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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 21, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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element elementary school in a laurel neighborhood. all ahead on ktvu morning news. good morning. it's thursday october 21st. i'm kraig debro in for dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook also has the day off. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. steve, give the giants weather tonight. >> cloudy and cool. no doubt about it. very overcast for many already. even inland areas. it's going to be a chilly day. if you get the sun it won't even be that warm. 50s by the coast and 60s and even upper 60s inland area with a few very low 70s. if you get the sun it will be cool and breezy. here's sal. right now, steve, westbound 80 traffic looks pretty good coming out to the macarthur maze with no major problems. also this morning's commute looking good on interstate 880. we'll tell you more about a developing situation in san jose coming up.
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at 5:00 let's go back to the desk. the giants are now just one win away from the world series. that's after last night's thrilling victory in the bottom of the ninth at at&t park. san francisco scored that winning run in the bottom of the ninth to defeat the philadelphia phillies 6-5. the big come from behind victory triggered another giant celebration from inside and outside the ballpark. [ cheering and applause ] >> it was a hero situation 100%. >> buster was one of those heros. he had four hits and two rbis. the big win gives the giants a 3-lead in the best of seven series. but manager bruce not ready to celebrate just yet. >> it was a great win. but you got to put these behind you just like losses and be ready to come out tomorrow. >> game five is on tomorrow
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afternoon. you can see that game right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage starts at 4:30 following a special early edition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00 . you can follow the battle for the pennant at you're going to find all our conch including photos, video and more on the front page. president obama comes to the bay area today. unless you have a lot of money, you probably won't see him. he's attending a fundraiser where he'll pose for pictures for people for $6500. then he'll deliver remarks at a democratic party fundraiser at the palo alto home of a google executive. the price of admission $30,000. most people we talk today in the neighborhood didn't even know the president was coming. >> the other morning there were a lot of people at the home standing around the driveway and we were walking our kids to school. so we knew something was going on there.
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and now it's wonderful to hear that's what it was. it's an honor. >> i didn't know. but it's pretty cool. actually, i'll tell my mom. she'll be pretty excited. >> the president expected to land at sfo at 3:00 today. he'll have dinner in palo alto at 7:00. he'll spend the night in san francisco. two robbery suspects led oakland police on a wild chase and search that prompted a lockdown. officers reportedly spotted the suspects in a car near 25th and foothill and then a pursuit began. the suspects crashed into two cars on 35th avenue and then took off running. police found one suspect hiding on a roof with the help of a police helicopter. the other suspect got away. police say the men are responsible for three robberies in east oakland yesterday morning. a new report compares violence on the streets of oakland to the violence in a war zone. the oakland tribune reports that in the last ten years more than 1,000 people have been killed in oakland. paper compare that is to the 996 american troops killed in
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combat in afghanistan since 2001. police asking for the public to help identify a robbery suspect who shot and killed a store clerk. they released surveillance videotape. the robbery and shooting happened at the any yes, fiesta market. shot the 32-year-old clerk even though the clerk handed over the money. if you have any information you're asked to call police. police searching for two suspects in a minicrime spree this week. a 17-year-old woman's car was hijacked. and yesterday two bank robbers robbing the u.s. bank in novato were also seen leaving in a 1998 minivan. though police are not positive it's the same van, they are looking for the missing one. it is blue/green. california license plate number 6cim754. if you see it you're urged to call police. time now 5:04. new surveillance video has
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provided a glimpse of the moment a pedestrian was struck by a san jose police cruiser. the incident happened monday night. we have obtained video from a surveillance camera across the street. seconds later an officer emerged from the car and leaned over him. he's a father of three. he remains in critical condition. his family is hoping for answers. >> blue or black. [ indiscernible ] who could tell us he or she or someone passer by what has happened. >> there's no crosswalk at 14th and east santa clara streets. san jose police say the officer was driving that cruiser that hit him and they are still investigating the cause of that crash. it's hope statewide earthquake drill this morning will help everybody get ready for the next big one. expected to take part in the
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great california shake out including schools, businesses and government agencies in the bay area. at exactly 10:21 this morning participants will be asked to drop and cover and practice how to protect themselves from falling objects during an earthquake. and bart will stop trains for one minute as part of this morning's drill. bart carries about 365 drivers every day and remains a vital link of continuous service after the loam brett earth earthquake. time now 5:06. let's go to sal who's watching the incident in san jose for us. hi, sal. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well. we'll talk about that incident in san jose in just a moment. first of all go to the pictures we have. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on 80 westbound heading to the macarthur maze. no major problems this morning if you are on the bay bridge
