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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 19, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> reporter: i'm live in san francisco where giant fans are gearing up for the big game just an hour from now. what if i'm in one of these places or one of my friends is there and these people come in and do they -- and they do shoot somebody?
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san francisco's biggest game in years is about to get underway. the national league championship series resumes here in san francisco in just over an hour. paul chambers is in the city where a lot of people have come down with a serious case of giants' fever. >> reporter: good afternoon ♪ when the giants come to town it's bye-bye, baby ♪ >> reporter: giants' fans are out in full force. >> this is a special time in giants history. i want to be a part of it. >> reporter: fans picked their spots early. that way they can break out the grill and start tailgating.
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>> we'll be going strong until 10:00 tonight. we're expecting big crowds. orange and black everywhere. entire city, the -- i think the entire bay area is going nuts. >> reporter: from san francisco's city hall to where the flag flies high, to this mask dealer selling masks that have been redecorated about -- with the giants colors. >> they are gonna take the sweep! >> probably the most sick days in san francisco ever, calling in today for this 1:00 game. once the game is over, getting
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home will be in a cab. >> it's been quite a battle since it was pac bell stadium, we've been requesting this and the mta has jumped forward and has given us the stand there'sfy lent and beneficial to the public. ♪ >> reporter: the game starts at 1:19 today with matt cain on the mound for the giants and cole hamels will pitch for philadelphia. it's been since 2002 since the giants have been in the championship game so they are hoping history repeats themselves. in that series, they beat st. louis. live in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. there will be very heavy traffic around the ballpark this afternoon. you may want to avoid taking your car in the area. the game will likely end around the time of the evening commute. so there will be a lot of.
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a lot of giant fans have been sending us pictures. here is a look at one. go to the "orange october" section on our home page to see more. the nfl announced it's getting tougher on dangerous and flagrant hits, especially those involving helmets. the league says it will immediately begin suspending players for violent hel him-to- helmet contact. the new measures will be in place for this weekend's games. how far, league officials say they will be looking at some of
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these hits from last weekend's game, several of which ended up in a concussion. the senate public safety committee and the senate communications committee are holding a meeting and focusing on pipelines and how to make them safer. they also heard from people who experienced the explosion and fire firsthand. >> we took off running for our lives and i fell several times in the street. it was very hard to get up because the heat was so intense, that i thought this was it. i'm go -- cy not gonna get back up. she said she was there to represent her neighborhood. there's now word that pg&e is offering to buy out san bruno fire victims whose homes were destroyed or badly damaged. it's part of the 110 million relief fund set up by pg&e.
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today's chronicle reports those who sell within six month, stand to collect a $50,000 bonus. an attorney preparing to file a lawsuit says accepting the offer from pg&e now could hinder their chances from seeking damages in court. some big changes are coming to a world famous and very popular museum in san francisco. jade hernandez is here to explain what affects the museum. >> reporter: good afternoon. the piers here are not much to look at how -- but they are the new home to the exhibit. at today's official water breaking, a driver dove into the bay to retrieve part of the sign. currently, this is a hands-on science museum. for 40 years, visitors have enjoyed the museum but in 2013,
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visitors will be able to visit a facility a -- a facility three times the facility at piers 15 and 17. the $300 million project will transform and had provide two acres of public space for visitors to get closer to the bay. it will also create space along the water. >> we invite the world to view our new environment and we can get closer as to what the invisible world is us. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the kids from the elementary school seemed to like the diver who jumped in
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the bay. >> it's amazing to see. i thought what is that doing there? i thought it's for the exploretorium. >> it was pretty exciting. he thought he would hook it up and swim up but he was in the ring. ♪ you are looking at all of the fun that those who attended this groundbreaking had had this morning. private donors have contributed $209 million so far but fund- raising for the new exploratorium is not finished
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yet. the project still needs another $300 million before it's complete. so this is just the kickoff. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, jade. concord police are looking for two dangerous armed robbers who hit two restaurants last night. the first was a round table pizza on treat boulevard just before 9:00 p.m. the second one was about an hour later, four miles away at a subway shop in concord. police say in both robberies, the masked suspects forced employees to the ground at midnight. one was armed with a shot gun, the other a pistol. no to injuries were -- no injuries were all righted in either night's holdup but some people who work in the area are worried because they say the violence seems to be escalating. >> you never know. i mean, people could come in. it's more concerning that i go to these places and eat at
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them. what if i go in there and i'm in there or my friend is and these people come in and shoot them. >> police say the same people are responsible for similar incidents. shots were fired at the pentagon. we'll tell you what investigators are saying. a policy change was announced about gays in the military, as leaders bait for -- wait for another ruling. rain is in the forecast, steve paulson will be around to tell us if there is a serious chance. >> reporter: when you cross the bridge, caltrans has a warning for you.
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federal authorities say someone fired shots at the pentagon this morning. pentagon police heard at least five shots, two struck the building itself, but that part of the building was unoccupied. they are looking looking for the shooter and have shut down areas near the pentagon in their search. this incident comes after shots were fired into the marine marine corps museum about 30 miles away. police don't know if there is a connection between the shoots. a federal judge is expected to issue a ruling today on a government request to delay the
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lifting of the don't ask/don't tell policy. the judge in southern california said she would review the arguments but would likely deny the request. she says the government has not proven that her initial order would harm troops. a former soldier discharged after he revealed he was gay said president obama should let the initial ruling stand. >> i don't think we should waste taxpayer moneys that a law has already decided is unconstitutional and hurts our military. >> recruiters have been told they must accept gay applicants. the court's decision could be reversed any time. the mother of one of two of the men still imprisoned in iran said the men have a trial date. a trial is set for november 6th. bauer and fattal remain in a tehran prison more than a month after sarah shourd was released
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and returned to the u.s. bauer's mother said they have fewer details. they are accused of illegally crossing into iran and spying. construction on a portion of the new bay bridge has been spending going on mostly out of sight but that will soon change. claudine wong tells us what commuters can expect to see as soon as tomorrow. >> reporter: construction on the new bay bridge for the most part has moved pretty steady. tomorrow morning, that changes. >> tomorrow. wednesday morning, around 4:00 we'll start mobilizing crews for a very long operation. >> reporter: the engineering portion of this project is pretty impressive. four sections of the bay bridge tower will be lifted in place starting form in a place that should stretch over the weekend. each section weighs 617 tons, or 1.2 million pounds, and stands over 107 feet tall.
