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tv   KTVU News Special Edition  FOX  October 27, 2010 6:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> joe: vladimir's night, rbi single in the first. hit one off lincecum. who was hit twice by a batted ball tonight. 1-3. >> joe: broke in with the expos, vladimir guerrero. great year with the angels, american league most valuable player in 2004. >> joe: his time fizzled there. his knees really bothering him. he had a procedure done. he dressed it up. got his legs underneath him. off the glove and into right. trying to short-hop it. couldn't make the play. top of the seventh inning continues. >> tim: we'll see how it is going to be
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scored. aubrey did try to short-hop it. backhand short-hop. tough hop, but a play that should have been made. >> joe: he made one error in the post season, aubrey. still waiting on the official scorer's ruling. here is nelson cruz. nelson hit 22 home runs during the regular season. it's an error. error on the first baseman aubrey huff. first of the night for the giants. the rangers have committed two errors. ball one. to nelson cruz. >> joe: a break it open, home run at home in the sixth against the yankees and against david
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robertson. that was in game six, the clincher. arlington went crazy. lost three consecutive post seasons that they had been involved with the yankees and finally got past them. that is on the inside corner. 2-1. texas lost in '96, '98, '99. this is the first time they have been in the post season since '99 and obviously their first world series. a 2-1. cruz floats one to right centerfield. sanchez out to get it. [ applause ] seven left on the night for the rangers. 8-4 san francisco lead. as we head toward the bottom of the seventh.
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game summary: cliff lee, two earned runs this post season coming in. tonight, four. the giants broke it open with a six-run fifth inning capped by a three-run shot by juan uribe. so as we wait for the bottom of the seventh, we join public address announcer renel brooks-moon for the introduction of "god bless america." >> announcer: fans, please rise and remove your caps. performing "god bless america" for us tonight, welcome 15-time grammy award winner tony bennett. [ applause ] ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guide her
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♪ through the night ♪ with a light from above ♪ from the mountains ♪ to the prairies ♪ to the oceans ♪ white with foam ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. >> joe: tonight's game is sponsored by --
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>> joe: bottom of the seventh, 8-4, san francisco. ogando back to the hill. cody ross, first up. how about tony bennett? "god bless america." 84 years old. >> tim: how does he hit those high notes? >> joe: i have no idea. what an instrument. that is actually the second performance he's had here tonight. in front of a packed house. give you a little taste of "i left my heart in san francisco" after cody ross, who is at the plate with a 1-1 count. cody tonight, 1-3 with an rbi single. >> joe: the 1-1.
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strike two. 97 with movement. has cody ross in the hole. >> joe: the 1-2 from ogando. skips in. 2-2. >> joe: ogando just turned 27. the 2005 draft pick-up from oakland. 2-2. you cannot under estimate or talk about enough the job that john daniels has done putting his texas rangers club together.
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he considered the body of work over the last couple o years of what has gone on, as they had added to this team, made trades, reshaped this roster coming in to this season, during this season. his finger prints are all over this team. ogando strikes out. we go back to the bottom of the first inning. some more tony bennett. >> ♪ when i come home to you ♪ ♪ san francisco ♪ your golden sun will shine for me ♪ [ applause ] thank you very much! >> joe: there is a strike to aubrey huff. he is from queens but he might as well be
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from here, as well as he is down for performing that song. it just never gets old. >> tim: anthony bennetedo has done all right for himself. >> joe: strike one to aubrey huff who is 2-3. the 0-1. line drive into right. third hit of the night for huff, who is batting in the number sixth spot. down there because of the left-hander lee making the start tonight. he has been hitting third the majority of the post season. here is uribe. >> tim: bruce bochy is probably thinking with the pitcher up third that he could pinch hit ishikawa and keep him in the game at first base. take huff out of the game. move the pitcher in that spot. particularly with romo warming in the
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bullpen. >> joe: strike one on uribe. back in the fifth. three-run home run. a six-run fifth. >> joe: there goes huff. the hit-and-run. a swing and a miss. out at second is aubrey huff. two gone. >> tim: boy, what a quick release by bengie molina. the ball hardly has time to touch leather. he even ducked his head when he made the catch. just a great throw, from a guy whose family can throw. yadier, jose and bengie. >> joe: the legs of ian kinsler prevented aubrey huff to get to the bag. clearly out. joe miller with the call, the second base
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umpire. and now uribe strikes out. ogando faces only three in his half of the seventh. the out at second. here we go into the eighth. still 8-4, giants here in game one. [ male announcer ] it's ram truck season. and the 60-day handshake lives on, that five-finger bond that communicates trust, honor, follow-through, and follow-up. it's a promise that says go ahead and buy a ram 1500
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>> tonight's aerial coverage brought to you by directv. get movies a month before netflix with directv. call 1-800-directv. ian kinsler, first up against sergio romo. good work by santiago casilla. inning and a third, one strike-out, all zeros. breaking ball, first strike. numbers this post season for romo. from the first of september to the end of the regular season, lights out. on the outside corner, strike two.
