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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 28, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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a late inning explosion turning game two of the world series after the giants go 2-0. it the giants matt cain shut down the texas rangers offense. then late in the game the giants wept on a scoring spree and broke tonight's game wide open. we're going to start on the diamond with mark ibanez, mark. >> there's lots of great news to go around for giant fans. just one little piece of it.
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there's no mathematical way that the texas rangers, they can't do it in texas. the worse that can happen with the giants, they get swept by the rangers it comes back here at at & at&t where the giants have been invincible. breaking up the scoreless game, edgar renteria. he break this is 0-0 tie against c.j. wilson in the fifth and the giants lead 1-0. lots of heros to go around. why not show you the local kid doing good, it is nathan good. and
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the giants score seven runs at the bottom of the 8th inning and matt cain goes 3-2/3 innings and has not given any up. he has not sur surrendered one in the postseason. >> i could not be happier for renteria. >> he's playing like he did ten years ago. >> we put ourselves in a good situation. we're definitely going into their ballpark where they are more comfortable. just like we're comfortable here. we have to take that confidence and some of the good approaches that we've had in these last two games and take those down to texas with us. >> reporter: down to texas they go. saturday evening you will see it on ktvu channel 2. a day off
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tomorrow as they travel down south. and it is jonathan sanchez, left-hander that had a little bit of a tough time a week ago in philadelphia. but he gets the lead as the giants build an unsurmountable lead. >> we go to mike mibach who is live outside the ballpark. >> reporter: how about them giant, two games up headed to texas, should be a nice flight for that team. as for the fans, the majority of them have headed home. but there are still some straglers still celebrating.
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the fans just keep getting louder and louder. but when you're just two games away from winning the world sere series. it was giants 9-rangers zero. >> matt cain shut them down. you have to score to win. >> reporter: texas went quiet in the ninth. when the final round was recorded, the crowd went crazy. >> it's been a long season, but we persevered all through the year. you know nobody gave us a chance, the whole year. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> i feel good. i feel good. it feels good when you have oakland raider fans and oakland
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fans. >> it's the greatest thing that's ever happened in years. >> it feels amazing. i sold my wave board to be here, giants. and matt cain yet to give up a hit in the postseason. and the crowd very supportive of the black and orange. their presence definitely felt in game two tonight. reporting live, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. and san francisco north beach, giants packed into a restaurant. the final out in the game brought the loudest cheers. in the 9th inning, that provided a lot of chances for the crowd to scream for their team. for those that couldn't get
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into the ballpark, boats and people filled mccovey cove. where partying has filled the area. >> reporter: mccovec cove was a little calmer than it was last night. make no mistake, if you didn't have a ticket this was the place to be if you wanted to hang out in the middle of all the action. >> reporter: hundreds crowded the sidewalks at mccovey cove listening to the game on the radio. fans went on to the water too. >> reporter: these two friends kayaked to the cove. >> this is the bay area. >> out on the cove, whatever
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kind of water craft you're in, million dollars yacht, what are you are doing it's an awesome party. >> reporter: law enforcement had a heavy code presence. the sheriff's department, police and coast guard were all on patrol. >> we're out here making sure everybody has a good time and staying out of trouble. >> reporter: captain paul velez and his friends were having the night of their life. >> i haven't shaved for three months. >> is that right? >> that's right, that's right. so my wife, she said, you need to shave, i said, no i don't cause i got you. >> reporter: they said this is the best way to be part of the game. even though they couldn't actually see a single play. >> for me this is the once in a lifetime chance to be out here with everybody. who knows, hopefully they do this thing again next year but who knows. >> reporter: when the giants won game two, the cove crowd went wild.
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boaters said they thought the crowd was a little smaller tonight because of windy conditions and the threat of rain. however, it turned into a perfectly balmy evening here at mccovec cove. some baseball fans who thought they had purchased tickets to the world series found out they had been scammed and they never got into the ballpark. san francisco police tell us there have been seven reported cases of people buying tickets from private sellers online then showing up on the game and being turned away. some people paid as much as $1,000. police said the only place to buy legitimate ticket is from the giants or through stub hub. the back to back giants victories have many bay area fans flying high. ranger player josh hamilton toll the dallas morning news that he could smell marijuana last night while playing center
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field. and reporters from texas seemed amazed. >> we are truly, we are truly in san francisco. i'm standing here like, that's not cigarette. that's weed, that's weed. >> and our ktvu camera had little trouble finding peel rolling joints this morning. hamilton said, it was crazy and police seemed to do little to stop it. the series now turns to texas. this game starts one hour earlier foxes coverage begins at 3:30 in the morning. you can watch it all line right here on ktvu news. you can always share your postseason photos with us at and check out more giants coverage, including our special orange october section. we're going to bring you gears and bring you a ktvu exclusive. s if the first interview
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-- it is the first interview with former bart police officer mehserle. >> for almost two years now, you've heard a lot about him. now for the first time hear from former bart police officer mehserle himself. i didn't know how bad it was. i was just thinking to myself, okay, he should be -- i was just praying he would be okay. what mehserle says about the shooting of oscar grant coming up in 90 seconds.
