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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 25, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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>> reporter: good afternoon. a pretty spectacular site is about to unfold near the bay bridge. why caltrans can telling drivers not to look. tickets to all four world series games set to at&t park are sold out. i can tell you how you can still get them. that's ahead on ktvu channel 2
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news at noon. good afternoon. we begin this noontime with big changes about to happen at the bay bridge. a big part of the new eastern span is come together and it comes with an important washing from caltrans for drivers. claudine wong has the latest. >> reporter: from our vantage point on treasure island, we can show you the work that's underway. what you are looking at leaning in that 75-degree or so angle is the section of the tower that's supposed to be lift. they are gonna get it perpendicular and raise it hundreds of feet in the air. when that goes up, the drivers on the bay bridge will get a front-row seat. at around 5:00 this morning, ktvu got this exclusively look at this 107-foot section of tower that will be part of the signature tower of the new bay
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bridge. the section was brought over on a barge to the construction site before dawn. as crews got ready to undertake this massive project. this is phase ii of a five- stage project. this work is happening right at eye level to drivers at the bay bridge. and that has caltrans warning drivers about keeping their eyes on the road and not the project. >> it's an interesting thing to say, hey, we're doing this amazing thing but don't look. there was really no way to screen it but we looked into it. it was better just to get the word out that we're doing this work and if they want to do more go to our website. >> reporter: this process shows the process. two strands are hoisting each section about 30 stories in the air so it n bened up and bolted in place. this process has to happen over the next several days. caltrans says think about one
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of the sections as a leg, legs that keep getting taller and taller. this tower will be 272 feet tall. it will stretch 525 feet in the air at the end of the project. >> i don't know what an analogy would be. you can play the super bowl, and you can play the season all way through and never practice this hard. >> reporter: you can see this first section. if we pan up, you can see the metal structure that's there. the top of the structure, that gives you an idea of just how tall this is gonna be and really how much it will be in the line of sight of drivers. there will be four of these. each process will be about 16 hours. what's amazing, once that is done, it's only about halfway to about where it will be when this tower is completely finished. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2
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news. a homicide investigation is underway at napa state hospital where workers are now concerned about safety. the victim is an employee and the man talked of the crime, a patient. ktvu tara moriarty joins us live from the newsroom with details. >> investigators won't even say how this long-time individual was killed. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. perhaps we'll learn details then. but late this morning, a description was released,ese 37- year-old jess massey, a patient at the hospital, what has an extensive criminal history. he was declared insane by the court. investigators believe he killed gonna gros. she had -- donna gross. she had taken her lunch break in the afternoon and investigators say she turned up dead. right now, officials are
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interviewing right now hoping to try to get more information. a coworker dropped off flowers for gross this morning. gross was a psychiatric technician at the hospital for 14 years. she lived in concord and has children. coworkers have complained for years that the hospital is unsafe. the hospital says it is working closely with investigators and cooperating. meantime, massey is being held on no bail. live from the newsroom, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. with the elections just eight days away, a new poll shows democrat, jerry brown, with a commanding lead over republican, meg whitman, in the governor's race. "the l.a. times" shows 50% of those voters surveyed say they will vote for brown. 39%, for whitman. political analysts say the
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damage to whitman's damage to her campaign was caused in part because she had had employed an illegal immigrant house keener for nine years. first lady michelle obama will be in the bay area for a democratic fund-raisinger. it will be at the fairmont hotel who is in a tight race with carly fiorina. her visit follows president obama, who campaigned in the bay area last week for other democratic candidates. the giants, getting ready to practice. the fans are also making plans for the world series. some are trying to buy tickets for the games. but how hard is it to find a ticket and what do they cost? kraig debro joins us now with more from san francisco. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon. maybe not that hard. i was just out here a second
