighborhood. so tomorrow's daytime highs a good three to five to 8 degrees cooler than they were today. we had 98 in santa rosa. most areas were a few degrees cooler but some areas like santa rosa were hot. there's the fog stuck right along the coast. as high pressure weakens, look who shows up. remember this guy, this guy is basically our entire summer, our winter, our spring, this thing was sitting there. it comes back, it's weak, it's not going to bring us rain but
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it is going to increeds the increase the weekend coast. saturday night into sunday maybe some drizzle along the coast. not a deal breaker. don't change plans plans but it is going to be cooler. good air quality or better. fire danger still high but there's no red flag warning and temperatures in the warmest spots, upper 80s, maybe a couple of low 90s. forecast highs tomorrow, reds are 90s. i mentioned that a few nights ago. the heat gets off the coast and that's what's going to start tomorrow further cooling certainly saturday and sunday. not a cold weekend just not as warm as we've been experiencing. we had a couple of days of record heat. and i started a gradual cooling
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trend. it is cooler with that 88 in morgan hill. temperatures along the coast cooler. mid-60s, 80 in minloe. don't change your plans. >> thanks, bill. up next here, barry bonds talking about the giants play off deal. and what's strange is how different barry bond is on camera than during his playing days.
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for tonight and one night only the white house, check that out is not white it's bathed in pink lights in honor of cancer awareness month. the president announced the change on twitter. caught on tmz. who would think, for over a decade the face of the franchise of course for the giants and although he never officially retired, barry bonds not only doesn't play number he lives way under the radar. as the giants prepare to take
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on the favored philly, barry bonds leaves no question on where he loyalty lies. >> i don't really have fans in san francisco, i have family. that's my family. so if you think i'm going for philadelphia, forget it. i never go out without my people. i'm a giant for life, i love you. much love to san francisco, and i hope you beat they [ bleep ]. >> yes, sir, man. >> not at a loss of words there. giant fans kind of hoping their team is still playing come october 26th when the warriors open their season, a fresh start. and hopefully a new era that can leave losing behind. one big challenge getting the two diverse personalities curry
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and ellis to buy into the team concept. >> sometimes i have a tendency to give the team to someone right now and before you know it, you have some resentment here and there. >> of course they can coexist. with everything being said about them last year. i just saw right away that things they were doing behind the scenes that never got to the media. with them talking and hangingout and on the floor and the locker room, you didn't see that. lincicum the name magic around thesparts. not just on the mound, lincicum can also swing a golf club, not tim but britney, no relation. 11-under 61 everything goes for
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her. she birdied six of her last seven holes. the last time a woman shot an 11-under was sarah clemington and that was back in 1978. and campbell will resume his role as startling quarterback. and he's not ability to give the -- >> i look at team that had an opportunity. you look at the saints game, we had another chance to win. >> like i said no bulletin board material there. that's the sporting life, not to forget raiders and niners. >> mark, thank you. and be sure to join the ktvu morning news beginning at
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5:00 a.m. tomorrow. they'll have the very latest on the emergency repairs being made on the bridge. good night.
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