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he shot and killed oscar grant on a bart platform last year. other than in court, he has never talked publicly about what happened until now. it is a ktvu exclusive. for the first time we hear former bart police officer mehserle's firsthand account of his fatal encounter with oscar grant. mehserle has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and faces sentencing next week. ktvu reporting rita williams has -- ktvu's reporter rita williams has pursued an interview with mehserle since the beginning. this week they sat in the jailhouse where he told her his story. >> reporter: he used to enforce the law, now he's sitting behind bars accused of breaking the law. for almost four months now an inmate at the los angeles county jail. >> you have a hand?
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sorry. >> reporter: a self-described jokester, mehserle trying to laugh about the awkwardness of not trying to shake my hand. that was the last time he laughed for the next hour. why did you agree to talk to us. >> over the last several years i haven't had a chance to say anything. and for most of the people that don't know me i know i've been portrayeded differently than who i actually am. >> some people will say, it's for sympathy. >> this is more for the public to see who i am. i'm not asking for any sympathy at all. >> reporter: no subject was off limits. mehserle's attorney reihns sat by, he never interrupted. >> some people see you as a
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racist, are you? >> no ma'am. >> reporter: a cold-blooded killer? >> no ma'am. i'm peaceful by my own nature. >> reporter: but that's not the way people see him from a surveillance video. how do you live with that? >> i know it wasn't intentional. the decision i made was to tase mr. grant, it wasn't to shoot him. i know that. >> reporter: in july, 12 jurors agreed. found mehserle not guilty of murder but guilty of involuntary manslaughter with added time for using a gun. deputies handcuffed him in court and he's been in jail ever since. awaiting sentencing.
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>> i didn't expect to walk through those doors in handcuffs. >> reporter: you thought you would walk out even if you would be convicted. >> i didn't think i would be convicted at all. >> reporter: you didn't think you would be convicted of anything. >> no ma'am. >> reporter: so you think they were wrong? >> i think so, yes, ma'am. >> reporter: a reported fight on the train, then he heard the noise. >> it was pretty chaotic. it didn't sound good from the get go. >> did anybody tell you anything when you got there? >> there was so much going on, it wasn't a matter of there weren't any intersections given. >> reporter: twice he took out and reholsterred his taser. he says he didn't know that the
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man he know nows was oscar grant took this picture. he says he handcuffed jackie brison then turned to grant. >> reporter: then what happened. >> i guess that's when everything started going south. as far as just trying to handcuff him, he went down. and i was just trying to gain control of his hands. >> were his hand still under him when you shot what you thought was your taser? >> i don't know about his left hand but i know his right hand was in his pocket. >> what did you think he had? >> well, until you can rule out 100% that there's no gun, it would be silly to assume, that's how police officers die. >> so you said what? >> i was going to tase him. >> reporter: then mehserle pulled the trigger. >> after i thought my taser malfunctioned, i thought something was wrong with my taser that's when i saw my gun.