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approach westbound coming up to the toll plaza area. and traffic continues to move along relatively well. and this morning's commute is going to be okay if you're driving in san jose. again, we are talking about an incident in san jose where there has been an officer- involved shooting. we will let you know more. we have a crew on the way. right now it's not causing a major traffic issue. we are trying to find out more details about the story. again, we have a crew on the way. 5:07. here's steve. all right, sal. thank you. we have a pretty good change here in our weather pattern. first system coming in of what looks to be three between now and sunday night into monday is inching closer now. it will fall apart, but it's still there. and it's really ramped up the low clouds. they've lifted. i would not be surprised there's some local drizzle. when the low clouds make it almost tough out there by this time in the morning you know it's going to bea cool day and there won't be any sun for some. and increasing clouds on top of the low clouds. mostly cloudy day. the system in southern california getting bumped along
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by this system. it will weaken the jet stream splits when that happens takes some of the energy out. come in, give us more in the way of low clouds. mostly cloudy day. and temperatures very cool. that fog was stubborn yesterday for some. some sun away from the coast. not much. cool and breezy with 50s, 60s and 60s. 50s right now. palo alto the coolest at 51. 59 oakland-berkeley. there's either cool to not so bad. but we are under cloudy skies. 40s, 50s for many or 60s in southern california. 30s in the mountains. here's another look at this system. it's really not that system. it's the one behind it. stronger one in on sunday. but on saturday this system will come in. rain for the north bay. farther north more rain. farther south less rain by sunday everybody gets in as we head to sunday night and monday. that should be the strongest of the pattern. low clouds, some sun and little bit. cool and breezy and some local drizzle. highs, 50s 60 for many.
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penciled in a 70 for morgan hill, brentwood and antioch. there won't be too many. we will have some rain coming in on the weekend. definitely sunday looks to be more than showers. it will be rain. all right. time now is 5:08. apple has made some improvements to its most popular computers. how the mack book has changed and how much the new version is going to cost you. looking at new poll numbers out. and the tight race for governor might not be so tight after all. and yet another recall for toyota. and early voting is -- >> go ahead, allison. >> reporter: early voting is underway in california and across the country. i'll show you whether democrats or republicans have the biggest turn out coming up. good morning. and northbound 101 san francisco still looks good to the downtown area. we'll upat a time upday-to-day traffic and weather straight ahead.
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the military's don't ask don't tell is back on again. late yesterday the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco ordered the policy to stand at least for the time being. a federal judge in riverside had ruled don't ask don't tell was unconstitution and order it be suspended. then the obama administration appealed. the president has said he wants the policy repealed, but only after a review and an act of congress. here in california and in other states across the country voting is already underway in the november 2nd election. more than three million
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americans have voted so far. ktvu's allison burn s is live in our washington d.c. newsroom tracking the results. good morning to you, kraig. that's right. early voting is underway. you might be surprised at who's got the biggest voter turn out. now 36 states and the district of columbia has some form of early voting. democrats are so far casting the most pre-election day ballots. but republican turn out is up over the 2008 elections. we saw senate majority leader harry reed in a tough race in nevada cast his ballot this week. other voters are mailing them in. in california about 600,000 ballots have already been cast. political analysts say the surge in early voting from democrats shows they're not going to just hand over congress to republicans even though most predictions have the gop at least taking over the house. reporting live from washington
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d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the california governor's race shows democrat jerry brown opened up a lead over meg whitman with 12 days to go to election day. last month's policy of institute poll showed a virtual tie but now brown has an eight point lead. 44% for him, 36% for whitman. latinos being credited for the lead. incumbent democrat barbara boxer's lead was 7 points. now it's 5. 43% boxer, 38% for fiorina. california voters shows prop 19 the ballot measure that would legalize marijuana is losing support. the public policy institute found 44% in favor of prop 19. that's down from 52% in september. 49% now say they oppose it. more help for the victims of the san bruno pipeline
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disaster is coming from sacramento. governor around schwarzenegger has signed an emergency bill into law. it provides disaster relief funds for the families and businesses effected by the disaster. the relief bill will also provide more money for the city of san bruno. an attack sparked by a road rage incident. that according to to police. highway patrol officers say two drivers pulled into the scotts valley junction yesterday afternoon. one driver attacked the other driver. the victim suffered minor cuts. the suspect identified as 36- year-old cheyenne young. he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. let's head right back out to sal for a look at roads this thursday morning. >> hello, claudine. and right now, kraig. yes. good morning everyone. my brain has just turned on for the morning. lucky for you. this is westbound 24 getting up to the tunnel. the traffic is okay.
