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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 27, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> an unexpected show of offense in game one of the world series. it produces a w for your san francisco giants. good evening, everyone, i'm frank summerville. >> i'm julie hainer, a pitcher's duel it wasn't, they roughed up one of the best
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pitchers in baseball and hung on for a victory against the texas rangers in game one of the world series. we have a trio of crews live at at&t park in san francisco. we're going to start on the diamond with mark ibanez. >> reporter: this is where it happened, tony bennett sang, joe montana and his wife were here to watch it. beating a pitcher who had previously never lost a post season game. they went at it early despite being down two runs to none against the rangers because tim lincecum had a rocky start. big slugger of the rangers bashes one off his knee or lower leg. he remained in the game, of course, but that particular hit knocked in the ranger's first run. they took a 2-0 lead. giants explode with a 6-run 5th inning. sanchez with a sensational game. 4 hits, three of them doubles. the giants went on from there.
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juan uribe, 3-run shot. the giants for the first time in a long time had some bothing room in a playoff game. san francisco certainly not used to getting multiple runs, certainly not double digits and certainly not used to winning ball games by more than one run, but it was a beautiful thing for the fans. they rejoiced in it, afterwards, aubrey huff talked about the feeling of having an actual cushion to work with for a change. >> that's about the easiest one in quite sometime. it was only 4 runs there, but it was a good job by the offense. pitcherring kept us in there all year long. it's about time we showed up. >> are you now in the driver's seat? >> i don't know about drivers seat. each game is important. we talk about the first game, go out and win in front of a home crowd, tomorrow, we're trying to do the same thing. play patient and stay baseball within ourselves. >> reporter: all right, 11 runs for the giants, 14 hits, they
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stack up the victory in game one, matt cain will try to back it up tomorrow, he's been sensational in the post season himself. more in sports, in fact, the warriors actually opened their season tonight for real, sharks played as well, plenty more to talk about, but it's all about the giants now from at&t. >> mark, see you later in this newscast, now from the fan's perspective we go to amber lee live this evening outside the ballpark, amber? >> reporter: frank, the game ended about an hour and a half ago, but there are a few fans in the area. inside the ballpark, pure joy as the giants win game one of the world series. the crowd went crazy when the game ended. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's like christmas!
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christmas in san francisco, are you kidding me? go giants. >> weep them up. stomp them out. >> we're so excited. amazing game. go giants. they said we couldn't do it, yeah! >> giants in four baby, giants in four. we're going to sweep them, baby. take them back to texas. [ cheers and applause ] >> this was a game of destiny, we sent a message to cliff lee and the rest of texas it's all over but the crime, baby. >> reporter: giants fans say after a hard-fought season and nail-biting playoff series, tonight's victory was especially sweet. many fans told us rain or shine, ticket or no ticket, they'll be right back here tomorrow night. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news" news." [ cheers and applause ]
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>> when the final out was recorded, giants fans left and screamed their hearts out, exhaled and screamed more, they also ordered another refreshing adult beverage this type of scene was repeated in bars, restaurants, homes, wherever giants fans were gathered. one of the charms is the kovalchuk beyond the right field wall where hundreds gathered just to be a part of the scene. we watched game one unfold from that unique vantage point. she joins us now with the story. >> reporter: hundreds crowded behind me for tale gating parties to watch from what they called the best seats around. >> it's the best way to tailgate. you got the cold water under your butt and crowd roaring behind you. >> reporter: it's not the most dignified way to get in the bay, but for these fans, it's
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not about the journey, it's about the giants. >> watching them win tonight, get ahead in the series, and take this and win. >> reporter: cheerleading from the water, they energize the partiers on land. >> it's amazing, the atmosphere, it's the giants, can't beat it. >> go giants! >> reporter: chavez and her family arrived at 2 in the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of the game. >> this is as far as we could get, we're proud of it. >> reporter: you're happy to be here. >> go giants, first time. >> reporter: hundreds of lucky fans did manage to watch part of the game for free. >> it's really special. a lot of people out here. tickets were too high, but we got the best fans in america for free coming to see the game. giants need to keep this up. >> reporter: 160 fans were allowed in to view three innings, then it was the next