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>> then did you look at oscar grant? >> yes, ma'am. >> what did you see there? >> i noticed that i had shot him. >> reporter: how could you tell? >> i could -- he was yelling and i could see the hole. >> reporter: what did you say or think then? >> i was just in complete disbelief. >> reporter: did you say anything? >> i just -- i remember trying to calm him down. >> reporter: what was he saying? >> he was saying, something to the effect of you shot me. and i remember, i remember just telling him, calm down and i
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went down and i remember putting pressure on the bullet hole. when he started losing consciousness i knew it was getting worse. >> reporter: and what happened then? >> i was just trying to figure out why did this happen. >> reporter: were you trying to help him? >> yes, ma'am. i was just praying he would be okay. >> reporter: but he wasn't okay. after just 2-1/2 minutes on the bart platform that morning, mehserle had fired a single shot that ended one man's life and forever changed his. rita williams, ktvu. rita's jailhouse interview with mehserle lasted for about
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an hour. we plan to bring you more of it. coming up tomorrow, rita will be live on mornings on two. she will also have different exerts at 5:00 and a completely new report back here tomorrow night on the 10:00 news. oakland city attorney today filed civil lawsuits against four protesters who took to the streets the night mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. city attorney john russo says terry dugard stole merchandise from a jewelry store. storm tracker two picking up rain in the bay area, it has been just offshore all day. you saw the clouds, there were a few sprinkles they showed up in san leandro. i do have rain up in millvalely right now. rain at point rays, scattered
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showers at petaluma. you can see rain right there on the east side of the bridge. that's the strongest cell i have, most of the activity is moving in this direction. as the showers move north and on shore, we can see the showers pick up tonight. and those showers will last perhaps into the morning commute. by the ballpark, some showers begin to fall. so let's take a look at what we're expecting tonight. scattered showers tonight, tomorrow more showers the extended forecast a chance for some more. i'll see you back here. governor arnold schwarzenegger drove up to a new gas station in san jose today. this one pumps bio diesel and other low carbon fuel. >> i love shining the spotlight on california's invasion. especially invasion that highlights our environment and economy. >> reporter: the governor was
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in the south bay to demonstrate the new fuel station. it is one of 75 the company will now open. san francisco city officials want to remind people there will be no halloween celebration in the castro district this weekend. some people may show up in costume as they did last year, but that big over the top street party has been cancels after a shooting. is black friday already here? why shoppers may find holiday deals before the traditional day after thanksgiving. and what millions of customers can expect as well.
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james mcarthur, he was the actor who played dano on the five-0 series. the episodes always ended with steve mcgarret saying, book' em dano. lafayette police has arrested a teacher who molested a tutor student.
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merrick is being held at the martinez jail. it was looking a lot like christmas today at sun valley mall in concord. given the state of the economy, stores are pushing holiday sales now and retailers aren't depending on black friday the day after thanksgiving to get consumes to buy. the dow industrial finished down 12 points while the nasdaq was up 10. and toyota allegedly forced owners to sign confidentiality contracts as part of the buy back. verizon wireless made a lot of money from those so called
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mystery fees, now it's pay back time. today the federal communications commission announced a settlement with verizon that will refund money to customers and send an addition $10 to customers. the fees supposedly were for data usage. today's settlement covers 15 million people. more than a half million halloween lanterns designed for children are being recalled because they pose a fire threat. the lanterns come in three designs. pumpkins, ghosts and skulls. they were priced at $1 and made in china. an exclusive ktvu field poll on the race for the
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senate. has the tide turned? >> reporter: a fatal attack on an east bay nurse raises questions about workplace safety, find out what's being done.
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republican senate candidate carly fiorina reportedly feels fantastic after leaving the hospital. >> it is great to be back on the campaign trail and i just want to thank all the thousands of people who have wished me well over the last couple of days. i feel great, it's great to be back and thank you so much for your prayers and your support. >> reporter: fiorina's quick recovery is no doubt good news for republicans. but an exclusive new field poll
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released delivers bad news for her campaign. potentially very bad news. randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: senator boxer was all smiled today with good reasons. we had just shown her the numbers in our new ktvu field poll, the poll most analysts say they trust the most. >> i'm so pleased with the polls. >> reporter: with only a few days till election day, boxer a democrat now has an eight point lead over republican fiorina. 49% for boxer, 41 for fiorina and boxer's lead has been growing since spring. >> what poll we have done, boxer seems to be further ahead. >> reporter: independents who were split a month ago are now breaking toward boxer in part because her position on things such as the environment are more in line with california voters than fiorina's are. >> environment protection just as an issue i think is one that is has always benefited boxer.
