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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 28, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell.
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it's thursday, october 28th. topping other news -- giants counting down the time to game two. this is after a thrilling game everyone is still talking about this morning. kraig debro has more. didn't have a whole lot of hope in the he beginning. >> reporter: yeah, it didn't look good early. the first pitch here in san francisco hadn't been thrown here in 1962. but that day the yankees won. last night, the rangers won ahead -- were ahead. vladimir guerrero hit one and put a run on. all of the predictions we were hearing about the rangers dodgemy nateing, that --
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dominating were coming true. but that was in the beginning. the giants fought back and freddie sanchez was the sparkplug. he doubled the first time he came to bat. that's a world series record. sanches was one of several giants to rip lee and send him to the bench in the middle of the inning. and then he did it again. he won it for the championship series. did it again. juan uribe, he just crushed that ball to left center. >> i love being in a big situation, game on the line. that's regardless. everyone wants to be in that situation. you aren't always going to come through, but when you do, it feels good. they didn't quit. we didn't quit. it's gonna be a tough battle this year. hopefully it will be fun and exciting. >> reporter: the fans went
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crazy following the win. despite the optimism, we had to listen to the experts say texas would rin because their pitcher never lost a postseason game, until last night. giants play again today at 5:00. by the way, he this scored six runs in the 5th inning. they hadn't done that in the 1962 world series when they played the yankees and lost. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and things are looking good. we'll check back with you again shortly. thank you, kraig. later this morning, the mayor of san francisco will join us live to tell us about his world series bet. gavin newsom made the wager with the mayor of texas. newsom promises to ship off some beer to texas if the giants lose and is prepare too
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send crab and chocolate if the giants lose. we'll find out what he are get if the rangers lose at 8:00. there's also a friendly wager between b.a.r.t. or d.a.r.t., dallas area rapid transit. and meg whitman has announced a bet with rick perry on twitter, posting this picture. this wager, a surfboard for perry if the giants win. whitman will get a pair of koi boots if the cowboys win. governor schwarzenegger has no plans for a wager. police have gathered at a 7- 11 store in berkeley that was robbed by a gunman a couple of hours ago on college avenue and russell.
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what we're looking at is live. this is the store we're talking about. it was closed and it will stay closed until the police tell us what happened. police say there were several robberies overnight in berkeley. no word whether they are connected to each other. we're following developing news. we just spoke to san jose police. right now, they are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened shortly after midnight on bermuda way. investigators say the victim was a 42-year-old man. there may be as many as three gunmen. officers are expanding the search. oakland police are investigating two separate shootings that sent five people to the hospital. police say three people were shot at 11:30 last night at 78th and macarthur. an ambulance rushed to victims to highland hospital. the third victim drove himself. we don't know their condition.
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but one victim has a chest one. the other suffered leg wounds. so far, no arrests. earlier last night, a 14- year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet while she played in her yard at 61st and east 16th. police say it happened when someone fired at a man. police do not have a description of the shooter. if you have any information about either shooting you are asked to call oakland police. 7:06. this morning, berkeley police say they've arrested two people in connection with a tuesday morning homicide. the victim was gary ferguson, junior, the son of a well-known anti-drug counselor. he was shot and killed at sacramento and russell streets. another man was injured in that shooting. police have not given us information about the arrest but they do say this shooting was not a random act. meanwhile, a state correctional officer is in jail
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after an undercover stick. police arrested the man in gilroy on tuesday. now, he worked tat salinas valley -- worked at salinas valley's facility. 7:06. republican senate candidate carly fiorina, will head back on the campaign trail today after being released to the hospital -- released from the hospital. she was admitted to the hospital to treat an infection related to her reconstructive surgery following breast cancer. in a new tv ad whitman
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looks directly into the camera and talks about how she and her husband came to california as newlied weds and raised a family. jerry brown is apparently saving up his energy before one more campaign blitz before the election. he is said to make 13 stops to campaign. he's focused on what he calls "message discipline" and said he's been told not to say anything too controversial, which he has been known to do in the past. sal is back, back in the swing of things, getting you where you need to go and watching the bay bridge toll plaza. >> that's right. i won't say anything controversial about it. [ laughter ] >> let's check your roads right now at 7:08. starting at the toll plaza, you can see the traffic is backed up to a ten-minute delay. maybe a little bit more but not more than 12 to 13 minutes but
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i think i might be being too conservative. once you get to the bridge, you will wait a little bit and then you go off to san francisco. northbound 101 is looking good on the left. it's crowded and still looking good. 280 looks good down to the ballpark area. in the south bay, northbound and southbound 101, the slow drive is on coming in from southern san jose and getting up into sunnyvale. here's steve. here we go. a lot of clouds. there are breaks in the clouds and the rain line has moved north, mainly up to mendocino and lake county. a lot of high clouds over us. but more high clouds but kind of partly to mostly cloudy. there's been good rainfall up
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towards men -- mendocino. the strongest part of the jet stream is on the back of a low that will drive it south and takes crowds and aligns this parallel to the coast. there's still a lot of clouds coming up from the south. you can see a lot of these are skirt everything the area -- skirting the area. cloudy, rain, north, muggy, warm to the south. we'll have a lot of upper 60s, low to mid-70s, 74 in san jose. they are 59 right now. it wouldn't take much under partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures bumps them you. keeps on moving. 65 in san francisco. walnut creek jumping up to 72. oakland, 67 to 70. the mere fact that they are 59 right now. all they need is a wind,
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southeast wind. 46, though, livermore and concord. palo alto is 47. 53 napa/santa rosa. they were 36 at this time yesterday. 39 tahoe with a south wind. they will start it warm up. rain, ukiah, rain up to eureka and redding. 40s or 50s. watch how everything comes down. see how everything is sliding there. that's where the strongest part of the system is. it needs a kicker. that will be an upstream system that will come in saturday. see how that's starting to go north to south. but the bulk of this is heading north. cloudy, rain to the north. mild, warm for most. low to mid-70s for some, 60s north bay and we have mostly cloudy skies yesterday and mild and i think it will be warmer today. if that south wind and 64 for game 2. rain could start friday
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night, clearing out sunday morning. monday and tuesday, looking warmer. tori? dave? >> thank you, steve. president obama on "comedy central." >> we've done some things that folks don't even know about. >> are you planning a surprise party for us? [ laughter ] >> it wasn't all fun and games on "the daily show" and why some say the president should not have done this interview. also why governor schwarzenegger is calling congress wimps and his wife is hinting what kind of work she would like to do when she is no longer came's first lady.