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group's turn. and when it was time to celebrate, there was no place to party like the cove. law enforcement carefully patrolled the cove keeping an eye out for fans who had too much to drink or weren't being careful in the water. back out live, you can see the u.s. coast guard still has a ship out here. there are only a few boats left in the cove at this point, most of the partiers have gone home, but the coast guard will be back tomorrow night. for now, "ktvu channel 2 news." major league baseball makes money on more than just broadcast rights. the sale of world series merchandise also rakes in a lot of cash. that's why the league has a team of people looking for venders selling unauthorized merchandise. anything with the giants, mlb or world series logo could potentially be confiscated. but one t-shirt vender says
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don't feel sorry for major league baseball, he knows the real cost. >> it costs them maybe $1.50, they are putting the logo on it selling it for $25 or $30. who's the crook? >> major league baseball says counterfeit goods cost the u.s. industry more than $250 million a year. they have agreed to a bet. the mayor of the losing team will perform community service in the winner's city while wearing a jersey of the winning team. the losing mayor must also provide a gift basket. he is prepared to sendto texas sour dough bread and chocolate. photos from giants fans have been pouring into, a viewer sent us this photo taken with a buddy during a game at at&t park. you can view our extensive orange october slide show at or e-mail your own
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image to you can watch game two tomorrow on ktvu channel 2. our coverage starts at 4:30 after a special early edition of "ktvu channel 2 news" at 4:00 p.m. we have been tracking quite a bit clouds across the bay area today. those clouds could produce a few rain showers to the north of the ballpark. for game two, the forecast is this, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 50s, there's the possibility we could have a light shower or sprinkle or two or not a chance to have problems with game two for tomorrow. the bulk of the rainfall falling off in the north bay. coming up, where the rain 1 falling tonight. also i'll talk about how much we can expect up in parts of the wettest portions of the north bay. bad poll numbers always hurt, but these new poll numbers carry an especially
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sharp sting for one candidate for governor. . in hayward tonight, twin teenage boys, one is dead, one in the hospital. was 2 a case of murder or a suicide pact? first, a quick look outside at&t park, the party is still going on strong. right now, more live coverage of the giant's game one victory throughout the hour.
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there have been a flurry of polls on california's governor's race, but the poll released just moments ago is the most problematic so far for republican meg whitman, it shows her trailing by double dims and comes from the most reliable polling company in the state. randy sandoval has this ktvu exclusive. >> reporter: the new poll paints adorery picture for republican meg whitman. jerry brown has opened up a 10- point lead, 49% for him, 39% for her. >> it's a bleak poll for whitman. >> reporter: 21% of those surveyed have already sent in their ballots. >> those voters are likely voters, they are not in play. they already voted. >> reporter: last month whitman was olding her own, now they are breaking heavily for brown. >> a big surge in support for
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brown and whitman really hasn't made the sale. >> reporter: whitman campaign officials say their internal polls show a tighter race, but most analysts say the field poll is the gold standard. >> this is the big one in california. >> reporter: on his way to the world series, corey cook told us with days left, there's not much whitman can do. she did release a new ad today. >> our problems are tough, so am i. >> reporter: she's already spent $160 million and has been advertising nonstop for a year. >> new ads will not make a difference at this point. >> reporter: republicans say the poll might not reflect an enthusiasm gap. gop voters do seem more excited, but he's factored that in. >> i can't see any silver linings in it. >> reporter: no more debates to change things. what about a last-minute scandal? jerry brown has already been in
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the public eye for more than 40 years and has already run for high-profile office many times before. by now he's been examined and re-examined. last-minute scandal, possible, not likely. "ktvu channel 2 news." republican senate candidate fiorina is said to be resting at home tonight. fiorina is expected to be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. she was admitted to a southern california hospital yesterday morning to treat an infection linked to reconstructive surgery for breast cancer. fiorina was diagnosed with cancer in february of 2009 before she officially announced her run for the u.s. senate. pg&e's president put it in writing today his promise not to rebuild the ruptured san bruno pipeline in the same neighborhood. the gas pipeline explosion destroyed 35 homes and left 8 people dead. chris johns made the commitment in a letter to san bruno's
