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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 19, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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at at&t park with all the fans, but let's start inside on the field to start our coverage, hi mark. >> thanks gasia, down through the years if you watched postseason baseball. there all seems to be an unsung hero that rises to the occasion. a guy that didn't have that great of a regular season or a guy who hasn't been with the team or just isn't that talented. an they come out of nowhere it seems to win the most valuable player award. no doubt about it, cody ross is the giants mvp. cole hamels was just rooting along. and here's the man, cody ross as he comes through with the first pitch at this point against cole hamels. as it turns out, it drives out the giants first one. the inning wasn't complete, aubrey huff who's been in a postseason slump poorly to say
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the least with the back but not that particular occasion. base hit, right field, scores the second run 2-0 and they add another one later as edgar renteria will deliver the shot, the run as aaron rowan came through with a shot. freddy an sanchez hit the ball that was booted. edgar renteria playing a big part in this game as a matter of fact as he actually got the first pitch and the giants were in business and a 3-0 win, matt cain throwing 7 innings, giving up four runs to the phillies just two hits. the giants bullpen in the 8th inning with a beautiful inning of work and then bryan wilson a rather flawless 9th inning to take care of the same. giants lead the series 2-1. the fans have filed out of here and
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have gone to hang out with mike mibach. let's go to him as the coverage continues. >> reporter: this place was rocking in the first periods of play. but when the giants started to tack them on in the fourth and the fifth. see you later this crowd got to its feet and started tearing the scene. a lot of the 43,000 still lingering outside here on second and king waiting if those giant players that are driving on out headed home. cody ross getting that early rbi. but matt cane seven strong shut out innings for the giants. here's a little bit of what fans said about the atmosphere inside of at&t park today. >> i think it's a great momentum going. i think it's going to be awesome. >> go giants, world series here we come.
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>> the phillies were tough. great digging, this is giants baseball. crowd came at home, matt cain, cody ross. >> and there's a lot of momentum going forward. >> absolutely excellent. great excitement, go giants. >> we needed to take this game, this is clutch and we did it. we're going to do it tomorrow, we're going to do it thursday, see you in the world series, see you. >> it was loud and crazy. so much orange it was incredible. >> the crowd was with the giants with every single pitch. the whole game, giants very supportive. most supportive team in the league, giants. >> reporter: not bad for matt cain a lot of these fans say they'll be back for game four and so are we. giants-phillies and the giants won. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. despite the crowds getting
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to and from at&t park it might be a little easier if you take a cab. a taxi stand has been set up in front of the park to make it easier. the new stand on king street will help improve the usual postgame gridlock. cab companies also plan to have more drivers drivers or not road for the giants three series game this weekend. and the peninsula humane society says about 50 black and orange cats have been adopted. the shelter dropped the adopted rate from just under $100 to $9. the humane society says there are still about 50 black and orange cats available. and giants play off fever continues at we're looking for fans of the orange and black to share their play off experience with us. just go to our website and go to the orange october section. pg & e is offering to buy
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out victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion for owners who's home was destroyed. it's part of the relief fund set up by the company. homeowners who agree to sell within six months will collect a $60,000 bonus. homeowners who want to rebuild within six months will also -- >> reporter: frank the most interesting portion of the hearing today at the capital did come from the victims of the san bruno explosion. several testified who said they want that pipeline gone from their neighborhood forever. what can be done to prevent
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another san bruno disaster. among the first to testify was morales. her daughter died in the fire. >> to me this is a huge loss. i can only hope and pray that we continue to find the right answers to make this right. >> reporter: san bruno's neighbors echoed neighbors who said they do not want that pipeline back in service. >> until that pipe is somehow moved to another location that can still service all the residents, all including all of san san francisco we're not going to be comfortable at all. >> not one single fine was issued between the years 2004 and 2009. how can that be? >> reporter: eight people were killed in the san bruno pipeline explosion which destroyed 37 homes. >> we don't know what caused, what are the root causes of the
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san bruo incident. >> reporter: p g & e says they continue to pay out to homeowners. >> i don't want another you know disaster because of some money that's offered to traumatic individuals. >> reporter: from this hearing eventually could come legislative action. the cause of the explosion remains unknown. a final report is expected in a few months. still to come, reporter patti lee digging up more information on the buy out to homeowners and why the offer could hinder homeowners from seeking damages in court.