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welcome back. it's 7:1. france may withdraw some troops from afghanistan. the country's minister says troops will begin to transfer the control to certain districts in afghanistan. they have 1300 troops in afghanistan. the defense minister says the move is not tied to a recent threat issued to country by osama bin laden. in a message, bin laden threatens to kill french citizens because of their country's support for the war in afghanistan and for the law regarding women wearing veils. the man accused of plotting to blow up washington, d.c. metro stations goes back to court tomorrow for a detention hearing. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom and
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there's some new details about how this man was arrested. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. and the nine-page indictment here against 34-year-old farouk ahmed is accuse of targeting metro station near rush hour to maximize many casualties. federal agents say they had been monitoring him and ultimately captured him in a sting operation, posing as al qaeda operatives. he thought he was meeting about the plot when he was arrested yesterday. we talked to some people about this. >> it's kind of a helpless feeling. you don't know what you can do to prevent a terrorist attack. i don't know how you spot a bomb in the suitcase. how security forces can do
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something like that. >> reporter: federal agents have been searching the man's townhouse for more evidence. he lived there with his wife and young soon. as we've heard before in similar cases, neighbors say they are shocked by his arrest. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. here in the bay area, the port of oakland is marking a milestone in its new security program for trucks serving the port. the port says 5,000 drugs are now registered in its secure truck enrollment program. this program requires truck drivers to go through a registration process in order to be allowed access to the port. 7:17. president obama made an appearance on "the daily show" with jon stewart in an attempt to reach out to young voters. it's the first time a sitting president has been a guest on the show. although stewart cracked plenty of jokes, the president was all business in his responses.
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>> you ran a very high rhetoric, hope-and-change and the democrats seem to be running on, please, baby, one more chance. [ laughter ] >> when i won and we started the transition and we looked at what was happening in the economy, a whole bunch of my political folks came up and said, you know what? enjoy this now because two years from now, folks are gonna be frustrated, and that is, in fact, what's happening. >> some critics say president obama's appearances on shows like this one and his other recent appearance on "the view" diminish the office of the president. "the new york times" poll shows 46% of likely voters say they would vote for republicans in the upcoming election and 40% say they would support
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democrats. that's even though 46% saying they had a favorable opinion of democrats. with just a couple of months left on his term, it appears that governor schwarzenegger is getting sour on politics. recently, in an interview, he called members of congress wimps with no gut, intimidated by oil companies. he says he plans to to continue to work on environmental reform. but there are some signs the governor may be getting back to the movies. in a tweet cast last week, the governor said he worked with the director of terminator and "eve have tar" and he will make a -- "avatar" and he make an appearance soon. meanwhile, on "the today show" matt laur asked maria shriver how she plans to spend her free time and she says she hopes to spend it with him,
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meaning matt. wells fargo now says it made mistakes on the paperwork on 55,000 foreclosure proceeds. but the san francisco-based bank says the mistakes mostly involve the final step in company procedures that was not finished. officials say additional paperwork is being prepared and will be filed by the middle of next month. they add this will not affect the decisions to foreclose on those properties in 23 states and those include california. well, the rising cost of colleges is hitting students hard. this morning, tuition and fees have gone up 4 1/2%. but at public schools, they've gone up almost 8%. state cuts have made the difference. in just minutes, protesters will take to the streets in the
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north bay. we'll tell you who they are targeting and what they are demanding. also ahead, we will tell you about the crews at san francisco's fort mason, what they found. these are human remains. how old they might be and why this is confusing the experts. good morning. traffic on 237, slowing down as you drive into the valley. now we're also finding out about curious metro delays.
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welcome back. >> the san jose city council decided to block the bonus payments to thousands of city retirees. they approved the change on a vote on thursday, 7-4. but the council says it will spend eight months working with employee groups to study the impact. retirees get a bonus check in years when investment returns
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exceed the expectations. however, mayor chuck reed called for changes citing the $2 billion shortfall. 7:23. just a few minutes from now, people opposed to the installation of pg&e's smart meters will stage a protest in the north bay. critics will gather at the gates of pg&e's rohnert yard at 7:30. they are demanding a stall to the unstall ration -- demanding a halt to the instalation of these meters due to the radio frequency. well, human remains that coo date back to the civil war have been found in san francisco. several bones as well as buttons and pieces of bottles were found during renovation of an historic building at fort mason on monday. now, an archaeologist said there are a lot of questions about how those bones got there. they say they don't believe the area was part of a cemetery.
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it appears the bones could date from the 1850s to the 1880s. 7:2. we want to check back in with sal who is keeping a close eye on the commute for us. sal? >> we have muni metro delays now with the underground system, the k, v, and m line all have shuttles run. muni says there's a signal problem and that's what's causing delays. we had a report from one person who said they are at a complete standstill. we're checking into that and a lot of people are taking muni into the ballpark for the world series. we'll follow this for you. let's take a look at northbound and southbound 880. that traffic looks good right here in front of the coliseum. we're also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. a slightly different view. our other camera is being
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repaired, in case you are wondering. westbound traffic is backed up for about a ten-minute delay. northbound and southbound 101, the main freeway getting into downtown, looking pretty good. that's northbound on the left. we're following up on the muni delays, again, and we'll let you know what we find out. here's steve. good morning, everyone. we do have mostly sunny skies. the rain, if you are watching us north, the rain line looks to be north. that's exactly what we talked about yesterday and what i hoped was happening would be happening. but pain ukiah, port arena, see how that lifts north? there will still be higher clouds over us. it will be a partly, mostly cloudy skies. but on the -- palo alto is 47. san jose, 59 balmy degrees.
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mild there. oakland/berkeley, 53. watch how this system -- it looks good. it looks good. but that rainband is to the north. but the strongest part of the jet stream is on the back side of that. eventually it will move in. kind of muggy, partly sunny. 60s, 70s. now, again, there could be an isolated shower or two but most of the rain looks to be heading north. let's go mostly cloudy but on the mild side for game two. looks bet he than game one. mostly cloudy on friday. then we bring in the rain as that system gets closer. sunny, mostly sunny, warmer, dave and tori? getting ready for game two today of the world series with the giants and rangers ready to do battle again. >> high fly ball to left.
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aerieruribe! >> we'll also tell you how texas fans are reacting. >> reporter: and a disturbing case that left one student dead. that story and mere and "mornings on 2" will be right back.