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kinsler, 0-2. molina nice night, 2-3, two runs scored and an rbi. ball one. if you are somehow checking out the san francisco giants for the first time this post season and you like that beard, that's a good one. brian wilson, the closer for the giants has it topped just in appearance. >> tim: more than one beard to fear. >> chris: it's coloring. here is a 1-2. fooled on the pitch. might go for a hit. kinsler is on to start ning. huff takes it. and now kinsler will be out! he rounded the bag and he is tagged by huff. what a play by aubrey huff! [ applause ]
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>> tim: a base hit for kinsler. fine bare-hand pick-up by sanchez. watch the play by huff. kinsler thought the ball was by him. this was no way that huff could make it, thought ian. he is tagged out because he went toward second base. once you make that move, you're done. >> joe: so huff who has an error the last inning came off the bag and made that diving stop. turned it in to an out. strike one on molina. >> joe: here is the 0-1. breaking ball. popped up. foul territory out of
7:49 pm
play. here is the other beard. brian wilson. >> yeah! yeah! >> joe: that's not fake. it just looks it. like from a kid's disguise kit. >> tim: it is dyed. >> joe: although he won't admit that. >> tim: no. well, you get a little older, believe me, you have to start doing stuff like that. the 0-2. >> joe: two outs, as romo gets the strike-out. the world series on fox sponsored by taco bell. think outside the bun. sponsored by directv. and mastercard, preferred card of major league baseball. bruce bochy makes his way out of the dugout.
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vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> joe: javier lopez takes over, the left-hander who has been phenomenal this post season. five innings pitched, one hit. this guy was picked up by brian sabean, the g.m., from the pirates at the deadline. they have worn him out. he has responded. jorge cantu picked up from the marlins at the end of july. that is for mitch moreland. takes a strike. 28-year-old infielder
7:53 pm
is jorge cantu. lives in texas. came up originally with tampa bay in '04. >> tim: had good years with them. two years of 100 rbis or more. >> joe: the 0-1. left side. from the hole. renteria with the backhand. throw. inning over. giants have played some defense tonight. good play by huff defensively in the top of the eighth. bottom half, giants up by four. [ rocketman ] getting to space is not an easy task. [ radio chatter ] with the blackberry torch i can send some little videos and photographs of the actual launch back to the team with blackberry messenger. [ stylist ] i style all my friends. i can search for different designers with the browser on my torch, zoom in and look at all the detail. finding what looks best on my friends. [ rocketman ] we're bringing space age to the public using space age technology. [ chuckles ] ♪
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the world series on fox is sponsored by -- >> joe: geico in-game box score for the giants has torres with a hit. big double, scored two times. freddy sanchez with three straight doubles. the first three at-bats, rbi hit for posey. huff has three hits and one huge swing by uribe. a three-run home run mixed in amongst three strike-outs on the night for the giants third baseman. here is a foul to the right, off the bat of renteria. new picture is mark lowe. jorge cantu stays in the game. lowe was just added to the roster.
