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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 25, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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we all say welcome home to the giants on a stormy day. now they are getting ready for the 2010 world series. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, october 25th. oping our news, a deadly weekend shooting is raising security questions at a napa state hospital. police have arrested a mentally ill patient for the killing of
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a worker in napa. jade hernandez. >> reporter: good morning. what goes inside this hospital -- what goes on inside this napa state hospital may soon come under scrutiny. hospital employees found a body, a hospital worker. police entered jess massey. massey entered the state system 17 years ago after he faced robbery, assault and attempted murder. he's being held without jail. we're told jail officials don't release booking photos to the media. hospital officials are not expected to be available for comment for at least another hour. the sheriff's office details the victim as 54-year-old donna gross from concord.
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she worked at the hospital as a tech. the coroner's office opens in an hour. gross's death is still under investigation this moring. as soon as we get more information, we'll provide that to you. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:02. we want to let you know that because the first hankor storm of the -- major storm of the season knocked out the power yesterday to 15,000 customers in oakland. we just checked. all about a couple hundred have their power on. the lights went out at the caldecott tunnel, b.a.r.t. streets and lake merritt. but all of the trains were moving smoothly as of last night. that outage affected the police and fire departments. boat both will be looking at why their generators didn't
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work right. the station had a generator but there was a glitch. the workers worked by candlelight. >> we have two generators, one malfunctioned and -- and shut both down. so we have a few emergency lights and that's it. >> reporter: now, the power was restored to the power station about 4:00. restored to the police station by 9:00. officials say there were no reported technical difficulties with the 911 emergency systems. now, to get up-to-the-minute information about the weather where you live, go to 7:04. later today, the san francisco giants will be working out at at&t park getting ready for the 2010 world series. yesterday, the national league champions received a heroes'
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well -- hero's welcome as they arrived back in san francisco. hundreds of fans gathered on a stormy day to celebrate the victory. the giants are already looking ahead to wednesday when they host the rangers. >> everyone is feeling good. we decided to get back and get ready. >> you guys are amazing. the stadium, the fans, it's awesome. >> because the nba league won this year's all-star game, the national team gets home-field advantage. tickets -- ticket prices are going through the roof. kraig debro will have that at 7:30. you can watch the entire world
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series right here on fox. our broadcast starts at 4:30. your time now is 7:05. there is a new poll that shows democrat jerry brown with a commanding lead over meg whitman. with the election just eight days away, "the l.a. times" poll shows 52% of voters surveyed say they are go gonna vote for jerry brown. 39% said they would vote for meg whitman. mig analysts say the damage to whitman's campaign was damaged in part because of the way a situation was handled last month, where she employed an illegal immigrant housekeeper. well, the concern on the bay bridge may distract some of you drivers. claudine wong is on treasure island. she has a bird's-eye view on
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how the traffic is being affected. >> reporter: good morning. as you drive across the bay bridge, you know it doesn't take long to clog things up. this morning if you are headed over to the bridge, you want to be aware of what's going on. you take a look at the construction tower right next to the start of the s-curve, this morning they will be lifting it and as they do, drivers are gonna get a front- row seat. the work we're talking about is for the single 525-foot tall tower that's part of the self- anchored suspension bridge. the first phase of the tower was complete in july. the second phase is underway. this barge took over the first of the four sections to be completed. it weighs 617 tons.
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it takes about 16 hours to lift, place and bolt into place. >> these sections are being lifted over 300 feet in the air. translated -- translated with the strand jacks move into position. they slide it to the appropriate position, translate it and set it down. we continue to that process for all four length sections. back live out here from our vantage point, you can see that construction area well lit. if you cross the bridge, you won't see much. section going up now is still below the bridge, still the eye level of the drivers passing by. but that changes over the next
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few hours. caltrans is hoping to put the warning out that if you are going across you may see some activity but to keep your eyes on the road. we'll be keeping our eyes on the road and weep you updated on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, cut kut. >> thank you, claudine. 7:08. we want to check in with more with tara. >> given the fact that it's at the s-curve we could see some slowdowns. be aware of that. but the big story is the caldecott tunnel. this is highway 24 at the la fayette b.a.r.t. it's completely dark inside the tunnel because of a transformer that blew out. pg&e screws are on the scene trying to fix the problem. but it will be slow going through the caldecott.
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we have a three-car crash. this is 880 southbound at 92 east. it's causing some delays there. you can see the red. so give yourself an extra couple of minutes. at the bay bridge, those metering lights are on and you are looking at probably about a 10 to 15-minute wait as you are driving into san francisco this morning. here's steve. >> the fog is the wig story -- big story. and we have some high clouds still above us. that's kind of restricting the fog formation. bit there. everything is coming down out of the northwest. the rain is ending on thursday. some of the totals were off the old chart. there were reports up points -- up to trinity and humboldt. santa rosa, 4 inches.
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sebastopol had 6. napa, 2 1/3. san jose had a trace. a trace. see to the left of your screen? that's the ridge womenning in. everything is driving out of the northwest today. there could be a passing shower, but it's more clouds than anything else. it will be cool to mild, 60s, 60s, 60s. napa, san rafael at 49. hoe 50, mid-50s with a couple of upper 40s. but with so much moyer in the area, it comes up. gusts over 100 miles an hour past the foot level. eureka, 48. ukiah, 48. they both had rain falls.