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the giants and rangers are getting ready for game two of the world series. this follows game one. >> high fly ball to left. uribe! >> love hearing that. the giants' bats exploded in a game that was supposed to be a pitchers' duel. juan uribe hit that ball and the giants know it's way to sell breath -- celebrate. >> we're just gonna go in there tomorrow and try to do the same
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thing. >> tim lincecum had had a shaky start. matt cain will pitch for the giants. cj wilson will be on the mound for texas. we're all talking about the game, even the texas ranger fans. claudine wong is live. everybody behaving themselves? how are they feeling? >> reporter: yes. we are in union square. here is the thing about union square. behind me is the westin. that's where the texas rangers are staying and where all of their families are staying. but across the street you have lefty o'doul's, which has been a big, hot place for the fans. lefty o'doul's was packed last night, standing-room only. fans who couldn't get into the park got into the game. lefty's played trumpets before the game, teasing, they were
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gonna keep the rangers up all night. that had had texas fans calling lefty's saying they wanted to order texas toast. the phone is ringing a little bit this morning, but just not as much. >> we're getting some calls. people are still saying, go, texas! we love ngers! and they are still asking for texas toast. we're definitely responding, you got served. you got toasted last night. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i did talk to security over at the westin. they say everybody has been good natured. some people yelled as the rangers came in. people know they have to be good hosts. despite rooting for the giants, they know after today, the giants are heading to texas. they will just hope that texas
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shows hospitality when the giants go there. they have been saying as they call in, the texas fans, this is all in good nature and even some went over for a drink. >> you can watch the world series right here. coverage starts at 4:30 right after a special early edition of the ktvu channel 2 news at 4:00 p.m. we've just learned in the past hour that san francisco police have arrested two men in connection with an overnight shooting. police say a man was shot three times just before 1:00 a.m. at 26th street and south van ness in the city's mission district. his injuries are not life- threatening. a car seen leaving the area was spotted and the description matched that given by witnesses. first period of hayward high gets underway shortly and counselors will be on hand to help students deal with a
7:35 am
classmate's death. it's part of a police investigation involving a possible suicide pact among twin boys. jade hernandez is live with more detail. >> reporter: good morning. first period starts in a half hour. some students have already started arriving. counselors will be onhand. a faculty member even expressed our concern over being on campus because of what occurred. the reason we're here is because the twin boys attended hayward high. up until the day before st, they were just two sophomores here but now one of the brothers is dead and the other is facing some very serious charges. on tuesday,sheriff's deputies arrived at a home near hayward, where they found a 15-year-old boy, who had turned on the gas, slashed himself with a knife and wag asking deputies to kill him. instead, deputies tased him and paramedics rushed him to the hospital. investigators discovered the boy's twin brother, dead
7:36 am
ravine in the miles behind their -- hills behind their home. neighbors say they heard reports about a suicide pact between the brothers. the sheriff's office is not so sure. >> at this point we're trying to determine whether this was a suicide by the brother and an attempted suicide by the other brother or if the brother et arrested murdered the sibling and that's where we're at right now. >> reporter: we've kaked the alameda county sheriff's office this morning -- contacted the alameda county sheriff's office this morning. we have not heard back. there's no evidence, reportedly, of any bullying that might have caused this. hayward's principal refused to comment yesterday. we understand he was supposed arrive at 7:30 to the campus but he's not arrived yet. as soon as we get word from the principal, we'll pass it on to you. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the labor department's new
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jobless report that just came out this morning, surprised even most economists. first-time claim for jobless benefits fell to 434,000. that's down 14% since the middle of last summer. the experts were actually expecting numbers to go up. continuing claims, they also fell by 122,000. so that puts the total at 4.36 million. but they say there's still no signs that hiring has picked up. profits for visa jumped 51% during the fiscal fourth quarter. the san francisco-based company says consumers used more of its cards between this time -- compared to this time last year. that resulted in more fees from the retailers. the net revenue at visa is up $160 million from the same period last year. 7:37. nissan is recalling more than 2 million cars and trucks around the world because of an
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ignition problem that could cause the engine to call. among the affected vehicles are the cube, pickup and the infiniti sedan all sold here in the u.s. as well as other models only sold in europe. the vehicles were made between august 2003 to 2006. so far no accidents have been linked to the problem. this is the third largest recall in company history. we have an problem with muni. what's going on? >> the metro delays, we have signal problems. they have shut the running on the k, t, m and n lines and it will cause delays for people using the metro downtown. hopefully they will get this fixed by tomorrow. let's go out and take a look at some of these live pictures. bay bridge. it's a typical delay which means about ten minutes, nothing more than that. maybe a little bit more. let's jus be conservative and
7:39 am
-- just be conservative and say 15. also this morning we're looking at san francisco, northbound 101 the freeway looks good. if you are driving south to go to the airport or down the peninsula, it also still looks nice. northbound 280 looks good down to king street. this is northbound 280 gets up to highway 17. that traffic is moving okay. just heard of a new problem in napa county. southbound 29, south of zinfandel lane, there is a noninjury accident. let's go to steve. all right. now -- we can get some light rain but most of it is moving north. there's been some heavy rain. i will show you some totals. but look we're getting breaks in the clouds. that doesn't mean there couldn't be a shower or two but most of this rain is going to hold off until saturday. shelter corn, ukiah, parts of lake county but it's even
7:40 am
lifting northward out of lake county. it looks like rain can just be some lighter stuff there. the satellite picture shows you what's going on. watch how this stops and starts to lift north. up in men mendocino and lake county, willits has had 1.36. ukiah 1 inch. watch how this pulls back. see the frame? watch that. when they align themselves north to south you can see there's definite breaks in the clouds. temperatures not as cold as they were yesterday. due to the cloud cover, morgan hill, 46. sunol, 46. pleasanton, upper 40s, same for bethel island and san carlos, 50. i did see a lot of upper 40s.
7:41 am
cloudy, rain to the north, kind of muggy, warm to the south with 70s. so temperatures in the north bay, still mid-60s. i warmed up the city, walnut creek, oakland and stay, especially from 67 yesterday to 4 today. 39 in tahoe. blue canyon has a south wind and mostly cloudy skies. that temperature will go up, up, up as they get the south wind. the key is the strongest part of the jet stream on the back side or left side of the low. that means it's digging it southward. the strongest energy is here, it will had drive itself. once it comes here and here, it will move it east and you get a little system on late friday, saturday which will bump it along. it's like get it going. get her going. there could be a shower or two or light rain. but the bulk of the rain stays to the north.