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no major problem ocala national forest s on the way. i'll tell you looks good on 25. oakland commute westbound 80 as you head up to the toll plaza no major problems. as we look at san jose, northbound 280, traffic is moving along well. a good area to avoid seminole way at tampa way. officers are involved in a police standoff. we have a crew on the way. it's a developing situation involving san jose police officers, seminole way at tampa way. good area to avoid. more from the scene straight ahead. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. changes developing here in our pattern. for those of you in the wine business and i've heard from a couple of you, get those grapes in if you have to. if you have to make the call. the heaviest rain will be in the north bay on saturday. and then looks like sunday for everybody. this system right there. right there. it's going to weaken but it's there. it's picked up the fog bank and
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sent it well inland. it's a cool pattern that we're in. and in fact today very few 70s. i'd say a lot of 60s. the system is weak. i think we'll get local drizzle. very light rain especially this evening into the north bay. this is not a big deal but it's the first. it bumps the high out and opens the door just a little bit. it's doing its job. little overcast, some sun but cool. 50s by the coast. 60s around the bay. upper 60s inland. not very warm today. we're already starting in the 50s for many. and i don't think some of these will go more than about three or four degrees off their lows to their highs. oakland-berkeley 59. palo alto 51. 30s up in the mountains. 40s, 50s for many until you hit southern california. that low giving them a lot of rain. their fire season ended before ours. they've already had two good systems down there getting record rain. that's moving into arizona now. if you travel to the four corners you'll deal with that. first system when you stretch them out like that you weaken it. but that system's for saturday.
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that will give rain to the north bay. there's one behind it. that's a stronger one for sunday, monday. little bit of sun, cool, breezy. local drizzle. highs 50s 60s for many. 70 morgan hill, brentwood, oakly. a lot of 60s. low clouds already well inland. every reporting station says cloudy. clouds cooler today. now light rain north bay this evening into early friday. cloud up saturday, rain will be in the north bay. it will spread south. south bay should be just cloudy. sunday i think everybody gets on rain and cool showery pattern on monday. european stocks opened higher but several asian benchmarks closed down for the day. japan's down one tenth percent. that's after china reported slower growth in the latest quarter which could indicate the world's second largest economy won't be able to help boost the global recovery. but other markets including
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hong kong and south korea were encouraged by the report which showed china's growth still grew more than 9%. let's take a look at the numbers for you. the market closed up. dow up 129. stocks expected to continue gains. e bay had upbeat reports their shares up sharply. more numbers coming out throughout the day. caterpillar's numbers expected to show very good news. toyota issuing another recall. this time the notice effects nearly three quarters of a million cars and suvs in the u.s. and 600,000 in japan for problems with brake fluid and fuel pumps. the effected cars are the 2005- 2006 model year avalons. 2004-2006 nonhybrid highlanders. and lexus 230s and lex us gs200, is350 vehicles. owners are going to be contacted by toyota.