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and then a little bit of rain may have made it down to southern california. long beach had 13/100ths. for us we'll get drier conditions and calmer conditions. this one looks to be colder. today, though, clouds, sun, maybe a few lingering showers. but i think most of that is done. a break on thursday, before the next system littles in -- rolls in. thursday, the system moves in. fog will be the bigger story tuesday into wednesday. we're okay and then rain, showers. admittg a mistake for the first time bank of america makes a confession regarding the foreclosure fiasco and a bay area city wants to take steps to punish the event. also, why some political donations, including one to the senate minority leader are raising so men many eyebrows. an update on the condition
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that looks like walnut creek. mostly cloudy for a while. not much in the way of any breeze yet. we have areas of fog, then a combination of clouds and sun. highs 60s. here's tori. 7:15. bank of america says it discovered errors ranging from lack of signatures to missing files in the first foreclosure cases damaged last week. it's the first time the bank acknowledged there were any errors in the foreclosure process. they say some of the defects are relatively minor and they say they've not found any
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evidence of wrongful foreclosures. b of a is the largest mortgage member. three members of the city council as well as local religious dealers is announcing that san jose will move money out of bank of america. bank of america temporarily halted proceedings but then resumed foreclosures on homes in here and 22 other states. some of the toughest critics of the bailout are now raking in money from the very companies they didn't want to help. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau. she has all of the details. >> reporter: good morning, dave. that's right. it looks like there are no hard feels here. some of the companies that got big government bailouts, general motors, j.p.
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morgan chase. they are all dolling out the campaign cash and some of the biggest recipients were the fiercest critics of the bailout. it is reported that the republicans are getting the biggest bailouts. john boehner has received about $00,000. now, democrats are getting some of the campaign con tribes -- contributions. reporting live fromway, alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you allison. 7:17. the state public utilities commission is defending itself against charges it's not been stuff enough on pg&e. the puc released a list of all of the fines it's ordered utilities across the state to pay. the information follows questions about the commission's willingness to issue penalties after the san bruno pap line explosion last
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month. there were no fines to pg&e between 2004 and 2009, even though that utility committed more infractions than all of the other state's utility companies combined. the paper quotes the employees as saying they are too traumatized to talk about what happened. according to the chronic kell, the two workers had critical roles in shutting off the gas in the peep line. >> the explosion killed eight people and destroyed homes. sarah shourd is not expected to be at the trial that
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begins today, the trial that is going to begin with the two remaining hikers. health officials in haiti are fighting to stop the spread of a deadly outbreak of cholera. aide workers are worried it could spread to port-au-prince where more than 1 million earthquake survivers single seats will. five cases have already been confirmed in port-au-prince. the body of a u.s. swimmer who died during an international competition on saturday will be transported to the federation today. fran died unexpectedly. cause of death is under
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investigation. preliminary tests show he had a heart attack. a fire started early yesterday morning in this apartment near the east bay campus. a 16-year-old girl was seriously hurt in this fire. she was taken to the hospital and treated for burns and smoke inhalation. we're told she's in critical condition. her father and 8-year-old sister were also taken to the hospital but their injuries were less serious. we'll have the latest on a key economic indicator coming up. find out what the latest housing numbers say about a possible recovery.
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there is a new survey that indicates economists have lowered their expectations about the national recovery. the latest survey shows experts believe demand at profit margins will continue to grow and they expect to see some increases for real estate, for finance, for services and for insurance. however, they see slow or absolutely no growth in transportation, utilities and communication industries. the majority of the economists polled say employment is probably gonna hold steady through the end of the year. the latest existing home sales report just came out and shows sales of previously home sales rose last month. the national association of realtors says sales grew 10%. that translates to an annual rate of 4.5 million homes. the report follows a pretty
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dismass summer. analysts say it shows sales remain below healthy levels. new rules could make street signs across the country look similar. federal officials are updating street sign rules to make them easier to read at night. some local officials are grumbling because cities often design their signs to establish an atmosphere. the new rules take effect in 2014. sal is taking a few days off. tara is here now. you are talking about the chain requirements up in lake tahoe. it's serious weather up there. >> yeah, they are getting a little bit of snow up there. if you are on highways 50 and 80s, check out the requirements before you take off. we have something to tell you
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about a the caldecott tunnel, highway 24, through la fayette. the power is out inside of the tunnel. it's extremely dark. don't be fright frightened if you are making it through. right now we're going to head outside. this is 280 in san jose. we are seeing slowdowns on the right-hand side. highway 237, near milpitas, traffic westbound as you make your way towards sunnyvale. at the bay bridge toll plaza, this is quite a disaster as it normally is. it's basically what we're used to. a 15 minute to 20-minute delay. if you are trying to get into san francisco this morning. here's steve. a little calm here before the next system comes in on thursday. a lot of cash cash a lot of fog will be playing into forecast
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the rain is about done. there might be a few lingering showers but nothing compared to what we had over the weekend. it's stacked up, the rain, especially to the north, there will be a clot of clouds coming down to the northwest. some of these totals, the heavier rain was north. upper lake lake county, had .7. record rainfall, .5. fort bragg almost .5. for some there was a lot of rain. 60s on your temperatures. we're in the 40s. napa/san rafael 49. we will get a break. but with so much moisture in place, the north bay will be dealing with a lot of fog. games series game 1, not a