7:42 am
mild to warm, santa clara valley. again, if there's any rain it won't wash the game out. it will go. mostly cloudy, mild with 60s on temperatures. more on the same with friday. we could have some off and on rain. clearing on sunday. looks warmer on monday, tori. waiting for justice. the family of b.a.r.t. shooting victim, oscar grant, talks about the upsumming sentencing and -- upcoming sentencing and why it had not give him closure. putting it in writing. the president of pg&e has officially made a promise to the people of san bruno. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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stocks rose earlier in trading after some positive earnings in a surprise drop in first-time claims for unemployment benefits. there's been other mixed earnings coming in. right now, the dow is currently down, 24 at 11,101. nasdaq is down 9. s&p is down 2. we're following brains, just coming in from southern california as we speak. a shootout this morning at an apartment building, it ended with a san diego police officer shot to death. now, police say after an eight- hour standoff, they went in, they found the bodies of a man and a woman inside the apartment where that police officer was killed. right now, police don't know whether the man and woman committed suicide or they were
7:46 am
killed by police gunfire during the earlier shootout. also, the preliminary hearing continues today for the man accused of trying to kill a fremont police officer back in august. andrew barrientos was captured near the border of mexico after fleeing the bay area. the first witness to take the stand was dave ferrera, who police say the defendant tried to carjack after shooting officer todd young. the defendant's mother also gave testimony. she said she can't remember what her son told her after the sheeting. but police say in a recorded statement with the detective. she described a detailed conversation that ened with her son admitting he shot a police officer. barrientos is charged with 13 felony, including attempted murder. it's 7:46. it's been almost two years since oscar grant was shot and kill odd a b.a.r.t. platform. next week, the former b.a.r.t. police officer convicted of the kitting will be in -- of the killing are be in court again
7:47 am
to learn his sentence. pam cook has more. >> former b.a.r.t. police officer, johannes mehserle, returns to court next week for sentencing. he could receive 14 years in prison for killing oscar grant, or as little as probation with credit for time served. oscar grant's family plans to be there and wants to ask for the maximum. in an interview with ktvu's claudine wong, oscar grant's mother says no matter what happens in court next week, this will never be over for her. >> you want your children to bury you, not you to bury your children. i was robbed from that and oscar was robbed from his life. >> oscar grant's fiancee says she's angrier now than when the shooting happened.
7:48 am
she says she tries not to talk about it but their daughter continues to ask questions. she said they plan to start counseling. now, tonight, rita williams tonight sits down with johannes mehserle for his first interview since the shooting. how he describes that night and what he says grant was doing when he pulled the trigger. you will are only see that story tonight on our 10:00 news and then tomorrow morning, right here on "mornings on 2," ktvu's rita williams will have new comments and details from that jailhouse interview with johannes mehserle. tori? >> thank you, pam. 7:48. people in oakland got an opportunity to learn firsthand about the city's crime rate. oakland police opened up one of its meetings to the public for the first time yesterday. new stats show so far this year, there have been 65 homicides. that's down from 89 this time last year. overall, police say the city
7:49 am
has seen a 1% reduction in violent -- 14% reduction in violent crime. catholic churches are talking about the crime, and parishes are holding workshops for their parents and children in order to feel with ways to deal with the problem. 7:49. contra costa county election officials just mailed out thousands of new ballots to residents in danville, pleasant hill, martinez and alamo. officials were forced to correct something that was -- that the was left often the ballot. it involves the sanitation district. this problem involves 2800 voters of the big concern is voters who have already maled in their ballots. now -- mailed in their ballots and now they are being asked to fill out new ones. >> we're sorting ballots and
7:50 am
holding all of those precinct ballots so if somebody sent it in, we'll count that one. if they don't send it in, we'll count the original one. >> now, officials say human error is at the root of the problem and courts thousands of dollars to fix it. a fairfax resident may go to jail for stealing political signs. police say they caught richard hollen taking signs along sir francis drake boulevard and gave him a ticket. if he is found guilty, he could be sentenced up to six months in jail and fined up to $1,000. and voters in he rin doe will have to -- orinda will have to decide if they will reelect mccormick. the state fair political
7:51 am
practices commission says it will not make a decision whether to act on the complaint until november 8th. the complaint accuses mccormick of conflict of interest. mccormick has denied any wrongdoing. the president of pg&e made a commitment in writing, and he says rebuilding would be a horrible reminder of all of that trauma. it's still not reported who will move the pipeline or where the new one will go. a big announcement is made in san francisco. the project nasa wants to start working on with the help of millions of dollars. and soon you will notice something is missing that from roll of toilet paper.
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death toll in indonesia keeps rising from the tsunami. teams of emergency workers came in yesterday. look at these pictures. they say 339 people are still missing. the multi-million dollar tsunami system actually -- warning system actually broke. those disasters hit indonesia within 2 hours of each other. 7:54. california quake expert are puzzled by an unusual earthquake a few weeks ago. it was centered seven miles northwest on union island in the middle of the sacramento/san joaquin delta. experts say it was just a small earthquake with a magnitude of 3.1. but they say no faults are
7:55 am
known to exist in that area. nasa wants to send astronauts to mars but they won't be able to come back. nasa revealed that a conference in san francisco that they have received $1 million to start working on the project at the aims research center at moffett field -- ames research center at moffet mild. moffett field. a company is doening -- is doing an experiment with toilet paper by take the roll out. they say all of the rolls torn out amount to 16 million pounds
7:56 am
of trash each year. >> it adds up. we want to check in with sal. traffic patterns are going to get different when people start thinking about the giants' game. >> that's right. we have some problems with muni. and we're hearing hearing about a problem on the antioch bridge, a jackknife pickup truck pulling a trailer is blocking almost all of the lanes. northbound 60 approaching the antioch bridge. let's go outside and take a look at the bay bridge, about a 10 to 15-minute delay. nothing unusual this morning. also this morning if you are on 880 northbound and southbound near the oakland coliseum. traffic is beginning to slow down on the northbound side on the right. this morning on 237, we have stop-and-go traffic getting up through 880, continuing up through sunnyvale. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. there are plenty of breaks
7:57 am
in the clouds for some. rain up to mendocino county. we have partly cloudy skies. definitely some breaks. i just poked my head outside. it will be a decent day. san jose, we're going for 74. they have mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies right now. 50s and 40s for the lows. 46 livermore and concord, 57 in san jose. the low is producing a lot of rain but it's definitely putting on the breaks. it's going south. it will come in but not until late friday/saturday. the reason being is that that system will line itself north to south. mostly sunny, partly cloudy, mild to warm everywhere else, we'll see some low to mid-70s with a good south wind. i think we're better off than yesterday. now, eventually the system will come in late friday. and then cooler weather and then a rebound sunday and warmer monday. dave and tori? still ahead -- san jose
7:58 am
police are searching right now for a killer. there was a deadly shooting around midnight. berkeley police are kept busy overnight. the one type of crime they say was committed several times this monning. and the negative ad controversy really heats up for candidates among governors.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's thursday, october 28th. it's now just nine, count them, nine hours away and the giants and the rangers will play game two of the world
8:01 am
series. the game one last night was a huge, a huge victory for the giants. ktvu's kraig debro is out at at&t park with all of the details. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. it's kind of huge. you want to get the first victory. there's stat out there that says the team that wins the first game wins the series. it's hard to tell. giants did a great job last night. we overcame, cliff lee, the ace of the rangers. we overcame a two-run deficit and even a shaky 9th inning. it's what happened in the 5th. >> high fly ball to left, uribe shoots it out/. >> reporter: that three-run blast came when the giants already had a lead. but to double the lead after your best pitcher just got chased from the game, that will
8:02 am
take the wind out of anyone's sail. the giants were cruising to the lead in the 11th. wilson gave up three runs in the 9th. >> i don't know about driver's seat. each game is important. we will go out there and -- we go out there and win in front of a home opener, and we'll do the same thing in game two. >> reporter: after such a hard- pressed win you would be -- when you really analyze what happened the next day -- there's a 7-run lead.
