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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 19, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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giants fans are counting down the minutes. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. and good morning it's tuesday october 19th i'm kraig debro in for dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's go to steve. it's baseball weather today. >> it is. it's moving up the coast and locally inland. we'll go 60s on the coast. and low to mid 70s. a couple of areas might push the upper 70s. watch out for thick fog. here is the sal. good morning. westbound 80 traffic looking pretty good here. getting out to the mccarthur maze pretty nice. to the bay bridge a little bit of fog out there. you can see traffic is moving
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along relatively well. crews turned an overturned tanker. it flipped yesterday afternoon. three lanes were blocked for hours leaving drivers stranded. it was carrying 43,000 pounds of liquid mass. it's unclear why the truck operator lost control. drugs and alcohol were not a factor. police are searching for two men who robbed restaurants at gunpoint. the suspects targeted four restaurants that are four miles away in less than an hour. claudine wong is in concord. good morning. >> good morning, pam. police are looking for two men this morning. two men they believe robbed this round table behind me at gun point and a subway. and these two men could be
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responsible for many other similar crimes. our cameras were at the scene. let's talk about the first one at round table. it happened just before 9:00 last night. the round table here on 2900 boulevard. they ordered the employees to the ground and took money from the safe and register before leaving. less than 45 minutes later they did the same thing at the subway restaurant. both men were wearing masks and gloves. at this point it does not appear that anyone was hurt but frightening moments for its employees. >> it's more concerning that i go to these places and another a at please places. what if i'm in one of these places and they come in and do shoot somebody. >> reporter: police searched
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the area but did not find the people responsible. police believe the same two men could be responsible for several other robberies at fast food restaurants. police tell us the descriptions and the times of the robbery all seem to coincide. we do not have a description of the robbers at this point. they were seen leaving in a dark colored suv. live here in concord. we just heard from muni officials. they are expecting normal operations today. >> it's a traffic signal that is not reporting to central control. not reporting to the trains. so we are forced to run in manual mode. >> in the meantime mow any is expecting giant crowds today.
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there could be a giant flu going around the bay area today as many people are tempted to skip work and watch the baseball series that is back in town. good morning paul. >> reporter: good morning. i like that giant flu. i think it's really true. that will probably happen. we are live here. getting ready. eight hours away from the big game three. the phillys are in town to take on the san francisco giants. getting ready for all of those giant fans. especially the ones with the giant flu. giant fans are counting down the hours and minutes to one of the biggest games in heres. >> they can do it. we are under dogs theoretically. >> reporter: giant fever is running wild over san francisco. there is a mass dealer taking full advantage of halloween being around the ornater.
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and aen team flag flies high outside the mayors office. like most businesses even city supervisors know with the game being done so early it might not get done. >> i'm concerned about the city hall producttivity tomorrow especially in the afternoon. >> reporter: the game starts at 1:19 with math cain on the mounds and cole hamels will pitch for philadelphia. also people that are looking to get a cab after the game. it will billion easier to do that. i will explain coming up later in the show. i've in san francisco i'm paul chambers. >> thank you. yes, you can watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2 our coverage begins at 1:00 this morning. 40 minutes ago part of the
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san mateo bridge reopened. two westbound reins were closed so anticrews could repair the beam. let's go back to sal castaneda who is back. >> good morning to you. we have a lot to do traffic wise. we have to reassure the muni public that it's back on time. let's go out to the freeways. also the freeways have been opened westbound and eastbound 80. that traffic is looking pretty good here. also ts morning we're looking a the the commute on westbound spore state 80. it looks pretty good. no major prose problems. also if you're driving on 280 northbound the traffic looks pretty good. 5:06 here is steve. sal, welcome back. >> thanks. >> it seems like you've been gone a week and a half.
