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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 25, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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thank you for waking up with us. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. tara is in for sal. good morning. >> taboo morning. a little bit wet still out on the roadways there. we had a huge storm blow through. this is a look at the east shore freeway. traffic on the left hand side there. no problems to report. and here is a look at 280 at the 880 split. traffic moving along very nicely. 5:00 let's head over to steve. >> rain is not the story this morning. you have mostly cloudy skies right now. a little wit coming down at the northwest. they could use some -- reports of over ten inches of rain. more clouds in the morning. a little bit sunday afternoon. a few scattered showers.
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let's get to the news. a few hundred customers are still without power. the last remaining from yesterday's storm. pg&e blames the outing on equipment failures. 15,000 customers lost power. 3800 still without the lights on for much of the night. the operations did effect police and fire department. at fire dispatch downtown the back up generator glitched. and police worked in their head quarters lobby by candle light taking only the emergency calls from inside the outage zone. >> we have two generators. one malfunctioned and shut both down. we have a few emergency lights and that is it. >> the power was restored to
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the station by 4:00. there was no reported technical difficulties with the 911 emergency systems while the power was out. time now 5:01 will sfo have more weather related flight delays? yesterday's wet and windy weather caused ground delays. the most arrivals were an hour late which in turn delayed departures. airport officials say their flight schedules were not effected by the weather. to get the latest in weather information you need pay attention to steve. you can log on to your channel 2 website a mentally ill patient at napa state hospital has been arrested on suspicion of kill an employee. donna gross was found dead in a courthouse of the hospital. they arrested 38-year-old massy
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who had an extensive criminal history. control workers of the victims say they have complained for years that the hospital is unsafe. saying the majority of the staff has been assaulted at one point. the hospital says it's working closely with investigators. an autopsy will be conducted later this week. hayward firefighters are look into a cause of a fire that sent a father and two daughters to the hospital. that started at an apartment on delmar avenue. a 16-year-old girl was seriously hurt in the fire. her father and eight-year-old sister were taken to the hospital for less serious injuries. investigators are checking electric call wires. 5:03. later today the san francisco giants will work out at at & t park getting ready for game one
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of the 2010 world series. this is what it was like yesterday. the national league champs. ned got a heros welcome as they came home. hundreds of fans stood out in the rain and cheered for them selling the giants stunning victory over the philadelphia phillies. the world series starts wednesday when the giants host the american league champs texas rangers. >> everybody is feeling good. we're just excited to get back and ready to get started. >> the fun is already started. the giants first team workout take place late this afternoon. >> it will be a giant week for bay area ticket agent sis. ticket prices for this world series is going through the roof. ktvu kraig debro joins us now with more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. i have my trusty laptop here i wanted to show everybody what you will face if you try to get tickets from the giants.
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they have this page here. you can go to game one. it says buy tickets you click on it. you go to click here. from there are only single game tickets. you go to where it says buy tickets again there is a sign over here saying either the ticket system is currently indicating no seats or the game may not be on sale yet. either try back or you can do what others will do is go to a ticket broker. we did a sample survey for these ticket brokers. stub hub was one of them. great tickets was another one. there was aphorist fourth one called vivid tickets. you will find seats from the mid $400 range from stand room only seats up to $5,000 for the
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very best seats in the house there. yet available to buy on line. of course you could also go to buy a ticket from a specialist who works the streets out here. we know them as scalpers. that is not legal. people do do it. sometimes you can get a ticket from a guy on the street that is not a ticket or a counterfeit ticket. sometimes you can buy them from a broker or you can buy them online at craigs list. if you do that most likely the people will e-mail you those tickets. the people that e-mails you those tickets still has the hard copy. the people that has the hard copy tickets will sell them to a scalper. the person that gets into stadium will -- the person that bought the second set will not get in. we'll have details later on in the morning. we can find anybody that might
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have come down here to buy tickets on game one. reporting live in san francisco kraig debro. >> thank you. and you can watch the entire world series right here on ktvu channel 2 if you cannot afford those tickets. time now 5:06 another big story. first lady michelle obama flies here for a visit. she is here for barbara boxer. first lady's visit here to the bay area follows that of the president himself who appeared at fundraisers last thursday. just moments ago construction of the bay bridges new eastern span moved into a new phase. there are concerns that work could be distracting to drivers and cause problems this morning. claudine wong is in san francisco with more and the
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warning from caltran. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's there is already activity we want to show you this morning on the water here. let me give you a lock right away be-- let me give you a look right away behind me at this boat that is coming to this barge. they were planning to take this major piece of the self- suspension tower over the water to the spot on the bay bridge. that's what we believe we are looking at right now. what you are looking at is 107- foot long tower. i will show you where it's heading. as we pan over to the side there is the bay bridge and the s curve. to the left of your screen you see the big lighted portions of the construction work along the bay bridge. that's the new bay bridge. that is the new tower that is going into place. and the work that is happening over the next several hours and next couple of days is going to be very visible to drivers.
