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tv   KTVU News Special Edition  FOX  October 17, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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on the line to center. victorino grabs it. what a night for oswalt! 6-1 into the bottom of the eighth. ♪ yeah, we really do - ♪ and there's nothing wrong - [ bird squawks ] ♪ with what i feel for you ♪ i could hang around till the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light.
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>> joe: sergio romo is the fifth pitcher of the night for san francisco. 27-year-old right-hander who is 5-3. 2.18 e.r.a. during the regular season. deals with ruiz. strike 1. romo, who struggled in game two of the division series, in game three gave up that go ahead home run hit by hinske. fools ruiz with that pitch and the count 0-2. how guys must hide the raysrazers in october.
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>> joe: he's not the only one with facial hair on the san francisco team. ruiz strikes out for out number 1. tonight's game is sponsored by travelers, and by blackberry. now the night is officially over for oswalt, as ross gload, who pinch-hit here last night, and struck out in the ninth inning, bats with one out, nobody on. strike 1. >> tim: if the phillies win this game, this will guarantee, of course, a game five and we will see the pitching match-up of last night, roy halladay and tim lincecum. that will be game five on next thursday evening. >> joe: the pinch-hit under the hands of
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gload. strike 2. after gload, back to the top of the order in victorino. so the numbers for oswalt, 8 innings, 1 run on 3 hits. the only run was the home run by cody ross. 3 walks, 9 strikeouts for oswalt. matson will take over in the ninth. here comes a 1-2. 2-2. >> tim: these first two games the phillies and the giants on a record pace for strikeouts in an nlcs. 23 last night
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combined, 17 tonight. >> joe: full count. >> tim: an indication of just how good these pitching staffs are. >> joe: philadelphia's pitching staff shut down cincinnati had in the first round in san francisco. shut down the atlanta braves. with one out, nobody on, a 3-2 pitch to ross gload. from romo. hard hit. backhanded pickup by sanchez. two out. time now for tonight's blackberry game summary. a lot of roy oswalt. great on the mound. good with the bat, with the legs, the slide, and then rollins. the two-out, three-run
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double in the bottom of the seventh. a four-run seventh to make it 6-1, and that's what it is here in the bottom of the eighth. victorino has a double tonight, also a bunt. breaks his bat. drops one into left center for his second hit. a great pitching match-up tomorrow night on tbs. game three of the american league championship series with andy pettitte, cliff lee. left-handers. that's at 8:00 on tbs. lee has picked up this postseason right where he left off last season when he worked for the phillies. >> tim: and doing it about in the same way,
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with a fastball. >> joe: utley chops one to huff, and that's it for the first 8 in game two. top of the ninth inning rolls in. ryan madson will take over. 6-1, philadelphia. host: could switching to geico did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee.
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>> joe: ryan madson takes over four philadelphia. roy oswalt is in line for the win. again, 8 innings, 1 run, 3 hits, 9 strikeouts, 3 walks, the home run allowed, but he also chipped in with a base hit. scored a run. running through a stop sign in the seventh. oswalt did exactly here tonight what the phillies hoped for when they picked him up from houston in july. madson, who has great stuff, misses outside, ball 1. buster posey, pat burrell and cody ross for the giants here in the ninth inning, down by 5. the 1-0. 2-0. posey tonight is 0 for 3. 1 for 7 in this series. charlie manuel will hand the ball to cole hamels in game 3 on
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tuesday. and he will deal with matt cain. that is ball 3. the 3-0 is ball 4. so a four-pitch walk to posey to start the ninth. the giants have to hope that's the start of something big with pat burrell coming in. >> tim: the giants need base runners, and i would imagine pat will be taking a strike. four straight balls to posey. try to make madson throw a strike before you resume your at-bat. >> joe: now lidge has to crank it up.
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burrell tonight has fouled out twice and struck out. up there swinging, down by 5, after a four-pitch walk. strike 1. burrell started this game having hit .280 with 3 homers, 7 rbis since he left philadelphia after the world championship in 2008. the count even with a ball and a strike. here's the 1-1. ball 2.