7:57 pm
breaking ball is in. after renteria. ishikawa has come in the on-deck circle. then andres torres. here's the 0-2. ball one. >> tim: mark lowe, in the cliff lee deal coming from seattle with cliff. in that july 9 trade. >> joe: the big guy going west -- >> tim: justin smoak. quite a prospect. >> joe: really, the difference in that deal. smoak plus three
7:58 pm
prospects landed cliff lee. john daniels who was seated behind nolan ryan. john daniels, and nolan, baseball's odd couple. nolan ryan on the mound with seven no-hitters in his hall of fame career. 2-2. breaking ball is foul. >> joe: how about the giant's offense tonight? eight runs, ten hits, six of them extra base hits. runs and extra base hits, the post-season highs in 2010. bruce bochy's offense. that is in to right. base hit. guerrero has it go by him. renteria will end up at second. maybe third. he will turn and go.
7:59 pm
the throw by andrus is not made. runner at third. nobody out. >> tim: a lot of people will call that a lucky hit. if you take that approach that he took. the ball was away, he went away. under the glove of guerrero. and renteria ends up on third. we'll see how it's scored. >> joe: most likely a hit. e-9. >> tim: i would think. >> joe: that is what it is. the third error of the night for texas. infield comes in for ishikawa. batting against lowe. strike one.
8:00 pm
>> tim: travis waited all night to get out in front of the slider to mark lowe. >> joe: one hit this post-season for ishikawa. the 0-1. ball and a strike. coming up on the top of the hour here in the west, 8:00. 11:00 in the east. the world series game number one. texas at san francisco. that's us. glad you're with us. 1-1, the pitch. way outside. two balls and a strike. the match-up of the left-hander c.j. wilson and the
8:01 pm
right-hander matt cain who hasn't worked since game three of the nlcs for tomorrow night. c.j. the 2-1. rocked by molina. ball three. there is matt cain. pitched seven shut-out innings against the phillies here in game three. >> joe: the 3-1. down the left-field line. going to get it, cruz. over his head. another run. rbi double for ishikawa. it's 9-4. [ cheering ]
8:02 pm
>> joe: that is the sixth double tonight for san francisco and against ranger pitching. >> tim: the first extra base hit and the rbi for ishikawa in the post season. >> joe: now kirkman, the left-hander is going to get loose again. switch-hitter, andres torres has been on base twice. scored two runs at the plate. strike one. >> joe: juan ramirez
8:03 pm
getting loose. the second time he has been up. the 0-1 pitch. strike two. >> joe: third base side for young. michael has it. one out. blackberry game summary. a struggle here tonight for cliff lee. shortest outing of his post-season in his post-season history.
8:04 pm
4-2/3. seven runs on eight hits. the big blow, three-run shot by juan uribe. tim lincecum was good. 5-2/3. four runs on eight hits. he's in line for the win. >> joe: he is in line for his first post-season loss against seven wins. here is sanchez. strike one. >> joe: the 0-1 pitch to freddy sanchez, strike two.
8:05 pm
>> joe: the 0-2 pitch. ground ball, base hit down the right-field line. in to score is ishikawa. digging for second is freddy sanchez. as guerrero has more trouble out in right. another run. it's 10-4. >> tim: the fourth time in this game that freddy sanchez has ended up at second base. however, i think this will be a single and an error, because sanchez stopped at first base. then the bobble by
8:06 pm
guerrero. then freddy took off and went to second. rbi single, i believe, and an error on guerrero. >> joe: mike maddux is pitching coach is out there to talk. we want to congratulate the minnesota twins. michael cuddyer and their fans for helping the courage center junior rolling twins receive a pepsi refresh grant, which will go toward building a new home field. to learn more about what the pepsi refresh project is doing in your community, go to they have ruled that a double. i'm with you. freddy sanch freddy sanchez basically stopped going to first. not a single. it's second error of the inning for guerrero. double, the fourth of the night for sanchez. >> tim: once you stop -- yeah, once you stop and slow down, you can see the
8:07 pm
single. you've driven in the run. then you go to second on the bobble by guerrero. to me, that is a single and an error. fourth double of the night for freddy sanchez. >> joe: and his third rbi. that is damage out of the number two spot. in front of buster posey who has an rbi hit. he's 1-4. 10-4 giants in the eighth. now they have changed that to a single, and an e-9 on vladimir guerrero. strike one. single e-9. still an rbi. second error. vladimir guerrero in the inning. the fourth of the night for texas.
