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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 22, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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ordered but people with respiratory problems are being warned to stay indoors. we have a crew on the scene and will bring you any updates as soon as we get them. a last minute cancellation is triggering a lot of disaappointment and answer tonight from people who plan to go to the exotic erotic event this weekend. christien kafton joins us now, he's in richmond with the details on why it's being called off. >> reporter: instead of crowd, you request see there's no one here and inside the venue, take a look instead of setting up for tonight's big event, they are in fact, dismantling the stage and packing everything up. past exotic erotic bars have been over the top celebration of sexuality. they had planned a new venue in
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the east bay but this is not what they expected. >> the event is cancelled for the first time ever in the event's 31 year history. >> reporter: we got exclusive access as crews startedded breaking down a stage they just set up. >> that just made the event cost prohibitive. >> reporter: the decision to kapbs cancel came this morning and was announced on the event's web page. now sponsors and vendors are wondering how they're going to get their money back. >> i don't know where the financial retribution on our part will come from. >> reporter: hastings came in this morning from florida, his company sank $10,000 into marketing erotic coloring books into this year's ball.
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it's money he doesn't think he'll get back. >> right now it's just a kick in the stomach. >> the cost for vendors and entertainers is just -- >> reporter: tickets cost from $69 to $169. and now the very future of the exotic erotic ball is up in the air as the organizers say they don't know if there's going to be an event next year. we're live in richmond, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. it was a wet day around the area today. this warm weather isn't over yet. our bill martin has been forecasting this weather. >> more weather for the weekend, and a lot of folks
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have been planning activities, and it's going to be wet. we'll come in a little closer, north of san rafael up here around point ray's station. light scattered shower, the main event is not here yet. let me back it up a little bit. it is lined up, look at this, there's the jet stream, right over us and you see one system, here's another one back in here. they are going to move through over the next 48 to 72 hours and it is going to be wet. when i come back i'm going to show you the latest computer model that's going to show us and give us timing on the amount of rain and when it'll get here. >> thank you bill. the mayor of san bruno said today that pg & e has promised to move the natural line pipeline that ruptured and set a neighborhood on fire. yesterday chris johns personally promised them the pipeline would be relocated. victims of the explosion say
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they can't move forward with plans to rebuild or relocate until they know what pg & e plans to do. >> we're sitting in limbo and that's not a very nice place to sit. because you just don't know what you're going from day-to- day to day. >> reporter: for its part, pg & e says it's looking into the possibility of rerouteing that pipeline but would not say that a decision has actually been made. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, find out how the fuel supply for the entire peninsula may depend on pg & e's decision. court workers join supporters of oscar grant's family. members of the long shoreman's union and political activists held a rally in oakland this afternoon. they're calling on the community to march together against police brutality tomorrow. longshoremen say they will stop all work in honor of oscar
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grant's memory. >> all these lives are precious. all these people were human beings. they did not deserve to die. >> longshoremen stop work one day each month for a meeting. this month's day was moved to saturday to accommodate the protest. the march will begin at noon on 14th street and broadway in oakland. new reports today involving marijuana and the number of arrests indicates african americans are arrested at a much higher rate than any other race. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us now with the details and where it's happening the most. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where the nnacp unveiled this report a couple of hours ago at the oakland convention center. it studied the arrest records across california in 25 different cities and found that blacks are four to 10 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana possession. >> yes i think it's more likely true than not true.