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>> well, here i am. >> we do have areas of fog. moving up the coast. we'll have to reduce invisibility. temperatures are on the cool side. our little low that came by rob sunday is now visiting southern california producing rain down there. get a good look at it there. everything is south of u.s.. we will deal with the fog and have ate almost bit warmer weather. by the coast a little 50z and 60s. it will burn off. around the bay 70s inland. 50 in san francisco. napa at 49. 51 liermore. san jose the warmest at 53. 46 ukiah. 50s, 60s, and rain down to southern california. you can see the ridge is
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building in. the low continues to stay down to the southern california area. so temperatures today they stay in the 60s and 70s and we'll have warmer weather but that fog will be dealing with the coastal areas and mostly sunny wednesday. clouds increase thursday. i think the rain might make it friday. >> thank you, steve. what does president obama and the strength giants have in common? the answer to create a traffic nightmare. plans to expand may be good for one big business in the eastbound. why people living nearby are concerned. and a federal judge issues another key ruling on the military don't ask don't tell policy. morning traffic on highway 4 off to a nice start. heading west. we'll tell you about the morning commute.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's 11 minutes after 5:00. today we find out what a federal judge decides concerning gays in the military. alison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroom with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. this is a pretty tough one to explain. the obama administration is asking the federal judge virginia phillips to continue allowing the military to enforce its ban on gays serving
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openingly in the military while it appeals her ruling. the pentagon said an abrupt change in policy would hurt military moral. they say the obama administration stance here is very confusing. anthony woods who was discharged in the army says president obama has promised to end the policy and should not be fighting it in court. >> the president made it clear he wants to see don't ask don't tell repealed. i would like his actions to match his words. >> reporter: judge phillips said she would not allow the pentagon to keep enforcing don't ask don't tell. their arguments are vague. i'll have more. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. president obama is coming to san francisco on thursday as part of a nation-wide campaign
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for democrats. the president will appear at a fundraiser and campaign for camala harris. harris worked on the president come pain in 2008. traffic in san francisco thursday could be little bit challenging. president obama is scheduled to arrive allock with his motor cave and security. san francisco police say they are prepared. >> we will work with the coast guard opinion transportation of police. just to safeguard that. >> president is expected to stay over in san francisco thursday night and then leave on friday to travel to southern california to campaign for senator barbara boxer. joe biden will be in san francisco today. he's attending a campaign event at 6:00 this evening. governor schwarzenegger used his weekly address to name and criticize some fellow
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republicans for their opposition to pension reform during the recent state battle. >> he describes sitting in his locker until 2:00 in the morning. he says he was shocked when the pension reform bill stalled because some republicans who's votes he counted on opposed the bill. >> in this pension reform battle i expect organized labor to -- i knew that. but what i was really surprised about is to see that republicans also embedded the same unions. >> the governor went on to question whether the republicans that opposed pension reform. tonight the ikea retail chain is looking for city approval to open a warehouse.
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the 65,000 square foot building now stands empty. but people that live in the neighborhood are worried about noise and traffic. it would truck material into the building seven-days a week between 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. s using the bay bridge will see the next major step in construction of the new eastern span the second section will be put in place in the next few days. there are a total of five sections. 5:15 is the time right now. it looks pretty good right now. traffic is doing pretty well. let's go to highway four. this commute tends to get on a little bit early. we are already seeing some
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crowding. it starts getting busy earlier. also this morning we're looking at westbound bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic looks pretty good come into san francisco if you want to get ahead of the crowd today. busy day in san francisco. because of the playoff games being played at at and t park. move along take a look at 280 northbound. that traffic looks good. the commute so far looks pretty good. they cleared away that accident that happened yesterday on 101 and morgan that was closed that had that freeway closed for hours. let's go back to sal. >> thank you very much. we are dealing with thick fog this morning. i know coming right through the could coat the area of low
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pressure left bemind that is in southern california. you can see it spinning down there. the offer shore wind is to the north you have it. you don't have any fog. southern california will deal some rain down there. another day of shower activity. they are ahead of us. for us expect for that fog which can be pretty shallow it's going to be a nice day and a little warmer. 60s around the coast and mid 70s inland. 40s and 50s only a four degree spread here. napa and san jose. 30s up in the mountains 40s in ukiah. they will be pushing the upper 70s today. if you have to head down to southern california they are reporting rain. for us it will be sunny and warmer. i think we know the drill right now. once that burns off it will be
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a mix of sun and 60-degree temperatures. mostly sunny wednesday. we clouded up on thursday and it looks like friday could be a day of cloud and a possibility of rain again. european markets are mostly higher at this hour. ahead of important earnings report here in the u.s.. overnight stocks across asia posted gains. the banking sector posted -- and the group could be critical today as goldman sacs and bank of america posted earnings before our opening bell. the bank of america just coming in with a loss. we'll have more on that coming up in a little bit and how the markets respond. gains as you can see yesterday with the dow jones almost up 81 points. any one that flies knows flight delays can cost some money.