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mayor. he said he knows the neighborhood suffered a terrible trauma. four franchises of gold gems will reportedly drop the name because of the donation made by the owner of the company. one in san francisco and one in merin are involved. they object to a $2 million donation to supporting candidates opposed to expanding gay rights. golds gyms are popular locations for many in the community. the preliminary hearing got underway today for the man accused of trying to kill a police officer back in august. he was captured near the border with meanings. the first witness today was dave fererra who police say he tried to carjack after shooting the officer. he said he thought he wanted to kill them. he is charged with 13 felonies including attempted murder. in oakland, prosecutors
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filed attempted murder charges against a man accused of a shooting at an atm. the suspect was identified today as 29 year old brian bloom of oakland. police say he walked up to the victim and shot him in the back on october 16 at the bank of america in a shopping center. the motive is unclear alough prosecutors say the two men had a personal relationship some years ago. alameda sheriffs investigators are trying to unravel a troubling case involving twin brothers from hayward. one twin is dead, the other tried 20 kill himself in front of others. lloyd has been looking into what happened and he joins us from hayward with the story. >> reporter: just a minute ago, someone has returned to this house in an unincorporated neighborhood of hayward, the resident left still disstressed by what happened. she ran out of home at around 11:00 yesterday morning.
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>> she pounded on my door that she needed help, someone was in her house, broke through her house. they saw her. he saw her. she said it was one person. he saw her, didn't stop and broke through the window. >> reporter: when deputies arrived, they were confronted by a 15 year old boy trying to set the house on fire. >> he came out and demanded to be shot by the deputies. the deputies did not shoot him. he went back in the house and armed himself with knives and started stabbing himselfs. >> reporter: deputies tasered him and took him to a hospital. this morning, researchers were in a ravine behind the home looking for the boy's missing 15 year old twin brother. a body was found with a cause of death yet to be determined. neighbors said they heard reports about a suicide pact, but authorities are uncertain. >> at this point we're trying to determine whether this was a suicide by the brother and the attempted suicide by the other
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brother or if the brother arrested murdered the sibling. >> reporter: at nearby hayward high school, counselors were made available to students. some knew the twin brothers. >> never looked like they had problems with anyone. my teacher said they were really nice, they did all their work, no one expected what happened to happen. >> reporter: a hayward unified district spokeswoman told me there's no evidence of any bullying going on that caused this. a neighbor we spoke with said she saw the boy police took away. >> normal-looking kid. you would have never suspected somebody like that. >> reporter: authorities say at this point the surviving brother is facing burglary charges. live in hayward, "ktvu channel 2 news." the national park service said today human remains found in san francisco may date back to the civil warrior a. several bones as well as buttons and
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pieces of bottles were discovered during renovation of a historic building. an archaeologist said there are a lot of questions about the bones, it was believed it was not part of a cemetery. it appears the bones could date back from the 1850s-1850 80s. it has ended its investigation into google's collection of personal information. it is satisfied with the steps the company has taken to protect the problem from happening again. google admitted gathering personal data, taking pictures of buildings and passing by wifi hot spots. it included passwords, e-mail messages and web addresses. it maintained it did not break any laws. i have been tracking a few scattered rain showers across parts of the bay area. here's the latest this evening. you can see mostly scattered in
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nature from santa rosa to st. helena. just outside of heelsburg there is 101. as far as the forecast for tomorrow, it depends on where you are as we take a look at it. for the north bay, chance of rain, temperatures at 8:00, 50 degrees, rain likely at 3:00, especially from sonoma county to the north. central portions of the bay, chance of a few showers, only a chance in the mid-60s, then as you head to the south, partly to mostly cloudy skies, slight chance of sprinkles by 3:00 with temperatures in the upper 60s. coming up, the timing of the significant rainfall across the entire bay area, the wettest day coming up in the 5-day forecast. officials want more testing to determine exactly how much sewage spilled into the water from a damaged pipe. sewage flowed after construction crews cracked the
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pipe friday in larksburg. initial tests show the spill had little impact on the creek, but additional tests so far have produced various results late word of a girl hit by a stray bullet. what we have learned about how it happened just ahead. in a lifetime, it won't ever be done. >> an emotional interview with the family of oscar grant. what they'll say about a former police officer convicted of voluntary manslaughter is sentenced.