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>> tim: when you are all over the place, you are not going to get pitches like that. ryan knows that. 6 out of 7 balls to the first two hitters here in the ninth inning. >> joe: so the count is 2-1. and burrell hits one in the air to left. ibanez back and on the move makes the catch at the track! one on, one out, and a nice running grab by ibanez here in the ninth. >> tim: and you can hear the crowd yelling ra-ooo. good play. >> joe: now meeting on the mound as ruiz goes out to talk to madson. with cody ross digging in, i'm sure ruiz is saying, look, i've been sitting back here and it doesn't matter who is on the mound, don't give this guy a fastball middle in because he knows what to do with it.
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>> tim: that's right. he's known what to do with it the last two nights. two home runs last night and one tonight. >> joe: sets up away, and madson drills the outside corner. a walk, a homer, and he flied to deep center. that's the night for cody ross. the 0-1. ball 1.
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ruiz knocked it down. ball 2. >> tim: both teams will fly to san francisco tonight after the game. they have red-eye charters. they will try to get enough rest and some sort of adjustment to their bodies to play a day game on tuesday. 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific. >> joe: here's the 2-1. on the hands, fouled away. strike 2.
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madson's 2-2 pitch is high. a full count. the pitcher's spot is due up next. ishikawa is on the on-deck circle. if oswalt wins tonight, he will be lifetime 10-0 in this park, 6-0 as a philly. that is strike 3. two outs. >> tim: something the phillies have not seen cody ross do a lot of, and that's take a strike. >> joe: so ishikawa will bat. 0 for 2 this
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postseason. last night got into the ballgame, was hit by a pitch. that was with lidge on the mound. philadelphia one out away from a double-dip win in this area for their sports teams. eagles with the went over atlanta. it's a 6-1 phillies lead over the giants here tonight with two outs. the 0-1. line drive base hit into right. turning and going to third is posey and it's first and third
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with two outs. so game 2 lives on. the batter will be renteria. you heard ruiz whistling to the dugout. now rich dubee, the pitching coach, will come out and talk. with lidge getting ready in the bullpen, madson trying to nail down this 27th out. >> tim: over the years in situations where his team needs base runners, edgar renteria in these situations has tried to bunt for a base hit, with the giants trailing by 5. >> joe: so the meeting is over. renteria will step to the plate for the fourth time tonight. he's 0 for 3.
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if he can reach, sandoval would be the batter. the giants need to get the next two on to have a chance. over, but low. ball 1. the 1-0 from ryan madson. third and third, two outs. chased it up." a ball and a strike. this crowd tries to crank it up again. the giants have been involved in all one-run games this postseason. 4-1 overall coming
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into tonight trailing by 5. here in the ninth. strike 2. the 1-2 pitch. 2-2. 2 balls, 2 strikes, 2
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on, 2 out. full count. runner at first takes off. renteria grounds it to the left side. rollins has to hurry. game 2 to philadelphia!
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[cheers and applause] >> joe: three hours, three minutes for philadelphia to even this series behind one of their three in the rotation, and roy oswalt, who was terrific here tonight. in this long, fun day for philadelphia sports fans ends in a phillies 6-1 win to even this nlcs. tonight's traveler's game-changing play, we will just give it to the night for roy oswalt. he struck out 9. here's a sample. he got a base hit, scored a run and was the big reason why the phillies have evened this series at a game a piece. down to ken rosenthal. ken >> ken: thanks. let's first talk about roy oswalt.
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not just his pitching but what about his base running? >> that was comical. roy got those stiff hips and looked like he was made out of cardboard running down the line. but he had what it took tonight. >> your first two-hit game since september 8th. the first one was a little funky, but the three-run double broke the day open. what is it that do for your psyche? >> at first i put my little airtime on there, and that just kind of took the zero off the board. i knew it was just a matter of time. you know, when they had to walk jayson, there was only one thing to do, and i got a pitch to hit. didn't try to do too much with it. found the gap and three runs came across and i'm thankful for it. >> jimmy, it's been so difficult for you guys to score runs in the postseason and various times in the season. what does it do for the team going in san francisco, just offensively? >> puts us back at 1-1. there's no doubt about that. you know, they snuck a game out and that's what good teams do.
