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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 15, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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church has been hit several times, now these dorms open since 1969 will stay locked. >> they broke in here and reached in and opened the lock. >> reporter: ransacked by thieves every weekend for a month. >> it was relentless, like being in an attack. >> reporter: the san francisco church is installing sensors with lights. >> it's very alarming to people who have come here to feel safe. the string of burglaries may not be over. >> i've noticed it is as it is right now, this microphone is missing. >> reporter: the new life church located in a secluded neighborhood first hit in august was burglarized again earlier this week. >> i think it might be people in need that's why i would like
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to think -- >> i wonder if somebody knows what's going on or they've been in the church before, nobody knows. >> reporter: san francisco police tell us the string of break-ins are most likely crimes of convenience and still not connected. still some church leaders are uneasy. >> it seems intentional that people were targeting churches that they know are vulnerable. >> reporter: their neighborhood may be considered safe but in tough times, nothing, not even a church is considered sacred. >> it's really a shame to see people doing that. we go give to church not to steal from it. >> reporter: san francis will spend about $10,000 to install this new security system. but many of the older churches have smaller congregations and
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don't have money to cover the costs. they were trying to arrest one of the men when he drove off, passing through the storage complex before nearly running over officers who were waiting outside the gate. officers chaised the men. one of the officers jumped out of the vehicle, the driver was arrested outside a credit union on san isidro way in santa clara. police found another man a short time later. neither the officers nor the suspects were injured. the santa clara police department is still reeling today after the arrest of one of its officers, investigators say 36-year-old clay rojas supplied private confidential information to a member of a motorcycle gang the hell's angel. investigators say there are still a lot of questions. >> because of the relationship that would motivate a police officer to give up confidential
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information. officer rojas is free on bail. he will be back in court on october 28. the two teenagers accused of setting a fire at trace elementary have been charged at adults in the case. 16-year-old lasaros and clifford were charged in court. police are investigating an accident this morning that killed a 65-year-old transient as he was crossing camino real. a toyota camry struck a man and authorities stopped and did cooperate with police. the name of the man was enofre mendoza. a 62-year-old bicyclists was
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struck and killed on september 30th. pg & e may have trouble delivering gas to some of its customers this winter. the utility says the problem has to do with pressure and the pipeline that exploded last month in san bruno. ktvu's christien kafton joins us now. he's in san bruno with the details. >> reporter: crews are almost done with the first phase. you can see pg & e crew here actually installing a very short section of gas line. it's part of the over all plan to get ready for winter when demand for gas will & e crews will work to rerout gas, similar to rewiring
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electricity. but with heavy gas use expected, the utility company is exploring the plan to release gas by 20%. pg & e says since it can't run its line at full pressure, some customers may have their gas temporarily cut off. >> i think less would be available to them. there maybe cases where they wouldn't have gas, but we would communicate with those customers if that was the plan, we decided to use this winter. >> reporter: the public utility's commission says the pressure guidelines are aimed at making sure there isn't a repeat of september's explosion until the gas line could be thoroughly checked. the pvc says there could be outages but they won't affect the residential customers. >> it's not residential customers, none of the small stores, none of the officer
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buildings. it's for very small customers. >> reporter: and there you can see that pg & e crew still at work. pg & e says that's a big part of reason, the bypass could help the possibility of cutting off gas for some of those big users. once this bypass is complete, the utility company can run over gas lines at 100%. we will continue to monitor the situation right here but for now we are here monitoring the situation. tactical officers from around the bay area and the nation will be pushed to their limits. it'll be part of a grueling 24 hour exercise. beginning at 6:00 tomorrow morning, police, firefighters and dispatchers will be hit
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with different disasters. sal castaneda live in philadelphia where those fans are crazy and everything there about is about baseball. evening, sal. >> reporter: evening, frank. it's very windy out here in philadelphia. and the wind will play a factor. wind or not giants players say they are ready. as the players practiced on the field, some philadelphia fans came out to get a head start and gave me a quick primer on philadelphia. >> this is the home of soft pretzels and loud mouths and we