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that's a very strong issue with voters. >> reporter: which is why boxer today toured contra costa colleges new training center for students hoping to work on hybrid cars. >> your future is as bright as the sun. >> reporter: what about fiorina's brief hospital stay, will it scare people away or trigger a sympathy vote? don't know, the poll ended just as that news was released. >> i am completely cancer free and i feel fantastic. >> reporter: the last surge of money coming in, millions of the dollars the last few days to help fiorina buy ads. despite the lead, boxer says that she's so called worry
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about the so called lead. >> nothing is certain until people vote. people need to get out and vote. >> reporter: political editor, randy shandobil, ktvu news. republican candidate for governor meg whitman was busy campaigning today. she stopped by the gop office in walnut week this evening as supporters were making phone calls to voters and watching the giants world series game. >> i really can't tell you how much i appreciate you being here tonight. i know you're making a sacrifice being here while you're watching the giants. dozens of farm workers rallied for democrat jerry brown today outside san francisco's city hall. the ties between the united farm workers union and brown
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date back to the 70s when brown was governor. farm workers credit him with helping improve their working conditions and forming their union. a bay area nurse that was attacked this weekend died today from her injuries. it's the second death of a health care professional just this week and it raises serious questions about the safety of civilians working with inmates. amber lee joins us now. >> the attack took place here outside the county jail behind me. we learned the nurse under went surgery for injuries to her head. family members describe 55-year- old cynthia palomata as a caring individual who liked taking care of others. we spoke to her aunt who said that her niece never expressed
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fear and enjoyed her work. >> when she took the job. i told her aren't you scared? you are dealing with these people who just came out of prison and then they are like have problems. and she said, auntie it's a job. >> reporter: according to sheriff's deputies, newly admitted prisoner faked a seizures. the california health care workers union says attacks are care givers are on the rise. >> improve on having more security and better staffing in these kinds of situations. >> reporter: family and friends
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tell us that palomata lived in this home with her husband and her 24-year-old son. they told me she planned to return to her hometown after retirement. >> she's the only income earning in her family. her husband is not really working and her son is still looking for work. >> reporter: reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a santa clara county judge today ordered two teenagers to stand trial. 50-year-old michael russell was found stabbed to death in the backyard of his san jose home on november 10. randy thompson and jay williams are expected to be tried as adults. they were 16 and 15 years old at the time. police link them to the death
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after finding a bloody knife and bloody clothes. no trial date has been set. a teenager from tracy who was held captive and tortured for more than a year has scheduled to testify against one of the -- the victim was 16 years old during most of the ordeal. he was held in a house next door to where waiters lived. three people who liveed in that house have pleaded guilty. prosecutors say the victim spent much of the time chained to a fireplace. results of a pentagon pole on whether gays should be allowed to serve openly is being released tonight. the survey is expected to reveal challenges that the military might face if that policy is ended. the pentagon plans to release their results. police call it one of the
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most bizarre cases that they are investigating. what we're learning about the dedeath of a twin brother. not one but two, the impact erupting volcanos have had on the ground and in the airment a ir.
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a live look right now outside at&t park where the san francisco giants have taken a 2- 0 lead in the world series. the giants beat the texas rangers tonight 9-0. mark ibanez will have all the highlights tonight in sports. >> an autopsy report released tomorrow could shed some light
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in a bizarre case involving a teenager and the arrest of his twin brother. police found the body of the teen in a ravine, but it's yet to be determined whether he was killed or committed suicide. the boy's brother was arrest on monday. he tried to break into a home and set it on fire. that teenager had stab wounds and also demanded to be shot by police. the marine county sheriff's office found a woman burned to death in her home. firefighters discovered her body while they were putting out the fire. the cause of her death is yet not known awaiting an autopsy.
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and the cause of the fire is unknown. officials raised the death toll today to 370 and say more than 300 missing people may have been swept out to sea. it's also possible they fled to the hills. in russia, two volcanos erupted today. that triggered warnings to pilots to be alert. ash also blanketed the sky of one near by town. russian officials warned that a third volcano could erupt at any moment. >> in haiti, united nations investigators are looking at a possible source of the ongoing cholera outbreak. it could be coming from a peace treating group in nepal. they insist they have done everything correctly to deal
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with their waste. the presidential panel looking into the oil disaster released it's first report saying that halleburton should have known that the cap was not strong enough. the failure of the cement to prevent oil and gas from entering the well has been identified as one of the causes of that blow out. a halleburton spokesperson says the company is reviewing the report. officer clay rojas is charged with providing confidential dmv and information to a member of a motorcycle gang. hells angel williams bettencourt didn't charge rojas on late payments. any information that passed
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along could be thought of as interest. san bruno continues to recover from the well explosion. and rain is coming through, bill martin is showing us where it's headed and which places will be the warmest. it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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san bruno residents got some needed information tonight. it had to deal with their insurance claims. lloyd lacuesta is live with the report. >> reporter: the greatest number of homes were lost in the pipeline explosion and fire nearly two months ago, the street looks different because the most severely damage homes have been demolished and removed. 35 homes in total.