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scoring runs is how you win ballgame. need roy pitching, no doubt about that, but if you don't put it across the board it rally doesn't matter. hopefully we relax a little bit more when we have runners in scoring position that come through. we have hitters who like to hit in that situation and it's just a matter of time. >> last question. how healthy are you right now? >> tonight i felt pretty good. you know, i was up first base, 3-2, and we had the hold on and david came over and charlie said he wants you to go. and i think he was lying, but i ran a couple and it didn't bother me. sanchez, as slow as he was to the plate, it was the worst case scenario. what can i say? >> ken: back to you. >> joe: he's fun to listen to. the great jimmy rollins smile. for the long flight to san francisco the phillies will be happy aboard their charter. this series is even at a game a piece. roy oswalt, brilliant as the starter. the phillies offense woke up.
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the giants won last night. phillies won tonight. game 3 on tuesday. chris and the guys coming up after the break.
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>> chris: welcome to the chevrolet postgame show on fox. the phillies have evened the best of seven nlcs at a game a piece. after the 6-1 final over the san francisco giants. your winner this evening, roy oswalt. he is down on the field with our ken rosenthal. >> ken: roy, first let's talk about your base running. obviously your offense, you start the the four-run seventh. did you see the stop sign that sam perlozzo put up and what was
8:29 pm
the last time you slid? >> i didn't see it until i got halfway down the line. and i thought, you know, since he hit it, i read it pretty well off the bat and i thought i would score so i had an intention to score when i took off and i didn't even look for the stop sign until i saw him halfway down the line and i was hoping i would be able to get in there from there. >> the last team you slid? >> it's been a while. probably i think i slid in second this year trying to break up a double play. >> two on, two out in the eighth. charlie comes out. you have aubrey huff coming out. he leaves you in the game. what was that conversation like? >> he was just asking he how much i had left. and i thought i had aubrey swing being at balls off the plate all night and i thought if i could throw it back out and there get him to chase a few and get him to hit it off the end of a little bit, and victorino might do a play on it. >> the park erupted when he left you in the game. you are now 10-0 in this park.
8:30 pm
how great was the crowd tonight? >> rally good. i hurt them on the strikeout on the curveball and tried to do the same to sanchez. left it up higher than i wanted to. i felt like i could get through the eighth and maybe the bullpen would come in. >> thank you very much. back to you >> chris: thank you very much. chris rose and mitch williams from mlb network. roy oswalt pitching, a-plus? >> mitch: tonight what he was able to do is go out and be the roy oswalt everyone is accustomed to seeing. this guy can elevate in the strikeout, drop the hitter's eyes down low, but he took the guys away up. we look at andres torres, the lead-off hitter. you watch oswalt elevate. the last time through he dropped the do-drop-in on him and gave him the golden sombrero. that is not a good feeling for a hitter to take home game 2. four punch-outs, that's not good.
8:31 pm
>> torres struggling in the postseason overall, 3 for 25. we will see if bruce bochy makes a move for him in game three, putting aaron rowand in the starting lineup. you told us before the game started the biggest edge the phillies had was their athleticism and that shined. >> eric: on the base pads. first inning chase utley steals a back after he gets on bases. and then they pull off the double steal. what that does, that leaves first base open. they walk jayson werth, and then this guy, he takes one off the wall. that does wonders for his confidence. again, running the bases, an advantage the phillies have. they used it tonight. that's why they won >> chris: we get on a plane and fly out to san francisco for game three. it is an afternoon tilt and it will be a good one. cole hamels is going for the philadelphia phillies. he's had the second best e.r.a. in the nl since july 1st, going against matt cain but he has never
8:32 pm
beaten the philadelphia phillies. the only n. l. team he has yet to defeat. do you want to change anything in your picks? >> no, i'm not changing anything. it will be a tough row to hoe. >> they have to sweep out in san francisco. >> for me to look like a genius, they have to sweep in san francisco. >> for you to look like a genius? >> that's not happening. that's not happening >> chris: karros, do you like your pick? >> eric: i do like it. but whoever wins this next ballgame, what does that do then to the game 4 starters? they stick with blanton and bumgarner or do they go to halladay or linecum? >> chris: uv a point. we have a series. it will be a lot of fun. coming up next it is your late local news, except on the west coast, when it will be seen at its regularly-scheduled time. join us for game three of this year's national league championship series. once again our
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coverage begins at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific from the city by the bay. promotional consideration paid for by the following: for more information on tonight's game and the latest in major league baseball news, simply log on to, powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. it was a great day in both football and baseball here on fox sports. it got started with none other than ryan howard of the phillies. and watched kevin cobb in the eagles win over the falcons. and then romo went head on head. then game two of the nlcs. roy oswalt got some help. jonathan sanchez looked solid, as well at times, and even cody ross got it done. but in the end, the phillies even the best-of-seven series at a game a piece.