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uc berkeley researchers have put a price tag on that lost time and related cost to $33 billion. cost to passengers require ated. that study is based on faa records for the year 2007. the major airlines want to move federal marshals out of first class seating. they say putting them in first class costs them money. they add increased security members. they show the marshals will be more useful in the back of the plane. the problems could for many people living in san bruno but there may be an easy way out. the deal pg & e is offering homeowners and why they may need to act fast. why the social americaing privacy concerns are drawing attention on capitol hill. if you should be driving
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any time soon, it should be a decent one. so far so good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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we have areas of fog and some of it thick. once that burns back it will be sunny. a little warmer away from the coast. high of 60s there.
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70s away. 5:22. this morning lawmakers in california will take a look at the pipeline disaster in san bruno. today's hearing will focus on the maintenance of natural gas pipelines. there is word now pg & e will buy out their homes. those that sell fast within six months stand to collect a hefty $50,000 bonus. it comes in response to the worries of many people living near the explosion. explosion killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. police in oakland say this summer was free of dangerous side show gatherings for the first time in 25 years. anthony bass made the announcement last night. city leaders and teenagers gathered at the youth uprising
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community center. some teens have asked for more services to chemothem off the street. >> we need more organized activities. so when we leave from here on a friday night, we don't want to go home. we want to go to the organized activities. >> police say they used extra patrols and other methods to crack down on side shows. there have been a number of people killed by out of control cars. two u.s. congressmen are demanding answers from facebook about how the social networking site handles the information. the news comes after a wall street journal -- facebook says it's working to fix the problem and that the leaks were unintentional. facebook users are urged to check their applications. >> turn off the ones you are no
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longer using. you don't really feel a need for anymore. because as long as they are on the authorized list they can still access information. >> now all ten of the most popular applications on facebook including farmville has at one time transmitted personal data. our website has information on how to change your privacy settings. just look for the economy watch tab right on our front page. oakland police say a shooting at a bank atm over the weekend was not a random act. it happened shortly after 9:00. when one man shot another man in the back. investigators say the shooter didn't say anything and didn't take any money. police now say the 28-year-old victim was targeted to a little potential grudge. he is hospitalized. police say they hope to identify a suspect soon. san francisco police have
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identified a man arrested for starting a weekend fire. the 26 unit apartment building. the fire on leavenworth street was reported at 8:30 sunday morning. 64-year-old paul williams was arrested at the scene. it costed an statement $859,000 damage so nine units. two terrifying robberies in less than an hour. why investigators believe the incidents are connected. and you can see orange and black everywhere. giants get ready for today's big game. good morning traffic on 80 westbound looks pretty good. we'll tell you what the other freeways are doing right now as we get an update on one major freeway coming up.
