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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 22, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the time of it any way is still up in the air. morning news continues. thank you for joining us. it's friday october 22nd i'm pam cook. >> i'm kraig debro? for dave clark. let's get a look at the weather and traffic. good morning steve. thank you very much. mostly cloudy skies right now. light rain. not a big deal. it will be there for a couple of hours and then move out. a few reports in the north bay. a little bit marin county. right along the peninsula. a little morning event. this is a precursor to what is coming on. we'll have partically sunny
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skies. highs in the 60s to upper 60s and few very low 70s. here is sal. >> steve right now on 80. it looks pretty good to start off the morning. people are going to work but so far it's lighter than usual. this morning's drive at the toll plaza looks the same. 6:15 they will turn the metering rights on. at 6:00 let's go back to craig and pam. the san francisco giants are heading back to philadelphia this morning with champagne still on ice for both teams. >> on the right side. here comes the runners. >> last nights the phillies defeated the giants. two teams meet again in game six in philadelphia tomorrow. san francisco still leading the series three games to two. >> we see ourselves more in the drivers seat than them. a little bit more in control. it's up to us. >> tim lincecum lasted seven innings and suffered his first
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defeat in post season starts. it's possible he could pitch in relief in philadelphia. jonathan sanchez will pitch for the giants tomorrow. roy oswalt will be on the mound for the phillies. today a travel day for the giants and phillies. the game time starlet tomorrow hasn't been a-- game time start tomorrow hasn't been announced yet. you can follow the battle for the pennant on our website taegu? discovery at a local cemetery. they are trying to figure out who buried who human hearts. claudine wong is live. >> reporter: good morning. it's still unclear if we're dealing with some kind of ritual or prank. people want to track down whoever put the two human hearts in jars and buried them here at the holy cross catholic
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cemetery. it's a bit of a mystery this morning. the discovery was made on october 12th. a maintenance worker was out here when he saw the tops of two jars sticking out of the ground. he took a closer look that had him calling police. inside the jars were human hearts. each jar had a picture of a different couple pinned to the jar. the paper says candles and cigar butts nearby and the coroner found the hearts were embalmed. although there are no reports of bodies being dug out. so at this point police are just trying to track it all down. trying to figure out who did this. there are several crimes that could relate to digging up organs obviously. and theyst want to know who is behind it. the mystery does continue out here. live claudine wong.
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watsonville police are asking for the public's health to track down a man that murdered a popular store clerk. the gunman is seen in this surveillance video inside the market on east beach street tuesday afternoon. police say he robbed the store then without any warning he turned the gun on yahya saleh ali ahmed. >> this clerk fully cooperated with the robber. at the conclusion of the transaction this guy shot and killed that clerk in cold blood. >> they have also selessed a surveillance video where they say the same suspect was caught on camera shoplifting on monday. he's described as white in his early 20s. 5'8" weighed 160 pounds. he may be driving a green infinity sedan from model years
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1993 to 1997. president obama is waking up in the bay area today. after leaving the fundraiser in palo alto the president met with supporters that signed the street. he signed posters and drawings kids had made. at a the home of a google executive 50 people paid $30,000 a piece to eat with the president. >> he not only said hello to each person at the table. but there was a seat at every table that was not taken. that was his seat. he sat down. he wanted to hear from people so he asked questions. he answered questions. >> small group of protestors showed up to demonstrate outside. president heads to los angeles where he attend a fundraiser for barbara boxer and attend a rally. president obama's first stop yesterday was a meeting with
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apple ceo steve jobs. they talked about technology and education and job creation. it's been a san francisco tradition for 40 years. now the annual gay pride parade is in jeopardy. paul chambers is live. paul. >> reporter: good morning, pam. on the group that says to be thousands of dollars in debt they are looking for new leadership. this is coming as executiv director is stepping down. the group is being accused of shortchanging and not paying its tab. publish reports state the pride organization owes $46,000 to 20 other nonprofit groups. it's being said the sf pride shortchanged nonprofits that are hired to work booths. it's being reported the groups were also told they needed to build the booths as well as rent portable restrooms nearby causing the organizes to make less money than expected.