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that could effect traffic this morning and throughout this week. caltran is issuing a warning about that. they want everybody to be aware this work is going on. they want everyone to be aware that it will be temping to look over to see what is happening because the work going on today will be right at eye level of drivers crossing the bay bridge. they are saying keep your eye on the road. it is going to be pretty dramatic. it's a section -- 107 feet tall. 200 pounds. they are worried it could be distracting to drivers. >> we want to make motorist aware that this work is going to be happening. it will not be terribly close to the bridge. if people look at it and slow down, traffic could potentially be slowed on the bridge. >> reporter: so what will happen this morning is two
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jacks will hoist each section up. 30 stories in the air and move all of that into place. there are 12 parts of this. a four hour shift. each section takes about 16 hours to lift, place, and bolt into each section. taking a live look at the bridge. you're taking a look at where that work will be taking place. project wise it's not super significant. it's not a major part being completed. it happens to be that part is right where everyone can see it crossing the bridge. we pan back down to the water we will show you that barge come into place. timing wise if you talk about when you really start to see this go up. they said last week. there was a little bit of a delay getting this project under way. that boat is going to go across to the construction area. it's going to be moving into the place and then it's going to take a little while to tilt
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it. what they told us last week right around 7:00 this morning is when people will start seeing that lift into place and it would be the most distraction. keep an eye on that. there might be delays as you cross. >> great advice. you will be tempted to look. it's 100 feet tall. >> of course. let's talk traffic. sal is out. tara is here. we have a problem in roner park and you're talking about chain requirements too. >> that's right. we have a lot going on. we have a tree blocking the entire roadway. this is at grange road and crane canyon road. sot entire roadway is completely blocked. this is kind of an area sandwiched between highway 101 and highway 112. we have chain requirements on highway 08 if you are heading up there. all right right now we are going to head out to highway
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24. this is through lafayette. claudine was telling me the caldecott was dark this morning. this is the toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving well. finally 280 in san jose. traffic is also moving well in both directions. here is steve. the caldecott was spooky. >> it was. >> all o of a sudden it was dark. good morning the north bay pat yourselves on the back you're the leaders of the pack. as advertised this system about 5-7 inches of rain fell for some. there were reports over a foot for soon. i would say the season is done. we are on the drier side of this. nothing is now kind of an issue here this morning. not wide spread we still have clouds. that is the ridge building in. that will give us a break over
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the next couple of days but not until there were amounts piling up. mainly in california, san francisco, oakland, south of that it wasn't much. santa cruz had a fair share. not really a cold, cold front this is a lot of moisture. clouds and then sun. cool to mild. if you get enough sun possibility of upper 60s. we're in the 50s right now. cities 56. san jose 30 degrees. boat load of rain up there as well. same for ukiah. sacramento down to southern california. 50s and 60s. 40s for some. that is a power house low in vancouver. you can see a mountain there forming offshore. that is the ridge that will be expected in a couple of days.
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clouds earn sun cool to mild. there could be a stray shower. we are look for more clouds in the morning and a little bit more sun. 50s and 60s. game one looks okay. game one will be just fine. clouds maybe but overall we will be dry. five-day does have a change developing by thursday. rain moves in and a possibility on friday. if i want to go out seven days halloween looks dry. >> good. we are definitely looking forward to that forecast. a trial set for three berkeley graduates arrested in iran. why one will not be part of the proceedings. latest attempt to clean up air pollution. and coming up from washington, d.c. i will show you how companies receiving big government bailouts are dolling out a lot of exam pain cash.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 5:17. some of the harshist critics of the government bailouts is rack manager campaign money from the companies they didn't want to help. alison burns joins us now from our washington, d.c. newsroom. good morning. >> good morning. it looks like there are no hard feelings. companies that got big bank
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bailouts general motors citi group. they are doling out the campaign crash. some of the biggest recipients were the fiercist critics. republicans are getting the most campaign money from bailed out companies tops among them. high minor leader john boehner that received $200,000. democrats have been -- reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. the obama administration will announce strict new fuel emission standard for heavy duty vehicles today. the goal is to cut greenhouse and fuel consumption. as much as 20%. this plan will cover new tractor trailers. school buses. delivery vans. garbage trucks. for 2014 to 2018 model cars.