8:08 pm
we talked to ron washington about guerrero in right. he said he's the type of play cer who will handle himself fine in right. he was moving around well. once guerrero is back in the line-up -- he wants guerrero's bat in the line-up. making his 16th start in right. in 2010. done it twice in the eighth. posey waits for a 2-1. good pick-up by molina on a short-hop. ball three. >> tim: we talked about it so many times with the molina brothers. how quick they are with their hands and their feet. yet, they're slow runners.
8:09 pm
>> joe: gifted receivers, all three. the 3-1. foul. right side. out of play. full count. posey looking for his second hit of the night. >> tim: we look at joe montana. wow! >> joe: talk about these two. what was it eight super bowls between them in a 15-year stretch? the catch, 1981. dwight clark. back of the end zone for montana against dallas. ground ball, left side in the hole. andrus makes the play and gets posey for the out. >> joe: two out, here in the bottom of the eighth. >> tim: that was a
8:10 pm
beauty right there. andrus, going to his right. going against his body to get posey. >> joe: kirkman is coming in. schierholtz is coming up. we're in the bottom of the eighth inning. game one. giants lead by six. first is 4g, but plays nice with 3g as well. first has an 8-megapixel hd camera and can stream live video to the web. first has an hdmi out. ♪ first shares wi-fi with 8 devices at once. first is not stephen furst, who played flounder in animal house. first has a kickstand for watching video. what will you do first with evo, the first 4g phone? only from sprint, the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access ♪ and i don't know ♪ is this the part
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8:13 pm
corner. >> joe: here comes an 0-1 pitch. schierholtz in to centerfield. a base hit. here comes sanchez. throw by hamilton. not in time. 11-4 giants in the eighth. [ cheering ] >> tim: that shot of noles ryan by the director -- nolan ryan by the director bill webb. he knows more than anybody some nights are just not a pitcher's night. this is one of them
8:14 pm
for the rangers. >> joe: the last world series game played here in san francisco. in 2002, game five. the giants scored 16 runs. jeff kemp had a big night that night. tonight 11. the conversation coming in was how were the giants going to score runs, especially tonight against cliff lee? and the good young bullpen. 11 runs on 14 hits. the giants who won the national league championship series scored total of 19 runs to get by philadelphia 4-2 games. they have 11 here tonight. the 2-0 pitch. popped up. big swing by cody ross. andrus. ends the inning. three more for the giants. they led by seven.
8:15 pm
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>> joe: ramon ramirez takes over as we go to the ninth inning. ishikawa stays in the game. he is at first. aubrey huff is finished for the night. he had a big night. three hits. a double, two singles and an rbi. mark lowe, two-third of an innings, three runs, three hits. borbon will pinch-hit. he is hitless this post-season, 0-7. what a play by ishikawa! but he throws it away. borbon will go down to second, as that ball went in the dug-out, out of play. >> tim: if ramirez had continued to go over the bag instead of stopping, then he may
8:19 pm
make the play. ishikawa threw the ball to the bag. nope, nope. that's wrong. still out of reach. a good stop and then the throw errant by ishikawa. another error in this ballgame. >> joe: base hit. error on ishikawa. a hit e-3. total of six errors here in game one. fastball is high for elvis andrus. he was 1-3. singled run score, sac fly. 2-0. now affeldt, the left-hander gets loose. on deck is michael young.
8:20 pm
seven runs, giants lead here in the ninth. 3-0 from ramirez. >> tim: down by seven runs, it would not be a bad strategy to have andrus take two pitches. not only the 3-0, but the #-1. >> joe: here is the 3-0. a high strike. andrus will hit tonight. he has hit in all 12 late night post-season games for ron washington. 3-1. a walk follows the hit and the error. here comes dave righetti. the pitching coach for the giants. in his 11th year here in san francisco. guided the pitching
8:21 pm
staff in '02. bochy came aboard in his fourth year and wanted to keep dave righetti around. game two tonight. our producer pete richesca. director is joe webb. calling all the shots here tonight in the truck. evan is punching the buttons. two on, nobody out. here is young. it will take a lot for the rangers to make this interesting. tonight. young is hitless, as is the guy on deck, hamilton. strike one. >> tim: any way you look at it, this will be the last batter for ramon ramirez with hamilton coming up. >> joe: the 0-1. ball and a strike.
