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tv   KTVU News Special Edition  FOX  October 20, 2010 6:30pm-8:00pm PST

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was from the pirates. changes the entire complex of that giants' bullpen. a game summary here in game four. giants lead by a run. phillies had a four-run fifth. neither starter got through five. and sandoval, pablo sandoval with the go ahead two-run double in the bottom of the sixth. now we join public address announcer renell brooks moon for the introduction of god bless america. >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your caps. performing "god bless america "for us tonight, please welcome san francisco's favorite bandleader, the maestro, mr. dick bryce.
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>> joe: a beautiful night in san francisco as we move into the bottom of the seventh. it will be the heart of the lineup for the giants. the fourth pitcher of the night for philadelphia is antonio bastardo. >> tim: a talented young left-hander who
7:35 pm
turned 25 years old on september 21st. he's got good stuff. >> joe: aubrey huff, the lefty, first up. he has two hits, a big rbi single in the fifth made it a 1-run game that came with two outs and chased the starter blanton. strike 1. the phillies tried to get blanton through five. it didn't happen. the one-run game when he left. durbin gave up two. he's on the hook for the loss if the phillies don't rally. one ball, one strike. here's the 1-1. 2-1.
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the 2-1. huff tried to launch into that ball and he got under it. >> tim: you are right. he just missed that pitch. >> joe: he was shooting for mccovey cove and it fell short into the glove of jayson werth. chefry and fans have teamed up to give fans a chance to win postseason tickets and an all-new 2011 chef ray cruze. register for your shot at the big prize. here is buster posey, 2 for 3. two 2-out rbi hits early, one in the first and one in the third. the first postseason rbi.
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strike 1. in the eighth inning, ryan howard, jayson werth and jimmy rollins will bat for the phillies. trying to avoid going down three games to one, although they do hand the ball to their ace, roy halladay, here tomorrow night. he takes on the giants' ace, tim lincecum. 1-1. 2-1. >> tim: talk about a vote of confidence for a judge left-handed pitcher. charlie manuel leaving him in to face buster posey and pat burrell, two power hitters. >> joe: maybe to the surprise of ryan madson or kyle kendrick out in the bullpen. >> tim: i'm a little surprised.
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>> joe: posey wanted to rip one into the seats. it's 2-2. >> tim: a slider in a fastball count. >> joe: here's the 2-2. spoiled it. a line drive into right. another hit. a beautiful piece of hitting by buster posey. he is into second with a one-out double. his second double of
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the night. >> tim: i think that ball was off the plate. it was a fastball. we will see. yeah, that ball is off the plate. and look at posey. going to right field with two strikes. two doubles, a single, two rbis and here comes charlie manuel. >> joe: posey is like the benjamin button of catching. he's going to age in reverse. his last year he will be terrible because here in his first year he's made it look awfully easy. >> tim: declining years. >> joe: he is something, just 23 years old. he's had a big night. bastardo is gone and ryan madson coming in. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> joe: we will see the change-up style of madson as you look at what posey has done. posey, three hits in a postseason game. and here is madson and there is pat burrell. it's put on on the gas, foot off the gas pedal from madson. he has a great change-up. >> tim: accelerator and brake. >> joe: here's the 1-0. 2-0. that was the change-up. on deck is cody ross. he seems to hit every inning for the giants. posey with the one-out double. the 2-0. 2-1. a good spot by ryan
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madson. burrell hops out tonight 0 for 2 but he drew a leadoff watch in the sixth inning against durbin to start a two-run rally. the giants regained the lead. the 2-1 pitch. 2-2. >> tim: and it was a walk to burrell by cole hamels in yesterday afternoon's game. that was one of the key at-bats in that game. first base was open. cody ross was on deck. burrell walked, ross hit, drove in the first run of the game for the giants. >> joe: here's 2-2. full count. change-up bounced in.
7:44 pm
inside for ball 4 and madson thought he had something and instead it's a walk. two on, one out for cody ross. and out to talk is ruiz, the catcher, with two on for ross. we've seen the phillies go inside middle-in. we've seen cody ross
7:45 pm
handle it, as he did against the atlanta braves, and let's see what the approach is by ruiz and madson here in a tight spot, down by a run in the seventh. >> tim: the one thing the phillies know is that cody ross likes the ball inside. sometimes pitchers try to get it outside and they can't get it there. i think that's what happened with durbin, the ball tailed back on the inside part. we will see how madson works him. >> joe: ball 1.