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she stepped down last week. executive director amy andre is stepping down next month. sheas been quoted saying the money owe willed be paid to those organizations. pride organization is to be $100,000 in debt. freeness supervisors -- san francisco supervisors are working to make sure the debt is paid and helping the group search for a new execkive director. we will definitely try to contact both supervisors and also try to contact the pride organizations to get their take and bring it on to you. live in san francisco i'm paul chambers. tomorrow supporters of oscar grant including bay area longshoreman are planning to shut down bay area ports. former bart police officer yohnas is accused of killing
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grant. they want him to receive the maximum sentence of 14 years for involuntary manslaughter conviction. they want to chose solidate with oscar grant because two dock workers with were killed by police back in 1934. sal has the toll plaza on the list of of things to talk about. >> yes absolutely. we're watching the toll plaza to see if things get crowded. if there is a big crowd metering lights get turned on. right now that is just about to happen. we'll see. sometimes on friday we get lucky and have just better than usual traffic. moving along and taking a look at san francisco. northbound and southbound 101 here. looking good. looks like there has been a little bit of rain moving through. a slight rain just to make the roadways slippery and give yourself extra time. the drive on the peninsula
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looks pretty good. little bit of red on the highway in beautiful pa sifaka. 6:08 here is steve. sal, you had rain at the game last night. >> yes, it was. it started raining and then it stopped. >> that's exactly what we have this morning on this friday. light rain. almost all the reporting stations came out. 6:00 observation. cloudy to mostly cloudy. a few light showers. again there are some up toward santa rosa and ukiah. it does not show on my radar. he says it's raining here too. very low level stuff. it's there. might encounter a few light showers. some of the rain lasts 24 hours. napa pat yourself on the back. a quarter of an inch. picked up .18. santa rosa officially .09. they are in the same ballpark
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there. .05 i think out toward concord. but napa was the most i could find. one system moving through right now there is hardly anything left of the system. the mere fact it's giving us rain deserves awhile. the next system is moving into the picture it will slow down a little bit. but it will bring us rain on saturday. so if your children are saying mom what is the forecast? cloudy? light rain in the morning? 50s. by noon clouds on 60s and mostly sunny with 60s. a little cool in the morning clouds. by the afternoon we should have more sun than clouds. temperatures will be in the mild category. low to mid 60s. temperatures already at sfo. even oakland airport says 61. our berkeley forecast will start you out cloudy to mostly cloudy. 64 and mostly sunny. high of 66 today. berkeley 50s right now. 30 in tahoe think.
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sacramento 57. monterey and fresno 55. that's the system for saturday. that will mean heavy rain for the northbound and farther south more clouds than anything else. the system for sunday that's looking for rain for anybody. saturday wrapping itself up. swell will pick up toward sunday and monday. cool tommied million temperatures 60s to near 70s for a few. a lot of mid 60s. cloud yi. rain in the north bay. . alarming predictions about our health. the disease that son the rise and the reasons behind the increase. republicans are rallying around a fired npr analyst calling on congress to yank funding to the network. i'm carroll.
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u.s. funded farms are beginning to shut down massive reconstruction projects in afghanistan because the afghan government has banned the united states of private security guards. they include programs to insist afghan farmers. a ban on private security guards go into effect on november 17th.
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the wikileaks website appears to be close to releasing what the pentagon fear cents largest batch of secret u.s. documents in history. the website plans to release hundreds of thousands intelligent reports compiled after the invasion of iraq in 2003. wikileaks posted a message ons twitter page saying it will hold a major press conference soon. leading republicans are calling on congress to full funding for national public radio after it fired one of its news analyst. ktvu carroll hon is live with with details of what northbound r could face. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. south carolina senator says he plan to introduce legislation to end federal funding for public radio. federal grants provide more than $3 million a year to npr.