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volvo is also recalling about 10,000 of its cars because of a wire that could prevent the air bag from deploying. that effects the xe70 crossover and the v70 wagon. only the 2010 and 2011 year model cars are involved in the recall. owners of those cars that will need repairs will also be contacted by volvo. updating computers with new lighter weight editions. steve jobs showed off two versions. he says they have a long battery life and come in 13- inch or 11 and a half inch versions. the size and design made analysts take notice. >> this is just an exquisite product. not only does it bring full capability of a mac but also 2.3 pounds which is a little more than an i pad. >> they sell for more than $1,000. now benefiting from the loyalty of all the people that love
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their phones, ipods and i pads. last month one of every five computers sold in the u.s. was a mac. time now 5:20. sentencing day for mesherle now just two weeks away. both sides in the explosive case are now trying to influence the judge. the fate of a landmark san francisco restaurant could find its fate tonight. westbound highway 4 off to a decent start. also late construction going on on the right side. not causing a big slow down. little bit more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. everybody says cloudy except livermore and san jose. i'll bet they get there soon enough. a lot of low clouds. it's going to be a cool breezy day even if you have the sun. 60s for many. lot of 50s and local drizzle by the coast. 5:24. tonight parents in alameda are invited to share their thoughts on the school district's plan to cut the budget. the district is considering closing several schools, cutting pay for administrators and shutting down swimming facilities. district officials say cuts could be avoided if voters approve a partial tax in march of last year. but a partial tax on last june's ballot would have provided funding but failed to pass. might not be safe in demolition but could be
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relocated. san francisco's planning commission meets tonight to vote on a $130 million renovation plan for the fair month hotel which has housed the tiki style restaurant. calls for tearing down the tower and shutting down the famous restaurant. now the local owner wants to buy and relocate it. details could be released at tonight's commission meeting,. time now 5:24. a judge set to decide mesherle's fate in just two weeks. the former bart officer is scheduled to be sentenced november 5th for his involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting. he could be sentenced to as much as 14 years in prison or as little as probation with credit for time served. people on each side are stepping up efforts to influence the judge. yesterday's grant family who just had some of 4,000 letters and postcards given to him in advance of sentencing. >> please don't endorse these shootings by giving less than the maximum sentence in this
5:26 am
case. a lot of students and just community individuals, church groups, church members, community groups, all whom have expressed an interest. >> i think most of the letters that i've seen are from people who say they don't believe there should be further jail sentence. that this is a case where probation should be given. >> ktvu news received these new numbers of the los angeles county superior courts. there have been 76 let expers postcards on behalf of oscar grant and 75 on behalf of mesherle. the president is heading to a bay area neighborhood today. the community reaction to hosting mr. obama. also orange october is sweeping the bay area as san francisco giant fans have an extreme case of playoff fever. giants fans have been sharing photos on our website as this picture shows even man's best friend can catch giants fever. some fans can't help their excitement.
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for this young girl wearing a giants hat isn't enough. if you would like to share your orange experience visit and click on orange october.
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man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is thursday october 21st. i'm kraig debro in for dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. time now is 5:29. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. hello there, steve. hi. i'm steve paulson and i'm here.