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republican candidate for governor meg whitman ventured into rival territory, oakland. randy shandobil is live with more on this. >> reporter: meg whitman's venture into liberal oakland are very rare. so rare that today when working on a phone bank with volunteers she had to assure voters she wasn't a tape recording. >> it's really me. >> reporter: earlier whitman toured an east oakland elementary school. watched some second graders do math then offered math of her own. >> 60-cents of every dollar goes to the classroom in california. while 40-cents goes to the overheat and bureaucracy. >> reporter: whitman said if elected she would put more money into classrooms by cutting the bureaucracy. he also said one reason oakland
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suffered is because of the former mayor. meg whitman is often critical of brown's educational system. test scores started to improve. >> for the last past six years, the last six years, we've been the most improved academically school district in the state of california. >> if you're pinning the bankruptcy on him, why not give him credit for the things that are going right? >> because much of what happened under jerry brown's tenure in oakland didn't go right. high school attendance went down 20%. >> reporter: she says brown paid too much attention on charter schools he helped to start. too little on the rest of the system. >> how often did brown visited our public schools. >> i think he could have put
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the same energy on schools in general than he did on the charter schools. >> reporter: on the phone, the school system defended brown by saying that the bankruptcy was the board's doing not his. >> when he was mayor he was really limited on what he could do. the school board had the authority to run the oakland school system. >> reporter: time is running out. two weeks until election day. political editor randy shandobil. with just two weeks to go the white house is doing all it can to try to keep the white house inactive and keeping the democratic majority in the congress and senate. joe biden will be in san francisco tonight to attain a campaign for senator boxer. it's being held as an
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undisclosed location. this is just ahead of an appearance in san francisco on saturday by president obama. the city of san francisco and two same-sex couples who challenged california's ban on marriage have filed briefs with the ninth circuit court of appeals. they are asking a court to uphold former -- a panel of judges from the court plan to hear arguments from the court in early september. the couples filed their 125 page brief shortly before midnight deadline last night. the federal reserve board wants to impose additional rules on credit card companies. the proposed rules will prevent companies from ending promotional rates early until a card holder falls at least 60 days behind on payments. they would also limit the amount that card issuers could charge people applying for credit cards. by law the federal reserve board has to take public comments for 60 days before a
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final vote on these proposed rules. a stronger dollar in china pushed stocks lower today. reports that apple didn't sell as many i pads as projected also weighed on the nasdaq. the dow fell 165 points and finished below 11,000 for the first time in a little more than a week. the nasdaq closed down 43 points. for more financial and consumers news, go to and click on the business tab. i think we're talking about rain in your bay area forecast. actually i know we are. you're going to need an umbrella, i'll let you know which days.
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a tanker truck flipped over yesterday afternoon. it was about 2:45 just south of
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the coyote exit. it created a back up for miles during rush hour. the tanker was carrying 43,000 pounds of liquid wax. that wax has to be transferred before the truck could have been up righted. and much of the work on the bay bridge has been done from below the bridge. caltranss is concerned about how that might impact the commute. tom vacar is here now with more on what is really an incredible piece of engineering here, tom. >> reporter: what a sight it'll be. the massive base of the new signature tower was put into position last july. tomorrow the second tier of tower sections will begin to tower over the roadway. creating, unfortunately, a gawkers paradise. >> when complete the tower will
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stand at 272 feet tall. we're a little more than half wayful a little half way of the full 575 feet that the tower will actually be. >> reporter: they'll be hoisted into place in a job that is expected to last over the weekend. >> 24 hour operations, 12 hour shifts. >> reporter: the four sections will be hoisted more than 300 feet in the heirlooming over the current westbound upper deck. each section will take about 16 to 24 hours to install. though the work will be done at an imperceptible pace, traffic will be insurmountable. as each of the sections are stacked on top of each other, they will use bolts and welds
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to put them together. >> we'll be looking at putting the rest of the deck sections in. >> reporter: when it's all said and done, the signatureture tower is going to stand 525 feet tall about the same height as the western span suspension towers -- the signature tower is going to stand 525 feet tall. i'm consumer editor, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the federal aviation administration says that united airline 747 that appeared to buzz the golden gate bridge during fleet week placed no danger to the span. we have some video to show you. in it it looks like the plain is just above the bridge towers. but the faa says this is just an optical illusion. the agency says the plane was well above the bridge. the faa says the plane was under the direction of an air traffic controller during its fly overs which were part of the fleet week air show.