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problem. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy. police make an arrest after a northern california storeowner is robbed and killed. the second crime the suspect is also being tied to. world series tickets how much and where. that's next. in san jose, the battle over measure b is really getting heated. what firefighters and police officers accuse the city councilman -- a city councilman of doing to sabotage the campaign efforts.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. 7:29. new this morning, a 17-year- old boy is under arrest. police say he robbed the fiesta latino market on east beach street last tuesday and then shot the store clerk. you are looking at surveillance video here. that shooting was actually caught on the surveillance video. investigators say they believe the teenager was also involved in a shoplifting incident a day earlier and a 98 -- at a 98 cents store. we're hoping to get more details at a news conference later this morning. 7:30. hours ago, construction of the bay bridge's new eastern span moved into a new phase. there are concerns, though, the work could be distracting to
7:31 am
drivers crossing the bay bridge. claudine wong is on tree our island now with information -- treasure island with new information on this. >> reporter: there were no lane closures, no work being done on the actual bridge but it's what's happening next to it that can be distracting. there's gonna be a lot of work happening in that tower area that you are looking at this morning. what they will be doing is lifting parts of the new tower. when they do that, it will happen right at the eye level of commuters. so drivers crossing the bridge will get a front-row seat to all of the action. the first section of the work this morning, they brought up from the headquarters to the project site. the work we're talking about is for the single 524-tower, this
7:32 am
tower is being built in five different parts. the second phase is underway and the second set stars with four sections. each of those sections is 107 feet tall. weighs up to 617 tons, and makes about 1 hours to lift and bold in place. >> these sections are being lifted over 300 feet in the air. translated with -- translated means the strand jacks move into position, they move 250 feet in the air, and then set down. and then the team goes if on the inside and bolts it together. we continue that process for all four leg sections. >> reporter: back out here live at treasure island as we keep an eye on the work there. i can see some movement around
7:33 am
the tower section. right now they are below what you aring looing at beyond where this section of tower is going to be moved into place. it's that tilting process that people will see when they cross the brick. it will had happen right next to people. certainly do -- this is simply a curiosity issue where caltrans is worried that drivers seeing all of that activity next to them had keep their eyes off the road and what they want drivers to do is be aware of what's happening. we'll keep an eye on the traffic. and coming up on "mornings on 2," we'll talk live with the bay project management. claudine wong, account ktvu
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channel 2 news. a hotly contested ballot measure in san jose has led to evacuations that a city councilman is stealing their signs. this is on youtube hosted by a no on measure b volunteer. it allegedly shows an encounter after pierluigi oliverio was seep removing the sign. well, oliverio supports measure b. he says he removed the no on "b" signs because he said they were illegally posted in public areas. >> every resident under the municipal code can take down these lines and can. >> well, councilman oliverio was found in powe session of four signs. hundreds of signs have have gone missing in the last few
7:35 am
weeks. well, first lady michelle obama, flies here to the bay area today. she'll be here for a democratic fund-raiser tonight in san francisco. it will be at the fairmont hotel for senator barbara boxer who is -- who is in a tight race with carly fiorina. 7:35. later today, the san francisco giants will be working out at at&t park getting ready for the 2010 world series. this morning, kraig debro spoke to some fans determined to get the tickets for these big games. kraig joins us from at&t park. do they have a shot? any chance of getting tickets? >> reporter: well, earlier there was -- as you hear the
7:36 am
ambulance behind me -- there is a couple of guys in line. they are trying to buy tickets at the ticket booth. the earlier -- they got here at 5:15. but none of them, knew about the tickets being sold here. >> reporter: a frozen rope in baseball is a hard hit line. a frozen person is ryan. that sent the giants to the world series for the first time in 19 -- 1962. people are already lining up at the ticket window, hoping they could beat the worldwide web. i'm tilling to -- willing to take that chance.
7:37 am
i don't have no internet and then the whole site is jam. >> i had an opportunity to buy four at $2010. >> no way. >> i did. we got it on videotape. >> wow! >> reporter: yeah, here is that video that we were talking about. i was able to go to the site, the giants' website and i could have purchased four tickets for $2010. regretly, i did not. i thought it would be there later on than it was. other ticket brokers have tickets online as well. stub hub, their range is $4 42 for the standing-room only up to $5 for the other tickets.
7:38 am
there's been reports of counterfeit ticket sales down here at at&t park. not widespread, but enough to, you know, let people know that it does go on, that you do have to be careful. excited giant fans are sending us their photos documenting san francisco's first wrist appearance. karen sent us this picture of this beautiful child. ap then there's this photo, the four-legged furry fan has his giants' jersey. we want to see your fan photos. e-mail them to us.
7:39 am
you can also check out the orange and black slide show and find more giants' coverage on our website, sal is taking a few days off. tara is filling in. >> even nobody the sun is out as well, you are still going to have trouble seeing through the tunnel. the chp has confirmed there is a power outage there. it's completely dark due to a transformer getting blown out. let's take a look live at highway 24 through la fayette. we're not sure if it is because of yesterday's storm but pg&e crews are on the scene trying to fix the problem in the tunnel. up next, highway 101 in san francisco. that's not dirt on the dense there. it just appears that it might be a hazy this morning. the folks are -- the headlights
7:40 am
are folks headed downtown and toward the bridge. looking good. 280 at the 880 interchange, traffic slow northbound. steve, will had the giants get rained out on thursday? >> maybe thursday. maybe thursday. wednesday's all right. but we still have three days to see if mother nature decides to throw us a curve. we do have a break today. low clouds, fog. we're seeing most of this clear out. there's numerous reports between 3, 5, 6. lake port, anywhere from 2, 6, 7. it just depends on your location. santa cruz, almost 2. boulder creek, our observer ken had 2/1/. watch how everything goes from north to east as the ridge is
7:41 am
building into the left of your screen. fog will be picking up so much moisture in the air. temperatures very close. i'll bump you up slight lie -- slightly. santa rosa, 48. low 50s, san carlos, 54 and vallejo and gilroy also 54. fog, though, starting to pop up. 30s in mountains where the wind is howling. gusts over 100. numerous reports. record rainfall ukiah. even down to of which only had 13/100ths. but still it was a record rain for southern california. there is our break for tuesday into wednesday. the system developing more likely on thursday is coming out of the gulf of alaska look -- looks to be a storm.