5:30 am
we have low clouds, fog and it's going to be a cool breezy day. there's a lot of low clouds and even a system coming in. it's already picking up that fog and sending it well inland. 50s and 60s. that's it. there's only a few locations that say clear but there's a lot of low clouds. it's going to be a chilly day. here's sal. steve, right now traffic is moving along okay on interstate 80 westbound. looks good heading to the macarthur maze. this morning we're looking at traffic on westbound 24. that traffic is moving along well to the tunnel. we want to switch now to breaking news in san jose where police are attempting to make an arrest on a suspect who will not cooperate and has police in a standoff. tara is live on the scene with this breaking news. she reports from san jose. tara. >> reporter: well, sal, there has been an explosion of gunfire here this morning off seminole and tampa way. we are in a neighborhood that's been cornered off. if you look around me you can see the yellow tape and cop cars. a suspect has hold himself up inside a car two blocks from
5:31 am
here and is now in a standoff with police. now rifle specialist haves just arrived. they're on a second story of a nearby home trying to get a better vantage point of this man who officials say is armed and still inside his car. apparently authorities tried to arrest the man yesterday. they had a warrant and zeroed in on him but he took off. so this morning they spotted him in his car. we're not sure if he was driving or parked. but police tried to stop him and that's when the shootout happened. neighbors say they heard as many as 50 gunshots at one point. flying glass actually hit one of the officers here on scene. and he was hurt taken to a nearby hospital. now we have seen some of the residents here being evacuated. they are letting people out of the neighborhood, but they are not letting folks back into the neighborhood. we will be speaking with san jose police in about half an hour to get an update on exactly what's happened. but as we understand the police are now loading up with more ammunition preparing to try to
5:32 am
get this suspect to come into arrest. we are live here in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. the oakland tribune reports two home style invasion robberies are linked. the first happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the other happened less than a mile away on east 20th street around 10:45 also on tuesday night. in both incidence police say two men armed took cash and electronics. no one was hurt. so far no arrests have been made. police have arrested a stanford university employee in connection with a recent burglary of a palo alto home. detectives arrested 20-year-old jose per man doze of east palo alto for a burglary on hamilton avenue earlier this month. they believe he entered the home through an open window. he took several items including keys to a car. the family was in the home but sleeping at the time. the car was later recovered. the suspect works at a university dining hall. time now 5:32. berkeley police say they've
5:33 am
arrested four east bay teenagers in connection with a string of armed robberies. police identified the teens. they're all 18 or 19 years old. police say they robbed five different victims last week as the victims were out for a walk and say the suspects used a shotgun to threaten those victims. facing attempted murder charges for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend's 12-year-old son. police say 29-year-old perez and his brother took the boy to a remote canyon and stabbed him at least 20 times. it happened last weekend after police say perez had a fight with his girlfriend. the boy is in critical condition at santa clara medical center. both men are in jail and face attempted murder charges. the surf competition set to go on again this season but this time under new management. that's because after much fighting a new group calling itself the half-moon bay surf group has been awarded a permit
5:34 am
to produce the world famous event this time around. the previous producer maverick surf ventures was criticized in part for failing to pay vendors on time. the event gets a new name, the mavericks international and the contest window will be shorter. this time from december 1st to february 28. well, giants fever is reaching epidemic proportions as the team is now just one win away from the world series. that's after last night's thrilling victory at at&t park. ktvu channel 2 reporter paul chambers joins us live from the park as fans are hoping to help send the phillies packing this afternoon. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. if you are a giants fan you are sitting pretty right now knowing all you have to do is win one more. that's right. one more game and it's off to the world series. something they haven't done since 2002. [ cheering and applause ] now last night's game was a nail
5:35 am
biter coming down to the ninth inning where it was tied 5-5. but thanks to juan uribe's one out sacrifice fly allowed huff to advance home giving the giants what they needed to win game four by a score of 6-5. that victory puts the giants one step closer to winning their fourth national league pennant since moving west. [ cheering and applause ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> reporter: now giant players and france don't want to junction themselves. they say it's great to lead the series three games to one and everyone would love for them to win tonight's game here at home avoiding a trip back east to philadelphia. but i know anything can happen. that's why it's best to take tonight's game one inning at a time. >> we can all go and take things for granted. we have to go out and play and don't think we got this like you know so easy. we're going to go out there and fight. >> reporter: the last time giants were until the national
5:36 am
league championship series they wanted four games to one against st. louis. so can history repeat itself? we will find out tonight when game five starts at 4:57 and will be a rematch of game one of this series with tim pitching for the giants taking on roy for the philadelphia phillies. live outside at&t park. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> so excited for that game tonight. thanks. you can see that game right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage starts at 4:30. that follows a special early edition of ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00. and you can follow the battle at there you will find all of our coverage including photos and video and more. it's right there on the front page. president obama will be in the bay area today. but he's not making any public appearances. he's here to raise money for democrats. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is in palo alto where some people are going to pay some big money to dine with the president and to take pictures with the president i hear. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning.
