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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 15, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. late word tonight of a rape suspect under arrest in connection with a series of attacks at this bay area apartment complex. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the contra costa sheriff says the rape suspect is a 51-year- old man who lives at the same complex where the string of sexual assaults occurred and that he is responsible for one of the two most recent attacks. authority say the man behind bars tonight lived at the park regency complex just out of walnut creek.
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but the suspect in a second attack is still at large. ktvu's amber lee is standing by at contra costa with today's developments. here at the regent park apartments there is mixed and guarded reaction to the arrests. the police have arrested the first suspect and police are still looking for a second man. >> reporter: there are plenty of residents coming and going at the park regency apartment complex tonight. but no one knew that another tenant was arrested for a rape that took place last month. the contra costa sheriff's department says he is being held on $1.6 million for the september 16th attack. the sheriff says he and his victim will are aquaintances. >> the fact that they arrested somebody who lives here, that's kind of sad. >> reporter: authorities say they are still looking for the man illustrated in this sketch who they suspect is responsible for the most recent assault attempt on october 2nd.
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residents say the arrest doesn't restore their sense of security. >> i do feel a little bit better. but there is still -- if there is still somebody out there, then, you know, there is still no peace of mind of what is going to happen. >> there is good news to hear that there is one less. but there is a trend here lately. >> reporter: in addition to the three attacks there have been three sexual assaults here in august. a man was arrested based on dna evidence. but given the crimes in the past several months residents will still continue to take precautions. >> we are afraid. we walk around with personal alarms. we have our maze and everything. you know, it is not a way to live here. >> the women we spoke with say they make sure they don't walk around alone and that they can't help but look over their shoulders whenever they leave their apartments. reporting live near walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. and here is one more look
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at the sketch deputies are circulating in the october 2nd incident. investigators described the attacker as white, five eight, five nine with a medium build, five nine and facial hair. >> berkeley police say they have extra patrols on the streets tonight following a series of armed robberies this week. police say the crimes are likely connected and they are warning the residents to be on alert. four robberies occurred in different parts of berkeley on tuesday and wednesday. and there was a fifth in nearby oakland on wednesday that may also be connected. the suspects rob people walking along the trail and on the city streets. the suspects used a pistol in the tuesday robberies and a shotgun in the robberies on wednesday. a friend of two of the victims said she is more careful now. i've just been trying to be a little bit more cautious and not walk alone as much. look around corners before i walk down the street. >> police say they think the
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same robbers are involved because the robbers use similar language and similar weapons in each crime. a new poll out tonight shows democrat jerry brown holding a lead over meg whitman in the california's governors's race. the rasmussen poll was conducted after tuesday's third and final debate. it shows brown at 50% and brown at 44%. only 4% still have not made up their mind. former president bill clinton is in southern california right now stumping for a democratic candidate. this video is just in. he is at ucla stumping for candidate jerry brown. san francisco mayor gavin newsom is also at the rally. tonight's event at ucla is just one of several stops that the former president is making sheer in california over the next few days. mr. clinton is set to take his political star power to the north bay this weekend. he will speak at the uptown theater in napa sunday
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afternoon. democratic congressman mike thompson is hosting the event. before the even, the former president will attend a private reception with proceeds going to thompson's reelection campaign. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke to a packed house tonight at the commonwealth club in san francisco. the former first lady and presidential contender seems to embrace her globe trotting role as the nation's top dip. ktvu's mike mibach took in tonight's speech down at the marriott with our report. >> reporter: frank right here on market street where president clinton campaigned for the presidency. indeed she was here downtown as one of the most senior female politicians in the world. [ applause ] >> reporter: 1600 strong on their feet welcoming the 67th united states secretary of state. >> this is such a great treat personally to be back in san francisco. >> reporter: the secretary just
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in from brussels addressed a number of topics, first afghanistan saying u.s. strategy is effective. >> and it is not a failing environment. >> reporter: technology was next. secretary clinton emphasized that innovation and use of technology is critical to expand the diplomacy around the globe. >> i just met with a group from twitter. and i know that there are a million ideas that are born every day here. and if you have a good idea, we will listen. >> reporter: she told the crowd her thoughts about u.s. involvement in pakistan. >> about how pakistan cannot just expect us to help them. but they have to help themselves. >> reporter: and the cartel violence in mexico. >> i liked her emphasis that we as americans have a responsibility to put a stop to the drug cartels. the demand that comes from people here using it, the illegal drugs in the united states, we hold just as much responsibility for what goes on down there as the people
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supplying it. >> reporter: secretary clinton also said there is a slight trend of freedom disappearing in other democratic countries, one region, the hunt for natural resources. >> but it is fair to say that there is a so-called oil curse. until we can get our act together as a country and figure out that clean renewable energy is in both our economic interests and the interests of our planet. [ applause ] >> reporter: clinton went on to say that the united states needs to be the global leader when it comes to clean energy technology. live tonight right here in downtown san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. and a little later tonight, the obama administration's tough stance on california's proposition 19. what the justice department promised today if marijuana is legalized here. bay area drivers can expect further delays this weekend as cal trans crews work to reinforce a cracked beam on the san mateo bridge.