8:03 am
game two is also tonight. 4:57 first pitch, right here on fox. you can watch the pregame stuff as well. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. later this hour, we will have san francisco mayor gavin newsom live right here on "mornings on 2" to tell us about his world series bet. mayor newsom made the bet with the mayor of arlington texas, the home of the texas rangers. mayor new some promises to send some ankerstein beer to texas if they lose. he's also prepared to send dungyness crab and chocolate if they lose.
8:04 am
there is also a friendly bet between b.a.r.t. and da.r.t. and meg whitman announced a bet with texas governor rick perry. she did it on twitter. here is the picture she posted. now, whitman will have to send a surfboard to perry if the texas rangers win. perry will have send whitman a pair of cow bye boots -- cow bye boots. investigators tell us a victim in a deadly shooting, a 40-year-old man. police believe the killing is
8:05 am
gang-related. there may be as many as three gunmen. officers are expanding the search. police say three people were shot around 11:45 last night at 78th and macarthur. the street was left covered in bullet casings. an ambulance rushed two victims to highland hospital. the third victim drove himself. we don't know the condition but one victim has a chest wound. >> the other suffered leg wounds. no arrests so far. earlier tonight, a 14-year- old girl was hurt by a stray bullet while she played in her yard at 61st and east 16th street. police say it happened around 7:30. police do not have a description of the shooter. if you have information about either shooting, you are asked to call oakland police. we're keeping an eye on berkeley right now. that's where police are at a 7-
8:06 am
11 store that was robbed by a gunman just a couple of hours ago. police say the gunman held up the store at college avenue and russell. we just got in new video from the store. this is brand-new. it's still closed. the police are conducting their investigation. police say there were several robberies overnight in berkeley. there's no word on whether they are connected to each other. this morning, police told us they've made two arrests in connection with the tuesday- morning homicide. the victim was gary ferguson, june yes, the son of a well- known, anti-drug kuhnler. he was shot and killed at sacramento street. another man was hurt in the shooting. police have not released information on the arrest but they do say the shooting was not a random attack. a state correctional officer is behind bars after an understing. detectives arrested 38-year-old sergio nagarro in gilroy on
8:07 am
tuesday. he worked at sa lin -- salinas state prison. it follows a six-month investigation by the santa clara sheriff's department. 8:06. republican senate candidate carly fiorina gets back on the campaign trail after being admitted to a hospital for an infection. well, jerry brown is renewing his call for a pledge with meg whitman to stop airing ads about each other. jerry brown released an ad that shows the meeting he had with meg whitman on the stage. now, when the moderate asked the candidates if they would
8:08 am
agree to give up negative ads, jerry brown said he was willing if meg whitman would. but whitman renew -- fused. meg whitman says it's important that voters hear about jerry brown's record. she accused jerry brown of hypocrisy. we want to check in with sal castanedo. he's keeping an eye on a number of problems including some muni delays. >> that's right. the muni district set back. a lot set back because of some problems along the k, t, n and m. there were signal problem. muni problems -- they have identified the problem. they say afternoon service should not be affected. a lot of people take the muni metro down to at&t park.
8:09 am
westbound 37 at 121 there is an accident here, one pickup truck into the water but the people were out. still a traffic crash. they issued a sig-alert and are expecting very heavy traffic in this area. let's move along and take arrive picture. 880 northbound and southbound. some slowing as you can see driving into downtown oakland. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a ten-minute delay. the metering lights are on. once you get on the bridge, it does move well into san francisco. let's go to steve. >> here we go. for those of you getting ready for the day, we'll have a few breaks in the clouds. the rain is going north. mendocino county. a pretty sky here. a lot of high clouds. but definitely some blue in here. the hayward airport says clear. a little bit northwest sonoma county. maybe napa into lake county.
8:10 am
even that is kind of off and on. it's been heavy, and that's where the line is going to stay. satellite picture, you actually get a good look at t the reason being the -- at it. the reason being, the low is offshore. there's plenty there. but there's huge breaks in the clouds. for some, good rape. for others, just a little bit of rain. the system is sending that low south. look at the drier air. that's dry air coming right over us. some of the lows this morning. now they are actually going down. 40s and 50s. cloud cover not bad. gilroy, 44. bethel island, 48. san carlos, 50. sunol at 46. so some rain to the north but a lot of sunned a high clouds over us for mild and warm
8:11 am
conditions. in fact, san jose, 74 today under mostly sunny skies. maybe partly cloudy at times with noticeable breaks in there. right now, 48, livermore/concord, to 56 in san francisco. a little south wind helps warm many locations up. that's going to be the case today. 8 in tahoe. they were 32 about an hour ago. here comes the south wind. that will warm them up. rain will be moderate to heavy. the low, the key is that there's a much stronger jet stream on the back side of that low. until it gets something to bump it in which will be friday night and saturday it will sit out there and spin and just tease us. mostly sunny for some. mild to warm. rain and clouds to the north. but not before we see 60s and 70s and it looks better for game two than game one.