7:42 am
we get a break until thursday. 60s on the temperatures. hoe, mid. wednesday is okay. first pitch, partly cloudy/partly cloudy. thursday, though, could be a different story. fog, nights and mornings, a little barmer afternoon highs. showers and cooler on friday. 7:41. the weather is no lomer causing delays at sfo this morning. yesterday's wet and windky conditions forced delays on inbound flights. accidental death explained. canadian authorities say they know why san mateo high school student fell to his death while on a field trip four months ago. a girl what once got national attention for being
7:43 am
the hiccup girl is now facing murder charges.
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right now all of the indexes are up about .5. it is 7:45. opening statements are scheduled to begin today in the murder trial of the man accused of killing washington, d.c. intern khan dray leavey.
7:46 am
ing ar is charged with the attempted sexual assault and murder of leavey back in 2001 -- levy 2001. her case made headlines. levy's remains were found in a park a year after she disappeared. a florida teenager who gave national attention because she had had hiccups for more than a month now faces murder charges. police arrested her and two men yesterday in the shooting death of a 2-year-old man. they say she lured the man and the two men tried to rob him. the victim struggled and he was shot and killed. in 2007, she had hiccups nonstop for nearly six weeks. a san mateo hi student was
7:47 am
high on lsd when he fell to his death in canada. investigators say cho and two other students took the drugs jut before getting off the bus. now, cho climbed over a fence and fell to his death. his death has been ruled an accident. 7:46. three beaches on the central california coast could reopen this morning. 19-year-old lucas ransom was boogie boarding with a friend when a shark bit his leg. the attack happened at surf beach in santa barbara county off vandenburg air force base. he was from riverside county and was astute at uc santa barbara. some sufferers say ransom's death hits home. >> it's really soot. he was a student at ussb and it
7:48 am
kind of hits like a whole community. if you go to school and you sufficient, it's pretty horrible. >> a photo from the santa barbara county sheriff's department shows a 13-inch chunk missing from ransom's board. witnesses say the shark was about 18 feet long and some experts believe it was a great white. all tree beaches shut down after the attack. authorities will deday later on whether to reopen them. warning signs have been post all along the coastline. a jury awarded money to a plaintiff. the man says he had had visions
7:49 am
of death. he developed skin cancer because of his expork sure out there. he's hoping his face may keep the scuba diving incident later. the better business bureau is barning job seekers about fraud artists who say they can get jobs. the bbb received 3,000 complaints from scam -- about scammers. parents in california, could be charged with a misdemeanor in their children skips -- skills school. under a new law, california parts could get up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine if a prosecutor can prove their children missed too much school. it will affect children in kindergarten through 8th grade. the law goes into effect
7:50 am
january 1st. students here are watching "mad man." that's series back in the '60s. "-- there's one way to explore the politics and the culture of the early 1960s just in time for halloween, fear is controlling the movie box office. the movie paranormal activity ii took in more than $41 million during its debut weekend. half of that money came in on friday with crowds dropping off a bit saturday and sunday.
7:51 am
now, the movie -- ten minutes away from 8:00. from bay area to washington, d.c., the unique opportunity being offered to four local students. stanford researchers are reciting and bay area brothers and sisters are on the invy station list. invitation list.
7:52 am
7:53 am
four bay area students are among the new class of white house interns. this is the picture of the white house live. those students will be working there with the president. thousands apply for this elite internship each year but only 140 were invited. the students will be able to work in different white house
7:54 am
departments including the first lady, the chief of staff and the staff of the vice president. a new report is out and it shows while san francisco schools are struggling with a dwindling budget, the city's school board has increased its budget for the past four years. now, the san francisco chronic kell reports the board spent more than $492,000 last year, including 22,000 for catered meals. 7300 for a conference in portland. this report concludes it's not a lot of money given the district's $500 million annual budget. it is 7:54. budget cuts in san jose could cause some city workers their ride hole. that's because a new study -- city audit shows some city employees are driving more miles commuting to and from work than on official business. the audit shows of the 166 vehicles taken home, 144 of them were police cars.
7:55 am
that cost the city $900,000. that's enough to pay for the average police officer which costs an average of $80,000 a year. that would be more -- five more police officers. we have to make that choice. morleys or community. >> if our special officers needed to come to the police d to pick up their vehicles, you can see where their response time would be increased. >> another criticism raised is some of the police and firefighters taken home go as far away as modesto and monterey. stanford university officers are looking for volunteers to help out on a new study of brain development. they want to look at w the brain develops as the kids develop a sense of humor.
7:56 am
they are looking for brothers and sisters between the ages of 8 and 12. the kids will be paid and the compensation also includes photographs of their brains, believe it or not. we'll have more information on all of this at 7:55. we want to check in with tara filling in with sal. it was pretty stormy yesterday. >> yes. we had a lot of trees and power lines topping. but so far, so good this morning. let's take a live look at highway 4 in the pittsburg area. westbound traffic. stop and go as you drive towards concord and 680. 880 near the oakland cool coliseum. this is -- cool so lee -- coliseum. 237 near milpitas.
7:57 am
our cameras have been bopping around here for the past few minutes. there's quite a bit of congestion westbound as you make your way towards sunnyvale. how are things outside now. ten-year are getting better but mostly cloudy skies. some areas of fog will be in the forecast. there it is, speaking of. temperatures 40s and 50s. but things are quieting down and calming down after a wild, wacky wind -- over the weekend. the heavy rain from about marin county north. we're on the drier side. lake county, 3 to 7 inches of rain fell. sebastopol had 6 plus. tahoe/keys, yes, that was rape. 4.20, our observer steve bridges there.
