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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 15, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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we are getting a report of a shooting in a business in the south bay. chopper 2 is there live and a pedestrian is killed on a busy street this morning and there was a similar tragedy nearby a short time ago. second fatality of the month on a roadway on the peninsula this afternoon. find out what the residents think the problem is and what needs to be done. dozens of law enforcement officers from all over will the
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the world -- from all over the world will be out in san francisco. we'll tell you what they are doing here. ktvu 2news starts right now. good afternoon. i'm claudine wong. tory campbell is off today. we begin with breaking news out of the south bay at this hour. let's take a look live from news chopper 2 right now. there you see it. police on stewart court in sunnyvale. we heard there were reports of shots fired. we heard it was a credit union but now it appears it may not be a credit union. there is no additional information at this point. we are trying to get more information. if we get more information we'll bring it to you later in this newscast. for a second day, crews are
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continuing work on a cracked bale on the portion of the san mateo bridge. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge right now. this is from the toll plaza. three west bound lanes are shut down and crews expect the closure to stay in effect this afternoon. workers are installing steel plates to reinforce the beams. that beam is designed to let the bridge move safely side to side in the case of an earthquake. inspectors found the crack wednesday during a routine check that they carry out every two years. crews started working this morning on a gas pipeline in a hillsboro neighborhood. residents there are being warned, if they hear lot noises or smell gas as that work will continue today. pg&e was concerned about the natural gas supply this winter. jade hernandez joins us now live from hillsboro with more on what's going on with that
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work. good afternoon, jade. >> good afternoon. the san bruno explosion left the pe nips la vulnerable. as winter approaches, the need for heat will only grow but with one less access pipeline. you can see the crews here working at a line similar to that so they can reconnect the two lines to replace the one lost in the explosion. it was an eerie similarity because both operated at the same pressure. 4752475 once per inch. the san bruno line was operating 11 pounds over the operating maximum. what you are looking at today is pg&e pushing out gas from the pipeline in order to clear it out. crews will purple the line and go to work reconnecting the
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pipeline to another line so that pg&e has ample supply of natural gas for the upcoming months. this is unusual but a necessary move for the gas company after the san bruno explosion which damaged a similar gas line. line 109 is continuing. line 132 was stopped. what we're going to do, interconnect those two lines so we can add additional gas into 109 to serve our customers north of that point. >> reporter: drivers passing through the hillsboro near the 280 rest stop may see pg&e crews working all day. neighbors behind this area started smell the odor some time after 9:30. pg&e suspects about 400 households will be affect by the smell and noise. one worker told us she received
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a letter, a phone call and e- mail alerting her of today's activities. >> i wish we know. they spelled it out pretty nice lie in the e-mail we had. i was not worried. i walked back. on the way back, i thought, i smelled it. >> especially after what happened out there, i think everyone is sensitized to the problem. the minute we sense something is happening, we would have been on the phone figuring out what's going on. >> reporter: pg&e says it's safe for us to ride our live truck and generator near this area today. ighbors will notice the smell depending upon the wind today. crews are expected to wrap up here tonight around 8. in hillsboro, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. santa clara police officers
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are investigating one of their own. clay rojas has been arrested accused of providing confidential dmv information to hels angel member who in turn gave it to this woman, vivian rodriguez. all three are charged with conspiracy. law enforcement are descending to test the ability to respond to dangerous situations. we have more on urban shield. good afternoon, tara. >> good afternoon, claudine. the oakland airport will be under attack this weekend. don't worry, it's not real, just part of the scenario base training examiner advertise and competition for dozens of law enforcement agencies from across the state. here is the fourth year that the alameda county sheriff
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office hosted urban shield, a competition aimed at preventing and disrupting terrorist attacks. starting at 6:00, more than two dozen s.w.a.t. teams will be tested. last year, there was an okay stack cle course outside. this year, there is a twist. competitors will rappel down the elevator shaft, 40 stories high. eight members of the oakland police s.w.a.t. teams are competing. the team would last year's competition but they say it's what happened after the drill that really counts. >> we bring all that training, all that experience that we are getting back to our city. if there were, you know, unfortunately some bad occurrence that's happened, we'll be able to deal with it accordingly. >> other drills include a mock siege by gang members of the san francisco city hall, a hostage situation and a sniper attack at the uc berkeley stadium. there will be 29 drills taking
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place every hour and a half from san jose to treasure island saturday morning to sunday morning for these officers who will not be getting much sleep but they say it's worth it. three international teams are part of urban shield. they come from israel, bahrain and jordan. back to you. >> should be an interesting weekend. thank you. a deadly accident in the city of atherton shut down the road. this is the second fatal accident in that area in recent weeks. kraig debro is live there now and joins us with details of the accident. kraig? >> thank you, claudine. police released the age but not the name of the man who die.d he is a 56-year-old man who lives in atherton right between those two concrete walls. he lives in the homeless en campment so he died a few feet away from where he lived.