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police are searching the hills of freemont for more remains following the discovery of bones there over the weekend. they are going over morrison road. only residents are being allowed into the area. police say hikers found the bones on friday. investigators say the remains that they've been there for more than a year. and they look to be those of an adult. further details have to be done to determine the person's identity and the cause. >> reporter: a perfect day here in the bay area. bill watching the giants game a little earlier. and i heard joe say what a great view of san francisco like 30 times. >> we were all watching the view. doesn't that just make you smile. october some of our finest weather. beautiful scenes from san francisco. it's going to be the same thing for tomorrow's game and the next day. there are changes coming our way. clouds in the forecast, and rain possible. right now i'll show you why they put the ballpark on this
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side of town. you see the fog west of town. you can see by the ballpark. not too bad. it's going to get a little cooler out there. game time tomorrow temperatures in the mid-60s. here's how it breaks down. fair skies tomorrow night. patchy skies at the coast, mild to warm tomorrow then that's it. clouds come in, temperatures come down. not cold but with the increasing clouds, really gives an opportunity for showers. thursday into friday morning. again on the weekend. i'll break all that down a little later. it was chilly this morning. you will notice it. air quality, fire dangers down. day time highs tomorrow upper 70s like we saw today. tomorrow's temperatures are going to be upper 60s, low 70s. after that the clouds come in and temperatures mostly in the mid-60s. low pressure centers moving out. as that moves on, high pressure sets us up for today and
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tomorrow. not enough to scour the fog away but enough to kill the wind flat. you see the phillies almost hit the home run to the track. but there was no wind. temperatures tomorrow in the 60s and 70s. a low comes in. >> thank you, big. this is the 18th consecutive time that san francisco has ranked as best cities. it was followed by charleston, south carolina. a well known tv dad died today at the age of 83. family members say he died of heart failure at a hospital near his home in palm springs.
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tv guide ranked bosley's happy days character number nine on its list of the 50 greatest tv dads of all time. the defense department says it's over. it will no longer ban gays from the military. so why are bay area recruiters here in the bay area doing something different. a week and a half to go for a very important milestone of two american hikers being detained in iran. governor arnold schwarzenegger is declaring war. the target he wants all california voters to focus on now. pg & e opens their checkbook to victims of the san bruno blast. we get details on what some are calling generous and others are calling a blast. >> why would i rebuild that has
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the same pipeline running through it. and getting ready for the next big quake. the unique move to make sure the most vulnerable bay area homeowners are prepared, tonight at 6:00.
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>> we have word tonight that iran has now set a trial date for two uc berkeley graduates still being detained. the trial is scheduled to begin november 6. bower and patel remain in a prison in iran more than a month since bower's fiance was released. they do not know if the two will be tried together or separately. the two are accused of illegally crossing into iran and spying. governor arnold schwarzenegger was in san francisco urging voters to protect the state's strict climate law. the governor hosted a breakfast hosted by former mayor willie
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brown. he spoke about proposition 23. it could sustain the state's greenhouse emissions law. governor arnold schwarzenegger described proposition 23 as a battle between oil business and environmentists. he wants voters to pounce it. >> it is important not just to win this fight and to push them back but it is important, it should be a huge victory with a huge margin. >> reporter: governor arnold schwarzenegger says a defeat would prompt attention to washington to come up with a new law. 45% of likely voters oppose prop 23 while 34% supported it. politicians from both sides say that democrats will lose seats in the upcoming november elections. republicans could take control of both houses of congress.