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we are off to san francisco. see you tuesday afternoon for game 3! ah, focus group. so what are we testing here?
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that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.
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alameda kid putting the final touches of a victory over the jientdzs in game two of the national league championship series. a very different scene tonight outside citizen's bank park in philadelphia where game two has just wrappedup. giant fans, of course, disappointed. philly fans ecstatic. the series all even up, one game apiece heading back to san francisco. welcome to a special edition of ktvu reports. and what a difference one game and one day will make and tonight was not the night for the san francisco giants.
8:38 pm
let's head right now to citizens bank ballpark in philadelphia wp check in with sal. >> reporter: well, you said it. bay area kid hit that huge double in the bot. the seventh. to really change the game. before that it had been close. a lot of the giants fans are here and they are saying it was really important to get that first game win because they kind of knew that these things could happen so getting a way out of the series with one win was very important. many of those fans have made a road trip out to philadelphia and having a good time here in the city of brotherly love. ♪[ music ] i need -- . >> cheese steaks thick and heavy on the gud. -- one will do.
8:39 pm
>> mood for giants fans was jubilant. many philadelphia fans -- seemed surprised by the win for a team that many on the east coast said had no chance against the phillies. >> i was amazed that people had the giants counted out. as they won game one we may have to start rethinking the series. that's how good the giantses are. giants fans have consistently shown up as a team taking batting practice. this fan is amused by the types of things he has heard. >> they are whistling at me. >> now there were some good moments for giants fan pz. cody ross went deep and silas a little bit. theres a huge sports day in philadelphia. here at citizens backpark across the street is lincoln financing feel. the eagles had a game and then the phillys had a game in this section of the city where there are many sports stadiums and people are still celebrating on this late night on the east
8:40 pm
coast. the team now moves -- they are coming back to san francisco for game three on tuesday. live in philadelphia, ktvu channel 2 news. we may check in with you just a little later. in the mean time we have to get down to the nitty-gritty of this ball game. every game that the giantses were involved in prior to this one in the post season decided by one run. not tonight. but what the joints -- giants had in mind. the game one winner different story. you watch the replay and giants catch a break because it hit the base runner instead of going by when both runners could have been banned. then jimmie rollins walked with the bases loaded. two consictive walks by sanchez forcing in a run. giants thinking again, giant
8:41 pm
pitchers are ez getting squeezed. letting the home plate umpire hear about it. nothing much going on. as buster posey one of the few to get good wood on it gave taride. shane victorino with a nice catch. won't call it a great catch. he overran the ball. came back and hung with it. and makes the grab to take a hit away from buster posey. mean time, it's that guy cody ross, the first hit of the night for the giants off roy oswald. a home run. tying things up 1-1. oswald just made it a little too good like roy halladay did last night twice to this guy and he pulls the giants. and that's as good as it gets as it is polanco again in the inning with a shot down the line in the fifth he has himself a double. he moved to third on another fly ball. and then polanco probably the best hitter they could have up in that situation.
8:42 pm
great contact hitter. and deep enough on the fly ball to get the run in and the phillies ahead for good, 2-1. adding to it in the seventh it's that man polanco, base hit. roy oswald who singled goes right through a stop sign in safely just beating the relay flow from aubrey huff and phillies their lead and put it away here. bases loaded out of the alameda kid, jimmie rollins, everybody is going to score. a three-run double and you had to figure with the philly pitching the way it was going, this game was over as a big hit there. 6-1 phillies on the long end to even up the series and we go now to bruce who talks about the giant's mistakes in this ball game. >> and i know lately we were play ackrun run games. and tonight was a tight game. we made a couple mistakes. i thought we gave them some early runs there in the first
8:43 pm
inning and then later on when oswald scored and it's a one run game at that point. we gave them some extra outs and wasn't a clean game for us. play your best ball to beat this team and we were off tonight. >> got that right. probably the poorest the giants have played so far. we have more coming up tonight including the battle of the bay. football. 49ers seeking their first win of the year against the raiders. coming back with more. and plus we are out in san francisco tonight. we will have fan reaction from the city next.