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love our baseball. >> reporter: giants fans have played a big role. >> people have really come alive for us. i think to a guy everybody would say the same thing. it's helped us as a group to feel the support of the fans and you know the city is hungry for one. and it's been a long time. >> reporter: although the national media have been focusing on the match up of tim lincicum and ray halladay, fans say they don't want to focus on just that but have a different player step up on every game. >> that's the thing about our team. seems like somebody steps up each individual day and becomes the hero of that day and that's what you need as a team. >> reporter: now a lot of the national media has already been crowning the phillies as the national league champs. the giants players say not so fast. >> reporter: live in philadelphia, sal castaneda,
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ktvu channel 2 news. and you can see all of the national league championship series, play off games right here on game one in philadelphia is tomorrow at 4: 4:30 our time. the rest of the games listed there on the screen or you can find them on, look under the giants play off tabs on the front page. governor arnold schwarzenegger is scheduled to head home today. the governor met yesterday with british prime minister cameron where he met to speak about the budget crisis. arnold schwarzenegger met with the russian president to speak about an international investment in silican valley. bart announces when it'll break ground for a new extension, but this one is like nothing you've ever seen before. california voters are close to legalizing marijuana, now the federal reaction that is raising some new concerns. the fog is currently pushing back into the bay.
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live pictures right now of the bay bridge where lanes will be closed for repairs. bart announced today it will break ground on october 29th on an e bart connector line in contra costa county. the connection from the
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pittsburgh connection to antioch will break down the median. unlike bart, e bart will return by cared pulls with an e engine. >> we just lay a track way in and can start putting trains in and we can be up and running a year before the freeway widening. >> e bart passengers will get off bart at the pittsburgh station and transfer across the platform to e bart using the same ticketing system. the latest round of transit service cuts is set to take effect on halloween. three lines will be affected. the transbay line between san francisco and oakland and the 619 line in newark. all told this year, ac transit has cut service by about 15% as the agency faces a looming budget deficit. today is the deadline for
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about 3,000 california gas stations to get rid of the fuel pump nozzles equipped by those latches that lets you fill up hands free. the state fire -- one san francisco station owner says the fc upgraded her equipment after one such malfunction and she will not remove the notches. >> if they shut me down, they shut me down but i think it's unfair, i have to take a stand. and the upcoming november 2nd election, california voters will decide whether to legalize the position of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. that would put the state at odds with federal law. ktvu reporter jim vargas is
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live with this. >> reporter: we're inside on the head headquarters of the yes on 39 campaign. they are not surprised to hear that attorney general holder fully intends to continue to enforce federal marijuana laws if california voters pass proposition 19 next month. right now expect except for the use of medical marijuana, the use of marijuana is illegal. and the u.s. attorney general announced today, -- >> that's what we expect. the voters of california are ready to take control of cannabis and get it out of the
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hands of criminals by putting it into a regulated market. >> reporter: holder also calls the passage of prop 19 a significant impediment of law enforcement. >> just because a person sells marijuana doesn't mean that they exclusively sell marijuana. they may sell cocaine, meth and other drugs that are illegal. >> the bulk of prop 19 is to decriminalize and shift our police priorities toward those violent crimes and crimes that matter most. >> reporter: well the final word on proposition 19 may not really come on election day since these days, many initiatives especially controversial initiatives end up in the courts. jim vargas, ktvu. there was some shaking in the south bay today, a 3.1
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quake hit this morning in unincorporated milpitas. and we want to check in with mark tamayo. >> the fog on the increase as you can see, the clouds already a factor near santa cruz and also toward davenport as well. we're moving the map to the north, some clouds. moving into a portion of san francisco especially right around the golden gate bridge. as far as temperatures from today, we cooled off most areas on average about five to 15 degrees. san jose 84 degrees and fairfield in the lower 90s. weather stories, fog will be on the increase, cooler for the evening. a little bit of a bump in the numbers. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, the rain right around the bay upper 60s to the lower
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70s and temperatures inland barely making it up into the lower 80s around 80 to 82 degrees. this will be the set up for tomorrow, most areas will continue to cool off around five to 10 degrees, especially inland with the fog a factor. the morning skies becoming cloudy. this will be the dominant feature, it'll be sliding at least to the south, approaching the bay area and close enough by sunday, we bring in scattered clouds, that will be the coolest day, lower 70s and there is a possibility, the chance of a few scattered showers and the highest chance would be in the south bay and also maybe parts of the east bay. so we're completely dry for tonight, we'll take this into your saturday, pretty much the same deal. into sunday, a little bit of activity. once again this represents a chance sunday morning and into the afternoon hours. so we will continue to keep an eye on this as we head into your weekend. we can say for sure, temperatures cooling off and we are bringing in a few clouds.