8:22 pm
>> joe: here's the 1-1. 93 from the former boston right-hander, 1-2. >> joe: into right. coming to get it is schierholtz. one out. that is going to be it for ramirez. affeldt, who was a big reason why the giants won game six, his two innings of relief work will check in. ramirez will check out. we will step aside. top of the ninth ining, two on, one out. 11-4. giants leading here in game one. yeah, sometimes i worry. sometimes i worry.
8:23 pm
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>> affeldt takes over. friday on fox, new episode of "good guys" with bradley whitford and colin hanks. friday at 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central here on fox. affeldt, in his post season has been getting better and better. came on to restore order after two rough innings from jonathan sanchez as the starter in game six in philadelphia deals with hamilton. two on, one out. josh. bounces in there. the runners advance on a wild pitch. >> tim: i cannot say enough about jeremy affeldt in that game six. his first pitch however, tips by buster posey over his glove.
8:26 pm
retiring the heart of the phillies order with two on, nobody out, 2-2 game at the time. chaotic situation potentially. he restored order, as you said, joe, and in the bullpen, went and took care of everything else. seven innings. >> joe: good breaking ball in for a strike. my favorite part of that night and the story after the fact, was mark gardner, the bullpen coach said to affeldt, when the benches cleared after the utley/sanchez incident, which happened in the middle of the diamond. the bullpens empty and mark gardner said to jeremy, you stay here and get locked in. you are going to go in the ballgame. while everyone wants to run out, if you weren't watching, it was utley being hit by a pitch, got the ball. flipped it back to sanchez. they shouted at each other. benches cleared, bullpen emptied.
8:27 pm
mark gardner said stay here because you're going in the game. he did get locked in and came up with two big innings for the giants. the count is 2-1 on hamilton. now 3-1. >> tim: mark gardner, himself, a major league pitcher for san francisco giants. knowing full well what getting locked in means and conveying that to affeldt. >> joe: hamilton trying to reach for the first time tonight. >> joe: 3-1. chopped foul.
8:28 pm
>> joe: that will load them up. josh hamilton is on for the first time tonight. and bruce bochy has seen enough. the dynamic closer for the giants coming in. [ applause ] with the bases loaded. first is live video chat on the go. so you can be face-to-face even when you can't be. whether you're on 4g, 3g... and of course wi-fi. first lets you stream live video to the web. in 3...2... 1. what will you do first with evo, the first 4g phone? only from sprint. the now network.
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>> joe: brian wilson who has a unique look at life, takes over as we continue in the top of the ninth. bases loaded. the fourth pitcher to pitch or save game in the post-season series since 1969.
8:31 pm
vladimir guerrero is first up against him. one-out, bases loaded. ball one inside. >> tim: including the post-season. this is the 19th non-save situation. that brian wilson has been in, this year. 17 in the regular season. his second in the post season. >> joe: there is a strike. he ended the nlcs by getting ryan howard looking. with two on, two out. to send the giants in the world series. guerrero lines one to right. schierholtz will make the catch. he will show off his arm. the throw to the plate is cut off. and borbon led off with a base hit scores. 11-5. two out.
8:32 pm
that belongs to ramirez. now at first and second. two down. >> tim: it's one of those odd situations in baseball, joe, where the san francisco giants just want an out. vladimir guerrero goes back in the dugout and they shake his hand for scores from third. it's an insignificant run. giants are one out closer to winning the game. >> joe: two outs. strike one. nelson cruz, 0-4. andrus and hamilton the runners. >> joe: a fly ball to right centerfield. well-hit. back at the track. this ball will drop. checks up in front of the warning track.