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>> reporter: matt perry says he believes the findings of that study based on his own personal experience. >> i know myself i've been stopped with marijuana and the cop just, they usually just let me go. >> reporter: the study looked at the marijuana possession arrest report in 25 california cities and drew one conclusion. >> a report that we're going to release next week that young latinos are routinely arrested in extremely high numbers, are out of proportion to the percentage of the population. >> reporter: according to a report in vallejo, blacks are 22% of the population yet made up 60% of the marijuana possession arrests. in fairfield 17% of the population are black but they accounted for 40% of the marijuana arrests. and in san jose, blacks are less than 5% of the population but made up 15% of marijuana arrests. >> i think we're gaining momentum. >> reporter: the report was commissioned by the aarp. they timed the release of the study with the final weeks of
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the prop 19 campaign. the only way to eliminate this gap is to make marijuana illegal. >> i'm not a marijuana smoker, i have smoked marijuana in the past but i don't want to stand in the way for those who want to smoke marijuana as a recreational use. >> reporter: the report and prop 19 are two separate issues says -- >> if there are disparities need to be addressed. >> reporter: vallejo, fairfield and san jose were the only cities listed in that report. because other cities consider
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marijuana as a very low crime and do not arrest for marijuana possession. 600 jobs were lost in september but the good news is 7,000 californians got a job last month. the edd says four industries added jobs last month including leisure and hospitality which made the most new hires. the job market is still better here in the bay area, solano county has the highest unemployment rate in our region at 12.1% but that is still below the state's jobless rate of 12.4. marin county has the lowest unemployment rate in the area. federal regulators are prompting complaints today. >> reporter: this house used to
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belong to daniel taye before foreclosure. today mr. taye went to his bank to protest loudly and he wasn't alone. >> tellers and customers at jp morgan chase bank in downtown san jose were stunned this afternoon by chanting demonstrators marching into the building. the group home defenders league says banks make it difficult for homeowners to avoid foreclosure. taye says chase gave him the run around by giving the loan to different loans. >> i want the bank to give me back my home, because i pay every month with certified check. >> reporter: jesse jesus says the bank promised to work out a new bank arrangement but they never did. >> they called me and they told
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me, mr. jesus i'm sorry but your house is in foreclosure now. >> reporter: the home defenders league point out taxpayers help the banks. >> give them affordable loan modifications. >> reporter: san jose congresswoman lofter says the u.s. attorney general and all 50 state attorney generals have vowed to follow through. >> this is going to have a chilling effect on banks who are engaging in this conduct. >> reporter: chase officials did not return calls or were unavailable to comment, but this month the bank did fire a trading company that helped deal with mortgages and is currently reviewing 115,000 loans. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to go back on the developing news on the conoco
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phillips plant. rita williams just arrived in rodeo and has the latest on what's going on. >> reporter: this has been going on for a couple of hours residents in residents in crocket and rodeo. commuters are probably noticing it as well. it was much bigger than this earlier, maybe three or four times the flame and billowing smoke but they have got this under control. we are told that this will continue until as late as 10:00 tonight because that's how long it's going to take to shut down the plant because they've added equipment failure. and the flair is the intentional burning of excess fuel. air testing is under way for hydrocarbons but we've been told that they have been detected as low. so this has been deemed a level two and only people with respiratory problems are being urged to stay inside and avoid breathing the air. so far hazardous materials folks here in contra costa
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county say no one has been sickened, no one has reported for care in connection with this. inside the plant, they are trying to figure out the hydrogen official failure. as the hydrogen burns off this flame will get smaller and smaller. it has kept everything from moving and blowing away and kept the pollution more contained. reporting live in rodeo, debra villalon. a deadly shark attack shuts down several california beaches. also ahead -- >> reporter: the giants practice their practice here in philadelphia today, we'll tell you why. and everyone, including the philly fanatic is waiting to find out what time the game
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will be played tomorrow. and the mysterious finding at a cemetery, what investigators are saying.