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republicans need 39 seats to take control of the house of representatives. opinions differ on whether that will happen. house speaker nancy pelosi says it will not. however at least one washington analysts says republicans will likely gain 40 seats. >> we're going to see a republican wave on november 2nd, we just don't know how high it's going to be. >> reporter: gonzalez also says it's possible but not probable that republicans will win control ott u.s. senate. he says the barbara boxer- fiorina race will likely pay a bill role on whether that happens. the jet blue flight attendant pled guilty to two charges of attempted criminal mischief. one a felony the other a misdemeanor. in august, slater has a melt down, swore at a passenger then slid down the emergency shoot of a plane at new york's jfk airport. slater will avoid jail time if
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he undergoes one year of anger counseling and substance abuse. and i've got a live report coming up from at&t park. don't ask don't tell. what some say the military is doing that is going to be repelled.
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the crowd, the crowd was with the giants with every single pitch. the whole game, giants very supportive. most supported team in the major leagues. boy are giant fans pumped up. they are just beaming about today's big win over the philadelphia phillies. the city is still buzzing after the giants pulled ahead of the
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giants in the race to the pennant. ktvu's joe fonzi was in the middle of all the action this afternoon. he joins us now live from the ballpark. what a performance by cain today. >> reporter: maybe people from across the country are surprised but people who followed the giants aren't surprised at all. it was cain doing what he had been doing all season. it was the same formula the giants had been used all year, great pitching and just enough offense to get by. the giants scoring started in the 4th inning. cole hamels had a pretty good game until the giants started scoring. that scored edgar renteria who has scored to enter the inning. aubrey huff got another clutch hit. that scored the second run of the inning and the giants took a 2-0 lead. that would end up being all
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that matt cain and two relieves needed. but they did win it 3-0. when you talk to the giants after ward it was a formula they followed all season. >> it takes the pressure off of pitching who's done it all yearlong. when we get up in early lead, our pitching can attack. we got some big 3-2. these guys have been attacking all year. baumgartner has been doing it all year. >> i don't care where i hit in the line up as long as i'm in the line up is the way i've always been. through my whole career from the minors on i've hit one through eight. it doesn't matter. >> cody ross talking about what bruce bochy did today which was shaking up the line up and it worked. the question for the philly, they had talked about going with joe blanton or possibly going back to their ace roy
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halliday, we'll see how they go. let's go outside now to sal castaneda. >> reporter: joe, it seems like this celebration is going to go on forever. let me show you these people celebrating. so now you know, you know i just came back from philadelphia and it was much different in philadelphia, but a lot of people came down to the game, they didn't have any tickets but we'll show you what we saw today. >> play off tickets were going for good money and parking was at a premium. somebody came with no plans of going inside. >> do you have tickets? >> i don't. >> reporter: but you came any way. >> i did, i wanted to come out and support the giants on this gorgeous days. >> reporter: some came on their boats or kayaks and took a spot at the cove. >> we don't have a ticket but we came out here for the spirit of the giants.
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>> reporter: bar owners say the play off atmosphere has been good for them because so many people just come to be with their friends just wearing black and orange and cheer when a good play is made. >> we're goingtoo take it all the way this year, you know what i'm saying. >> reporter: okay so one of the things you have to realize is giants fans have been long suffering giants fans. when you go to other cities that have won world series play off games, that's not that typical. so some of these fans are very happy tonight. it's a little chaotic out here by the ballpark. but nevertheless, whether you have a ticket or not there's a lot of celebration going on. live at at&t park in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu news. >> it's a good kind of chaos.