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what set this san francisco off told bill oh rye low on -- oh riley on monday. >> i see people in muslim guard and identifying themselves azymous rims i get worried. as for williams he has a new $2 million contract as a commentator on fox news. live in washington. a new polyfound voters -- a new poll found voters split. they want to revise the law so it does more to change the health care system. a newly identical share 37% say they want to repeal it completely. there is a new report on san
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francisco three-year-old universal health program. the program created in twin adds the first of its kind currently has 53,400 residents enrolled. the number of americans with diabetes is expected to skyrocket in the next 40 years. right now 1-10 u.s. adults have diabetes. they believe it will jump to 1- 3. the doctors say the reasons for the increase is because of the increasing number of obese people in this country. they have people with die bees living longer and patients are being diagnosissed earlier. in haiti 135 people have died in a suspected cholera outbreak. aid groups are rushing in medicine and other supplies. the outbreak appeared to confirm release group fears about sanitation for homeless
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survivors living in tents. the date has been set for the federal appeal court on the same sex marriage. the ninth circuit court of appeals a three judge panel will hear the arguments. than the judges will take the case under submission and issue a ruling at a later judge. prop eight was unconstitutional. the three judges that hear the appeal will be chosen the week before the hearing. time now 6:18 let's do over to sal. it's getting a little busier at the toll plaza. >> that is right. good morning once again. it is getting busier. it looks like they switched the metering lights on. it will make a little bit of a backup here at the toll plaza. hopefully since it's friday we'll have just a fewer some fewer people that just don't go on friday on the four-day workweeks and take friday off. right now traffic is still not
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that bad. i think that is a five minute delay. this is a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. again a little bit of water. a little bit of slick roads out there. not major aim. certainly some water on the ground. this morning's commute on the pins la looks okay. if you're driving to the south bay for the most part we're doing pretty well. there is a slow down on 101. happy friday everybody. we do have mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. very light rain. back over toward marin county. just very light. over on san francisco south near pa sifaka. there is not a lot there. you might encounter some rain. again this is just the little guy before the two bigger systems come in saturday and sunday night. there is not much there. a lot of clouds. we'll get some sun in the
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afternoon. napa picked up a quarter inch of rain. davenport .15. so some morning light showers clouds and sun. cool to mild. 60s though. we're in the mid 50s for many. san jose 56. right in the middle of your screen already getting back together and the one to the far left that will be sunday. clouds. cool to mild. light rain in the morning. 60s to upper 60s and a very low 70s. a lot of pumpkin patch events going on tomorrow? >> yeah. >> go early. the early you go the better. saturday the heavier rain will be wide spread. >> thank you. it is a big pumpkin patch weekend. the university of phoenix expects to hire 100 more workers for the research and development department. the san francisco business times reports the nation's
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largest four profit college has 100 people locally to retain students. most of the open positions will be in engineering and project management. third quarter erinings. amex reports revenue of $7 billion. the company says card holders spent 14% more than they did in 2009 with dally went city. it's not even halloween yet. retailers are gearing up for stronger sales by hiring temporary workers who say that are happy to get any work. >> do you feel great for it? although it's still a struggle. i mean making ends meet is always a struggle. i would hope they would keep me but i'm new. 40% of companies say at least some of those will turn into full-time permanent jobs. and that's up from the 30% of companies that said the same
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thing last year. a sacramento area man is in jail this morning after starting a fire inside a shopping mall. why the bomb squad was also called in after the man barricaded himself in one of the stores. a first of a kind tool that can help fire disasters from the explosion happening again. southbound lane 680 off to a nice start. i will tell you more.
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insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. it's all about leadership. this is all about leadership. jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs. we do not have a revenue problem. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. we have a spending problem. rebuiling california. build a new california rebuild california. let's build a new california. we need to run the state as a business. running this thing a little bit more like a business. whats the worst that could happen? whats the worst thing that could happen?
