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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 28, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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at at&t park this afternoon, crowds are already starting to gather, what the giants are hoping to do tonight before they go to texas. the stores are packed as giants' memorabilia literally flies off the shelves. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating whether or not a suicide pact had anything to do with the death of a 15-year-old hayward boy. that story -- coming up.
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good afternoon. topping our news this noontime, game two of the world series is hours away. but many fans are still buzzing about last night's game when an expected pitchers' duel turned into a slugfest. >> high fly out to left. uribe shoots one out! >> that was a three-one blast by juan uribe and the mayor is finding a way to keep this alive here in san francisco even as the team moves to texas. kraig debro is live with more. >> reporter: willie mays is still bringing people to the ballpark 37 years after his world series. actually, it's not willie mays. we talked around the stadium looking for stories but we could have stayed here at third and willie mays plaza and found
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everything we wanted. >> go, giants! >> reporter: many of these kids won't go to the game tonight but that didn't stop them from coming today. >> it just so happens that the giants are going to the world series and it's here in san francisco. so we thought, hey, we'll bring the kids to go and see the giants. see the stadium. and just enjoy the time here in the city. >> earlier in the morning, a different kind of learning experience. the wife of one of willie's peers came here to deliver an award. >> it symbolizes -- he was not only a good baseball player but he was a good person. >> reporter: clemente died and he was a major league
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milestone. at the time he was delivering earthquake supplies to victims in nicaragua. >> implements my country is the best thing i can do. >> reporter: this woman was reporting for rehearsal duty. she will sing "god bless america" during the seven- inning stretch. but last night's singer was a hard act to follow. >> take a look at this. this is father and son. they are due in from south lake tahoe. they came down here but they don't have the money for ticket prices. there they go walking away. they are trying to get tickets to a game here that cost more money than they have. they have $300 for a ticket. we just found out that somebody came along and met their price and they are gonna go to the game tonight and pay a lower price than normally paid. first pitch tonight at 4:57.
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kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, kraig. well, the world series has also led to some friendly cross- country wagering. san francisco mayor gavin newsom has agreed to a world series bet with the mayor of arlington, texas. the mayor of the losing team will perform community service in that city wearing the win he team's jersey. should the giants lose, newsom is prepared to send to texas, crab, chocolate and sourdough bread. he's expecting a lot of barbecue sauce. there is will the a friendly wager between b.a.r.t. and texas's d.a.r.t. many people and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of
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a sea of black and orange and not because it's halloween. here's claudine wong with more. >> reporter: there is a giants' dugout store just around the corner from where we're standing. we wanted to show you the end of the line which has stretched down to this block for the better part of two hours. it has not gotten much shorter. employees say it's been like this for days and stays likes this every day. everybody just wants in on the orange and black. by the time the store owned here, the line was around the corner. >> everybody wants to be apart of it, they want to be wearing the colors, be in the bars and restaurants. >> i went to the giants' game last night. and they have pins and he want to get one. >> first up after the game,
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jerry affeldt. >> reporter: before the sun came um, everybody wants to talk giants. these talk show hosts say this is simply a team that people want to get behind. >> there's something about the collection of guys. there's something about the energy around this team and park. >> a lot of people are delighted it's this team, this lovable band of castoffs and misfits and they are doing it so unexpectedly and with such gum. shun and heart. >> reporter: this is the scene at lefty o'doul's. lefty o'doul's is across the street from where the texas rangers are staying. texas fans were calling lefty o'doul's ordering texas toast. >> we're getting calls and they
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are still asking for texas toast. we're responding with you got served. you got toasted last night. [ laughter ] >> it looks like i came in time and lucked out. >> reporter: everybody wants to be a part of history. >> i just want to be a part of this and i hope they win the world series. >> reporter: back live here at the embarcadero, where the line continues. if you want to get some gear, give yourself extra time because you will had have to wait in line. they are gonna try to open up early tomorrow to try to meet this demand. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. you can watch game 2 of the world series this afternoon. our coverage start at 4:30 right after a special edition of the news at 4:00 p.m. about 1500 customers near downtown concord remain without electricity at this hour. witnesses say they heard three small explosions in the area of
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clayton road and frye way and saw smoke shoot 20 to 30 feet into the air around 8:30 this everyone mooing. pg&e would only say there was a minor glitch with equipment. pg&e does not have an estimate when customers will have power again. the president of pg&e promises not to rebuild in the area where the pipeline exploded, killing eight people. he made the comment in writing to the mayor of san bruno. he says that would be a reminder of that horrible trauma that people suffered last month. it's not clear where the new pipeline will go. counselors are on hand at hayward high school after a 15- year-old student was found dead and his twin brother apparently tried to kill himself. an autopsy is scheduled to be