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and giants fever continues. just go to our website. it is now accepting openly gay recruits this comes after a judge forced the military to suspend it's don't ask don't tell policy. despite the change in policy, it appears the word hasn't gotten out to everyone just yet, including some recruiters here in the bay area. rob roth is live in san francisco tonight with our report, rob. >> reporter: frank, don't ask don't tell has been ruled unconstitutional but it's apparently still in effect here at this army recruiting office in san francisco. this 23-year-old venetian man found out by his recruiter he's been accepted into the army. while he's straight, he says that gays shouldn't have to stay in the closet to join the military. >> i don't think sexuality will
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affect our teams abilities. >> reporter: some are saying, quote at this time there has been no change to the department of defense and department of recruitment. david levine is a constitutional law professor at uc hastings law school. the issue won't be settled until congress weighs in. >> to oust yourself is not going to insulate you from proceedings to have you discharged from the military later on. it would be a very dangerous thing to do right now. >> reporter: helman is also a law professor she served in the military for several years
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before she told them she was a lesbian. >> i couldn't embrace the air force like i did before because of the law that discriminated me and people like me. >> reporter: the administration wants the courts to put don't ask don't tell back in place until congress can resolve the issue. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. concord police are looking for two dangerous armed robbers. they hit a round table pizza restaurant last night. then left an hour later and just four miles away. they believe the same robbers hit a subway sandwich shop. in both cases the suspects forced employees to the floor at gunpoint. no injuries were reported last night. but some people that worked near by say they are worried. >> you never know. people could come in. but it's more concern that i go to these places and i eat at these places, what if i'm in one of these places and these
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people come in and they actually do shoot somebody. police tell us they believe the same two men are responsible for several similar robberies last month in concord and surrounding cities. the mother from fairfield who is accused of killing her 3- year-old twin girls has pleaded not guilty. police say on october 12th, 28- year-old monica mccarren stabbed the girls several times before trying to kill herself then set fire to her apartment. mccarren has been appointed a public defender and is expected to be in court for a hearing on december 13th. what ikea wants to do that has some of its neighbors wound up. what the government says it's going to do to banks when it comes to managing the foreclosure crisis. the economic recovery may be slow, but even sew bay area based company is investing millions of the dollars. what they are going to use that money for when we come back.
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security at the pentagon say they think shots fired at the white house this morning were a random act. workers say they heard at least five shots early this morning. the shots prompted a brief
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closure of the pentagon and near by highway, no shooters were found. the nation's largest banks have mostly frozen foreclosure proceedings. several agencies are investigating to see if any laws were broken. other investigations are already in progress. >> we had concerns and wanted to ensure that services are complying fully with the laws of this country. >> congress have demanded a national foreclosure moratorium. but the obama administration has resisted sayingit would be more harmful for homeowners than allowing foreclosures to continue. despite the slow economy, one bay area firm says it plans to invest more in their products. intel says it's upgrading
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manufacturers plants in the u.s. and building a new plant in oregon. the move follows a similar $7 billion investment move by intel last year. and opponents of ikea moving to a new lotion are speaking out tomorrow. neighbors say they don't like the idea of big trucks going and coming from that location 15 hours a day, five days a week. don't try this at home, that's the advise from a new york dermatologist who says people who see this commercial for corona beer in which a woman squirts her partner with lemon use. he says don't do it. he says lemon juice left on the
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skin in the sun will leave a mark on the skin much like that of a jelly fish sting. so leave the lime in the bottle. the risk is highest during the month following treatment. however researchers note the risk appears to be only slight and should not deter patients from getting the dental care they need. a city councilman has a warrant out for his arrest. the accusations that could land him behind bars. four animals shot and killed in a bay area golf course. the problem and a fix in the works. and i'll tell you which days you will need the umbrella. we have some rain in the bay area forecast, we'll see you back here. pg & e opens their pay book to victims of the san bruno
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explosion. we're getting new details of a deal that some call generous and others call a trap. it will soon be against the law to light up a cigarette in santa clara park and parks are not the only target of new ordnances. getting ready for the next big quake. the new move to make sure that residents are prepared, tonight at 6:00.