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into the afternoon hours partly sunny. no 90s to report. the warmest locations only to the 80s. oakland tops out 71. san jose 77 and san francisco no more 90s, no more 80s, no more 70s, only 68 degrees. there's about a 30% chance of showers as we head into sunday. clouds are still a factor. and we'll gradually cool things off. frank and julie, if you're headed into philadelphia for the game, temperatures in the upper 50s. >> a chilly air. >> thanks, mark. facebook announced today it'll work with gay rights activists to move quickly to remove anti gay posts. gay and lesbian alliance
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against defamation has been working to remove the posts. gay activists are calling for the public to wear purple next wednesday to honor the victims of gay bullying. president obama opposing a moratorium on foreclosure. southern california wants to order a 60 day halt to foreclosures while they investigate allegations of irregularities in the fore closure process. east bay congressman john g era me in, di voiced his opposition to a moratorium. he says new banking regulations will be enough to keep lenders in line. two northern california cities have won large federal tkpwrapts for their -- federal grants for their effort to link schools and jobs.
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$1.5million will go to the sacramento area council of government. both groups are focused on creating housing that is inenvironmentally friendly. >> you look at them and say, they've organized themselves, they've committed themselves to move forward in a way that will benefit the rest of the country. on wall street, news of bank foreclosures problems sent the dow lower today after being up at the opening bell. soaring google stock helped nasdaq on the plus side. the dow fell nearly 32. we're coming up, sports director mark ibanez will join us live with the high school football game of the week. what could be a huge disappointment for cal baseball fans. the new attempts to realign the pack 12.
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new information tonight that's not going to go over well with cal and sanford fans. directors of the new pac12 suggest that cal and sanford
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will not be placed in the same alignment as usc and ucla. a final vote on realignment is set for next week and if it's approved as is it would likely mean that cal and stanford would only play usc and ucla every other year instead of every year like they do now. clayton valley eagles faced off with the minutemen in tonight's high school football game of the week. >> mark ibanez is standing by in concord with a preview of what's going on tonight. >> thanks very much, as you can tell i'm wearing the pink today and it's all part of breast cancer awareness month. and tonight very special game it's the rivalry game. but everybody is supposed to be involved in a pink out. wear pink to a football game. who knew, right. and it's a very special game
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because it is also a rivalry game and i have with me concord high coach bryan hamilton he's been a head coach here for 17 years. obviously a special night. you have a little bit of pink on, i have to give you a little credit for that. but obviously this is a grudge game, no love lost between these two schools, you guys are serious about it. >> we play for the clay cord cup every year. when the league changed and now we get to play them every single year. they are miles away and our kids grew up playing football against each other. it's a big rivalry and it's a year's worth of bragging rights. it's a big one. >> i have to ask you, you guys have a very special talent on your team. ricky lloyd he's a quarterback been socked by a lot of schools. racking up incredible numbers, last year we completed 43 passes, tell me a little bit about what sets him apart. >> he's just a special young man. there are a lot of kids with
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great physical tools and great physical gifts but that's not something he relies on. he's a student of the game, he's a hard worker, we're lucky to have them. >> good luck to you tonight. hope all your kid stay healthy. we'll have highlights tonight at 10:00. and the rangers are leading the yankees 3-0. back to you. >> yankees losing, huh. >> and that's our report for tonight. thanks for joining us. good night. >> have a good evening everyone. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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