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ago. a guy walked up to me offering to tell me bleacher seats. if you've heard the tickets are sold out, you are right. if you have heard you can get tickets, you are right too. what happened to me this morning, i went to the giants' website, i was offered to four ticket -- i was offered four tickets to game one for $210. they're is a reasonable explanation. >> major league baseball takes a lot of tickets for these games. occasionally we get some tickets back. we post them and they go online. >> reporter: with two days to go before game one, it's not likely and there's no chance to get any tickets here at the giants window. these guys got here at 5:15 this morning without knowing that. what are you doing here, man? >> i'm here to get tickets. >> reporter: are you sure it's gonna be open? >> i'm willing to take that chance. >> reporter: in order to prevent long lines for days on end, there is a lottery system,
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an on-line system. >> if you don't have a ticket -- computer, go to the library or a friend's house. >> it's even harder if your computer crashed, like me. so i was just hoping i would have a chance here. >> reporter: now the only way to get a ticket is through a broker. buying it somewhere else 1 risky. >> it's not guaranteed the ticket will work when you get here. >> reporter: if you can't get a ticket to the game, entry to the clubhouse at at&t is free. what you buy here is not. souvenir hunters couldn't wait to hand over cash for a t- shirt, a hat or anything with "national league champs" on the front. >> look at this store. it's awesome. i'm ex-sited. by the way, i did spend some money, yes, i did. >> reporter: ott tickets on
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stubhub -- the tickets on stub hub, standing room only ticket through the season $12. during the division series, if there is one on the site. back to you. >> thank you giants fans have been sharing their photos with us throughout the playoff series. this is the photo of an ultrasound of what appears to be twins giants' fans. a viewer sent us this photo wearing a giants hat and t- shirt and beautiful smile. you can watch the entire world series right here on channel 2. our broadcast starts at 4:30 p.m., following a 4:00 edition
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of the ktvu channel 2 news. an arrest that outraged people around northern california. it's a big day for a bay area hospital. we'll explain what's going on there at this hour. more rain rolling through the area. mark tamayo has details on when it will give arrive. the world series brings a lot of fame and money to the area. but there's something else to get that might bring a lot more. i'm tom vacar. that story is still ahead.
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power has been -- power has been restored to thousands of people located in the east bay. as many as 15,000 customers lost power starting around 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. that included b.a.r.t.'s 12th street and lake merritt stations, where trains were temporarily unable to stop. it also included the oakland police department and a fire station. pg&e gradually restored power to everyone around 9:30 last night. iran has confirmed a november 6th trial date for the three uc berkeley graduates arrested after being accused of crossing the border into iran from iraq. sarah shourd is not expected to attend the trial. she was released last month on the $500,000 bail. her fiance, shane bauer, and friend, josh fattal, remain in
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a prison in tehran. they are charged with spying and illegal entry. it was announced this morning that a 17-year-old boy was under arrest in connection with a shoot -- with the shooting death of a storeowner. he robbed the store and shot the clerk. this was caught on video. investigators believe the teen was also cell phoned in a -- involved in another incident at a 98-cent store. investigators are looking into the fire that sent a father and his two daughters to the hospital that happened near the cal state east bay campus on delmar. one of the girls was seriously hurt and is in critical condition. her father and 8-year-old sister were also taken to the hospital but for less serious injuries. we're getting new information about that shopping
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mall that was heavily damaged in roseville. cleanup crews have been working nonstop. we understand the mall plans to open before thanksgiving weekend, just in time for the big shopping weekend. a quarter of the mall was put on fire by an arsonist. building officials worked overtime to approve permits to help scores get reopened as quickly as possible. during the past half hour, the summit center broke ground on a brand-new patient care pavilion in oakland, being built at the former site's university bethel hall. the project includes 238 all private rooms for patients in an 11-story building. it will also contain a new 21,000 square foot emergency department. the building itself will be very high tech. >> we'll have electronic medical records in every room. we'll have centralized nurses'
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stations and some other advancements and technology that will really help us deliver excellent patient care. taxpayers are not paying a dime of the $300 million price tag. the project will create 5,000 construction jobs and once done, it will employ 2,000 healthcare works. it's scheduled for completion in now four years. the obama administration announced strict, new fuel emission standards for heavy- duty vehicles. the goal is to cut greenhouse emissions by as much as 20%. the plan covers new tractor- trailers school buses, delivery vance for 2010 -- vans for 2014 to 1 are 2018 model year -- to 2018 model years. tipple a reports the average price for a gallon of gas in san francisco is 3.23, the highest in the nation, and that's up a dime from last