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they now say the westbound lane closest to the water won't re- open until sunday. all of the other lanes are open. crews are adding reinforcement plates to a steel girder on the underside of the bridge. the lane closure began wednesday after a ten inch crack was discovered in that steel beam. it is designed to help the roadway sway safelyly during an earthquake. >> in the meantime repairs are finally complete just in time for a road race this weekend. during the winter storm surges ate away the bluff along the southbound lanes between slope and highway 35. a new configuration reduces the southbound direction to a single lane. the nike race is set to end at the great highway. the san francisco giants worked out in philadelphia today in preparation for tomorrow's opening game of the national championship league series. the entitlement is building with the -- excitement is building with the giants needing just four more wins.
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fred joins us tonight. >> reporter: good evening, fred, in behind the citizen's bank ballpark in front of the gate. steve carlton won more games than any other phillies. but carlton never had to pitch in this ballpark which was built in 2004. it is considered, well, it is considered a hitter's ballpark. there will be over 44,000 fans on hand tomorrow night. most of them expect to see the phillies beat the giants. but the overachieving giants will have some supporters. they very well could be wearing some of their props. like tim any wigs, panda hats or fake beards in honor of those hairy relievers of the ball club. sometimes these props can backfire but the players think it's cool. >> it brings guys out to the park and have a good time. that's exactly what a baseball game is. that's what i remember it as a kid. i didn't have any cool things
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to wear. but once a foam finger it made it more exciting to come to a game. now we have all sorts of gimmicks. i think if the crowd is having a good time, i'm having a good time. >> a change has happened since we started getting into this pennant race and getting into first place. and all that's happened, the people have really come alive for us. i thinto a guy, everybody would say the same thing. it has helped us, you know, as a group to feel the support of the fans. >> philadelphia fans are the most insane fans, diehard and they will make sure that we do whatever we need to do to win. >> well, so much for the city of brotherly love. but tim lincecum will start on the mound for the giants. had seven day's rest. so has the 21-game winner for the phillies, roy halliday who had a no hitter in his only other pre-season or post season appearance. now, as you can see it is very windy and gusty. expected to be that way for tomorrow's game one. so while we keep talking about
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this being a pitcher's dual between hall day and lincecum all we can expect is the unexpected for game one. a 747 or 457 time actually for you guys back there. that should be expected as we say to expect the unexpected. and it will be right here on ktvu, channel 2 news. reporting live in philadelphia, fred inglis, ktvu, channel 2 news. the watch and weather conditions out in philadelphia for tomorrow's game one. good news no rainfall in the forecast. the plan for tomorrow first pitch at 4:57 our time. clear and breezy with temperatures chilly in the upper 50s. winds are a factor for today. out of the north to northwest around 15-20 miles per hour. probably strongest for the first few innings of the ball game. coming up in less than ten minutes take a look at the bay area local forecast for tomorrow. and a reminder, all of the giants phillies games are broadcast by fox so you can see them live here on ktvu, channel
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2 news. game one starts tomorrow at 4:30 in the afternoon our time. two teens are charged with arson. how long the young suspects accused in a devastating school fire could spend in prison. also new details in a data tech scheme that has rocked a south bay police force. we are learning why one suspect is being held without bail. >> and morsel bracing in chile. the pact these miners have made about telling their stories. the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. dependable live coverage of breaking news. we begin with a huge fire. the bay area's major news of the day. south bay water officials say. and complete in-depth coverage. plus the forecast for the area where you live. frank somerville, am julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage.