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welcome back to ktvu morning news. it's tuesday. >> tuesday. >> october 19th. i'm kraig debro. >> i'm pam cook. time now is just about 5:30. let's check if with steve. a little chilly. >> that is correct. we do have areas of fog as well. some of it starting to thicken up on the north bay. far enough away you won't have a problem. seven sfo says cloudy skies. 60s and 70s on your high. could be tough to burn off some of that fog. it looks okay for the giants
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game. now here is sal. good morning. westbound bay bridge looking pretty god. a lot of people will be san francisco. also this morning's commute is doing well in the southbound on northbound 280. let's go back to craig and pam. they first robbed happened at round table. investigators believe the same pair of suspects then targeted a subway. police say in the first robbery the suspects walked into the round table pizza carrying a shotgun and a pistol and ordered employees to the ground. he took money from the safe and cash register and left. about a mile later two armed men stormed a subway. there has been a string of robberies in concord last month. leaving the community on edge. >> for more concerning guy to
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these places and another one of these places. >> police say the suspects wore masks hooded sweatshirts and a glove. nobody was hurt in either incident. the oakland city council will look into internet cities will be front for illegal gambling. >> are you gambling in there? >> no. >> what are you doing? >> minding my own business. >> one of the suspected locations is durant square. three weeks ago the owner was served with a she's and desist order it apierce the operation is still going strong. >> does it look like bingo? >> no. what does it look like? >> it looks like a slot machine. yes. >> a representative from durant square. he didn't know if the lieutenant was breaking the
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law. they will listen to complaints about the cafe and take next if yore. >> investigators say the suspects jacked a minivan. that happened minutes after an attempted carjacking. misbelieve the two carjacks may be driving the stolen minivan. license plate 6cim754. the victim a 63-year-old man was crossing santa claire rap street last night when he was hit. we do not know how badly he was hurt. police say they don't know if the victim was in the crosswalk. the owners of a country club in clayton are on the hunt
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for wild pigs. ktvu jade hernandez is clayton where neighbors say they were disturbed by gunshots. >> we will hear from jade in a little bit. in the meantime san carlos city council members are considering a source to outsource. city leaders say the cost of the agreement is getting too high. city leaders recently decided to desolve the services. that move is getting mixed reactions from residents. >> i don't think it matters as long as the service is there. what names on the truck. >> that would be another example of giving up local control. same thing we did with the police department. and i just don't think it's a good thing. >> san carlos recently agreed to outsource its services to
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the san mateo county sheriffs office. they are hoping to have a new plan in place. the owner and manager of a san francisco printing company are expected to surrender to authorities today. 26-year-old margarita was crushed to death by a machine. yesterday prosecutors charged the owner and manager with involuntary manslaughter. they say they were not properly trained. companies already settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $6 million. san francisco's plan to close golden gate park is getting a new perspective from cities. right nappies veries can be in the park at any hour but not allowed to allow sleep there. now they are issued a citation
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and ordered to appear in court. this afternoon the giants host the philadelphia phillies in game three of the national championship series. it's the biggest game in san francisco for years. paul is outside where the lax be. >> good morning. that's why i'm out here. i knew that was reason. giant fans are going crazy. we were at the public house. fans are getting up early. not that many right now. the true die hard fans say they are ready and moping for a big fan. giants are running wild all over the city. he's selling italian designed mask and redirected them with the giants colors.
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the team spirit has fled to city hall. one fan i just spoke with this morning says he's rooting the giants to slick dowry. now of course it is early. want to make sure you get home easier after the game. starting today on a trial basis. will be conferred to a became day and of course the giants are hoping to sweep the next few days. so they don't have to go back to physical. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers. >> you can watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 1:00 in the afternoon. the first pitch is at 1:19. . >> the lucky giants fans that
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has tickets to this week championship series shouldn't have a hard time leaving the game. it's on the third street. between the bow nut shop and mcdonnells. the new taxi stand is on a trial basis. okay. time to check in with sal for our check at the traffic. we know later today it will be hectic. >> reporter: right now they are doing pretty well. even if you are driving to san francisco now later on you might find yourself in a lot of slow traffic. let's look at what we have with the morning commute. getting into san francisco is okay. traffic patterns are going to be different today baa -- people will be leaving in four
5:38 am
or five. a little bit of fog here in oakland. you can barely see the headlights. and this morning commute on northbound 280 is pretty well. let's go to steve. thank you. a god morning to you. fog is increasing. in fact it's moving up the coast. some moving locally inland. i will show you why it will be warmer for some. system we hadden sunday is in southern california. producing rain down there. it's going up the coast. a little thing that would bug me we call them coastal 85s. little low forms. that could enanswer the drug. it's really only going going to hand around the coast. one of the keys. higher elevations 90 degrees
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warmer. pleasant hill 47. a little bite to the morning air out there. march gone hill 52. 30s in the mountains. ukiah and chile. up and down the coast off and on rain showers. i realize many of you in the winery business should i keep these grapes on the vines? friday's system looks pretty week. there could be a stronger system monday or tuesday. things are rather quiet. fogs burning in. highs told will be in the 7:s. maid to pupper 7:s. no problem. fog. sixed.