8:33 pm
two runs score. and just like that, nelson cruz has turned this in to a three-run inning. 11-7 game. >> tim: tremendous power the other way. look at this, in the deepest part of the ballpark. schierholtz nor torres can get to it and when it hits, it just bites. like joe buck nine iron. >> joe: rolled off the green. two out. kinsler takes a strike. four-run game. ramirez goes to third, allows two runs on one hit. affeldt, a man he walked came around the score. and now wilson tries to end it. what a night.
8:34 pm
strike two. >> tim: not a healthy night for pitchers. >> joe: in a game started by cliff lee and tim lincecum, in a nine-inning game. wilson is the last one on the mound. it will tie a record. 12 pitchers used here tonight between the two sides. 18 runs. it proves coming in we have no idea what we're talking about when you see us on camera before the game. pitching pitch, pitching. great match-up. enbelievable. 0-2 the count. unbelievable. wilson. high. ball one.
8:35 pm
>> joe: kinsler. on base each of his last two plate appearances. set up. 1-2. 2-2. the texas rangers need two more base runners to have a chance. >> tim: then things could get very quiet here in san francisco. >> joe: giants up by four. one out away. from a victory in game one. 2-2 pitch. full count. >> joe: kinsler on
8:36 pm
3-2. pops it up. should end the night. schierholtz coming on. giants win game one! [ applause ] >> joe: it took lincecum, casilla, romo, ramirez, affeldt, and finally brian wilson in the first career post-season loss for cliff lee. 11-7 is the final. as san francisco takes game one.
8:37 pm
>> joe: our ram power player of the game here for game number one. freddy sanchez. four hits, three of them doubles. three rbis. two runs scored. out of that number two spot, major damage for bruce bochy and the giants. what a start to his world series career! he is standing by with ken rosenthal. >> ken: doubled in your first world series at-bat -- first three world series at-bats. did you know it was a record? >> player: i didn't know it was a record. i was just glad to get runs on the board and get the "w." >> ken: how were you so successful against cliff lee? >> player: i don't know. i just tried to put it in play. we know he throws strikes and
8:38 pm
tried to get ahead of him early and i found holes. >> ken: down 2-nothing to cliff lee, how worried were you about the team's chances? >> player: we weren't worried. we got things going. that's the team. we battle and battle and fight. we know two runs isn't that much. obviously, cliff lee is one of the best pitchers in the game. unhittable in the post season. we felt like we had a chance. >> ken: not that you ever lack confidence, how much confidence does this give you? >> player: a lot of confidence, you know what i mean? we believe in ourselves but it helps more when we put runs on the board and take the pressure off the pitchers. >> ken: thank you. back to you. >> player: love you guys. >> joe: freddy sanchez, one of the many stars for the giants in an 11-7 win in game one. for tim mccarver, steve horn, editorial consultant and ken rosenthal. guys in the studio coming out in their spot in left center.
8:39 pm
they will take you home. giants win game one. 11-7. back after this.
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
>> chris: welcome to the chevrolet post-game show on fox. juan uribe, he led game four of the nlcs with a sac fly. this one went deeper and gave the giants game one of the world series against the texas rangers. hi, everybody, welcome. i'm chris rose, joined by eric karros and the chicago white sox manager ozzie guillen. listen, when there is 18 combined runs scored you usually want to talk about the hitting. eric karros want you to talk about the glove work or lack thereof on one side.
8:42 pm
>> eric: inability to make plays and ability to make plays was the difference in the ballgame. take a look at what happened early on. juan uribe with the bases loaded. ian kinsler hits a ball. he makes a nice play. double play here. now it's a one-run bamgame. difficult play. he made it look easy. now the rangers were ahead 2-nothing, lead-off. michael young, he boots it! now renteria at first base, they score two runs and it would have still been a 2-nothing ballgame, it's 2-2. game changer. >> chris: the game changed with the one swing by uribe. ozzie you had him for five years in chicago. five hits in the post season but they come up so big all the time. what makes him so special? >> ozzie: i think uribe is a big hit. he is always going to be a good at-bat when the game is on the line. he is special.