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good morning. right now traffic is moving well on bay area bridges. as a matter of fact, the traffic is moving along pretty well in all the bay area bridges expect for the bay bridge which you will see a little bit of a slow down now as they turned the metering lights on. let's go back to the desk. it's unknown when a sacramento area mall will reopen again. 23-year-old alexander piggy walked into the game stop on the west gale gallery yeah around 10:00 yesterday morning. he ordered all the employees out. barricaded himself inside and started the fire. the swat team arrested the man. authorities also called in the bomb squad. because the suspect had a
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backpack with him. >> he could have carried anything. it could be anything sorts of things. really depends on what kind of damages this individual wants to do. >> fire burned for several hours. caused extensive damage to the mall. the city of berkeley now has a revolutionary new tool to help firefighters during a disaster. it's portable water front that can take water from the bay, lakes, and swimming pools through a six mile hose. the system provides firefighters with a reliable water source even when mains were damaged which was the case in the 1991 hills fire. >> we only have one way of fighting fire. that is with water. so if there is damage or failure, we have no alternative. >> the pump can also help take water from storm drains and help prevent flooding. the system is the only one in the country. and berkeley paid for it with a
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$9.5 billion bond. pg&e a facing more lawsuits. six more families filed suit yesterday claiming the utility was negligent and liable. it still has not been determined what caused the blast. more lawsuits are expected in the coming weeks. san francisco castro district is back under way on following a gas leak on. fire officials say a private contractor hit a high pressure gas line yesterday afternoon. some buildings had to be evacuated and several blocks were shut down. hewn knee -- muni was rerouted. gardener will be reopened. students were sent home early after an under ground pipeline cupture -- ruptured in the
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campus. 15 homes were evacuated. a spooky discovery at a local cemetery. it comes right before halloween. what was attached to two human hearts? president obama has a busy day campaigning ahead of him. we'll go live to the opening well next where investigators look to an important meeting. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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welcome back to the morning news. the right on time bears the opening bell. we are ringing the bell. intell looks like a pretty good day. more corporate earnings coming in this morning that are pretty
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healthy. we've had pretty decent earnings so far. october is a very big earning. a lot of companies end their fiscal year. we'll see. we will keep watching the numbers. >> if we have good reports does that signal a turn around in the economy? >> that is a little bit of a stretch. it's at least a positive sign. thank you for joining us. it is friday october 22nd i'm kraig debro. dave clark has the day off. >> i'm pam cook. president obama is waking up here in the bay area this morning after attending democratic party fund rairds on the -- fundraisers on the peninsula last night. jade hernandez is joining us. >> reporter: president obama spent the night here you can see the hotel where he slept. it's blocked off here by police. blocked off bay shore between
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mil bray and kalyn road. we watched the president arrive at sfo yesterday. you can see that today begins a three day west coast campaign swing. he spent yesterday at several fundraisers. from there it was down to palo alto. . cost per plate more than $30,000. afterwards he briefly greeted school kids. >> he not only said hello to each person there was a seat at each table that wasn't taken he so he sat down. he answered questions. >> he's a wonderful, lightful man that is absolutely turned on every moment that he's with
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you. he's optimistic because he feels that way. >> they feel mr. obama is harming the country. of course the campaign continues today. he is expected to head to los angeles. and then this afternoon he will be in las vegas. so far it looks like he raised $2 million while here in the bay area. president obama not only raised money but spent time raising ground support. where state democrats are in tight races with their opponents. mr. obama approval rating is still at the low of 47%. which explains part of his stop in seattle washington where he spoke with business ordinary reasons and discussed the economy. we'll have more on that coming up. reporting live this morning jade hernandez. >> a lot of people believe there has never been a team like the 2010 giants.
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the bay area is becoming a sea of orange and black. reflecting the love of an under ground team. there are plenty of fan favorites but no single super star. that's what fans say. they make it up for it in team chemistry. >> i think this team represents what the city is. there is no one super star. the true team of no names. >> i think a few teams no longer on the team cared about money. >> the 2010 giants actually appear to be having fun playing baseball. you can share your playoff moments with with us by going to a gruesome discovery at a local cemetery. police are trying to figure out who buried what are believed to be two human hearts.
