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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 17, 2010 9:00pm-9:45pm PST

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public performance of captions prohibited without permission of national captioning institute . complete bay area news could have raj starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu ktvu. >> victory and it is grounded to the left side. and rollins had to hurry. it is game two to philadelphia. >> the giants get no love in philadelphia. as the team heads back to the bay area with one game each. >> same ballpark different results. the giants didn't pull it off falling to philadelphia philliess 6-1 and leading the championship series tied at one apiece. joins us from citizens ballpark
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with more sal? >> reporter: ken and heather spoke to a lot of giants fans today. this day now is over in philadelphia. in fact, early in the morning here in philly. a big sports day for them. even though the giants lost, they said their goal, many of the fans say the goal was just to come away with one victory here in philly. they did that. and flying back to the bay area. we spoke to a lot of fans today. >> after last night's victory, how do you feel? >> relieved a little bit. being in this park is a little hard this time. they are not incredibly generous with their chance. but it is a fun place to be at the same time. >> reporter: she says she likes this year's team and has learned not to count them out. >> they are so perfect for our city. we just have this cluster of crazy people who come together and win ball games. >> reporter: ross game -- came up big again. it was not enough. but giants fans never know which player will carry the team on any given game. >> we picked a lot of these
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players off the ash sheet of others with ross and sorry of a chemistry on this team. >> he sacrificed to come to the game in philadelphia. >> we threw down some money for this but it was worth it. don't get a chance to see the giants on the road in the nlcs very often. an unbelievable opportunity for us. >> reporter: surprisingly many of the giants fans we saw in philadelphia were not from the bay area. many have not even been to san francisco. is it hard to follow the giants when you live on the east coast? >> it used to be. not so much now, i mean, with t.v. packages and whatnot you keep up with them. but they are 3,000 miles away. i got to get in the building for one game. >> reporter: you may recognize that green thing. it's the philly fanatic. the giants won't have to deal with any of that, any of the loud yelling and the sea of red. there were about 46,000 people here tonight. the giants fans of course anxious for the team to get back to san francisco. game three is tuesday at 1:00
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or so in san francisco. live in philadelphia, sal castaneta. >> plenty of giants fans at at&t park tonight. not in the stands but in one of the bars. ktvu's deborah develop ron will have the live report of the fan reaction later on in the newscast. it would be a tall order to expect the giants to take two games on the road in philadelphia. i guess the team many sports analysts predicted would win the world series. >> joe upony has the highlights and also some perspective for us. >> a sweep for those two would have been a lot to ask for. disappointing for giants fans to lose tonight. but if you told them the giants would be coming back from two weekend games in philadelphia tied at a game each they would have been just fine with that. juan uribe scratched with an injured wrist tonight. the phillies got the jump on the giants with this one with an unearned run in the first. but in the fifth that guy again could he did i ross gets the
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first hit off roy oswald. a solo homerun that tied the game. the third homerun against the phillies now for ross. but in the bottom of the 5th the phillies again went in front after shane victoriano. and a sacrifice fly to center. they put it away off jonathan sanchez in the 7th. one already in and jimmy rollins hit one off the field wall. that homerun sent everybody home. close game close no longer. the phillies win it 6-1 to even the series at a game apiece. it guarantees three games apiece this week in san francisco. fred inglis live with us again tonight in philadelphia. fred we knew this series would be about pitching. tonight oswald was the guy who stepped up, huh? >> yes, you know what's strange, too, is jonathan sanchez dominated all this regular season.
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oswald has had trouble with the giants in this regular season. here he comes out eight innings, three hits, one run, nine strikeouts, throwing fastballs. in the second rotation showed them nothing but changeups, kept the giants off base. all this game only two giants touched second base while oswald pitched tonight. truly he is 10--0 in this ballpark as we see behind us. 5-0 in the post season. roy oswald was truly the wizard of oz. >> he just had three or four pitches going. he did a good job of mixing the speeds and hitting the spots. >> we still feel good about it, you know. we leave here 1-1 to go back home for three games. you know, we will have the home crowd on our side. you know, we are glad to be in this position. >> nobody expected us to be here. we are here. we came into a hostile environment. great pitching staff. we have got the same. we are 1-1. can't ask for much more than that.