8:12 am
this is breaking news, in oakland. you can see there's police officers there. there is a crime scene set up there. oakland police say a body of a woman who had been shot was found outside of a business. bullet cases were found at the scene. we have very sketchy details because this happened. you are seeing what we're seeing. the body of a woman found in oakland. we'll have more details on this breaking news story a the information -- as the information comes in. president obama is reaching out to younger voters. >> we've done things that some folks don't know about. >> what have you done that we don't know about? are you planning a surprise
8:13 am
party for us? [ laughter ] the reaction to the president's appearance on a comedy show. and why the governor seems to be going sour on politics. the san francisco-based bank admits to a big-time snafu.
8:14 am
8:15 am
mostly sunny.
8:16 am
mostly sunny. kind of mild, 40s and 50s. we'll end up with partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. very heavy rain to the north but not over us. tori? >> all right. thank you, steve. 8:15. we're learning more in morning about how the fbi disrupted a plot to blow up the washington, d.c. metro system. alison burns is live with more on this. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning to you,er to are. that's right this is the latest fbi sting operation to disrupt an alleged terror plot targeting the united states. in this case, federal agents posed as islamic radicals and met for months with the suspect to hatch the scheme. the goal here was to target metro stations near the pentagon during rush hour to maximize military casualties. the suspect allegedly videotaped the stations and sketched out where to put the bombs. federal agents say they had been monitoring him and
8:17 am
ultimately captured him in the sting operation. they say he thought he was meeting about the plot when he was arrested yesterday. his neighbors in suburban virginia are surprised. they say he lived quietly in this townhouse with his wife and young son. >> it's really frightening. but in a funny way i actually feel safer. now you know the fbi can catch this guy before anything happens which is very reassuring. >> reporter: our plots against the u.s. include attempts to blow up times square, bomb a dallas skyscraper and bomb federal builds in springfield, illinois. those last two plots were uncovered by fbi sting operations. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:17. here in the bay area, the port of oakland is parking a milestone in its new security program. the port says 5,000 trucks are
8:18 am
now registered in the secure truck enrollment program. the program requires truck drivers to go through a registration process in order to be allowed access to the port. >> just days ahead of the midterm election, president obama made an election on "the daily show" with jon stewart, trying to reach out to young voters. this is the first time a sitting u.s. president has been a guest on the show. although jon stewart cracked a lot of jokes, the president himself was all business in his response. >> you ran on very high rhetoric, hope and change, and the democrats this year seem to be running on, please, baby, one more chance. [ laughter ] >> when i won and we started the transition and we looked at what was happening in the economy, a whole bunch of my political folks came up and said you know what? enjoy this now because two years from now, folks are gonna
8:19 am
be frustrated and that is, in fact, what's happening. there are some critics. they say the president appearing on shows like jon stewart and some other recent appearances like the appearance on "the view" actually diminishes the ethics of the president. there is also a new poll out. "the new york times" poll shows 46% of likely voters say they would vote for republicans in the upcoming election. 40% say they would support democrats. 46% said they had a favorable opinion of democrats, compared to 41% favoring republicans. with just a few minutes left of his term, it appears governor schwarzenegger is getting sour on politics. in a recent tv interview, he called members of congress whimps with no guts intimidated by big oil companies. he says he plans to continue to
8:20 am
work on environmental reform when out of office. but there are also signs he may get back into movies in a tweet cast last week, schwarzenegger said he met with the director of terminator and avatar. maria shriver may get back into the news business after her husband gets out of the politics. matt laur asked her how she plans to spend her time, she said hopefully with you, meaning matt laur. wells fargo's bank now says it made mistakes on the paperwork on 55,000 foreclosure cases. how far, the san francisco- based bank says the mistakes mostly involve the final tell in company -- final step in company procedures. additional paperwork is being prepared how and will be filed by the end of the month.
8:21 am
bank officials ad this will not affect foreclosures in 23 states, including here in california. rising costs and the vote that will affect thousands of city workers in san jose. and human remains found and how long the experts think they've been there. if you are driving any time soon in oakland, you can expect some slowing. we'll also tell you about the bay bridge. what is that doing?
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
the san jose city council hoose decided to block bonuses to some employees. they will work with study groups to study the impact. retirees -- right know, in the north bay, people op opposed to the installation of pg&e's smart meters are staging a protest. critics of the smart meters gathered at the gates of pg&e's rohnert park installation yard starting at 7:30 this morning. they are demanding a halt to the installation of the smart meters because of what they
8:25 am
believe are health concerns. 8:24. well, human remains that may well date back to the civil war have been found in san francisco. several bones as well as some buttons and pieces of bottles were found earlier this week during renovation of an historic building at fort mason. an archaeologist said there are a lot of questions about how those bones got there. they say they don't believe the area was part of a cemetery. these bones will date back to the mid 1800s. 8:25. we want to check in with sal who is keeping a close eye on the commute and the bridges. we always check the bay bridge, of course. we always -- the bay bridge still has a ten-minute delay. traffic is looking good. san mateo and the richmond bridge, looking okay. there is still an accident on
8:26 am
highway 37 that they are clearing away. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we have mostly sunny skies over us. the rain is moving north. northern sonoma county getting clipped or parts of lake county. but that's it. right there, that's the line. even there it looks like things are not as bad as they were a couple of hours ago. that's where the rain is heading. you can watch how the system aligns itself north and south. that's why we have mostly sunny skies. it's going to take a while before that system gets pushed inland. that will be on saturday, maybe late friday into saturday. highs today, i didn't change much. i kept mid-60s there. san jose, 74 today on the high with a south wind. oakland 70. walnut creek, 72. the city warmed up to 62. i'm going 65. 40s and 50s. it's already 56 in san francisco, 5 in san jose. the strongest part of the jet stream is on the western edge of the low which will drive it
8:27 am
southward then the next system will come in late saturday. today, sun and clouds. mild to warm. higher humidity as the systems draws clouds up to the south. there could be an isolated shower or some brief rain. most of that is driving northward. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy skies. for game two, it looks better than one. we've got breaking news coming from oakland as we speak. right now, the coroner just arrived as you look at this live picture, you can see police officers and you can see that yellow tarp on the sidewalk there. they've just arrived at the scene where a body was found on the very but city street. and we just received brand-new information about that victim. ñw?