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ball 2. away with the first two pitches. madson is one of the real good setup relievers in baseball. he has closed from time to time. he has been a little off with his control here with the first two batters he's faced. it's 2-0. left side for rollins. it comes up. bad hop. bases loaded. it scored an error but that ball took a bad hop and came up on jimmy rollins.
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>> tim: that ball has to be handled. >> joe: yep. >> tim: that's a big league chance right there by a great shortstop, a guy who made three sparkling plays in the third inning. a rather routine play there. >> joe: the bases are loaded for pablo sandoval. with one out. that gets away, but not far enough. the lead runner is buster posey, who started this with a double off bastardo. i thought initially that ball took a bad last hop, but in the replay i didn't see it. jeremy affeldt gets loose for the giants.
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the 1-0. strike 1. philadelphia has three left in the pen. kendrick is their long reliever, brad lidge, who is the closer, and the lefty, ramirez. they used contreras, durbin, and now madson. blanton couldn't go five, the starter. the 1-1. 95 miles an hour. strike 2. >> tim: that's about the same spot where sandoval got his double to drive in the go-ahead run, the tieing and go-ahead run his last at-bat, that high fastball. >> joe: bases loaded,
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one out. the 1-2 pitch. 2-2. the high heat and the change-up, it bounces in and the count evens. mike fontenot on deck. the pitcher's spot is next. down the left-field line. foul.
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the 2-2 pitch. sandoval last night grounded into his 26th double play. he's obviously a big guy and his weight and something that he and the giants are trying to fight. they want him on the field. a guy who last season hit .330. down to .268 and struggled down the stretch. a big two-run number this game. the 2-2 pitch.
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>> tim: one thing about sandoval, he's very difficult to walk. only 52 walks last year. over 600 plate appearances. >> joe: 2-2. just got a piece to stay alive. you saw that note, the last giants grand slam in postseason play was hit by that man, will "the thrill" clark, who is seated to the right of william ducam, the managing general partner and ceo in october of '08 for the giants. another 2-2 pitch. a double-play ball.
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utley flipped. rollins with the relay. and a big one turned by the phillies. that keeps it a one-run game as we go to the eighth inning of game four. 5-4, san francisco. one appetizer plus two entrees equals chili's $20 dinner for two.
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stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to [ male announcer ] the after. muscles pushed to the limit. need protein to recover. electrolytes to rehydrate. next game starts now. gatorade recover. part of the g series. to local hospitals. or, like windstream communications, you can dream it and do it. windstream lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange. >> joe: let's talk playoffs. tomorrow night we are back at it.
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game five on the air at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific in a rematch against linecum and doc halladay. and then game six on friday night 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific on tbs, the yankees and the rangers with texas up three games to two. the yankees won today 7-2 behind sabathia. it's lewis and hughes in game six. if they get a game seven in the alcs, that would mean the yankees win on friday night and then you get the tremendous match-up of andy pettitte and cliff lee in game seven. romo getting loose again for the giants in their pen. the double play that sandoval hit into at least allowed the giants to keep lopez in the game, as he finds the strike zone to ryan
7:56 pm
howard. a ball and a strike. a great chance to add to a one-run lead for san francisco. there's the 1-1. two balls and a strike to howard, who has walked twice tonight. still no home runs for ryan, who hit 31 and missed some time with a sprained ankle during the regular season. that's on the corner. 2-2. >> tim: howard probably is lopez's last man with romo warm in the pen. >> joe: a double hit. foul ball keeps it 2-2.
7:57 pm
>> tim: hit it both times around, didn't he? >> joe: it looked like it. >> tim: yeah. >> joe: phillies had the one big inning. that was the 4-1 fifth. had a 4-2 lead. now it's 5-4, giants in the eighth. that's too far inside. full count. >> tim: inside. >> joe: 3-2 pitch. line drive into left center field. well-hit.
7:58 pm
that ball will bounce a one-hop off the wall and ryan howard has a leadoff double. howard gets the lefty, javier lopez, and a good start to the eighth inning for philadelphia. >> tim: ryan howard's third double into that slot. we will take a look. the breaking ball is low, followed by a fastball. 1-1 pitch is low. the 2-1 pitch outside corner. here's the breaking ball that missed inside. and on 02 pitch hammered to left center field. that's going to be all for lopez. >> joe: another double switch. knocked his helmet off the top of his head and got into second base without a play. romo is coming in. schierholtz is coming in the game to play right field. tieing run at second. nobody out.