7:58 am
oakland 1.17 and san francisco 1 eye 10. that's a lot of rain up in the mountains. 60s, 60s and 60s. a lot of cloud, some sun. livermore/concord, 9. our system is moving out and everything is flowing. clouds and sun today. we get a break until thursday when rain comes back in and probably into the weekend as well. 60s for everybody. top to bottom. first pitch of the world series game one, it's okay. it's okay. the five-day does have fog into wednesday. rain on thursday. back to you. >> reporter: i'm jade hernandez, a murder at the napa state hospital. we have a lot of questions about safety. we'll have the investigation coming up. and how a big power outage affected some area police and fire departments. we've just learned some new --
7:59 am
some new information about the number of outages still in effect.
8:00 am
8:01 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's monday, october 25th. well, topping our second hour of news, a deadly incident that happened over the weekend. it's raising security questions at napa state hospital. a mentallyible patient is under arrest for the killing of a hospital worker from concord. kight ate jade hernandez joining us live. she's in napa with the latest on this ongoing investigation.
8:02 am
jade, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. our workers, and a homicide investigation is worrying some people. we watched a worker drop off flowers at the hospital about a half hour ago. hospital employees are still grappling with what happened here saturday night. hospital authorities found the body of 54-year-old didn't -- donna gross in the courtyard that night. the napa county sheriff's office said she was robbed and killed but wouldn't say how she died. more questions about safety may soon arise due to the investigation. the state hospital police checked cars coming in to work this morning. sheriff's office did arrest arrest jess massey. massey entered the hospital 17 years ago after being declared
8:03 am
insane. the media spokesperson for the hospital was not expected in to get here until now, the same goes for the coroner's office. we do know that done grau -- donna gross worked for the hospital for 1 years and an autopsy is expected to be conducted later this week. her death is still under investigation this morning. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. it is 8:03. the first major storm of the season, knocked out the power for about 15,000 oakland residents yesterday. we heard from pg&e just a few minutes ago and they tell us all but about 15 customers in the east bay now have their lights back on. the power though is still out at the caldecott tunnel. all trains were running
8:04 am
smoothly as of 9:00 last night. the outage affected the oakland police and fire departments and both will be looking into why their backup generators didn't operate properly. the backup generator kicked in -- kicked in. police worked in their headquarters by candlelight, taking only the emergency views from inside the outage zone. >> we have two generators. one malfunctioned and it shut both down. we have a few emergency lights and that's it. >> the power was restored to the fire station around 4:00 and to the police -- 4:00 and to the police station by 9:00. 8:0. construction's underway as we speak on the landmark suspension towerrer with on the
8:05 am
new eastern span of the bay bridge. here is a live picture, the -- to the hest there. the crews are starting work and putting massive sections of this anchor into place. caltrans is warranting drivers try not to be distracted by this gigantic project. construction was delayed while an essential part of the equipment was repaired. caltrans says the $6 billion project is still on schedule to be finished by 2013. we're gonna find out how and if it is affecting your traffic when we get a live report coming up in just a couple of minutes. later today, the san francisco giants will be working at at&t park getting ready for the 2010 world series. [ cheers ] >> yesterday, the national league champions received a hero's welcome as they arrived back home in san francisco at 2nd and king. hundreds of fans gathered on a
8:06 am
rather stormy day to celebrate the giants' victory over the phillies. the giants are already looking forward to wednesday, when they host the rangeers. >> the energy the fans bring is just awesome. >> as you might have guessed, ticket prices for this week's world series game in san francisco were going through the roof. kraig debro joins us live from at&t park with more on that part of the story. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, tori. ticket prices tend to be a little higher this time of year, especially when the most important games are being played. these people here want a shot
8:07 am
at it but don't want to play a lot be -- don't want to pay a lot of money. tickets go on sale online about -- probably two hours ago, we were online and got access to some. didn't buy them. the frenzy for the seats started in motion lie this. >> brian wilson. 3-2 pitch. got him looking! the giants win the pennant! >> i will not get tired of seeing that any time soon. the call on third strike -- the call of third strike on ryan howard was the end of it. one of these two teams is gonna be having a lot of celebrating
8:08 am
to do. perhaps that's why why -- one of the reasons why the fans got there at 5:00 this morning. >> i'm like the old people with no -- like those hold people who don't have the internet. >> reporter: i got on there and got an opportunity to buy four 60s for $2010 -- 210 for the club portion. yeah. i haven't been able to do it since -- i haven't been analysts to do it since then. up to 5,000 per seat, near home plate. the other ticket sites also have them. i couldn't find the high-end $5,000 seats but they did have some midranged, 1200 to $1900 streets on the other broker sites. it is the giants' website.
8:09 am
here is the website, day -- games one an two. six and seven will be if necessary. >> so let me go on here. this is what happened earlier. just didn't do anything. i put the hand on it and clicked it and didn't do anything. game two, same game. i this tab dash this red thing comes up over here saying there are no seats available or they may not have them online yet or ready are be -- to be sold gentlemen. keep trying online. still haven't been able to talk to the giants to see if they are gonna release tickets here. reporting live in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig.
8:10 am
>> a lot of people will be glued to that tv for the game. we're glued to our sets because tara is here while sal takes a few days off. that wild storm has knocked out power. you've been talking about that all morning. >> that's right. the lights are out at the caldecott tunnel. a lot of commuters said it was pretty eary coming in to work. major backup westbound on the right there as you drive toward the tunnel. the chp has confirmed that a power outage occurred because of a blownout transformer. pg&e crews are on scene right now trying to remedy the problem. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have could be vested -- con investigation. give yourself an ex15 minutes. 280/880, near san jose. traffic is sluggish on the
8:11 am
lower part of your screen. here's steve. mr. sun trying to break through. a lot of clouds. we had had the wind, the rain for some. you get down towards sunnyvale, mountain view, tear was hardly any rape. ukiah says light rain and 49 degrees. things are calming down. maybe a few passing showers. we went from one extreme to the other. over a foot of rain for some to nothing in san jose. which was -- even our observer in blossom had .0. that's it. the santa cruz mountains and santa cruz itself did get a little bit of rain, 1 to 2 inches. it wasn't a total wipeout.