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firefighters were busy in los angeles county today battling a roadside fire. the brush fire presented a challenge for drivers. many forced to navigate through large plumes of smoke. no reports of injuries, the cause of that fire is still not known. a stray bullet wounded a
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girl in oakland tonight. oakland police tell ktvu news she was standing in a yard on 61st street near east 16th street at about 7:30 tonight when someone fired at a man walking down the street. the man was hit multiple times and taking to highland hospital. service the girl. both are expected to live. police say they have no description of the shooter. a correctional officer is behind bars tonight after being arrested in a sting operation. undercover detectives arrested the 38 year old yesterday in gillroy. he's accused of selling methamphetamines, marijuana, and heroin to prisoners. his arrest following a 6-month long investigation by the santa clara sheriffs department. he's being held on $13,000 bail. police hope surveillance video of a daring robbery will
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help them solve the case. one of two robbers using a hand gun to rob a marijuana dispensary. they forced employees to get on the floor, the men tied up the workers and took personal belongings along with cash and marijuana. investigators suspect the same two men robbed another san jose dispensary on november 18. >> anthony waiter is seen here outside the courtroom and is accused of torturing a 16 year old boy. after the judge denied the request for a change of venue, the prosecution made opening statements. the boy was kept captive, sometimes chained to a fire place inside a house next to waiter's home. three other people have pleaded guilty in connection with with case. a woman who burglarized a
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home following reports about a deadly car crash involving that family who lived there is going to jail. she was sentenced to a year in jail. true and her boyfriend pleaded no contest of breaking into the home. the family and their children were killed in a crash on highway 37 last november. on wall street stocks closed the day mixed. may not be as big as investors were hoping. the dow was down 43 points, the nasdaq posted a modest 6-point gain. new figures show an increase in new home sales across the country. they were up 6.6% in september compared to the month before. even so, the past 5 months have been the worst for new home sales in the united states since 1963. as for the median sales price, it was almost 224,000 last month.
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that is up 3.3% from a year ago. wells fargo bank acknowledged it has made mistakes in 55,000 foreclosures in 23 states. the bank promised to fix them and refile the paperwork by the middle of next month, but wells fargo said the mistakes were technical and will not affect the decisions to foreclosure on properties. the grief will never ease. coming up next, the family of a man shot and killed by a bart police officer and their memories of the young man. thousands of east bay voters are being asked to vote twice in this upcoming election. we'll tell you why in our live report.
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former bart police officer returns to court next week for
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sentencing. mesolli could receive as much as 14 years in prison for killing oscar grant or as little as probation and time served. oscar grant's family planned to attend the hearing and ask for the maximum sentence. >> reporter: it's been almost two years since oscar grant was laid to death in this cemetery. >> you want your children to grow up and your children to bury you and not to bury your children. i was robbed from that and oscar was robbed from his life. it's never going to -- >> reporter: in the 22 months that followed the shooting of oscar grant, the family's struggle with grief has continued. >> the loss of my nephew affected me then, but now i'm looking at the people in front of me, my mother, father, sister, my brothers. it just keeps going. >> reporter: we talked to the grant family at his grandparent's home. it was here he celebrated his mother's birthday just hours
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before his death. here are his trophies and pictures. pictures of a boy learning to fish, of the child they say always smiled and of the righty who batted lefty and was known for his home runs. it is here the family of oscar grant struggles with their final memories. >> the gift that i was given was that i was able to text him at 12:49 that night, an hour and 20 minutes before he was murdered to tell him uncle loved him. >> my birthday is december 31, so we got to spend that day together. >> of course, i think about it every day, but i try not to. it affects me in a lot of ways. >> reporter: coping is a process, when we talked to the grant family, they seemed to be coping in the same way. grant's uncle now speaks to politicians, students, and community groups. do you think your message is
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antipolice? >> my message is accountability. it's been about accountability. >> reporter: the stress for grant's mother landed her in the hospital during the trial. she was there again recently. >> she got this after reading letters that were going to be sent to the judge. they gave her medicine to bring her blood pressure down. these kind of things is what affects me now. >> reporter: grant's fiance says she's angrier now than when it happened and tries not to talk about it, but their 6 year old daughter continues to ask questions. >> i have my days where i just don't want to deal with nobody. my daughter has her days which makes some of my days that i'm all right and having a good day, she comes out of the room crying and has questions why. her heart hearts. honestly, i haven't went to counseling because i don't like to talk about it, but i'm going to start going to counseling.