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>> joe: it is 8:00 straight up here. cody ross goes from right to left. seers is in the game playing right -- schierholtz. schierholtz will hit eighth. tieing run at second and nobody out. romo pitching to jayson werth. the breaking ball misses. ball 1. werth tonight is 0 for 2. hit by a pitch back in the fifth. and one of the big run producers has just two rbis in this nlcs. glad you are with us. this is game four of the giants up two games to one. the 1-0. on the outside corner. a ball and a strike.
8:02 pm
a wide strike to werth. romo struggled in the division series against atlanta. trying to keep a one-run lead in the eighth inning here tonight. that is ripped down into the corner. it's a fair ball. just fair and jayson werth has tied this game, back-to-back doubles for philadelphia. it's 5-5. >> tim: the san francisco giants pitchers have produced two hanging sliders tonight, one to placido polanco and now one to jayson werth. this ball looked like it hit right on the line, down the left-field line, and a big booming double by werth. >> joe: just inside it. >> tim: just inside it. >> joe: and jayson werth delivers for philadelphia. now he's at second with nobody out and the
8:03 pm
phillies can do anything they want with rollins at the plate. see if he's bunting. the giants infielders are creeping in, and rollins takes a ball. >> tim: one thing about bunting with rollins, i think you are waist the at-bat. he's very adept as hitting the ball to the right side. plus if he doesn't do that, werth can steal third. werth is very dangerous when he's on at second base. >> joe: rollins pops it up. down the left-field line. a long run and sandoval is there for out number 1. so rollins does not advance the runner and the batter will be ben francisco. the only piece to that cliff lee trade that is
8:04 pm
on the major league roster now for the phillies, and they turned lee around, traded him to seattle, francisco could put philly back on top. breaking ball, foul. >> tim: we've seen him do it so many times in the past. he will lull a pitcher to sleep and then steal third base. >> joe: you are wondering about ibanez coming off the bench. the left-hander affeldt is ready for the giants in their pen. charlie manuel sticking with ben francisco. breaking ball, swung on and missed. strike 2. >> tim: good spot for the slider there.
8:05 pm
>> joe: the 0-2. got him with three identical pitches. two outs. >> tim: here's what joe was talking about. slider, slider, slider. >> joe: missed it by plenty. now carlos ruiz, who has had one big hit in the postseason of a another for philadelphia, is looking for a two-out rbi base hit. the go-ahead run at second. two outs. same pitch.
8:06 pm
strike 1. ibanez in the on-deck circle but right now it's up to ruiz. 1 for 3 tonight and 3 out of 12 in this lcs. romero getting loose for philadelphia. it's an 0-2 count. posey stepped up way out. and another strikeout from romo!
8:07 pm
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s madson gets to go back out there for philadelphia. he misses high with a fastball, ball 1. schierholtz and torres and edgar renteria, the 8, 9 and 1 hitters. 5-5 now the bottom of the eighth. brian wilson, the closer for the giants, getting ready. strike 1. so far this postseason 1 for 5 as schierholtz with the bat. the guy on deck, torres, came into the game hitting .151 since the 1st of september. here's the 1-1 pitch. that comes back to strike 2. >> tim: a good change-up. when you can get a left-handed pitcher to move that front side and have that change-up settle in, you've got him. good pitch from madson. >> joe: almost like a
8:11 pm
screwball. >> yeah. >> here's the 1-2 pitch. got him to start the inning. >> tim: let's go back to that last inning and look at sergio romo slider. not a bad one to jayson werth. that drove in the tieing run for the phillies. and then six good ones from romo, six in a row to get francisco and ruiz. the don't and dos of's of sliders. >> joe: one on, nobody out, torres takes a strike. andres walked and scored a run in his first plate appearance. that was in the fifth. popped out. as i mention, hitting .151 since the 1st of september. the 0-1. another tailing pitch
8:12 pm
with that change-up. good action on it. 0-2. the fastball misses. ball 1. >> tim: i think what helps madson with that change-up is his height. he's 6'5". a couple of inches more when he releases it out front. very deceptive to hitters, particularly left-handed hitters. >> joe: here's 19-2. 95. 2 balls, 2 strikes.