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slightly bow know average. and we have lower inland. we will put in a possibility of rain friday but it's a weak system. very similar to sunday. i think saturday will be okay. >> thank you, steve. super mario is speaking out. one of the most famous of the rescue chilean miners is talking about what went on under ground despite the desecrecy agreement. president obama will soon help bust a few months. good morning. northbound 280 right at the 808 we are change. we will tale you more straight ahead.
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good morning. we have areas of fog out there. in fact once it burns it will stick there. it will be a little warmer away from the coast. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now. we should find out today whether the federal judge will order the military. yesterday the judge said she's inclined to deny a federal. there is word that pg&e is buying out san bruno fire victims. today's chronical reporting stand to collect a hefty $50,000 bonus. they believe a malfunction has been fixed. problem first surfaced during yesterday morning commute. caused 30 minute delays for riders. >> the rescued chilean miner known for super mario is giving
5:44 am
details about being stucked under grown. in an extensive interview he says during the first 17 days before the miners were found they fear they would starve to death. he also says that had sex with each other are not true. says despite the secrecy pact. in russia's chechnya three people were killed by suicide bombers. some news agencies are reporting as many as six killed. the suicide bombers were dressed like lawmakers one blew himself up in the entrance. the other two blew themselves up when security forces went in after them. they are predominantly muslim. today's president obama will sign a area initiative
5:45 am
aimed at boosting academic achievement among mission students. and was renewed by former bill clinton. improving education will help the u.s. compete in the growing economy. they hope to spark interest in math and science by making an appearance on the tv show myth busters. they already taped his appearance which is set to air on the discovery channel. myth busters is taped here in the bay area. in the california's governor race the candidates are talking about meg whitman finances. in san francisco yesterday jerry brown criticized the economic plan their proposal to cut capital gain would put more money in their pocket. >> it's ridiculous that he is asserting we are running for
5:46 am
governor to make money. i will make $10-15 million in capital gains. anyone in their right mind would not -- >> she can talk all she wants. she wants to inrich herself and her contributors and the very wealthiest people in our society. >> now a recent poll shows the race is close with brown slightly ahead. junior seu told investigators he fell asleep. the lack of skid marks legalling up to where his suv plunged off a cliff seemed to support the claims. alcohol and drugs do not appear to be involved. he was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning hours before the accident he was arrested on
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suspicion -- strong winds knocked down many trees and power lines. he is expect to make land in vietnam. more than 100,000 people have been evac-- evacuated. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. as a matter of fact we are doing okay if you are driving on highway 4 despite the fact we already have a lot of people on a certain section. that problem os on highway 4 here. if you are driving this morning over to the bay bridge that commute is still pretty light. this morning if you're driving on the peninsula. we have traffic doing pretty well. the road senators are changing
5:48 am
a little bit on highway one. no injure problems though on 101 or 280 north and south on the peninsula. here is steve. thank you. a very good morning to you all. some fog out there. in fact it's increasing the system we had on sunday now visiting southern california and producing rain down there. the high is building in. it's way to the north and so there is really no offshore breeze at all. to the far north of us. we do have drier air over us. expect for the fog it will be sunny today. the fog is flexing its muscle. you can see it in some of the gray. so be careful especially some of the areas. cool forecast today for those of you now again might be a little chilly for some of you. some fog is there. once that burns off we have 40s and 50s. by noon the fog will only be on the coast. it will be mostly sunny and mild. we'll have lots of 70s so it
5:49 am
will be warm away. to start off a little chilly but getting warmer. temperatures today will be slightly warmer than yesterday. will have that cool air mass in place. 60s dealing with a lot of fog. the high is building in much warmer air aloft. 59 on mount tam. santa rosa both 49. 32 up there in the mountains. 46 in ukiah. a lot of 60s on the desert. see the low spinning out of our area. now southern california's problem. will give us a couple of days expect for the fog that is there. 50s and 60s by the beaches. and then 70s low around the bay and then upper 70s for some away from the coast. have some fog sound a little breezy.