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completed this afternoon. jade hernandez has the latest on the investigation and how the school is responding to the boy's death. >> this is just a very unusual case from the beginning. it was unusual when we had a 15- year-old kid breaking in the house asking deputies to kill him and he was tased and taken into custody. couple that with the twin brother deceased and you have a case you don't see very often at all. >> reporter: in this case, the 15-year-old twin brothers involved kept a low profile here at hayward high. word filtered about the death of one twin and confusion over the other twin's involvement. school officials followed protocol. >> young people tend grief in different ways just like adults. so we want to make sure we have the counselors available and make sure they are available until it's not necessary anymore. they will be here today and tomorrow until we find there is
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no need for them. >> reporter: the neighbors say they heard about a suicide pact. the officers are investigating but they are skeptical. >> my understanding of a suicide pact is when both kill themselves. that didn't happen in this case. >> reporter: after a day of being unable to find the teen's twin brother, authorities eventually found the body in a ravine near the high school. >> really the only nextus between the home and the high school, it's reasonably close to the high school. not terribly close. >> reporter: an autopsy completed today should reveal how the teenager died. his twin brother, who is expected to live, remains in the hospital. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are releasing few details about the discovery of a woman's body in east oakland. someone reported the body around 6:00 this morning near
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the intersection of 98th and medford avenue. there were early reports that officers found bullet casings at the woman had suffered gunshot wounds. but police told ktvu that was incorrect information. they've not provided any other details on her death, which is still under investigation. san jose police are also looking into a homicide that happened in east san jose overnight. they received a report about gunfire a few minutes after midnight in the 1600 block of bermuda way. officers found the 40-year-old victim in front of the home. he had been shot in the back. they say the shooting may have been gang-related. still ahead -- a new development in the past couple of hours considering the measure to legalize recreational use of marijuana by adults. the president appears on a comedy show. why some people don't like it. will there be a problem with rain during tonight's game two of the world series? steve paulson has the forecast. also --
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>> the security of california's maritime depends on the cooperation of the entire maritime community. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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these dramatic pictures come to us from southern
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california where authorities are still working to clear this mess on the connector ramp between the 91 and 710 freeways in long beach. they say a big rig overturned at 9:20 this morning. the driver was able to climb out of the cab. paramedics took him to the hospital with moderate injuries. authorities say it could take hours, though, to get all of the lanes clear again. officials at the port of oakland celebrated fact that they've registered 5,000 trucks this year in their new security program. the program is called secure truck enrollment program t was funded by a state-wide measure passed by voters in 2006. the first truck registered this spring. >> as a public enterprise, i'm very proud of the improvements we've made over the years to enhance seaparty security. today we're celebrating another great step in protecting our port for the region and our nation. >> port officials say they consulted with truckers, porters and law enforcement
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officials in support of the program. the polls show that democrat, jerry brown, now has a 10-point lead over meg whitman. 49% of the people polled said they would vote for the state attorney general and former two- term governor, while just 39% say they would vote for the form earl ebay ceo. just last month, this poll showed the two candidates in a virtual. meanwhile, brown is releasing his vow for the two to stop unleashing on each other. when matt laur asked the candidates if they would agree to give up negative ads, brown said he was willing but whitman refused. brown's new ad encouragages voters to "get positive." meg whitman stands by heir
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position and says it's important for voters to hear about his record and accused him of hip pock kracy after his campaign launched a new attack ad on her. president obama made an appearance on the "daily show" last night. this is the first time a sitting. has been on the show. although stewart cracked a few jokes, the president was all business in his responses. >> you ran on very high rhetoric, hope and change and the democrats this year seem to be running on, please, baby, one more chance. [ laughter ] >> when i won and we started the transition and we looked at what was happening in the economy, a whole bunch of my political folks came up and said, you know what? enjoy this now because two years from now folks are gonna be frustrated. and that's, in fact, what's
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happened. >> some of mr. obama's critics say his appearances on shows like that one and "the view" diminish the office of the president. preparations are underway for a large rally in washington, d.c. by jon stewart and steven colbert. they are hosting a rally at the washington mall. 25,000 people are expected to attend but satellite rallies are being organizationed through face -- observed through facebook. bay area law enforcement officers, school officials and parents came together this morning to speak out against proposition 19 to legalize marijuana. at a press conference on pier 38 in san francisco, they said the initiative is flawed and will put communities at risk. the vice president of the california narcotics officers association talked specifically about the implications of marijuana use and driving.