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. two teenage boys were charged today in connection with last summer's fire that caused millions of dollars to trace elementary school in san jose. 16-year-old riaz and wong were arraigned on one count each of aggravated arson. they are being charged as adults, meaning they could face potentially up to life in prison if convicted. authorities say in the near teenager attended trace. and the motive is under investigation. the two suspects are expected to enter pleas next week. federal prosecutors today released their list of witnesses who they plan to call in the perjury trial of former san francisco barry bonds. prosecutors say bonds' former girlfriend kimberly bell is expected to testify about physical changes that bonds went through while allegedly taking steroids. also on the witness list former players jason giambi and marvin bernard and bobby estelle. along with bonds' personal trainer greg anderson. >> a santa clara police officer
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and a members of the hells angel now face felony charges in a case that has sent shock waves through that city's police department. the officer is accused of passing highly confidential information. as ktvu's robert handa reports, one of the men could stand a long time behind bars if convicted. >> reporter: santa clara police officers acknowledge the rank and file are still reeling today. 36-year-old clay rohoff is arrested for providing private information available only to the law enforcement to 38-year- old william betencourt on two occasions. they say he then sent that information to an convey tanitansy rodriguez. some officers say they work hard to gain and keep the public's trust. >> and to have somebody tarnish that and to have somebody within our brotherhood of police officers betray us runs the whole gamut of emotions from anger to sadness. people are pretty upset by
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this. >> reporter: police chief stephen lodge says many questions need to be answered. >> what was the relationship? what would motivate a police officer to give up confidential information? >> reporter: legal analyst steve clark recommends a wholesale audit of the databases. >> this is a very scary situation for the citizens thinking that their information may be given in such a way that their lives could be in jeopardy. >> reporter: but district attorney car says audits can't prevent an officer from getting information. it's human business. we're all human. and it's almost impossible to build a system that is just without flaws. >> we're convinced that it was a single officer's bad decisions that led to criminal conduct. we have no indication that any other officers are involved. >> reporter: here at the hall of justice courthouse they were each charged with a felony, conspiracy to commit a crime and are scheduled to enter pleas on wednesday. both are in custody at the neighbouring santa clara county
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jail. betencourt is being held without bail and faces a life sentence if convicted as a three strikes candidate. the officer posted bail and scheduled to be charged on october 28th. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2 news. now that california is planning on selling several state-owned buildings to make money, lay-off notices are going out to janitors. state buildings in oakland and san francisco are along 11 to be sold for $2.3 billion. the state is now sending off lay-off warnings to 1,000 custodians with the expectation of laying off 450. although the buyer has indicated that there are plans to re-hire as many of those janitors as possible. >> if you want to have a say in the november election, a critical deadline is set for monday. election officials in one bay area county say they are noticing a flurry of activity, as well as an interesting trend among those registering to vote. ktvu's ken prichit. it has this story. >> reporter: 18 days until the
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election and the election office is already a busy place. >> we are busier every day we get closer to the election. >> reporter: ballot county machines are being tested. absentee ballots continued to be mailed out by the thousands. and some early voters such as sandra phillips are casting their ballots in person. >> because this is what we fought for. and it's our duty and obligation to vote. >> reporter: but millions will not have ballots or be allowed to vote if they do not register in a matter of days. >> well, if you are one of the six million californians not registered and you want to vote in this election monday is the deadline. >> reporter: the clerk steve weir said he thought this election might have a low turnout but now says voter registration is up by one percent and will only increase. as the new registrations the registrar said he is surprised by a number of things. first the increased number of new registrations and the makeup of those new registrations by party. >> the one thing we are noticing is that those are coming in more than 2-1 as