8:12 am
kentfield, 4/1/4. now, lake port 2.41. it just depends where you were. napa, 2 1/3. coming down out of the northwest, pattern is changing a little bit as the ridge of high pressure begins to build itself. it's still not over us yet. 60s, 60s and 60s. a little breezy. temperatures, a couple of upper 40s. the fog, a couple of miles of the visibility, should be low. 48 ukiah, 48 ewe key raw -- eureka. there was record rainfall over the weekend and in sacramento. it was heavy-duty rain and i wind up if the sierra. you can see a ridge of high pressure starting to build in.
8:13 am
overall, it's a break until thursday. when it looks like a colder system is on its way. so 60s today for everybody. game one's okay. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy. but it will be dry. it's game two we're concerned about. fog nights and mornings, tuesday into wednesday. near is your rain thursday. cool and breezy on friday. 8:13. it's a first for b of a. the bank of america makes an admission that makes some homeowners a little nervous.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
some breaking news. u.s. monitoring agency says a 7.5 magmy today quake has just hit off the western coast of indonesia's sumatra. earlier we reported authorities in indonesia were evacuating thousands of people we don't know if the quake and impending eruption are related.
8:17 am
the pacific tsunami warning center has issued a watch but it does not expect it would be too destructive. a new poll shows democrat, jerry brown weeks a commanding lead against -- brown, with a commanding lead against meg whitman. the "l.a. times" polls shows 52% of the voters surveyed said they will vote for brown and 39% for whitman. local analysts say the damage to whitman's campaign was caused by the way she and her campaign handled the disclosure last month that she had employed an illegal immigrant housekeeper for nine years. it looks like some of the companys that got big bailouts are could be tributing to -- contributing to this election. alison burns is live in our
8:18 am
washington, d.c. bureau with the latest. >> reporter: "the washington post" is out and it's raising eyebrows. it shows general motors now largely owned by taxpayers is part of a political action committee that donated -- donated almost 200,000 last month. one of the recipientses with a fierce critic of the bailout, mitch mick connell. the -- there's reports that bailouts like general motors, j.p. morgan chase, and john boehner who has received about $200,000. j.p. morgan chase has spent the most on lobbyists.
8:19 am
alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:18. well, bank of america says it found errors in some home foreclosure kays ranging from pack laugh of signatures to missing files. in the first foreclosure cases it examined last week, and this the sift film the b of a admitted there were mistakes in the foreclosure process. bank officials say some of the problems are relatively minor and claim they haven't find any evidence of wrongful -- wrong if the disclosures. now, later on this morning, three members of the san jose city council as well as local relidges readers -- leaders will announce a major change. the city of san jose is moving millions of dollars out of accounts. city leaders want to it increase the -- want to see the
8:20 am
increase on b of a. the puc released a list of all of the signs it's ordered utilities across the state to pay. the report confirms the puc did not impose a single fine on pg&e between 2004 an 2009. even though the utility committed more infractions than all others combine. "the san francisco chronicle" reports two pg&e workers are refusing to speak -- are refee using to speak to the two workers who had critical roles
8:21 am
of shutting off the valves in the pipeline. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed 37 homes. we now have an update on that big shopping mall fire recently destroyed by fire. we'll tell you what happened over there weekend there and when some of the stores might open there.
8:22 am
8:23 am
the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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a fire started earlier yesterday morning on delmar avenue. a 16-year-old girl was seriously hurt in the fire. she was taken to the hospital for burns and smoke inhalation and is in critical condition. her father and 8-year-old sis fer were also taken to the -- sister whether taken to the hospital -- were taken to the hospital. cleanup crews have been working nonstop. we understand the mallout side of sacramento plans to reopen before thanksgiving weekend. a quarter of the mall was destroyed by an arsonist. 8:24. the obama administration today will announce some strict new
8:25 am
rule emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles. the goal is to cut the greenhouse gas emissions as much as 20%. the plan will cover new tractor- trailers, school buses, delivery van, garbage trucks and those heavy-duty pickup trucks for 2014 to 2018 model year. well, surprise. bay area drivers, you are paying the highest prices for gasoline in the whole country. triple-a says the average price for a gallon of gas in san francisco is 3.23. that's up that dime from last week. in san jose, the cost is $3.17. oakland, you a penny less. but both of those are up 12% a gallon. the cheapest gas in the whole country is in st. louis. drivers there pay 2.58. >> that sounds so cheap. we want to check in with tara filling in for sal.
8:26 am
we've been talking about this construction going on at the bay bridge. tara is here to tell us how it my affect traffic. >> that's right. claudine wong has been out all morning long telling us about this new phase of construction that's taking place at the s- curve, the area that's notorious for slow going anyway. so be aware of that. right now, the backup has not eased -- eased and the metering lights are still on. give yourself extra time to get into san francisco. happy monday, everybody. some of the rain totals come until are just -- you just what? and others are, you're kidding? san jose was the kidding. a trace for the entire weekend. >> what? >> that's what i said, a trace.