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an east bay country club is on the hunt for wild pigs. the owners of oak hurst county club say wild pigs have been tearing up the golf course causing thousands of the dollars in damage. the country club has obtained a hunting license and has now hired hunters. >> it seems to be an annual theme. some years worse than others, talking to the fish and fame they say they've had up to three litters this year. so the amounts have increased of how many wild pigs are out
5:47 pm
there. bigger problem this year than normal. >> according to the department of fish and game, wild pigs are a problem because their normal habitat is extremely high. the animals can be destructive and they can be dangerous. >> they can be very aggressive, you just need to stay away from them. >> the oakland club has caught four. the club hopes to have its fence fixed by the end of the week. and will stop hunting if the fence keeps them off the property. some internet caf es in oakland are being investigated into being gambling houses. three owners ago the owner was
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served a seize and assist order. a santa cruz city councilman is in trouble with the law. councilman tony madrigal was pulled over on august 30th because he was typing on his laptop, texting, impeding traffic, swerving and driving along the center divider. an arrest warrant was issued last month after he skipped his arraignment. the warrant was later recalled and madrigal pled guilty to the charges. five bay area families filed charges against pg & e. now we'll go to julie haener. >> as pg & e is being hit with
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more charges, they are offering the families affected a buy out. also being prepared, a unique program kicks off today that shows the bay area's most vulnerable the simple ways to stay safe during an earthquake. these stories and much more coming u7 next at 6:00. -- coming up next at 6:00, we'll see you then. nasa needs to come up with more powerful engines. some ideas include engines that can turn fuel into high power plasma gas. well back to our weather now, a beautiful day today but bill you have been talking about some changes in store. >> definitely, looks like our chances of sprinkles into thursday. now the weekend looks like it's in danger of having a few sprinkles around. sprinkles a ways off. what we're dealing right now is
5:50 pm
a lot of fog right at the immediate cost. here we go to mira beach, out toward stinson beach, you have some fog out at mira beach. fog in the outer sunset, fog in the outer richmond and pacifica. when you wake up tomorrow morning it's cool as it was this morning, mid-40s that is cool. and it was cool this morning in napa and st. helena and forestville. the high calls for this pressure to hang out. today we got up to almost 80 degrees in many cities. tomorrow temperatures mid-60s to mid-70s. patchy coastal fog, perfect baseball weather but we are seeing things change. as that high weekend, slow pressure moves in. it's strengthening, could bring a chance of sprinkles late thursday night into friday morning, that is not a big deal. expect for the friday mute is a little wet. what is a big deal is the system as it rolls into saturday and sunday. looks like sunday we'll get rain. i'll watch it, i'll give you the latest computer model update. but right now sunday looks like
5:51 pm
a pretty good shot at rain too. mid-70s tomorrow as you move through the microclimates over light air quality. the fire dangers, it's not the lead story tonight is it. that's the good news. the weather pattern that we're under and that we've been seeing and that we could see with these showers, very helpful to firefighters. we have rain thursday and again on saturday. 73 in mountain view tomorrow for a daytime high. that's down a few degrees from today. 76 in napa these are forecast highs for your wednesday. they are cooler than they were today. today is going to end up being the coolest day of the week. 72 in san mateo, 73 in redwood city. good looking forecast, and we talked about those baseball games, we have one tomorrow and we have another one big one on thursday. and the weather looks great. plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the 60s. >> you know my inlaws are from
5:52 pm
philly and they texted my wife today as they were watching the game and said, wow those shots of san francisco are incredible. new evidence is coming out tonight about how dangerous the whopping cough epidemic has become here in california. >> also the national football league today announced a new policy. the crack down on players who hit with their helmets.
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the national football league announced today it will begin suspending players for flagrant fouls. in the past it had issued fines. whopping cough has claimed the life of another infant. 10 babies have now died in california from whopping cough. all of the babies that died were too young to be immunized. the highly contagious illness has symptomming of a cold. toxic chemicals could be
5:56 pm
hiding in the walls and floors of your home. certain wallpaper and floor have chemicals that cause cancer. to see if your home is safe from these toxic home improvement product, you can go to our website and click on web links to find the full report. there's much more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. san francisco is celebrating another win from the giants now just two games away from the world series. plus-- even more options for san bruno residents to consider as they struggle to move past the more than month long nightmare.
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it's a shut out at at&t park as the boys in black and orange take the lead over the philadelphia phillies. the celebration and player reaction coming up. why would i rebuild in an area that has the same pipe running through it. five san bruno residents take action against pg & e but it's a proposal from the company that also has people talking tonight. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with a san francisco giants now just two wins away from going to the world series. the giants beat the phillies again today in the best of 7nlcs games with incredible pitching and some very loud fans. we have team coverage this evening starting with mark ibanez who's live on the field there at at&t park. >> thanks


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