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republican registrations even though my base registration is 2-1 democratic. >> reporter: weir says in the 60 days priority the election, 57% of new voters have registered republican compared to 23 percent registered democrat. 20 percent declined to state. >> all of the indications seem to be that something is going on. folks are getting interested. >> reporter: and weir says he expects his election workers will be working overtime processing new registrations for those who meet the monday deadline. in martinez, ktvu, channel 2 news. in chile, all but two of the 33 rescued miners left the hospital today with the last two requiring more attention. cheers and tears marked their homecomings. so far the men aren't saying much apparently as parts of an agreement. and as reported, they have also agreed to share whatever money they make from their stories. one of them said today he doesn't want to be famous. he just wants to make sure nothing like this ever happens
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again. [ music ] off to a cool start for the saturday morning. most areas in the 50s. but the cool spots up in the north for santa rose is a up to 57 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning areas of fog for the coast and the bay. temperatures upper 40s like we showed you into the 50s. and then by lunchtime, partly cloudy skies. still some patchy coastal fog. warming up 58 degrees. a sun and cloud mix. the high clouds on the increase. there is the eventual temperature range for the lower 60s to right around the 80 degrees mark for tomorrow afternoon. here is our rainfall forecast model. completely dry tore right now. but that could be changing as we do head into the weekend. coming up let you know what part of the bay area weekend we could be tracking rain showers here over the next few days. a sacramento man convicted of shooting a sea-lion was sentenced today to 30 days behind bars. larry allan legins was also sentenced to five years probation in order to pay
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$51,000 in restitution. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of wounding animal. he shot the sea-lion in the face while fishing on the sacramento river in 2009. the animal underwent surgery last week at six flags discovery kingdom. >> a midnight deadline is looming. why it may mean a change in how you pump gas. and the one station telling us it won't comply. it's one of the oldest professional sporting organizations in the world. and it is making a stop in the east bay. coming up, what fans say makes the lpga tournament so different from other sporting events. ktvu, channel 2 news morning news, weekdays starting at 5 a.m. >> uncovering important local news stories. plus weather forecast for the area where you live. frank somerville, weekdays on ktvu, channel 2 news.
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. the power is back on at an elderly woman's house in oakland after she says the newly installed smart meter malfunctioned and damaged her appliances. cay washington says her 80-year- old aunt lost power after a surge at her house.
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her aunt's television is destroyed. the subcontractor installed the smart meter yesterday. pg&e said if any appliances are damaged it will "do the right thing." >> at least one of 34 san francisco gas stations ordered to replace fuel nozzles that can cause gas to spill on customers will not meet a midnight deadline. >> if they shut me down, they shut me down. i think it's unfair but i have to make a stand. >> reporter: ocean avenue service station says the manufacturer should pick up the cost. the san francisco fire department ordered the gas stations to replace nozzles made by vst hoses that have a latch which can pop 0 open. many customers say they like the hands-free gas nozzles. >> we were going there but not anymore. >> well, the thing is for something good why not, right? >> fire marshalls expect to hear from state officials next week about what fines or additional legal action they can take to force station
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owners to remove the gas pump nozzles. >> the police late today identified a homeless man killed today crossing a busy section. 59-year-old mendosa was hit at 6:15 many this morning near watkins avenue. the driver who struck him did stop and has cooperated with the police. it is the second fatal accident in that area in the past three weeks. on september 30th a 62-year-old bicyclists was hit and killed just a few hundred feet away from today's accident. the. the show will go on this weekend that's the word for promoters of the treasurer island festival. a stage canopy collapsed while workers were putting it up. three workers were injured and taken to the hospital. their injuries are not considered to be serious. some 10,000 people are expected to attend the two-day festival featuring indy music. the plan to turn an old office building in market street into a youth hostel is moving forward. the building at 7th and market was built back in 1904.