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claudine wong is live. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the question is why did someone do this and who is responsible for these two human hearts that were found here at the holy cross catholic cemetery. that is a bit of a mystery this morning. they are trying to figure it out. this was a gruesome discovery made on october 12th. according to the times it all happened when a maintenance worker was out doing his job. he was in an isolated parking lot of the cemetery where he saw the tops of two jars sticking out of the ground. he went and investigated and pulled one of the jars out of the ground. that's when he called police because inside the jars were human hearts. also on the jars were pictures. two pictures of two different couples. one on each jar. at this point we have two couples, two hearts and a mystery out here. the coroner has determined it
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appears the hearts were embalmed. so a lot of associated laws that could have been broken in getting these hearts. but we just don't know where they are from. police are trying to figure out who did this. who is responsible. where the hearts came from. there are no reports of bodies being dug up. so at this point we just don't know whether this was a ritual, whether this was a prank, but police are trying to figure that out. san jose man is recovering after being shot by police officers following a four hour standoff. the man opened fire on officers from his car after a traffic stop near the intersection of seminole and tampa way early yesterday morning. officers returned fire and wounded the 34-year-old man. the gunman then barricaded himself inside his car just before 9:00 when he surrounded. police had stopped him for a
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vehicle code violation and then learned he was wanted for attempted murder for his father. a man suspected of taking woman inside a uc berkeley locker room is waking up in jail. police arrested 29-year-old gregoire hernandez. he's accused of disguising himself as a woman and taking pictures of women with a cell phone camera. investigators say hernandez is not a student at the university. the santa clara county district attorney has decided not to file charges against a san jose police officer involved in a nationally publicized case. the officer pretend to arrest a 15-year-old boy. prosecutors concluded that the officer was within his legal rights to investigate the potential crime of unlawful sex between minors. 6:37. let's go over to sal.
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once again the toll plaza is a little congested i'm assuming. >> it is. more people are arriving there now. if you're going there you probably already know the deal. although on friday we hope it clears out better. we also have other traffic to show you and talk about. let's go out and start with the south bay this time. northbound 280 getting up to highway 117. that traffic will be moderately heavy and northbound 280 still looking good. 680 also the same. and this morning's drive on westbound 580 hasn't become really slow yet. we look at heyward city right now would be a good time to go. of course on friday's we're optimistic it would be a better day than usual. so far it has come true. here is steve. sal. >> yes, sir.
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>> i'm standing in the rain. i'm not going to sing. i don't want people to turn the channel. we do have light rain moving through. this looks like a burst of steady rain. the heaviest santa rosa. looks like pacifica and daily city. there it is. you can see it just moving through. this system. we're in the back edge of this thing. i'll show you the satellite and say that's it. two more systems. looking ahead to next week. we had the rain last night. look at that. right there. there's not much there. rain in the morning. clouds. almost all the reporting stations say cloudy. that will be with us the last 24 hours. napa picked up a quarter inch of rain. roe day owe .18. santa rosa .09. mill valley at .08. system is moving through right now. it's stretched itself thin. the mere fact it's giving us rain deserves a wow.
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the next system coming through is flying through. a much stronger system will be on sunday if you're getting the children ready for school. light rain. cloudy with light rain. 50s. we'll keep 50s and 60s. does look mostly sunny to partly cloudy with temperatures. a lot of 60s. coast bay and inland. in the morning a little bit of rain here or there. clouds and sun. cool to mild 60s. upper 60s. berkeley cloudy right now. a few light rain showers. 50s right now. we're very mild air mass. it's not a cold front. more cool. the systems coming behind that will have a lot more wind. 32 in tahoe. 50s from eureka. it's pretty close temperature wise. system is coming in right now isn't much on the satellite. this one is. that will be your saturday. when you see that the surf is starting to pick up.