8:43 pm
when you walk in the clubhouse and the game is on the line, you want him out there, no matter playing defense or a bat in his hands. >> chris: what is going to happen when he finds out you picked against him and picked the rangers to win this? >> ozzie: he is my friend. i have to pick somebody. i hope it goes to seven games. >> chris: so far, it's 1-nothing giants. tomorrow night, matt cain will be on the bump. all he's done the post season is not given up earned run yet. c.j. wilson was outstanding in game one for rangers against the yankees in alcs but lost game five to new york. if you are a ron washington, eric karros, what is he telling his team and is he worried? >> eric: i don't think he's worried. one of washington's strengths all year long is get the team to believe. in the alds, they had to go to tampa after a two-game lead. they played this game in tampa and they won. in the championship series, devastating loss to the yankees. in game one, what do they come
8:44 pm
out in game two and just dominate? i expect tomorrow they'll be ready to play. >> chris: can you panic a little bit the if you are the rangers? your ace got lit up and you didn't score a lot until the ninth inning. can you panic? >> ozzie: not really. it's only one game. you have to take advantage of that. now, sit back, relax. go to the second game. the first game is always something happens on the field. but i don't think there will be any fear there. nothing is going to happen. they'll come back and play the game. >> chris: you tell me like you would in 2005 and take another 30-minute nap. >> ozzie: right. take a nap. >> eric: look at how he looks. he needs it. ! >> chris: congratulations to the giants who win game one of the best of seven world series. in doing so, score the most runs they scored in a game since september 23. coming up next, it's your late local news except on the west coast, who will be seen at the regularly scheduled time. remainder, join us tomorrow for game two of the world series, from the city by the
8:45 pm
bay. 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific in high definition only on fox. promotional consideration paid for by the following -- >> chris: for more information on tonight's game and the latest many major league baseball news, log on to powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. this is chris rose saying so long from san francisco. fox sports is your home for this year's world series. tonight, the san francisco giants came home and brought the city one step closer to the first world series the first world series championship. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> a beautifully designed pitch. timeless. but always changing. for more than 150 years, baseball has been a mirror of the complicated world.
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♪ a game in which the person scores, not the ball. where the objective always is to come home. home, where every october, baseball's greatest stars do battle. >> they're having fun in san francisco. giants win game one.
8:47 pm
["feeling good" by muse playing]
8:48 pm
is that linda? no. she's in miami. ah, of course she is.
8:49 pm
that home run put the giants up for good as they win game one of the world series 11-7. think about how great that sounds, i'm going to say it again, the giants win game one of the world series. looking live at at&t park as fans file out onto the streets. you can almost tell it was a big win just by looking at the crowd. moving now to a live picture
8:50 pm
merchandise the giant dugout store where fans are trying to get their hands on anything to remember this incredible season. just a glimpse of what it looks like tonight in san francisco. the celebration is underway after the giants gave their fans a thrilling victory over the texas rangers in game one of the world series. it is a magical night in the city by the bay as the giants come out swinging. >> welcome to this special edition of k tv u news. what a game tonight. they went down early, but then battled back and destroyed the texas rangers. history has shown the team that wins of first game of the world series more often than not goes on to become world champions. first to at&t park on the field, mark, it doesn't get much better than this. >> a wild night in san francisco. let me tell you something down in the lone star state they say
8:51 pm
texas rangers always get their man, not tonight baby. the giants off to a great start in the world series and they hand cliff lee the ace left hander of the rangers his first ever post season loss. i tell you what if you would have told anybody that the giants would wind up scoring seven runs against lee who was nearly flawless against the new york yankees, no, you could have got all kind of money for that. but the giants in a rather wild ball game win 11-7. i hope you can hear me because i would like to roll some of the early game highlights from this ball gak and look what happened. the shot back up the leg, elvis who led off the game with a single against him winds up scoring and it's 1-0 as the
8:52 pm