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month. in san jose, the cost is 3.17, while in oakland it's a penny less. both are up 12 cents a gallon everyone the cheapest -- gallon. the cheapest is in st. louis. san francisco has already seen a huge economic boost from the national league playoff and is no line for even more with the world series starting here on wednesday. but there is an event 245 could -- that could eclipse that and that would be the world cup. >> got him looking and the giants win the pennant! >> unlike the world series, the america's cup is in a class by itself. >> as a matter of fact, the america's cup people are telling us it's now graduated to the point where teams number in two, three years in advance. so all of a sudden, you have gonna have what we say will be comparable to three super bowls. and every super bowl in every
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city has been $350 million to $500 million. >> it will continue to showcase the city on a world stage. >> reporter: this man is with australia's quantas airlines. >> it increased a lot of little businesses and they are the type of people to be in the city. they spend. they stay in hotels. >> reporter: and if san francisco should get the america's cup, then a lot of other planned waterfront projects would be sped up. i'm tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to check in now with our meteorologist, mark tamayo. so a pretty different picture for the weather today, huh, mark? >> yes. yesterday at this time, we had extreme rainfall rates especially up in the north bay and east bay on a sunday afternoon. today the clouds are beginning
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to lift out of the region. as far as the rainfall, a few lingering rain showers not here, but up toward kate mendocino and eureka, crescent city. mostly all on the light site. we can show you this, looking out towards san francisco bay. currently san francisco, right around 60 degrees and still a few scattered showers off in the distance. for today we are trying out. the extended forecast, rain chances will be on the increase once again. as far as current numbers you can still see santa cruz on the cool side, san jose, 63. livermore, in the lower 60s at 62. satellite shows you the clouds moving out of the region. there's more development up here to the north and west. we'll be tracking rain chances for later in the week. but tomorrow, this afternoon and most of wednesday will be dry. here is our forecast model showing you a little bit of activity approaching the coastline by wednesday at 3:00.
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mainly towards the north bay, up towards mendocino county and we'll take this into thursday and rain chances on the increase, especially from the golden gate to the north by thursday everyone why, we could be talking about ukiah. the highest chance for the northern half of the bay area. we be will be watching -- we will be watching the forecast. with 3:00 this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny skies. 60 to 67. by 6:00, fair skies and patchy fog resurfacing. temperatures you will notice the cooldown 8 to 5 3 -- 48 to 53. low to mid-60s. for antioch, 65. san francisco, lower 60s. san jose, right around 66 and half moon bay, 61 degrees. here is a look ahead -- your five-day forecast remains fairly active with some patchy fog to start out our tuesday. wednesday, an increase in the high clouds. there is a slight chance of a
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north bay sprinkle wednesday night and there's a chance of a rain on thursday. we'll hold on to those chances for friday as well. that's a very important forecast for game two of the world series but for game one, looking fine. mostly sunny skies with the first pitch at 4:00. it looks like the north bay fairly good. >> okay. and then i know a lot of people were talking about tahoe because they -- about tahoe because they had some chain requirements up there. >> the snowfall will be tapering off. most of the snow was up above 7500. but quickly coming down to 60,000. that's why they had had -- 6,000. that's why they had the chain controls. four bay area students are among the newest interns at the white use. 140 were invited to participate this fall. the students will be able to work in different white house departments, including the office of the first lady, the
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chief of staff and the vice president. stanford university churchers are looking for -- stanford university researchers are looking for participants for the study on brain development. kids will be paid. there's more information at a major bay area city is taking action against a large bank because of a controversy link the to home foreclosures. we'll tell you previous home sales are going. there's good news and bad news. s
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, home sales up in september and that's moving the markets right now. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now, the dow is currently up 79. now up 80, at 11,212. nasdaq up 20. s&p is up about 7. the city of san jose plans to move millions of dollars out of accounts that they have bank of america in response to how they handled the foreclosures. they want to add pressure on the bank for how it handles
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foreclosures. b of a had had temporarily -- b of a had had term po rarely halted those procedures. the latest report came out this morning on existing home sales. it shows sales of previously- owned homes rose. the national association of realtors said sales grew 10% in september but sales were still down 19% from the same month last year. that translates to an annual rate of 4 1/2 million homes. this follows a dismal summer. new rules could make street signs across the country look similar. federal officials are updating street sign rules to make them easier to read at night. the new rules will include mixed case letters, instead of all capital letters. they will also require reflective background.
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some are grumbling. the new rules take effect in 2018. that will do it for us. our next newscast is the news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ]
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