6:41 am
the system for sunday will be the one with the bigger punch. that's the one to the left of your screen. that's still developing. light rain in the morning. cool to mild. 60s 60s and a couple of very low 70s. tomorrow cloudy in the morning and rain spreads from north to south. light rain farther south. rain spreads heavy moderate. we'll take that into monday for everybody. pam. >> thank you for warning steve. it was a surprising anonymous donation. $10,000 in cash left in a small donation box. >> reporter: i'm paul chambers live in san francisco. big changes coming to the san francisco pride. traffic is moving well in both directions here. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and where the trouble spots are.
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expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. it's all about leadership. this is all about leadership. jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs. we do not have a revenue problem. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. we have a spending problem. rebuiling california. build a new california rebuild california. let's build a new california. we need to run the state as a business. running this thing a little bit more like a business. whats the worst that could happen? whats the worst thing that could happen?
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it's 6:44. here's a look at the top stories. roy halladay got revenge over tim lincecum. he won the matches of aces and keeps them alive. san francisco still leads championship series 3-2. giants can win the pennant by winning one game in philadelphia this
6:45 am
weekend. watsonville police are asking for help shooting a store clerk. investigators say the suspect robbed the victim and shot him in cold blood. tomorrow supporters of oscar grant inlewding bay area longshoreman are planning to shut down and attend the rally. they are calling for the maximum sentence. it's the largest parade of its kind in a country but now san francisco's annual pride parade is under scrutiny because of problems with its organizers. paul chambers is in san francisco following the story. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we're here in the heart where people consider the heart of the gay community here. right now the executive director and the board president have stepped down from eir position. and it's all because they are being -- let me step back.
6:46 am
they both stepped down but also the organization is being accused of shortchanging some local merchants. the merchants out there for nonprofit organizations during a gay pride committee. they were asked to run some booths and asked to build the booths they were running. right now we will try to find out more information. we know supervisors are working to work things out with the pride people and the gay community to get everything smoothed over. we'll definitely bring that to you when we find out. i'm paul chambers. a two-day burn that is part of the mexican war on drugs is expected to wrap up today. they set 150 tonsover marijuana on fire as a message the government is serious about cracking down the drug traffickers. the marijuana was headed to the
6:47 am
u.s.. so far there are no reports of major damages or injuries but there was a powerful earthquake in mexico. the 6.7 quake was centered south of the city of lost mooches off the golf of california. a number of schools and buildings were evacuated when the quake hit. the same region was hit by three moderately powerful earthquakes earlier this week. officials at the 9/11 memorial say they are stunned by $10,000 cash donation. it was left in one of the donation boxes at the world trade center. museum officials say a manager found the money during a routine check of the boxes. there were 99 crisp unfolded 100-dollar bills and five 20s. they would like to know who put it there to say thank you. actress lindsey lohan is due back in the los angeles courtroom today. she is expected to learn whether she will be sent back to jail for failing a drug test while on probation back in
6:48 am
september. during her last hearing one month ago lohan was hard recorded to go back to jail. the actress now reportedly in rehab for the fifth time. 6:47 and sal is going to tell us about a problem with long hall commuters and and a train. >> that is right. the ace train is delayed an hour and 50 minutes because one of the train hit something on the track. so nothing serious. they are delayed an hour and 50 minutes. the other trains are moving as scheduled. if you take the later train it should not effect you. train one will be pull into san jose again. let's go out and take a look at the commute here. this traffic on heyward looks good as we pull back it's getting crowded and approaching from the pass. westbound 580. 680 is is okay. let's take a look at highway 4. that traffic is getting slow
6:49 am
now coming up to the bay point area and getting down to concord. 242 will be slow. westbound bay bridge backed up for a five minute delay. 6:48 here is steve. thank you. a very happy friday everybody. won't be the best weather weekend unless you like clouds and rain. i know some of you do. we'll have moderate to heavy rain as the weekend progresses. north bay could see 1-3 and 3-5 inches of rain. we do have light rain moving through. a little bit marin county up to the north bend. kind of like hit and miss showers. toward the east bay. some bursts of moderate rain. overall it's a generally cloudy morning. clouds and sun today after a little bit of brief morning rain. saturday clouds rain in the north bay spreading south. the system will weaken and move south. windy with rain. looks like for everybody. that will with be a pretty good
6:50 am
system. last 24 hours give this system credit. napa did get a quarter inch of a rain. deafen port 15. mill valley .08. that's it. that system the mere fact it held together same pressive. it is. here comes a much stronger system. and this little guy opened the door for this one. you can look at that and say it looks pretty good. if children getting ready for school real quick. light rain in the morning. 50 bus noon. clouds and sun mild. a little breezy. everybody looks to be pretty cloisonne the temperatures. clouds and sun after some brief morning rain. 53-57. doesn't matter. temperatures on the mild side. all we need is 10 degrees to reach the forecasted highs. when the lows wrap up like that means the surf will pick up. that's your saturday system. heavy duty rain will fall up along the north coast.