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
breaking news. toward the left of your screen, there is a yellow tarp. a body has been found at 98th and medford. this is breaking news coming in as we're talking to you now. police are telling us the victim is an adult woman. she's been shot. we're not sure how many times yet. but the first call came in at
8:31 am
5:52 this morning. we're not sure when she was actually shot. she was found outside of a business there. there's crime scene tape up. this is an active investigation of a bod -- look at the bullet casings, how many are there right now. an active police investigation in oakland where a woman has been shot to death. the coroner's there. we'll have more on this breaking story as we getny information. we're also getting new information this morning about an overnight shooting that happened in san francisco. two men are in custody there. police believe they shot another man three times just before 1:00 this morning at 26th street and south van knits. the victim is expected to survive. police spotted a car leaving the area, and they say the men inside match the suspect descriptions provided by witnesses.
8:32 am
8:31. the school day just started about 30 minutes ago at hayward high, where students are mourning the death of a class may. it's part of a complex police investigation involving a possible suicide pact among twin boys. jade hernandez just spoke to the school superintendent and joins us with details. >> reporter: good morning. we're live at hayward high where students are just learning news about their two fellow classmates. brothers, twins, sophomores, here at the school. one is dead this morning. cause, yet to be determined. his brother broke into a house, tried to set it on fire and then tried to kill himself in front of officers. >> young people tend to take grief in different ways just like adults. we want to make sure we have as many counselors available and so we'll have them available until it's not necessary anymore. they will be here tomorrow, the day after until they find there is no need. >> reporter: how did all of
8:33 am
this transpire, the alameda county sheriff's office is still investigating. we spoke to sergeant j.d. nelson this morning. he told us this all came in as a burglary call tuesday. deputies arrived to find a 15- year-old boy trying to set a house on fire. he came outside demanding to be shot and then went back inside the house, armed himself with a knife and started stabbing himself. deputies tased him. he's still in the hospital this morning. we're told by the sergeant that the home that the boy broke into was a different neighborhood. did not belong to the boy. the body was found in a ravine behind the home. the alameda sheriff's office is investigating whether this had had anything to do with a possible suicide pact with the brothers. we understand from the superintendent that the family has requested that all of the information requested about the media not be released -- about the family not be released to
8:34 am
the media. we understand another sibling goes to a middle school in the hayward district. both students are home with their parents today. an autopsy is schedule to be done on the 15-year-old found in the ravine and that autopsy should be done sometime this afternoon. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. and we have some more breaking news. this involves a bomb threat and a plane. police in utah are currently investigating a potential security threat involving this skywest plane that you see right now that was connecting from montana. the plane is currently isolated on the ground. this is at salt lake international airport, due to a bomb threat call in and you can see what looked like pieces of luggage that's lined up outside the plane. an airport spokesperson said all 46 passengers on board have left the plane and are being taken into the terminal to be
8:35 am
interviewed and search. there is a shot there of what looks like could be some of the luggage on board the plane. inspectors plan to inspect plane looking looking for anything suspicious. this is a bomb threat taking play in salt lake, utah. the giants and rangers are getting ready for game two this evening at at&t park. that's after that huge victory for the giants in game one. >> high fly ball to left! uribe! >> they can keep showing that. the giants just exploded in a game that was supposed to be a pitchers' duel. one uribe hit that huge hit and then freddie sanchez became the first player ever to double in his first three world series at- bats. >> i love being up in a big
8:36 am
situation, game on the line. everyone wants to be in that situation. >> tim lincecum had kind of a shaky night in the win. matt cain will pitch for giants this evening and cj wilson will pitch for the rangers. >> everybody is talking about the giants' world series, it's amazing how many people are jumping on the bandwagon. claudine wong joins us live from san francisco, are you still near union square? [ no audio ] >> all right. well, we could see claudine there. but unfortunately, we're having a hard time hearing her. we'll get back to her in just a molt. you can watch game 2 of the world series. our coverage starts at 4:30 right after a special edition of the ktvu newses at 4:00 p.m.
8:37 am
we get to talk about joblessness. the labor department's latest report came out this morning. first-time claims for jobless benefits fell 21,000 to 434,000, that's down 14% since the middle of last summer. the experts were expecting the numbers to go up. continuing claims also fell by 122,000. so that puts the total number at 4.36 million but there's still no signs that hiring has picked up. nissan is recalling more than 2 million cars and trucks all over the world because of an ignition problems na could cause the innin to -- that could cause the engine to stall. all vehicles were told right here in the u.s. as well as other vehicles sold in europe and asia. the vehicles were made between august and 2003 and 2006. so far, no accidents have been connected to the problem.
8:38 am
this, by the way, is the third largest recall in nissan's history. earlier we were talking about the giants, we want to go back to san francisco. claudine wong is live. i think we've reestablished the audio and we get to hear about all of the buzz going on in the city. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen wearing orange and black. the bus driver right there is wearing his giants colors. the hotel you see, that's the west. that's where the rangers are staying. across the street from there, you have a bar called lefty o'doul's. >> now, lefty o'doul's has been packed. lefty o'doul's is kind of unique. it's kind of been a target for texas fans. they played the trumpet down
8:39 am
here live and that had the texas rangers calling the bar all day but the manager says not as much. >> they definitely can talk. the giants did a lot of speaking object field last night. i don't know if they just don't have anything to say after last night's game. >> first up after the game one win in the 2010 world series, jeremy, good morning. >> reporter: we also checked in with knbr, the talk was all baseball. brian murphy and paul say for thefy time they are seeing giants' fans being the -- and the greatness. >> there's something about the fact that so many people have been drawn to this team. >> a lot of people are delighted it's this team and that they are doing it so unexpectedly and with such gumption and heart. >> the torture continues today.
8:40 am
most people say the back and forth has really been good natured. >> after today, the giants will head to texas and the giants are hoping that they will had get texas hospitality. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you. 8:39. the other king of the giants, sal is here. he's gonna help us get to where we need to go today, sal? >> it was fun being there last night. but i was going to the giants' game, getting to the stadium yesterday was the most crowded i've ever seen it. and i've been a season ticketholder since they've opened the stadium. i've never seen it more crowded. if you are going to go to the stadium earlier, get their early. park something ridiculously expensive. we recommend that you take muni. there's problems with muni right now with signal problems. i still think public transportation is the best way to get to the stadium.
8:41 am
let's take a look at northbound 880 as you drive past the coliseum. at the tom, it's backed up for about a ten-minute wait. again, this evening, there will be more cars starting at 3:30 trying to get into the game. northbound 101 traffic is busy approaching the 80 split. even if you are not a baseball fan, be aware of all of these people who will be at at&t park. we do have a break in the clouds. we have opinions over us. it's going to be a nice day. there could be some light rain but i think most of it holds on. northern sonoma county. more likely, kind of hit and miss. mendocino county has taken the bulk of the rain. now even a few breaks starting to show up.