rangers score in the second inning another solo run and they make it 2-0. the giants you're thinking against lee this could be a long night. and as it turns out it was a long night, but it was a good long night as san she said comes through for the giants with the first of three doubles he had, wound up with four hits. the giants kept the deficit to 2-1. later on buster with rbi single that tied it 2-26789 that's the beginning of the scoring. i think a guy probably pretty houd of the city and what's going on with the team, i don't think he needs much of an introduction gavin newsom, this is san francisco at its finest, right. >> spirit and pride all over the city, all over the region and
8:53 pm
state is pretty extraordinary. i say all the time you can't legs late that. when you see complete strangers that can barely had you gone their kids and they're had you goning each other, pretty special. >> people say how can you watch sports at your age, what did it. i tell them you have to come out when there's magic coming on, because like you say, it doesn't matter where they're from, where they stand politically, bonding, it's a special time. >> speaking of bonding it was nice to sit next of barry bonds. >> kind of unusual night because as all giants fans know they don't win by more than one run. >> it was a little, you kept saying we can get through this. they always make it interesting even in games when they're up by
8:54 pm
six, seven runs. this is as good as it gets. it will get better if we can pull this out, what a proud story line this is for the history of this franchise and what they did by committing themselves to the city, not walking away. this city stepped up and supported this amazing ballpark, now we're seeing the fruit of that. >> i guess no matter what happens you can always say you were the guy who was the mayor when they won their first world series. >> unless i was out on the field it does president get better than this, it's a dream come true. >> have a good night. >> thank you. >> all right. doesn't get much better than this, san francisco giants wind up winning. we have a lot more highlights from this ball game to show you. extraordinary scoring, lots of player interviews coming. we will be coming back here, but in the meantime let's get back to frank and julie, go ahead. >> it is only just beginning. it was a packed house, standing
8:55 pm
room only inside the ballpark tonight where a sea of orange and black went wild cheering on the hometown team. >> you can see fans are seizing the moment i guess you could say christian. >> i had the feeling i would not be able to get a word out before fans really started celebrating. you can see the fans are absolutely thrilled. we can tell you [no audio]. >> well, they're making so much noise they're causing us a little technical problems. >> interesting seeing the mayor there, boy, did he look excited. he played baseball i believe at santa clara university. >> lips com came out and was a
8:56 pm
little tight at the top. giants fans all around the bay area have big reasons to celebrate this evening. >> david stephenson spent the evening with fans, he joins us now with more on tonight's celebration. >> well, it's very warm out here in the streets of union square, the excitement spilled out from bars onto the streets at union square. you can hear music behind me, a band is playing, a lot of the folks on the street were enjoying themselves in the bar. this is a head quarts for giants fans. about 300 people packed the bar, they went wild as the game wound down. >> about 300 people packed
8:57 pm
the bar, they enjoyed themselves. there was a lot of booze being spilled. some fans from texas in the bar as well too. we will show you how they reacted by the 5th inning when the fans say the game really turned around for the giants. >> fans never sees to amaze me after a big time win. back to at&t park mark is with one of my favorite players growing up. >> he is a lot of people's favorite around here, i guy who knows something about world series baseball. glad to have you with us. you know vita you can relate to tim lips com, you were a youngster when you pitched in your first world series game, what did you see from him tonight. >> he settled down, but most importantly i saw the giants
8:58 pm
offense come alive. pitching usually kind of null identifies good hitting and it did tonight, but i'm impressed with the giants offense. uribe. >> i think most people when they were sizing this game up prior they thought okay, this is going to be 1-0, 2-1. >> i thought the same thing, but offense, offense, good pitching kind of null identifies it. but the giants play in all these one run games. >> 11-7. >> okay, thank you very much. >> so the feeling of a world series over on the oakland side they know it, san francisco needs that first world series. >> we have got it. they had tony bennett out here tonight. tomorrow let's try to go to 2-0.
8:59 pm
come back home and have a parade. >> there's only one blue. >> appreciate it. i know we're going to go to the podium in a minute, but i have bill new come standing by. thank you vita, appreciate that. it's a love fest out here bill, nice to have you with us again, you joined us last week. [no audio] >> just at the right moment, we're going to hope they can hang on to him for a little bit longer. >> got it. >> different kind of atmosphere, try to use what you have been through the last couple series with us to help you through it. obviously i


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