5:37 am
that's right president barack obama is expected to land at sfo this afternoon. he's scheduled to make his way right here to palo alto for a fund raising dinner later tonight. 50 democratic big senators will be sitting down with the president. price tag $30,000 a plate. being held at google executive's home. the dinner originally slated to be held in san francisco but was moved maybe in part to the giants hoopla going on in the city. he'll attend a fundraiser before congresswoman running for state attorney general. cost of a picture taking with the president, $6500. that is a bit cheaper than dining with the president tonight. after both fundraisers he's expected to spend the night in san francisco. some residents in the neighborhood ktvu spoke to yesterday didn't even know about the change in the president's plan putting him in their city. so this morning we're live in downtown palo alto. we're going to find out how raise residents feel about the
5:38 am
visit. his approval ratings have been higher in the past. does that change today's excitement over the visit? we'll have that in our next report. live from palo alto, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:37. time to go to sal once again. busy already. i know we had that problem earlier in the south bay. what's going on now? >> actually, yes, kraig and claudine, it's a bit busy out there. go ahead and take a look at what we have now. westbound bay bridge. it's okay. there are no major problems although more people are beginning to show up getting on to the bridge. also this morning we're looking at the commute southbound here on880 near the oakland coliseum. that traffic is moving along very nicely. and if you are driving on 237 westbound, traffic continues to look good all the way over to highway 101. at 5:38, here's steve. sal, were you at the game last night? >> i was at the game. i still have my voice. >> so far.
5:39 am
good morning. big changes. first system coming in is a weak system. i'm standing right in front of it. there it is. it's enhancing the fog. it's actually low clouds now. and there are significantly cooler temperatures in some of the higher elevations. i was just looking mt. tamalpais 14 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. here you go. highs being blasted out of here. low clouds being picked up by this system. this system will weaken considerably. it might give us light drizzle or light rain especially in the north baby this afternoon and this evening. it's running into what's called a split jet stream. it takes all the energy out. it's the first system of what looks to be at least three. every time behind that they get a little stronger. they'll be stronger on saturday and into sunday night and monday. the system doesn't have a lot going for it but it does have enough to bump the high out of here and it's still there. we'll have to deal with it later on. little overcast, some sun, 50s for many by the coast. 60s and even upper 60s inland. if you have the sun today it won't be that warm. 51 to 59. mt. tamalpais now 46.
5:40 am
that cool air aloft is coming in. when you get the front coming in that spells a cool breezy day. 30s in the mountains, 40s, 50s and 60s from eureka to palm springs. the system in southern california is giving them good rain. the system comes in here. bumps that one out. so it's on its way in the four corners and leaving southern california. but not bfer leaving some pretty good rain. for us mostly cloudy, cool breezy day. light rain this evening possible in the north bay. not a big deal but it's there. 50s, 60s very low 60s. i think that should cover it today. five-day forecast has an active pattern. rain north bay, cloudy to the south. sunday i think everybody gets in on the rain. that will carry us into monday. all right. time now 5:40. up next, the reason one bay area club is pulling the welcome mat away from hip hop promoters. bill gates putting big money into a campaign here in california. the proposition he wants to see
5:41 am
defeat and had why. good morning. if you're driving on interstate 680 right now it looks good. we'll keep an eye on the new car pool lane and give you an eye on the west of the bridge commute. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. it's all about leadership. this is all about leadership.
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jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs. we do not have a revenue problem. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. we have a spending problem. rebuiling california. build a new california rebuild california. let's build a new california. we need to run the state as a business. running this thing a little bit more like a business. whats the worst that could happen? whats the worst thing that could happen?
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good morning. lots of low clouds. cool breezy day with highs mainly in the r50s and 60s. couple low 70s. not only low clouds but high clouds colder than average. we are following breaking news from san jose where there's been an explosion of gunfire. a suspect hold himself up inside a car. tapping into the area of tampa way and seminole streets.
5:44 am
no reports of any other injuries. we'll have a live report at 6:00. more than 7 million people expected to take part in the earthquake drill called the great california shake out this morning. at 10:21 people will be asked to drop and take cover and practice how to protect themselves during an earthquake. giants one win away from the world series. san francisco scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth to defeat the phillies 6-5. giants now lead the series 3-1. finances looking up. according to the san francisco examiner higher tax along with fewer cuts could leave the city with a budget surplus of more than $20 million. the mayor says he wants the extra money to go into the reserves to help with an expected multimillion budget deficit next fiscal year. according to a new poll, california now opposed prop 23.