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>> yes, giants need to find more offense. and regardless who they are being pitched against. and obviously somebody other than could he did i ross has got to step up. cody tonight hits his third homerun in two nlcs games. all three homeruns were solo homeruns. all three homeruns came off fastballs. i don't think could he did i ross is going to see another fastball in this series. but, again, this was a big day for philadelphia. about 1,000 yards behind me is the lincoln financial field. that's where the philadelphia eagles beat the atlanta falcons today. and then later this evening it is the phillies evening out the series here against the giants. so the city of brotherly love, joe, feeling a lot of love tonight. >> all right, thanks, fred. hear more from fred coming up in sports wrap. here is how things look this week in san francisco with the series now assured of going at least five games. games 3, 4, and 5 played at at&t parked. tuesday's game is an afternoon affair. matt mccain against cole hamels
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for the phillies under the lights. more tonight on sports wrap including the raiders and 49ers played today. tell you about that. you guys love that. >> thanks, joe. >> by the way looking for fans of the orange and black to share their playoffs experience with us. you can do so by going to and visiting the orange october section. >> former president bill clinton brought his political star power to the south bay. the visit is aimed at energizing democrats before the crucial mid-term elections. diane is live with more on mr. clinton's visit. diane? >> reporter: well, an estimated 3,000 people turned out here tonight at the san jose event center to see such a boisterous rally. former foe, attorney general jerry brown with former foe president bill clinton. and san francisco mayor gavin newsom. from the reports it was clear president clinton and brown
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have buried the hatchet. the evening began with a jab at meg whitman as he was introducing brown. >> you all heard the song money can't buy you love. well, money can't buy you the governorship in california, either. ladies and gentlemen, the next governor of california, jerry brown. [ applause ] >> brown continued the attack on whitman. >> there is somebody who never voted, never got involved in local school politics, never did anything about government or the political. and she wants to start at the top. >> reporter: students got their camera phones ready for the main attraction, the former president. >> the former president. >> reporter: from the environment to student loans he told the students the democrats have their best wishes at heart. >> but you can change the outcome of the congressional elections in america from this campus if you use the social
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networks to inform the young people of the country. tell the young people of the country what is in the student loan law. that the democrats did it and that the republicans promised to repeal it. >> reporter: many students who have lined up for hours outside said the former president was the reason they were there. >> i have never seen a former president before so i am only 19 and maybe the first and last opportunities i will get. >> reporter: the brown/clinton feud dates back to 1972 when they were running against each other for the presidential nomination. brown did not dropout quickly enough. tonight it was clear that they have buried the hatchet. they even embraced, something they also did on friday at ucla. quite an inspirational thing for many students here tonight as they said it is a first-hand look at politics. live in san jose, ktvu ktvu,
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channel 2 news. >> as the evening draws near the polls show meg whitman is much more successful than jerry brown. contributors where whitman lives have given the republican's campaign more than $1.5 million. that's about three times as much money as contributor inside those same cities have given jerry brown. if you want to have a say in the november election the critical deadline is fast approaching. tomorrow is the last day to register to vote. the deadline is midnight on monday. elecon officials say almost $17 million -- 17 million californians are eligible to work and 6.5 million eligible. election day is november 2nd. that heat wave we experienced at the beginning of the week became a distance memory. many started the morning with rain showers including those in the south bay where a steady rain fell in san jose. meter olympicist mark tamayo
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join us with some of the totals. mark? >> reporter: yes, some pretty impressive rainfall totals specially for october. the main circulation system is still offshore. you can see the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. look at santa rosa over a quarter of an inch. san raphael with 0.26 as well. the possibility of a few lingers rain showers will set the stage for a dry forecast for tomorrow. but i am tracking more rain chances in the extended forecast. highlight that particular day coming up? just a bit. >> at this time 21 years ago rescue and recovery efforts underway around the bay area in the aftermath of the deadly loma earthquake. the 6.9 magnitude quake hit just after 5:00 tuesday, october 17, 1989. just as the san francisco giants and the oakland as were starting game three of the
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world series. 62 people died as buildings toppled and freeways collapsed. scientists say it is just a matter of time before a more destructive quake hits along the san trees or hayward fault. the repairs on the san matteo bridge are over and cal trans says that should be good news for commuters. that story is coming up. >> no damage done but what happened to an apartment complex after a suspicious fire. another travel alert for americans. the country officials say could be the next target for terrorists and what it means for air travel. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds. auto. the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2. dependable live coverage of breaks news. >> the bay area's major news of the day. >> and complete in-depth coverage. >> showdown time today at the california supreme court. >> plus the forecast for the
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area where you live. >> a good opportunity for drizzle along the coast. >> frank some, julie hander, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2, complete bay area news coverage. uncovering important local news stories. plus the weather forecast for the area where you live.