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other than that, i don't know. >> reporter: the grant family says they used to ride bart but haven't been on a bart train since the shooting. while they push for change as their lives have forever changed, they all say what happened in court next week will not give them closure. >> there will not be satisfaction. he could get 100 years. i still will not have oscar with me. it's a lifetime, it won't have ever be down done. >> reporter: the family don't know how long the process of moving forward will take, but oscar grant's uncle tells me the light at the end of the tunnel is hard to see, but there is light, there is always light. "ktvu channel 2 news." and tomorrow night, a different part of the story, ktvu's rita williams sits down with mesolli for his first interview since the shooting. how he describes that night and what he says grant was doing when mesolli pulled the trigger. that story tomorrow night
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exclusively on the 10:00 news. a message said to be from osama bin laden warns france to get its forces out of afghanistan or says bin laden, you will be killed. the message also attacks france for banning women from wearing burkas or covering their faces in public saying it oppresses muslims. france has recently stepped up security around landmarks because of possible terror attacks. the fbi today said a terror plot against washington, d.c. has been foiled. a man was arrested at this home in virginia. the fbi said akmed met with agents posing as members of al qaeda intending to carry out multiple bombings. oakland residents received a rare look at the inner workings of their city's police department today when the twice-monthly comp stat meeting was held in public for the
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first time. the department said there have been 65 homicides this year. of those 27 were in west oakland. 8 were in the central part of the city and 30 were in east oakland. that's down from 42 a year ago. gangs remain a major problem there in what's known as area three. >> i have a strong believe that there's roughly 10% of the people in area 3 causing 90% of the crime. >> violent crime overall is down 14%. the meeting was held at the oakland museum. the department said future meetings will be open to the public. catholic churches in oakland are making an effort to reduce gang violence in the city. they are trying to develop ways to deal with the problem. tonight at st. anthony's school, students watched a film with an antigang message and heard from antigang specialists. >> we want them to go home thinking that there are other
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possibilities and not just gangs out there. >> the workshops are also sponsored by oakland community organizations and will be held in neighborhoods where gang violence is a problem. new life for the nummi plant. we'll take you inside the old auto plant and why it maybe just the beginning. i'm still tracking a fairly impressive storm system. coming up, the one area that could pick up 2 inches of rainfall over the next 24 hours. an incredible shark encounter caught on video. see just how close one diver came.