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iran new agency has confirmed a november 6th trial date for the three uc berkeley graduated after being arrested. sarah shourd is not expected to attend the trial. she was released last month on $500,000 bail. her fiance shane bauer and josh fattal are still there. iran has imposed new restrictions on 12 university courses deemed to be based on western teachings and incompatible with islamic ideals. the list includes, law, philosophy, political science, women's studies, and human rights. the restrictions prevent universities from opening departments in these. 5:19. officials in haiti fighting to stop a deadly cholera outbreak.
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250 people in rural areas have already died. more than 3,000 have been sickened. aid workers are worried this will spread to the camps. this is where a million quake survivors are worrying now. right now we want to go back out to tara. you were talking about driving in. very dark in the caldecott. >> that is true. there are signs that warn drivers but it's very eerie. we did put a call in chp. they said they do have an issue with the tunnel but wouldn't say what it is. we did have a storm. this is a look at highway 24. traffic westbound as you make your way toward the tunnel. hopefully we will get the lights restored. be aware of it. 808 traffic is looking good in
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both directions. and at the san mateo bridge westbound looking good. here is steve. thank you very much. well, now for some it was a very wet weekend for others especially down toward the south bay. hardly any rain at all. it's one of those patterns. for others between it was a dreary weekend but on the north bay man they had rain. anywhere from three to ten inches of rain fell. they are on the drier side almost. i'm standing right there. see the ridge. that will move over us later today. cloudy, mostly cloudy morning. partly sunny afternoon. a cool to mild day. not really a cold front. this had a lot of moisture with it. decreasing showers. we're starting off in the 60s. we'll end up with 60s. 51 in livermore. and santa rosa all in the low 50s. fog being reported too.
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30s in the mountains. ukiah had three to four inches of rain there. especially around the russia river. heavy duty amounts. 60s down in southern california. not really cold, cold. that system plowed through. boy did it leave itself a good mark with big time rain totals. you can see to the left -- it will give us a better monday and more improving tuesday into parts of wednesday. changes start late wednesday into early 30. clouds and sun cool to mild. 60s for everything. everyone will be pretty close today. some of the higher elevations are still in the 40s still. everything looks okay. partly to mostly cloudy. it's thursday we're worried about. not game one. everything is good to go for wednesday. on the five-day we still have clouds to increase. looks warmer on tuesday. clouds increase on wednesday and rain returns on tuesday.
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stocks are off to a pretty good start. all of the major indexes across europe are gaining ground. right now asia posted gains as well. made a take over offer for the australian take over. japans is the -- checking in on wall street. does look like a pretty good opening. fairly quiet on friday. you can see if you miss the it with the dodginess posting a small loss. the dow starts today at 11,132. analysts were surprised and hopeful by that. it means the agreement means a stronger global recovery. they also believe the signal of some weakening of the u.s. dollar to sure up american
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exports would be to rated by everyone else. 5:23. part of the investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion is on hold right now. two of the workers say they can't talk about and how that is effecting the case. what is being done to keep surfers safe. 280 traffic looking good. it is dark out there as it is at the caldecott tunnel.
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 good morning. we have mostly cloudy skies. some fog being located. we see clouds in the morning and clearing out. partly sunny skies. it was a bay area water rescue over the weekend. two men sailing in the north bay ended up lost and adrift. they were in a 26-foot sailboat when their engines died. they didn't know where they were. but the coast guard found them. still don't know why the engine stopped working. the men were not seriously hurt. the state public commission is defending themselves about the charges it has not been tough enough on pg&e. they released a fine of all the fines statewide they were
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ordered to pay. it questions the willingness to issue penalties. however, that same report confirms the puc did not impose a single fine on pg&e between 2004 and 2009 even though pg&e committed more infractions than the state's other pipeline operators combined. also the san francisco chronicle is reporting. the chronicle quotes the employees saying they are too traumatized to talk about what happened. they have two critical roles in shutting off the gas in the pipeline. that explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. three beaches on the central california coast could reopen this morning. that's three days after a college student was killed in a shark attack.