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ktvu, channel 2 news morning news weekdays starting at 5 a.m. >> relief for morning commuters. all lanes of the san mateo bridge are back open after emergency repairs. the crews finished work today on the cracked beam. >> reporter: the san mateo bridge has once again opened all lanes. >> that's right. we opened up the lane at 20 after 3 this morning. >> reporter: cal trans closed the far right-hand lane on wednesday after a routine inspection found a ten inch crack in one of the seismic stability beams under the deck of the bridge. the fix was a series of steel plates bolt today that beam. >> and right now it is all fixed. stronger than it was before. and you know, we are very pleased with the outcome.
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>> reporter: cal trans says while safety was the number one concern, crews knew the clock was ticking to get the bridge ready to handle trans bay traffic for today's raiders 49ers game. >> we did know if it's at all possible we wanted to have that lane open before the game. because there are a lot of people going to be using that bridge as a way to get over candlestick park. >> reporter: commuters say the lane closure slowed traffic across the bridge and forced more traffic on to other bay area bridges. >> that's great. i think it's great news that the bridge is back and safe and okay to travel on. >> reporter: cal trans says the structure that cracked beneath this bridge is unique to the san mateo bridge so don't need to worry about a similar problem cropping up on any of the other bay area bridges. they will continue to monitor the repairs here and that could require a few more off-peak hour repairs. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. you can always find live drive time traffic updates on our website at ktvu, channel 2 news. click on the tab near the top of the page. >> a man apparently wandering
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on i-80 was struck and killed. the highway patrol says it happened at 6:15 a.m. when the president was reported standing near i-80 walking on to the freeway. apparently a vehicle hit him. police have no other details and the victim's identity has not been released. berkeley police are warning the public to take extra care while walking on city streets at night after three recent armed robberies. the first attack happened at 11:15 at night on september 30th on acton street south of cedar street. the second was on october 7th near vine street around 10:30 at night. the third happened at about 5:45 on the evening of october 12th on scenic avenue near cedar street. police say the first two robberies may be the work of the same man. san francisco police tonight are investigating a suspicious two alarm fire. the fire broke out in a tenderloin apartment building on less than end worth at 8:30
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this morning. firefighters controlled the flames in about an hour. no injuries were reported. but at least one unit was destroyed and several residents had to find other housing. meanwhile a fire in the east bay has left one family without a home to go back to. just after 6:00 tonight firefighters responded to the 4400 block of glen canyon circle in pittsburgh. firefighters say a fire which started in a back shed quickly moved to the home. the family room, one bedroom and the kitchen were all destroyed, along with that shed. many other parts of the house suffered major smoke damage. according to one neighbor, the flames picked up very quickly. >> it looked like it was big. i would say it looked like about 60 feet up in the air. >> at this time, there is no word on what caused that fire. more than nine years after levee's death the trial for her accused killer will finally begin. jury selection starts tomorrow in washington, d.c. in the murder trial of ingmar
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guandiki. the young woman from modesto vanished in may 2001. her disappearance marched the career of gary condit was investigated when news arose that he was having an affair with levie. >> travel has been picking up. airport officials say travelers made 11 million trips through sfo during the sum. a 4.1% crease since last summer and caps an 18% increase since 2006. nationwide air travel fell over the summer. sfo's director credits the freak flying here to low cost carriers and a rise in international travel to asia and the middle east. there is a new terror alert for americans travelling abroad. new intelligence indicates that france is the target of an immanental indicated attack. ktvu's patty lee has more on this latest friend. >> reporter: en route to paris.