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of the accident was as bloody as it was inconvenient. two homeless people walked across the street. one of them never made it across. >> the up side unidentified driver went to the police department and voluntarily gave a blood alcohol. police say he cooperated. >> we had to shut down both sides because we needed to take measurements and needed to do them safely. >> they have not had sidewalks down there at all. and people have generally managed it. >> reporter: now, jane nassan says there are more people coming to work here and people are worried about the issue. there are more people living and working here now, she says.
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on september 30th, a car struck a man on a bicycle while on a sidewalk. it's easy to look at this part of the el kamino real. but since both were killed in the middle of the road, jane nassan has a theory. >> it makes it hard to see weather -- to see what's coming the other way. >> this morning, we had low lights condition, somebody coming across the street. just an accident. >> reporter: and the lieutenant says there is no connection between the fatal accident last month and today's fatality. the cause of the one on september 30th is still under investigation. >> thanks, kraig. this morning, the federal reserve chief says he is prepared to take action to
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stimulate the economy and get people back to work. in a highly anticipated speech in boston, ben bernanke suggested that the u.s. government should purchase u.s. bonds. that should drive down long- term interest rates. this is a done deal but still at issue is the size of the program. bernanke says, at this point, he expects slow economic grow next year and continuing high unemployment. >> economists are concerned about the latest report on retail sale. for a third straight month, retail sales are up 3.6%. consumers put more in cars, furnish tour stores and do it youre stores. advocates for the -- they claim that the banks are collecting nearly $1.5 million
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a month in atm fees from welfare recipients and say that amount is nearly d.c. what it was two years ago. the california department of social services says that the state has no control over banks and that welfare recipients can make up to four withdrawals at atms part of the system. and we have more on the developing story on a shooting in the south bay and some california voters want to legalize marijuana. but the feds are not on board and we'll tell you the warping they are issuing if prop 19 passes. we'll show you what the state has to say and how it will affect you coming up.
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we just got more information on our breaking news from the south bay. you are taking ally look from the chopper. this is a public storage facility on stewart court. our own reporter robert honda is on the scene and he tells us this is an officer-involved
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shooting. a sunnyvale police officer fired the shot but there is no information on the condition of the person who was shot. we do have a crew on the scene right now. you can see from news chopper 2, there is still activity in front of this storage facility in sunnyvale. we'll continue to follow it for you on the channel 2 news at 5:00. the u.s. attorney general is issuing a warning to california that the federal government is not going to honor the legalization of marijuana as a result of an upcoming ballot measure. attorney general eric holder said in a letter this week that the justice department strongly opposes proposition 19 that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana. and the storm says that the feds will enforce the laws. a deadline could shut some
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stations down. it involves the valve shutoff. >> reporter: state officials says that this silver piece which is to open the system latch is defects ti. once engaged, the latch allows the person to continue to pump their gas without staying at the nozzle. the state says this latch must be removed for safety reasons. we are not going to tolerate shoaling the nozzle while their car is being filled up. they want to do their windows, wants to check their oil. they are just going to find another station. >> this surveillance video taken from the gas station shows how effective nozzles would spray customers with gasoline before being inserted into the gas tank. similar incidents have happened when 13 nozzles failed. she said she notified the state back in august and then
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california fire marshall said that all 13,000 gas stations that use the nozzle need to remove it. >> if they shut me down, they should me down. i think that's unfair. >> she says her nozzles are tested daily. she says that it's not station openers who only make pennys to the gal on they sell. >> it's unfair. we will lose our customers. why don't they recall the nozzles? how difficult is that? >> is the company go going to go broke if they recall? >> ford will fix them, ford. >> this is not an easy fix. it's actually costly. ease nozzle cost 500 dollars alone before installation. some officials say just switch off the nozzle but that's not