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each piece will be erected as part of the suspension spans, single, 520-foot tall tower. this is just one more portion of the construction. but this happens to be happening in large part at the drivers passing by on the bay bridge. >> our main point today is this particular lift is the most visible one to traffic. this is probably gonna be the most visible one we do. we want to make motorists that this work is gonna be happening. >> reporter: what you won't see is also pretty interesting. craps showed us a full-scale model of what the inside of these tower pieces look like. >> tomorrow morning when we see them putting this up. this is what it looks like on the inside -- >> right. what's interesting about being here, we built this in 2006 anticipating tomorrow morning. we knew one day we would be suppliesing these things together and this is a tool we
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used so our contractor would know how to do it. >> reporter: caltrans estimates it will had take 16 hours for each of the four pieces that need to go up. crews will start to get here at 4:00 to start the work. you should start to see the first piece go up during your commute. governor schwarzenegger was in san francisco this morning to attend a big preelection breakfast hosted by willie brown. he spoke about a number of contentious ballot initiatives, including proposition 23. the governor says he's urging voters to defeat the initiative next month. schwarzenegger characterized this as a battle between out of state oil interests and environmental projects. >> it's important not just to win this fight and to push them back but it is important that we do it with a huge victory. >> governor schwarzenegger says the defeat of prop 23 would
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prompt action in washington, d.c. to create a new national energy policy. joining us now is our meteorologist. the fog is going away and we're seeing sunshine. >> it's going back to the coast, tori. there's still some areas there that have to deal with low clouds and fog. what we had inland is beginning to retreat and head back. you can see the fog out there. i don't think it's going anywhere any time soon, the coast has to deal with fog. but inland areas are looking okay. even the city is starting to get sunshine. the fog is on the coast. but we had 40s for lows and 50s, 60s and 70s. fog -- things change a little bit. we'll get some clouds in here and maybe light rain. i think the day for the light rain will be monday and tuesday. i would pencil in monday and tuesday.
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it's possible for more rain. we have drier air in place. but the fog is there as well. we need a little bit of a north- northeast wind. that's not happening. all of the rain stays in california. temperatures in the city were very cool. a lot of upper 40s and 50s with the fog. if you thought it was chilly, not only inland but also along the coast. 73 in napa. 64 in san francisco. 75 walnut creek. oakland, 70. and 75 in san jose, so temperatures coming up a little bit. 60 in san francisco. 62 oakland/berkeley. 66, san jose. napa/san rafael also. 57 with fog, eureka.
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we're waiting for this to slide toward us that won't be until further and friday. so today and tomorrow it will be warmer. foggy by the coast. a little warmer. a lot of 50s and 60s by the beaches. we will start to see more fog nights and mornings. thursday we start to cloud up a little bit. possibility of rain. monday and tuesday could be moderate to heavy rain if things continue to come in as advertised. a well-known tv man died in same. tom bosswell of "happy days." died at his home near palm springs today. he was rated the greatest tv dad of all times. stocks are plunging now. we'll take a look at why.
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also, wild pigs like these in monterey county are causing major problems for a golf course here in the bay area. anncr: carly fiorina. as ceo she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. fiorina sync: china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go... anncr: ...because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose, bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products 'made in china.' 30,000 workers gone... ...while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. bb vo: i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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taking a live look at the -- live look at the wall street numbers, bad news on fears that b of a may be forced to buy
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back mortgages. and apple'sipads fell short of expect takes. china's decision to hike interest rate places a factor in this. police in benicia are investigating a robbery that took place at at high school robbery game. police say two teenaged suspects approached two boys and one of them had a semi- automatic gun and pointed it at one of the victims. they reportedly took wallets, a cell phone, and money. so far no arrests have been made. in clayton, the owners of oak hurst country club are on the hunt for pigs. they say 25 pigs are tearing up the landscaping.
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so they secured a hunting license and hired a hunter to kill some of the wild bores. so far, the hunter has killed four of the animals. >> so they've been kind of using the ravine into an ahheyway of our property. i've been in the process of getting this thing down. that's why we have the hunter out every night facing him. hunt something going on overnight during late night and early-morning hours. greater road runners are common in the central valley and desert areas but they are very rare in the bay area. earlier this year, a man photographed a greater roadrunner in brentwood. according to a little burning expert, this was the first one documented with a photo in contra costa county in more than 50 years. then on august 18th, a conservationist photographed another one northeast of dry
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creek. there's no clear explanation on why the road runners are suddenly back in the bay area. the ikea retail chain is open up a city approval to open up another store. they've picked the store at hollis and 53rd street. that now stands empty but people who live in the neighborhood are worried about noise and traffic. i kye yaw says they would truck equipment in in the morning, every morning at 7:00 a.m. we'll have coverage of the giants. and you can watch the giants and phillies. coverage on ktvu and fox begins at 1:00. and then stay tuned for a special edition of ktvu clan 28
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news. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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