5:45 am
the initiative would suspend the landmark climate law. the poll shows 48% of likely voters oppose prop 23, 37% support it. prop 23 would suspend the greenhouse gas law from being impawlentied until state's unemployment rate fall to 5.5% every year. bill gates giving $700,000 to the campaign against prop 23. he is joining other high-tech billionaires in contributing to the no on prop 23 campaign. google co-founder gave $200,000 and an intell co-founder contributed $1 million. four alarm fire in san francisco yesterday today are living at a shelter. yesterday morning's early morning fire took 75 people from their apartments. three people treated for smoke inhalation. at least 12 of his students
5:46 am
lived in the destroyed building. last night about ten displaced residents checked into a shelter at the recreation center. in san francisco a legal sediment has permanently closed the doors of a controversial nightclub called suede. in february a man was shot outside the club and several wounded. it was the final straw. yesterday's superior court judge approved an injunction which prohibits the owner from reopening. the settlement also includes a $20,000 payment to the city. in the meantime hip hop promoters are reportedly no longer welcome in san francisco cafe coke moe. decision falls on october 9th shooting inside that club that seriously injured a 23-year-old man. the venue had been rented out to outside promoters and other events including weekly salsa nights have been trouble free. the nfl's labor pains are having an effect on the 49ers $1 billion stadium in santa clara.
5:47 am
team president says the ongoing contract dispute between the players union and nfl owners has made it tough to secure financing. and so the opening of the new stadium is likely to be delayed for a year which means the first 9er game in santa clara would not be played until 2015 at the earliest. 5:47. once again go over to sal. we're going to check out highway 24 among other potential hot spots this morning. >> that's right. kraig and claudine, good morning to you. traffic on 24 is getting busier. but it's not stop and go just yet. we're going to start with southbound 680 at 242. there's a ladder in the roadway. and people are swerving to avoid it. now when you're driving on the freeway and see something like that just to make sure that the car behind you knows you're going to swerve could cause an accident. i think i said the location wrong. it's southbound 242 just before 680 right there where the two freeways come together. if you're going to be leaving the house, just be aware that's
5:48 am
still out there. this morning's commute is okay as i mentioned on highway 24 driving over to the tunnel. more people joining us for that drive. but so far it has not reached critical mass on this freeway. and when you get to the toll plaza, still a pretty light delay coming into san francisco. once again a lot of traffic expected for the next game of the playoff series which is this evening at about 5:00 in san francisco. the last few days been a lot of people stuck in traffic. most baseball fans know what it's all about. but in case you're just not a baseball fan, just be aware that it's going to bring a lot of traffic to the south of market area. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have a very cool pattern in place right now. the first of what looks to be three systems moving in. the first one is right there. now it will weaken considerably and probably fall apart but not before it sends in low clouds, a cool pattern and maybe even some local drizzle and light rain to the north baby this evening. again, it's not a strong system but it's the first of a couple that will get progressively stronger. low clouds are moving well
5:49 am
inland because they've lifted up around 2,000 feet. they have no problem clearing the coastal hills. you can see all the gray there and then the higher clouds just to the left of your screen. so little overcast. some sun but even with the higher clouds increasing later on there won't be much in the way of warm weather. 50s and 60s today. a couple very low 7 0z possible. mt. tamalpais we've been keeping an eye on this all week. it was 60 at this time yesterday which is why we had the fog. thein version was still there. now it's 46 minus 14-degrees in 24 hours. that's a huge drop. the clouds have lifted, cooled down and now moving locally inland. mostly clear over san jose. mostly clear. yesterday they had a lot of fog. san carlos 54. morgan hill 55. pleasanton 56. yesterday we had cooler conditions. now the low clouds coming in have stopped the cooling. 30s up in the mountain ifs you are heading to reno or tahoe or truck coy. sunday's the day you might want to keep an eye on things to get out of there if you need to that will be the stronger
5:50 am