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8:45 pm
gave a little breathing room. chance going into san francisco one to one and get the win. >> there is roy. want to come sit up here? >> thank you.
8:46 pm
that's jimmie rollins who did put the crushing blow on the giants late in the ball game with a three run double and sitting directly to his right the winning pitcher, roy oswald who didn't give up a hit until well into this ball game and it was a home run by cody ross. he pitched a beauty. giant fans not just in philadelphia. they are out in force tonight in san francisco. ktvu's reporter is out in the city this evening. john? >> reporter: this is the republic bar and restaurant at lombard and scott streets which tonight has been hot with giants fever. the feel now is different than what we saw after last night's game. this marina district bar packed people in tonight. many wearing their orange and black. >> reminds me back in 2002 when they won the world series. and bringing back memories right here. knowthy they can make thing
8:47 pm
happens and get on the world series. >> some were more than just the team colors this woman said she has more reason than just team spirit. >> enjoy it. keeps me warm at night. i like the giants. >> these dapper gentlemen are marin county firefighters who helped out with the nike womens marathon and let the party continue. >> all these guys supporting them. >> we are going all the way. >> bars aren't the only places to catch the game. the original buffalo wings res the trnt which offers philly's cheesesteaks had game on for customer. >> i think san francisco has an amazing group of fans. i sthaw last night and it was cool. >> at the new marine layer clothing star on chestnut where the game was on the radio, the playoffs have been great for business. >> i think for sure before the game and then definitely after the game we get a big first -- there is a big spike in traffic
8:48 pm
when people are hopefully happy. >> this halloween store on lombard has plenty of orange and black. but no game. still fans are feeling it here. >> yes, it's huge. great for us. a lot of action. i think everyone in the city is excited about it. >> with the home team coming up short tonight for this crowd as with all giants fans, this was another example of the giant's brand of torture. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. thanks a lot. and changing the subject a little bit, we did have a san francisco winner. someone had to win the battle of the bay. raiders and niners had their struggles so far but like i say, one had to win and joe has the complete run down of today's game. for awhile it looked like a game nobody wanted to win and then ultimately persistence and a tough 49er defense allowed san francisco to win this year's version of the battle of the bay against the raiders. another tale of two quarterbacks as jason campbell started for the raiders in
8:49 pm
place of the injured bruce. took a lead after at quarter and extended it when lewis murphy head 4-d 3 yards down the side line. second raider field goal and 6- 0 lead. another day in which alex smith at one point had to be questioning his career choice. he pressured here by richard seymour but did not durn the ball over in this game. trip to the side line for smith often means a discussion with his head coach. are we straight on the plan? the sputtering 49er offense sparked to life just before half time. smith to josh morgan for 35- yards to the raiders 13. sanfrancisco field goal made it 6-3 at the half. and you could almost hear the coach, that's what i'm talking about. third quarter 49er defense locked raiders down and found michael crabtree. down the middle of the field for 32-year-olds -- 32-yards and touchdown. then the raiders pulled within one, the 49ers answered with an
8:50 pm
80-yard drive that took only three plays. smirt finds vernon davis for the final 17-yard and 49ers can sense that win and were rating to realizer to five week's they win it 17-9 and get the local bragging rights even though they are one and five. raiders are 2-4. it may be too simple to say this but the difference in the game two turnovers for the raiders, none for the 49ers. one of the things we said going into the game is we wanted to make sure that with every possession that we had offensively, that we wanted to -- it to end with a kick. and alex got it and that was big for him today. >> the throw away. i talked about it with -- we talked about it all week, knew coming in we were going to go after these guys a little bit if it wasn't there get rid of the ball. throw tay which and be smart and maj the game. and it's a tough way to play. had a bunch of throw aways and smart with the football. >> really was all about timing
8:51 pm
and executing. i-- found the rhythm. not come out with that -- and for whatever reason we didn't get rhythm in the second half. >> disappointed. too many opportunities to win a game and we just did not get it done. >> so 49ers win this one. one other football note bcs standings are out with am-- alabama and ohio state losing in back-to-back weeks then oklahoma and organization oars the teams that are one and two. boise state is third followed by auburn and tcu. thanks a lot. rain across the bay area today. we will check in with our meteorologist and see if more might be on tap for tomorrow as well. coming right back.