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this bay area couple says the warnings of possible al qaeda attacks in europe meant a change in their travel plans. >> we are not going to go up to the eiffel tower like we had planned. we will try to avoid the metro as much as possible. >> like many travelers headed to france. they knew the state department issued a travel alert for europe earlier this month warning of possible commando attacks, similar to the ones in mumbai in 2008. that a second one was issued today, notably for france gave them pause. >> let's postpone it for a while. but then this could go on for a year. >> reporter: there are still no significant details about when, where or how the attacks might happen. but the volume of chatter from different intelligence sources prompted france's interior minister to describe the latest threat as real. >> it is a broad general threat. just about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: mark is headed for
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paris for business is not worried. >> we have already received some instructions about the place we should go and to be careful at the airport. >> reporter: his reasoning, because france upped the security around the travel areas before america gave their warning. a heightened state of vigilance is the new normal, required in any city, with or without a security alert. in san francisco, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. home free, an american jailed in iran is released. what he claims he was accused of doing that landed him in prison for more than two years. and christine o'donnell has made quite a splash for the tea party. what a daughter of a former republican senator thinks the result will be in the november election. still tracking a few lingers rain showers across parts of the bay area. coming up the forecast track,
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the rain and also the noticeable change in our temperatures coming up for your monday.
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. the iran ian government this weekend freed a 74-year- old american businessman after keeping him in prison for 29 months. he was accused of having ties to an opposition group called tondar. he says an acquaintance in the u.s. gave him $200 to pass along to someone in iran who turned out to be a member of that group. the officials say they released him because they now believe he was used by the organization and does not pose a threat to iran. >> in other news of the world a typhoon will hit the southeastern provinces tomorrow. more people are being warned of pounding rains and fears winds up to 160 miles per hour. thousands have been evacuated from their homes and low-lying coastal areas. ships and fishing boats are
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shay staying in ports. and some domestic trips have been cancelled. attempt to build a multicultural society have in her words utterly failed. mekrkel says outsiders are only accepted if they speak the german language. the comments make people feel less welcome and do nothing for the multiculturalism. the 33 miners trapped for 69 days have taken a pack of silence to keep most of what happened a secret at least for now. the chilean officials plan to display that capsule use the presidential palace. sources tell the associated press that the u.s. was warned about the terrorist attacks in mumbai, india long before they happened. the november 2008 attacks in the indian capital held 166 people. chicago businessman david hedly
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was one of those convicted of plotting the attacks. unnamed officials say two of his former wives came to the u.s. twice with information warning the fbi three years before and also coming to the american embassy the year before. late today u.s. and indian officials say the information was shared but it was too general to act on. delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell is accusing democrats of using scare tactics. she says democrats are empathizing that only wealthy americans benefit from tax cuts. >> scare tactics coming from the democrats saying that these tax cuts for the rich or these billionaires trying to find places to dock their yachts. it is not it at all. it is the dry cleaner down the street. the pizza shop owner down the street. the hardware store owner. >> in a recent ad she complained her opponents would raise taxes on "everything out
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there." >> john mccain's daughter author megan mccain minuted no words when asked about her influence on the election. >> she is making a mockery of running for public office. no real history and no real success in any kind of business. what that says to my generation is one day you can just wake up and run for senate no matter the lack of experience you have. it scares me for a lot of reasons. i just know in my group of friends it turns people off because she is seen as a wanna- be. >> she has one for senate twice before but surprised her own party when she won the republican primary this year. she is trailing democrat in the polls by double digits. [ music ] they don't call it torture for nothing. giants fans making a lot of noise around the city tonight. but in the end, the final score spoke louds. how they are pinning their hops on the home game. a not so sweet habit. the factors that led to a down
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year for north bay grape growers.