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>> under the flawed provisions of prop 19, drivers will be able to smoke marijuana just prior to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, putting their lives, the lives of others in danger. >> he says it will be up to officers to determine if a driver is impaired because there's no test for marijuana like there is for alcohol. he called the proposition a social experiment that we cannot afford, especially during today's tough economic times. let's check in with our meteorologist, steve paulson. it was pretty warm. >> in the 70s in some locations. others, cloudy. once in a while, mother nature is your best friend. we thought this system would stay north and it is staying north. ukiah has had rain.
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we have mostly cloudy skies and a very balmy 64 degrees. the weather looks even better today than it did last night for game two. you can see how the system moves in. watch in the last few frames how this goes north to south. push it back up. there's some very heavy rain there but south of that there are plenty of sunbreaks. some of the rain, willits, 1.8 4. cue kye yaw, 1.25. boonville, 1 inch of rain. for some there's been a lot of rain. for others there's been a little bit. look at the south. no wonder san jose is sitting in warm weather. if you are north of that, you are in the rain. if not, you are in the sunshine. palo alto, 75. san jose, 76. upper 50s or right at 60 for napa and santa rosa. any sun you are warmer. clouds, you are cooler. and the city is 64 degrees. very mild there.
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70s down -- and even 80s in san diego. 58 tahoe. they were down to 31. they get the south wind and warm up. 62 sacramento. but rain and clouds and position and cool, 50 in ukiah. the system will eventually move in. there's this low. that needs something to bump it along. that will happen friday/saturday. it will play into our friday weather but not today unless you are to the north. clouds to the south, mostly cloudy, warm. mid-70s, rain to the north. overall, the trend is to take it north. kind of a tropical feel toward san jose, fremont, redwood city. very mild to warm there. it looks a-ok to me, tori. >> yeah. >> mostly cloudy. late in the game but we will get through this. cloudy to mostly cloudy on friday.
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the rain will make it -- it looks like saturday morning to me and then a few lingering showers and then out. >> just a little bit on the weekend. >> yes. former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle is due to be sentenced one week from tomorrow for the killing of oscar grant. yesterday, beginning 0 the noon news, ktvu brought you comments from grant's family about the tragic and high-profile case. tonight, the other side of the story. rita williams sits down with johannes mehserle for his first interview since the shooting, how he describes that night and what he says grant was doing web he pulled the trigger. you will only see that story tonight on our 10:00 news. the actor who played dano in the original version of the tv version "hawaii 50" has died. he played detective dan comes for 11 years -- dan williams on the show for 11 years. he was the son of herald hayes.
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there's no word on his cause of death. he was 72 years old. still ahead -- a little bit of good news about the jobless rate. now we're getting information about a planned mission to mars and about astronauts who will not come back to earth and the bay area will play a role.
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the labor department's latest reports surprised economists. first-time claims for jobless benefits jumped to 434,000. that's down 14% since the middle of last summer. it's the second lowest number for claims this year. experts had expected the number to increase. continuing claims also fell by 122,000, putting the total in the millions. but there are no signs hiring has picked up. nasa wants to send astronauts to mars but they won't be able to come back to earth. nasa revealed at a conference that they've received $1 million to start working on the project at the claims research center at moffett field. they think they can send a team of astronauts to mars by 2030. nasa says it would be too costly to bring the astronauts back. they would receive regular supplies to earth. it's the most wonderful time of the year. this year it's coming earlier.
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why the holiday season and shopping season will begin after october this year. and the counting up -- counting down to game two of the riggs. 2003 have live coverage. our cink will begin at:30 for game two. we'll have -- at 4:30 for game two. we'll have news at 4:00 before that.
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