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last night the planning commission unanimously approved the project. it would be divided into 94 rooms and include a restaurant, a basement, night spot and roof- top terraces. the youth hostel is scheduled to open in 2013. a positive sign from the economy as retail sales edged up for the third month in a roam the commerce department says retail sales climbed by 0.6% in september and revised numbers show that sales were up 0.7% in august. auto, electronic and appliance sales were all up. while clothing sales were down. economists say shoppers are buying just enough to keep the country from slipping back into a recession. concerns over the banking sector played on the minds of traders for the second straight day. the dow dropped-- 32 points but the nasdaq closed up 33 points largely thanks to google. shares soared up more than 11% after the company reported a 32% jump in third quarter earnings, well above what
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analysts expected. google ended the day above $600 a share. that is a gain of $60 per share. [ music ] a website honoring five gay teen who is died is prompting facebook to crackdown on cyber bullying. how they are partners with gay rights activists to take some new measures. and california's controversial proposition to legalize marijuana, how the federal government's stance may be setting up a turf battle. [ music ] . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mansini sleep world.
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. the u.s. attorney general upped the ante today when it comes to one of the most controversial propositions on the upcoming california ballot. proposition 19 would make it legal to possess small amounts of mayor for personal use. but the attorney general says even if it passes, californians will still face possible
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arrest. ktvu's jim vargas has our report. >> reporter: no one at the proposition 19 headquarters in oakland is surprised that attorney general eric holder says federal marijuana laws will continue to be enforced if california voters legalize recreational use of pot next month. >> it is exactly what we expect, that the administration would want to maintain the status quo. however, the voters of california are ready to take control of cannabis and get it out of the hands of criminals by putting it into a regulated market. >> reporter: in his letter to former officials of the drug enforcement administration, holder says. . >> reporter: he also calls the passage of proposition 19 a significant impediment to continued coordination with state and local law enforcement agencies and going after drug trafficers. pleasant hill police chief pete
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dunbar who spent most of his career in drug heavy oakland agrees withholder. and believes the drug trafficers will still sell pot as well as other drugs. >> just because a person sells exclusively marijuana they may also sell cocaine and heroin and other drugs that are illegal. >> reporter: they will vote against the initiative and hope that hundreds that are currently paid with federal money could lose their jobs if it passes and the feds decide to play hard ball with california. proposition 19 supporters say that with more than 60,000 marijuana arrests in the state every year, police resources could be diverted if pot is legalized. >> the bulk of proposition 19 is to decriminalize and shift our police priorities towards those violent crimes and the crimes that matter most. >> reporter: passage of proposition 19 is not a sure thing. although state wide polls show it doing well. though in the near side with less than three weeks to go before election day is giving up their sight. in oakland jim vargas, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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some houses of worship in san francisco are stepping up their security following a wave of burglaries. one of six churches have been broken into in recent weeks. st. francis has been hit by thieves almost every weekend for more than a month. and now they are installing cameras, lights and sensors to protect the building. pastors and parishioners there say it is hard to believe what is happening. >> it's very alarming to people to come to a place they have known to be safe all of their lives and have this going on. >> it's really a shame to see some people doing that to the church. i mean people go to church, not to steal from it. >> police say the churches may be targets of convenience. there is no indication the burglaries are related. >> tiberon is close to launching a new and controversial surveillance. cameras will take pictures of the license plates of every vehicle entering and leaving
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that town. police will then be able to cross-reference them in a state database. opponents say the program has a big brother aspect and is a violence of privacy. the program is expected to be up and running by next week. >> a san francisco based conservation group has reached a deal to buy one of the state's privately owned old growth forest. the save the red woods league plans to buy a 426-acre plot in the noyo river canyon. now all of the group needs is $7 million to complete the purchase. -- purchase. it contains huge stands of ancient fir and sacoyas. the deadline to raise the money is april 1st of next year. >> the rodeo is coming to cal palace. the grand national rodeo opens next wednesday and runs through the following sunday. in 1941 the cal palace hosted its first grand national rodeo. it is one of the yearly shows there. when you go to a pro