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. celebration last night. disappointment tonight. but giants' fans are not spending too much time on tonight's loss in philadelphia. instead, they are focusing on the upcoming home games. ktvu's deborah villalon has been with giants fans all night at the public house located at at&t park and joins us now with a live report. hey, deborah. >> reporter: hey, heather. this restaurant is on the ground floor of the park so it is always hopping. but tonight it cleared out so fast. blame work tomorrow. blame the loss. there was just no reason to stick around. [ applause ] >> reporter: this had to be the high point the could he did i ross homerun that got the giants on the board. the beginning of something
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everyone hopes. >> why not the giants? why not the giants? it's our year. we are going to take it. bring it. >> reporter: instead, the phillies brought it. a string of runs. a big lead. and then suddenly the faces were falling, along with the decibel level in the room. >> i'm upset. i'm upset because we could have had the choke hold on the phillies. would could have had them 2-0. >> i am so disappointed, yes. my cousins are in philly. i will get a text from them for sure. >> they weren't awake. they weren't aware. they weren't there. and we, like, literally gave philadelphia the game. >> reporter: but no one is throwing in that rally pout. after all the giants have that first big one under their belts and still a lot of baseball to play. a lot more torture to endure. >> as long as they come back to see him here it is not going back to philly, i promise up. >> we will win it when we are here because the fans are behind them so much. and we love them and we want them to win.
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>> we just won the split in philly. now get three games at home in a row. five games done. >> it will be over. >> you are making it sound easy. >> it will be easy. >> these are the giants, baby. it may be torture but you know what, they will make it easy. >> let's go giants. let's go giants. let's go giants. [ applause ] >> reporter: considering how conventional wisdom has the giants huge underdogs coming home even with philly is enough for many of these fans. but now they say they need to see the team pull it together for tuesday. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. as deborah just showed us, the game started with the same enthusiasm from giants fans. but by the end of the night the mood was quite a bit different. this was the scene at the republic bar and restaurant on almost barred street tonight. just like last night this marina district bar was packed with enthusiastics giants fans hoping for a win. despite the loss tonight to the phillies, many fans still have high hopes for the rest of the series. >> it reminds me of back in
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2002 when they were in the world series. and it is bringing back memories out here. and i know that they can make things happen and get in the world series, man. >> you can expect a similar scene across the city on tuesday afternoon when the giants host the phillies at at&t park. meantime millions of sports fans on the east coast had to go without two big events on t.v. today, including tonight's giants and phillies game. all because of a cable dispute. fox has pulled its channels off cablevision after a programming deal expired and negotiations stalled for the second straight day. an estimated three million subscribers in parts of new york, new jersey and con debt out cut were affected. they missed out on the detroit lines football game and nlcs tonight. shouldn't have to worry about seeing the next game right here in the bay area. game three is a daytime on tuesday. coverage starts at 1:00 in the afternoon right here on ktvu,
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channel 2 news with the first pitch at 1:19. the race, the snag, the billing area's brightest is heating up between mobile phone companies. at&t has announced it is setting up a millionth billion dollars technology development center in palo alto. the mobile company says its new center will focus on innovations and consumer products and mobile applications. now, meanwhile sprint nextel is going to open a tech development center in burlingham next month. while verizon is planning to open one in san francisco next year. >> tomorrow marks the end of an era in the north bay. the 7up bottling plant is set to close monday. 90 jobs will leave the city. although managers say 44 jobs will be available for union workers at other bottling plants around the area. this has been a fixture for 40 years in the bay area. they say it is more efficient to do the work at other plants. strange weather and the bad
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economy have slammed grape growers in the north bay. the recession caused prices to fall. a foggy summer caused an outbreak of mould. the hot fall weather turns many grapes into raisins. as a result the growers say this year's crop could be 20 percent smaller than normal. a vineyard manager says the only positive thing about this year's harvest is it is almost overly. a tiny communityin the sierra gold county is about to take a leap. landline telephone service is headed to iowa hill. iowa hill is east of i-80. 10 twisting miles from colfax. up until now folks have had to depend on cell phones with sometimes spotty service. >> actually, that will be very nice for us because then we will be able to take plastic. we will get a little machine so that people can do their card. >> $2.5 million grant from the california public utilities commission is paying for the phone lines which could be
10:35 pm
hooked up as early as this week. charities continue to be hit hard as the economy takes time to recover. a new ranking of the nation's 400 biggest charities shows overall donations dropped by 11% last year. now, that's a loss of billions of dollars. however, three charities in the top five showed an increase. but according to the chronicle, food donations helped lead that surge. catholic charities usa showed the largest increase with a boost of 66%. >> a popular drug that is used to make you look younger may now help with headaches. the food and drug administration has approved botox for migraine headaches. the drug has been approved for patients who experience 15 or more days of migraines a month. for the new use doctors will inject patients in the neck or head every 12 weeks to dull the future headaches. drug maker allergen says three million americans suffer from
10:36 pm
chronic might rains. >> before the giants played tonight the battle of the bay. after clashing on the field last week what did mike singleterri think about his quarterback's play today. rain today but what will the weather be like when the giants host philadelphia on tuesday? mark tamayo is working on your complete bay area forecast. coverage of the news where you live. frank somerville, julie haener, week nights on ktvu, channel 2 news at 6.