8:13 pm
the bullpen quite for philadelphia. brian wills is up for the giants. 2-2. line drive, base hit into right on a change-up from ryan madson. the go-ahead run is on here in the eighth for the giants. with one on, one out, renteria is coming up. one-a-day, the official vitamin of major league baseball, wants you to step up for your health. include a daily vitamin
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in your daily health routine. one a day, it has more of what matters to you. game four with the giants leading two games to one. we are tied in the bottom of the eighth, and renteria, who was hitless in the game, but who has a wealth of postseason experience. making his 58th start at short during the postseason, is up. >> tim: which means he can take and give him a chance. >> joe: there he goes. throw-down by ruiz is in time for the out! two gone. >> tim: renteria trying to stick the bat in front of the eyes of carlos ruiz, and he will have none of that. he rockets to second base. a low traceer to get torres. >> joe: so the bases
8:15 pm
are empty. ruiz struck out the top of the eighth inning and makes his mark with his arm. one ball, one strike to renteria. in the ninth inning the phillies will have the number nine spot, a pinch hitter. then victorino and utley. here's the 1-1. wow, that ran right in on the bat of renteria, who shakes out his hand. >> tim: right under the trademark. edgar's hand ringing a bit now. in fact, it's vibrating. >> joe: the 1-2 countss .
8:16 pm
ball 2. a lot of fun as we go to the ninth inning. a big game for nlcs. tied at 5. wilson coming in. what do you say we get the look we want, the softness we need, and an unbeatable lifetime stain warranty for whatever life throws at it. then let's save big on the installation. ♪ we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for only 37 bucks.
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>> joe: it has been a ride for brian wilson during this postseason. he has four saves. this is his sixth game. he takes over in a tie, 5-5 game, ninth inning, game four. ross gload is the pinch hitter for ryan madson, who did a nice job. juan uribe takes over at short. the pitcher spot is the one position with renteria was and uribe will hit fifth in the lineup. and with brian wilson on the mound for the giants, roy oswalt is
8:20 pm
getting ready in the bullpen for the phillies. here's 1-1. gload pops it out of play. strike 2. lidge, the closer, in case the phillies get a run. oswalt, the starter, who is getting loose in case they don't. >> tim: with that double switch, brian wilson, if the giants don't score in the bottom of the tenth, i think he will go out there -- or bottom of the ninth, he will go back out there in the top of the tenth inning. >> joe: ross gload trying to get it started for philadelphia. 2-2.
8:21 pm
the 2-2 pitch. to the left side. just into the game and uribe, what a play! one out. >> tim: falling away after making the play and the strong arm just gets gload. what a play by uribe. got rid of it so quickly. man. close. >> joe: the tie goes to the runner and that's about as close to a tie you are going see. the philly bench thought he was safe. victorino takes a strike. that is a big call at first base. with a guy like victorino coming up, instead of one on in a tie game here in the ninth inning, one out.
8:22 pm
here's the 0-1 to victorino. he's 1 for 3. ball 1. victorino with an rbi single and a run scored in the fifth. he walked in the seventh. takes a strike and it's 1-2.
8:23 pm
two out. that will bring in chase utley, who has hit ten career postseason home runs. >> tim: looked like a slider to get victorino from wilson. yep. >> joe: a good, tight spin. >> tim: it takes a lot to get the ball out of this park into right the further away you go from the right field foul line with this heavy air, cool night. utley certainly has the power to get it done. brian wilson to try to get him to keep it tied into the bottom of the ninth. 1 for 4 tonight is utley. homered in the division series. he does not have an rbi in this nlcs.
8:24 pm
a ball and a strike. >> tim: brian wilson has consistently kept the ball away from left-handed batters throughout this series. and in this situation where the home run would put the phillies ahead, don't look for him to come inside unless it's a mistake. >> joe: that is in the air to left and will carry for the out. ross makes the play. a 1-2-3 top half. now the bottom half. lidge or oswalt? oswalt.
8:25 pm
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>> sheer roy oswalt in relief. he was tremendous for philadelphia. he will dole with 2, 3 and 4 hitters here for san francisco. >> tim: what a bizarre night, joe. blanton starts in lieu of roy halladay. charlie manuel did not want to bring him back because he only had three days rest. and he brings back oswalt here in the ninth inning after two days rest. >> joe: and he starts with a 93 mile-an-hour fastball for a strike to sanchez. freddy is 1 for 4. aubrey huff and then buster posey, who has had a big night.