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sporting event these days and want to be close to the these it can cost you hundreds of dollar for tickets. all of which makes the lpga tournaments going on in the east bay this weekend kind of like stepping back in time where the tickets were cheap and the these were more approachable. allie rasmuss live with our report here. >> reporter: the women's is more accessible than any men's tournament. at the lpga they can walk up and ask for an autograph and a signed golf ball and it is all part of the experience. [ applause ] >> reporter: the second day of the lpga at the blackhawk country club was elimination rounds. 40 of the 108 professional women's golfers won't make it to the next phase. but to these young fans. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming. >> reporter: everyone on the green is coming. >> i really like her over there and she hit it over the water. that was really cool. >> yeah. >> reporter: the tournament
10:35 pm
moved from sacramento to danville five years ago. the director says it makes sense to have an lpga tour stop here because the bay area has produced many professional women's golfers. >> either born here or went to school here in northern california. it is really a lot of the top players. >> pro golfer pat hurst played at san jose you are university. she enjoys being a role model. >> a lot of girls come out and watch us. it's fun. you know, it's exciting. and like i said, can you get up close and you can see us right next to you. >> reporter: businesses in the san ramone valley also look forward to the event. >> more golf shoes in the restaurant this week for sure. >> reporter: the blackhawk grill is less than a mile away from the tournament site. the 50,000 people the tournament can bring to town can heat up business. >> the weak is not over but probably up 20, 25 percent for the week. >> reporter: but even for local businesses, the lpga tournament is more than just a money maker. restaurant manager grant johnson took his own young
10:36 pm
daughter to the event yesterday. >> it is inspirational. you know, women athletes are out, you know, representing their sport. and it's a great environment for kids to learn from. >> reporter: the lpga tournament is also accessible when it comes to price. tickets are $15 for adults and kids 17 and under are free. live in danville, alli rasmuss. >> how dirty is your smart phone. the touch screen is compared to a public restroom and how it can make you sick. >> this weather system will impact our weekend forecast. coming up the noticeable changes in the weather tomorrow. and also where showers could return to the area where you live. >> and a wild police chief overseas watches as a fell felon with nothing to lose tries to outrun police. coverage of the news where you live. frank somerville, julie haener,
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week nights on ktvu, channel 2 news at 6.
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. san francisco police released a sketch today of one of two attackers involved in the assault at the coit tower in august. the assailant is described as black, 200 pounds and tattoos on his upper left arm. he and another man attacked a couple with brass knuckles and then robbed them. the male suffered a broken jaw. police say the second man was
10:40 pm
shorter and thinner. a 15-year-old girl fell through a skylight in antioch. police say the girl and three other children were playing on the roof of the building at 110l street when she fell two storeys, landing on the floor. the other children ran to a nearby restaurant to ask for help. rescuers had to cut through the door of the warehouse to get to the teenager. the girl has been hospitalized now with un specified injuries. in news of the world tonight, in brazil be a escaped convict led police on a wild car chase in sao paulo after being stopped for a minor traffic violation. he hit at least nine cars and four motorcycles, injuring three people during the chase. at one point police cheered shots at his car as other drivers ran for cover. the police finally captured the escapee. in germany, a major exhibition own adolf hitler opened today at a berlin museum. it explores how hitler enjoyed so much popularity before dragging germany and much of the world into war.
10:41 pm
there are exhibits of what the nazis did to jews and gypsies. in the past, such a display would have been unthinkable. but germans are growing more comfortable confronting their past. and deep below the swiss ales and enormous drilled through the largest stretch of water. it will link northern and southern europe by high-speed train. the 30-mile tunnel has been under construction for ten years. it has a price tag of $10 billion and it has cost eight men their lives. the head of the federal aviation administration joined oakland airport officials today for a ground breaking ceremony for a new control tower. federal stimulus money is paying for the 236-foot tall structure. the tower will cost about $33 million. it is expected to take about three years to complete. the project will also provide 650 construction jobs. the new control tower will have state-of-the-art green
10:42 pm
technology, including solar panels. readers of con de naste ranked these airlines. singapore airlines was voted the best airline globally. a joyride in san diego last night didn't end so well for a $50,000 corvette. police say the car wound up in the surf after the occupants decided to go off road. they hit the sand doing some doughnuts before ending up in the water. when the officers arrived the three people inside ran away. police found the two occupy a ants a husband and a wife. the couple rented a corvette and then allowed a man they met at a bar to take it for a spin. police are still looking for the driver. >> a crackdown on anti-gay cyber bullying. the violent hate speech prompted new rules on facebook
10:43 pm
and some serious enforcement. >> and meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking big changes in our weather. what to expect this weekend in the area where you live. >> commute conditions that impact you. and updates all morning long. live drive-time traffic weekdays starting at 5 a.m. on ktvu, channel 2 news in the morning. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving.