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the giants are back in philly tonight getting ready for game six. fred inglis is live outside citizens ballpark with more on how the giants are getting fired up tonight, fred. >> reporter: right, frank. tonight it is very much like fall in the air. very cool, should be sunny again tomorrow for game six. a return engagement, a return match up. bryan wilson and the giants left at & t park in san
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francisco about 9:00 a.m. pacific but they did not land in philadelphia until 6:30 p.m. eastern time but they got caught up in president obama's entourage. >> we've been tested all year, you go back to early august we've been playing big games and you know we were rushed 6.5, seven games back, went down to the fire. playing in atlanta and now we're here in philly playing a tremendous team. you know that's been to the series the last two years. we know we're playing a club that's loaded with experience, i like the way our team has handled everything thrown at
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them. they'll go out there and give it their all and that's all you can ask. >> reporter: a very resilient bunch the giants. no practice today, they are probably some where in the restaurant or in their hotels watching game six of the yankees-rangers game. if the yankees beat the rangers tonight, if the yankees beat the rangers tonight their game will be at 12:30. if the rangers win it'll be at 4:30. frank and julie. >> fred, thank you. orange october is still sweeping san francisco and giants fans continue to share their play off excitement with ktvu. this picture was submitted with tim welsh. even in a big crowd an authentic giants fan is easy to spot. and you don't have to be a
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giant to root for the home team. if you have pictures you want to share, log on to our website and click on the orange october website. a gray drizzly day in the bay area. and looks like it's here to stay. let's check in with bill martin. >> the weekend is going to be wet around here. rain coming right through the weekend into the early part of next week. we go outside, right now we have widely scattered showers, it's not a big deal but it's a nuisance as you drive home from work. i know the roads are backed up. this is just priming the pump. lined up for a few hundred miles, thousand miles out there and they will move in. that moisture will move into the bay area over saturday and sunday into sunday night. sunday is the biggest event. that is real rain. that is going to feel like february. there might be some rain with it as well. saturday scattered showers, the sun might come out a little bit
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but i suspect saturday, tomorrow much like today. not hard to get anything done, but it's not washing you off the road or anything. forecast highs in the 50s. they are warm and that's because this moisture coming off the pacific is tropical in nature, it's warm. warm air holds a lot of water, low latitude. it's down around below monterey. one saturday, one sunday, this one not so big, this one pretty big. heavy rain on sunday, could see 1.5 in oakland. two to three inches in santa rosa. you go farther north to crescent city they could see four to 5-inches of rain, maybe 6 inches of rain. for us two to 3-inches of rain for us this time of year is a lot of rain. tomorrow afternoon, showers, widely scattered like today. tomorrow evening it starts to ramp up. it's wet if you're headed out
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of town. sunday morning, sunday mid- morning, here it goes. and bang sunday afternoon that is a wet weather pattern right there. your sunday is going to be wet. we'll keep you updated on the forecast. i'm going to watch the new model runs that will come in in the next few hours or so. so tonight at 10:00 i will have the new model run and we'll look at it. right now sunday is the bulls eye for this weather system. >> it's lined up for the next few days. a horrifying scene in central california where a 19- year-old body boarder was kied today. tonight he's been identified as lucas ransom. the shark bit off part of ransom's leg. his friend was two feet from him when it happened.
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and he says ransom cried out, help me, dude. a bizarre discovery at the coma cemetery. it's prompted a police investigation. police say a maintenance worker there at the cemetery found two jars sticking in the ground in an isolated part of the cemetery. inside each jar was a human heart with a photograph pinned to it. >> two different couples, a male and a female of latin decent in their early 20s. it's a picture that would have been taken at any kind of a holiday party, just a holiday picture. >> reporter: the hearts contain embalmment fluid which means it's not from a homicide. and we'll be right back with more after this break.
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16 fifth graders in oakland are celebrating completion of a six week course thought by police. it's called great. that's short for gang resistance, education and training. the federally funded program
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teaches kids how to avoid gangs and criminal activities. >> this is probably one of our most successful gang reduction plans that we have, is reaching out to the community and touching the young lives that are out here right now. >> oakland police currently have 18 officers in the great program and would like to double that in the next year. president barack obama wrapped up his bay area visit and flew directly to a campaign event for senator boxer. the president appeared at campaign events for democratic candidates at the peninsula. the president then spoke for jerry brown. the president reached out to young voters on the usc campus
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telling them they need to be fired up about the november election and they asked them to hold on to the promise of change that got him elected in 2008. gubernatorial hopeful meg whitman brought her own gop big gun to california today. new york city mayor and fellow republican michael bloomburg. he says whitman is the right person to tackle california's problems, jobs, housing and the environment. the most recent polls shows whitman now trailing democrat jerry brown. next week first lady michelle obama is slated to arrive in the bay area just days after her husband's visit. house speaker nancy pelosi's office says michelle obama will join her at a dinner. the support is for barbara boxer who are running for
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reelection against carly fiorina. and dozens of people were displaced when a fire erupted. inspectors have deemed it a public safety hazard. permits are being seeked to tear down the building. we were going to bring you our high school game of the week tonight. but unfortunately reran into some technical issues. so again, we're sorry for that. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. good night.
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