8:27 am
>> you're kidding. >> no i'm not kidding. i want to thank amy from the ox accidental and russian -- ox accidental occidental fire department. boulder creek, san jose gets nothing. boulder creek 2 1/. a lot clouds, some stun on the cool and mild side. right now a lot of 50s. low, mid, a few upper. it's not game one we're worried about. it's game two. thursday is the tough call. fog will be really thickening up over the next couple of days
8:28 am
especially tuesday night into wednesday morning. thursday rain, my hope is that the system goes through last enough that it's out of here by 5:00 on thursday. we'll ease in to that. 8:27. well, police make an arrest after a northern california storeowner is robbed and killed -- killed. the second crime the suspect is being tied to.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> reporter: look at the crane that has started to move in the last couple of minutes. it's been getting into place. we obviously don't know expectly what it's doing right now. we can imagine it's getting ready for this lift that we're told will get underway shortly now. underneath that section of the con struck project is where this -- construction project is where this is getting ready to be pulled up into place as part of this tower that they continue to build as part of
8:32 am
the bay bridge project. the reason caltrans is making such a point of it this morning, if you are driving at the s-curve spot, you are gonna get a front-row seat of all of this action. about 5:00 this morning, that's the barge that brought the first section of this tower section that's going up today over to the project site. the work we're talking about is for the single 525-foot tall tower that's part of this bridge. one big tower that has to be built in five separate phaseses. the first phase was completed in july. this is the second phase. each one of those sections is 107 feet tall. each weighs 617 tons or a whopping 1.2 million pounds. it takes about 16 hours to lift each one in place and then bolt
8:33 am
it in place. >> these sections are being lifted over 300 feet in the air and translated with these jacks, they move into position, they lift it 300 feet in the air, slide it to the appropriate position, translate it where it needs to be and sit down and then the team goes on the inside and bolts it all together. we continue that process for all four lane sections. coming back out here live, you are taking a look at the bay bridge. we come back over to that construction tower. we zoom in. we can see part of the crane lowered down into the inside of the tower. they will take this piece, and place it on to the part that's already built. it had take a couple of days to
8:34 am
get this worked on. they are actually -- they were actually supposed to start it last week and then there was a delay because there was an essential piece of equipment that needed to be fixed. we're looking at a couple of days if you are driving on either direction of the bay bridge, you will see that activity. caltrans is warning everybody this is happening. even though it might be tempting to look over, they want you to keep your eyes on the road and keep things moving. >> thank you, claudine,. new a 17-year-old boy is under arrest in connection to shooting death of a watsonville storeowner. police say he robbed the fiesta latino market on east beach street last tuesday and then shot the store clerk. investigators say they believe the teen was also involved in a shoplifting incident a day earlier at a 98 cent store. we expect to learn more about
8:35 am
the arrest -- about the arrest at a please conference that happens this morning. a hotly contested ballot measure in san jose has led to accusations that the city councilmen is stealing their signs. take a look at this video. this was posted on youtube. it shows this encounter saturday and city councilman pierluigi oliverio was seen removing "no on measure b" campaign since. pierluigi oliverio is a supporter of measure b. he says he took down the "no on b signs" because they were illegally posted in public areas. >> every resident under the municipal code can take these sighs down and i should. >> while the councilman was
8:36 am
only found with -- only had two signs, hundreds are missing. first lady, michelle obama flies here to the bay area here today. she will be coming to a democratic fund-raiser tonight in san francisco. it will be hold at the fairmont hotel for senator barbara boxer who is -- who is in a tough fight with carly fiorina. the first visit follows that of president obama himself. he campaigned in the bay area last week for democratic candidates. iran has confirmed a november 6th trial date for the three uc berkeley graduates arrested after being accused of crossing the border into iran from iraq. sarah shourd is not expected to attend the trial. she was released last month on $500,000 bail. her fiance, shane bauer, and friend, josh fattal, remain in
8:37 am
a prison in iran. 8:36. a new survey indicates commits have lowered their expect takes this time. they expect to see increases for real estate services and insurance. they see slow or no growth in transportation, utilities and communications industries. the ma the jo of those economists polled say employment will probably hold steady through the end of the year. well, the latest report came out this morning about existing home sales. that translates to an annual
8:38 am
rate of 4.5 million holes. >> this report follows a pretty dismal summer. 8:37. new rules could make street signs across the country look very much the same. federal officials are updating street sign rules to make them easier at night. the new rules will include mixed cased letters, and they will require a reflective background. some local experts are grumbling. speaking of signs. there are signs saying the lights are out at the caldecott tunnel. is that still the face? >> that's still the case. we've been talking to pg&e all morning long. and they don't know how long it will take to repair the problem. major backup on the right there as you drive toward the tunnel.
8:39 am
the chp did confirm earlier this morning that the power outage occurred because the blownout transformer. as we mentioned the crews are on the scene right now trying to fix the problem. 101 in san jose traffic is looking pretty good at this hour. we want to mention north of here in cloverdale, we have a bridge collapsing at river road and nye road. 8:39. here's steve. we do have some partly to mostly cloudy skies. some fog, the by-product, the moisture on the weekend. that's not going anywhere soon. we'll lose the high and mid- level clouds over the next two.
8:40 am
the russian river, mendocino county, lake county had rain. sebastopol over 10. tahoe/keys, that's rain. 4.2. there's snow on the hills. but it was mainly wind. san jose had a trace. that's it. a trace. the system has moved out. it's still coming down all of the northwest and can trigger an isolated shower. palo alto, 52. reno's 41. redding had almost 7 1/2 inches of rain. eureka had had had record rain. you can see where the cool air
8:41 am
made it, even in southern california there was a lot of wind and clouds. parts of the santa cruz mountains picked up in santa cruz. next system will be here. clouds, sun. a little bit of patchy fog out there. game one is okay. game two, though, could be a little tough. could be a little tough. fog, tuesday into wednesday. otherwise slightly cooler. 19 minutes before 9:00. the girl who made national headlines because she could not stop hiccupping is in the 1309 light for a serious program. -- is in the spotlight for a
8:42 am
serious problem.