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we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. . facebook says it plans to crackdown on cyber bullying following the recent suicides of some gay teenagers. as ktvu's janna katsuyama reports, violators could be banished from that social network. >> reporter: at the gay straight alliance in san francisco danielle says she called the call for action at the facebook page. >> we heard about it online just like everybody who got invites from our friends and young people. >> reporter: in memory of the recent suicides due to gay abuse wear purple on october 20th. in a few weeks it attracted some half million supporters. the string of suicides by gay teens possible victims of anti- gay bullying has created a
10:46 pm
nationwide outcry. >> the people we work with have been devastated. >> reporter: the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation or glad notified facebook and sent us a linked to with screen shots of some messages that included death threats. this comment used gay slurs and praised the suicides. one victim's photo was captioned with "i am having a great time in purgatory.." and another posting this a nazi concentration camp picture with a caption. this is an acceptable gay rights parade. today a facebook spokesman told us the postings violent the website's online rules. >> we were able to not only remove the comments from the page. but if this -- if this activity persists, these individuals will be removed from facebook entirely. >> reporter: gay rights activists say the issue shows that bullying can have serious consequences. >> these were done by students. this, for instance, is a message talking about youth suicide and that everybody,
10:47 pm
including change starts with you. everybody has the power to prevent youth suicide. >> reporter: many say facebook's proactive approach should be a model for other corporations. >> companies like facebook do have an obligation to their users to make sure that it is a safe environment for everyone. >> reporter: activists say the color purple in the rainbow flag stands for spirit. the day of purple on october 20th is meant to honor the spirit of those five teens who died. reporting from san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. a health warning tonight for people to use personal touch screen devices like iphones and blackberries. a stanford university study shows the popular devices can harbor germs and viruses like the flu. researchers say mobile phones have 18 times than a flush handle in a typical men's restroom. during the flu season people are advised to wash their hands frequently, disinfect cell phones and get vaccinated. >> general motors is recalling more than 300,000 chevrolet
10:48 pm
impala vans tonight because of seat-belt problems. the seat-belts may fail to restrain people in the front seats because of a crash. they may not be anchored properly. it is from 2009 to 2010. gm says no injuries or deaths have been reported. car dealers will inspect the seat-belts and reinstall them if needed. the inspection and any repair is supposed to be free. [ music ] well, the bay area cooled off quite a bit today. noticeable change as we do head into the weekend, that trend will continue. in fact, a rapid dropoff in temperatures over the next couple of days. right now in the maps i am tracking some fog, especially south of the golden gate bridge hugging the coastline down towards santa cruz. we have a steady onshore breeze in place right now. and that pattern will continue. i want to go ahead and widen out the view. all of this cloud cover to the north and west. this will be a weather system i will be watching as we do head into the weekend. especially as we head into sunday. as far as temperatures from
10:49 pm
today we cooled off most areas on average 5-15 degrees cooler than yesterday's highs. san francisco topped out at 64 degrees. still some 90s to report in fairfield, antioch and livermore. san jose a high of 84 degrees. primarily coastside right around the bay. temperatures this weekend cooling off. the extended forecast a little bit of the pump in the numbers. the range from the lower 60s for the beaches. right around 70 near the bay. temperatures inland barely making it up into the lower 80s by 3 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the weather system i will be watching for your weekend. temperatures tomorrow most areas continue to cool off around 5-10 degrees. the clouds will be a factor in the morning. at least some patchy fog. some higher clouds on the increase into the afternoon hours. windshields will pick up around 5--25 miles per hour. and then into sunday you can see the eventual track of this guy to our south. close enough to bring in a few
10:50 pm
extra clouds. the coolest air moves in. look at this, a possibility of a few scattered showers approaching the bay area. the highest chance will be for the southern portions of the area. just to our east it's only a chance. that would be for sunday. for tomorrow morning, areas of fog targeting the coast and the bay. those readings in the upper 40s to the low to mid-50s. into the afternoon hours coastal fog range from the lower 60s. no more 90s. talking about some lower 80s. fairfield right around 80 degrees. oakland and pleasant ton 81. san jose in the upper 70s at 77. san francisco tops out right around 63 degrees. a look ahead at the five day forecast the temperatures continue to cool off for your sunday. thicken up the clouds. a scattered shower. once again the south bay and the east bay on sunday. still some scattered clouds into monday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers. julie and frank, just a couple of days ago talking about
10:51 pm
record heat. we might be shivering on sunday which is 60s and lower 70s. >> i believe those showers when i see them. >> thank you, mark. >> a thrilling night of playoffs baseball in texas. the 8th inning rally that sealed the deal. sports is coming up next.