system. southern california left a lot of rain. now into arizona, mexico and utah. our system is coming in. it's weak but going to hold together and give us a mostly cloudy day. cool and breezy. local drizzle, light rain for the north bay is likely by late this afternoon tonight into early tomorrow. 50s and 60s on your highs. i went with a few 7 0z but it may touch 70 for about two or three minutes and then start to cool down again. clouds cooler light rain possible into friday. stronger system saturday for rain in the north bay. the strongest of the series will be on sunday. looks like rain for everybody sunday into monday. claudine and kraig. time now 5:50. gist a few minutes ago the labor department released the latest weekly report on jobless claims. it was better than expected news. first time unemployment claims dropped 23,000 to 452,000 last week. economists had expected first time claims to increase. continuing claims also dropped by 9,000 to 4.44 million. that indicates fewer people are
5:51 am
losing their jobs. but does not show many new jobs are being created. the f.b.i. is now investigating whether several major banks broke any laws by using robo signers on foreclosure documents. already attorneys general from all 50 states are looking into whether any state laws were broken by the practice. the banks had announced they would stop foreclosures based on those documents. but now bank of america and gmac say they are resuming those foreclosures. video game maker electronic arts is buying the company that publishes a popular smart phone game angry birds. ea is not saying how much it's paying for the game but a reliable source says the deal is worth about $2 million. and electronic arts spokesperson says by buying it, ea is increasing its reaffirming position as the world's leading wireless entertainment publisher. 5:51 now coming up next, more evidence that illegal gambling is going on behind closed doors at a bay area
5:52 am
strip maul. find out how they managed to fly under the radar until now. and he's a repeat offender. a pet chimp may be headed to a new home after an angry rampage.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
sign says lucky business services which a manager says provides internet service. but one woman he talked to disputes that. >> strictly gambling. and i went all the time. people in wheelchairs. and most of the people that entered this establishment was low income people. >> one alleged building was not open last night but a sign in the window said it would reopen soon as a place called hurricane bingo. in kansas city, missouri, a chimp that escaped from its owner and terrorized a neighborhood could be getting a new home. a police camera captured the incident on tuesday. look at this.
5:56 am
the animal escaped from a cage in the owner's truck. police say the owner was told to keep the chimp out of the city limits after it bit a girl back in 1995. now there's a call to put the chimp in the kansas city zoo after the biting incident. the zoo says it will take the chimp but only if he's moved there permanently. last time separation anxiety was too tough. they don't want to do that again. time now 5:55. let's head right back out to sal who's already had kind of a busy morning. hi, sal. >> good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving around the bay area. let's see what we have here. with northbound 280 coming up on the 880 interchange you can see traffic is moving well. little bit foggy in the santa cruz mountains. be aware of that. steve will be here in just a little while to talk about that. southbound 680 traffic looks good heading down to the south bay. that new lane so far people been getting used to it. it's not as bad as it was the first month we had it. 680 looks good so far. and of course at the toll plaza this is the calm before
5:57 am
everyone tries to get into town. westbound traffic looks good. last few days it's been very busy because of the giants games at night. so tonight's going to be the same thing. giants game at about 5:00. people coming into the city starting at 3:00 and later. so just be aware of that. 5:56. let's go back to kraig and claudine. thanks very much, sal. last night in oakland a cyclist was struck at -- let's see 16th street and east -- 14th avenue and east 16th street. the cyclist was in the crosswalk. and it was about 7:30. they said the teen was taken to high land hospital and injuries did not appear to be life threatening. so far there is no word on whether that driver will be charged. a mother accused of killing her twin daughters won't be back in court until november. that's after making a court appearance yesterday morning in fairfield. the 28-year-old was brought into court in a wheelchair. and the judge set a hearing for
5:58 am
november 18th. she pled not guilty last week from her hospital bed. police say she stabbed her 3- year-old daughters with a samurai style sword before trying to take her own life and then setting their apartment on fire. she is charged with two counts of murder. 5:57. we are following breaking news. how a man inside a car is keeping officers at bay in san jose. why police had to evacuate a neighborhood down there. a live report from the scene. and the giants win and are now just one game away from the world series. who the giants are depending on tonight to get them there. also an incredible season for the giants continues. ♪
5:59 am
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