5:50 am
and if you go to the giants games you know the drill. mostly sunny wednesday. you get some clouds thursday. possibility of light rain friday. i think more clouds than anything else. >> thank you. just a short time ago bank of america lost a loss of $17 billion. without that charge they actually earned $3.1 billion. the bank says it resubmit paper work. it's still not clear though if the courts will accept the new paper work since judges said they will throw out entire cases and make the banks fire new ones. the national retail federation predicts the national household will spend $6.9 million. they do expect many shoppers will pick something up for this
5:51 am
year. a new report says u.s. retailers lost $40 billion in stolen goods. that's 1.5% of annual sales. that's adding $423 to the shopping bill this year. the report says sales boosted security spending more than 12% this year. time now 5:50. why bay area families will have to make tough choices. a man was found dead in mexico. what the killer used to commit the crime.
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anncr: carly fiorina. as ceo she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. fiorina sync: china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go... anncr: ...because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose, bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products 'made in china.' 30,000 workers gone... ...while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself.
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bb vo: i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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welcome back to the morning news. one of the cuts in the state budget will take away child care funding from 55,000 child care families. the cuts will effect 2200 families in alameda county. and 2200 in santa clara county. the state will still subsidize parents in the welfare to work program. but more families will lose their state money as they reach that cut you've point. mexican police have arrested a man in a connection of a death of a former marine -- marin man.
5:55 am
investigators martinez used a machetety to kill gilbert. they confiscated more than 100 million tons of marijuana. a government agent and a suspected drug runner were injured during the arrest. at least 11 people were detained. they also seized trailers, trucks, and two large weapons. three dozen students are being recognized to help the community. ceremonies were held at pioneer high school yesterday to receive the volunteer service award. 33,000 students completed 5300
5:56 am
hours of volunteer work. 5:55 is the time. back over to sal for a look at traffic. we're starting in the southbound pam and craig. getting up to highway 17. traffic looks good. so does 280 traffic coming up toward us. you ski the highlights moving along just fine going into the valley. southbound 680 this morning looks good as well. driving from the pleasant area to the new carr pool lane there. relatively new i should say. it's been around a month. at the toll plaza we're getting more cars but no slow down yet. 5:56 let's go back to the desk. that was a real mess on muni yesterday. now we have new information on what san francisco commuters can expect today. two bold robberies overnight in east bay.
5:57 am
why police believe the same people are responsible. we have areas of thick fog out there and temperatures for some it will warm up. for others it will stay the same. i'll show you that coming up after the break. they discovert i just needed a new heart-- a bypass was out of the question. i told them if i could get five more days with my family, then it was worth doing it. they saved my life. i feel like a new person. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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frightening moments inside two concord restaurants robbed at gun paints. could these crimes be connected to a string of others. what crews did overnight to turn over an overturned rig. big day if you're heading to at & t park. many san francisco giants fans are counting down the minutes to biggest baseball game in san francisco in years. a live record outside at & t park just ahead. good morning everybody. it's tuesday october 19th i'm kraig debro. >> i'm pam cook. let's start with steve and a look at weather. >> areas of fog out there. could be


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