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after the texas rangers loss, the bus took the ball club back to their union square hotel. our camera caught the team getting off the bus an hour ago. now a live look across the cove, you can see the lights still on at at&t park after the giant's big win tonight, it will be packed tomorrow for game two. back live with sports director mark ibanez later in sports. >> the former nummi became the new tesla plants. curtains lifted to reveal the
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tesla name. it plans to build 50,000 in the first year of production. the plant could signal an important step forward for california. >> california can have a manufacturing sector. we can have the blue collar jobs. >> reporter: tesla plans to build about 10,000 of the s cars in the first year, when that will happen is unclear. just 70 people have been hired. tesla plans to bring that up to 1200. there's a hint of a job resurgence in silicone valley. it rose .8% from the a year ago. that increase equals 6700 jobs. the region includes san jose, sunnyville and santa clara. in news of the world tonight, in indonesia, rescue
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teams arrived on the remote island hit by a tsunami on monday. 300 people were killed and thousands are unaccounted for. the tsunami warning system wasn't working. 800 miles away, ash is covering everything after a volcano erupted on tuesday, leaving at least 30 people dead. dozens of extremists marched today. that set clashes between residents and police. the town is a stronghold of islamic movement which the jewish militants want outlawed. today's march threatens to provoke a new round of violence. in france, the national assembly handed a victory today. unions plan to have a nationwide day of action tomorrow. the impact of the refinery
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workers walk out still lingers, 1 in 5 gas stations is still closed. the federal government says some older people should get vaccinated against whooping cough. the advisory committee now recommends vaccinations for people 65 years or older around infants. a whooping cough outbreak has hit california this year. 6200 cases have been reported. until now, vaccines have not been recommended for older people. they are also recommending teenagers get a vaccine for meningitis. it was believed the shot was effective for ten years, but studies now show it works for less than 5 years. the committee says teenagers should get booster shots once they turn 16. a mistake on thousands of ballots. what we're learning and which race was left off and what
10:43 pm
voters should do if they've already voted. plus, rain right now on storm tracker 2, things are changing. mark will be up in a few minutes on how this will affect your day and when.
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election officials sent thousands of new ballots out. they needed to correct an omission involving the sanitation district. but what happens to the ballots already been cast? patty lee is live with our report. >> reporter: this effects 2800 out of 205,000 registered voters. the big concern, folks already mailed in their ballots and being asked to send out new ones. sanitation district elections may not be hot topics.
10:46 pm
>> i only look at the things i feel strongly about and skip over the rest. >> reporter: but skip that race for 2800 ballots and it becomes a big issue. >> i think it's worth it. >> reporter: election officials say they finished mailing replacement ballots, 1028 samples. >> we're identifying the mistake, confessing to it, correcting it, and we have to move on. >> reporter: but thousands of people have already voted. 28,000 ballots coming in in just the past two days. >> we have record returns just yesterday. >> reporter: that led some voters to question which of their ballots would be counted. >> we're sorting ballots and holding all those precinct ballots so if someone sent in the second replacement ballot, we'll count that one. if they don't send it in, we'll
10:47 pm
count the original ballot. >> reporter: i have spoken with 3 of the 4 candidatings, all of them say it's disappointing and no matter how good the remedy, it could still cloud the outcome of the election. reporting live, patty lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." has an extensive election section with key information on all the races, look for the election 2010 on the home beige. a scuba diver had a close encounter off the coast of maine where such occurrences are rare. scott mcnichol has video to prove it. the shark tries to bite the camera a couple of times. mcnichol says he was petrified. the last time there was a fatal shark attack in new england was back in 1936. we started out the morning with mostly clear skies, but the clouds moving in rapidly,
10:48 pm
even a few showers, we'll be tracking more rain over the next couple days. right now the maps, you can see not a lot happening with action happening in the north bay, mainly sonoma and napa counties. backing the maps out, right near the immediate shoreline over the next 24 hours, we could be talking about rainfall amounts approaching 2 inches. weather story today was this though with increasing clouds, the clouds really moving in this afternoon, still, the clouds a factor for this evening, chances of rain for your thursday. the extended forecast does feature clearing skies, especially sunday into monday of next week. satellite, see the activity here with this pacific storm offshore. it's deepening, can't imagine of a sea saw, this gets amplified and pushed to the north. the main rain line is getting
10:49 pm
pushed north as well. the plan is this, almost a split forecast here in the bay area, for the north bay especially up towards sonoma, moderate to heavy rainfall. for the south bay, mostly cloudy skies and a chance of a few sprinkles. this system moves through friday and as a result, that will be the day we can expect wide spread rainfall across the entire bay area. here's the plan first thing tomorrow morning, at 7:00, chance of rain especially up towards sonoma county, as we head to the south, those chances begin to dwindle down. same thing into the afternoon hours, talking about the possibility of a few sprinkles or light showers for game two of the world series in san francisco, once again, significant rainfall north of santa rosa and up in the mendasino county. ra likely in the north bay, temperatures 47-52 degrees to start out the day. by 3:00, upper 60s to 50s.