6:51 am
could get 5-7 inches. clouds sun. cool to mild. light rain in the morning. 60s and upper 60s. cloudy saturday morning. rain moves south. north bay to south. saturday afternoon evening. sunday morning should be okay. the world's largest food and beverage company reports strong sales for the first nine months of the year. sales at nestle are up $85 billion. that's up 4% from last year. checking in on wall street we have a lot of corporate earnings coming in this morning. verizon profits are down 25% in the third quarter. sweden erikson third quarter profits up. air tran up significantly. taking a look at the big board. on the new york stock exchange. dow jones down a little bit from 8 points.
6:52 am
the nasdaq and s & p are flux waiting. they have been up and down. but not by very big swings. a new study shows traffic on twitter can predict whether the dow jones will rise or fall. researchers sat indiana university -- researches at indiana university figured the mood between twitter users. okay. 6:52. a new federal study is found a drop in fatal crashes involving teen drivers. three things experts credit for the decrease over the past five years. a disturbing prediction about the world's decreasing tiger population. and what one group is doing to stop the decline. sit -- is it friday light? we have the answer straight ahead. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. time to find out what is coming up with mornings on two. >> coming up in minutes the champagne still on ice. instead of celebrating this morning the giants are heading back to philadelphia. why the time of the next game first pitch still up in the air. president obama is waking up in the bay area this morning. details on how his presence
6:56 am
will impact traffic both on the roads and in the air where he is heading for his next stop. also what is happening this morning at the san jose elementary that is forced to evacuate yesterday due to a nearby gasoline. back to you on the morning news. thank you. we'll see you then. the number of fatal crashes involving teen drivers has dropped. according to a new federal report they are down by 36% over the last five years. while -- experts credit tougherring driving. it is pretty busy. we'll be following that on mornings on 2. it has not
6:57 am
become really that bad. it's about a five minute delay. it's backed top the end of the parking lot. it's a little bit than normally is. i guess we can say it is friday light. >> thank you. we do have cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. very light rain. especially down toward daily stay. we've got to be on the backside of this thing. there is not much left. a few light showers is left. highs in the 60s. a big change in the weekend. we'll have that coming up in seven seven minutes. one of the world top conservations is making a prediction. tigers could become extincts in 12 years. there will be a massive crack down on illegal hunting and increased to protect tiger habitats. coming up next. president obama is waking up in
6:58 am
a hotel this morning after unscheduled events. presidential visit could effect your ride to work. and the giants they have to go back to philly now. still looking for that one win to send them to the world series. stay with us. over and over again and same thing expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. it's all about leadership. this is all about leadership. jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs. we do not have a revenue problem. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. we have a spending problem. rebuiling california. build a new california rebuild california. let's build a new california. we need to run the state as a business. running this thing a little bit more like a business.
6:59 am
whats the worst that could happen? whats the worst thing that could happen?


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