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19-year-old lucas ransom was baggy boarding with a friend friday when a shark bit his leg and pulled him under water. the attack happened at surf beach off saner berg air force big. a friend pulled him to shore. he did not survive that attack. he was a student at uc santa barbara. some surfers say his death hits home. >> it's sad. he was a student and hits a whole surfing community. if you go to school and surf. it's pretty horrible. >> a photo from the santa barbara sheriff department shows a chunk missing from his board. all three beaches at saner burg air force base shut down after the attack. they will decide whether to reopen them. crews have been patrolling the beaches and watching the water. but there have been no shark
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sightings. 5:29. an investigation is under way at napa state hospital. a hospital worker is killed and patient arrested. why workers say they are not surprised at what happened. we want to give you a live look at the waters near the bay bridge. take a look at the bars that sit in front of the bay bridge. we'll te
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good morning to you. welcome back. monday october 259 i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. welcome back to you. let's check in with steve. see if we will see some more rain. >> not today. if there is lingering showers. but overall quiet day today. for others there was five to ten inches of rain over the weekend. today we start off with clouds. 50s and 60s. late bit of -- a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. here is tara. 101 just north of there because the lands is so sat rated with -- because the lands are so saturated with rain we have lines down.
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5:33 dave and pam. >> thank you. this is going be a giant week for bay area ticket agencies. stub hub says fans started buying world series tickets moments after san francisco big win in philadelphia saturday night. ticket prices for game one at at & t park have gone through the roof since then. some single seat tickets for field club seats are going for $500 or even more. the cheapest standing room only seats starts at $420. the giants world series tickets are not the only red hot item in the guy area. it seems like everyone wants souvenir and memorabilia. >> we are going to get up early. we're going into the city. into san francisco. we're going to get some world series tee shirts and hats and be ready. >> this could be a record
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breaking week for those same stores as the giants make their first world series appearance since 2002. >> i want some. excited giants fans are showing us photos. documenting first world series appearance since 2002. now karen kurt sent us this picture pam. look at this face. it shows you're never too young to put on an orange and black cat root on the giants. this is a four legged fan. this dog takes a break from playing a little ball. we want to see your fan photos. e-mail them to us at you can check out the orange and black slide show. find out more giant coverage material at richmond police are investigating a drive-by shooting that wounded two teenage boys. it happened just before 12:30 yesterday afternoon.
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the 13 and 14-year-olds were walking near south 8th street. one boy was shot in the lower leg. the other in the hand. they don't have a motive yet and talking to witnesses to get descriptions ostoses protects. budget cutting in san jose could cost city workers their ride home. that's because a new city audit shows some city employees are driving more miles communitying to and from work than on a city business. the audit shows of the 166 city vehicles taken home 144 of them were police cars costing the city $900,000. >> that's an average to play for the police officer that costs $185,000 a year. >> if our special operations officers needed to come to the police department first to pick up their vehicles, you can see where the response time would be increased in essence creating a bigger problem.
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>> the city audit identified 90 police vehicles that should not be taken home. another criticism raised in the audit. so fire vehicles taken home go as far as monterey. while san francisco schools are struggling with a dwindling ling budget the school board has increased its budget for the past four years. they spent more than $492,000 last year including $22,000 for catered meals and $7300 for a conference in portland. that report concludes it's not a lot of money given the districts $500 million budget but it does show a contrast to the ongoing cost cut at the schools. a hot league contestant has lead to accusations from police officers and firefighters that a particular city councilman is
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stealing their campaign science. this is posted on you tube. now it appears an encounter saturday after city counselman pierluigi oliverio. he supports measure v that would limit police and firefighter bay. he says he removed the no v signs because they were illegally posted in public areas. >> every resident can take down these signs and should in my belief. >> while council member oliverio was found in possession of only four signs how longs of signs -- hundreds of signs have gone missing. >> they are now of everying a $10,000 reward for leading to prosecution for whoever is stealing or vandalizing no measure very. an officer spotted a car
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that was speeding on marble street near stony point road after 10:00 last night. the officer chased the car with lights and sirens but the driver kept going. the chase end when the driver collided with another car and light pole. time now 5:38 a short time ago a new phase began on the construction of the bay bridge new eastern fan ever span-- new eastern span. there are concerns it could be distracting. claudine wong is out there right now live from treasure island with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are above the bay bridge this morning i want to give you a look at where this work will be happening. take a look below me. that's the s-curve and that's the construction work. construction this morning could get the attention of drivers and here's why. we are talking about the self-
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anchored suspension spans single 525-foot tower. this tower we're talking about is a quarter built. this that will happen to be a second of four sections that go into place. when that section goes into place, it will be right at eye level of the drivers passing by and that is why caltran is warning drivers to be aware of this work. in the last half hour we did see the barge of carrying the first of four parts. that section of bridge is 107 feet tall. weighs 617 tons. and takes about 16 hours to lift, place, and bolt. there are four sections. cal tran spokesman use an animation to explain the process. >> these sections are being lifted over 300 feet in the air. and translated with each translated means the tran jacks move into position.