10:50 pm
warmest locations approaching the 70-degree mark. pacifica at 69 and 68 degrees. here's a look ahead. friday, once again, rainfall rates increase across the entire bay area. in the weekend, we have to hold on to possibility of showers on saturday and then to sunday for the trick or treaters, looks like scattered clouds as the clouds get out of town, drying trend for monday and tuesday of next week. the bulk of the rainfall tomorrow up in the north bay north of at&t park. >> good. okay. >> thank you, mark. we have some breaking news right now affecting traffic on the bridge. there has been a 3-car accident that has stopped traffic east of the high-rise in the eastbound direction, that's the left side of your screen. this is a live picture from our camera on the hayward side of the bridge. you can't see the crash, but you can see the chp has stopped
10:51 pm
all eastbound traffic, which again is on the left side of the screen there. this has officers respond to the crash and put people and the people in those three vehicles in work to get them out of their cars and hopefully no one has been injured. an absolute offensive explosion for the giants in game one of the world series. lots of highlights, we'll get into the post game locker room of the guidelines. opening night for the warriors and the sharks. sports coming up after this.
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back to the world series, a combined 18 runs and 25 hits tonight, who would have thought. >> a big win. mark had a front row, he was in the center of the action. he joins us now with highlights from inside the ballpark, mark? >> reporter: if you would have told me the giants would score 11 runs tonight with cliff lee starting, i would have taken that all night long. down in the lone star state, the texas rangers get their man, not tonight. the giants get their man. it was a tough start, however for tim lincecum. first inning, just a bullet. back off his lower leg, that
10:55 pm
knocks in the first run for the rangers. lincecum was able to continue. he had a shaky outing. don't know if that particular hit hurt him, but it didn't matter. the giants explode against cliff lee who has never lost a post season game prior. freddy sanchez with a key double that breaks a 2-2 tie. it continuings from there. aubrey huff in the middle, he, by the way had 3 hits of the that particular rbi single kos lee, but that wasn't the big hit against the ranger's bull pen. uribe deep from the second. that was gone. 3 run blast, the giants take an 8-2 lead and hang on to win it. they had to bring in brian wilson to nail it down. the ranger's loaded lineup did make it semiinteresting in the
10:56 pm
9th inning, but san francisco winning. freddy sanchez who had four hits tonight talking about being up in pressure-packed situations. >> i love being up in the big situation game on the line. that's regardless. everybody wants to be in that situation. you're not always going to come through, obviously, but when you do, it feels good. the back and forth battle, we didn't quit when they got up, they didn't quit when we got up. it's going to be a tough battle this series. hopefully it will be fun and exciting. >> reporter: magical night in the bay area, giants playing, sharks playing, and the warriors opening night and they win as well. a nice debut for the new coach, taking on the houston rockets with a 1-2 punch. in full motion tonight in a big way. steal by curry, get it to ellis, the stop, that ties a career high for him.
10:57 pm
steph cush ever curry, not a bad outing himself, warriors win their opener 132-128, their first opening night victory since 2005. and the sharks were on top of their game. their first win at the tank so far this young season beating the devils. joe thornton with the hat trick, his fourth career 3-goal night. he also chipped in with a couple assists, the sharks are victorious, 5-2 over the new jersey devils. their record now, 4-3-1. joe thornton again with the hat trick and the sharks are victorious, their first home win in four tries. the big story, of course, the san francisco giants off to a 1-game lead in the world series. we'll have it all for you. that's the sporting life for right now at at&t. back to you. >> mark, thank you.
10:58 pm
be sure to join the morning news beginning at 5:00 a.m. we'll have the latest on the giants coming tomorrow afternoon, see that game right here on "ktvu channel 2 news." good night.
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