8:28 pm
tied at 5. strike 2. and nothing lost on the fastball for oswalt these first couple of pitches. 93 to 94. the 0-2. skips in. roy oswalt pitched in relief in the final game this season. to get him some work before that you have to go back 2007. also pitched in relief in '04 in the alc game in clues. a game the cardinals beat the astros. that's outside, 0-2.
8:29 pm
sanchez hit seven home runs during the regular season. >> tim: that was hittable. oswalt got away with one there. looked like a cut fastball, middle of the plate. sanchez fouled it back. >> joe: in the air to right. it will carry to werth. one out. the ball stayed up. hard hit. sanchez, 1 for 5. >> tim: positioning is so important for outfielders because they have more room to cover. so if you can cut down that room before the ball hits, you are a
8:30 pm
lot better off. and werth cheating in. sanchez does not have a lot of power the other way, and jayson made the play. >> joe: now huff. you remember game two charlie manuel came out to talk to oswalt with two out in the eighth. office wanted to stay in to face huff and he got him here. huff hits oswalt with a base hit to right. the winning run is on with one out. and buster posey coming up. >> tim: ryan howard was on the line guarding against the double. and because of that, the ball hit by huff goes through there. >> joe: how about the night for posey. rbi, double, 3 hits. and a great tag at home plate back in the fifth. >> tim: that's the reason we are tied.
8:31 pm
>> joe: the only postseason walk-off home run, dusty rhodes in '54, game 1. the last time the giants won it all. >> tim: beating a cleveland indians team that won 111 games that year. >> joe: 0-2 on posey. the 0-2.
8:32 pm
line drive into the right field corner. this ball is foul. and jayson werth, who hit a double to tie the game, just down the left-field line, had the best view of this line into the right field corner, fouled by that much. and it's 0-2. spoiling it, a little fly ball down the right side. foul. and posey broke his bat.
8:33 pm
posey is back to get a new bat, testing out the one he just swung with. slamming it on the warning track. i don't think he's entirely convinced that bat didn't break, but he doesn't want to give it up. he's got three hits with that thing tonight. he's back to the plate with the same bat. the 0-2. ball 1. on deck is juan uribe, who has been bothered by a sore left wrist. made a tremendous play at the top of this ninth on a ball hit by gload. 1-2. line drive into right, another hit.
8:34 pm
werth trying to cut it off. he does. and it's first and third with a terrific defensive play by werth. but the winning run, 90 feet away. posey with four hits. >> tim: jayson werth sliding on the warning track to prevent this wall from going to the wall. not enough to allow aubrey huff to go to third base. huff looking over his shoulder, over his shoulder. he knows he's going to third, and stops there. again, werth with the save so far. >> joe: and now juan uribe, who didn't get to start because of his sore left wrist, and he admitted to bruce bochy it's still bothering
8:35 pm
him but he's at the plate with a chance to win game four, and the infield comes in. first and third, one out. and oswalt comes right after him. why not test that wrist with hard stuff. strike 1. >> tim: that's a very good point and that's a point well-taken. i don't think office will be featuring anything but the fastball to uribe. right under the chin. 1-1.
8:36 pm
that's a foul ball. uribe is trying to say it hit him. i think it hit the bat. but we are going to get another argument. >> tim: yep. >> joe: we will get another look at it as bruce bochy wants to talk to wally bell, the home plate umpire. let's listen eventually and watch right now. >> tim: hit his hands, it looked like. >> joe: i think so, too. >> tim: he holds the bat down below the knob. checks it, and right here, this is the best shot. looks like it hit his hands, the way i saw it. >> joe: uribe immediately. >> tim: i would imagine that left wrist is wrapped and that's why he didn't have any
8:37 pm
pain. >> joe: here's the 1-2 and that one is inside. no call from the home plate umpire. and that hit the bat, as well and then hit the mask. took it off the face of ruiz. so still a 1-2 count. nothing but fastballs. and a fly ball into left. huff will tag and carry home the winning run in game 4! giants win it, 6-5!
8:38 pm
[cheers and applause] >> tim: here's the no hit-by-pitch. and is uribe and the giants ever so glad that he was not hit by that pitch. >> joe: no chance for francisco. uribe knew it immediately, and aubrey huff, who got the one-out hit to start the rally, slides
8:39 pm
across for the winning run. what a game here in game four. 6-5, san francisco wins it. they are up three games to one. they can clinch here tomorrow night behind their ace, tim lincecum. there's thes as the giants win it in the ninth. down to ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. buster, this was an epic game. are you drained, are you relieved or is it simply a case you can't wait for tomorrow? >> this is exciting. you know, you got adrenaline, and if you are tired for this, there's something wrong with you.