8:43 am
8:44 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following for you right now. autopsy results are expected tomorrow in a deadly weekend incident that happened at napa state hospital. there are new security concerns after a mentally ill patient was arrest for the killing of a
8:45 am
hospital worker in concord. that investigation continues. also, it's still lights out as we look at live pictures over the heading into the caldecott tunnel. this is highway 24. can you see how packed the traffic is. the lights are out inside the tunnel. we're getting late word that independence kates that all -- that indicates all but a handful of customers have their power on. and an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.5 hit off the coast of sumatra, independent near yaw earlier today. now, the tsunami warning center issued a tsunami warning today. opening statements are vell scheduled to begin in the murder trial of the man accused of chilling chandra levy.
8:46 am
the illegal immigrant from el salvador is charged with the attempted sexual assault and murder of levy back in 2001. levy's disappearance made headlines when she was illegally linked. levy's remains were found at a park after she disappeared. a florida teenager who gained national attention because she had had had hiccups for more than a month faces murder charges in the shooting death of a 22-year-old man. they say she lured the victim toen area in st. petersburg, where two men tried to rob him. the victim struggled. he was shot and kill. 8:46. canadian authorities say a san mateo high school student was high on lsd when he fell to his death during a trip to canada.
8:47 am
17-year-old dan yell cho was on a school -- daniel cho was on a school musical. investigators say he and others took the drugs just before getting off the bus. his death has been ruled an accident. later today, the san francisco giants will be be working out today, getting ready for the world series. you can see the bus is pulling into the park. yesterday, they received a heroes -- hero's welcome as they arrived back home in san francisco. the giants are already looking forward to wednesday when they host the rangers. giants world series tickets are
8:48 am
not the only red hot i testimony in the bay area this week. it seems ike everyone wants souvenirs and memorabilia. the plan has, get up early, go into the city, get some world series t-shirts, hoots and just be ready. >> this could be a record- breaking week as the joins make their first world series appearance in 2002. as big as world series is, it's the america's cup that will truly ring the bay area's cash register. tom vacar joining us now. he has all of the numbers. >> few people really understand that this is the creme dele creme of sporting events for any city. >> got him looking and the giants win the pennant! >> unlike the world series or
8:49 am
even the several-weeks' long games, the america's cup is in a class by itself. >> the america's cup is telling us it's now graduated to the point where teens come in two, tree years in advance. so all of a sudden you are gonna have what we say will be baseball to two tori campbell three super bowls. every group and been 350,000,005town million. it brought in a lot of business. they spend, they stay in
8:50 am
hotels. now, san francisco. >> tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:9. well, the free ride for the san francisco 9ers may be coming to an end. in recent years, slay police have been providing free police escorts to and from the 9ers training is the and the city -- 9ers training facility and the city has not been paying a dime. some residents are challenging this. ten minutes before 9:00. some students are at uc berkeley are getting a history lesson from an unlikely source, of "madmen" which is about a time in the 1960s when sexual harassment in the workplace was the norm and people smoked cigarettes much more freely. the tv show is analyzed every
8:51 am
week has a way to explore the politics and culture of the 1860s. just in time for halloween "fear" is moving the box office. this picture of the white house, that's where a unique opportunity is being offered to two -- to students. ♪ danville's hero pilot is the subject of a song and dance
8:52 am
routine. ♪
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8:54 am
sfo officials say the weather is no longer causing delays. yesterday's weather forced officials to put ground delays on -- ground delays on inbound
8:55 am
flights. officials at mineta and oakland say the weather yesterday had no effect on their flight time. the stormy weather here was nothing compared to what they were seeing in the state of texas. >> a tornado! >> this is some dramatic video taken from inside a car. this was in nova row county -- nova row county, south of dallas. the twister badly damaged the high school in the town. it overturned several vehicles 0 over on the freeway. four vehicle were hurt. now bay area students are among the newest white house interns. as we look live at the white house, thousands of students applied for that elite internship every year but only 140 were actually invited to participate that fall. students will be able to work in different white house departments, including the offices of the first lady, the
8:56 am
chief of staff and the vice president. back here at home, stanford researchers are roarking for -- are looking for volunteers for a study on brain development. they want to look at how the brain changes as kids develop a sense of humor. they are looking for brother and sister pairs between the ages of 6 and 12 but no more than two and a half years apart. the research involves two tries to stanford and one visit with researchers at the home of the children. kids will be paid and the compensation for participating also includes pictures of their brains. there's more information on this at 8:56. sony says it will stop selling its walkman cassette tape players in japan as soon as the current stock runs out. sony has sold 220 million of the players since its debut. it's been ee -- been eclipsed
8:57 am
by ipod players. sony will continue protection in china because there's still demand for the walkman in the u.s., europe and some ash be countries. one of the hottest viral videos making the routine -- making the rounds is a song and dance routine about sully sullenberger. this is for the too many stars benefit show to raise money on autism on "comedy central." >> i watched part of it. he was there, sullenberger an he got to see it. >> was he a good sport about it? >> yes. let's check traffic again. the weather is still affecting things, right? >> oh, definitely. most of the problems seem to be happening in north bay. we have cars in ditches,
8:58 am
hitting trees off calistoga road. take it easy out there. the good news is that the lights are back on in the caldecott tunnel. here is a live look at highway 24, moving along very nicely. how is it going? >> we have a little bit of sunshine to break through. a lot of fog will give way to partly sunny, mostly sunny skies. temperatures are in the 60s. it will be dry and a little warmer. thursday looks like a rain day. can't pinpoint the timing. too soon. could impact day two. >> we'll worry about that a little bit later. >> yes. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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