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[ music ] >> just a few days ago we were talking about record heat across the bay area today. a completely different story today the clouds and the cool temperatures. and of course the elusive rainfall. still tracking some rain showers on live storm tracker 2. this is the loop over the passed hour. get an idea of the direction
10:39 pm
moving in from the north and east. come in a bit tighter in the north bay picking up some light rainfall. pucking up some moderate rain cells into sonoma as well. rain shower still a part of our forecast for tonight. but the activity should gradually decrease as the overall weather system moves to the south. this was the scene looking out towards the oak estuary earlier this afternoon. all of the clouds still in place. in fact we still have mostly cloudy skies. and mostly cloudy conditions. clearing skies with the temperatures moving up. the extended forecast we re- introduce the possibility of a few showers especially up in the north bay. temperatures for tomorrow we will be warmer. the range from the low to mid- 60s coastside. they will reach around 74 to 75 degrees. this is the overall weather system to take out the circulation. that's an area of low pressure. it will be on the move for tomorrow. in fact, here is the eventual
10:40 pm
track. it will be heading down towards southern california as we do head into monday. as high pressure rebuilds we will gradually scale back on the cloud cover with the clouds becoming partly to mostly sunny over the afternoon hours. temperatures will go the other direction for tomorrow. those readings around 10-15 degrees warmer as we do head into your monday. still pretty nice as we head into your tuesday as well. here is our forecast model showing you some of the cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning. the bulk of the rainfall is out of the weather picture as you can see here. an increase in sunshine into the afternoon by 2, 3 and 4:00. so throughout the day, tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures 47-55 degrees. we gradually strip away the clouds as we head into the afternoon. ultimately mostly sunny skies by 4:00. 60s to 70s. oakland tops out at 69. remember just talking about 90s a few days ago? tomorrow just in the low to mid- 70s. today on the cool side only in the 50s. san francisco a forecast high
10:41 pm
of 66. >> here is the look ahead. more sunshine on tuesday. temperatures continue to warm up. a little bit cooler by wednesday. then we will thicken up the clouds. that chance of a shower on friday is primarily up in the north bay. we are still talking about some baseball weather. you can't see on tuesday if you are lucky to go to the game mostly sunny skies and temperatures just beautiful in the mid to upper 60s in san francisco. so those big aerial shots of san francisco and at&t park great for the ball game. >> chamber of commerce pictures. >> you've got it. >> thanks, mark. >> the 49ers finally capture their first win of the season. so what does the coach have to say about the victory? >> highlights between the phillies and the giants in game two. and a live report from philadelphia. sports wrap is up next. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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[ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the national league championship series with the giants and the phillies was billed as a game of pitching. oswald took the game into his hands. juan uribe was out with a wrist injury. and jonathan sanchez began a shaky inning that was not his start. a ground ball hits polanko running down the line. but he is safe at first. and uttley goes to third. sanchez made a pretty good pitch to jimmy rollins but called at third. bruce boche not happy early about


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