8:40 pm
>> that last at-bat, with oswalt on the mound, and going the other way, at one point it looked like you broke your bat. take me through that at-bat. >> we faced him a couple of nights ago and he's got great stuff. just battling. that's all you can do. fortunately got a pitch and got it on the barrel and, you know, was able to get a hit. >> four hits, you tied a giants postseason rookie record. you had the great play at the plate, a pickup and a tag, which gave you more satisfaction. >> probably the tag at the plate. anytime you can prevent a run from scoring, and again, helps you out with momentum in your favor. >> last thing, buster, it's pretty loud in here right now. can you imagine what it would be like tomorrow night if you can close it out? >> can't get ahead. ourselves, that's for sure. it's a good ballclub over there. we've just got to come out tomorrow and keep battling and making pitches. >> thanks a lot. back to you. >> joe: a 23-year-old
8:41 pm
old soul. and what a night for buster posey tonight, the rookie. 4 hits, 2 doubles, 2 rbis and a tremendous tag at home plate in the fifth inning. 6-5 is the final, and we give you our travelers play of the game. and it's uribe. juan made that defensive play in the top of the ninth and ends it with a sac fly to left. and the underdog giants are one win away from the world series. back down to ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. ryan, let's talk about that play juan uribe made to start the ninth. what did you see? >> gosh, for the guy to come off the bench. cold right there, be in the cage while i'm warming up in the ninth and to be able to make that play, first batter sets the momentum, sets the rest of the inning. it was a close call.
8:42 pm
he was off balance. he's got a great arm. the right play. >> watching this game tonight, back and forth, what were your emotions like? >> i mean, i got -- i got butterflies, i got anxiety, i got a mini you ulcer forming but it's worth it. from the first pitch everyone is coming around, the crowd is going nuts, we are in the right position. we are at home, in a tie baseball game, odds say the home team will win if you go up there and put up the zeros and give guys a chance to be in big situations, you will prevail. >> how excited are you for tomorrow night? >> i'm real excited. it will be another battle, both aces going at each other. it's exactly what everyone is paying to watch. >> ryan, thanks a lot. >> you're welcome. >> joe, back to you. >> our thanks to both brian wilson and buster posey for the interviews. here's the final play.
8:43 pm
the tag, the scamper and the win. wow, what a night. wilson, the winner. oswalt, the loser. and a rematch of the aces tomorrow night here on fox. linecum-halladay. with the giants one win away from a trip to the world series. we will catch our breath in the booth. chris and the guys come along after the break. 6-5, giants win it over philadelphia.
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>> chris: welcome to the chevrolet postgame
8:46 pm
show on fox! never has breaking it out felt so good. juan uribe, the man with a bad wrist, lends a helping hand. giants lead it three games to one. aubrey huffs and puffs and chug his way home with the game winner. for the chevrolet postgame show, chris rose, eric karros, mitch williams, the wild thing from the mlb network. and the rookie catcher, the kid is 23, but he plays like a veteran. >> eric: he does. he continues show why he should be the national league rookie of the year. a great job tonight, not just offensively but running the bases and defensively. we talked about somebody else having to step up besides cody ross to help this offense. buster posey did, and did in a big way today. getting on the board with two rbis early on. a great defensive play at the plate to stop a
8:47 pm
run. and then the big base hit in the late inning to move aubrey huff to third base. and then juan uribe comes in and scores him. the kid does it all and was instrumental tonight and key in the giants victory. >> mitch: the thing that jumped out of me tonight was not the starting pitching but the bullpen pitching of the phillies. the pitch selection is where i am going to question things. we are going to look here. with this pitch selection, cody ross all series long has worn-out the fastball-in. i don't question the pitch, i question the fact that it was a fastball. again, durbin is ahead on the count, and goes with the fastball. his strength is his breaking ball. the final at-bat with uribe, roy oswalt has blown the fastball by him, and he needs to punchout. instead of elevating the fastball, he tried the change-up and uribe was able to lift it into left field and
8:48 pm
there's your ballgame. >> chris: let's look ahead to game five as the giants try to make it to the world series for the first time since 2002. it's a starting rematch of what we saw in game one where tim lincecum out dueled doc halladay. and blanton didn't make it through five innings tonight. what do you see happening, eric karros? you have again the situation the giants are in. upper on that 0-3 cubs team. up 3-1 and they couldn't put away. >> the toughest game is the put away game. if you are the san francisco giants you want to win and end this thing tomorrow. you don't want to go to philadelphia. the last time you had to go on the road to close the postseason out when you were ahead, that was anaheim. it didn't fare too well. the giants have to close this thing out tomorrow. don't want to get on that plane. tim lincecum, no better guy to do it. >> mitch: i look at the whole situation tomorrow, you have the two hottest pitchers in the national league right now going to go at it. one of them is going to do, one of them is going to die there.