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>> this is what came up, so this is a gas pipe. this is line 132. >> reporter: state insurance commissioner steve poizner visited the neighborhood tonight. poizner says he just wants to help homeowners rebuild. >> we're making sure that the insurance companies pay up, pay everything they owe to their homeowners through their fire policies. >> reporter: later poizner held an insurance seminar. some homeowners have questions about how insurance policies will proceed. >> we basically want to know how it really works. what our are limits and so forth. >> my concern is that probably, they're not going to do the right thing, you know minimize, whatever they can repair, short us. >> reporter: all state has 35
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policyholders in the damage area. i asked him about possible pg & e liability. >> there is found to be negligence that was the cause of the claim. you know we're obviously going to make an effort to go and recoop that cost because it's the right thing to do. >> so far the exact cause of the pipeline explosion has yesterday to be determined. a city of san bruno says it is trying to revise. the state public utility commission approved a request before pg & e makes repairs. the public utilities commission took up the issue of
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gas pressure ahead of the winter weather. the puc has reduced gas flow by 20%. but today the puc agreed to restore that pressure if temperatures get extremely low. the puc warns that if the pressure is not increased, larger customers like hospitals could lose service. a panel of gas experts would have to improve the increases before they actually happen. in rain, showers showing up on live storm tracker two in the north bay. they were a few sprinkles shows up over the last half hour or so. let's go there. live storm tracker two, heavier rain moving into the north bay as well. scattered showers in the forecast tomorrow. let's go a little closer, i'll take the latest imagery. you'll see the showers now, we got some light showers over
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toward alameda naval air station. light scattered showers tonight and tomorrow, enough to put a little glaze on both of the commutes. tomorrow morning is not going to be a wet start to the day. it's not going to be really wet, like the wipers going. if you come in, there's going to be a little glaze on the windshield. tomorrow night maybe a sprinkle, into saturday morning it should be done. all the energy is just like this, and just skirts the bay area proper. the north bay, north of the bay bridge they are getting soaked. and the rest of us lie some where in between. not a big deal storm but enough to slow the commutes tomorrow. especially the afternoon commute. no rain drops. not a gully washer. you'll get some stuff done tomorrow. there's some breaks, here we are of course thursday 8:00, light showers are north. we get into friday morning
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there's your commute. that blue is just drizzle. the yellow would be more of a moderate rain. that's 5:00 a.m., maybe going into work. the then you go into the afternoon commute. the consistent thing here the constant is clouds, sprinkles in a wet pavement as you drive into tomorrow afternoon. the afternoon commute always kind of a drag and this will not help. saturday morning clouds are kind of hanging around and moving east. then bang, at least this computer model says they are out of here. we'll keep our fingers crossed, we'll watch the latest and keep you updated on the latest computer models. because they are moving around. they did a nice job with this system. the world series benefited greatly because a few miles to the east, hours earlier that
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game would have had rain in it. fire danger not even a part of our deal anymore. we're just talking about showers on friday, light saturday sunday right now look like they're going to be okay. in los angeles, the jury in the anna nicole smith drug conspiracy case split verdicts today. her former boyfriend was convicted of one count of providing drugs to smith. things may be bigger in texas but at&t is home to giants. we are live to how the team moved closer to its first championship in 56 years.
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what a game tonight at at&t park. the giants now lead the texas rangers 2-0. >> mark ibanez joins us now from inside at&t park. >> just during the game i got a text from a good friend of
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mine, he's a boston reds fan. he said before you go on don't forget 1956. that was the game where the ball went through billy butner's legs. without reservation, i think the giants have this pretty much in hand. things are going very right for them now. a piece of evidence here. look at ian kinsler with a shot to deep center in a scoreless game off matt cain. this ball couldn't have missed going out of the ballpark within an inch. you look at the replay and look at how it came to being a 1-0 lead for the rangers. it's edgar renteria. the only question, would it stay fair, it did by plenty. 1-0 san francisco, they added to it to take a 2-0 lead into
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the eighth. then a seven run break out for the giants. renteria a hit to left to score a pair. aaron rowan, how many times have you seen him in the highlights this year. not very often. he just rips one into the gap in right center field. he's going to wind up with a triple and two rbis for the giants who just blow it up and it gets worse for the rangers bullpen. andre who started the eighth income with a strike out. shoots one down the left center field line, good for another couple of runs. in a game that believe it or not was a very tight pitchers dual for the first part of it. as rain drops start falling at at&t park. cain still hasn't allowed a run in the postseason and he talks
10:57 pm
about his latest gem. >> feeling good. i've been able to work ahead in the count, you know buster has done a great job of really pushing me to throw pitches in different counts. we've just been really trying to maintain to work ahead of the guys and then we start up. >> sheer dominance. we set the tone of the game. didn't seem like anything waiverred his decision. nothing got his scared -- wavered his decision. he had his game plan, and didn't falter from it. you know you have to tip your hat to him. >> all right, as the rain starts to fall in ernest, it's the texas that says they like
10:58 pm
to do it big. but the giants are winning here. here comes the rain. >> it's starting now. be sure to join us tomorrow morning at 5:00, we'll have a report from rita williams. that starts tomorrow on ktvu at 5:00. good night.
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