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ktvu, channel 2 news sports report is brought to you by kaiser permanente. . all right. mark is joining us now with sports.
10:54 pm
and getting ready for tomorrow's big game. >> oh, yes. but a little american league stuff to deal with, too. the yankees, of course beloved by their fans while everyone else loves to hate them. and you saw a perfect example as to why on both accounts. they are just too good. and they never go away. down 5-0 early. underdog texas trying to sneak in the quick jab. in game one instead devastating defeat for the rangers. although it looked good early for them. cc was roughed up. in particular, josh hamilton just crushes a three run homerun to right. rangers leading 5-1 into the 8th. the yankees come back. brett gardener had all-out hustle diving into first base. now we have 5-2. a-rod comes through. has had problem in the post season. not with that clutch hit there. two run single. all of a sudden 5-4 yankees down only one. and then robinson base hit
10:55 pm
center-field. that ties things up 5-5. that sinking feeling for rangers fans when marcus times, the go ahead singles to left. and it is 6-5 final. and there you go. fox meantime is hyping it as the most highly anticipated pitching dual in the history of baseball. that's a little hyperbolic to say the least. but no doubt lincecum couple versus roy halliday a good one. two cy young awards for lincecum. the guy who will probably win it this year. roy halliday but big tim lincecum will focus on what they can do as a team. >> we know what we are capable and what we have to do in the series to score more runs than the other team. other than that it is taking advantage of every run we get. playing small ball and doing all of the fundamentals. we have talked about that all year playing ball the way it should be played. >> the high school could be a star in the making.
10:56 pm
out in concord a quarterback ricky lloyd is the name. even sounds like a quarterback. might be one to remember as concord in a grudge match against clayton valley. lloyd flicks it to alex pecca. he will do the rest. 439 yards passing p.m., four touchdowns thrown and he scored two in the fourth quarter. lloyd again and it is a rather short 16 yarder right on the money. a perfect pile there. he has been throwing those all night. 15-14 concord wins. go to 5-1. clayton valley is now at 4-2. from hard knocks to country club settings, out in blackhawk we will go to there first, however, as we go to the south bay for the open. michael allan holds it with the approach looking good. allan with a 67 he is two
10:57 pm
under. and rockomedia another stellar for him. with a 65 he is your leader at minus 13. and the course record yesterday out in blackhawk, encore performance for brittney lincecum. well, nose another store rip. she had problems. today her magic runs out at 14. missed the double bogie. carted -- carded a 76 on the day. and it is beatrice ricari and gladys are tied at 10 under par for the lead after two rounds out at blackhawk. tomorr, all about the giants. game one against the fillies right here on channel 2, first pitch is 4:57. not 4:450 or 4:53. that's 4:57. roy halliday against tim lincecum. that's the sporting life. got to be 57 for some reason. >> okay. >> that's it right here on channel 2. >> just to stress that our
10:58 pm
coverage continues online at and tune into channel 2 at 4:57. >> right. >> for game one of the giants philly series. >> and following that a ktvu news special. mark will be hosting that. have a good evening, everyone.
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