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possible because the system all works together. >> the system only accommodates bsp. i am stuck with the company. i dot revamp and pay another 60 to $75,000. the dpoch northern and a judge already rejected the cause. they say that state air regulators are working with owners. the state fire marshall says it's up to local fire department to enforce the issue. in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. construction crews are patching the roof of a convenience store in only. the fire broke out around 4 it:00 this morning. it caused the most damage to the roof where nevery air conditioning almost fell through. there was not a check inside when the fire broke through. the 7-eleven has been closed for at least part of the day while repairs are underway. the cause of the fire is still
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upped investigation thousands of san francisco students are attending a fair to find out more about college. >> i want to learn more about colleges like stanford because i want to go there. >> reporter: soon others are talking to representatives from dozens of colleges and universities. organizers say that will give them a clans to find out about a college, getting financial aid and talk to them about what they might like to study. >> we hope they gain a lot more perspective about going to college and that there are a lot of different opportunities out there for them. and that it's not too late to really apply for college and figure out what they are doing after high school. >> there are an estimated 3,000 students and 70 colleges and universities taking part in this event. well, if you didn't like the hot weather and you were hoping for a cooldown, it looks like you're going to get it. meteorologist steve paul son joins us. it looks like we're going to
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get that already? >> it's already in the coast. san mateo, santa cruz. it's working its way in. from the marine head lands, the sonoma coast -- not the sonoma coast, excuse me but south of there t there it is, very shallow, going that for beside the schrnl inland. inland, we are still getting some very warm temperatures, the thinking fog will be there but cooler. we lost the clouds in that -- you are seeing more of a westerly breeze. city alone, ocean breeze, these are a good 15 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. south of market, 66. north mission, contrerra hill, 67. temperatures will be warm for some but cooler in others. oakland down from 88 to 75.
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86 san jose. 87 walnut creek. 81 livermore and concord and san jose, 79. palo alto had 73. the sixties and the fog can be really thick on highway 1. be careful of that. even sacramento will cool down into saturday. the system will move in. everything is moving more of an onshore wind and the low pressure system will term and head right back over us. there is shower out of that system. the low gets close. the fog is returning, as you saw. it's still mostly sunny. a few clouds out of that system but otherwise, lots of sunshine but it is a little cooler, maybe too warm for some of you. in the nineties, mid downer, by the coast, a lot of 50s, even
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620s. for some, if you are stuck in the soup, cool, many few showers, monday into monday. >> thanks, steve. >> you bet the f.a.a. administrator joined oakland airport officials for the ceremonial ground breaking on the project to build a new control tower. the tower will replace the two old ones. the f.a.a. has put in $33 million into the project. >> it's important that you have a mo determine airport and this tower is going to move forward a great stride in that direction for the oakland area. >> reporter: airport officials say that the project will employ 656 people and give oakland a control tower as sophisticated as any in the world. >> just ahead, right now, the giants are in philadelphia getting ready for game 1 against the phillies. we'll tell you who will be on the mound and the race for the
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national league pennant is about to get into full swing.
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the national league pennant race is about to get underway. the san francisco giants traveled to philadelphia yesterday. that's where they will take on the phillies tomorrow in game 1 of the national league
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championship series. tim lincecum will be on the mound for the giants and roy halladay will start game 1 for the phillies. he pitched a no hitter in his last start. you can watch that entire series right here on ktvu channel 2. our next newscast is the ktvu channel 2 news at 5. that's going to do it for us here at noon. have a great week, everyone.
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