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they slide it to the appropriate position. translated to where it needs to be and set down. a team goes on the inside and bolts it together. we continue that process for all leg sections. >> back live out here on treasure island and our advantage point. you can see that construction area again well it will. if you cross the bridge right now, you will not see much. it will take a few hours to get this first section into place. we expect around 7:00 this morning the process was actually begin and that could start effecting traffic at that point. that's when you're coming across the bay bridge. what caltran is worried about. they're going to say what is that over there? look at that slow down. they are asking being aware of this. keep your eyes on the road. get through that section. we'll of course keep an eye on things out here. we'll keep you updated. live on treasure island claudine wong. good advice.
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tara has advice if you are heading to the mountains or coming back home. >> that is right. if you plan on going into the lake tahoe area, do realize there are chain requirements on 50 and 80. we have them -- you have to have let's see four wheel drive and if you have snow tires are are exempt. but if you don't you need those. all right. right now we will head out to highway 24 through lafayette. traffic on the right hand side westbound as we make your way to the tunnel. the lights are out at the tunnel. crews are working on the problem. it is dark through there. there are warning signs about it. we wanted to give you a heads up as well. you can see traffic is beginning to back up just a little bit there. expect if you have fast track and finally 680 traffic is moving well in all directions. 5:42 here is steve. thank you. a very happy monday.
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for some it was heavy duty rain for the weekend. for others hardly any rain at all. had the clouds and wind did not get much in the way. most of it is done. there could be a few light showers around. we're about 99% done with this. blue canyon reports some fog. tahoe has some flurries. i saw cloudy to mostly cloudy. i had a couple of reports here. 9.77. that deserves awhile. kent field had four and a quarter. anywhere from three and a quarter to four. this is our observe earn kent. lake board had 2.41. napa two and a third. santa cruz 1.94. san francisco had three quarters. oakland three quarters to half inch. there was a definite dividing line. it was the north bay. you can see the ridge to the left of your screen. a big low up near van cover --
5:44 am
vancouver. there is not a lot up screen. most of it is about out of here. clouds and sun 60s. upper 60s. still six degrees cooler than yesterday. there is not much of a warmup there. tomorrow it will jump 5-10 degrees. pleasant hill 52. san carlos 54. everyone is close due to cloud cover. 30s up in the mountains. eureka record rainfall. sunday and record rainfall in ukiah as well. i think will lets had more than that. for us we're on the drier side. almost. you can see a little break. that will be tuesday. next system developing. we'll get closer next wednesday night and bring rain on
5:45 am
thursday. clouds and sun cool. that will be more pronounced tomorrow. 50s and 60s on your temps. game one no problem for wednesday. wednesday i'm not concerned. it's thursday. we'll deal with that a little later. partly cloudy and mostly cloudy. increasing clouds. wednesday rain, friday showers. >> the tight labor market is helping con artists. plus thousands of people are running to get away from a volcano that is spewing smoke and ash it could erupt at any moment this is a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving well in both directions. we'll have traffic hot spots coming up.
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good morning.