8:49 pm
is no in between. one of them is going to go home if he does not perform and that's doc halladay. if you tune in as a viewer you are going to see one of the best-pitched ballgames all year long tomorrow night. >> chris: mitch, you have company now. said phillies in five. we knew that wasn't going to happen. you said phillies in six, and that ain't happening either. good job. misery loves company on this side of the desk. >> mitch: i said the series was going to five. >> chris: i'm working with dumb and dumber. it's a lot of fun on fox. can't wait for tomorrow night. it will be a lot of fun. coming up next is the late local news except on the west coast where it is seen at the regularly scheduled time. join us for game five tomorrow night. coverage begins at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific, only on fox. promotional considerations paid for by the following:
8:50 pm
for more information on tonight's game and the latest in major league baseball news log on to, powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. i'm chris rose saying so long from san francisco. fox sports, your home for the nlcs and the world series. ♪
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8:54 pm
the giants take it 6-5. a live look from at & t park where it will be a while night in san francisco. fans are growing crazy with the giants now just one win away from the world series. good evening, everyone, i'm frank summerville. >> and i'm julie hayner. >> the celebration is reaching a fever pitch in san francisco as the giants turn up the heat on the philadelphia phillies. they now have a commanding lead in the championship series up three games to one. let's go state to at & t park. >> thanks so much, as a sports
8:55 pm
fan, i was sitting next to somebody right before the sacrifice fly by juan uribe. he said "i love it, but i hate it." the very next pitch, uribe hits the fly ball and i think he was loving it more than he was hating it. absolute bedlam. we had changes and it came down tied, bottom of the 9th and the giants win. he hit one. at the chalk line and it was ruled foul. this one, he blast one into the center alley, giants take the lead. jason we'll be right back tide it with an rbi double and it gentlemens tied. uribe with a fly ball after
8:56 pm
singles by aubrey huff and posey and put runners at 1st and 3rd. and huff tagged and scored the game winning run for the san francisco giants. so, they take a commanding 3-1 lead. one of the interestings that sets about this facets about this bottom of the 9th inning. the phillies decided to go with their game two starting pitcher, row oswald who was going on a short rest and rare relief road so the phillies have major problems if the series were to continue as they burned another player. bob, live television in san francisco. you had to feel fantastic when you got that double after what happened in the starting lineup, tonight.
8:57 pm
>> exciting moments. i was waiting for the opportunities. to have the opportunity to prove. i helped my team to win this game. >> reporter: whaty were your thoughts earlier when you hit the shot down the right field line? it looked even on the replay like it kicked up chalk on the line. it was ruled "foul" and i think "here we go." when he was talking to the umpire, 10 seconds, come down, drive again, just one. one rbi, you need it to tie the game. >> we were thinking when enwere standing on 2nd base, that had to be the happiest moment for you in your young career. >> when you come through and you think of those moments, you got here and you come through the dreams, get the opportunity
8:58 pm
to help. dream come true. my best moment of my young career. >> reporter: does this match what you thought postseason baseball would be all about? i mean, the fans are unbelievable. the emotion inside of this ballpark and watching you guys explode onto the field when rube got the hit, you guys were euphoric. >> we know we don't go out there the best team to beat here, but we fight every moment and the second one in the season, we fight it hard. we come through it hard and we are ear in -- national league. >> pablo, congratulations. pablo san doe value.
8:59 pm
the giants have a lead over the much favored phillies, one victory away from winning the national league pennant and going onto the world series against either the texas rangers or new york yankees. we have a lot more for you, fred, joe fons ski, ton ski. i'm going to send it back to the studios, frank and julie, we'll catch up with you in a minute. >> it was an incredible game. a lot of the fans have left the stadium, they are out in front of at & t park. needless to say, the fans are fired up. live outside of at & t park and they are going crazy, huh, mike? >> reporter: i think you could say that. outside of the ballpark, something


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