8:42 am
it's going to go north/south. get out of the way. last few frames. see how it's lifting north. but south of that some very dry air has punched in. some of the rain to mendocino county. ukiah, yorkville and willits, pretty good. fort bragg. .75. look how the system gets close and then it teeter to thers north -- teeter-totters north. some rain to the north. but for us, sun and clouds. high clouds 70s for many. san jose going 74 for a high today with a southeast wind. a little bit more humidity thrown into the mix. maybe kind of a tropical feel today. 40s and 50s due to the cloud cover. we had a lot of 30s. 38 in day hoe. they were down to 32. 7 ukiah with rain there. sacramento, 49. they were 41 yesterday. get out of the way so you can
8:43 am
see this. that's the strongest part of the jet stream. so that takes this low and does this, bends it back. you can see the clouds bending back. that gives us a very sunny morning. sun and clouds, mild to worm, a always the possibility of a little band of rain going through. but for the most part, it stays to the north. we got a lot of clouds over us. kind of mild today and temperatures in the 60s. mostly cloudy. here comes the system. we'll clear it out and sunday and monday looks warmer. if you are just joining us, we're following breaking news, a security square at the salt lake ape.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
this is 98th avenue and medford, right outside of a business there. the woman had been shot. we have very few details as we look at these live pictures but as you can see, the investigation continues. we're also following breaking news coming in from salt lake city, utah. the fbi is searching that delta commuter jet you see toward the left of your screen. it was a telephone bomb threat, that a bomb was on board. now all of the passengers were safely removed from the plane. that flight originated in montana. this morning, there is a new audio message, it's coming from osama bin laden. it's a warning for france. bin laden is threatening to kill french citizen to retaliate for france supporting the war in afghanistan and the french french's government recent ban on islamic women
8:48 am
wearing full-faced veils in public. well, the country is watching san francisco right now, the world series, not only very exciting for giants' fans. it's an amazing commercial for at&t park and the city. the man at the helm, mayor newsom, joins us from outside of the park right now. good morning,. >> good morning. >> beautiful day. hopefully the weather will stick. >> yeah. what was up with this weather announcement? i was convinced i would be drenched. >> you weren't watching steve. >> i'm watching the wrong weather channel. my apologies. >> this is huge for san francisco. do you have any numbers from restaurant, hotels, about what kind of money this is bringing in? >> not yet. it's extraordinary. it not only provides the kind of intensity in terms of contribution today, tomorrow and through the series but it creates an identity with the
8:49 am
experience that keeps giving for years and years and years and i think that's the wonderful thing about the event like the world series, people come with their grandkids and say i was here for the game and they will come 30, 40 years from now. >> what about when it moves to texas? we understand there could be a big screen at civic center plaza like there was during world cup. >> yeah, yeah. >> we understand you might have to jump through hoops for that. >> yeah. it's not as easily as the world cup. so we're working collaboratively and respectfully with major league baseball. they've been great. we did a lot of wonderful things with the all-star game. we have some good relationships, we hope to make an announcement later this afternoon so we have an appropriate place. we hope it will be the civic center. we invite people to come over
8:50 am
for those who don't want to watch it at home. >> i have to ask. you are the mayor of san francisco. you have to be receiving some calls from anyone you've ever known, maybe people across the country, asking if you could get them tickets? >> a couple. see that car? the guy who owns it just offered it to me for a ticket. >> really? >> it's that kind of thing. the guy with the zamboni cleaning up, it's yours. i didn't know i had these big family members. i thought i just had a big irish, collect family -- catholic family. i have relatives in suffox. >> what kind of community service will the mayor of arlington do if you win? what will you have him do? >> he will be coming out here with a giants' uniform on. he will be providing community
8:51 am
service to our junior giants and he will be bringing barbecue sauce and a lot of stuff. we keep adding it. and you will get -- and thereler photographs to take back to arlington. >> all right. very nice. are you going to the game tonight? >> are you -- >> kidding? >> as much as i love that car -- >> you're going. >> yeah. >> okay. have a fun day. a prestigious award will be given out today, the widow of roberto clemente will announce the award that bears her husband's name. her husband died in a plane crash while delivering earthquake supplies to victims.
8:52 am
>> the players, they have to have a record like -- like they will be good players on the field but off the field they shall be the same. >> vera clemente is a good will ambassador for baseball. and in an hour she will join jeremy affeldt and a prior pitcher. the three will visit mission education center this morning to speak to students about the legacy of roberto clemente and his dedication to giving back to others. political analysts say they are seeal change in how meg bitman's gubernatorial campaign is portraying her image in the final days leading up to next today's election. analysts say it's a softer meg whitman being presented. recent mailers feature photos as a young woman with her two
8:53 am
children when they were young. and she looks directly into the camera and talk about how she and her husband came to california as newlyweds and have raised their family here. now, her opponent, jerry brown, is apparently safing up his energy for one last campaign blitz before the -- saving up his energy for one last cam blaine bit -- campaign blitz before the election. he will make 13 stops. he's focused on "message discipline" and he's been warned into the to say anything too controversial. the president of pg&e has made a promise to the people in san francisco. and a big company is rolling out new toilet paper. the changes you will notice.
8:54 am
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8:56. the president of pg&e is promising the utility will not rebuild a gas line in the neighborhood where the pipeline exploded, killing eight people. he made the comment in writing to san bruno's mayor. he says he knows the rebuilding would be a horrible reminder of the trauma. still not clear who will pay for moving the pipeline or where the new pipeline will go. the company, kimberly clark, is making their scott's bath tissue a little more
8:57 am
environmentally friendingly. they are experiencing with taking the roll out of the product. the holes are not perfectly round but will still fit over the holder. one more time we want to check in with sal, see how the morning commute is winding down. just a reminder to take transit to tonight's game. it's going to be very crowded. 880 still slow heading north. san mateo and dumbarton bridge recovering. to the bay bridge, still a 10- minute wait at the toll plaza. here's steve. we do have rain to the north, lake county and northern sonoma. other us it's -- over us, it's mostly sunny. we'll continue that into friday. then another system comes in on
8:58 am
saturday and clips us. weather looks better on monday and tuesday. all right. sounds good. that will do it for us. as we go, we want to take you live to at&t park. there's mayor newsom doing more interviews. our coverage here begins at 4:30 for the world series. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
8:59 am
man: empty nest? new kitchen, new us? woman: who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the traditional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. spend over 2500 dollars on a new kitchen and save 40 percent on custom countertops until november 28th at ikea. the life improvement store.


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