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
well after above wall temperature recently, weather in parts of the and tear r take
8:54 pm
a shamp tern. rainy sun for people in the south bay and only a light rain but started around late morning and continued into the afternoon with temperatures in the 50s. it was a similar story for parts of san francisco. a far cry. remember last week when it was sunny and 90s in san jose. for more on your forecast we will check in now with our meteorologist. >> reporter: we had some heavier cells move through the bay area this morning into the afternoon hours. right now a little activity just offshore. most of it remaining offshore but will hold on to the possibility of a few scattered rain showers overnight. the overall weather pattern is this. this area of low pressure in fact will take a look since you can't see on the overall l pat -- weather pattern. heading down toward southern california. we have a dry weather forecast for monday. morning clouds out there. clearing skies and high pressure rebuilds we should see a bit of a warming trend for both monday and into tuesday.
8:55 pm
rain fall gradually slides to the south over the next 24 hours. here is the plan for tomorrow. partly to mostly cloudy skies during the morning hours. see what happens as we head into the afternoon and gradually strip away the clouds with increase in sunshine and there is the event yell temperature range from the lower 60s all the way to the mid-70s. sanfrancisco 65 degrees. santa rosa around 75. san jose lower 70s and morgan hilltop in the mid-70s around 75. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast. temperatures warmer right on through tuesday. slightly cooler for wednesday and then we will increase the clouds by thursday and we reintroduce the rain chances by friday as you can see in the long rain outlook and giants come home on tuesday for game three we are expecting mostly sun see skies and those afternoon temperatures mainly in the upper 60s. warming up just in time for game three of the series. get that right. we will definitely have three games played in the city this week as series is now even. one game apiece and we want to
8:56 pm
check in with the guys back in philadelphia and you might know him quite well as traffic guy here. i can tell you candidly he is the biggest giants fan you want to meet and get a chance to be with the giants to watch them in the first couple of games. what was it like for you being a giant fan? you have to admit it and in the midst of the most fervent fans in the country in philadelphia. >> i was afraid to let people know waises giants fan but then we had some great treatment from some of these phillies fans. but i tell you what, yesterday when cody ross hit that second home run it was like crickets in the stadium of 46,000 people. it was neat to be here. you could hear a handful of giants fans cheering and everything else was quiet. being here for this on watching come to philadelphia and having a good time with the giants fans here has been really pretty cool. you might know and might
8:57 pm
probably enjoy being out here as well. >> the city of brotherly love. of course. the overall mood for giants fans out there. you have a few of them yesterday. quite a different story today. it's 1-1 series i think in all honestly if you asked most giants fans if they are happy coming back to the bay area in a 1-1 tie in the series they would have take than all day long. >> well, it was a huge relief yesterday for them to get that win. i think every giant fan we spoke to said, you know, we accomplished our goal getting one game here. really meant a lot now going back to the bay area if they would have been down 0-2 mark the outlook was a lot different. now there is something to play for. philly fans here did let us here one that came away with that victory. back to even and i think the giants fans especially a lot of them that came up today said we will take it. better than what it could have been. giants happy to have the 1- 1 tie. this is the first game that
8:58 pm
they haven't wound up winning or losing by one run. so little different story. and we definitely thank you for your coverage back there. get back home and check out the three games coming up this week in san francisco. coming home as we mentioned game three it's a day game. remember that. it's tuesday coverage starts 1:00 in the afternoon right here on ktvu. first pitch is 1:19. and is that going do it for this special edition of ktvu's news. we will have much more coverage coming up tonight at 10:00 with heather and kent. mean time, the final score from philadelphia and it was a local kid, jimmie rollins out of alameda getting a big hit. three run doub in the late inning and found up sealing a 6- 1 victory. roy oswald is the winner and lefty jonathan sanchez takes the loss for the giants. thank you for joining us. remember, 10:00 news coming up in just about one hour.
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