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we have mostly cloudy skies. patchy fog out there as well. not much in the way of any wind. >> okay. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now. later today the san francisco giants look back home. they're going to work out at at & t park. getting ready for game one of the 2010 world series on wednesday. yesterday the national league champs got a big heros welcome as they came home. first lady michelle obama comes here to the bay area today. she will appear at a democratic fundraiser tonight. it's where senator barbara foxer reelection campaign opinion oakland police and fire department will investigate why their back up generators did
5:49 am
not work. no 911 services were effected and now almost all of the power is back on. it appears once again peace talks are stalled between israelis and palestinians. ben man and palestinian president haven't met since secretary of state hillary clinton brought the two parties together last month. the biggest stumbling block is israel's issue on palestinian lands. authorities in indonesia are evacuating thousands of people living on the slopes of a simmering volcano. take a look the volcano is spewing smoke and ashes and it could erupt at any moment. the last time it erupted was four years ago. it sent rock fragments racing down. canadian authorities say a high school student was high on lsd when he fell to his death
5:50 am
during a trip to canada. 17-year-old daniel ho was on a school music tour back in june when he lost his life. investigators say chow and two other students took the drugs. he climbed over a fence and fell to his death at a viewing platform at the suspension bridge. his death has been ruled an accident. the better business bureau is warning job seekers out there be very careful about fraud artists that say they can help you get jobs for a fee. they received nearly 3,000 complaints about work from home scams between january and august of this year. that's more than double the 1200 it received during the same period in 2007 just before the recession began. and they say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. and you better check it out carefully. parents in california could be charged with a misdemeanor if their children ditch school.
5:51 am
under a new law, california parents could get up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine if a prosecutor can prove their children missed too much school. it will effect children in kindergarten and 8th grade. time now 5:50. there sap road closure in san mateo county. >> yes. this is due to yesterday's storm. a lot of trees were blown down. this is in the area right here of highway 84 and wood side. and this roadway here this really only effects people that live right in this area near wood side. be aware the road is closed there. until probably around 10:00 this morning. pg&e crews are supposed to arrive at 8:00. it will take some time before that is repaired. let's head top san francisco. this is a look at 101. traffic in all directions is looking pretty good. at the bay bridge toll plaza a little bit of back up there.
5:52 am
we do expect the metering lights to be going on. thank you. happy monday everyone. for some it was nonstop rain for the weekend. for others especially san jose there was hardly, they had a trace. a trace of rain. that's it. their percent of normal is 1%. santa rosa is 411. it just depends on where you were. dividing line was san francisco, oakland, concord. south of that there wasn't that much. observer kent had two and a quarter. for some there was pretty heavy duty rain. for others there was not much. we're about done here. almost ten inches of rain. kent field four and a quarter. santa rosa almost four. lake port 2.5. for some it was pretty wet and wild weekend especially with the wind. the ridge is building. although we'll have to deal with fight there. that's coming in.
5:53 am
we have clouds in the morning. mostly cloudy in the morning and turning partly cloudy. not really a cold front. cloud and sun cool. not too much of a warmup. we need to see that reverse itself. today 50 in santa rosa to 55. everyone is pretty close. 30s up in the mountains. light snow off and on. our fog at the blue canyon. 40s and 50s. eureka they set record rainfall during the weekend. southern california did not get in on this. they had morally clouds than anything else. we had all the rain for some. to the north and south not that much. we get a break. clouds and then sun cool to mild. patchy fog it will be more prevalent tonight. everything looks okay for game one. game two we're worried about.
5:54 am
fog will be a big story on tuesday morning. and then same for wednesday morning. clouds wednesday night and rain returns thursday. >> thank you, steve. the national association for bit economics is set to -- business economics is set to release its quarterly returns. they have become more cautious in the third quarter. that is down from 67%. we'll also get the monthly report on existing home sales. analysts expect the national association for realtors to announce september sales grew. they forecast an annual rate. that will be up from the number set in august. time now 5:44 we are buzzing this morning about the brain power of a certain innocent. there is a new study that says this insect is smarter than the computer in some ways.
5:55 am
plus who let the dogs out. while this event allowed them to show off. q
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a new poll shows one-third of voters still undecided about their choice in the november 2nd elections and if they have picked a candidate, they say they could still change their minds. 45% of voters say they can
5:58 am
change their pick for further district republican candidate for the house while 38% picked the democratic candidate. there is a new study that shows that bees can solve very complex mathematical problems that can stump a computer. this university of london study looked into how bees fly the shortest route between flowers. computers solved the problem by cam pairing the length of all the possible routes and chose the shortest one. bees quickly learned how to fly the best route to save them time and energy. the experts are still not sure how they do it. halloween came early to an animal shelter in southern california. in san diego held a costume contest on saturday. there was impressive outfits. there is the hot dog. along with free classes for obedience training. they also featured games, a
5:59 am
police canine demonstrations. it's happening right now on the bay bridge. the very latest construction job on the bay bridge. sit effecting the morning commute. the giants are back and practicing today for the worlds series. our ticket prices breaking the bank?


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